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Attention: The Captain Is Fine


The Asta is an asteroid mining ship secretly captained by AIMEE, the ship’s sentient AI with a snarky streak (who may have staged a coup against the previous Captain.) When a freak accident leaves the Asta stranded in dangerous deep space, AIMEE must find a way to work together with genius new Chief Engineer Dr Viera and the rest of the oddball crew to get everyone back safe again, whether their mysterious employers want that or not.

ATCIF is a sci-fi comedy perfect for fans of Red Dwarf, Star Trek, and EOS10.

Format: Audio Drama

Continuity: Serial

Voices: Single

Genres: Science fiction / Comedy /

Framing device: Communications

Maturity: Young adult

Creator demographics: / Disabled / Female / LGBTQ+ / Neurodivergent

Character demographics: / / / /

Country: United Kingdom

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101 - PILOT

Wed, 06 Oct 2021 12:24:27 +0000

The Asta is a deep-space asteroid mining ship with a secret – AIMEE, the ship’s sentient AI, has replaced the old, inefficient human captain. Now with the arrival of new Chief Engineer Dr Valentina Viera and her wife, AIMEE must keep them from learning the truth, while leading the crew to dangerous remote space to fulfil a lucrative contract.

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Content Warnings: medical injection psychological manipulation, threat, spiders, insect sounds, explosion, implied injury, loud noises.



The voice of AIMEE – Anthony Ford @anthonyrford

Writer / Producer – Conway Sutton @conwaywrites

Sound Design – Suki-Mei Hannan

Music – Maia Kennon

Graphic Design – Sergio R. M. Duarte


Sound effects from:


Freesound: Rico_Casazza, cmusounddesign, PMBROWNE, newlocknew, bpayri, columbia23, InspectorJ, qubodup, calebowenw, Kyster, dcaudio, Littleboot, Eelke, Erdie


Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

License at:

Edits: Clips shortened, reverb added

Edits: Clips looped, reverb added

Edits: Clips comped, reverb added