Audio Fiction Dot Co Dot U K

What is Audio Fiction?

Hopefully as the name indicates, it's any sort of fictional story told through an audio medium. The oldest form of storytelling, pre-dating written language, it's been delivered in podcast form since about 2004.

What is this website?

An attempt to make my audio fiction podcast database more available, as it currently exists mostly as a massive spreadsheet.

Where do you find all of these podcasts?

A daily Twitter search with a lot of "AND"s and "OR"s, Google Alerts, various other search engines, and a couple of compatriots who help fill in the gaps, who don't necessarily want credited publicly.

What's the difference between Audio Fiction, Audio Drama, Actual Plays and Audio Books?

It depends on who you ask! More specifically, for the purposes of this website:

Audio Fiction = Any fiction story told via an audio medium.

Audio Drama = A performed script, with one or more actors performing as a number of characters. This can be improvised or scripted in advance.

Audio Book = A reading of a novel or short story, with a main reader and possibly other people reading the dialogue of characters.

Audio RPG or Actual Play = A recording, either edited or not, of a single person or group of people playing a tabletop RPG.

Can I tell you about my Audio Fiction?

Is it available via a publicly accessible RSS Feed? Then submit your audio fiction podcast here.

Can I support this work?

That'd be lovely. I've got a Patreon and a Ko-fi.

Is there anywhere else I can see these podcasts?

I've been collating new fiction podcasts since 2019, and sharing them via the @AudioDramaDebut twitter account and the Cambridge Geek monthly release posts. The @AudioFictionUK twitter account does daily posts celebrating show anniversaries. Go look there.

Are they all in English?

Afraid so, though that's more due to my language limitations than any intention. I'm now trying to expand this, and am crowdsourcing a new spreadsheet of non-English audio fiction podcasts. Fee free to add and tag yours. I will hopefully eventually incorporate them into the main website.

How many shows are in this database?

Have a graph, data nerds! (Sporadically updated, until I figure out how to pull it straight from the mysql.)

Graph showing the number of shows in the database