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The Four Woods


A fantasy audio drama that finds a teenager discovering the magical world for the first time. Ross Hansen is taken by his parents who have returned after a 13 year absence from his life to a magical high school known as Oceans High for Weavers so that he can learn to hone his magical abilities. While there, he encounters all of the things that high school offers while also fighting off a power-hungry Weaver known as Jordan Kasenine notorious for his mastery of his Weaver craft.

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1.1 - Call of the Ocean

Tue, 27 Apr 2021 02:00:00 GMT

Ross finally meets his parents and is whisked away to magical high school: Oceans High for Weavers. He meets new friends, learns about magic, and gets in trouble, all while a looming threat hangs over the school as a powerful Weaver wants to steal a powerful artifact held at Oceans High.

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