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Random podcast - Gimme Da Loot

Gimme Da Loot

Gimme Da Loot is a D&D 5e actual play podcast with comedic and satirical overtones featuring a diverse cast whose experience levels range from first time players to 1E veterans. Gimme Da Loot’s story centers around five dysfunctional rando’s who meet up at a fantasy truck stop, try to save some lumberjacks, and end up magically stuck together. Now the Party of 5 must find a way to overcome the God of Lawyers, Duc-ee ‘s hyper-capitalistic Mercantile Guild, and each other as they roam the countryside in the Winnemag-o searching for a cure to their condition. Expect Overconfident Rogues, Naïve Oozes, Majestic Rangers, Know-It-All Mages, and Catty Barbarians. Patreon: Twitch: Instagram: