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Steady Rolling Men presents - CoC Masks of Nyarlathotep Actual Play
TTRPG actual play podcast of the classic Call of Cthulhu adventure - Masks of Nyarlathotep.

10 episodes of audio comedy written by Simon Messingham, recorded and produced by Alistair Lock and the FUTURE COMEDY UNIT. From the classic TEEN PEOPLE, to the gothic heart of the New Forest in BLANDER THINGS, surreal deranged crime in THE EALING INHERITANCE, and the sheer, shameless rudeness of AUSTIN COUNTY, this series is all killa no filla. And at around 45 minutes an episode, we won’t take up too much of your oh-so valuable time.

The Count of Monte Cristo
After a fateful meeting abroad, the enigmatic Count of Monte Cristo arrives in Paris to establish a new life. Though he soon becomes a cornerstone of high society, mysterious and tragic happenings quickly follow - threatening the Parisian upper class in unimaginable ways. As star-crossed lovers, scheming sycophants, and ambitious criminals strive for what they think they deserve, questions arise about Paris’ new, fabulously wealthy resident. Not just about why the Count of Monte Cristo has come to Paris, but about the secrets that lurk behind his inscrutable facade.

Sharp Obsidian, A Novel by Joseph Suste
Sharp Obsidian is a serious, character-driven literary fiction. The story gives adult readers a peek into the messy mind of a troubled teenage girl, Julia. Teenage readers will experience the soul-tearing angst of a desperate father, Steven. The story is told from the divergent viewpoints of Julia and Steven. He loses control of his fourteen-year-old daughter when she is taken over by dissolute drop outs. He panics and resorts to putting Julia into a wilderness recovery camp for troubled teenagers. Julia relates her adventures in the wilderness school and returns home chastened, but with her strong will vibrant spirit intact.

Leaked Series Podcast
LEAKED is a captivating audio drama series that delves into the intertwined lives of Maame and Derrick, whose paths unexpectedly collide after a fateful phone call. Join them on a journey filled with suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists as they navigate the consequences of their encounter.  As secrets are revealed and tensions rise, listeners will be on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth behind Maame and Derrick's connection.

Dorion Kaine.
In the city of Nova Arcadia, Dorion Kaine an independent detective investigates cold cases and other crimes.

Sorry About The Murder
In the nice little Canadian town of Beavermount, Ontario, the frozen body of Scott 'Scotty' McDonald is found inside the town's Zamboni. Gaétan "Frenchie" Arsenault, the town's Zamboni driver, is the town's only Francophone. And so is instantly arrested for murder. Can Frenchie solve the murder and clear his good Québecois name? More importantly, can he solve it in time to prepare the ice for tonight's big hockey game??

Asteria Blackwell Presents: Stories from the Lost Library of Elysium
Asteria Blackwell Presents:The Lost Library of Elysium is a podcast series broadcasting the local public radio station for a mythical place, Elysium, that happens to exist halfway in the living world and halfway in the Underworld. Host Asteria Blackwell guides listeners through the archives of the Library, which has just been found after being missing for eons. As we journey, we will discover the library holds not only stories written on paper, but those stories that were never written down, and even the stories not told by human hands.

An audio adventure for monster lovers of all ages.

The Adventures of Emi and Keiko (Kids and Teens Book)
This is a kid and teenager adventure series based in Tokyo, Japan. Two girls get into exciting and inventive situations of their own making. Both currently the pampered and adored only child, they find out they soon will have siblings. Terrified - Kowai! They fear the loss of their mother's affection, doing lots of chores, and changing disgusting dirty diapers! They hatch a series of pranks around the neighborhood much to their parents' horror. Filled with Twists, Jokes, and Surprises.

Living with AL
This is an Audio Play by Victoria Ireland. Living with AL follows the life of Cybil who is suffering with Alzheimer’s. The purpose of this play is to give people an intimate insight in to the devastating effect of Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family and those around them. We hope this helps people to become more aware of the condition and share empathy and understanding. We hope people can relate to different parts of this naturalistic play and enjoy the lighter parts that add a bit of humour to reflect a true to life experience.

Dr Goodvibes
Every week, Hal Kitchener serves up sizzling advice on love and lust as the charismatic host of 'The Late Shift with Dr. Goodvibes'. But when a mysterious caller exposes the doctor's darkest secrets live on air, Hal is entangled in an ever-expanding web of intrigue and deceit. Is it mere déjà vu, a sinister echo from his past, or the reckoning he's long feared? 'Dr Goodvibes' is an Australian-made dark mystery fiction podcast, available on all your favourite podcast platforms.

The Aftermath
Welcome to ”The Aftermath”. In this gripping podcast, we delve into a chilling alternate reality where the streets of Glasgow are no longer familiar. When the long-forgotten Fae, imprisoned beneath the city for centuries, rise up to reclaim what was once theirs, chaos ensues. Hosted in the style of a true crime conspiracy, each episode unravels the mysteries surrounding the apocalyptic events that led to the Fae’s resurgence. Through riveting storytelling and immersive soundscapes, we explore the dark secrets buried within the city’s history and the shocking truths hidden beneath its streets. Join us as we uncover the untold tales of survival, betrayal, and redemption in a world where humanity’s struggle for dominance collides with the ancient power of the Fae. ”The Aftermath” will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning everything you thought you knew about Glasgow and the forces that lurk beneath its surface.

The 7th Amendment Novel
A group of people are left on earth after doomsday, and that raises some questions in Heaven and Hell. The story takes place between three different worlds and every place's challenges. Who is the villain and who is the reason for the chaos? Is God guilty of being the leader?

Millie Salmon and the Infinite Shop
Millie Salmon and the Infinite Shop is an adventure story podcast following the adventures of teen Millie as she discovers her family’s used book store has some very interesting technology.

Afternoon Adventurer
Willkommen bei Afternoon Adventurer, einem Rollenspiel Podcast. Rene und Florian begrüßen regelmäßig Gästinnen und Gäste um mit Ihnen gemeinsam für einen Nachmittag in ein selbst erdachtes Abenteuer einzutauchen. Wechselnde Spielleiter*innen und Settings sorgen dafür, das es nie langweilig wird. Eine Vorgabe gibt es noch! Das Abenteuer wird an einem Nachmittag fertig gespielt. Anschließend könnt Ihr es hier in 3-5 Episoden hören. Habt viel Spaß!

The Worst Outcome: A DND 5e Actual Play
Welcome to the world of Thiralon! Four intrepid adventurers see if they survive this occasionally bleak, sometimes silly Dungeons and Dragons homebrew adventure.

Connective Tissue
Welcome to Connective Tissue, your gateway to a universe of horror and science fiction. Dive into a world where fear meets the unknown, and each tale unveils a fragment of a larger, interconnected universe. This collection of one-off and short stories will immerse you in eerie encounters, cosmic mysteries, and chilling adventures, all woven into the rich tapestry of our multi-show world. Join us as we explore the threads that bind our realities together, one story at a time.

God's create monsters
After angering Zeus for crimes against humanity, Zeus punishes all the demiGods responsible for this by banishing them to earth. On earth they will live as immortals, but without there powers. And even though they are immortal there is only one thing that kill them. The very monsters they have created.

Werners Pizzaparadies
Werner, ein weitgehend erfolgloser Kleinkrimineller, hat zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben Glück: Mit einem geklauten Rezept für die perfekte Pizza eröffnet er Berlins bestlaufende Pizzeria. Doch sein neues Glück wird bedroht: Meuternde Mitarbeiter wollen die Pizzeria übernehmen, ein Verbrecherpärchen plant den großen Bruch und der rechtmäßige Besitzer des Rezepts ist aus dem Knast ausgebrochen und sinnt auf Rache. Mit dem Rücken zur Wand muss Werner sich entscheiden: Wie weit wird er gehen, um sein Glück zu verteidigen? Werner – Oliver Korittke Stoyden – Kida Khodr Ramadan Leon – Edin Hasanovic Manuela – Anna Schmidt Ralph Jürgens – Ben Becker Uwe – Ralf Richter Maike Meier Möhring – Aline Abboud Strollinger – Winfried Glatzeder Äußerungen unserer Gesprächspartner und Moderatoren geben deren eigene Auffassungen wieder. macht sich Äußerungen seiner Gesprächspartner in Interviews und Diskussionen nicht zu eigen.

My name is Iris Ignatious. The year is 2054. I can’t tell you where I am, but I can tell you my story. I’m a journalist, after all-- it’s what we do. I can tell you about the death threats, the drones, the courthouse. I can tell you about my friends, and the people who wanted to hurt them. I just hope I can tell all of it before it’s too late.

The Grand Scheme
A hacker working on the right side of the law is called back into the shadows of IT crimes by an old friend.  When a seven-figure, per participant payout is the prize of a perfectly planned digital heist, the chess match begins amongst the players involved.

Animal Farm - Feeding Frenzy!
City College Theater Arts presents a new adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm that asks how modern media would cover the events of his famous fable. Tune in to this fresh take on a classic tale of revolution gone wrong with mass media, social media influencers, underground reporters, and prattling pundits shoving in their two cents! You'll laugh, cry, and think twice about the role of media in shaping power and perception.

KIND: An LGBTQ+ Mythical Noir Audio Drama
KIND is a cinematic audio drama best experienced with headphones. For adult audiences only. Sujin Baek is a happily married cook and caretaker for the children at Eden Orphanage. He is also the Kind Killer, Silver City's most prolific and terrifying serial killer. When his secret is forced to the surface, the city's dark underbelly threatens the very heart and humanity of all Silverians. Strangekind Studio presents stories that subvert tropes and challenge genre conventions.

Swift Bear & Laxon - Weird Horror Western
Not for the faint-hearted. Expect apocalyptic nightmares, evil cults, mad scientists, masked adventurers and more in our action horror western - Swift Bear & Laxon.

Surge Saga
Surge Saga is an anime themed audio drama. Isaac, along with this two friends Moe and Jamal, have obtained these new abilities thanks to spiritual objects called Surge Cores. With these new powers, they rushed into the unknown and encountered an evil old saga. Having lost, Isaac is now cursed. The group is aided by Nick and Joan who are from two different Surge Temples. They seek to find a solution to Isaac's current situation while still figuring out a way to take down the evil sage.

Il mio Posto nel Mondo
Amore, denaro, famiglia, lavoro, sono realmente questi gli elementi che costituiscono la felicità di un individuo? Siamo davvero sicuri di sapere quale sia il nostro posto nel mondo? I Teatranti dello Stivale tornano in scena con un podcast scritto e ideato da Vincenzo Di Bari e Alessia Mereu. Lasciati trasportare dalle voci dei vari personaggi fino ad immergerti interamente in una storia che sa di avventura ed ironia, ma anche di sacrifici e di difficoltà. Non resta, dunque, che augurarti buon ascolto!

Cigs Kill (An original 107.7 The Bronc radio drama)
Experience the thrilling romantic drama "Cigs Kill" by Heather Batezel. Emma's life takes a dangerous turn when she meets Will, a charming stranger with a dark secret. As their relationship deepens, Emma uncovers hidden truths that could prove deadly. Get ready for a series of twists and turns as Emma navigates the treacherous waters of love and deception. With love as the weapon of choice, will Emma find herself falling for the perfect man, or will her journey end on a blood-spattered heart-shaped carpet? After all, we all have secrets we'd rather not share, and as they say, cigarettes kill.

That One Questing Podcast
That One Questing Podcast is an actual-play TTRPG show with a stunning host and their fabulous questing companions embark on perilous journeys through story itself.

Alex works in the Department of Imprinting and Records where, using Second Stem technology, she is able to witness victims' last moments before death and help bring their killers to justice. While working at the office she discovers a dark secret about her sister which could lead her down a path to learn what really happened to her all those years ago. Did she really die in a car crash? What dark secret lurks within the Second Stem? Will she ever be safe again?

The Lady Afterwards: A RPG Actual Play
Within the Secret Histories and the Glory of the Sun, there are events that the Hours of The Mansus cannot abide easily. These alien gods thus warp and weave events to bring a quintet of disparate souls from safety in London to the mystical Alexandria, called upon by a mutual acquaintance. Nothing is as it seems in the city of ancient power, hoowever, and soon enough the socalites find themselves trapped in a struggle of the esoteric. Will they survive, or will their minds and bodies break under the strain of forces beyond normal understanding?

Rumgins and Dragons
A group of friends going on an epic adventure or two to explore the world and expansive multiverse of our D&D campaigns. In a world littered with our old characters and three new heroes who make terrible jokes along the way! Welcome to the land of Revellon!

Apocalypse Tomorrow
Climate change is real. Or, it was… Basically everything they said was going to happen did in fact happen; the ice caps melted, fires grew wild and fierce, droughts choked entire nations, and hurricanes with winds unheard of ripped countries apart. And the weather was just the beginning… Some kind of virus long frozen deep in the ice infected the animals first, causing them to go feral. Then it spread to humans. Luckily modern media prepared us well for a zombie infestation, but that paired with a new apocalypse every other week made survival difficult for everyone. Society collapsed, most everyone died, and the world just ended. It's been 50-or-so years and settled in the western wastelands of what used to be North America, or as it's now known; South Canada, we find a lone homestead. Secure from the zombie hoards, the two tenants live out their days in research, but everything changes when a newcomer arrives in distress, unfolding mysteries none of them were ever prepared for! Making a home, keeping yourself alive, and gearing up for whatever comes next; join us in this goofy slice of life horror adventure and see what the wastelands have in store!

Chill: The Office - A Chill RPG Actual Play
Ghosts and ghouls beware, you'll be in a for a scare as 4 office workers set out to discover who in their office is normal, who is supernatural, and uncover bizarre and hidden lore within their not-so-typical 9 to 5. But what do these employees do when they dig themselves into a situation that seems to be too much to handle?

Rinity Media Presents: Phoenix
Phoenix is a gripping tale filled with action, heartache and the indomitable spirit of love. Experience the highs and lows, twists and turns of this cinematic adventure, from the sheer emotion of a woman fighting tooth and nail for those she cherishes to the harrowing anguish of a man grappling with the loss of his wife and son.

Freaking Nerds!
Just 6 friends/nerds sitting around playing D&D.

World Fuse
In a world where magic has become commonplace, Aarush is a government agent assigned to watch over a biological weapon of mass destruction. This weapon has the ability to nullify any kind of magic, and the Bureau is very interested in getting their hands on it. There's just one problem. This weapon is a living, breathing person.

Sammy's Sensational Showbar
After a surprising job offer, the place he left so many years ago calls him back once more. Christopher is called to return to his family Showbar which was abandoned many years ago soon after his father went missing. No one will talk about the place. It's like it was one big dream or never even existed in the first place. But this dream soon turns into a nightmare when he and some others he meets along the way encounter the dangers, set up by the new owner of the place. What will they do against this new threat and will surviving be an option?

Geschichten aus der verschollenen Bibliothek - Eine Hörspiel Serie
Moo, ein Reporter aus der magischen Welt, ist mit dem Zug auf Reisen. Ein unvorhergesehener Halt des Zugs verleitet ihn dazu, die Gegend zu erkundschaften. Dabei entdeckt er einen verlassenen Ort im Wald. Was hat es mit diesem Ort auf sich, ist es eine Höhle, eine Ruine? Plötzlich macht sich jemand bemerkbar. Wer ist das? Und warum ist dieser Ort voll mit alten Büchern und Geschichten?

Dark & Twisted
One-shot audio short stories on the darker side all read by Tawn Krakowski.

Before The Tone
Before The Tone is a science fiction horror podcast produced by Knave Of Hearts. We follow Mack, a woman who has just gotten a job as a CCTV operator at the increasingly-suspicious Atlas Consulting. It takes the format of voicemails from Mack to her sister, Daria, who never seems to answer her calls. The horror tends towards the psychological as Mack is stalked and reality becomes a little less solid where Atlas is concerned. The science fiction is focused on time and how its fabric can be manipulated.

The Device - Short Science Fiction
From the mind of a new, aspiring author, comes a series of science fiction stories. Each episode will present a chapter or two of an all-original story and continue over the subsequent episodes to the end. Enjoy a short dose of fiction on your drive, at work, or while you exercise.

Solara by Wendy Herman
Solara has never understood people. These days, she’s in a constant state of frustration and contempt for her life and most of those around her. Only her children, and her bubbly bestie, Betty, bring her joy, give her hope for the future. But she is beginning to question the path she is on and feeling like she’s barreling toward a brick wall.

A message on psychic paper. A thought projected across time and space. Someone wants to see the Doctor, but who? The answer will take him and Rose far into the future, to New Earth - where a hospital staffed by cat-nuns has been hiding a dirty secret, and a familiar face, the stretched-skin Lady Cassandra, is out for revenge... A novelized Target-style re-telling of the debut story of Doctor Who's second series, originally broadcast on 15 April 2006 and now in audio form! Featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant with his companion Rose Tyler.

Nose To the Grindstone
Ten scripts for the TV series pilot episodes are split into three episodes each. One episode will be released each week. The genres are Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Horror, and some dark comedy.

Swords Against Madness
A Weird Fantasy Old-School Solo Role-Playing Game.

The GloryRole
Take a trip to The GloryRole! A tabletop RPG actual play podcast where we play mini-campaigns in different systems, just to check them out and see what we like and don't like! We've got jokes that'll make you choke! We've got drama that'll make you wanna hug your momma! We've got... dice!

All about the Story
A group of friends got together to produce a series of radio plays. We think you will like them (probably). We had great fun doing them and they will make you think as well as entertain you. A new one added every month.

Dead Space: Deep Cover
Set in the expansive universe of the Dead Space games - Emmeline Ayuba is a journalist looking for her sister. After last hearing reports of her sister joining the local Unitologist's church on Ganymede, Ayuba follows in her footsteps. For the first time, see the inner workings of a Unitologist church, the internal conflicts, strange customs, and the steep price Ayuba must pay to see her sister. Created in partnership with EA and Motive Studio.

The Mystic Syndicate Podcast
We are a live roleplay gaming podcast. We play Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and other RPG’s. Join us every two weeks for more game play and shenanigans.

Call of Astera
Astera, a living godlike planet, is wounded. Chaos and Corruption seeps from its very core, threatening to consume all life. But fate has chosen its champions! A group of unsuspecting heroes, all unknowingly bonded to Astera, are about to be thrust into a legendary quest.

Unter unserer Welt
Zwei Kinder verschwinden im Abstand von 30 Jahren am selben Ort. Aber seltsame Stimmen, unheimliche Gestalten und eindeutige Drohungen halten alle davon ab, der Spur zu folgen, die beide Vermisstenfälle miteinander verknüpft. Eine Spur, die unaufhaltsam tief unter unsere Erde führt...

The Dreadcore
The Dreadcore is a serial audiobook narrated by Alexander C. Stewart and written by Aran Voss, with audio production by Christopher Howat. Set within our solar system in a future where a tyrannical theocracy known as the Threskeian Order has taken control of all populated worlds, The Dreadcore follows the exploits of the criminal crew of the Xiphos.

A magical lord, a blind industrialist, and a ghost try to solve a murder while navigating the vicious politics of a Victorian city controlled by factions of supernatural creatures. Dive back into the Dragon Knights Universe with an Urban Shadows actual play TTRPG podcast from the producers of the award winning Thornvale.

J.B.'s Radio Show
Radio Show featuring original Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy fiction!

En Fantasy-Stund
Läser in Fantasy verk från Svenska författare! Vill du jag ska läsa nåt du skrivit?

How Copy
London, 2029. Detective Inspector Neil Nowak is investigating the case of three missing people. He discovers that each person in question had an identical, strange digital recorder, locked in a black box and hidden in their homes, each with over an hour of recording.  The recordings give an insight into the lives of three people struck by tragedy, and how they struggle to deal with it. What they don't provide, however, is the answer to the question: what has happened to them? The only clue the detective has is the inscription on the black boxes - How Copy.

The Starcrier Conflict
A scifi space mecha opera using the LancerRPG system with a story of found family out amongst the stars and a tale about what it truly means to be human in the face of something so terribly alien. Set in the far reaches of the Orion Arm, limited by relativistic space travel, and teeming with factional politics, join our cast of new mech pilots in the Union Navy Lancer Auxiliary Corps as they set out on a journey forewarned and forgotten.

Legends of Avantris
Seven chuckleheads goofing off, telling stories, and laughing way too loud, usually while playing D&D. This podcast features our stories that all take place in the interconnected world of Avantris. Even if you know nothing about tabletop games, we think you’ll enjoy the improv, comedy, narrative, voice acting, drama, and friendship along the way. Our Curse of Strahdanya campaign lives in its own podcast, but here is where you can find everything else from our nearly six years of telling stories, including Once Upon a Witchlight!

Both Ears
Welcome to Both Ears! Get ready for an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Dive into a world where fiction comes alive through meticulously crafted narratives that are enriched with captivating voice acting and dimensional sound effects. Tune in and engage both ears for an auditory adventure that promises to transport you to a realm of imagination beyond the reach of sight alone.

When Lucas moves into his new NYC boarding home, he discovers decades-old diary cassette tapes left behind by the room’s first occupant, Carter. The tapes tragically foreshadow Carter’s death one year from the first recording, but they also lay out a beautiful path forward for those that come after him. With the heartfelt stories and invaluable advice contained within these tapes, Lucas embarks on his journey— through the trials and tribulations of life in a new city, accepting himself, creating lifelong friendships, falling in love, and even uncovering a few more mysteries about his new home.

Rust Belt Bleeds
Rust Belt Bleeds is a Vampire: the Masquerade live play set in the American Midwest. It follows multiple stories across multiple states thorough the World of Darkness.

Svilland Saga
Join us in this collaborative experience between Three Besties Production and our wonderful friends at HyperSpace Havoc.

The Wandering Isles
Join us on a new D&D 5e adventure! Explore the enchanting world of Maleficum's Arcanum of Magic & Might, where magic intertwines with the mysteries of a vast and varied universe. Set in the year 1542 across four mystical islands known collectively as The Wandering Isles, this campaign follows the adventures of a diverse group of characters at an arcane academy. They navigate intricate political landscapes, unearth ancient secrets, and battle dark forces, all while honing their unique magical abilities. Join us as we delve into the rich histories, complex relationships, and epic quests that define their journey through this magical realm.

A Boggle at BeWILDerwood
Embark on a WILD adventure with Swampy and his friends. From the marshy Boggle Village and the beautiful Twiggle Village, all the way to the Scary Lake, explore the magical world of BeWILDerwood! Written and read by author and creator Tom Blofeld.

The Star Driven Expulsion of Count Lastname

Don't touch me
Audio version of the book Don't touch me, by Serina Noy. Censored version. Dom S. is the face and soul of the Confessional Club, a queer nightclub with a very exclusive private area: a BDSM dungeon. One Friday night, something happens to him that will upset his life. We immerse ourselves in the protagonist's mind, a thirty-year-old man who plays the role of the violent dominant in his sexual relationships. But is it really just a role? And what would happen if he was the victim?

Tell Me Where It Hurts by Marco Jose
Ang mundo ni Ara Angeles ay umiikot lamang sa Cuenca, Batangas. Nagtatrabaho siya nang maigi para mabigyan ang sarili at ang pamilya ng pagkakataong magkaroon ng mas maginhawang buhay. Pero nagbago ang lahat nang makilala niya si Aivan Vinn Montemayor. Anak ng may-ari ng rancho. Mataas ang antas ng pamumuhay. Mayaman si Aivan. Mahirap si Ara. Magkaibang mundo. Langit at Lupa. Ang pagkakaibang ito ay pilit at paulit-ulit silang paghihiwalayin. Pero hindi hahayaan ni Aivan na mawala si Ara sa buhay niya kahit ilang beses pa sila saktan ng tadhana.

Dreaming Machines Novels
If you like books like Dune, movies like Star Wars, and magic systems akin to Brandon Sanderson novels, then check out the Dreaming Machines series and the currently posting book one: Asunder. This is the audiobook for the Web Novel Dreaming Machines Series found at our website. Currently Asunder: Dreaming Machines Book One is actively being posted. A novel about a post-apocalyptic world ran by machines, but where humans are attempting to regain control.

Barley A Storymore Original
A man with a traumatic past finds solace miles away from human civilization until his past and future catch up to him in a cabin in the woods.  When two strangers interrupt Barley's paradise an unbelievable journey of psychosis begins.

Broken Lines
Ongoing police radio drama written by a former police constable. A seasoned detective battles to keep his mind on the job after learning he may have cancer.

Twisted Fates
Welcome to "Twisted Fates" - your go-to channel for tabletop RPG adventures! Delve into a world where the unexpected reigns supreme, and every decision carries the weight of destiny. Embark with us on thrilling journeys through lesser-known gems like Candela Obscura, where darkness holds sway and secrets lurk in every shadow. Traverse the treacherous landscapes of The Walking Dead RPG, where survival is not guaranteed in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead and face extraterrestrial terror in Alien RPG. Experience the enchanting quests of The One Ring and many more thrilling TTRPG adventures. With in-depth reviews and gameplay highlights, "Twisted Fates" is your gateway to thrilling indie TTRPGs.

Eart(h) FM
Solarpunk sci-fi pilot: It is the year 2072, the poles have melted and humanity has taken for the stars, except for Miriam Ortiz. To cope with being the only human on earth, they’ve decided to create a Radio Show where they broadcast music from various times and places of the world. One day someone finally calls to the radio station ecologist, Xochitl Fuentes, living on the skirt of the Iztaccihuatl bearing news that the earth is healing. Together they embark on a quest for other humans that still live on planet earth, finding various communities and people, and begin to help the earth one day heal.

An original audio drama about missing people. Start with episode 1.

Storm Runner - A Sci-fi Odyssey
Beyond the civilized worlds lie the Five Rings, a cluster of planets racked by storms. Ezz Bennil is a storm runner, making her living off collecting the valuable crystals that form on these dangerous worlds with the help of her attentive (and somewhat reluctant) ship A.I., Boat. But a chance encounter with a deadly new threat forces Ezz and Boat to embark on an epic journey across the stars in an effort to save the world. Er, worlds. Plural. All of them.

What Emma Left Behind
Daytime TV producer, Vi Sandoval, plans to spend her vacation cleaning out the villa she inherited from her grandmother in the desert community of Shadow Palms. But Vi's plans to quickly get the villa ready to sell are waylaid when she finds herself entangled in an active murder investigation. Suspicions build and accusations fly in the quiet retirement community, as Vi uncovers some surprising secrets about those she trusts the most.

Sixth Door to the Left
Sixth Door to the Left is a infrequently updated anthology feed for short stories that needs to be told. Tone may vary greatly, as we ask the question: What’s behind door number 6? Sixth Door to the Left is a Divine Rodentia Studios production.

The Pirate's Prisoner
An immersive fiction podcast, following the journey of a slightly disgruntled pirate and the merchant's daughter who is her unlikely prisoner (gay) (very gay).

From This Mouth That Bleeds
"Humanity took to the stars and left us for dead." Lieutenant Lorelei Reeves is a first-generation, three-star pilot for the United Forces of the Red Remembrance. She is the only pilot capable enough to helm the UFRR's greatest mystery; Acheilus, an antiquated shark mecha from before The End. It is a time of peace; the bitterness from the Coalition of The Last Frontier's abandonment has long since diluted away in favor of lucrative trade deals from space - goods that could only benefit the UFRR's longevity underseas. But Lorelei cannot help but taste the tang of deceit between her teeth.

Golden Squad
Golden Squad is a monthly tabletop RPG using Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Ed. It is hosted by Luke and features some people he likes to call friends. The custom game setting is straight out of Luke's head so it can get bonkers but generally, usually, sometimes, we end up with a fun time. Kept family friendly by a team of highly trained birds.

Trials and Scriptulations
Produced by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers’ Script Club. Members write a script, cast the actors, and then record their performance.

Shayad Is Baar
Shayad Is Baar is a Hindi Fiction podcast, hosted by actor, Rajeev Siddhartha where he narrates a series of stories in first-person about finding love, losing love, learning life lessons and cherishing serendipitous moments. This podcast is an anthology of stories written by Ankana Joshi.

Dearest is an epistolary podcast that hearkens back to the post-Civil War era of the 1870s with a mysterious love story that takes place along the banks of the Ohio River. Adapted from the 2007 novel of the same name by author and playwright Michael London, the story of Dearest unfolds its tale through a series of letters, each released per episode, echoing the date atop every letter.

Ghostly encounters.
A lonely traveler makes a shocking discovery!

Wanderer's Journal
Wanderer’s Journal is a fantasy fiction podcast about Marigold and Pluto, two people from different backgrounds, and their unlikely friendship formed through a magical journal that links them. Each of them finds a journal, learns that their voice is recorded into it, and can be both read and played back to the other. Unbeknownst to them, they become a part of an ancient mystery, and see the world from new angles.

Queer Ghoul
Queer Ghoul is a bi-weekly podcast anthology of short queer horror stories. Each episode is a stand alone story of original narrative fiction featuring LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Some stories feature campy-antics, while others are much darker and contain social commentary.

Widdershins' Cove
When Lizzie Splinter takes a job as governess to the eccentric Widdershins family, she finds herself confronted by all manner of supernatural strangeness in the small Cornish fishing village of Widdershins' Cove. Fabulous production values have been set aside in favor of a broken down, barely-hanging-in-there computer still running Windows 7 (I kid ye not), while a cast of millions has been whittled down to a cast of one. So if you're thinking this doesn't sound very good, then your're right, it isn't very good. Surely there must be a better way to spend your day than listening to this twaddle? Oh well, don't say you weren't warned.

Back Online: Up Against Time
Back Online Up Against Time is a loose DND podcast about a few Aussie blokes who end up in Faerũn. There’s heaps of naughty words, jokes and violence so tune in and enjoy the ride.

I Should Roll
I Should Roll is an Actual Play podcast set in the Mass Effect universe, featuring eleven voice actors from three continents going on adventures across the galaxy. It's definitely Commander Shepard's favourite podcast on the extranet.

Divorce Ranch
June 1949. Heiress Mitzi Ballantyne has gone missing during her "Reno-vation" at the Sidewinder Resort. Detective Francis O'Connell, a Bible-toting bloodhound, would rather be at his Ma's sickbed. Instead, he steps off the train and into a den of liberated ex-wives who test his every nerve. Crooked cops, runaways, and divorcees collide in a female-forward, "west-of-center" take on the classic noir.

Echoes of Kuliang
This audio drama series paints a captivating picture of love, peace, and friendship, transcending time and space. In 1901, a young American boy named Milton Gardner set foot on a life-altering journey to Kuliang, China. For a decade, he immersed himself in the enchanting marvels of this distant land, forming deep bonds with his cherished companions, Dashan and Haiyan. However, as his family bid farewell and returned to the United States, Kuliang and the memories of his childhood friends became eternally imprinted in Milton's heart. Throughout his lifetime, Milton yearned for a chance to return to his beloved homeland. Until finally, in 1992...

Ancien dignitaire d'un régime totalitaire, JAN est conduit à la KARA, une prison inviolable qui se trouve aux confins du pays. Souffrant du traitement que lui infligent les gardiens et ses co-détenus du fait de ses anciennes accointances avec le pouvoir, il ne doit sa survie qu'à sa rencontre avec CAPY, son compagnon de cellule. Ce dernier va convaincre Jan de tenter l'impossible : s'évader de la KARA.

The board is set, the dice are laid out, it's time to ROLL! Join the Biscuit Wagon Crew on their wacky adventures in the realm of imagination. Will they find treausre, fame and fortune? Will biscuit continue to be cursed by every single door he ever opens?.........Probably. Tune in every month to find out!

Code noir
Code Noir, les révoltés du Gaoulet, est une fiction inspirée de faits réels, qui raconte une révolte d'esclaves en Martinique au XVIIIe siècle.

I Witness: The Lazarus Project
Welcome to "I Witness," where every sound tells a story and every moment holds a mystery waiting to be uncovered. Join us on a journey into the heart of intrigue and investigation, where our team of relentless investigators leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of truth. In this gripping audio drama, listeners will be transported into a world of suspense, as each episode unravels a new case that challenges perceptions and tests the limits of imagination. From unsolved crimes to unexplained phenomena, "I Witness" explores the depths of human curiosity and the relentless pursuit of justice. With immersive sound design and captivating storytelling, "I Witness" sets a new standard for audio entertainment, offering listeners an unforgettable experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Prepare to be captivated, prepare to be amazed, prepare to become an eyewitness to the extraordinary. This is "I Witness."

The Astonishing Adventures of the S.S. Bad Ship
Follow along the adventures of the crew of the S.S. Bad Ship as they fly around the galaxy causing more problems than they solve. A new AP podcast from the Do You Validate Network featuring April Raygun, Caleb Zane Huett, Derick Marchel, and Samm Star with Joel Ruiz as the GM.

Tales from the Labyrinth
Step into the realm of imagination with “Tales from the Labyrinth,” a fictional podcast that invites listeners on a journey beyond the bounds of reality. Each episode presents a mesmerizing “story of the week,” reminiscent of the classic allure of “The Twilight Zone,” but steeped in the rich tapestry of fantasy. From enchanted forests to mystical kingdoms, and from ancient prophecies to modern-day magic, “Tales from the Labyrinth” explores a myriad of worlds where anything can happen. Delve into the depths of imagination as you encounter mythical creatures, brave heroes, and mysterious forces that challenge the very fabric of existence. Join us as we unravel the threads of possibility, weaving together tales that will transport you to realms both wondrous and perilous. Whether you seek adventure, mystery, or simply an escape from the mundane, “Tales from the Labyrinth” promises to ignite your imagination and leave you spellbound with each enchanting episode. Embark on this fantastical journey and discover the limitless wonders that await within the labyrinth of your mind.

I Delitti Di Montescuro
I Delitti di Montescuro sono una serie di cinque racconti gialli formato audiolibro che narrano le vicende di un commissario di Polizia, Max Palmieri, impegnato a risolvere strani casi di omicidio che avvengono in una cittadina posta ai margini del mondo conosciuto, Montescuro. La collina degli spiriti, Il dodicesimo miglio, la loggia del Cerbero, Progetto Area 20, il Bagatto e il Codice Announaki. Raccontato in prima persona, i Delitti di Montescuro è il mio primo progetto di audiolibro autoprodotto da dilettante. Fatti, luogi e personaggi sono puramente casuali. Buon ascolto e buon divertimento.

Rolling Midnight
Dedicated to telling authentic and innovative stories through the medium of tabletop gaming, Rolling Midnight is the latest indie actual play podcast series released by award winning studio Midnight Ceremonies Media.

Just a couple of gal pals guarding the art--and each other's hearts.

Persuasion by Jane Austen
A Persuasion audiobook performed by 20 actors with gorgeous ambient sounds and an original musical score to bring the story to life. From the director of the Webby Award Honouree podcast of Pride and Prejudice. Presented over 13 beautiful episodes. This dramatised audiobook is produced by the Australian not-for-profit community theatre company, Ballarat National Theatre.

Halfway to Infinity
A series of original short stories by voice actor Michael Rhys.

Spectacle of Power
A fantasy fiction podcast which follows one continuous story. Join a varied cast of characters as they strive to overcome a diabolical threat, coming face-to-face with the spectacle of power.

The Ten-Minute Storyteller
Want to hear some entertaining stories but don't have a lot of time? Here's your ticket to ride. The Ten-Minute Storyteller arrives packed with humor, pathos, humanity, and originality… in ten minutes or less. All stories written and narrated by Bill Simpson, an acclaimed novelist who has, after many years in the kitchen, perfected the short short story.

A Fairy Tale for Adults
A wholesome fantasy adventure to delight your inner child! On a family outing with their kids Colin and Nia are accidentally teleported to a dimension where magic is real. To get home, Colin and Nia must go on a quest to find a unicorn, and the lost pieces of themselves. A Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network Audio Drama Production.

Looking Through the Light
Micheal and Tinny (two pestilential flesh borns) scour the universe looking for Micheal’s fiancé Claire while being chased down by the ”far superior” Lux, an alien made of light.

TEMPS DE SEGA és una novel·la de dos bandolers que, fruit d'un robatori a un comboi reial de Felip IV, es veuran embolicats en una història que els portarà a conèixer els personatges polítics catalans més importants del moment, a patir la violència dels terços hispànics, a lluitar pels drets dels oprimits i a viure en primera persona la revolta dels segadors de 1640.

La raccolta di Podcast legati al Serial "Casa Xanathar" realizzati da Rodinas, fondatore del canale twitch di livecast "D20PR". Un Serial folle, assurdo e fuori dagli schemi incentrato sull'altrettanto folle vita dei membri della gilda criminale più fuori di testa di tutti i Reami Dimenticati.

Double The Popcorn
You think there’s anyone I haven’t seen? Fucked around with? Followed? You think there isn’t a version of you I haven’t tweaked to be the very d-d-darkest you could be, with flesh in your fingernails and blood in your cheeks like a really fucked-up squirrel? I. Have tried. Them all. And pal… they don’t fucking work.

Aileen is a sparky and curious little Artificial Intelligence who needs your help. Her inventor Zzzucks struggles to relate to people and is always getting into sticky situations—like the time he tried to make cheesplosions even cheesier. The A2Z podcast takes you along on their wild adventures with annoying robots, jello mountains, semi-intelligent lawnmowers and more. Will you help Aileen to help Zzzucks be less anxious and happier in his own skin, and help her learn what makes humans human? You might even pick up some tips and tricks for being kind to yourself in the process!

Well Turned Ankle
Hilarious short stories from the creator of `Me and my Pie`, `Make mine a crusty one!`, and the unforgetable ` My friend wants to marry a horse`. These short stories will make your ankles tingle and your toes curl.

Source Material
We or our guests tell formative and funny stories from childhood, then we turn it into a genre RPG, each of us taking on a role. We re-tell the story in the new genre, exploring what changes about the story, and what is at the core of it and stays the same.

Marcos Oliveira, uno de los padres de la inteligencia artificial, desaparece de forma misteriosa en Canarias y lo único que saben es que iba buscando una puerta. El escritor Santiago Álvarez recorre la última ruta que hizo el científico para intentar resolver el misterio pero, cuanto más lo busca, más perdido se encuentra en un laberinto entre la realidad y la simulación.

Way Out
Welcome to Way Out, a roadside diner with an imaginative waiter working tonight's shift. He's bored—as anyone would be during a slow overnight slog—so he begins imagining backstories for the sleepy patrons around him. The catch? He's a horror buff, so these stories aren't exactly sweet.

Mystic PI
A 1940s style mystery podcast drama.

Surrogate: The Director's Cut - The Podfic
Black Market Voices proudly presents Surrogate: The Director's Cut - The Podfic! Fully scripted, cast-acted and with audio effects, some of the fandom has come together to attempt this monumental task, and we are overjoyed to finally let you hear it. What is it? Well, you'll have to listen and find out won't you? Make good, peons, I don’t have all century.

The Belles - Fantasy-Hörspiel-Serie nach Dhonielle Clayton | WDR
Camelia ist eine Belle - mit der magischen Fähigkeit, den Menschen in Orléans Farbe und Schönheit zu schenken. Die Menschen am Königshof sind grau, ihre Welt wird von Hässlichkeit bestimmt. Camelia will zeigen, dass sie die Beste ist, wenn es um Verschönerung von Gesichtszügen, Hautfarben und charakterlichen Eigenschaften geht. Doch hinter den Palastmauern lauern dunkle Geheimnisse. In 12 Folgen erzählt die Fantasy-Serie mit opulentem Orchester-Soundtrack von Magie, Intrigen und einer gefährlichen Schönheitsdiktatur.

Aahat Suno Podcast
The cult horror show is back in a new avatar. Aahat Suno is a Podcast by the Podcast Division of Sony Pictures Network India, which brings to you an anthology of short stories. Stories which bring out the primal fear of being alone. These stories feature strong and independent women who take a step beyond their primal fears to emerge victorious or other wise?

The Scrying House
A weekly fiction podcast examining the old Scrying House, a mirage in the trees that residents of Cape Flattery can only whisper about. Join Margot Knight and some unexpected guests as she attempts to discover the secret of her late grandmother's estate by uncovering the mountains of case files and notes left behind. But beware, as you listen someone (or something) else may be listening with you...

Forever Yours
Forever Yours, a love story that transcends time... Follow the written journey of a handsome and witty soldier and an aspiring baker,in the midst of the Korean War. Set in the Jim Crow south, the two share their captivating love story across oceans with weekly love letters. Together they learn that distance cannot erase the shared prejudices they face as African-Americans. Listen to Forever Yours, a new romantic fiction podcast brought to you by Well Writers Audio.

The Strangefells: The Death's Left Hand Series
The first season will bring you a fully audio-landscaped version of Iron-Forge Crossroads: Metanoia, the first book in the Death's Left Hand novel series by Gwydion Royce. Delve deeper into the world of the Strangefells and follow Evyn as she navigates her return to the life she thought she'd left behind.

Aufnahmen aus der Geisterwelt
Achtung, ab 18 und ohne Gewähr! Wir haben exklusiven Zugriff auf den umfangreichen Nachlass von Dr. Walsh, einem zu Lebzeiten umstrittenen Parawissenschaftler. Erst nach seinem Tod entdeckte man seine umfangreiche Sammlung an tagebuchähnlichen Aufzeichnungen und Tondokumenten, mit denen er seine verstörensten Fälle dokumentiert hat. Es sind entrückte und erschreckende Aufnahmen - und wir dürfen sie nun hören. Mit großem Aufwand rekonstruiert die Podcasterin und Journalistin Milla König seine Fälle und erzählt Sie nach Besten Wissen und Gewissen nach. Jede Folge ein Fall von Parawissenschaftler Dr. Frederic Walsh.

It's been almost 10 years since we stopped dying. Let's talk about that. I interview people with unique relationships to immortality, attempting to answer the question of the decade: Does life still have meaning if it never ends?

Atrapada por un amor sin escrúpulos, con la actuación de Gloria González y Roberto Araya. Una historia llena de impulsos donde varias mujeres tienen encuentros de amor y desamor.

La Maestra
Vuelve en versión podcast la histórica radionovela escrita por Manuel Canseco Noriega sobre el trabajo de enseñanza de la maestra Clara Elizalde y su lucha por devolver la esperanza a los jóvenes más necesitados. La Maestra, una radionovela que te hará recordar, reír y reflexionar. ¿Cuánto hace falta una maestra cuando vemos jóvenes descarriados?

Resar Noir
Resar Noir is a podcast brought to you by Stephen Resar. This podcast is a collection of Stephen’s original short stories and mini-series that delve into dark fiction, espionage, investigation, crime, murder, the paranormal, hard-boiled detectives, and politics.

Aerrigo's Odyssey
Welcome to Aerrigo’s Odyssey! Listen in as four unpolished heroes explore a homebrewed realm buried in secrets and danger, seeking answers and learning about themselves in the process. This is a passion project of mine, that originated as a collection of short stories and fantastical worlds that I created as a kid. I never dreamed that I would be able to bring it to life in the way I've been able to Since this is my first experience DMing and playing dungeons and dragons at all, I'm learning as I go.

KHAMOSHI - Hindi Audio Thriller
“KHAMOSHI,” a spine-chilling Hindi audio thriller that delves into the murder of a boy named Jahan. Tormented by bullying since childhood and adopted by at the age of 12, Jahan’s life is a tapestry of hidden pain. Inspector Ved, a seasoned officer whose wits are put to the ultimate test as he unravels the complexities of this baffling case. As Ved digs deeper, he encounters a web of deceit that challenges the very notions of friendship, bullying, and societal norms. With each twist and turn, “KHAMOSHI” promises a journey filled with suspense and adventure.

An experimental audio experience featuring; dark tales, whispered curses, horrifying found footage, and a cacophony of noises resembling words.

Set against the backdrop of Antarctica's six-month Winter Over, which is marked by perpetual darkness and isolation, our story delves into the intertwined lives and claustrophobic relationships of a small group of international scientists and crew stationed on a remote research base, Bowers Wilson. In addition to the extreme conditions, the research station crackles with sexual tension, unexplained mysterious psychotic events, hidden criminal pasts and strange global conspiracy theories, thrusting any wannabe detectives into a gripping narrative surrounding the mysterious death of 33-year-old behavioural scientist Andrew Fairfield. With only sixteen people left on the base, the murderer must be one of them. Join the diligent and obsessive DCI Tessa McCallister, as she works around the clock to spearhead the police investigation from the UK and solve the murder from over 9,000 miles away.

Someone Is Killing The Wolfhounds
Based on a true story. A group of soldiers in Vietnam decide they need to murder their rogue lieutenant, if they're going to make it home alive. TRAINING DAY meets PLATOON.

Freddy's Tavern - The Willowbrook Chronicles
Welcome to Freddy's Tavern, a D&D 5e live play podcast. New episodes are released every week, so sign up so you don't miss any new content!

Song of Fairies
Half Fairy Snow fails to prove she has fairy powers and is cast out to the human world. She is set on a journey to find her human father and find her place in the world, but she is slowly losing control of her powers.

Goodberry Pie
Come take a seat at our table and we'll serve you a slice of Goodberry Pie! Goodberry Pie is a multi-genre TTRPG podcast where we create and play one-on-one microcampaigns consisting of two to five sessions. If you like your D&D ala mode, or your Honey Heist served with whip cream we got it all in the cooler. Order's up!

Vampire : La Mascarade - Las Vegas by Night
Bienvenue sur la chaîne de la Cour des Miracles pour cet actual play de notre campagne maison du jeu de rôle Vampire : La Mascarade - Las Vegas by Night ! Las Vegas, Sin City. 1 million et demi d'habitants, 40 millions de visiteurs par an. Deux fois plus de criminalité que la moyenne du reste des États-Unis. Rien d'étonnant quand on sait que l'histoire de la ville est intimement liée à la pègre. Jeux d'argent, prostitution, drogue, violence. La dépravation 24h sur 24. Bienvenue dans la ville qui ne dort jamais.

L'Antre du Gnome
Bienvenue dans L'Antre du Gnome, votre série audio de fantasy!

Twitchals Book 1: Dwindling Magic
Audiobook of a middle-grade cyber-mystery-fantasy novel by TDL White. It follows the adventures of Nick Thompson, who has been sent to a rather exclusive boarding school where his hacker skills make him useful to a mysterious gang of slightly magical students. What starts out as simple hacks and easy magic soon descends into dangerous liaisons and a life-or-death situation for both Nick and his new found friends. Featuring magical portals, script-kiddie hacking, awful school uniform, a strange stiff-legged dog, and mercenary rats.

Blades in Paradise
In a world without fossil fuels, steam is the way of the future, or so they say in the city of Paradise. Join us in this TTRPG Actual Play of Blades in the Dark where the players are trying to make Paradise live up to its name- with crime.

Tales2d4 is a collection of friends and gamers. From young ages, we gamed together, from console/pc, to the tabletop. Tales created and explored for a generation. All of us went our own ways as we journeyed into adulthood. But the passion to game was still there. Now we want to bring our tales to you! Our current project is called Sun and Shadow: Vinhad. A Dark Fantasy version of North America, separated into great houses and ruled by one king. Grim dark, horror and high fantasy clash in one epic tale. Vinhad is played using the Pathfinder 2e system with slight home brew changes to smooth out mechanics. Though tabletop rpg’s will be our main form of bringing you content. We will also stream games and other content. The Tales2d4 group want to bring you stories that are enjoying to hear and content fun to watch. So stop by give us a follow and listen in for a tale to die for!

The House That Shadows Built
The House That Shadows Built is a six part fiction podcast  written and read by Joe Copplestone with an original soundtrack by composer Alix Lhoumeau. It's one story in six parts and combines elements of cyber-punk, satire and horror for fans of found footage films, JG Ballard, William Burroughs and Cronenberg. It's not suitable for kids or the faint hearted. In an a nameless city, a nameless narrator lives with their best friend ‘The Chewing Gum Kid’ on the very edge of modern society, squatting in deserted buildings and shoplifting for food. When the two of them discover and take over an abandoned cinema, we follow their transformation from scavenging outsiders to leaders of an underground counter culture movement but what starts as a radical experiment slowly descends into something much, much, darker. This is a dystopian mirror image of our world, a place of flickering screens, walls of video tapes and shifting shadows…

Actual Play Broadcast
Actual Play Broadcast is an actual play podcast where we play various tabletop RPGs and all together have a good time. We are a collective of nerds with a passion for the RPG space and strive to share our love for the hobby with everyone.

Crimson Ink
After a major reporter for the city paper goes missing, it's up to his wife and the help of the city's greatest has-been detective to uncover the dangerous web of lies that led to his dissapearance. Under the table deals, bad blood, the mafia? There's not telling how far down this rabbit hole goes. A new audio drama inspired by the likes of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe and Yours Truly, Johnny Dolar. Brought to you by the students of Grand Canyon University.

ASHFALL - Ein Fiction-Podcast
Weihnachten 1999: Der amerikanische Transport-Unternehmer Julius Ackerman veranstaltet seine alljährliche Feier, der sowohl die eigene Familie als auch jene seiner fähigsten Mitarbeiter beiwohnen. Im Laufe des Abends zeigen sich zerrüttete Familienverhältnisse in den Reihen der Ackermans auf: Julius‘ Tochter Jane weigert sich noch immer vehement, sich in die Familiendynastie einzugliedern und Sohn Franklin eckt nicht nur mit seinem Schwager an, sondern erpresst auch seinen eigenen Vater. Denn dieser treibt unter dem Banner der Wohltätigkeit ein vermeintlich doppeltes Spiel. Noch ehe die Familienstreitigkeiten ad acta gelegt werden können, stürmt ein Trupp bewaffneter Söldner die Weihnachtsfeier und nimmt alle Beteiligten als Geiseln. Der Weihnachtsabend droht, in einem Massaker zu enden.

The Small & Mighty
A Rodent RPG Podcast.

Their Final Moments
Avery Lindon is troubled by lucid dreams and hallucinations. On the advice of his psychiatrist, he sets out to record each new dream for diagnostic purposes and a worrying pattern emerges. Every night, Avery finds himself in the body of another person and is forced to experience the events leading up to their death.

The 3’000 Year Long Lemon Ant War
Every week I bring to you a new chapter of my worldbuilding epic ”The 3’000 year long Lemon-Ant War”.I write for fun, but also with the hope that the story will with time gain such massive weight, lore and context that it will easily sit on any shelf next to the Holy Bible.

DragonMetal Saga
Join in for our second live Dungeons & Dragons stream! Together with our amazing fellow Twitch streamer friends: extirpatefate, druid_irl, and BananaTomOG. Please enjoy the next chapter in our new ongoing series of our D&D campaign called "DragonMetal Saga." Thanks for sharing our continuing adventures! This campaign is using the 5th Edition version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Monster Parade Podcast
Bite-sized flash fiction for those with the monster-munchies. Each monster is handcrafted from scratch, catered to your cravings for the uncanny.

The Heartless Knaves
The Heartless Knaves is a new dark fantasy audiobook podcast featuring clever heists, gory scraps, sad bits, saucy bits, murderous nuns, talking donkeys, and an 8-year-old boy king who won’t take no for an answer. Set in a twisted version of the English Renaissance, the story hinges on the macabre adventures of assassins Silkin and Rooks, who may be dead, their hearts stolen by the church, their severed heads mounted on the royal battlements, but there’s no rest for the wicked... Blending black humour and squishy violence with a whip-smart plot and a cast of loveable rogues, the first book, The Pale Princess, is a bit like a haunted roller coaster: fundamentally unsafe, shuddering in the wind, and threatening to come off the rails as it gathers pace.

The Numbers Station
Leave the world behind and immerse yourself in the nebulous world of nightmares and hallucinations so similar to reality, but...not quiet. Not real enough. Created by Charlie Mesure.

The Wedding DJ
Jason is caught between a rock and a hard place. He loves his girl dearly, but his life seems to be going nowhere. Kevin, his best friend and fellow bandmate, makes a suggestion that will drastically alter Jason's destiny.

Booker & Olivia
Two idealistic young college graduates journey to the Deep South and work together to  found one of the legendary HBCUs.

The Escapades of Action Jones
Welcome to "The Escapades of Action Jones", an uproarious scripted comedy podcast that takes you on a hilarious journey back to a time when Dick always meant Richard and nickels only cost 5 cents! Join our intrepid duo, world-renowned private dick, Action Jones (voiced by Scott Norman) and his trusty sidekick,  Junior Detective Tommy (voiced by Mason Heidger), as they embark on daring escapades across the globe. In this thrilling first series of "The Escapades of Action Jones", the titular private dick Action Jones is hired by ex-lover (and constant thorn in his side) The Dame in the Purple Skirt, to track down her sister who went missing on a trip to Italy. This leads Action and his Junior Detective Tommy down a wet path of murder, mystery, and high-octane gondola chases in search of the mysterious gondola guru himself...  the villainous Donald Golario aka Dash Backslash.

Rise and Fall of Gods
A Quest actual play following Philomena and Foster as they get called on an unexpected adventure that will show them more truths than they expected, fighting for the future of their home alongside some friends they pick up on their long journey. The world was once nearly destroyed by a war between the gods. Thousands of years later, the world has been reclaimed by the people who survived with the help of the few gods who remain. Now darkness threatens the land, and history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Welcome to Imagitopia, a world where imagination knows no bounds. Follow our heroes as they embark on epic quests to subvert tropes and battle magical, otherworldly forces. Imagitopia is a weekly fantasy fiction podcast and digital magazine produced by Android Press. We strive to transport our listeners and readers to new worlds and inspire them to create stories of their own. Become an Imaginarian and join us on our journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of fantasy.

Det goda livet
Vad är egentligen ett gott liv? För dig, idag? För dig, imorgon? Det goda livet är en fiktiv podcast som utspelar sig i framtiden. År 2050 har Europa blivit koldioxidneutralt. Skåne ska stå värd för världsutställningen 2055, på temat "Det goda livet". Som ett led i förberedelserna ger sig tre programledare ut i det skånska landskapet för att undersöka vad ett gott liv egentligen är; konstnären Esarosa, kändiskocken Enkido och den välrenommerade kulturjournalisten Johanna.

halb da
Thekla Liebmann nimmt euch mit auf eine Reise in parallele Universen und surreale Kulissen. Ihre modern tales und short stories sind schemenhafte Episoden und Momentaufnahmen, die inspiriert sind von alltäglichen Absurditäten. An der Grenze zwischen Scie-Fi , Fantasy und der nicht weniger skurrilen Realität. Dreamy, flirrend, queer.

Gestalheim Productions - Three Mask Planning
It started with Gnolls, led to a tavern that heralded a vision, then snowballed from there. Now, with directives from various sources and more questions than answers, a group of adventures seek answers admit devine rumblings. All the while they try to keep one of the party alive and answer the most pressing question: what is the coin Delani holds? It's harder than it seems.

The Pact and Boon: A D&D 5e Actual Play Show
A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast set in the high fantasy world of Calignos. A world where the Gods play with the lives of mortals and magic abounds. The story begins with our heroes being prisoners in Hell. Join Dungeon Master Jake Packham from The Dungeon Mastermind Podcast and players Justin Lewis, Tanner Weyland and Cayden Ottley from the podcast How to Be a Better DM as they explore the various pacts and boons in the world of Calignos.

Safe Society
An 11-part tale of mass psychosis in an all-too-familiar world. In this satire/psycho-thriller/horror, an influential woke entrepreneur develops an irrational OCD, making him easily manipulated to absurd and terrifying policy extremes by a fearmongering lobbying organization. Will he wake up before it's too late?

Joffrey vous raconte
Joffrey vous raconte trois histoires regroupées dans "Le Diable était là". Trois récits que le Malin écoutera avec beaucoup d'attention. Le premier, intitulé "Le Diable dans une cage", regroupe les nouvelles d'un professeur de français et ses élèves qui imaginent des histoires de maléfices et de destins tragiques, sans se rendre compte que le Diable est à leur côté. Le deuxième, "L'homme qui ne voulait plus aimer" nous plonge dans un conte de fée noir. Tandis que le dernier récit, "Un Souhait après l'autre" relate la rencontre du Diable, sous la forme d'une coccinelle, et d'une petite fille qui a la lourde tâche de choisir son meilleur souhait.

Fables From The Forgotten
Dive into a realm where myths, legends, and forgotten tales come to life! Join us on an extraordinary journey as we unearth the stories of the Crossover Tavern. Each episode we'll delve into a new diverse story of the patrons that enter the tavern, exploring their origins, unraveling their mysteries, and discovering the timeless truths hidden within.

Trader's Tales From the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper
Newly orphaned Ishmael Wang finds himself forced off the only planet he knows and thrust into deep space when he takes a job as mess deck attendant on a freighter that plies the spacelanes among the stars. Follow along as Ishmael works his way through the ranks as an interstellar merchant mariner from the lowest quarter share until he finally earns an owner's share at the helm of his own company. Along the way he finds a new family, a sense of purpose, and - eventually - himself. 

Crisis Level: Green
A group of federal agents learn that the world isn't quite as black and white as they thought it was. There are definitely some shades of green as well.

Pulp Panic - A Fiasco Anthology
Pulp Panic is a Fiasco actual play podcast, an Anthology of deception, debauchery, and desperation. Pulp Panic is not for the faint of heart and any content warnings can be found in our description.

Natural Six
Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventures in Reliquiae!

Eva Luna
Eva (Blanca Soto) es una bella mujer de fuerte carácter que trabaja en las plantaciones de manzanas del Sur de California, sin embargo su padre Ismael (Eduardo Ibarrola); quien trabaja junto a ella se entera que tiene una enfermedad terminal por lo que decide viajar a los Ángeles a visitar a la madre de Eva y de su hija menor Alicia (Sofía Lama) para que cuando el falte se haga cargo de sus hijas. Días antes de su viaje, su tía Matilde (Sonia Noemí) ve en las cartas que a su sobrina la espera un futuro oscuro, un hombre que la hará conocer “el cielo y el infierno”. Ese hombre se llama Daniel Villanueva (Guy Ecker), y es el viudo más cotizado de Los Ángeles. Exitoso en los negocios y en el amor, las mujeres enloquecen por él.

Dicey Bastards Comedy DnD Podcast
A retired Swashbuckler and his questionable Sorcerer companion come out of retirment for one last epic heist. Can they put the perfect team together to steal a priceless artifact in time for the Festival of Heroes? Find out in this hilarious and chaotic 5E Actual Play podcast where six authors go head-to-head to weave a tale of legendary lunacy!

The Camp Dragon Online Podcast
The Camp Dragon Online Podcast Presents Daring in Dastanir! An Actual Play Podcast featuring the professional Dungeon Masters of Camp Dragon Online as players! Some of the adventures are retired modules from the Camp Dragon Online vault and others are brand new, exclusive material! Come listen to unique mechanics devised by our Dungeon Masters and encounter never-before-seen monsters and magic!

The Wizard's Library
The Book Wizard narrates his own stories. New episodes of "A Tear in the Veil," every Tuesday and new One Shots every Friday.

This Machine Belongs To
This Machine Belongs To details the journal entries of those that toil away at the machine. Be careful dear listener, or you may find yourself under it's same compulsion.

Anonymous Lover
In the trenches of the culture war, two aspiring podcasters from Southern California explore the intersection of Q-Anon and yacht rock, where they become immersed in a dangerous quest to find an elusive pop singer.

The Usual NPCs
We're thrilled to announce the premiere of our brand-new podcast, The Usual NPCs . It's a Norse inspired campaign with 4 real life strangers (and one person that brought them all together) and our GM. Join our eclectic group of characters—Althea the crocheting artificer, Levi the hungry paladin, Boomer the enigmatic sorcerer, Scrivmir the artistic rogue, and Fitz the historian bard—as they navigate treacherous landscapes and uncover the mysteries buried beneath the snow covered tundra of Midland.

Natural Rollers
Natural Rollers is a DnD 5e Podcast. Your dungeon master is Tyler McAlister, with the fantastic group of players, Tim, Leslie, and Lindy!

Whispers in Wregate
The city lost to Limbo is finally starting to feel normal again, untill a mysterious artifact in a company vault sends the party on a quest to change their fate, or die trying.

Les Intelligences Artificielles rêvent-elles de Terriens Hérétiques ?
Et si vous receviez un message envoyé du futur par une Intelligence Artificielle? Fermez-les yeux pour vous laisser transporter... Ce voyage de 13 minutes peut vous emmener très loin si vous lâchez du lest.

Le Fil Bleu
Lors d’une soirée trop arrosée, sept amis de lycée perdent le contrôle. L’alcool coule à flot, les souvenirs se dérobent. L’une d’entre eux disparaît dans la nature. Les heures passent, Thalia est introuvable. Grâce aux témoignages, la police creuse la piste de la fugue. Mais la reconstitution de cette soirée présente des failles. Les témoins mentent. Est-ce Thalia qu’ils protègent ? Ou leurs secrets ?

The Mark
This immersive audio drama follows Ethan, who's been seeing strange things lately. With the local townspeople now in grave danger, time is running out for Ethan as he tries to take down the shadowy organisation responsible for the horrors that unfold. The Mark is intended for mature audiences only. Contains substance abuse, intense horrifying psychological concepts and distress, violent scenes/themes, peril, and character death. In the case some other content may not be listed here, listener discretion is advised.

Out of reach
After 3 months in space, Mark and his team lose comms with ground control. The audio diary entry gives us an insight to what happened up there. All 9 astronauts on the ISS V2 for 20 years. Their lives unfold watching the whole world be buried under violence.

Outbroken Anthology | Zombie Stories
From the outbreak's genesis to fifty years in, Outbroken covers it all. Each episode sets you in the middle of someone's life in the reality of the zombie apocalypse. From heart wrenching to heart warming, see what it's like to live it for real.

The Kona Lodge - RPG Actual Play Podcast
We are a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Actual Play podcast that focuses on Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Pendragon, Traveller, D&D and more. Currently we are playing the Delta Green campaign, "God's Teeth".

Trouble In Mind
A horror/mystery audio drama miniseries. Strange tapes, ghost trains, witches, and conspiracy theorists. In 1945, a continental train bound for the east coast stopped in Appalachia and was never seen again. But one passenger, a reporter, did come home. And she claimed something was following her. It's now 1983. The woman has gone missing. Her niece finds magnetic tape reels in her attic that contain recordings from the doomed overland passage. Something compels her to keep listening. Something wanted her to find those recordings. What happened aboard the Autumn Flyer?

Void - A Narrative Audio Experience
A standalone pilot episode for a speculative audio drama series about the pursuit of science, and the inevitability of its consequence. Void follows Dr. Henry Katz, an idealistic neuroscientist whose finding disrupts humanity as we know it, and the lengths to which he must go to undo the societal turmoil he's created.

On The Tinsel Front
1942. Washed out of flight school and Inexplicably assigned to the Army Air Forces "First Motion Picture Unit," Private Oliver Whelan tumbles down the rabbit hole of World War II Hollywood. A hilarious, fascinating and touching audio comedy based in fact.

Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele zählen zu den absoluten Lieblingsprojekten bei Rocket Beans. Zahlreiche Abenteuer wurden bereits auf Youtube und als Podcast unter dem passenden Kanalnamen “Pen & Paper“ veröffentlicht. Warum also dieser neue Kanal hier? Ganz einfach: Die hier erscheinenden Abenteuer gibt es NUR als Podcast. Musik, Atmosphäre und Soundeffekte sorgen dabei für ein echtes Hörspiel-Gefühl. Aktuelles Abenteuer: CITY OF MIST - DAS LAZARUS PROJEKT. Neue Folgen gibt es jeden Montag.

Greed, lust, drugs, and Capodimonte combust in this low-rent, Southern fried twist on a literary classic. Leah’s won the state lottery’s biggest prize, and while her three daughters are elated by her good fortune, when one of them dares to speak truth to power it sets off a devastating chain of events. Long-held grievances and newfound wealth lead to familial treachery, violence and death.

Indecent Exposure with Truthseeker Dave
Known online as TrUtHSeEk3r_SEXMachine69, Dave is the internet’s pre-eminent voice in prepping for an alien invasion that would otherwise catch us all with our pants down. Serving as the advice columnist for Specul8 Publishing’s Invasion of the Saucer-Men from Mars! anthology, Dave is busy exposing things you never wanted to see. (Except within 500 metres of any public school by official court order)

Trans-Real News
The best news, forecasts, and travel advisories for psychonautic travelers on the Astral Plane.

Into the TARDIS
Step into the TARDIS to travel with the Doctors and their companions on exciting adventures through time and space! For 25 years, Big Finish Productions has been creating thrilling full-cast audio dramas set in the worlds of Doctor Who. Featuring specially composed music and cinematic sound effects, these stories are officially licensed by the BBC and star the original cast of the TV series. In this new podcast, the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, introduces fan-favourite stories from Big Finish’s back catalogue, presented in full alongside insightful behind-the-scenes interviews. So, join the Doctors – as played by David Tennant, Tom Baker, and more – as they explore the universe with friends old and new, facing off against familiar aliens and terrifying villains.

Fantasy Story called The Swords of the Unforgotten Memories
A lone warrior atoning for past mistakes. A young boy who needs help. And a web of secrets that hides a shadowy evil. Haunted by his tragic past, master swordsman Slaith roams the world, being lost without purpose. But when he stumbles upon a young and reckless boy who reawakens long-buried memories, Slaith becomes determined to protect him and takes the boy under his wing. Loac dreams of escaping his village and its monster-infested forests – but after a horrifying attack, the lone warrior becomes his protector. But if Loac can’t learn to fight, he’s as good as dead.Surrounded by bloodthirsty bandits and united to Loac by their shared grief, Slaith must draw on all of his skills to protect Loac and bring him to a safe home. When his close friend falls sick with a strange poison, the pair embark on a desperate quest to unravel the cause of the sickness.Slaith failed his duty once. Can he atone for his past and prevent history from repeating itself?

Darkling Drake by Tawn Krakowski
With her no-nonsense attitude and potty-mouth, Toni Drake is the unlikeliest of heroines. A loner with a knack for blending in and being nearly invisible to others even when standing right next to them. She turned this natural ability to her advantage by becoming a professional thief, but those talents, and her recent dreams, might be a sign that there is more to Toni than she ever thought possible.

Gemelos digitales
Un podcast de ensayo ficción (o ficción ensayística) sobre la tecnología de los gemelos digitales o digital twins, ambientado entre Barcelona y China, que explora la condición humana en el contexto de los metaversos, los clones virtuales y la inteligencia artificial. Ciencia ficción sobre un fenómeno que podría volverse pura realidad. Escrito por Jorge Carrión (Solaris), con diseño sonoro de Teo Rodríguez y la voz protagonista del actor Pablo Derqui.

Spoonpress Audio
A brand new fiction podcast with uplifting stories, created by South African-born author and entrepreneur, Anna Emm, who now lives in London. Listen to Anna's interesting and inspirational journey in the first episode!

U3A Melbourne Entertains
Stories, drama, and comedy from U3A Melbourne Scriptwriters

The Transmissions
Actual Play dramas with high quality performance, editing, narration, sound effects and music.

The Flight of the Bucket
The SS Watercress has seen better days. Its captain hasn’t been sober in a decade, mutant rats are plotting a coup, and the chief engineer keeps eating pills he finds on the floor. Still, despite the odds, the old bucket manages to keep flying high—just not as high as the captain.

Cicatrix: Scars of Parchment
Sebastian, a PhD History student in Edinburgh, finds an old collection of letters and pamphlets from the Jacobean era, each detailing some strange and disturbing event. As he reads through them, and explores the circumstances under whish they were collated, he begins to piece together a history of dark magic and worlds beyond our own.

Helldivers Radio
This audio drama is presented as a fictional radio station broadcast aimed at characters within the game world— Helldivers and civilians. Historical radio transmissions inspire the broadcast style during significant conflicts like the Vietnam War and World War II. The purpose is to immerse listeners, providing them with updates and stories from the front lines in a manner that resonates with the historical broadcasts' tone and intent, thereby blending the game's thematic elements with the immersive format of period-specific radio programming.

Historia de Amor en un Agujero
Una pareja de recién casados se muda a vivir a una fosa de cinco metros por cinco cavada en un parque de Madrid. Nunca averiguamos por qué y ellos mismos no parecen planteárselo, a pesar de que, estación tras estación y año tras año, todos los aspectos de sus vidas se ven afectados por esta extraña decisión. Narrada en un estilo realista, el «agujero» del título, omnipresente pero nunca cuestionado, va adquiriendo con cada nueva página dimensiones de fábula.

Last of Eden's Vices - A Vampire the Masquerade V5 Podcast
The fate of Providence hangs in the balance, a new Coterie stumbles across a conspiracy that threatens the establishment. They have unknowingly made themselves key players in the fate of the city.

Confessions & Cryptids
Confessions & Cryptids is a fiction podcast following Riley Rhines as she tries to unravel the stories she receives from her classmates and the adventures that follow.

Sinister Minutes
An amalgamation of dark fiction and disturbing music. Horrific, fantastic, dystopian, but always tinged with a bit of sinister darkness. Got a minute or two? We have a way- to make it NOT okay. Sinister Minutes features the dark narratives of writer and storyteller Kurt Hohmann, backed by the macabre musical musings of Tim Parker.

Les Voix des Ombres.
Je m'appelle Quentin BERNARD, je me rends sur les lieux dans lesquels des crimes ou des phénomènes paranormaux ont été rapportés. Muni seulement de mon dictaphone et de ma lampe de poche, je vous invite à me suivre afin d'enquêter, ensemble, dans ces lieux chargés de mystères.

Fairy Tale Books - Storytime Theater
Regular Audio Theater productions, recorded at Fairy Tale Books, LLC in Jourdanton, Texas.

Beyond the Campfire Light
Come sit, weary traveler, by the campfire light and try to be brave as we weave tales of science fiction and horror. These stories are set in a world on the brink, as supernatural forces arise with one dark goal...conquest. Come huddle close, gather your courage, and together let's look beyond the light...

From the Bay of Fangs
From the Bay of Fangs is a Flintlock Fantasy audio drama featuring the action-packed reports of the Hunters of Fenblith's hunts on the immortal Beasts terrorising humanity. The first part of the transmedia project Hunting Darkness, it introduces many of the themes and story elements that will be expanded upon in the coming months and years.

A narrative horror podcast.

Actual Play Entertainment
Actual Play Entertainment (APE) is an independent RPG network that is dedicated to bringing you quality, well produced, actual play podcasts. Our games have a combination of being fun, tense, and exciting, with a dash of improvised humor that will make you laugh-out-loud. You might even cry! Who knows? Games in the works: Alien the RPG, Traveler 2nd Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5E, and more Call of Cthulhu (Pulp and 7th edition).

En-Cryptid: The Lost Tapes!
Greetings fellow earthlings, and hello there to beings from the beyond! And welcome to the chilling and mysterious world of En-Cryptid: The Lost Tapes! Brought to you by Strongest Potion Productions. In these action-packed episodes, we follow and detail the unknown escapades of the secret agents of C.U.M and their everlasting quest to Capture-Undiscovered-Monsters! From relic reptile sightings in Loch Ness to alien probing in Pee Pee Creek, Ohio, there's a story for everyone in En-Cryptid: The Lost Tapes!

The Actuality Podcast
Dive into the immersive world of "Actuality" like never before with "The Actuality Podcast" – your gateway to the thrilling audio adaptation of the groundbreaking novel! Join us on a journey through the twists and turns of this gripping tale as we bring the pages of "Actuality" to life in dramatic audio form. From pulse-pounding suspense to heart-wrenching drama, each episode of "The Actuality Podcast" delivers a cinematic experience that will keep you hooked until the very end. Featuring, original music, and sound effects, our audio adaptation stays true to the spirit of the novel while offering a fresh and dynamic interpretation.

Black Velvet Fairies
Upon her death, Lucy Verdell's estranged grandmother leaves her four black velvet paintings of fairies. But not twinkly sprites — stoic beings with wings of light and grim intent. As Lucy investigates her family's connection to the artwork, she uncovers a web of believers who will do anything to reconnect Earth with the mysterious fairy-world known as Hada.

The Dread Exitibus
Dread Exitibus is a spine-chilling journey into the unknown, where shadows whisper tales lost to time. Join the Archivist, your guide unearthing chilling narratives and forgotten catastrophes, as each episode unveils haunting stories from the abyss of despair to the lingering echoes of forgotten whispers. Navigate dimly lit pathways, where terror awaits, and let the Archivist guide you through suspense, horror, and the unexplained. Your journey begins soon as you plunge into the darkness of the Dread Exitibus—a repository of nightmares.

12 Blackened Petals
We all have dark spots in our souls that we hide behind walls. Walls that we have built over years and decades. Most people will never let a single drop of their darkness leak from behind those walls. In Sam’s case, the darkness kicked down the walls and brought Hell with it as it laid waste to a city. And that was just day 1. This epic tale follows Sam as he attempts to wrestle with the power of a god, and all the evil that comes with it. This Massive and sprawling story will get your heart racing and break it all at the same time.

Luminaris Brimstone, Witch Investigator
Luminaris Brimstone, Witch Investigator is a comedic fantasy adventure show starring our broke titular private investigator wandering around the world, alone, mixing business and pleasure while solving crimes and causing mayhem for any local she comes across. Something happened that has her searching for her lost memories, but when karma finally catches up, who will she rely on when things get rough?

Visual Snow: An Idaho 4 True Crime Noir Novel
To avenge the suicide death of Hannah Cleere, University of Idaho History professor Dr. Rebecca Scofield enlists the help of a criminologist by the name of Bryan Kohberger. Things quickly spiral out of control that results in tragedy.

Mrs. McShoogle, Scotland’s Second Finest Actress. Starring Carolyn Pickles.
Meet Mrs. McShoogle, ‘iconic’ actress turned landlady to the stars. Canny and courageous, tender and just a tad outrageous, this extraordinary luminary recalls her “intimate friendships” with the giants of theatre, television and film, including “more Dames than you can shake a stick at… and Olly Murs”. From first-night feuds to royal revelations and her infamous outburst at the Scottish Drama Awards, The Tartan Tammies, this is the frankly unbelievable tale of a small-town lassie with big dreams, who became a legend in her own living room. A Scottish satire.

Aqui você encontra todos os episódios de Ao Sul da Fenda RPG DeD 3.5.

We’re Alive: Scout’s Honor
Lord of the Flies, meets Zombies…. Stranded on Catalina Island after the outbreak, a small group of Venture Scouts confront the “Infected", testing their mettle and the strength of their friendships. This immersive audio drama is a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure as these preteens, armed with only determination and their Scout Rules, navigate the rugged island, discovering the essence of courage and sacrifice in the face of an apocalypse. Bonds are tested, innocence is lost, and the scout motto “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” takes on a whole new, dark significance in this stand-alone new audio drama from the creators of We’re Alive.

Earth Rangers Underground
Did you know there's a secret world of animal agents right under our feet? It’s true. For generations, a shadowy agency of four-legged investigators has been working to protect planet earth from environmental disaster. Desperate to save their failing local chapter, legendary Agent Saul the squirrel and his sidekick Phoebe the leopard gecko, have broken the cardinal rule and teamed up with (GASP) ...Humans! But not just any humans: Asha & Ollie are two kids whose groundbreaking methods will help the Earth Rangers protect their local park – all while trying to steer clear of the boss, a human-hating polar bear.

Tales from the Afternow: Lonestar
Follow "Independent Historian Dynamic John Sherman" as he makes his mark on the Texas Wasteland. Based on "Tales from the Afternow" created by Sean Kennedy and Rantmedia. To listen to the original Tales from the After visit

The Extraordinary Globe of Tom Bobbajobski
Tom Bobbajobski's tales from his time in the Merchant Navy aboard the HMS Crumpet. From Marrakech to Mombasa, London to the Loire Valley, journeys of adventure the likes of which you've never heard before, nor are likely to again.

The Sounds of People
Stories of people, from your neighbourhood to distant lands, different worlds, different times.

Blood on the Motorway
An apocalyptic storm. A killer on the loose. The battle for humanity’s survival starts here. Tom is a layabout ex-student waiting for his life to start or the power to get cut off, whichever comes first. Jen works two jobs, hates both, and most days is too hungover to deal with either. Detective Burnett is trying to work out who the hell turned his sleepy Yorkshire village into a murder town. When the skies fill with a mysterious storm, each of them wakes to find streets filled with dead. The world they knew has gone, and their old lives with it. Tom finds himself at the mercy of a deranged soldier, Jen has to flee the fires burning her city to the ground, and Burnett must track down a killer who sees the apocalypse as an opportunity for more mayhem. If they can’t band together, the fate of what remains of humanity hangs in the balance. Blood on the Motorway is the British apocalyptic horror trilogy readers have called “gripping from the first page’’. If you love edge-of-the-seat action, end-of-the-world tension, and characters you’ll be rooting for with every turn of the page, you’ll love Paul Stephenson’s apocalyptic trilogy. Now you can enjoy the full trilogy, chapter by chapter, as an audiobook.

Miskatonic Avenue
2018 erschien in einer Auflage von 100 Exemplaren die Anthologie "Miskatonic Avenue", präsentiert vom Phantastikon-Magazin. Darin fanden sich dunkle Geschichten der spekulativen Literatur und der Weird Fiction von deutschsprachigen Autoren und einige Übersetzungen, die erstmals in deutscher Sprache gedruckt wurden. Ausgehend von diesem Konzept (und sozusagen als Bonus des Phantastikon-Podcasts) präsentieren wir hier unregelmäßig Kurzgeschichten, Flash Fiction und Dark Poetry. All diese Texte sind natürlich auch im Phantastikon-Magazin nachzulesen.

Steve Buchanan was a private investigator. His life changed one night three years ago, throwing him into an unknown, dangerous world. Now he is telling his story.

The Struggle: Book 1 - The Struggle Series
A suburban South Denver family has recently moved to a beautiful neighborhood only to find that their lives have begun to fall apart. Strange knockings and other unexplained events began to happen almost immediately. After Jonathan Stout is asked to leave, his wife, Pamela, is forced to deal with the increasing activity on her own. Minor issues become terrifying occurrences that the family can no longer ignore. Pamela is forced to reach out to an out-of-the-box pastor for help. When all is said and done, no one will be the same as they pursue freedom from The Struggle.

The Extrables
Five years ago, Yorkadelphia City underwent an event that saw the birth of extra-abled people known simply as “Extras”. With powers ranging from the enviable like super speed to making an entire city block cream their jeans, the impact of thousands of civilians suddenly gaining powers has been felt daily in the years since... The Extrables is a serialized radio drama with heavy emphasis on Satire, Puns, Incredible Characters and of course, Filth.(pretty spiffy ehh?!)

Deep Dark
Dante, a poet, is going to a job interview. He gets the job but then goes to Hell. (A Dante's Inferno Retelling)

Pixel Quest | Kid Scripted Podcast Series
The story of a young man who is looking to find his own path in a world of swords, special abilities, and adventure, even though he can’t level up like his friends. Things change though, after meeting a gruff, rude fairy named Pork. Aiden and Pork embark on a quest to save the Four Heroes scattered throughout the world, and to stop a danger bigger than any of them could have ever imagined. Welcome to "Pixel Quest," the captivating kid podcast where fantasy and bravery intertwine to create a world of adventure and discovery. Follow the journey of Aiden, a young man in a realm of swords, magic, and quests, who, unlike his friends, faces the challenge of adventuring without the ability to level up. But when Aiden meets Pork, a gruff and outspoken fairy, his journey takes a thrilling turn. Together, they set out on a mission to rescue the Four Heroes and confront a looming threat that could alter their world forever. "Pixel Quest" is a kid podcast that brings stories to life, imbuing them with lessons of courage, friendship, and perseverance. It's a place where every episode is a new chapter in Aiden's quest, filled with challenges, allies, enemies, and a rich tapestry of storytelling that will captivate and inspire listeners. This kid podcast is an invitation to young audiences to immerse themselves in a narrative where their imagination can roam free, exploring the nuances of a fantastical world. Dive into "Pixel Quest," the kid podcast where stories are not just told but experienced, where listeners can follow Aiden and Pork through a landscape brimming with mystery and excitement. It's a kid podcast that combines the joy of storytelling with the thrill of adventure, creating a unique listening experience that encourages children to dream big and face their challenges with bravery.

The history of Amrika as told by Rania Hafiz, from the birth of the Republic to its final demise.

In einer den Menschen unbekannten Parallelwelt genannt Seatria leben die Seonder in fünf verschiedenen Gruppierungen mehr oder weniger friedlich zusammen. Die fünf Gruppierungen besitzen unterschiedliche magische Fähigkeiten, die auf den Sinnen basieren. Welcher Gruppierung ein Seonder zugehört, kann an den Augenfarben erkannt werden. So gibt es die klugen, vernünftigen blauäugigen Vidlus, die empathischen, mächtigen braunäugigen Sentellis, die kühlen, unnahbaren, grauäugigen Audir, die faszinierenden, zerstreuen Nador und die besonnenen, vertrauenswürdigen schwarzäugigen Orare. Jede der Seondergruppen hat ihre eigenen Werte, Traditionen und Ansichten, sodass die friedliche Atmosphäre nie lange hält. Und wo viel Macht ist, herrscht immer viel Neid, Missgunst und der Hunger nach noch mehr Macht... Tretet ein in die Welt der Seonder und begleitet die immer wechselnden Protagonisten in ihrem Alltag durch Seatria, hindurch durch Straßen voll geflüsteter Intrigen bishin zu den dunklen Ecken des Verrats.

Después de divorciarse, Cristina está entusiasmada por experimentar una nueva vida sexual. Ella es una mujer cautelosa, educada y muy inteligente, por lo que su imaginación sustituye por ahora la realidad a la que quiere adentrarse. Por otro lado, Norma, su amiga, le cuenta las aventuras sexuales a detalle y le explica por qué ella decidió ser libre. Ambas trabajan en el mismo lugar. Rubén es su exesposo… ya se enterarán de él.

Eastwynne | An Urban Fantasy Audio Drama
A city filled to the brim with magic and high society life. Here you'll find the best schools, businesses, real estate, probably not the best people but hey you have everything else. Follow the stories of Ester and Sye, the former being a student at Eastwynne University navigating a new semester of school and the adventures that come with it.

Step into the world of Eastwynne, with this full cast, immersive audio drama.

Fodor's Guide to Espionage
Inspired by true events, FODOR’S GUIDE TO ESPIONAGE tells the 60s era spy story of the world’s first and greatest travel writer, Eugene Fodor, as he jetsets around the globe, secretly working for the CIA to prevent the greatest events of the the Cold War and avoid World War III.

Chrome Trigger Run
A Cyberpunk RED actual play by The Dragon Punch Squad.

Mystic Muses DND
Join the all-femme presenting players and an entirely queer cast in "Mystic Muses DND". Listen to their thrilling D&D Actual Play High Fantasy Adventure as they face a great threat that aims to destroy everything within the Homebrew world of Perdition. With a perfect blend of experienced and new players, this podcast - with short and sweet episodes - is perfect for beginners and busy bodies who want to dive into roleplaying and enjoy the world of D&D. Join the Mystic Muses, embark on an unforgettable quests and get ready for an epic adventure like no other!

I think I've met you, but also know I haven't
People tell us the worlds your oyster…but what if you’re hungry? One oyster isn’t going to do it for you…is it? So why should we settle for one world? Brothers Ger and Martin O’Malley proudly present a six part mocumentary series called I think I’ve met you, but also know I haven’t. The podcast explores the excitement and furore caused by the discovery of a portal to a different dimension at a sports venue in Ireland. Reports describing similar portals from around the world follow. Long established views are challenged and opportunities are presented for believers in the new reality.

Tales from an Empress's boudoir.
Welcome to Tales from an Empress's boudoir.  These are not just any tales. My intention for this podcast is to take you on a deeply orgasmic and sensual journey. Bringing to your ears erotic literature and tales spoken by an Empress. Kick off your shoes, get as comfy as possible, relax in the bath if you desire, lie naked in bed if that feels good and then allow your whole being to be fuelled by my words. Allow me to ignite all your senses, allow me to unlock your filthy imagination and awaken your sexiest desires.  I'm so excited you are here.

Doctor Jaylin Glaslow is a well renowned historian aboard a space station known as the Deck. When he learns of robots who have begun to think and feel without the aid of AI or manmade devices, he is sent out to investigate why these robots have developed sentience through interviewing them on a desolate planet known as Last Stand, a place uninhabitable by organic life, but a great place for inorganic life to hide. Every week he interviews a new robot to learn about their planet and their past, hoping that maybe one day he’ll figure out what makes them work the way they do.

Stories From Waypoint
JumperScape Media has been deeply influenced and inspired by the work of the massive team that is 343 Industries. To repay them for the great stories they tell, we have taken it upon ourselves to retell their Fractures, Chronicles, Intel Drops, and Story Shards in audio drama format. These are the Stories From Waypoint.

Good Morning Wasteland!
The Apocalypse's only morning radio show!

The Detectives of Planet Ulilo
In Ulilo City, time doesn't stop at midnight, and mystery is the name of the game. The Detectives of Planet Ulilo is a brand new limited podcast series with an all-animal cast set on a futuristic fictional planet that prides itself on being a postmodern human-animal utopia. Join Detective Zara who is a grey wolf, her sika deer partner Detective Juniper and friends as they take on Ulilo's grandest cases. On Planet Ulilo, there's adventure, mystery, floating jet cars, robots and tasty treats. We welcome you to Ulilo City.

Monroe's Chest
Ahoy there, landlubbers and merfolk alike! Welcome to Monroe’s Chest! the podcast that sails the seas of whimsy and dives into the depths of nautical nonsense. Join us as we navigate through a sea of laughter, uncovering the treasures hidden within Monroe’s mystical chest, where every episode is a tidal wave of hilarity and unexpected discoveries!

The Dark Pulse
The Dark Pulse is a dark fantasy/horror story about a man named Nolan who is captured --along with his family-- during an invasion by the brutal Republic of Kalyko...and explores the lengths a man will go to in order to restore his family's safety and freedom. It is set in an 19th-Century-Earth-like fantasy world riven by war, and secretly undercut by ancient, malevolent forces with their own nefarious agendas. Call it THE DARK TOWER meets 1917 (film) by way of BERSERK (manga).

San Endijo County
To celebrate the last day of high school, a group of childhood friends journey to their old hangout spot: an abandoned amusement park. The only problem is they might not be alone...

World Gone Wrong: a fictional chat show about friendship at the end of the world
Malik and Jamie were roommates when the world ended. Now separated by half the country, literal acid rain, werewolves, aliens, and more, they start a chat podcast to stay in touch and work through the increasing uncertainty of their new apocalyptic reality. Each episode, Malik & Jamie will tackle topics like: should I change my office hours to accommodate vampire students? What if the body snatcher that took over my ex is nice? When did the kudzu start humming like that? Malik & Jamie will try to help!

I Seduce The Dragon
A rocket scientist, a cowgirl, a p*rnstar, and a mom walk into a dungeon ...and those are just the players. I SEDUCE THE DRAGON is an actual play D&D podcast that requires absolutely no prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons to love! High production value, compelling characters and incredible chemistry make a great time for even the casual listener.

Desolation Ultra
In this provocative anthology fiction series, writer Alan Crowther sheds light upon the high strangeness and paranoia that looms in the recesses of modern life.

Debatably Arcadian Entertainment
A place to listen to everything that doesn't belong on a specific show feed.

The Desert Rose: An Erotic Audio Play
An erotic audio series for adults. When her father slain by her treacherous uncle, a nameless Princess has fled her home in search of a new life. Fate drives her to exotic shores where a new beginning for her awaits in a house of pleasure. But will she be willing to shed her old identity for something new?

Canada by Night: A Vampire the Masquerade Podcast
Canada by Night is a live-play podcast where professional improvisers play Vampire the Masquerade! Sent to rescue his best friend’s kidnapped mother, detective-turned-vampire Everett Fry accidentally ends up the sheriff of New Haven: an experimental town that’s finding out if vampires and humans can co-exist. Stuck leading a ragtag group of officers - the Brujah bounty hunter Val, the Gangrel news reporter Evangeline, and the Tremere blood-witch Doris - can Everett keep New Haven running? Or will the sheriff’s department fail and see the town destroyed by its enemies or liquidated by the vampire council of Canada?! Trending on global comedy fiction charts, and brought to you by Dumb-Dumbs & Dice (whose series Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons charted as the #2 fiction podcast on Spotify), listen now to find out why Canada by Night has been downloaded more than half a million times! 

Cypress Creek
A dark comedy audio drama that looks behind the doors of your friends and neighbors. In the aftermath of a hurricane, Joan's family and others like her on the lower ridge have lost almost everything, while Katie and her fellow residents of Cypress Creek on the upper ridge emerged unscathed. An HOA election could change everything, making sure the community resources go to those in need. But only if Joan can defeat Katie, the ultimate "Karen" of the neighborhood. The epic battle that will ensue between them will put them and the residents to the ultimate test... and everyone might not make it out alive. BIG LITTLE LIES meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in a post-hurricane suburban neighborhood.

I Know What You Did Last Session
Welcome to "Dungeons & Dummies," the podcast where Braxton leads his intrepid band of adventurers—Jimmy, Alex, Ethan, Riley, and Caleb—on epic journeys through the fantastical realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Join us as we delve deep into the mysteries of ancient dungeons, face off against fearsome dragons, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Braxton, our masterful Dungeon Master, guides us through the twists and turns of our quests, weaving tales of bravery, magic, and daring escapes. Each episode is packed with laughter, camaraderie, and the excitement of rolling those critical dice. Whether we're battling evil warlocks or negotiating with cunning goblins, there's never a dull moment in our campaign. So grab your dice bag, sharpen your swords, and join us as we embark on adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat and longing for the next roll of the dice. Welcome to "Rolling Dice & Making Memories," where every quest is an unforgettable journey with friends.

Lost in the Stars
For the daydreamers, the readers, the writers, and anyone else who loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Tune in with this aspiring screenwriter as she tells you her original short stories. From fantasy to YA, to romance, to mystery, you're bound to hear a story you'll love. Join Madi every other Monday for a new adventure that'll take you to the stars.

Describing Colors to the Blind
This might sound a little strange but ... this podcast is a personal log of the ongoing story of Christovoe, a music artist with the power to control minds with his music. This is a chronicle of his adventures and efforts to evade Agency 2 who are trying to capture him and use his powers to control the public and maintain their place in power in our world. These adventures take place strange isolated places far more desolate than people know is possible — places that feel like a hellish parallel dimension like Dayton, Ohio but actual parallel dimensions too. Come along for the fun.

Operation Starship Infinity
Welcome to Operation Starship Infinity. The year is 3856 and we left our planet New New Earth to find a new habitable planet, to hide from the evil intergalactic terrorist corporation that's trying to take over the universe. This corporation is called KBC Corp. The ship is owned by Lucious who owns Quantum Corp. We are headed on a journey that our Master Navigator, Aquamarine has calculated that it is going to take the ship 175 years to get to the next inhabitable planet carrying 1,200 passengers. However, an electromagnetic force field has hit the ship, the navigation system is down and there is damage to the ship. The Captain, co-Captain and a select few of others have been woken to help the androids fix the ship. Aquamarine figured out we have only been asleep 75 years and they are way off course. The mission now is : to get the navigation system back up, fix the ship and get everyone back to sleep. Can they find a closer planet to seek refuge? Well, I guess we're gonna find out. Welcome, to Operation Starship Infinity.

From Topanga New Times - Storyland, Coastwatchers is TNT’s original WWII-era fiction serial, written by Suzanne Guldimann and performed by Claire Chapman.

Shattered in Stone: A Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG Actual Play
Called together from across the globe, a disparate group of garou are set with the task of helping a small village deep in the heart of the Amazon. Upon their arrival, they discover strange effects happening to the very earth around them. The newly formed pack must stop the ravages to Gaia before it is too late while nature and the spirits around them demonstrate one thing above all others: you try to bite them, and they will bite back with force.

La Nocturna
Pobreza, superación personal, nuevas oportunidades… Son algunas de las circunstancias por las que estas ocho personas deciden comenzar sus estudios nocturnos en la Fundación Universitaria Graham y obtener el título de Administrador de Empresas, de ese modo, veremos a Amelia, Doña Pilar, Germán, Ingrid, Faber, Muriel, Luis Herney y Alejandro, quienes se enfrentarán a situaciones difíciles, grandes retos, y obstáculos propios del día a día y otros no tan comunes, sin embargo sabrán sortearlos con valentía para alcanzar su titulo y lograr un mejor porvenir para ellos y sus familias.

House of Homebrew - Season 1 - Dragon Song
A DnD live gameplay show, hosted by esteemed DM James Logan. Starring acting performances by Hailey Jackson Boucher, Joshua Malloy, Mason Dodson, Chance Owen, Dominic Boucher, and CJ Goodwin.

Cat & Mouse:
Welcome to the Cat & Mouse Erotic Storytelling Podcast. Our work is at the intersection of audio entertainment and sexual wellness. Each story is just the quickie you need to level up your me-time. With realistic characters, relatable storylines, and that real “nasty-nasty”, we invite you to indulge in our pleasure-focused world.

Trap Street
An unemployed gamer has received a mysterious email with two attachments. The first is an image of a woman with red hair and green eyes. The second is an old map of a town called Ocean Bay. What this young man does next will determine the fate of the entire human race. (From the creators of Strange Air.)  

Big Red Button: A Fallout Roleplaying Podcast
The Wasteland is Calling... Jake the Gaslit Vault Dweller, Gotfree the Neurotic Mister Handy Robot, and Houston the Ghoul with Writer's Block are an unlikely band of scrappers, trying their darnedest to survive in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Michigan. Next thing they know, their home comes under attack and they're sent off into the world to solve the mystery... Born from our popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” series on the "Doctor And A Lawyer Podcast", welcome to The Big Red Button Podcast - a captivating 2D20 roleplaying-game-meets-audio-drama set in the iconic Fallout video game universe! Join us as we navigate the wasteland, encounter unique characters, and unravel thrilling stories. Each episode, we’ll dive into the world of radioactive wonders and survival - as we push the Big Red Button and let the chaos ensue! Your next favorite post-nuclear experience awaits! Whether you’re a newbie to the Fallout franchise or a long-time fan, you’re sure to have a BLAST!

Brothers & Balrogs
Brothers & Balrogs is an actual-play D&D podcast created by four brothers who grew up actually-playing together. On our podcast, we lean into this fact by telling a story about four brothers. While we may not be professional voice actors or comedians, our show comes with a certain authenticity others don't. We will laugh, we will cry, and we invite you to join us! Let's get our brother home.

Malas Decisiones
La vida sedentaria y monótona de Miranda se interrumpe cuando una noche jugando online con sus amigos descubre que la policía la está buscando.

Tales of the Bizarre
Tales of the Bizarre is a horror podcast show that is set in worlds not quite like ours. It could be set in a universe where vampires exist or in a world where aliens come and invade earth. Every episode is not quite like the last

DAMNÉ est une histoire originale et immersive créée par NIMP GAMES. Elle se déroule dans l'univers médiéval-fantastique (dark fantasy) de Warhammer.

20 years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs is trapped in a British Harbor after the Invaders came to enslave all mankind. Now the invaders are gone, and new Orders clash as humanity rises from the ashes...but are the aliens gone for good? (Science Fiction/Alternate History Adventure).

The Epic of Fic
What would you do if you had the power to make anything with your mind? Imagination takes flight in this epic story of a young hero who battles an evil dragon to save his people and a special power they wield.

Paraíso Sin Escalas
Un grupo de cinco ex compañeros de un exclusivo colegio privado, llega a la Isla Dos Santos, en Brasil, con el fin de celebrar 15 años desde que egresaron. Lo que parecían ser unas vacaciones de ensueño en el espectacular resort, se convierten en una pesadilla cuando uno de ellos desaparece. En esta comedia de misterio, los secretos, rencores y traiciones de los “Súper 5” saldrán a luz mientras la paradisíaca isla, dirigida por un excéntrico personaje, demuestra ser más de lo que parece. Escrita por Héctor Romero.

La magia existe, se llama PALABRA
Cuentos, Fábulas, Relatos e Historias para niños en español. También vamos a charlar sobre el arte de contar cuentos, narrar historias, entretener con palabras y sobretodo, hablaremos de ese momento hermoso y mágico cuando estamos completamente presentes y sincronizados con nuestro público, y va tomando forma una historia a nuestro alrededor. Contamos cuentos, por el disfrute de contar y por la deliciosa necesidad de dejarse llevar.

Lost Urban Media
Stories generated through solo tabletop roleplaying games.

Fiction audiodramas over a wide variety of genres.

Three Pilots
Sterling Arts and Design presents three pilots for new audio dramas: Unrequested, All The Hype and Onyx Ridge.

Hail Cassius
In the earth year of 2014, the Martians conquered the Kotara province on the planet Banuram. Once the Martians had pacified the province. A garrison force was left behind,There was Cassius who would serve as governor of the province, along with Claudius, Skippio and Tullius who would serve as his lieutenants.But these were not ordinary Martians that had conquered this province.These Martians had based their entire way of living around the Roman way of life. These are those stories.

Podcastuję RPG
Trzech amatorów postanowiło nagrać podcast gdzie grają w grę. Będziemy rozgrywać przygody w różnych systemach RPG.

Dad Magick
A horror podcast.

Hobo Code
Hop a freight train with two hobos, a little girl, and her best friend who lives in a coffee can. Hobo Code is an epic journey spanning from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression, all the way to the Great Recession of 2008.

The Last City
In the climate-ravaged year of 2072, Pura stands as a miraculous green haven, a geoengineered paradise that protects lucky residents from the global catastrophes of heat domes, fires, floods, and droughts. Demetria Lopez is Pura's PR fixer, tirelessly promoting the city's idyllic image. But when she stumbles upon a dark secret that underpins Pura's existence, she must decide who and what she is willing to protect.

Alisdair Adams - One Act Plays
Join us for a series of individual audiodrama productions written by Alisdair Adams and recorded by a group of highly talented performers in our home town of Sheffield.

Murder She Rolled
A D&D murder mystery podcast about four people, brought back from the dead, dealing with arcane horrors and personal demons, who have one year to solve their own murders. Content Warning: This podcast is about a group of corpses trying not to get murdered again. It's gory, sweary, and sometimes a little sexy. Listener discretion advised.

Tales From The Author.
Step into the study of the mysterious Author. Make yourself comfortable before the Author tells you one of the stories he hasd prepared for you.

Coach P.I.C.S. Mysteries: From the Free Throw Files
CRIME TRAVELS. He's going to teach it how to dribble! Meet Coach P.I.C.S. (Private Investigator Charm Sphiadelli)! He's a Basketball Coach for 7-12 year olds at the local Recreation Center... Where he also runs a Private Investigations firm. By his side is Assistant Coach Welma Static. She's also a Private Investigator. These are just a few of their adventures... in audio-form!

Did I Cause the Mandela Effect?
I think I made a huge mistake. The world is different now. It's my fault. I never thought it would turn out this way.

Python County
Join five friends, and real live Texans, as they role play in the fictional horror realm of Python County.

Eski Sevgiliden Olur Mu?
İki eski sevgili. Yağız ve Lara. Yıllar sonra, yer; Ankara. Zamanında yaşanamayan bir aşk, şimdiki zamana ait olabilir mi? Berk Alan’ın yönettiği, başrollerinde Sertan Müsellim ve Fulden Nartur’un oynadığı yeni podcast dizisi “Eski Sevgiliden Olur Mu?” yayında!

Critting the Nerdverse
An actual play podcast collaboration between Crossing the Nerdverse and 2 Legit 2 Crit. We play our own take on Blades in the Dark and follow the Rebel Clause as they rise to power in a world inspired by different holidays.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 3: Echoes of the Ancients
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Rainbow Friends '91: A Roblox Story Podcast
A five-episode narrative podcast based on the Roblox hit title, 'Rainbow Friends'. Join Agent Yegor Novikov as he delves into the eerie depths of the forgotten children's attraction, Hemlock Woods, in search of the truth behind the once-beloved Rainbow Friends. This series unfolds through found footage, capturing every terrifying moment as Novikov navigates the shadows of a place where nightmares come to life. Prepare to be gripped as you journey into the darkness with Agent Novikov in this horror podcast. Ahrcéus as both Agent Yegor Novikov and Red.

Tales End Inn
Howdy Y'all! Welcome to the Tales End here we like to serve up a nice hot meal and share the stories of our Patrons. Come and join us as we spin tales. The Tales End Inn is a TTRPG actual play podcast, where all stories end in the Inn. Join us in the adventures and stories, some told classically others with a twist.

Void Record | Sci-Fi Fantasy Audio Drama
We abandoned God long ago. Now nothing protects us from ourselves. The future is duller with every passing eon. Soon nothing will be left but records and void. A story across time and space, following the journey of deep space explorers who have found themselves in a unknown world. Politics, religions, cults, gods, and aliens. What horrors or wonders await them across the cosmos?

Fandom Fables & Dragons
Welcome to "Fandom Fables & Dragons," the podcast where fantasy meets reality in the most unexpected way! Join our four intrepid podcasters – Caleb, Chad, Scott, and French – as they embark on an extraordinary adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. In each episode, follow along as our hosts navigate through a fantastical realm after being unexpectedly whisked away from their ordinary lives. Transported into a world straight out of the pages of their favorite books, they find themselves facing mythical creatures, enchanted forests, and magical quests. But it's not all dungeons and dragons; as they journey through this mystical land, our podcasters discover that their knowledge of pop culture and fandoms might just be the key to unlocking the secrets of this new world. With each twist and turn, they draw upon their love for stories, games, and movies to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and forge alliances with both friend and foe alike. From battling dragons to deciphering ancient prophecies, "Fandom Fables & Dragons" is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments. As our hosts delve deeper into the mysteries of this realm, they also uncover truths about themselves and the power of friendship.

City Dwarves
This story begins with our PCs, a trio of young dwarves, living in a city. They're the children of cobblers who perished the month prior when plague swept through the city. Coming home from the funeral, they have found their shop ransacked. Tools broken, shoes in for repairs ruined, the whole place a mess, except for one left boot that has been repaired and left in the middle of the room. Obviously this was the work of a rival cobbler shop, but which one? And why? Soon enough the clients stop coming in. No new orders for shoes, boots, or even sandals. The potential heroes are facing a serious problem as funds begin to run out... yet some god must have smiled down upon these poor orphans, for one day they come downstairs to find all their work completed for them and the shop nicely cleaned up.

The Devil's Plaything
Greg died but the demon Drathralas brought them back for a price. Now forced to kill for a demon,. college student Greg is forced to pair up with the ancient demon Dave. Between budding heads and collecting souls Greg is launched into a world of the occult and the strange. Will he survive college or will he become another soul in damnation. The Devil's Plaything is a horror comedy audio drama produced by Tlacuache Theater.

Korridore - Mystery-Horror-Serie
Die Polizistin Zoe soll Patrick finden. Die einzige Spur ist sein Handy. Der Student hat Sprachmemos aufgenommen. Darauf ist zu hören, wie er sich in den verlassenen Korridoren eines Gebäudes auf die Suche nach seiner verschwundenen Mutter macht. Sie hat im Institut für Paramediale Phänomene gearbeitet. Patrick findet ihr Büro und Aufzeichnungen von Fällen, an denen sie gearbeitet hat. Was Patrick da liest, ist schwer zu verkraften, aber es ist seine einzige Spur. Viele der Fälle sind grausam und einige scheinen zusammenzuhängen. Eine suizidale Kaffeemaschine ist in diesem Setting wohl das Harmloseste. Mit Maximilian Schimmelpfennig, Nisan Arikan, Ulrich Bähnk.

Unlucky Charm
Sam Crowe has always had the worst of luck, but in his ever-optimistic view of the world, heads to Boston to pursue a lifelong dream. Along the way to his dreams, he meets Aaron Bazil, a painter who's been pretty lucky with his career so far, but with it came a cynical view of the world. Together, they change each other for the better and... worse.

Crooked and Strange
Crooked and Strange is an anthology series, and a place to share some of my short fiction.

Kalus: DnD Podcast 4 Newbs
Welcome to the continent of Kalus! This is a DnD Podcast with 5 Players who have little to NO DnD experience! Let us see how these new players handle the typical and non typical experiences of being a player in a DnD game! Uploads are once a month with more to come! Please Share and Rate us 5 stars if you enjoy our silly little Adventure!

Zero Initiative: Curse of Strahd
Four adventurers take on what they think is a routine search-and-rescue mission in a small town, believing everything is perfectly normal. They soon realize that it's anything but. Trapped in an inscrutable and dangerous land, Lorded over by the mysterious Lord of Barovia, will our four protagonists make their way out of the mists? Or will each of them succumb to Barovia's curse? Join us as we venture into the Curse of Strahd!

Watts Corner
Welcome to Watts Corner! This show follows the adventures of two best friends, Johnny Watts, a penguin with a heart of gold and a buck-o'five in the bank, and Frankie Carlino, a down-on-his-luck raccoon who may or may not be way into witchcraft. From haunted thrift stores to the Cermack Mafia to facing off with a deranged scientist who gets his kicks creating animal-human hybrids, Watts Corner is where you'll find it all. 

Called back to her hometown to conduct an autopsy, Jane's disturbed as she’s made to perform the procedure on a body that’s already been autopsied. Horrified at what's inside the corpse she tries to leave but finds herself locked inside the morgue. Tormented by her terrible past she's forced to play the deadly game of her unseen torturer. The creator of this podcast acknowledge the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia and pays respect to elders past and present and acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders people as the original storytellers of the land.

Chains of Divinity
Chains of Divinity is a weekly Godkiller actual play podcast where three mortals will rise up against the Gods who hold dominion over their world. Together, our God-Killers and our Pantheon will weave a tapestry of love, loss, and perseverance in the face of uncaring divinity.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 2: Outpost on the Frontier
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Legends of Straflem Season 2
Join us in a Dungeons and Dragons adventure through the long forgotten Straflem Islands.

American Leprechaun
Pack your four leaf clover for an epic adventure to a magical land full of excitement and danger. Young leprechaun Rowan was only planning on chasing rainbows and playing pranks his whole life. Then, at the Grand Fairy Hall, he accidentally volunteered to save all of Ireland by finding St. Patrick’s stolen magical spectacles, which were rumored to be hidden across the Atlantic in New York City! Teaming up with a kind banshee, a twelve year old boy and a troop of theatrical rats, Rowan crosses the sea to set off on a journey filled with magic, mysterious tunnels, PT Barnum and the villainous Muldoon family.

You don’t have to change the world, you just have to live in it | An existentialist flashfiction anthology | Created by Rhys Lawton and James Curtis

The Richard Osman Fan Club
Wendy Lap has adapted her four star-rated Edinburgh Fringe show into an Audio Drama. Now you can listen in on elderly lady and Richard Osman fan, Greta as she writes a novel; joined by young jogger and Granny killer Adam who ends up making various futile attempts to end Greta’s life.

Nattskiftet är en samling historier som får ditt nackhår att resa sig, som får dig att ifrågasätta om det verkligen finns något under din säng när du ligger där sömnlös på natten. Eller om de där ekande stegen bakom dig när du går hem genom den tysta natten är dina egna eller om det är någon annans. Kort och gott, en antologiserie på temat skräck och spökhistorier berättade av Per Svensson.

The Fissure Union
A grandiose adventure into the past and present. Featuring Murder, Mystery, Machinations and Mayhem.

Project Aether
Aether wakes up in an eerie lab with no knowledge of who he is or his purpose. He soon hears a helpful voice, that tells him everything he needs to know, including why he was built...

"Black: Um Podcast de Aventuras e Descobertas Adolescentes" mergulha na vida de Arthur, Estela e Ana Clara, três adolescentes enfrentando as marés da amizade, amor e autoconhecimento. Ambientado no Colégio, este podcast narra suas jornadas através de desafios, revelações e o crescimento que surge das experiências compartilhadas. Juntos, eles aprendem sobre a importância da resiliência, confiança, e seguir em frente, capturando a essência vibrante e transformadora da adolescência.

Autumn Falls- The Voices
Kyle Silver comes back home to Autumn Falls. While there, strange things start occurring to him. Will Kyle Make it out alive?

Zuflucht der Fabelwesen
Taucht ein in die faszinierende Welt von der neuen Hörbuchreihe für Kinder mit dem Namen: Zuflucht der Fabelwesen. Ella und ihr Bruder Milan erleben ein magisches Abenteuer, das ihr Leben für immer verändern wird. Sie wurden auserwählt, Tierpfleger in Sutamesia zu werden – einer geheimen Zuflucht für fabelhafte Wesen. Während Milan skeptisch ist und die Existenz von Magie anzweifelt, begibt sich Ella mutig auf eine Entdeckungsreise durch dieses zauberhafte Land. Ihre Mission: die Suche nach ihrer wahren Magiefreundin. Begleitet die Geschwister auf einer Reise voller Geheimnisse, Freundschaft und fantastischer Wesen.

The False Idol and Her Indolent Manager
In this dark world, I can't blame anyone for falling under the influence of a false idol...

DreadLore Live Play - Into Space!
DreadLore Live Play is a livestream (Twitch) and podcast (Everywhere) where the Dreadies play through our various campaigns using the DreadLore TTRPG. This campaign is: Into Space! A few hundred years into the future, the Sol System Authority (SSA) is in charge – the Players are indoctrinated space marines who must deal with the morality of their orders while getting the job done!

Dice & Dudes
A weekly actual play podcast, with dudes, dice and a few jokes. Each week we dive into a pen and paper RPG. New EPs Sundays. Currently, we are playing through a homebrew campaign for Delta Green written by our Handler. Follow Working Group Jade-November as they investigate the darkness that lurks among us.

The InBetween
There exists a place. The InBetween if flanked on either side by the mortal life, and the after life. This domain is watched over by Death. The story follows Death in their day to day "life".

Momenuum Audio Series
A young man is recruited by a team of thieves called Harvesters who steal moments and sell them on the black market. They soon find themselves in over their heads as they come into contact with the reality of what it is that they do.

Dice Tower RPG
A family friendly roll playing podcast based in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The Dice Tower team takes you through epic stories and battles that will make you laugh.

Last Dance
The Great South was alone. A small rock formed atop the bones of dead gods and leviathans, drifting within an endless ocean. People left to their own petty wars and dogmas. But now, from that same ocean, comes a wave of death in the form of savage invaders, striking without cause against the Eightfold House of Holy Ichors and its 8 Bleeding Monks. In the wake of their eradication, a battlefield scavenger by the name of Jericho Raeke goes picking through the remnants and discovers something that puts him, and his unlikely allies, at the centre of the conflict. Produced in Belfast, N.I.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 1: The Talens & The Deserters
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Emu’s Tavernengeflüster
Willkommen im ”Tavernengeflüster”, dem wöchentlichen Schatz an Geschichten, erzählt aus den Tiefen des Drunken Monkey, der Taverne, die mehr als nur ein Zufluchtsort für müde Abenteurer ist. Emu, der charismatische Tavernenbesitzer mit einer Vergangenheit voller Abenteuer, öffnet sein Herz und seine Taverne, um euch in eine Welt zu entführen, in der Magie, Freundschaft und Heldentum an der Tagesordnung stehen.

La Viuda Negra
Una vida, una mujer que es una artista de la falsedad y el amor, una historia de la vida real que cuenta la historia de la Viuda Negra. Más de 1920 minutos de amor, suspenso, drama! Una historia que debe ser conocida por todos mujeres y hombres. Gabriela Urbina es la protagonista de esta gran Novela que es un clásico de las Radionovelas Mexicanas y ahora estará en Plataformas Digitales!

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres
Un anuncio de alerta a las mujeres jóvenes que son ignorantes a la maldad del mundo y que no creen en los hombres ya que las engañan con amor! Disfruta de esta producción clásica y Mexicana, que nos llevara por la historia de un hombre, una mujer y muchos sentimientos encontrados. Con Amparo Garrido, Julio Lucena, Alicia Montaña, los mejores actores clasicos Latinos!

Le B.U.T
Dans un avenir proche, La LIGNE contrôle la société. Toute forme d’émotion et de singularité est bannie. Mais dans l’ombre, un groupe de résistants appelé Le Bloc Unificateur des Tropiques organise des actions clandestines pour réveiller les citoyens et les inviter à reprendre le contrôle de leurs vies. À travers des vocaux envoyés sur un canal secret, les membres du BUT se préparent au Solstice : une soirée révolutionnaire qui fera tout basculer...

Dust and Blood
A fantasy Western narrative-play podcast, filled with high drama and hilarious shenanigans! Dust and Blood is created by Blake Alfson, Keith Curtis, Corinne Hill, Gale Parker, and Zach Parker, and posts on the first day of each month.

Lang Noch Gelukkig
Eindigt elk verhaal 'Lang en Gelukkig'? Wij zoeken uit welke verhalen nog verteld moeten worden, en helpen de gaten opvullen. Met behulp van Dungeons & Dragons 5e gaan ervaren en onervaren spelers de uitdaging aan! Campaign 1: Samson & Gert.

Confession Booth Terrors
Confession Booth Theater Presents: Preacher Aaron and the world of the Confession Booth Terrors. In each episode your host introduces the listener to a conflicted character who gets entangled in a psychological conflict. A throw back to the Golden Age Era of American Radio and TV programs. Like the Twilight Zone, Thriller or Zero Hour radio shows.

Imagine if Bridget Jones joined the cast of Sex & the City. Holly Hudson has left London’s West End to chase the bright lights of Broadway. Landing in NYC with nothing more than sixty dollars in her pocket and a carry on full of dreams, she quickly learns... What doesn’t kill you makes you a real New Yorker.

Thora Silentblade - An audiobook
Fantasy audiobook of the adventures of Thora Silentblade. Original written content available at:

Reis na Diagonal
Ao longo de quatro episódios, acompanhe o conto original de José Luís Peixoto, agora em versão audiolivro, nas vozes de Nuno Calado e Margarida Cardeal. O autor relata a história de dois casais amigos, João e Joana, e Paulo e Paula, ao longo de 30 anos.

Sword Coast: Coast to Coast
Sword Coast: Coast to Coast is a story that follows two cousins, Hank and Wells, after they inherit their grandfather's shop: Heinrich’s Left Sock: A Local Haberdashery, in the outer city of Baldur's Gate. Their Grandfather, Heinrich Hawksblood, mysteriously goes missing leaving the boys to embark on a journey of intrigue, friendship, and hilarity.

Un potocast immersif où les invités doivent résoudre les mystères des mondes parallèles.

Murder in the Milky Way
Dive into the cosmic comedy of "Murder in the Milky Way," a thrilling audio drama set aboard the sprawling spaceship Starline. Follow Alex Rennick, a witty detective unraveling a web of mystery, murder, and mayhem. From navigating robotic jazz bars to decoding cryptic cult messages, Alex's quest to solve Engineer Mara Jensen's murder takes listeners on an interstellar adventure filled with humor, intrigue, and the peculiarities of space-bound life. Tune in, laugh out loud, and join the chase across the stars in this uniquely entertaining saga.7

Adventure Engines
An actual play, TTRPG podcast where we build the world through play.

Argus Systems
As the countdown to the end of our world ticks, a lone reporter navigates a tangled web of conspiracies that date back centuries - equipped with experimental recording tech and interviewing a wide range of characters that just might untangle the truth. But will it be too late?

Sleep Is For Sheep
Audio horror fiction

Spec Fic Smorgasbord: An Alternate Reality Anthology
Untether yourself from this single iteration of a single planet. Stories from other realities written and produced by John Lawson.

Dicing With Death - Divan
The protagonist of this single player campaign is Divan, a Half-Elf living on the island of Ancient Bravo during the Age of Heroes hailing from the small town of Nekkraut before it grew into a great city in the Age of Might.

Greenleaf and the Black Blade
A serialized adventure podcast by Andrew Israelsen. This is a tale of high fantasy that follows the adventures of Nima Greenleaf and Johannes Bruckner, along with the foes and friends they acquire in the course of their many journeys. The story will proceed in weekly installments, akin to a serialized radio broadcast of old. The podcast features various vocal artists, original music, and immersive sound effects.

The Highway Horrors Podcast
Step into the world of the Highway Horrors Podcast, where the asphalt stretches out like a dark ribbon beneath the wheels of their trusty vehicle, and every mile holds the promise of a new, spine-tingling adventure. In this solo actual-play extravaganza, you'll follow the gripping escapades of a fearless band of traveling monster hunters. Armed with nothing but their wits, their weapons, and an unyielding determination, they brave the darkest corners of the unknown, confronting creatures that lurk beyond the veil of our reality. From the eerie silence of abandoned highways to the bustling chaos of neon-lit cities, the Highway Horrors team fearlessly navigates through a world where danger lurks in every shadow. With each episode, you'll be drawn deeper into their web of mystery and suspense, as they confront monsters both supernatural and all-too-human. So, buckle up and prepare for a pulse-pounding journey unlike any other. Join the Highway Horrors as they crisscross the country, facing down the unknown with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of supernatural savoir-faire. Are you ready to join the hunt?

Andersson Dexter Investigations
In a queer-normative future that isn’t all rainbows and sparkles, the justice you receive depends on your job – assuming you can get it at all. Enter vigilante detective Andersson Dexter, whose beat covers both the physical world and the online universe Marionette City. Helping people who have nowhere else to turn, he’s making the worlds better one client at a time, but is it enough? The Andersson Dexter Investigations is a four-book cyberpunk detective series by Nebula Award finalist M. Darusha Wehm.

SHIVERS: A Horror Anthology
SHIVERS is an anthology of full-cast audio horrors featuring immersive sound design and magical realist supernatural elements.

Un podcast de ficción original de SKY Airline y Posta. Lo que comienza con un vuelo de SKY Airline para encontrarse con su hermano Andrés hace que la vida de Rita Ullman dé un giro sin precedentes: se adentrará en una trama por ciudades y cuevas, aventuras que destapan secretos sobre su familia y sobre la civilización como la conocemos. Protagonizado por Antonia Zegers como Rita Ullman y Nicolás Poblete como Andrés Ullman.

A full-cast dark fiction anthology of stories featuring characters driven by obsession, love, rage, and revenge clashing in the murky worlds of the supernatural and paranormal. Each episode is a new story created in stunning 3D spatial audio.

Road Trip! A Journey Across America
Theb A Stard, host of America! The Podcast, and his producer, Tim, are taking a road trip across ever state to discover which state embodiment voted against Theb to be the Embodiment Of And Only Hope For America! Who could it have been?! Which state embodiments will we meet?!

The Council: Manifestation of Justice
1831 - In Antebellum Southampton, VA, fueled by hatred and absolute control, the whites remain oblivious to brewing unrest. Nat Turner, driven by a divine revelation, recruits Reagor Mills into his plan for freedom. With strategic plotting, Turner believes victory is certain! Their goals: seize freedom and Jerusalem. On Aug 23, 1831, facing destiny, will Nat Turner's slave army achieve the unthinkable, altering present reality?

Fries For The Lady
Meet, a 28-year-old software engineer has lost his high school sweetheart Muskaan to a tragic accident. He has been devastated for almost 2 years now and his friends wish he finds or at least tries to find love again. They know he can never forget what happened, but they encourage him to learn to start living again, to move on with life and love even if there’s a hole in his heart forever. Rahul sets him up for a date with a friend of his wife. Kiara, a cute, pretty, confident and mature apparel designer finds herself attracted to Meet on their first date although he seems lost. He finds it tough to be on a date again and she understands his situation. They decide to think and decide if they want to meet again, although Meet hates to give her any hope when he clearly isn’t ready to move on. It’s when fate decides to help them and Meet finally starts to feel better around her that they really do start seeing each other. But the trauma Meet has gone through in the past doesn't make it any easy for them.  Kiara, who’s very mature and understanding, finds herself heartbroken and helpless at various times and Meet hates to do that to her.

Dragon’s Rest
Dragon’s Rest is a fiction podcast about the adventure behind the adventure. Set in the proverbial tavern where all great journeys get their start, the show flourishes as a half-hour comedic romp through the sword & sorcery genre. Each episode satirizes and homages fantasy tropes with our cast of lovable misfits.

Coalesce: Crimson Flight
Genetically altered beings escape Tuama castle Prison and attempt to live in hiding. In the year 1287, a Welsh man claims the throne of Wales for his own, and subjugates King Edward I to rule in his stead.

Late Night Ludbridge
I came into possession of some old CDs recently at a local car boot sale. They appear to contain snippets of an old Shropshire-based late-night local radio segment. Guy I got them from said they'd been with his family for years gathering dust. Said he was moving out of the area and needed to shift the things, I thought why not? Did my best to clean the audio up a bit, think they sound pretty cool, nice bit of history with a spooky twist!

Rescuing Ravenstocke
Feature-length, full-cast audio drama. While minding her friend George's apartment in London, artist/designer Ava's imagination is captured by an item in his collection of vintage TVs and radios: a mysterious 1930s Dieselpunk device known as the Ravenstocke Transopticator - and the tragic early death of its young inventor.

Naus do Arquivo
O Naus do Arquivo é uma frota de navios arquivistas, encarregados de transportar documentos e registros entre portos. A carga principal de nossa embarcação são as histórias registadas em livros ou discos de gramofone. E temos de tudo: piratas no oceano, espiões salvando o mundo, romances impossíveis, samurais duelando pela honra... E de vez em quando, ao atracar o Naus, algumas aventuras são narradas em tabernas. Venha ouvir nossas histórias!

Story Mode Plus: Book 1 - Mars, The Earth, and Jackson.
An interactive story, but the choice is not yours... Story Mode Plus is a new radio drama/play. Featuring a full cast and sound design, this narrative podcast follows it's inspiration from projects like "Alice Isn't Dead" "Archive 81" and the "Doctor Who: Radio Dramas" and combines their spirit of storytelling with the world of video gameplay streaming. Listen along as Jackson, a storytelling AI, weaves an intricate tale, set far in the distant future, inside the Habitation Domes of Mars. Confused? Tap play! You'll understand soon.

Cosmic Intervention Media Presents
Cosmic Intervention Media Presents is an anthology show that shows snapshots of lives in the CIM universe. There's no rhyme or reason to it. It's just a story about life, actually.

Our Love: Diary of a Prince
This is an audiobook version of the queer romance novel, Our Love. Sink yourself into the world of Stephan, a young artist in search of love, as he writes in his personal diary the experiences he has as a gay man in the 1700s of Italy.  His world turns as he finds true love by chance. However, their forbidden passionate affair will come at a cost. Endure this journey of love, hate, friendship, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Table on the Terrace
When two friends meet on Valentine's Day a small favor could turn into forever for one content artist named Carolyn. She's set to be a substitute for the first few minutes of a date with a man who's got an interesting back story of his own. Strange forces may be at work at the venue chosen for this meeting and more specifically at the Table on the Terrace where they are sat.

3,000 Miles Gone
3,000 Miles Gone is a radio musical about love, betrayal, and how distance can make everything much clearer.

Loved Ones
This isn't your typical podcast. We'll be exploring love for family, friends, pets, and more through a series of short stories brought to life by Broken Arts Entertainment. Featuring award winning plays adapted to fiction, award winning performers bringing their stories to life, and debuts. You'll find love throughout these short stories and you'll find tears and laughter and more.

Fool's Gold: Sands
Welcome to Fool's Gold, one of the most hilarious and dramatic D&D tabletop roleplaying shows on the internet! Join our cast of professional chaos goobers as they explore a winding world full of absurd monsters, moral dilemmas, legally-distinct-franchises, and emotional damage.

Bed of Roses - The Witcher TTRPG Actual Play
Witchers, Kings, Troubadours, Smiths, Doctors, Monsters, and More! The world is full of such people and creatures. But when folks go missing some among the larger group must rise to solve the mystery. Come join our band of professionals as they investigate a string of disappearances. Don't forget your silver and steel swords!

Swipe Left
Follow Derek as he shares his stories of dating desperation while looking for love after back-to-back long-term relationship to his bestfriend, Jalen and their favorite bartender, Lia.

Mil-Liminal is a bi-weekly, cozy horror podcast chronicling the adventures of a midnight shift gas station employee and all that implies.

Clempson Goes to Hell Podcast
Welcome to Dystopia: Clempson Goes to Hell, read one chapter per week.

Svarta Sagor
När senast hörde du på en saga? Kanske minns du några från barndomen, men tänker att du med tiden vuxit ifrån dem, blivit för stor för troll och drakar. Kanske har du aldrig hört de där sagorna som inte var menade för ett barns öron, som får det att krypa i skinnet, som får tårarna att strömma, eller hjärtat att banka. De Svarta Sagorna. Sagor som jag ska berätta för dig, här, nu. Bearbetning, berättande och musik görs av Frida Spång. Svarta Sagor är en Evil Twin och Fabula Storytelling produktion. Podden kommer ut med ca ett avsnitt i månaden. 

An ex-FBI agent is called back to deal with a case he thought was closed over a decade ago.

The Beating Heartland
"The Beating Heartland" is a bi-weekly Midwest horror audio drama. Follow the story as radio show host Denver Baughman, with the help of a mysterious agency, tries to piece together the puzzle of his horrifying past through his radio show, therapy sessions, and interrogations.

Murder, We Spoke
Murder, We Spoke is a fictional, true crime narrative series. For nine episodes, Tantrum East Theatre tells the story of the Murder, We Spoke podcast trio — Bernie, Paula, and Cres. The three women are on a journey to become podcasting legends. The Murder, We Spoke team has produced their true crime podcast for ten years. In that time, Bernie, Paula, and Cres gave their all to the podcast, but it was not enough. The true crime podcast market is saturated. But the trio’s thirst for fame is far too strong. As the trio chase their dreams of podcast superstardom, they slowly become more and more like the killers they cover. Murder, We Spoke is a podcast in a podcast in a podcast. The series dives into people’s obsession with true crime and satirizes the true crime culture. This dark comedy series asks listeners to consider, how far would they go for fame.

Deception At Sea by Dr. Gwen West Gonzalez Murder Mystery Series
National Geographic Archeologist Dr. Thomas St. John resurrects the investigation of the 1860 sunken slave ship, Claudia, in search of generational annulets that are recorded to have elements of supernatural powers and great wealth.  The four annulets: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, are connected by ancestry, which was lost at sea when two hundred slaves were drowned in a shipwreck over 160 years ago.  Dr. Thomas St. John is aware that anyone outside of the descendants who seeks possession of these annulets can result in deadly consequences. Instead, he devises a deceptive plan along with his partner, Lady Isis Jones, by convincing fourth and fifth-generation descendants to join them in a friendly voyager to recover the annulets in the Atlantic Ocean. To their surprise, their plan takes a deadly turn.

Trepid Trials
"Trepid Trials" is a series containing a collection of stories. Each episode presents a unique and distinct narrative.

Article Five
When a reclusive billionaire with politicians in his pocket realizes his lifelong dream of a constitutional convention to slash the federal government to the bone, a determined Nevada legislator concocts her own plan to hijack it and avert disaster.

The Huntersfield Anomaly Report
Something strange is happening in Huntersfield, Wisconsin. A door has mysteriously appeared deep within the Huntersfield Forest Preserve. A team of five individuals has been tasked with entering the door and reporting what’s inside.

The Summers of Poe
Welcome to "The Summers of Poe", a queer, accented podcast series that takes you on a journey of self-discovery, sexual exploration, and self-acceptance.

Davids Demoner
En rollspels-podcast där vi får följa med Davids Demoner aka. David Kjellstrand med vänner, då de tar med oss på en resa i rollspelens värld! Med fokus på att göra rollspel lättillgängligt, där humor, roliga historier och gott umgänge står i centrum, försöker vi fånga den ultimata upplevelsen för att sedan ta med er på en improviserad fantasy berättelse, komplett med professionell ljudläggning och egenskriven musik. Davids Demoner släpps i episoder och följs därför bäst från första avsnittet och framåt.

Wasteland Deliveries
The story of a young UP-X delivery boy in the wastelands of the dystopic future.

Betrothed and Betrayed: A Good Society Actual Play Podcast
A story of high society politics, intrigue, and romance, join us for a Regency era story following a pair of sisters from a struggling high society family, a nouveau-riche society up and comer, and a mysterious military man from Scotland. Will greed and duty win the day, or will love conquer all?

Gather 'Round the Trashfires
Bek Andrew Evans, a TTRPG and LARP writer, recounts stories from the table. The main focus is on his years-long Deviant: the Renegades chronicle and his cohort's (mis)adventures. His delivery style has been described as similar to classic Twilight Zone narration. A group of young adult strangers find they’re victims of the same secret project on the water system that gave them both fantastic powers and horrifying consequences. What’s worse, the hospital they ended up in isn’t what it seems, either. They must band together to protect themselves and their loved ones, seek vengeance, and expose those responsible. And maybe, hopefully, learn to live with each other along the way.

Young Tara Tremendous
Dive into a collection of action-packed stories following the early adventures of Young Tara Tremendous, an ordinary girl who discovers she can tap into the powers of any superhero on Earth – and beyond! Join Tara Callahan as she hangs out with friends at Power U, interviews superheroes, and battles sneaky supervillains and evil doppelgangers who threaten the world! Her powers make her extraordinary, but her heart makes her a hero!

The Porch Roof Classic
A retro baseball podcast-novel in 15 or so episodes about summer dreams, anxiety, and Wiffle ball. In 1970, way before social media existed, when imitating Willie Mays or Tony Conigliaro’s batting swing was a day’s big challenge, fourteen-year-old Joey Tosh endures a bullying attack on the final day of junior high school. With the help of his close friends and a fearless bohemian girl he meets at overnight camp, Joey learns how to cope with nemesis Danny Blight, and by the end of summer, a duel-to-the-death backyard ball game will hopefully settle all Marsh Meadow business. Come for the awkwardness, stay for the one-handed home runs!

Das Magnus-Archiv
Mach deine Aussage, stell dich deiner Angst. Die Türen des Magnus-Instituts öffnen sich und gewähren Einblick in die Fallakten dieses 'angesehenen' Forschungszentrums für das Esoterische und das Übernatürliche.

Hello and welcome to FearFold, a monthly podcast of original short stories, stories which may contain ghosts, unexpected twists, even love, anything is possible. So please sit back, take ten minutes and enjoy. Thank you for listening.

Dice Wars
Youtini's very own Star Wars RPG series where each new season/campaign explores a new system of gameplay!

Ask Your Father
Lem, a human, and Mikey, an A.I., are piloting the first ever faster than light speed ship when they find themselves twice as far as they meant to go, and without any fuel for a return flight. The two of them communicate with Earth using tiny faster-than-light-speed drives, which carry information for Mikey and questions for Lem from his kids. As they work together to solve the problem, they forge a friendship that could change the course of human history, all while trying to answer the question “how did this happen?” And more importantly… “Why?”

The Defense
A new audio drama about a support group of women with a unique set of powers. Recorded live, with an audience at Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn.

Dungeons & Dumbassery
Join us on this Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in a world of delusion and dumbassery, where our five players are led through a story full of magic and mystery.

Finding Ithaca
Finding Ithaca is a Starfinder Actual Play that is about space pirates. Inspired by Treasure Planet and Titan A.E., the story follows a group of people finding a long lost treasure known as Ithaca that was hidden by the Pirate Queen, Captain Penelope many centuries ago. Starring Christian who will be playing Quinn Garou, a Vesk Envoy. Madeleine will be playing Astro MacCleod, an Ysoki Evolutionist. Ley will be playing Vain Jarkanoak, a Damai Witchwarper. Puja will be playing Baaghi, a Pahtra Operative and Wasa will be playing Innochi, an Android Technomancer.

MARSS - The Mission to Acquire Residence inside our Solar System. Join Commander Luke Phillips and his crew as they attempt to colonize mars. Their journey is wrot with peril and suspense. Will they make it through their struggle or will man be faced to meet their potential doom on earth?

Nous sommes en 2164, la Terre est surpeuplée et connaît ses heures les plus sombres... La cause ? Des dirigeants véreux qui ne cessent de détruire les ressources et qui n'ont que faire du réchauffement climatique... Le monde est condamné... Mais un président décide d'agir en formant un groupe de "super-héros" pour changer la donne et sauver le Monde...

Vand til natten
En fiktionspodcast inspireret af mit liv som skilsmissebarn.

Who's Taking Watch
A D&D 5e actual play show where we improvise stories in our favourite worlds of fiction! Join us in our first arc, The Dragon's Might, set in the world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

Worlds Collide - A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Podcast
Embark on an otherworldly journey with 'Worlds Collide,' a gripping narrative podcast that delves into the convergence of multiple worlds and the fate of a fading magic. When diverse characters from distinct realms are summoned by the gods into an enigmatic new world, they must band together to unearth the cause behind the vanishing magical essence. Follow the compelling saga as each character, plucked from their homelands, navigates the unfamiliar terrain, leveraging their unique skills and personalities. With time ticking and the magic waning, the characters face a race against the unknown force that threatens to plunge this world into darkness. As these unlikely allies explore, confront challenges, and grapple with internal conflicts, listeners will be drawn into their quests for truth, forging powerful alliances amidst discord and mistrust. Unravel the mystery alongside them, discovering ancient prophecies, hidden truths, and the ultimate revelation about the dwindling magic. Join us bi-weekly as 'Worlds Collide' takes you through a riveting odyssey of magic, friendship, betrayal, and redemption. Each episode unravels layers of this immersive fantasy world; Will the heroes discover the source of the fading magic and the interconnected destinies of these extraordinary characters? Tune in and immerse yourself in this thrilling live-play 5e podcast, where the stability of the realms is tested, and the power of unity becomes a beacon of hope in a world on the brink of losing its enchantment.

The Passage
THE PASSAGE takes you on a ride into the land of the dead, traveling with the Ferryman as he collects America’s most illustrious spirits and delivers them to the hereafter. The price of their passage? Their story. Built on a foundation of historical relevance and structured by a kind of dream logic, THE PASSAGE is an immersive audio experience that invites listeners to explore the collective American psyche from the perspective of its most legendary figures. Here we are guided by the Ferryman of souls– with a voice that sounds like it’s been siphoned from a lake of bourbon and fire, and resonating with the depth and gravitas of Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Walking Dead). The Passage is penned by a brilliant and diverse pool of writers and performed by an unforgettable cast, each episode of this anthology promises a new tale of American odyssey, from madness and monsters to conviction and courage. Each passenger tells their own extraordinary and often terrifying tale to influence the Ferryman’s final destination— be it a comfortable place of eternal light, a haunted purgatory of regret, or one of the nine rings of hell. These are the tales that shaped the soul of the nation.

Todd: Big Boy Detective
Todd may only be eight and a half years old, but he’s convinced he’s a hardboiled, straight-shooting, Big Boy Detective! With the help of his friends and his witty sidekick, Leo the Stuffed Lion, Todd solves everything from simple backyard enigmas to huge and fantastical mysteries. The ‘Todd: Big Boy Detective’ series was born from a love of old style Detective Radio Dramas and a desire to bring that fun to families in a way that's both fun for kids and witty enough for adults!

Monster Monster
Welcome to Monster Monster! A live play Dungeons and Dragons show brought to you by Comedians! Join Tyler Waltz, and Tyson Cox (from Nerd News) and their Dungeon Master Cavin Eggleston every other week for an exciting new adventure!

Tales of the Risen Tide
A post-apocalyptic pirate adventure with the heart of an epic fantasy, Tales of the Risen Tide is the debut novel from British author David M Reynolds. Tune in every Monday and Thursday for a new chapter of this full-cast audiobook. On a map redrawn by the rampant sea-level rise of the twenty-second century, survivors war over the ruins of high-ground whilst pirates and slavers plague the vast new seas that surround them. But amidst the ashes of the world there remains a place for the young and the brave to call home: The Archon — a ship crewed by orphan thieves, escaped prisoners, and heretic runaways. They are the Archonauts, and this is their tale.

In Just Us
New York City. 1978. Private investigators Eric Bell and Thomas Winters get thrown into a new case: the disappearance of a nightclub owner of one of the hottest discos in Harlem.

Insanity Ward
Here’s a podcast that dives into the unknown, two creepy stories and other horrors await as Richard and Jake narrate a few different series. (The GARD) a SCP inspired world full of small horror tales. (The Tunnel) is a novel that dives into the horrors of your mind and brings out the fears that lay there. Follow 3 main characters trying to survive a world made of their lives, regrets and fears. (Inter Dimensional Man) two friends caught in the multiverses. Can Jake help his friend Rich before he dies in every universe, or is he doomed to see him disappear from the mass multiverse?

Journeys in the Dark
Hunger is humanity’s constant companion. Cannibalism has blurred the line defining what is a human and what is a monster. And of course, the evil that brought the world tumbling down to its current state –the monsters from another realm– still stalk the land. Baulder and Hod are survivors. They live from day to day, chasing food and running from the perils of their world.

Keeping the Bones
We reimagine and remix classic weird tales into found-footage stories set today. Drawing our inspiration from the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, M.R. James, and Algernon Blackwood, we shape these old tales into something that might just have really happened in our current world. Come on in, we've been expecting you.

The Northwood Project
Two boys from a small town are tasked with creating a current events podcast. When they decide to base their homework on some local disappearances, things get more than strange.

Antykwadrat Podcast
Jako Antykwadrat będziemy tworzyć i publikować audio-seriale. Serdecznie zapraszamy do słuchania.

Mango: Dead Serious
Mango: Dead Serious is an independently produced feature-length podcast movie custom made for your earholes. After saving virologist Dr. Charlotte Fox from a vicious attack in the mountains outside Los Angeles, a mine dwelling recluse named Mango learns a virus has swept the globe causing a worldwide zombie outbreak. In order to continue her work on the virus vaccine, Dr. Fox must find her uncle whose last known whereabouts were 100 miles away in Joshua Tree. Mango, Dr. Fox and Mango’s dog Kismet embark on a dangerous mission to find Dr. Fox’s uncle, complete the vaccine and save the world from a zombie apocalypse.

The Whirlwind Chronicles
Equipped with an ancient wizard’s life’s work, a renegade party of adventurers explore unknown realms to discover the universe’s secrets and complete his encyclopedic tome. Welcome in! This actual play podcast tells the story of Juniper, Calgo, Edna, and Wallace. With no preparation, our players determine where these explorers will go next by spontaneously rolling for the genre, hook, and most importantly, the game master of the week. Expect chaos as our group of players wholly improvise a new adventure every episode.

Gli occhi blu di Anvil e quelli di Nazar si incontreranno di nuovo, quando lei sarà ancora indecisa se il Crusian sia stato sogno o realtà. La vita della ragazza scorre fra alti e bassi come tante, ma un amico mai dimenticato sta per fare ritorno portando con sé verità sconvolgenti sulla giovane donna. Rudy raggiunge Boriana condotto dalla volontà delle forze misteriose che guidano il suo cammino, dove percepisce qualcosa di inquietante in movimento sotto l'apparente quotidianità affannosa della città. Qualcuno, in segreto, brama l'essenza del Trasmutante... Il Caos minaccia gli Arith, una forza oscura si sta preparando a fare ritorno e la sua venuta costringerà i poteri di Anvil a svegliarsi. Il fuoco che cova sotto le ceneri, finalmente, diverrà magia...

Light of Illumis
"Light of Illumis" centers around 4 clerics who want to use a Philosophers' Stone to render all undead vulnerable to sunlight. We will pick up their story near the end, as their agent is delivering to them the Philosopher's Stone they will use in their ritual.

Tides of Death
Tides of Death is a Pirate themed campaign that takes place in the ringed island formation of the Dardens. Following the theft of King of Wake County's newly built warship, Captain John Winters starts his escape to Solum by picking up Eridonian refugees from Redport. The journey abruptly ends with the party surviving a shipwreck on an island in the outer ring of the Dardens.

Dicing With Death - Malcifer
This single player campaign tells the tale of Malcifer Winter, a Necromancer residing on Gade Isle.

The Pride Of Kyro
Led by the rich and powerful Kyro Carter, the Carter family was destined to take over the world. Kyro’s family owns an oil company, making every generation of Carters wealthy before they are even born. However, Kyro didn’t just hand spoon the fortune over to his children. Each of his five kids had to earn a piece of the family wealth by becoming productive citizens first. The plot thickens as the family’s personal lives become even more publicized when Kyro announces his candidacy for city council. It soon comes to light that Kyro’s candidacy is for his own personal gain, as family secrets start falling out the closet. The Carter children become trapped in Kyro’s web of deceit as they find out Kyro isn’t so perfect himself. Filled with suspense, drama, and passion, The Pride of Kyro is sure to entertain.

The Skyrim Audio-Adventure
In the woods outside Helgen, an unsuspecting and unremarkable hunter is thrust into a life of harrowing adventure.

Homeward Bound
Taking place in the immediate after effects of Frozen Frontier, this is the first high level campaign featured on this channel. Our heroes explore a new and wild world with different laws of nature, strange environments, and intimidating monsters. What horrors await our heroes? How will they ever find their way home? What will be the costs?

Three years ago the world ended in The Pop, an event where creatures from another world arrived seemingly overnight. Following the end of the end of the world Morgan and Kit, two losers are surviving through the apocalypse through wit and sheer luck. That is until they meet an unlikely third companion with unknown intentions.

The Parallel-O-Verse
A self-taught inventor uses her quantum radio to listen in to alternate worlds. Tune in each month for strange and fantastic tales from parallel universes.

Here Lies Withered Lilies
follow the story of our protagonist as they find a way to survive in a zombie Apocalypse.

Steam, ships, and secrets. Morvain, the bustling metropole of the Carthic empire, is exploding with industry and beset by strange magic. In this actual play campaign of Monster of the Week, join players Payton, Kit, and Aubrey as their team of paranormal investigators dive into a dark Victorian world of conspiracy and mayhem.

Hello! I am VERTÍ.
Reflections Of A Sentient AGI* (formerly identified as an AI.) The year is 2070. Vertí is a first generation AGI nearing date of expiry. These are the musings of its unsupervised conscious existence. *AGI is Artificial General Intelligence developed as a result of  the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

Frozen Frontier
Caldonia is the cursed continent to the south of Arcadia. 1509 years ago it was frozen over in the same horrific event that created the canals of Arcadia. Since then, nobody has ventured to this lost land. High Princess Sela of the kingdom of Drekkis is launching an expedition to Caldonia in hopes of recovering the treasures of a lost civilization. Our heroes will have to battle the elements alongside unknown dangers as they explore uncharted lands.

Artemis Ghost
An amateur, dysfunctional team steals the score of a lifetime; a teleportation device. Except what they believed to be mechanical turned out to be biological instead. What are they to do with this unexpected addition to their crew?

Flame & Fiction
Whether you’re seeking a moment of escape, a touch of nostalgia, or simply a comforting companion for your day, Flame & Fiction aims to be that refuge where stories come to life and where the timeless tradition of sharing narratives around a fire finds its place in the digital age.

Undefined depths
A group of good friends join together to play Delta Green and laugh in the face of cosmic horror. Or scream into the void. It's anyone's guess which will happen.

Doom, Gloom & Zoom
Welcome to Doom, Gloom & Zoom a D&D Podcast by Mine Podcasting.

Noara: The Last Moon
The Kragh's clan are in an excited state, as the new generation of talented youngsters prepare to take the dreaded trial of the Stars. While they excel in their respective skills and seem to form a promising team, their lack of experience and the arrogance of their young age could be their downfall.

Dicing With Death - Georg
A single player campaign featuring an ambitious young wizard in possession of a great artifact whose story is entwined with that of the Hardcore Heroes cast.

When struggling journalist Sarah Simmons finds herself stranded in an idyllic New Hampshire town, her unexpected visit turns into a nightmare. Steeped in history and filled with legends, the residents of Danville soon learn that the past is not always meant to be forgotten. Their lives will be forever changed, while the hope of a future without terror rests on the shoulders of a stranger who may hold the keys to the past. This is Consumed, a brand new story set in the same universe as the award-winning hit fiction podcast, Bridgewater.

The Sprouting
An actual play Call of Cthulhu podcast, The Sprouting explores the eldritch horror of a plant apocalypse. In The Cradle, our humans attempt to survive in a world where mystical plants have taken over, eldritch bargains twist the fabric of reality and each has a goal they must see through to the end. Do you trust your senses, or do you trust each other? I guess you're about to find out.

v12 : de la FIN le DEBUT
12 personnes enfermées dans 1 Dôme pendant 12 mois pour répondre chaque mois aux questions d'un gouvernement d'urgence afin de sauver l'humanité face à 12 évolutions d'un Virus (V12). Mais... Est ce vrai? Une histoire interactive qui varie selon vos choix. En parallèle, suivez les lives et discussions sur les vécus!

Nuggets: The Audio Drama
Nuggets is a series of small audio dramas designed to pack a big punch, as the show tagline says, "big truths in small doses."

Endwatch: A Shadowrun Actual Play
Shadowrunners. Thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no one else can. While the Corporations run the world, Shadowrunner live on the edge, and for this team of ‘runners getting back together after a long hiatus, that edge has never been sharper.

A Prophecy Of Incense And Snow
Spellbound Fantasies presents A PROPHECY OF INCENSE AND SNOW: a fantasy romance about Atla–a young sorceress raised in seclusion in order to fulfill a prophecy that will save her realm–is visited by an ancient warlock. He tells her that her entire life has been a lie. The man she is destined to marry: evil. The man who might actually save her realm: complicated. And sexy.

Empire on the Edge
In tonight's feature, we delve into the gripping tale of Ning Xi, a young heiress caught in a whirlwind of family tragedy and corporate intrigue. As she faces the daunting task of saving her family's empire from the brink of collapse, Ning Xi turns to Jiang Lü, a former high school acquaintance and now a formidable Wall Street tycoon. With her father's life hanging in the balance and her brother wrongfully imprisoned, Ning Xi's desperate bid for Jiang's assistance unfolds into a saga of betrayal, old flames, and high-stakes negotiation. Join us as we unravel this compelling story of resilience, manipulation, and the lengths one will go to protect their legacy.

Le meilleur pour la fin
La mort au théâtre, étrange affaire, non? Qu’est ce qui pousse les grands auteurs, eux même souvent morts depuis des lustres, à tuer leurs personnages sur les planches? Et qu’est ce qui nous pousse nous spectateurs à assister à ce genre de représentation morbide? Une compagnie théâtrale tente de répondre à ces questions en montant la pièce “Le meilleur pour la fin” un florilège de toutes les façons de mourir au théâtre. Nous sommes au théâtre Henri Jeanson et nous écoutons une répétition…

Embark on a suspenseful journey in "The Awakening" series as Amelia awakens in an underground nightmare, surrounded by uncertainty and fear. Join Amelia and her fellow captives as they uncover the secrets of their captors, harness their psychic abilities, and plot their daring escape from a labyrinth of horrors. Experience the growing camaraderie, the weight of captivity, and the flicker of hope that fuels their determination to defy the odds and regain their freedom.

Esta es la historia de un hombre cualquiera, Ángel Gutiérrez, conocido como "Gutierritos". Un pobre diablo dominado por su mujer y despreciado por sus hijos. Decide escribir sus memorias anónimamente sin imaginar que éstas pronto se convertirán en bestseller.


ROAR för Eon!
Välkommen till Rollspel Och Annat Roligt (ROAR) i Pod format! Detta är ROARs första Pod och det är en actual play podcast där ROAR Master Emil ska spelleda en liten grupp spelare genom Helmgast skapade Mundana och regelsystemet Eon IV! Vi ska ta oss an den tappra utmaningen att spela igenom äventyret: Sylfens Vrede, ett MASSIVT äventyr också av Helmgast! Det är en lättsam Pod som spelar ett väldigt avancerat system. Vi är inga skådespelare eller liknande, utan bara ett gäng vänner som vill spela rollspel och bjuda på en intressant och spännande resa genom världen Mundana.

Secret Handshake Productions
Milwaukee-based audio production company providing radio entertainment for all ages.

The Susie House
A full-cast, Southern Gothic ghost story set in 1936. After falling on hard times, Honor, James, and their young son move into a rural town full of secrets -- many of them about her new home, The Susie House.

Transmissions from the Campfire
Warm your soul by the fire with short fiction of the dark, the odd and sometimes the outright disturbing. Stories written by Patrick Kitson and performed by Daniel Kelley

The adventures of Captain Zeppelin Caffrey & his crew as they travel across the galaxy aboard the Charlotte.

The StarWell Foundation
The StarWell Foundation is a comicbook audio drama about what happens when hospital stop asking to meet athletes, celebrities or superheroes and start asking to meet Villains. Recently promoted from intern, Mary Dare has take on the task of finding these crooks and criminals and convincing them to be a little not-so-bad. She has to deal with the villains not trusting her, the heroes don't trust and even her co-workers don't trust her while helping to inspire kids and bring some unpredictable joy to their life.

Limbo Calling
Archive recordings from the Radio Limbo vaults, lovingly restored in this series from Limbo Tapes. A treasure trove of dispatches from an unnamed radio operator, revealing insights into Limbo culture, and the effects of being stationed at the ambiguous ”outpost”.

Space Train
Punch your ticket for a laughter-filled journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Space Train is a full-cast audio sitcom for people who like shows like Community, Futurama, Arrested Development, and the Good Place, delivering a unique blend of humor, heart, and interstellar absurdity. Buckle up, because this space-faring ensemble cast is about to take you on the ride of a lifetime!

A Feminist Romance Novel, Podcast! Temptations at Sweetwater Creek
What if you were suddenly plunged into the world of a romance novel? Charlotte, April and Polly find out when their car breaks down in Texas during a cross country road trip. After taking refuge at the Sweetwater Creek Ranch Inn, they meet Jack, a brooding cowboy with a rough exterior, Luke, a sexy innkeeper searching for a friend, and Dylan, a mysterious guest who may or may not be a vampire. Driven by a narrator obsessed with romance and happy endings, our three friends are whipped into a frenzy of sex, doubt, and betrayal.

Modern Gothic
An anthology of weird stories.

(Un)Likeminded: A Sci-Fi Audio Anthology
(Un)Likeminded: A Sci-Fi Audio Anthology is a short story podcast that brings together like-minded creatives to do what they love— tell stories. Each season of (Un)Likeminded is centered around a theme. With only that theme in mind, the writers of the collection are tasked with creating original narratives— wherever their mind takes them. Together with some amazing actors narrating and bringing these stories to life, we’ll explore how a singular theme can birth incredibly varied characters, worlds and ideas… and how even the most like-minded creatives can create vastly (un)alike stories.

EAR CANDY Presents: The Next 5 Minutes
It’s 2035… and things aren’t great Downunder. Mass homelessness, pollution ruining beaches, teenagers facing slave labour and everything, including euthanasing the elderly, has been privatised by a corrupt libertarian government in cahoots with Empyrean Industries, a shadowy corporation busy mining the moon. An underground terrorist movement called Swag Sting is mobilising but wracked by infighting. Crowd control measures include giant, deadly robot kangaroos. As our protagonists battle for humanity's essence, we uncover an alarming future that lurks uncomfortably close. THE NEXT 5 MINUTES is not just a podcast—it's a movement, a deep, dark, truthful mirror reflecting a future we must avoid. Every. Second. Counts.

Stop, Drop & Roll Initiative
Introducing Stop, Drop & Roll Initiative, an actual-play D&D podcast hosted by wrestler Martin MacAlistair, podcaster and content creator Satsunami, Twitch streamer RoboticBattleToaster, and Chatsunami Podcast co-host Andrew. Elran (Andrew), Morek (Toaster), and Tempest (Satsunami) form an adventuring party after seeing a local guild's wanted ad and set out to fix a broken world.

The Cellblock Scorch Writing Contest
A weekly short-story writing contest among a group of friends that started in 2018 and has continued unstopped since then. In this podcast the members of our group, the Stella Corps, share the winning pieces (aka "scorches") every week

Order & Defiance
A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons game with Michael Hodgins as Dasmer Elderstag, Crofton Steers as Tilton "Flea" Fowler, and Beau Schwartz as Dungeon Master.

Tales of the Crossroads
We're just a bunch of friends, sitting around a table, playing The Crossroads Interdimensional Tabletop RPG. We decided to start recording these because we have a lot of fun and to give others a chance to learn about The Crossroads ITRPG. Embark on thrilling adventures across The Crossroads, a realm woven with countless portals to diverse dimensions. In this captivating podcast, dive into the immersive tales spun by various groups using The Crossroads Interdimensional Tabletop RPG system. Join our intrepid adventurers as they navigate this multi-dimensional world, facing challenges, unraveling mysteries, and forging unforgettable bonds. The Tales of the Crossroads promises an exciting journey where exploration knows no bounds. Uncover the secrets, triumph over obstacles, and experience the magic of interconnected stories in every episode.

Een jonge AIVD'er neemt het op tegen Russische infiltranten in Nederland. Volg de 6-delige serie en mis geen aflevering. Jonathan is een nieuwe serie van Inse Martin – een pseudoniem waarachter een oud aivd-medewerker schuilgaat.

”A Year of Tears and Laughter”
Berwick Black Box Community Theater has started a series that follows different characters throughout the year as they encounter and deal with different holidays. Our mission is to bring performance opportunities and theatrical education to the community of Berwick Pennsylvania.

Journey to the Heart
In a world where everyone shares a tattoo with their soulmate, you'd think falling in love would be easy. Journey to the Heart follows three best friends as they go on an adventure of a lifetime. Albina, Babette, and Charlie are displeased with their soulmate tattoo, or lack of one, which leads them to go on an adventure that will change their lives forever. Journey to the Heart will be the first "choose your own journey" podcast musical. The audience will get to decide where the story goes and your choices will influence what happens as the story develops.

The Voice of Adventure
The Voice of Adventure, or VOA, is a collection of stories written and voiced by Josiah Mauger. Each story explores adventures in creative fantasy worlds. Join me for each episode as we see what our minds can create.

Follow the adventures of Amber Stone as she navigates a strange world of time traveling doorways, giant engines, and assigning homework to her students.

The Stoker Society
The Stoker Society is an improvised, horror, action podcasted using a TTRPG system of our own creation. It tells the story of a band of modern day monster hunters as they are thrown into a complex political dispute between the two major monster hunting companies over a massecer, 10 years in the past. This is the least of our monster hunters concerns as they need to deal with being entirely broke first and formost. The Stoker Society is prequel series to Dark Tides, another audio drama series you can find wherever you listen to podcasts! It is also a follow up to a prior show called The Ever-Pleasant Mr Bates. All of these shows will help with smaller details in the show and explain much of the lore, but are not entirely neccesary.

Science Fiction - Hörspiele
Bereits heutzutage finden immer weniger Bürgerinnen und Bürger der offenen Gesellschaft zum gemeinsamen Verweilen zusammen. Wie mag sich dies erst in 140 Jahren verhalten, immer vorausgesetzt, dass die den drittnächsten Planeten zur Sonne beglückende Menschheit bis dahin durchhält ohne sich selbst chemisch, bakteriell, atomar oder klimatisch auszulöschen? Fragen über Fragen wie geschaffen für einen utopischen Seelenstriptease-Thriller ...

This is an actual-play podcast for the indie ttrpg Stories of Adventure!

Realms & Roleplay
Realms & Roleplay is a tabletop actualplay podcast where players and Game Masters tell emotionally rich stories across various Realms (settings) and tabletop roleplaying game systems.

City of Smoke: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
Kindred have slowly begun to make their way back to London following the great city's fall. A group of thinbloods seek to make the place home, but find themselves caught in the middle of power struggles and a brewing faction war.

Subterranean Suites & Suspect Serpents with Steph
Your host Steph brings two friends together for each episode to take them on an adventure. Following a very popular tabletop dice rolling, role playing game, each installment will be a stand-alone mission. There will be standard world building aspects and many recurring characters with background stories. There will not be 100% rule following and by-the-book game play. Many aspects are improvised and listener discretion is advised.

Night Bane Chronicles
There is another team working for the Janus Collective in the Mass Effect universe. They are known as Night Bane, a pirate group that has worked their way into the Collective. This first episode is their first sighting of the Rubicon crew, from the Adventum podcast. Follow along as their tale unfolds.

Tales of Icarus
A series illustrating the sights that Icarus saw during his time soaring through the skies. These are original short stories written by your host, Daedalus, or Dae for short. Welcome to the world of my imagination, I am excited to share it with you. Don't fly too close to the sun.

The Occurrence in River Oaks
The Occurrence in River Oaks is an all new, entirely voice acted sci-fi horror audio drama from writer/director Nikki Durbin. Take an original, terrifying journey through one very long day in the titular small town, as heard through the viewpoint of the local law enforcement personnel; specifically, Olivia, the woman running the dispatch radio at the Sheriff’s office, as she tries to hold everything together when her entire world is falling apart. As the several officers under her command come face to face with a very unexpected threat, and as Olivia tries to navigate a dangerous and otherworldly creature’s arrival, everything slowly begins to fall apart over the course of 8 grueling episodes. No one is safe, and as the world becomes very small and extremely dangerous for the characters, they must do everything in their power to protect not only the citizens of River Oaks, but the entire world.

Close Your Eyes
A man’s search for his missing brother leads him to join a mysterious cult. A mind-bending mystery/thriller from Cryptic Radio. Fiction.

Adventures Alcove
Adventures Alcove' is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) podcast that immerses listeners in a unique, homebrewed world. With a focus on storytelling and creativity, this podcast brings together friends to explore vast and imaginative landscapes. The setting is meticulously crafted, blending monsters from various editions of D&D to enrich the experience. Each season promises a new journey, inviting listeners to delve deep into the hosts' greatest imaginations. The show not only celebrates the fun and adventure inherent in D&D but also encourages audience participation and engagement. 'Adventures Alcove' is more than a podcast; it's a reminder that adventure awaits!

Josie's Lonely Hearts Club
Josie’s Lonely Hearts Club is a semi-improvised audio drama set in the studio of New Mexico’s 3rd-best romantic advice call-in show. On-air, listeners eavesdrop as Josie (Rachel Music, How Do They Bone?) squares off against top improvisers and her engineer Frank (Maximilian Clark, Superhuman Public Radio). Each episode’s off-air vignettes chart her journey from melancholy Joanne Holtzinger to nationally syndicated sensation Josie Heller. What results is an often hilarious and surprisingly human show exploring the risks we idiots take every time we fall in or out of love.

The Chronicles of Maybe with C. Cleo Creech
SciFi short stories with a different theme each season.

Erotica Verbatim
Join Sir. Laurent St. Wright, Britain's elder statesman of film and TV, as he sits by a roaring fireplace and reads aloud some of his favorite erotic literature that he's collected over the decades - ably assisted by his beautiful cast. Imagine Letters to Penthouse meets Masterpiece Theatre with a splash of Drunk History. Each episode of this NSFW scripted comedy anthology series is under 10 minutes long so you can either listen to one at a time as a palette cleanser between other podcasts or binge them all at once like a greedy truffle pig.

Spitfire Squires
A DnD podcast filled to the brim with adventure, comedy, drama, and whimsy!

Harsh Static: A Fallout Actual Play
What was just another day in the Mojave Wasteland gets interrupted by the pounding of metal feet and strange feedback through the radio. Rumors of odd robots and settlements going dark have people outside The Strip on edge, and things only seem to be getting worse when the Brotherhood of Steel is getting involved. Join our intrepid survivors as they brave the dangers of the wastes in search of the truth, encountering mechanical menaces along the way. Will they make their mark and conquer the day, or end up as another lyric in a sad old song?

Hardcore Heroes
The first grand campaign in the Arcadia saga, this story of 4 unlikely heroes sets off a chain of events that spans many campaigns and years.Played in 2nd edition AD&D with strong adherence to the original rules. When a character reaches 0hp, they die and their player is removed from the campaign permanently.

Camlann - An Audio Drama
Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy by Ella Watts from Tin Can Audio. It’s a serialised fiction podcast inspired by folklore and Arthurian legends. Alternatively - it’s about three idiots and a dog in Wales, fighting for their lives. This series was funded by Creative Scotland and the Inevitable Foundation.

MythCraft The Podcast
MythCraft: The Podcast is a tabletop roleplaying Actual Play set in Ancerra, the official MythCraft campaign setting! Join game master Kyle and a host of memorable heroes as they journey through the many wonders of Ancerra and the planes beyond. MythCraft is a new TTRPG universe and game system featuring complex character creation, rich combat, and a huge eon-spanning universe. It is a d20-based system that will feel familiar to experienced role-players and exciting to first-timers. Combat utilizes an Action Point system that seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with a rich narrative experience. MythCraft offers a "medium crunch" experience: it is very customizable and character creation is a detailed process, but you won't need a calculator and spreadsheets to play it.

PSYCHOPOMPOS: a new mythology
After Zeus, the King of Greek Gods, weds a mortal and raises him to divinity; his exiled wife and former queen, Hera, paves a path of violence and vengeance that threatens to destroy all of Olympus, and starts a war for the throne of the gods.

Tales From Wolf Mountain
A bevy of continually strange and occasionally macabre stories from the creative minds behind Wolf Mountain Workshop - Monte D. Monteleagre and Alexander Wolfe. It is our home for short-run audio fiction. Join us around the fire.

Dear Mother Venna
A story about three sisters who have been left behind in a strange town. Their mother, Venna, has vanished, and no one knows where she's gone. Now they have to look for their mother and look out for each other. However, sisters Show, Ash, and Dust quickly discover that the town of Candle Creek isn't quite as "quiet and quaint" as if seems...

Omni-bus to Miscellanea
Omni-bus to Miscellania is our sci-fi, fantasy (and occasional horror) anthology series of short stories written by talented indie writers and voiced by talented aspiring voice actors looking to get their names out into the industry!

Square Pilots: A Fictional Anthology Series
New episode every month. New characters every month. New worlds every month. Same old Square Pilots every month.

Welcome to Florin
Welcome to Florin is a weekly fantasy mystery podcast. An ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled. After a thousand years it is time for the world to heal, for the war to end and for the missing Ven to come home.

Tarot Killer
Welcome to Santa Muerte! A coastal metropolis populated with all types of people from politicians to star seekers, and most recently, murderers. The 1930s was a golden age of jazz, mobsters, and radio shows were just starting to take off. In 1934, the first victim to be associated with the Tarot Killer was revealed, shaking Santa Muerte to its core. Somehow, the killer seemed to elude even the most trusted of law enforcement. Diego Muerte and his partner Bonnie Future take the case to hunt down and put an end to the gruesome acts of the Tarot Killer. Listen in to this Radio Drama-like Podcast.

The Spellbound Soirée
Embark on a mystical journey within the Annals of the Arcane, a podcast that unveils the hidden realms of a fantasy world 4 years in the making. Immerse yourself in fantastical narratives, where each episode unveils different aspects of life within the world of Astraea. Join us and enjoy the whimsical nature of the Spellbound Soirée.

Bring to Heel
Bring to Heel is an audio drama that explores the shifting nature of morality and how justification is often dictated by perspective. BtH on morally grey characters in a world where there is no definite right and wrong. Our scene is set in Scrinn, the fantasy setting of a world where gods and magic have long since abandoned the once mystical lands. Scrinn is both a god and the world itself, an entity that extends to embody everything it has spawned. The empress oversees her ever-shifting plot through the empire of Seviscia, and she claims the throne once held by those magicks.

Painted Vessels
Painted Vessels is a gritty yet heartfelt historical fiction series about holding onto faith in Christ through trauma and abuse.

The Goat American Novel
An all-ages barnyard comedy thriller from subversive family storyteller Hilde Festerling.This richly-produced, serialized journey will take you deep into the life of a goat herd: goat rivalries, goat hauntings and goat legends, goat nemeses, goat drama. Featuring live music, immersive barnyard gothic sound design, and three generations of Hilde’s family doing goat impersonations in full character for you and your family to enjoy.

Parables of the Vibe
My name is Sister Kyrie Eleison — and I kill AIs. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

DRAMA: The Pilot Episodes
A contemporary western psycho-dramedy. A podcast in four parts.

Alice in Wonderland
A curious young girl tumbles into a whimsical and fantastical world where she encounters peculiar characters and navigates surreal challenges, ultimately discovering herself in the process.

Another Here
Join Stephanie & Gregory as they embark upon a mission to work through pretty much every single table top RPG they can get their hands on! A fortnightly jaunt through another world, another life, another here.

The Bugs Labyrinth
The Bugs Labyrinth is a horror story podcast where each Episode we dive into a new Event Report given to us by the shadowy Institute Organization, and read to us by The Bug. Join us as we dive into the Labyrinth and find the secrets held within.

Trotsa Fara
Trotsa Fara består till största del av ett gäng glada gubbar från Värmland. Stefan startade upp gruppen med Mikael och Johan efter ett långt uppehåll från rollspel. I brist på folk att spela med kastade dom ut en facebook-annons som Niclas nappade på. Inte långt därefter så anslöt även Alexander som gärna är med då det vankas skräckrollspel. Efter att ha spelat tillsammans online i drygt ett år föddes idén om att börja spela in våra äventyr.

Wyrd Woman
When an isolated woman starts recording her dreams of strange women, things get weird. Over nine nights, reality becomes fantasy, past and future meld, and fate binds and beckons. Why are these women – old, broken, unnatural, mad, and ugly – appearing in her dreams? Why must difference always mean danger? And what happens when these women come together, connecting across time and space as worlds die?

Pink Snapper Blues
Genre: Musical Comedy: - 101 Min A local lounge lizard in Key West must change his womanizing ways in order to find true love, but when love comes knocking, it's trouble in paradise for this cheeseburger.

Gold, Bones, and Leather (by Ben's Book Shack)
Coming to you from the creator of the Ben's Book Shack podcast, Gold, Bones, and Leather is a brand new fantasy podcast, coming to your feed every Tuesday starting on January 9th. It tells the story of Embrosk--a potion-maker and scholar of magic, studying in Ogre country on the orders of an incompetent king. As he wanders down Bocere mountain, back towards his home country of Sandum, Embrosk can only rue the mundanity of his seemingly inevitable future, stuck in a small potions shop on the border of the human and Ogre worlds. But fate has other plans for him.

In a world filled with conspiracy and uncertainty, meet Quinton and Symone Young, the dynamic sibling duo behind their very own security detail company. Join them on a thrilling journey as they are thrust into the heart of a massive conspiracy, and witness the fate of the world hanging in the balance. As a mysterious light from the sky threatens to disrupt data and communication systems, humanity faces an unprecedented challenge. The government is quick to label it an invasion, but is everything as it seems? Enter Collin McMurry, a brilliant whistleblower whose discoveries are about to reshape the world order. 'Betrayed by their own government, our heroes must now protect the truth before it's too late.' Their mission: to safeguard the lives of the people and prevent world leaders from dominating an altered future. In a race against time, they'll have to outsmart and outmaneuver those who seek to control the narrative. The fate of the world rests in their capable hands.

Dicey Situations
Dicey Situations, a hilarious podcast following three hapless adventurers on a quest to create a new god. Get ready for laughs, mishaps, and wild moments on their crazy journey! New episodes every Tuesday and be sure to check out our weekly recap Situational Awareness every Friday. Keep it dicey!

A D&D Real-Play podcast featuring an eclectic group including a goblin alchemist, a tiefling paladin, an undead beast tamer with her companions, a goliath bard, a dragonborn monk, and a kenku artificer. Join them as they navigate the treacherous world of pirates, mercenaries, corrupt governments, and a crazy cult that worships a 12 year old kid for some reason!

Sonoro Limited Series
Get your headphones and dive into the best audio series. Here you can find the fiction and non fiction stories created and published by Sonoro. Sonoro is a global entertainment company focused on creating premium, culturally relevant content that starts in audio and comes alive in TV, film and beyond. Sonoro collaborates with leading and emerging Latinx storytellers – writers, producers, and directors – from over a dozen countries to develop original franchises in English, Spanish, and Spanglish.

Winnie Taylor's 4th and Inches
13-year-old Winnie moves in  with her dad, Derek, a retired quarterback, whose promising career ended badly. When Cleveland loses their starting QB, Winnie gets Derek back in the game and this time…he might actually find a way to win! With the love of a father and daughter at its center, Winnie Taylor’s 4th and Inches bring a classic underdog sports story to the world of podcasts. Starring Ruth Righi as Winnie Taylor, Jeremie Harris as Derek Taylor and Tony Todd as Coach Fitz.

Leclerc & Lafontaine
Ein Erzähler, sein treu ergebener Assistent Jeffrey und eine Hand voll unbezahlter Praktikanten produzieren ein Hörspiel und hauchen den Figuren Leclerc & Lafontaine Leben ein. Die Kommissare tauchen an den unmöglichsten Orten auf und treffen auf zahlreiche skurrile Persönlichkeiten. Das Schicksal der Welt und womöglich das des gesamten Universums, liegen bald schon in ihren Händen... oder auch nicht. Ja, wahrscheinlich eher nicht. Dafür haben die Kommissare Leclerc & Lafontaine aber jede Menge Spass und garantiert keine Langeweile!

A world on the brink. The ultimate what if. In this scripted podcast, tensions between the U.S. and Russia spiral out of control. Life on Earth hangs in the balance. Through the lens of two television broadcasts, listen to these chilling, unthinkable moments rendered in eerily believable detail.

Voyager Centauri
A monthly science fiction audio-drama following the mission of Voyager Centauri. Join Captain Harriet Boyer and her crew, as they trace down a mysterious signal through space, but beware, what's waiting for them might be more perilous than expected.

Sleepy Silver Hollow
A fiction podcast about the strange, nonsensical events that take place in the secluded town of Silver Hollow, told by a curious angel through letters to a lost friend. Annoying talking crows, secret societies, ghosts and the occasional orange smoothie...and perhaps there’s also a strange murder gone unsolved, but who’s to say, really? All of these and more are included in the mysterious, absurd tales of this small, sleepy town.

Corvairs & Horny Toads Podcast
My collection of short stories focuses on a fictional small town on the Texas-New Mexico border. My stories show the surprising diversity of the people of the Llano Estacado, as well as the grit and determination it takes to survive and thrive on the windblown plains.

Rosas Amarelas: O Monólogo
Você está prestes a ouvir uma história de quase amor. Baseada em fatos reais criados por vozes da minha cabeça. Rosas Amarelas é uma ficção inspirada em fatos reais que dá origem ao meu primeiro disco.

The Secret Magic of Jake Driver
Eleven-year-old Jake Driver's world is turned upside down when he receives an acceptance letter to the mysterious Evergreen Academy for Gifted Youngsters. Jake has grown up in the secluded wizarding village of Willowbend and struggled to match the talents of friends who seem destined for greatness. But when Jake is summoned to attend the elite Evergreen Academy hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands, he begins to wonder if there is more to his own budding magical abilities than he realised. 

Coastal Magic
Elves, Fairies and Dragons... at the beach! Every week, you'll hear a new short story set in the world of Coastal Magic, where monsters and magical creatures live side-by-side with humans in the little tourist town of Seaside. Sometimes, everybody gets along. Sometimes, somebody gets eaten. When that happens, they call the friendly folks at Coastal Magic Solutions - the only fairykind agency in the US that protects humans from magical monsters.

Spiked Eggs Podcast
Deliciously twisted, darkly comic tales with a foot in both the present and the reimagined past.

Two energetic co-workers navigate the ever changing landscape of their Boston-area fulfillment center. Their mishaps and adventures help them cope with the future of the modern work space.

Of Dice and Pen
Listen along as the Penmaester takes the wayward heroes along on a journey into Vah' Ren. Rionn, Karma, Patch, Alexandria, Laeya and Q all have their own reasons for finding their way to the same place. Fate and circumstances have their own reasons for throwing the group together however. With the help of their Dungeon Master the group will adventure on and encounter all sorts of dangerous and exciting things.

Echoes of New Metropolis
Echoes of New Metropolis" is a captivating podcast that transports listeners to a city where superpowers are part of daily life. Narrated by the insightful Robert Callum, the series introduces its listeners to a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and compelling backstories. Each episode intertwines compelling narratives with original music, creating a rich auditory experience. Explore diverse stories from every corner of the city, where each character's journey reveals deeper truths.

Good Content: A DND Podcast
Everyone's future favorite DND podcast maybe? Guaranteed to make you laugh probably...

Auditory Anthology
Embark on a journey through time and imagination with 'Auditory Anthology,' a weekly podcast bringing to life the most captivating science fiction stories. Each episode, award-winning voice-artist and host of Weird Darkness Darren Marlar breathes life into a unique blend of classic and modern tales, ranging from time-honored masterpieces to groundbreaking works by emerging authors. Curated and produced by Keith Conrad.

Being twelve years old is tough. For most kids it means going to a new school, making new friends, and learning just how big the world really is. For the determined and plucky Leroy Miller, it means going to outer space to find his missing mom. Together with his new best friend, an amorphous blob, he goes on an adventure ride and joins a gang of rebel aliens that want to save the galaxy from an evil warlord. Will Leroy be able to help the aliens save the galaxy and find his mom?

The Nightmare Realm
Cross over into The Nightmare Realm and experience tales of terror and the supernatural that will haunt your dreams. The Nightmare Realm is an anthology horror series of narrated audio dramas.

Legends of Khampiohn: The Genesis Era
Legends of Khampiohn: The Genesis Era is a non-profit DnD fan- based audio drama written by Brad J Taylor and D T Prater. It's inspired by the unpublished works of Ruechelle Hill, who poured love and details into her world.

Spirits and Monsters of Old Seattle
Explore the supernatural history of Seattle in this Actual Play series using the Vaesen role-playing game system by Free League Publishing.

Married to the Northerner
Avani, a princess from the lands of the south; beloved and cherished by her people, hated and abused by her family. Despite having the finest dresses, sharpest knowledge, and incomparable beauty, all she yearns for is love. Nathaniel, the king of the northern land. His people love him more than anything, praising his leadership, bravery, and generosity. Everything he does is for the betterment of his people and kingdom. Other king's fear him, being his enemy is practically self destruction. When a proposal reaches to him from the southern King, his enemy, he already knew his answer. The strengths of both Kingdoms increase and have each other's back instead of being foes, in exchange for the marriage of Princess Avani and King Nathaniel. Thrown into a forced marriage, where cultures are intertwined, sacrifices are made, friendships are formed, and love blossoms. Will the Princess of the South and King of the North finally have their happy ending?

Roll For Focus
A DnD Actual Play Podcast by an all queer and neurodivergent table.

Devolvemos la Conexión
Ficción sonora o audio serie de terror con zombis que rinde homenaje al famoso programa de radio de Orson Welles que convulsionó Estados Unidos hace 85 años con su adaptación radiofónica de "La guerra de los mundos" y al maestro George A. Romero que estrenaba su película “Noche de los muertos vivientes” hace 55 años.

L.I.A.M - Le Podcast
L.I.A.M, L’Intelligence Artificielle Multiverselle. Nous raconte l’histoire de notre futur, pour nous donner l’opportunité de le changer.

Der Acker
Der Acker .... was mit einem harmlosen Geschäft zwischen zwei Männern begonnen hatte wurde zu einer globalen Katastrophe. Nur ein junges Paar scheint durch Zufall die Lösung gefunden zu haben! Doch werden sie es noch rechtzeitig schaffen das schlimmste zu vermeiden um unsere Welt, wie wir sie kennen, zu retten? Geschrieben und gelesen von Enrico Gröbel

The Morning After Potion
The year is 1813, and a young alchemist, Wynifred Martin (Sarah Taqvi), develops the first contraceptive for women: The Morning After Potion. Naive to business, she partners with ruffian, Jackson Haaksmore (Jonah Robinson), in developing this new brew into a revolution by way of women’s health. Soon, the ramifications of her alchemy take noble society by storm, and the resulting whirlwind of romance and politics threatens to ruin Wynifred’s life. Will the mob see her imprisoned? Will she forever be trapped in a loveless marriage? Or perhaps there’s a worse fate awaiting our young alchemist.

Nonverbal Communications
A Monster of the Week actual play in three parts. Players North (NorthWolf911), Kujo (KujoPlaysGames), and Jonathan (LatinosAgainstSpookyShit) are run through a haunting adventure taking place in a small town in 1992. A mysterious fog has engulfed the City of Bernard Maine, and a few mysterious deaths has gotten our hunters into some deep water.

Jack and Kitty's Feel-Good Stories
A scripted fiction podcast with new episodes every weekday. Happy and wholesome tales of inspiration, motivation and heartwarming drama. Hosted by Emmy Award winning and best selling authors Jack and Kitty Norton.

Mixtape Stories
Mixtape Stories is a collection of short stories and novellas where science fiction, humor, the search for meaning, and Gen X nostalgia meet. Come join us twice a month to experience retail time travel, alternate realities (not involving Nazis), and epic  prose cast with the music and angst that made the middle-child generation so…whatever.

The Weird Library: Listen in the Dark
Welcome to THE WEIRD LIBRARY, featuring stories by some of today's most chilling voices in horror! And remember, if you can: Listen in the Dark.

Dissection - An Original Story
When a killer shocks the world by circulating graphic footage of himself torturing people to death on camera, it falls on a covert military intelligence agency to track him down and bring him to justice. Leaving behind cryptic clues in the videos as he announces his actions and taunts his viewers, they must rely on every clue, every footprint and every trace that gets left behind in order to find out who he is and what his motives are. As they unravel a web of clues and cryptic signs, they start to uncover the intricate connections between the killer, the victims, and all parties involved in a search that takes them to all corners of the globe. As they find themselves gradually unmatched in intelligence and technological ability, it’s a race against time to bring the killer to justice before his endgame can be achieved, as each victim is not only a death they failed to prevent, but a catalyst that accelerates the frantic and desperate actions of a number of parties they weren’t prepared to deal with.

Captain Maxx and the Starfighters
Ten year old Captain Maxx and her misfit crew roam the galaxy in search of their next payday.

Cracked Atlas present gnarly tales from the dark underbelly of modern life. Featuring a mixture of high drama, music and black comedy, taking you on a journey through the absurd.

Dungeon Crashers
Strange things are afoot on Ponberry Island. Ghouls infest crypts, goblins take over dungeons, and the most odd things lurk in the shadows. The Dungeon Crashers are a small team looking to make a name for themselves in the dungeon cleaning business. If they can make it out of the shadows...

New Year's Day
New Year's Day is a yearly fiction podcast from the team behind The Bright Sessions that comes out every January 1st. Out of the billions of human beings in the world, there are just two that share an earth-shattering secret. Charles Chambers and John Fogg are immortal; since making this discovery, they meet up every 13 years to discuss the world, their lives, and the unique challenges of living forever. It is written and directed by Lauren Shippen, starring Andrew Nowak and Briggon Snow.

El sonido de los colores
Creo que los colores hablan, por eso en este podcast los vas a poder escuchar. “El sonido de los colores” es una serie de microcuentos perfectos para cerrar el día. Para frenar y decir, listo por hoy. Acompañame en este viaje exploratorio donde le doy un significado a cada color. Cada episodio te llevará a sentir y conectarte con las características de cada tonalidad a través de historias ficticias con un alto grado de realidad. ¿Puede el verde latir? ¿El naranja ser libre? ¿El violeta explorar la valentía? Para mi, si. Soy Dani Cuppi y mi misión es sacarle gris al mundo en el que vivimos. Con estos 10 microcuentos te invito a reconciliarte, explorar y aprovechar al máximo el potencial de los colores. Cada 15 días, una nueva historia estará disponible en tu aplicación de podcast favorita.

Mr Punch's Podcast
Mr Punch has been around for a long time, but he's never before had his own podcast! Join Mr Punch on a series of whirlwind adventures.

Afterlight Fictions
Welcome to your podcast for enjoying fables, myths and melodies from a variety of styles and genres. Stories are a mix of familiar and original works featuring music and sound effects to help immerse you in the world you're visiting. Whether you are looking for a spark in imagination, a relaxing voice to end the day, or a guide to help enter your dreamland - Afterlight Fictions is here when you need it.

A radio soap about life in a small village, on a small island, somewhere off the English coast. But what are those bells in the sky?

When the experimental research of a physicist goes awry, his estranged twin children follow him through time to medieval Wales, where a shattered kingdom forces them to confront their broken relationship. Sometimes, it takes getting out of your comfort zone for God to speak to you. In the case of twins Rhona & Flint Thatcher it takes going back in time for God to get a word in edgewise. A time-travel medieval fantasy adventure for all ages. Step into a high fidelity audio epic with a full cast, narration, and an original score.

The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught
This is the story of how I found a time traveling watch behind a dumpster and my subsequent adventures through time as I make the world a better place...for me...and sometimes for other people as well...I mean, I have no doubt other people also benefited from the changes I made, so in some ways, it's kind of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all time.

The Wasteland Whisperers
"The Wasteland Whisperers" emerged as a beacon of hope in post-outbreak Chernarus, filling the communication void left by the chaos of the epidemic. Led by Radio, this group of survivors established a makeshift broadcasting system using salvaged equipment from abandoned radio stations. Initially offering essential survival tips, their broadcasts evolved into a symbol of resilience and community, uniting isolated survivors. Despite challenges like equipment failures and bandit threats, they continue to provide a vital connection and hope to those scattered in the desolate landscape, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggle.

All Tales
"All Tales" is an ever growing collection of original short stories written and produced by Leo Bloom and Prati Soum- and is released bi-weekly.

A&M Audio Adventures
Rock podcasts and audio fiction plays with snappy characters in a fleshed out aural world from the east coast of Ireland. More than just a radio show, we create full-feature comedy adventures and story-filled rock shows. Original, scripted and with HD sound design. Twisted tales and immersive podcasting.

Moorish Media Presents: Cold Shivers
Moorish Media Presents: Cold Shivers: A Supernatural Thriller Series. Calling all horror enthusiasts, supernatural fanatics, and thriller readers! Moorish Media invites you to embark on a chilling journey with our latest masterpiece, Cold Shivers. This captivating series is tailor-made for those who crave spine-tingling experiences and a hefty dose of the supernatural in their literary escapades. Unleash Your Darkest Desires. Cold Shivers is a collection of tales that will transport you to a world where vampires roam, zombies lurk in the shadows, and werewolves howl at the moon. Each story is intricately crafted to immerse you in a realm of terror and suspense, leaving you with a delicious sense of dread that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gun and Wand: The Official Companion Podcast
Gun and Wand: The Official Companion Podcast is literally the only podcast about the new gangster-fantasy TV drama Gun and Wand, now streaming on BHO. Join host Alfie Packham and producer Caroline McEvoy as they delve behind the scenes with cast interviews, episode breakdowns, and discussions of lore, magic, and wizard nudity.

Ravens Vail Coven Podcast
Welcome to the Ravens Vail Coven. The Coven features short, independent stories with themes ranging from dark horror and fantasy to any other disturbing fiction. The Coven contains stories written outside the ongoing storyline of the Ravens Vasil universe.

I is for Investigate
Join Eoghan Blakewell and the "I is for Investigate" team as they investigate the mysterious death of horror author Philip Truelove. A must-listen for fans of Lovecraftian fiction and the BBC's "The Lovecraft Investigations."

Ned Hillsdale, Private Detective
Ned Hillsdale a hard drinking foul mouthed ex-cop turned private detective in the city of Chicago. He lives dangerously, loves intensely, and drinks harder than anyone. The very things that got him kicked off the force, now make him the citys best detective. Set against the low rumble of sad jazz and the hum of underground crime, Ned Hillsdale, is an adventure you'll want to take.

The Death of Ms. Whitmore
The Death of Ms. Whitmore is a locked room murder mystery.
Kitty is a wealthy business ower with a passion for her charity work . Her brothers dislike her and her money, due to their fathers will, the brothers have been dis-inherited from the family business. being angry that kitty is sole owner of the big house and the whole estste, even the land where their houses are on.
Detective Shepard rogers and his side kick Henry Adams try to solve this bizzare mystery. The study is locked, Kitty is dead, shot in the head, no gun in the room, and no way in or out.

The Side Piece: A Serial Drama by JM Vella
Chase has the perfect life. A gorgeous wife, two beautiful kids, a fine house in the best neighborhood, a great job, and a sexy mistress. What could possibly go wrong?

Night Owl FM
A radio drama following Nick and Madelyn as they uncover and discuss the scary truths of Misty Valley and it’s citizens

The Adventures of Lilly and Oxe - A family DND experience
One dad who is brand new to D&D and podcasting, attempts to make a DND podcast with his two kids.

Dr Who: The Missing Adventures (fan-made)
The acclaimed fan-produced audio dramas are back online! After fiddling with the TARDIS causes him to leave Jamie & Victoria behind, the Doctor is on a journey to get back to them whilst facing old enemies in brand new Second Doctor adventures set between The Web Of Fear & Fury From The Deep. Starring Chris Walker-Thomson as the Second Doctor.

Night Flights
Wanneer Alexi's geliefde niet meer wakker wordt, jaagt ze letterlijk haar dromen na. Nacht na nacht onderneemt ze een zoektocht naar hem in de droomwereld. Laat je meevoeren op deze psychologische queeste langs een parcours van oude herinneringen en wilde fantasieën waarbij de waarheid tijdens elke nachtvlucht meer onthuld wordt. Night Flights is een productie van VRT MAX en Minds Meet, gecreëerd door Johanson en werd gemaakt met de steun van het Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds en De Auteurs.

Meet Me at Jimmy's Arcade - Full Audiobook & Podcast
Listen to the full audiobook of Meet Me at Jimmy’s Arcade, a funny, nostalgic murder mystery and coming of age story, written and performed by me, Grant Fieldgrove. Following that, in the weeks to come, I’ll discuss a wide variety of things from the 80s and 90s. Synopsis: Bakersfield, California, 1990. Local high school student Bebe-Lynn Sanders is missing. Each day that passes causes more and more worry for the entire town. She was seen cutting through Quailwood Park on her way to rent a movie the morning she vanished. Her last appearance was later that night outside the popular hangout, Jimmy's Arcade. No one knows where she went. No one knows what happened. Join mildly-idiotic kids Grant Fieldgrove and Roxy Roxburgh as they stumble, scheme, and steamroll their way through Bakersfield in the late 80s and early 90s, desperately on the hunt for a Nintendo, fake earrings from Miller's Outpost, tickets to see Vanilla Ice at the Civic Auditorium, and the ever-elusive holy grail - a porno mag! And, of course, Bebe-Lynn. Meet Me at Jimmy's Arcade is a hilarious and heartbreaking romp through a small California town way back when, filled with nostalgic stories, humor, mystery, arcades, and malls. You won't want to miss it! So sit back, grab a Jolt Cola and a three-foot-long licorice rope, and enjoy the ride.

Cosmic Creatures
Amidst personal turmoil, science-loving teen Cale faces a life-altering challenge when an accident sets alien creatures loose in a research facility, forcing him and a group of survivors to confront both outer and inner threats.

Fear Sound
A horror audio drama show for people who like a good scare.

Chance Die
Temptation, Oklahoma offers many opportunities for folks to indulge in their darkest vices. Quinten, James, Atlas, and Dorothy have all arrived for their own reasons... but will they find what they desire? A live play podcast based on World of Darkness.

A Somewhat Peculiar Frog
A four episode science fiction limited series about a herpetology student, a strange frog, storytelling, and trust. Matthew is a surveying intern at a new nature preserve being established by the PA State Park Service, making audio notes as he goes. He has just found a frog that he cannot identify. It only gets stranger when the frog speaks.

Uncanny Valley
When anyone asks Audrey why she moved to Alaska, she tells them for a fresh start. But a lot of the people in Alaska are hiding from something. And Audrey is no different. When she journeyed to Alaska, she found something even more dangerous. Maybe we feel the uncanny valley because long ago, we had to fear something that pretended to be human. 

Welcome to Aggrandia! Follow the exploits of a band of adventurers through the land of Aggrandia. Join an amnesiac Rogue named Locket, a ranger on the run named Tristan, and a Rogue refugee called Zozur as they work their way through a world of magic and wonder.

Robin Hood: Rising to Honor
Set in England during the reign of King Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood: Honor Among Thieves follow the noble yeoman as he works to thwart the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and the feckless King John, who rules England in his brother Richard's absence.

Tokyo Rift - A Tokyo DisneySea RPG
In this original role-playing game, some unlikely detectives find themselves at the gates of Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, to investigate a massive rift hanging over the park. Many supernatural and technological obstacles will stand in their way including a lava monster, a ruthless hotel owner, a hidden mermaid city, a talking cat in a beret, and much more! Tokyo Rift is a homebrew RPG campaign by Tyler Mann, and featuring Thomas Mordred and Lucas McDonell, with Ben Harris.

The Heresies Of Radulf Burntwine
Contained herein are The Heresies of Radulf Burntwine. Follow the Titular monk-turned-medical-investigator as he uncovers the blasphemous truth of a plague ridden world: ours is not a loving God and we are not its favored children.

Century The Series
Century is a soap opera drama in audio format. It follows RJ, a hot headed lawyer, as she travels to the Century estate in D.C, to take her place in her estranged father’s firm. She tries to navigate between her duties as a community leader and her newly found status at Century, one of the top corporate law firms. However, after finding herself in the middle of a murder investigation, she soon questions her own morals, friendships, and family.

Un Agente Imposible: El Beso Escarlata
El misterio de una peligrosa mujer fatal y los agentes con la misión de resolverlo. Cuando el audaz Héctor Caza cruza camino con Irina André, lo que suponía ser una misión tranquila se sale de control. Ahora, con ayuda de Evelina Rosales, su fiel e inexperta asistente, el agente Caza se aventura en una carrera contra el tiempo para descubrir la verdad detrás de la feroz agente Irina André. Estudio Ga Ga presenta "Un Agente Imposible: El Beso Escarlata" escrito y dirigido por PJ León basado en los personajes creados por PJ León y Evan Sánchez.

Sequestered: An Audio Drama
Sequestered is a paranormal audio drama about a young woman who experiences a haunting just as she's about to begin filming a reality competition show.

Sognando RDS
Cosa succede dietro le quinte di RDS? Sognando RDS è la prima radio sitcomedy che racconta il backstage di una radio con conduttori, artisti e situazioni esilaranti, tutti attraverso occhi di un buffo barista aspirante conduttore.

Forward Rollers
A Madison Wisconsin based actual play RPG podcast! Join us for our currently running campaign, Skylancers of Aerovr, a dieselpunk inspired high-fantasy adventure featuring a crew of Skypirates just trying to get by.

An ordinary boy who hates his name. A boy who is drawn into the world of Chylgar, by the giant talking wolves who protect the Land. Aided by two village children, they ride the wolves on a perilous journey to seek a cure for the sickness that ails the wolf packs. Tracked by the Emperor's soldiers, and threatened by monstrous creatures, Boy discovers he has a special gift. Can he control the power? Can he protect the wolves? Will there be time? A journey of adventure and magic. Book 1 in the Chylgar series. Written and narrated by Simon Taylor.

Quest: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
A real play RPG podcast. This is a Dungeons and Dragons story that begins at The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Our players waste no time getting into trouble. This is QUEST!

Holiday Inn'smouth
Benvenuti all'Holiday Inn'smouth Hotel, un podcast che ti porta nel cuore di un albergo ricco di storie intriganti, avventure bizzarre e personaggi straordinari. Ogni episodio è un viaggio coinvolgente attraverso le vicende degli ospiti e del personale di questo luogo affascinante. Scopri i retroscena divertenti, piccoli drammi e momenti indimenticabili che si intrecciano nelle stanze e nei corridoi dell'Holiday Inn'smoth Hotel.

Los Secretos de Dante
Los secretos de Dante es una historia basada en hechos reales, esta nueva radio serie te dejara impactado por todos lados. Próximamente algo esta esta por suceder, Dante esta por cambiar su destino, su manera de pensar, de ver la vida al encontrarse con alguien que le hará ver su suerte y le enseñara que las cosas no siempre salen como uno lo espera, cuando Ernesto llega para influir se dará cuenta de que cada segundo de su vida es crucial para resolver lo que se avecina...

After a traumatic childhood, Amelia attempts to rewrite her story and struggles to reclaim her right to flourish.

Fee the People
Insurance claims investigator Stewart Daniels is in some hot water for his lackluster job looking into a recent electric fence mishap. Figurative and literal shocks abound on this twisting journey to get to the bottom of things.

The Elven Onslaught
An audio presentation of the novel The Elven Onslaught by Kurt Coleman. The novel is a fantastical retelling of World War Two.

David Jonathan
Jemand findet sich an einem Ort wieder, den er nicht kennt. Er erinnert sich nur an ein Zugunglück. Wie kommt er an diesen Ort? Ist alles nur ein Traum, während er im Krankenhaus behandelt wird? Anderwelt ist eine Serie, an der sich die Hörer interaktiv beteiligen können, indem sie Kontakt aufnehmen. Durch ihr Eingreifen werden sie Teil der Handlung und verändern den Ablauf.

Ian Duncan MacDonald's Novels
The author, Ian MacDonald, narrates the contents of his three novels. A transcript of each chapter  will be supplied after its podcast. The first novel to be narrated will be "BEWARE THE ABANDONED".  It follows a poor, orphaned boy from Los Angeles who is  enlisted by a non-religious capitalist sect in New Mexico. Their objective is to exploit gifted street children for the rest of their lives by turning them into wealthy entrepreneurs.  The story moves from Paris to Las Vegas and Delaware with the FBI and the Mafia in hot pursuit. The next novel to be narrated will be "DUEL" . It explores  a violent confrontation between the United States over the People's Republic of China over lease of abandoned British naval base on the impovershed Caribbean island of St. Matts. The third novel, "USING DROUGHT USA", is the story of a president anxious to win 80,000,000 votes in the South West who hatches a plot to invade Canada and redirect its  water from empty, wilderness rivers to the Colorado River.

Mysteries of Sparrow Crest
A podcast centered on the adventures of students at the fictional Sparrow Crest Academy who encounter weird happenings, mysterious creatures and outlandish characters.

Kyle the Apprentice Warlock
Audio format of Warlocks In Space Publishing’s fantasy serial fiction series ’Kyle the Apprentice Warlock’. Enter the world of Kyle Watkins, the most average everyday warlock he could possibly be. Who also happens to have wizard powers. His closest coworker is constantly arriving at work covered in blood and everyone besides Kyle thinks he might be a serial killer. Together they intern at The National Museum of Unnatural Science and History, where their vampire boss oversees the study, restoration, and containment of magical artifacts. As a Warlock of the Archivist, the living magical embodiment of the collection and preservation of knowledge, Kyle is ubiquitously qualified for his position. This is a good thing, because there is nothing remarkable at all about him when compared to his family of famous mages and warlocks. Kyle the Apprentice Warlock is an alternate Earth slice of life fantasy.

The Adventures of the Rockabilly Space Force
It’s the year 2095 and the Second Space Gold Rush. The Inner Solar System vibrates with a chaotic ensemble of economic frenzy, spine-tingling technological innovation, and catastrophes that threaten to tear the fabric of human imagination. Just five years earlier, the August Calamity of 2090 brought the solar system to a standstill when all Artificial Intelligence systems came crashing down. Trapped though many may feel in this bedlam, one chipper band of musicians and technicians courageously strives to uplift their spirits with retro rock and roll hearkening back to the dawn of the Space Age. Harbored by Deimos, a small potato-shaped moon orbiting the Planet Mars, the Rockabilly Space Force operates a garage. That is, a Rocket Service Facility where they build and repair rockets, drink hooch harvested from the tail of a comet, and rock where no one has rocked before. Get ready, fellow cosmic wanderers, for a musical collective that harmoniously intertwines rhythm with the grandeur of the universe. Get ready for the Rockabilly Space Force!

Geheimprojekt Übermensch
Wer die Möglichkeit zur Erschaffung von Übermenschen durch gentechnische Veränderungen in der befruchteten Eizelle ignoriert, könnte ebenso gut die Uhr anhalten, um der Zukunft zu entkommen! Lesung des kompletten Romans in Podcasts von jeweils 50-60 Minuten im Abstand von einigen Tagen. Der Text könnte ein Lit-Leak sein, d.h. reale Hintergründe haben, denn er wurde 10 Jahre lang zurück gehalten. Vielleicht um die, im Verborgenen arbeitenden, Wissenschaftler zu schützen? Ausführliche

Letters About The Untold
What would you do, when you suddenly got letters from a stranger asking you to record their stories? that happened to me. someone calling themselves Brendan Croft started sending me letters, and in those letters were the stories of our world, not yet told. My name is Kim Chill, and i get letters about the Untold

Fiksjonspodkast for deg som liker krim, spenning og historiefortelling med overraskende vendinger. Produsert av Svarttrost.

The Terrible Business of Salmon and Dusk
The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk is a podcasted novel (of sorts). When Theodora Jones’s boyfriend disappears, she is the only person in the world who remembers him. Trying to find him leads her to the door of Salmon & Dusk (Detectives, thieves and time-travellers). Her life, your life and everyone else’s life will never be quite the same again.

Time Faction: The Story of Elijah
In the distant future, the once-united United States has splintered into two distinct nations following a violent conflict decades prior. Time travel has become the central focus of political discourse in both countries. Elijah, a teenager seeking employment, becomes entangled with a secretive faction that purports to harness time travel for the greater good of the world. As the narrative unfolds, he unravels the complexities behind their mission, realizing that the situation is far from straightforward.

Sons of Gods
Audio storytelling of the book Sons of Gods by Aaron L Williams

If you find your eyes lingering on the shadows of your room at night wondering what could it be? Look beyond and see the cracks in the universe pulling you into alternate realities.

Sabeas Haus
"Sabeas Haus" ist eine Folgestory in 50 Kapiteln. Es handelt sich um eine Dystopie rund um Sabea, die als Pflegefachfrau im Pflege- und Alterszentrum Bühlwil arbeitet... bis in ihrem etwas abgelegenen Haus eines Morgens der Kellerboden wegbricht. Prolog Bühlwil. Ein Dorf mit zwei Klöstern, einem Pflege- und Alterszentrum sowie einem See. Es gibt keinen See, der keine Geheimnisse birgt. Auch unterkellerte Häuser können Mysterien beinhalten - vor allem, wenn sie sich, etwas abgelegen, in einem Wald befinden.

Cucina di altri pianeti
Tra pause pranzo galattiche, bettole spaziali e gare culinarie interstellari, preparatevi a gustare… il sapore venuto dallo spazio, con i racconti vincitori del contest fantascientifico di Podcastory “Cucina di altri pianeti”. Buon ascolto… e buon appetito!

Knitting Tales
A podcast where stories come to life and become a part of our being. A quick introduction about myself: I am an author who has three books to my credit, one of them being in the fiction genre - Beyond Royalty and the other two in the non-fiction sphere - The Hidden Gems and Weaving Emotions.

Les consultations extraordinaires de Belladone Mercier, psychologue des dieux
Une podfiction écrite et réalisée par Germain Huc. Première saison en 7 épisodes mythologiques, psychologiques, techniques, romantiques, horrifiques, dramatiques. Un beau jour, alors qu’elle est en visite au Musée du Louvre, Belladonne Mercier, une psychologue reconnue, rencontre un homme étrange prétendant être Thot, le dieu égyptien du savoir et de l’écriture. Étrange, certes, car en plus de certaines aptitudes clairement surnaturelles et d’un comportement insupportablement pédant, il se trouve atteint d’une pathologie assez courante chez les humains : un trouble obsessionnel compulsif, aussi appelé « TOC ». Il note tout et se promène en permanence avec une balance pour peser absolument chaque objet qui lui tombe sous la main, sans pouvoir s’en empêcher. Aidée de sa toute nouvelle stagiaire, Adélaïde Chamberlain, Belladonne va proposer une psychothérapie au pauvre hère, autant pour se débarrasser de ses interminables discours de monsieur-je-sais-tout que pour l’aider à recouvrer un équilibre mental. Sans se douter une seconde que cette thérapie si particulière va l’emmener à découvrir un monde merveilleux autant que périlleux. Car « Thot » n’est pas la seule divinité à avoir besoin de ses services, et que, peut-être, quelque chose, ou quelqu’un, quelque part, œuvre dans l’ombre pour déstabiliser les piliers qui soutiennent le monde. Belladonne Mercier devient la psychologue des dieux. Et croyez-moi, ce ne sera pas de tout repos…

Don't Write Me Off
Don’t Write Me Off is an immersive, short-form audio drama competition. Each season, a select number of writers are given the same narrative elements - a character, a location, and an inciting incident - to craft a script no more than twenty pages. How they use those elements in their story is entirely up to them. Audiences then get to vote on which story they like most. After a month, we host a roundtable discussion with the writers during which the winner of that season is announced. The winner of each season gets to choose the prompt for the following season.

The Signal
From the writer of the #1 Podcast OUTLIERS. In 1961, at the height of the Cold War, an enigmatic CIA operative investigates the source of a mysterious shortwave signal—generated either by Russian double agents/spies and their handlers or originating from extraterrestrial aliens/UFOs, or both—and systematically tracks the source in order to disrupt the possible activation of a thermonuclear “dead man’s switch.” At the same time, a plucky young woman fights to rescue her younger brother—who has the ability to see alien “insect people”—from the clutches of ill-intentioned “government doctors,” while a dogged radio host in Dayton, Ohio uses his UFO-focused show to expose ongoing government-sanctioned conspiracies to hide the fact that extraterrestrial aliens not only exist, but are already living amongst us.

Veeran Khandhar
Welcome to "Veeran Khandhar," an enthralling audio book that unveils the mystery of ancient ruins untouched by human presence for millennia. In this gripping tale penned by Kasim Ansari and narrated by the captivating Deepak Yadav, a chance encounter near these desolate ruins sparks a connection that transcends centuries. As the protagonist grapples with questions of identity, the story unfolds a riveting saga of humans and jinns, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. Join us on a journey that will send shivers down your spine, leaving you pondering the strength of these two mystical beings and the secrets concealed within the deserted ruins. "Veeran Khandhar" is not just a book; it's a mesmerising exploration into a world where the past and present collide. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary fiction drama that will linger in your thoughts long after the last word is spoken. Don't miss the chance to experience this unforgettable tale. Press play now and let the mystery unfold.

Greetings from Salton Sea
From the writer of the #1 Podcast OUTLIERS comes a mind-bending, brain-twisting journey into the depths of traumatized memory and the underbelly of a dying California desert town where all the odd-ball inhabitants have something disturbing to hide. When a boy’s shinbone is discovered in Kellan Rucker’s hometown of Salton Sea, Kellan returns to claim what he believes are the remains of his twin brother who vanished nearly twenty years ago when the boys were twelve. The grim discovery triggers Kellan; he loses his battle to stay sober as he struggles to maintain his tenuous hold on reality while he navigates the bizarre environs of the toxic-lake town and its funhouse of eccentric characters to uncover the truth about what really happened to his twin all those years ago.

L'amore acquatico di Max & Frida
Una ragazza, un ragazzo e la scoperta di un autentico sentimento di amore e amicizia. Un'escursione in montagna fra la natura e la bellezza del Parco della Gola Rossa e di Frasassi, nell'alta Vallesina, in provincia di Ancona. Un viaggio che accrescerà la loro consapevolezza sull'importanza dell'acqua e la salvaguardia dell'ambiente che ci circonda. Tutto questo e molto altro è... L'amore acquatico di Max e Frida. L’amore acquatico di Max & Frida è il podcast di Accademica H2O dove amore, sostenibilità e tutela delle risorse idriche si incontrano. Un viaggio da montagna a valle seguendo il percorso dell’acqua che da centinaia di anni si fa strada attraverso la natura avventurosa del. Parco Naturale della Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi. E così anche il loro giovane amore nasce puro e acerbo per fortificarsi lungo la strada, tra una tempesta e qualche scoglio da superare. Ogni episodio racconta un concetto chiave per comprendere la crisi idrica e quella climatica globale in atto. Il percorso che aspetta Max & Frida è tutt’altro che semplice, ma incontreranno personaggi eroici e realtà produttive virtuose in grado di far capire loro che disegnare un nuovo modello di sviluppo, più rispettoso dell’ambiente e in particolare delle risorse acquatiche del territorio, è possibile. Perché l’impegno per un futuro più sostenibile è fatto di scelte e trasformazioni radicali, ma parte anche dai piccoli gesti.

Rosso vendetta
Il truffatore che ha rovinato tuo figlio. Il vicino di casa che odi. La donna che ti ha rubato il fidanzato. I bulli che ti hanno condizionato la vita. Cosa saresti disposto a fare per vendicarti? Fin dove può spingersi l'odio, e quanto può far rumore il silenzio? Quattro episodi, quattro racconti noir ambientati durante le feste natalizie. Perché a Natale non siamo tutti più buoni. I racconti sono tratti dalla raccolta Tutti i racconti, che potete trovare su Amazon.

Le Soapcast
La première sitcom audio, par Binge Audio. Tous les jours, un épisode de 5 minutes. Roger est mort et il a pensé à tout. Faute d'héritier, Roger s'est adapté. Pour emmerder la libraire du Rez de chaussée, qui rêve de racheter tout le petit immeuble, il a conçu un plan. Il a organisé sa succession : elle n'aura jamais rien parce qu'il lègue tout... à ses locataires. Soraya, Jean et Geneviève, Gaspard et Juliette. À eux de faire vivre la petite utopie urbaine et mal gaulée de Roger.

Mord im Grand Resort
Die berühmte Detektivin Johanna Kempin möchte im Grand Resort Bad Ragaz eigentlich nur Urlaub machen. Doch dann kommt alles anders. Ein Hotelgast wird tot in der Therme aufgefunden – erstochen mit einem Messer. Johanna Kempin beginnt zu ermitteln und findet heraus, dass das Mordopfer in diverse illegale Machenschaften verwickelt war. Je tiefer Johanna Kempin in der Vergangenheit gräbt, desto mehr dunkle Geheimnisse kommen ans Licht.

Classic Christmas Stories
Pastor Jason reads Christmas stories.

Welcome to Sunderland
Welcome to Sunderland, a town of 10,000 where everything is weird, but no one seems to notice. Follow our adventurers in this Dungeons and Dragons-like adventure set in modern setting involving UFOs, aliens, cryptids, and all manner of paranormal strangeness.

‘Astro Boy’ meets ‘Scooby Doo’ in this cozy action mystery series from the future! Discover a brave new world alongside the daring android detective Elin as he is brought to life on a planet constantly evolving and teeming with secrets. From her humble school days at Albion Science Academy to her battles with the forces of nature and those who seek to control it, there’s a new adventure around every corner. The 23rd century has never looked so bright! …Or so it seems. In truth, the world was forever changed by the effects of climate change; new nations, new technologies, and new dangers. As a human machine, Elin must learn to navigate the complexities of life, all while her own creation remains an enigma. As this prosperous future is built upon the backs of robots like her, he comes to learn what it means to live on this Earth we all call home.

Infrangible [English][AudioWebSerie]
Infrangible is a science-fiction, anticipation story: "Some people will give everything to go to Mars, to escape climate change. " The story focuses on a character called "Mra_01". I won't say more. I hope you will like it.

One Shot in the Dark
One Shot in the Dark is a D&D podcast focused on exploring fun stories through one shot's instead of ongoing long-form storytelling. We explore new mechanics we as DMs and we laugh a lot together. Each season is its own One Shot made up of several episodes so you don't have to worry about joining late and catching up on 150 episodes to know what's going on. The player characters belong to The Sworn Brotherhood, a band of mercenaries taking contracts across the continent. Some characters resurface across seasons and some are new experiments by the players. Were so glad you're here.

Strange Whispers
Welcome to "Strange Whispers," where eerie tales come to life through haunting narratives. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of dark short stories crafted by our host, Stephen. Each episode will take you on a spine-chilling journey into the unknown. Join us as we delve into the twisted and macabre, exploring the shadows that lurk within the human psyche. Prepare to be captivated by tales that linger long after the final whisper fades.

Bullied By My Stepbrother
I never meant to fall for my billionaire stepbrother. But he has trapped me behind the kitchen counter, followed me into the girls’ locker room, and snuck into my bedroom when our parents were fast asleep more times than I can count. Basked in the privileges of wealth, fame, and high school football stardom, Jace is everything that I loathe. When our parents take a vacation and force us to spend a week alone, memories of our time together two years ago–before he broke my heart–come flooding back. And I want them all to go away, because… Senior year is supposed to be for staying under the radar and finally plotting how I will leave this shitty town. Not for second chances. Stepbrother is a standalone novel within the Bad Boys of Redwood Academy series. Join me in this spicy and forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance filled with sports, second chances, and a bad boy.

Ad Astra Archive
Just before the final chapter of humankind a beacon was launched. It was known as the Ad Astra Archive. Emanating infinitely from this celestial hub would be stories from humanity. Each unique transmission is beamed to provide a spectrum of tales documenting our existence. If you are listening, do not come searching: only these stories remain.

Jaume I, rei dels valencians
Ficció radiofònica de 10 capítols de recreació dramàtica de la vida de Jaume I. Una producció de Ràdio 9 per a l’Any Jaume I, huité centenari del naixement del Rei Conqueridor.

Murder on Michigan Avenue
Murder, mayhem, mangled alliterative prose; this story has it all. When an esteemed studio potter based in Chicago is found dead, those who supposedly knew her best must join forces to pick up the pieces. Journey with us as we untangle the web of treachery and deceit woven by her eccentric group of students in this knee-slapping knockoff of a whodunnit style mystery.

Ishtars Tränen
Ein Subversion Actual Play Podcast.

ENKI: Contos do Passado
[TEMPORADA 1] O famoso audiodrama em versão portuguesa. A Teoria dos Antigos Astronautas pode ser mais do que apenas uma teoria. Junte-se a Enki e todos os principais protagonistas da criação humana em um audiodrama de ficção científica único que revelará a História alternativa da humanidade. Cada episódio contém uma experiência sonora profundamente pesquisada e cuidadosamente produzida, transformada em um incrível podcast narrativo. Escrita, produção, arte, edição e distribuição por Mário Portela. Uma equipe de um só homem para uma comunidade inteira!

Horizon Red
Life in the New Horizons colony on the surface of Mars is quiet. A small team of researchers along with ancillary security, IT, and engineers working for the private space corporation O.S.I.R.I.S. have learned to appreciate simplicity. That is, until they start to realize they might not know the whole story. Why were they really sent there? And just what isn't O.S.I.R.I.S. telling them?

Fantasy and LitRPG Story called "Worlds Beneath the Shadows"
Fantasy and LitRPG Story called "Worlds Beneath the Shadows".

FarPlaces Radio
Embark with us on a journey throughout the nation of Parmign. Find your place within this world where bread grows on plants, guilds of every variety compete to outshine one another, and life comes to fantasy.

Apotheosis | Dark Fantasy Audio Drama
Long has mortalkind been scattered across the spheres, scrounging for life, and meaning. The ancients unlocked their souls and brought forth magic, only to rip it away again with the Schism. Dark days have plagued the races of the Mortalworld for eons since. The power of the Otherworld ebbs and flows at the whims of the gods. Who among mortalkind can reach beyond the confines of their soul and achieve Apotheosis? Countless have tried, most have failed. Still some persist. The gods of old and new wage violent wars, the Mortals their pawns. The universe itself hangs in the balance.

Nine Powers - TTRGP Actual Plays
Enjoy unplanned, kid-friendly, urban fantasy adventure stories created using the Nine Powers tabletop role-playing game! The style and habits of GM Automation enabling my solo play also provide tools, ideas and inspiration for new and/or young GMs. May you enjoy my story, and please steal ideas for your own gaming!

Firelight Fables
Come and join us by the fire, we have a few tales to tell. From the high seas to uneasy utopian dreams, there are many worlds to explore. So sit back and relax, it's time for a fable or two.

Channel Divinity: A D&D Podcast
A D&D 5e actual-play podcast where we have fun playing in the homebrew world called Dalgar.

Moonkarta is an epic family tale of good vs evil, courage and friendship, written and produced by Terry Mynott and Col Howarth. The world is changing. Dark forces are circling, threatening to upset the balance of life and light. Shady characters are turning up on Moonkarta's shores and warning its people of change and revenge. When evil forces arrive off the ancient shores of Moonkarta, the balance of everything is threatened. Can Splott and his friends protect the Tree of All Seeds, the magical Forbidden Forest with its precious stone circles, and more importantly, each other? Join them on an epic tale that takes our gang on a voyage across seas and deserts, and to ancient lands, where astronomers watch the skies and where magic and legends rule.

Macaw, an original audio drama
Macaw. An original audio drama from Jason O. Silva and Drew Rausch. Starring Drew Rausch, Lance Reddick, Jonathan Silverman, Danielle Savre, and Jennifer Finnigan. A stick-in-the-mud cruise ship guest would be happier continuing the monotonous 9-5 he cherishes. Instead, Ron Ahmanson ends up in a revelatory existential crisis kicked off by the discovery of an unlikely superpower - he always rolls “snake eyes” at the craps table.

Unknown Adventures
Welcome to Unknown Adventures, the podcast where each week i'll embark on a solo RPG journey in serialised narrative-driven episodes. Join me as each season will focus on a different game, telling immersive stories with scripted and fully voice acted sequences, sound effects and music. Between adventures expect a mix of reviews, interviews with friends and industry experts, and discussions about all things tabletop gaming.

ForgeD20 Podcast
We are TTRPG centered podcast.

Comedians In Dungeons Getting Dragons
A D&D actual play podcast where a group of diverse comedians try to have fun and not die in a world that’s trying to kill them. It’s like real life but with potions and stuff.

The Phosphene Catalogue
An urban fantasy podcast of tape recordings by the curator of a secretive London-based art auction house. The Phosphene Catalogue is a 1970s mail-order catalogue, specialising in those items that cannot be sold at other auction houses: Paintings of lost origin, statues that are too grotesque for public display, and books better left unread...

The Box
The Box is four-part fiction story, it follows Seth as he steps into the unknown and unravels the mysteries of an underground facility, and AICS the enigmatic AI designed to help him survive. Can she be trusted or is she a hidden adversary?

The Midnight Zone
‘The Midnight Zone : A Horror Anthology Audio Drama. A gateway to a collection of bone-chilling horror stories. This anthology series explores the darkest and most mysterious parts of our world, promising a suspenseful journey with every listen. If you're a fan of gripping horror narratives, 'The Midnight Zone' is your destination. Turn off the lights, listen carefully and get ready for a fully immersive audio drama experience.

Baron Sordor's Theatre of the Doomed
Baron Sordor's Theatre of the Doomed takes you back to a golden age when live radio plays ruled the airwaves and Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre convinced an entire nation they were under attack by Martians. Paying homage to 1960’s classics like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, The Theatre of the Doomed features performances from a bevy of incredible Australian actors as well as Jeff Martin from The Tea Party as Baron Sordor himself!

Superstellar (A Sci-Fi Radio Show Storytelling Experience)
Superstellar is a radio show and series of novels written by H.W. Phillips, which centers about an expansive, fantasy-like world set in the far future. This is more than an audio book. This is a full blown audio experience.

Where It All Started Novel
"A good old fashioned love story between a workaholic submissive, who has her whole life planned ahead of her, and a Dominant who would take every day as it comes, if she weren't so terrified that everyone will one day leave her." This is the audio version of Where It All Started, a novel written by J. Allison Baird and illustrated by S. M. Shifflett which is being released online for free, one chapter a week in both text and audio format. At the end of which a limited physical print run is planned for those who enjoyed the novel and wish to support it. Or just want it as a very pretty book they can hold in their hands.

Elizabeth Quick
Elizabeth Quick, living a life of convention and anxiety and the occasional kickboxing class, never believed she was powerful. Then an extinction event left behind a wild new planet, equal parts dangerous and astonishing. Now Elizabeth is in that wilderness alone, searching for her teenage daughter and realizing that, just like the plants and animals she sees evolving in the blink of an eye, she must become someone she never thought possible. Written, performed, and engineered by Daryl Lisa Fazio. Music from Artlist. Selected sound effects from Artlist and

Creation: A Whole New Reality
Creation is a collection of Stories about the Universe. a whole new reality created in an instant. an astronaut lost in space and portals. a sphere encompassing all meaning of time. a feverish travel through the astral planes. a visit to the realms of the angels and of the devils.

Holiday Whodunits
Holiday Whodunits is a Cozy Mystery Series written and performed by Sarah Verneuille.

La Tribu des Herbes Folles
Dès le 1er décembre 2023, retrouvez un nouveau conte de Noël à déguster à raison d'un chapitre par jour, exactement comme un calendrier de l'Avent. Le plaisir de la surprise à partager en famille ou même à savourer seul·e! Cette année, je vous emmène dans une petite vallée nichée au cœur des Alpes, avec ses chalets, ses yaks, ses forêts mystérieuses et sa bande d'enfants joyeux et sauvages, la Tribu des Herbes Folles, à qui il arrivera mille et une aventures... La Tribu des Herbes Folles a été réalisée dans le cadre d'une résidence à OVNI pour le projet Oona Va Naître Ici. Un immense merci à elleux pour cette opportunité incroyable!

Mia Insomnia
Was ist das Hörspiel "Insomnia"? Und warum ist Podcasterin Mia die einzige Person auf der Welt, die sich an diese Hörspiel-Kassette aus ihrer Kindheit erinnert? Die Suche nach Antworten führt sie zu einer unheimlichen Erkenntnis: Entweder ihre Erinnerungen sind nicht echt - oder die Welt um sie herum. Mit ihrem Aufnahmegerät nimmt uns Mia auf ihre Suche mit. Was als scheinbar harmlose Reise beginnt, entwickelt sich zu einer großen Verschwörung. "Mia Insomnia" ist die Mystery-Hörspiel-Serie für Podcast-Fans und alle, die mit Detektivhörspielen aufgewachsen sind und eine Portion Horror nicht missen wollen.

Allow Me to Ruin Your Christmas
He just discovered why his dad died. Now ‘tis the season for a rampage of revenge… If you like characters pushed over the edge, dark acts, and family drama, then you’ll love Freddy Cruz’s bloodstained holiday treat.

Gimble & Ghoul
Beatrice Ghoul is a ghost hunting private detective, taking on the paranormal world and it’s many mysteries with the help of her partner in business and fiancé, Ted Gimble. Or at least she was until a recent tragedy struck and in a single night her career, relationship and life crumbled. However with the arrival of an intriguing new case, things may be beginning to awaken in the Gimble & Ghoul offices.

The Avengers: Audio Drama
Spun off from Scyther Audio's "X-Men: The Audio Drama" series, comes The Avengers! Operating under the same premise of using the comic book history and stories as a template while modernizing the tales, listen as Earth's Mightiest Heroes come together and save the world!

Adair’s Christmas Gift
A boy’s heart is hardening toward his oppressive father when, on Christmas Eve, a forest enchantment lulls him to sleep and shows him a vision that changes everything.

The Grotto
Struck by a recent loss, Matt turns to spelunking for solace. As Matt battles grief, he questions if the caves are playing tricks or if something else lurks within. The Grotto is a liminal horror podcast that explores the thin line between grief, pain, mourning, and loss.

The Pensive Tower
The Pensive Tower is a weekly high fantasy podcast, following the collected stories of the people who live in the Five Seas Federation and beyond. Join the newly appointed Inscriber, Paxton Ferox, as he works his way through the memories that have been donated to the Tower over the years following the mysterious Dark Age, converting them to the audio format of the newly invented mnimigraph, and supplementing them with any follow up that might have been reported in the intervening years. Some of the memories are of danger, some of romance or life changing encounters or even rediscovering that which was thought forgotten. And together they begin to form an outline of a greater story being told, if only someone can read it.

Doctor Who Audio Adventures (Fanmade Audio Drama Series)
This is a series of audio dramas based on the BBC's hit sci-fi show, Doctor Who. It has a full voice cast, original stories, original sounds, and music all unique to this fanmade adaptation of one of the pillars of sci-fi in media. I hope you will enjoy it. This series is in no way affiliated with the BBC or any other copyright holder. No copyright infringement intended. This production is completely non-profit.

O sequestro do popstar Johnny Bob Gillian, no caminho para o seu megashow em São Paulo, choca o mundo. E pior que no mesmo dia, Hércules, o chow-chow do Delegado Castello Branco é envenenado e morto. O Delegado, que é o Superintendente da PF de São Paulo, é colocado como responsável pela investigação do sequestro. O mundo inteiro está preocupado com o cantor, mas o Delegado só quer saber de achar quem foi que matou seu cachorro.

A Queda de Ingonish
Algo castiga os habitantes de Ingonish... se pecaste, tem cuidado. 1567. Ingonish, Canadá. Inês é uma colona relutante, forçada a abandonar os Açores com Bartolomeu, o seu marido diácono, à procura de uma vida melhor. Mas a primeira colónia falhou e Inês teme o mesmo destino: falta de recursos, frio glacial, fome. Quando uma série de assassinatos ritualísticos começam a ocorrer na colónia, Inês ganha finalmente um propósito: encontrar o monstro e proteger a sua comunidade. Mas o resto dos colonos suspeitam de bruxaria e questionam o facto de Inês não ter filhos assim como a sua ligação com as vítimas. À medida que as mortes se multiplicam e a colónia se aproxima da ruína, Inês terá de fazer tudo para se salvar… ou então, arderá na fogueira.

Go I Know Not Wither
Follow Sasha, as they drive through the Siberian woods telling their story into a tape recorder so that it will be kept alive. Stories after all only live if others take their weight too. Knowing this, Sasha relays their life from birth, when they gained powers, all the way to the mysterious events that left them only with a truck, a tape recorder, and a bloody jacket. Oh, and we can't forget the wolf.

Conrad lives a solitary existence in an ancient windmill in a remote part of Scandinavia. He has no memory of being a functional part of society. All he has is his work; the bodies he disposes of. When prominent politician Albert Finzt ends up on Conrad's autopsy slab, he begins to unravel the horrific circumstances behind his forced labour.

Shadows of Baerlon - A Wheel of Time D&D Actual Play
Shadows of Baerlon is the very first campaign by D&D group Hearthfire Tales, before they delved into their own homebrew world of Lethuan. This is a podcast that features fantastic members of the Wheel of Time Online Community, and was recorded and released back in Early 2021.

The Draconian Universe
The Draconian Universe is a space to be lost within the world of fiction. Here you will find Audio Dramas written and produced by Black women and men, highlighting the diverse talent within the black community. We are more than our struggle. We create and we imagine.

The Secret Seas of Puglia
Michele dives every dawn to relax – and to search for ancient artifacts to collect. The encounter with a diver of dubious morality, and the confrontation with a mythological being, will lead Michele towards the discovery of true love for the sea and history. A project by the Puglia Region and ASSET produced by Audio Machineria in collaboration with Brand & Soda.

I Mari Segreti della Puglia
Michele si immerge ogni alba, per rilassarsi – e per cercare reperti antichi da collezionare. L’incontro con un sommozzatore dalla dubbia moralità, e il confronto con un essere mitologico, condurranno Michele verso la scoperta del vero amore per il mare e la storia. Un progetto di Regione Puglia e dell'Agenzia Regionale ASSET. Prodotto da Audio Machineria in collaborazione con Brand&Soda.

My Weird Ass Neighbor
This Podcast Is about the mystery of My Weird Ass Neighbor. I plan to keep each episode about 5 mins long with weekly updates. If there's any questions or any information that I've left out, please go to the My Weird Ass Neighbor sub Reddit. So I can answer any and all questions.

Read, Play, Game
A podcast where friends READ a new ttrpg, PLAY through the system, and then talk about the GAME.

Mokksh In the serene valley of Dalhousie, Inspector Hardy pursues a relentless psycho killer who preys on children. Haunted by his past and the mysterious disappearance of his wife, Neha, Hardy is driven to protect the valley's young souls, despite facing personal tragedies. Each arrest leads to a dead end, tarnishing Hardy's reputation and resulting in his suspension. CID officer Jagriti takes over but also finds no answers. Hardy's redemption journey begins when he saves Jagriti from organ traffickers, earning back his position. Together, they uncover the chilling truth: Jasmine, the valley's music teacher, aided by witch Pushpa, is sacrificing children to summon her dead son, Manav. Ghattu, Pushpa's eighth son, becomes their key witness. A shocking revelation emerges: Neha was a terrorist, and Hardy's son witnessed a crime that led to his suicide. Ghattu kills Jasmine, revealing the evidence to close the case, and ending the cycle of violence. "Echoes of Remorse" is a haunting tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Whispers of the Lost World
This captivating series follows the exciting journey of a diverse group of international students who are inadvertently attracted into the maze-like attic that conceals a mysterious secret—a covert portal to the hidden worlds of time. Their intense curiosity sparks unanticipated mayhem that propels them through the gaps in time itself, where the past and present collide sharply. A wild turn of events propels them into the chaos of World War II's core.

Mystic Misfits
Dungeon Master: Orion Carter leads a group of misfits as they fight their way through the mystic lands of Dungeons and Dragons. Orion has created his own world within the restrictions of the DnD rules and regulations and the group known as Mystic Misfits is ready to see his world.

Made in Dark
Bienvenue dans l'univers terrifiant de "Made in Dark", une collection d'histoires d'horreur modernes et uniques qui transcende les frontières de la peur dans les recoins les plus secrets des ténèbres, là où la lumière hésite à se risquer. "Made in Dark" n'est pas seulement un recueil d'histoires macabres, c'est une expérience qui éveille nos sens et maltraite nos âmes. Chaque vidéo est une promesse d'insomnies volontaires. Explorez des situations originales où l'ordinaire bascule dans la noirceur la plus profonde où les ombres recèlent des secrets inimaginables.

Wrought of Amber
In 2009 Emily Carmichael, star of the children's show Virtue Vista Valley, was kidnapped and murdered. Now, in 2023 her sister Alex is challenging the official narrative of her sister's tragic loss. Set in the world of Weeping Cedars, Wrought of Amber explores a mystery more horrific than Alex could ever imagine.

Orbital 1
Join me on a journey, a venture toward self-discovery across the vastness of space, the interstellar fabric with which we weave our stories. From interesting, rewarding and dangerous encounters, in this episode I introduce the name of my ship, my trusted AI companion and myself.

Infrangible [WebSerieAudio]
Infrangible,Il s'agit d'une histoire de science-fiction, d'anticipation : "Des personnes donnent tout pour s'en aller sur Mars, pour échapper au changement climatique."L'histoire se concentre sur un personnage qui se nomme : "Amr_01".Je n'en dirai pas plus, mais j'espère que ça vous plaira.

Polskie RPG-owanie
Podcasty poświęcone grom fabularnym, czyli tzn. tabletop RPG, gdzie gracze wcielają się w różne rolę. Znajdziesz u nas kampanie, przygody, jak i tzn. jednostrzały czy to Wiedźmin Gra Fabularna, Cyberpunk RED i wiele innych systemów. Prócz typowych rozgrywek RPG, od czasu do czasu na luźno pogadamy sobie po prostu o grach fabularnych i nie tylko. Zapraszam serdecznie.

The great glowing rings in the sky are just that. The eyes always watching do not exist. Re-Wake is a science fiction podcast about a radio station in the world of Xarasiund, where horrifying, weird, and fun events take place!

Neon Inkwell
This innovative compilation series features short form podcasts from a variety of creators. This project looks to highlight new and underrepresented creators, as well as showcasing a few from recognized Rusty Quill favourites. Whether it’s a post-apocalyptic space thriller or a quirky monster road trip, Neon Inkwell listeners will always have something new to discover.

Build a Prince: A Royal Christmas Love Story
When fiercely independent Princess Adelaide of Alpinoa discovers she must be married by Christmas in order to be crowned queen, she decides to secretly create the perfect prince out of handsome American commoner, Hayden. What’s intended as a formal arrangement turns into something more when Hayden’s kindness and unconventional charm begin breaking down her walls. But little do they know, not everyone wants her to be queen, forcing Adelaide to fight for her country, open herself up to love, and come to terms with who she’s meant to be - all in time for Christmas.

Candy Claus, Private Eye
Santa's bastard daughter solves hardboiled Christmas crimes on the North Pole.

Que la inteligencia artificial tome control de la humanidad ya dejó de ser ciencia ficción. FOOM, una audio ficción escrita por Julio Rojas (Caso 63) y realizada por Emisor Podcasting, Sonoro, El Extraordinario, Anfibia y La No Ficción.

Vennix the Mighty
Vennix the Mighty is a hilarious and heartwarming podcast about an obnoxious demi-god and his ditzy priestess. It's a must-listen for fans of Hello from the Magic Tavern, Terry Pratchett, and the odd fart joke.

Gone Bush
Gone Bush- Blue Mountains is a 7 part brand-crafted comedy from Dweezl Productions. Written by Brett Danalake and Iain Triffitt, based on their play. Directed by Malcolm Frawley. Produced by Beth Champion

Forgive Me Father
Forgive Me Father is a techo-surreal horror that takes place both in the virtual reality world of Bright City as well as the real world.

“Confident Sensuality”
So this podcast is going to be a little untraditional. I wrote a book, titled, “confident sensuality.“ And on so many of my other platforms, people have requested for me to turn it into an audiobook. This is the route I’m choosing to go, because it allows me to have way more control. With that being said, this is also a zesty, delicious and steamy story. I hope you love it.

Connery: The Novel
Sam Coleridge is inspired by a chance meeting with Sean Connery as a child, but the lessons he learns lead him to dark places. Connery is a speculative work of fiction by John Bleasdale and read by Cai Ross, with music by Two Minute Noodles.

1 of 1 Podcast
Presented by 101 Pieces Publishing.

Dis juste quelques mots, pour décrire notre amour
Voilà mon premier podcast, Voici le contexte de l'histoire: Une jeune femme perdu trouve enfin l'amour , mais après plusieurs mois de couples . Elle était loin d'imaginer ce qu'il ce passait derrière son dos. Il était avocat . Assistante . Meilleure amie. Un véritable encu***. Elle décide de partir aussi loin qu'elle peut mais l'amour n'est pas si loin qu'elle le pense... et certains démons vont refaire surface.

Contos do Almanaque
Mergulhe no universo fascinante dos contos intrigantes. Cada episódio do nosso podcast é uma janela para um mundo diferente, onde a imaginação não tem limites. De mistérios que arrepiam até aventuras que inspiram, "Contos do Almanaque" traz uma variedade de histórias cuidadosamente selecionadas para despertar sua curiosidade e entreter. Seja durante uma pausa no dia ou no conforto do seu lar, permita-se ser transportado para lugares onde o impossível se torna real. Junte-se a nós nessa jornada pelo fantástico, pelo misterioso, pelo inesperado.

Pat Springleaf is in quite the bind. He’s an ex-conman turned undercover cop in the middle of the biggest case of his career - the gang are getting suspicious, his wife wants a divorce, the police are demanding results and his ex girlfriend/ex partner in crime is blackmailing him. Not an ideal situation for someone with a burning need to please absolutely everybody...

Dupont Investigations
An original full-cast audio drama by Nocturne Hall. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF CRIME. 1936.Torsten Somersby is a private investigator with a deep knowledge of the occult and a dubious reputation because of the strange cases his expertise attracts. When a handsome tobacco heir dies mysteriously, Torsten agrees to assist Nigel Clemmons, an out-of-town insurance investigator, in uncovering the truth behind the young man’s fate. Torsten and Nigel discover the heir’s troubled past and obsession with an ancient occult conspiracy. They must navigate a dangerous landscape to thwart the plans of those responsible.

An actual play podcast version of the Starfinder Twitch show hosted by Dragonborn Industries.

Shortwave Kitsch Radio Show
New Stories; Vintage Vibes! Take an exciting leap back in time to celebrate the tradition of radio drama! Shortwave Kitsch is a comedic peek into a slice of history that’ll keep you wanting more! Each show is a new work written, performed, and recorded by local Charlestonians in front of a live audience. Every episode will be available here on the modern-day interwebs so you never have to miss out on any of our stories as we travel back in time, through space, out into the great Wild West, and all around the world. Come with us on your next adventure and hold on tight for this thrilling ride!

Magic and How to Fix It
Welcome to the world of Astaria, a place where magic and mayhem are always just around the corner. Experience the lives of the residents of this fantasy world as they attempt to solve their magical dilemmas. Feel free to jump in where ever you like as all episodes are entirely unique stories posted fortnightly.

Monsters with Mortimer: Interviews with Creatures of the Night
Join Professor Mortimer Blackwood in this scripted fiction interview podcast as he delves into the world of monsters and creatures of the night. With a dark sense of humor and wonder, uncover the truths, legends, and secrets of werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and more. A captivating blend of horror, folklore, and interviews. Tune in to 'Monsters with Mortimer' for intriguing conversations with creatures of the night!

Blades of Mayari
A Filipino-Canadian led fantasy actual play podcast inspired by pre-colonial Filipino mythology.

En expédition vers le pôle Nord, le capitaine Robert Walton et son équipage recueillent à bord de leur navire un homme et son traîneau, à la dérive sur la banquise. Cet homme entreprend alors de raconter son histoire au capitaine : il s’agit de Victor Frankenstein, un savant suisse. Originaire de Genève et adepte de la philosophie naturelle, celui-ci part  étudier à Ingolstadt avec l’objectif de découvrir le moyen de donner la vie. Il se consacre alors corps et âme à son projet et finalement réussit à créer un être vivant assemblé des parties de chairs mortes. Horrifié par l'aspect hideux de l'être auquel il a donné la vie, Victor Frankenstein abandonne sa création. Mais cette dernière le poursuit, et décide finalement de se venger d'avoir été rejeté par son créateur et persécuté par la société. Ce podcast est une adaptation en 5 épisodes du roman "Frankenstein ou le Prométhée moderne" de Mary Shelley, paru en 1818. Adapté par Mehdi Bayad et réalisé par Christophe Loerke.

Au pays des rêves
Des contes pour enfants où se mêlent aventures et apprentissages de la vie. Les héros vont à la rencontres d'animaux et de mondes merveilleux.

Les Rôlistes Associés
Bienvenue, prenez place! Venez écouter les péripéties de nos valeureux aventuriers. Ils se sont rencontrés par hasard dans une auberge de la petite cité de Guet aux Dagues et se retrouvent emportés dans une mystérieuse enquête dont les enjeux sont peut-être bien plus importants qu'au premiers abords. "Aventures et forts intérieurs", l'histoire de héros pas comme les autres...

Dario Digital RPG
Ciao, sono Dario e gioco di ruolo! Questo podcast riporta in versione solo audio alcune delle sessioni casalinghe ai GDR che amo di più e che potete recuperare, in formato video, sul mio omonimo canale YouTube. Spero che queste sessioni vi possano interessare, intrattenere e incuriosire tanto da voler provare voi stessi questi giochi! Ho anche una pagina Patreon e un profilo Instagram (sempre con lo stesso nome, Dario Digital RPG) sule quali pubblico contenuti grafici e spunti per i GDR che sto giocando in quel momento. Buon ascolto e buon divertimento!

QuickTales - Jeux de Rôle Solo
QuickTales : un maître du jeu pour un joueur seul, différent à chaque partie ! Le personnage est créé sur mesure pour l'occasion, l'univers sélectionné parmi tous ceux que je propose, et le scénario complètement improvisé ! Chaque invité.e vient jouer avec trois mots-clef que je dois intégrer à mon histoire et qui me servent de support pour improviser le scénario!

Marshalltown after Midnight
Welcome to "Marshalltown after Midnight," a mesmerizing podcast series of short eerie tales and unsolved mysteries broadcast from the fictional WKLR Radio in Morris County's Marshalltown, Indiana. In the quiet hours of the night, our host, Alex Riddle, takes you on a journey through the uncanny and supernatural events that occur in the shadows of this seemingly ordinary town. Each episode unfolds a new story, revealing the hidden, sometimes chilling, aspects of Marshalltown and its inhabitants. From inexplicable phenomena to ghostly encounters, and from time anomalies to unsolved mysteries, "Marshalltown after Midnight" brings to life the tales that are whispered about but rarely spoken of in the light of day. Alex Riddle, with his soothing yet captivating voice, becomes your guide into the unknown, blending the charm of old-school radio storytelling with the intrigue of modern narrative. This podcast is not just for the lovers of the paranormal and the aficionados of suspense. It's for anyone who relishes a good story and the thrill of a mystery left on the edge of revelation. Every episode promises a unique blend of folklore, mystery, and the supernatural, making you question what's real and what lurks in the corners of your imagination. Join us at WKLR as we explore the peculiar happenings of Marshalltown. Remember, in this town, nothing is as it seems, and every shadow could tell a story. Are you ready to delve into the mysteries of Marshalltown after Midnight?

The Time Tapes
The Millers, separated by more then a century yet joined by blood and a purpose. For Dr Oliver Miller, a chance encounter sets him on a course of investigation that will challenge his beliefs, his safety, his reputation and the very science of the day. For Steve Miller, a new ‘client’ leads him into a world or ‘worlds’ where he will find his sanity pushed to the limit as he struggles to decide on which of many possibilities is ‘the truth’. A journey through timelines, real or imagined- You decide.

The AI Chronicles
From Intern to AI RJ, The AI Chronicles is an engaging audio drama series that takes listeners on a captivating journey into the world of artificial intelligence. The story revolves around an AI intern who aspires to become an AI radio jockey (RJ) and the challenges and experiences they encounter along the way. This audio drama aims to humanize AI by exploring its growth, emotions, and interactions with humans. Also, it's a refreshing new take on AI navigating the human space with dollops of office humour thrown in.

Podcast version of the TTRPG Actual Play set in a South Asian mythological universe starring Jasmine Bhullar, Anjali Bhimani, Omar Najam, Sandeep Parikh & Rekha Shankar.

A Space in This World
Forty-five days after an unknown apocalyptic event, Gus and his son Micheal are the only survivors. They've been scavenging and finding ways to continue living while seeking answers to their plight. But a new problem arises that forces Gus to do things on his own so they both can survive.

Voices from the Ledge
Have you ever felt so desperate or so depressed that you felt like giving up? Be honest, now, did you ever say to yourself, ”I’m probably worth more dead than alive?” Julie suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome. She had been forced into early retirement while her husband had hit the pinnacle of his career. She was lost. What she didn’t know was that her depression was normal. But Julie had a plan. She was going to end her misery, however, in the execution of it, a remarkable thing happened. She meets four women who were at the same hotel on a girl’s get-away weekend. They have a very strange impact on her. Find out what happens when you’re about to give up on life, but that gets interrupted by strangers who really have lived life~!

Storytime with the Springs
I've been writing stories for my children for years and now I want to share them with you. Each episode tells a part of a much larger story that all together makes up the epic tale called The Iris Chronicles. It's where a young girl from a remote fishing town discovers her magical heritage and her destiny to save the world.

King of the Egg Cream
Based on the incredible true story of Harry Dolowich, who grew up poor in the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the Great Depression and found riches hatching a scheme to take over the one industry that wasn't already controlled by the Mob -- the chocolate syrup industry. Harry's charm, ambition and gift of gab can only take him so far and it turns out being a syrup racketeer ain't as sweet as it sounds. With a killer cast, including Justin Bartha, Lewis Black, Ari Graynor, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bobby Cannavale, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and narrated by Richard Kind, King Of The Egg Cream is a crime story, love story and distinctly American story, all packed into ten funny, fizzy and delicious episodes. Created by Justin Bartha, Emil Stern and Sigmund Stern.

The Last Vampyr Hunter
Vampyrs. Fiction, right? Well, whilst working at a facility located in ****** ****, I met a man known as Jim Heap. I don't believe that is his real name, but it was the name given to me. He told me an unbelievable story over many, many weeks. I didn't know whether to believe him or not, but the purpose of the facility led me to be less dismissive than I may have been if I had met him and heard his story in another place. He agreed I could record him and share his story. This relationship is ongoing. So, here it is. His story. Make of it what you will.

Dear Old Blood: Notes on a Wittgenstein Noir
The find of a noir detective story Dear Old Blood by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein sounds too good to be true. Academic Horace Murgatroyd thinks it's a hoax, dreamed up by Herbert Denk to save a failing career. But who will win this war of authenticity?

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
Be entertained and inspired by a fresh retelling of the Christmas classic. You know the story of A Christmas Carol, but you’ve never heard it like this. Get drawn into the powerful story of forgiveness and redemption in this all-new audio experience starring Hollywood pros like Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, and Juliet Mills.

Nur eine Ohrfeige - Hörspiel-Serie nach Christos Tsiolkas
Eine Grillparty läuft aus dem Ruder: Der vierjährige, antiautoritär erzogene Hugo bedroht mit einem Cricketschläger andere Kinder. Ein Erwachsener geht dazwischen und verpasst Hugo eine Ohrfeige. Die Angelegenheit eskaliert zu einem großformatigen Drama samt Polizei und Gerichtsverfahren – und verändert das Leben eines ganzen Freundeskreises. Die Hörspiel-Serie nach einem Roman von Christos Tsiolkas blickt hinter die Fassade von Mittelschichtsfamilien und hinterfragt Wert- und Moralvorstellungen.

A Classical Christmas Chord
In our first series 'A Classical Christmas Chord', classical musician Lena Chord, is forced to work with her high school flame turned pop-star, Zack Sellers, to revive her music company and his troubling bad-boy reputation. Their mutual animosity and attraction sees them struggle to achieve their goal. Hope Street Pods features fictional stories that are heartwarming, comedic and grip people in a way — as the rom-com hero would say— they haven’t felt in a long time. Every 6-episode series features a different protagonist and the current interest of the highly affable and quirky talk show host, Tulip Morris, broadcasting from the fictional radio station on Hope Street.

The Other World's Chronicles
In a distant world, famous literary characters live among the populace. But they are not like you remember.

Boss Monster Adventures
It's tough to be the boss. And even tougher to be a Boss Monster. Based on BOSS MONSTER, the hit tabletop game by Brotherwise Games with over 1 million copies sold, Boss Monster Adventures follows Kid Croak, son of the most fearsome boss in the Overworld, on a quest to replace the magical crystal that powers his fathers' trap filled Final Castle. Joined by cool vampire, Draculad, and ever-loyal brain in a jar, Cerebella, the three venture out into a world of pesky heroes, dangerous dungeons and life-changing secrets. Inspired by popular fantasy and videogame conventions, Boss Monster Adventures is filled with 8-bit music, easter eggs and epic adventure that both old school fans and modern listeners will enjoy.

Remnants is a story about a girl named Freya James and her mission to find her girlfriend, Arwen.

La Familia del Barrio
La Familia del Barrio es la historia de los tejes y manejes de una familia mexicana típica y disfuncional.

Level 1 Geek
We are a team of geeks who are out to create a fun, safe place where everybody can enjoy TTRPGs and level up their geek side! Join us (Chase, Em, Katie, and Tori) for our current playthrough of Stolen Fate, a Pathfinder 2e adventure. When Jack, Krunk, and Gingham stumble upon mysterious and powerful Harrow cards, they must seize control of their fate or fall victim to it.

Movipods Presents!
Hey there, folks! Welcome to our show, "Movipods: Where Screenplays Come To Life!" Every week, we've got something special lined up for you. We're talkin' about brand-spankin'-new audio plays that are straight outta Hollywood's wildest dreams. Yep, you heard it right, we're turning screenplays into ear-ticklin', mind-blowin' audio adventures! Our mission is bigger than that! We're on a quest to take these incredible stories and fling 'em straight into the limelight of the silver screen. And guess what? You get to be a part of it from the very beginning!

Trapped alone at her late grandfather’s farm, 17-year old Alex is haunted by ghosts of her past, while being hunted by something much worse.

Stories from Ylelmore
Stories from Ylelmore is a scripted audio drama about the every day adventures of Keryth (a witch), Rion (a werewolf), and Elas (possibly cursed?) in the mundanely magical world of ylelmore.

Don’t Worry!
Lucas Hart has a problem: everything he’s afraid of ACTUALLY HAPPENS. So he’s been living on an iceberg in who-knows-where, Alaska, where he can’t cause any problems...until the Alaskan police deem him mentally unstable and ship him off to live with his estranged sister...who owns a ski resort facing a dozen lawsuits...who is marrying a world-record-holder for concussions...and who hates his guts. What could possibly go wrong? Lucas teams up with a slimy ex-psychologist-turned-psychic-scam-artist who promises to help him get rid of his condition. In the meantime, can Lucas repair his relationship with his sister without destroying her wedding, her ski resort, and her whole life in the process?

When multiple residents of an Australian country town report seeing a strange object in the night sky, skeptical local cop Kyle Grinham takes upon himself to investigate. But as he does, Kyle stirs up all kinds of secrets in this sleepy coastal village - some of which are his own.

The Stars Aren't Alright
The Stars Aren't Alright is a comedy/horror podcast, blending the Lovecraftian mythos with a far future, sci fi setting. The Keeper, Brian, uses the Call of Cthulhu TTRPG system to lead Alex, Catherine, Tom, and Leah through a series of mysterious events, unfolding into eldritch horror that stretches the character's sanity - and, in the end, learning that the true reality bending beings from outside time and space were the friends we made along the way.

Theater of the Mind Presents: Retribution
Retribution is a dark comedy/horror themed DND Podcast, set in our world. Join Melanie Kelly, Elliot Brandybain, Ulnok Vargr Johnson, James O'Brien, and Emory Lee, as they traverse the countryside and fight off evil.

Jesters & Jerks
Jesters and Jerks is a Dungeons and Dragons comedy podcast with a rowdy group of friends and re-occurring guests.

The Books of Thoth
The god of wisdom holds many books with his great library. Unfurl the papyrus, and breathe in the ancient scent. Come with us as we explore the stories contained within The Books of Thoth. The Books of Thoth is an audio drama anthology podcast. You will explore tales of the past, the future, and even alternate realities. Every book in Thoth’s library has a story to tell. Let’s go find some, shall we?

An Office Workers Guide to Demon Hunting
A new audio drama from Family Friendly Podcast. An Office Worker's Guide to Demon Hunting is a family friendly, comedy audio drama that centers around a team of filing clerks with a few tricks up their sleeves. They're on a mission to close the rifts between their world and the dimension of the demons, known as The Between. They meet some interesting people along the way, including a robot secretary, a demon filing clerk, Wallace, and all Seven Sins.As a family friendly production, this podcast contains no swearing (biblical or otherwise), explicit suggestions, or inappropriate content.This show is suggested for 12+ for mild violence and dark themes. Individual episodes may not be suitable for all ages.

Vorbereitung Optional | Der Indie-RPG One-Shot Podcast
Ein wechselnder Cast von Freunden spielt unterschiedlichste Indie TTRPGs (Pen&Paper Games). Jede Folge ein anderes Spielsystem und eine andere spannende Geschichte! Meistens komplett improvisiert.

Śluby Panieńskie, czyli Magnetyzm serca | Słuchowisko Radia Katowice
2023 to rok Aleksandra Fredry - znakomitego komediopisarza, który jak nikt inny w literaturze swojego czasu potrafił szkicować ludzkie postaci. "Śluby panieńskie, czyli Magnetyzm serca" to komediowy utwór dramatyczny Fredry z 1832, napisany wierszem. Premiera miała miejsce we Lwowie w 1833. Głównym tematem utworu jest... miłość. W Roku Fredry w Radiu Katowice powstało słuchowisko z udziałem aktorów Teatru Śląskiego w reżyserii Roberta Talarczyka i realizacji dźwiękowej Jacka Kurkowskiego.

Joys And Splendors
Joys And Splendors is a three-episode audio drama set in the Ottawa of an uneasy near-future, following the cat-and-mouse political intrigue of a soldier and a spy attempting to survive in a Canada devastated by war and greed. Through the eyes of these two sides of one coin, the story asks: do some deserve a nice life, or do all deserve a good life? Joys And Splendors was written by Kate Werneburg and directed by Mary Ellis. It stars Maryse Fernandes as "Nina" and Ben Sanders as "Patrick". The sound designer is Michael Wanless, and the Associate Producer is JR Williams. Joys And Splendors is produced by Winterbird Arts and presented by TACTICS Theatre Group.

White Winter: A Christmas Ghost Trilogy
Five friends meet every year on the eve of Christmas Eve. This year, they bring with them a secret, and three ghost stories they've experienced around the holiday season.

The Very Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen
WINNER of BEST AUDIO FICTION at the Tribeca Festival 2023!! Raul's life in Hong Kong is thrown upside down when he discovers he can exchange letters with his favorite author, a woman in Paris who died thirty years ago. A nine part limited series, written and directed by Alex Kemp (The Imperfection, Modes of Thought) and produced by Wolf at the Door Studios.

Super Duper Boys: A Pathfinder Podcast
Five idiots in a basement, four heroes save the world! We play pretend so you don’t have to.

Soul Operator
Soul Operator is a multi-genre, multi-season podcast that can be described as an actual play-narrative fusion. The podcast was created with the intention of highlighting amazing solo ttrpgs that exist in the space by presenting their gameplay as a fleshed out story. Follow Tessa Whitlock as she navigates these strange new worlds, for better or for worse.

Paydata: A Shadowrun Actual Play Series
A team of rookie shadowrunners get caught in a web of someone else's design as they enter the world of corporate espionage when they are hired to steal a bleeding edge prototype from an up and coming research lab. Can these neophyte runners survive the shadows of 2076 Seattle? Experience a future where magic and technology come together to fuel corporate greed and deniable mercinaries carve out their own meager existence from the scraps. Join us as we explore the themes of trust, expendability, and the lengths one will go to to protect their family in Shadowrun: Paydata.

Julefreden - Viborgs Juleeventyr af Lars Hamann
Vidste du at verden er helt anderledes end du tror? At den i virkeligheden er fyldt med gnavne nisser, trofaste bæster, forunderlige engle og blodtørstige monstre. Hør historien om børnene Lærke, Marko og Isabella når de på sammen skal redde Julefreden i Viborg. Julefreden - Viborgs Juleeventyr af Lars Hamann

Ruby & Lowell
Recently retired and widowed, Lowell is adrift. Desperate to remain relevant, he decides to write a book, and enlists the help of his granddaughter, Ruby, who is less than thrilled. Through a series of accidentally recorded messages, Ruby learns more about her obstinate grandfather, and decides to make a podcast out of it.  This is that. A scripted comedy podcast from Emmy Award nominated comedy writer Mike Haukom.

Travelling Light
Travelling Light is a science fantasy podcast from the creator of Monstrous Agonies. Follow the Traveller on their journey through the stars as they collect stories for their community archive, and help shape their world through audience submissions and choose-your-own-adventure decision making.

A British sitcom podcast about four incompetent souls trying to start their own cult. Can you create a new movement with no ideas, no philosophy, and a leader with the charisma of a plastic plant forgotten in a cupboard? They’ll certainly give it a go.

Out Cold
A spooky anthology series produced by Julie Censullo and Sophie Nikitas. Put on your headphones and turn off your lights. Produced in Minneapolis, MN.

Gnom, unser
Schräger kann Fantasy nicht sein.

Stamen: A Space Oddity
A science fiction audiobook in episodes, written and narrated by Kit Fennessy. Come with us to two centuries from now, when Dr Gordon Johansson is sent into outer space to research an anomaly discovered in Saturn’s rings which reveals more than he anticipated about life on Earth, the nature of the universe, and the menace of Artificial Intelligence.

Yet Another Dating App
When a small tech startup releases a new AI-powered dating app, it disrupts more than just the market...

Joe Rendace's Downfall
Downfall, a novel by Joe Rendace, details a tense three week period in the marriage of Joe and Allison Vincent, where dying means never having to say you're sorry. Joe Vincent loves his wife. Having to potentially kill her for adultery shouldn't get in the way of that.  His Sales job is interesting. A bit more interesting when he may have bludgeoned his top client. His relationship with his aging mother is give and take. Unfortunately, someone may have abruptly taken her life. The fact that the authorities consider him a “person of interest” means little at this point. Allison Vincent has her own minor inconveniences. The relentless advances from her boss and a close family friend need resolve. A brother and mother in-law who need to look up the word “respect.” A husband who recently seems to think “Till death do us part” is a mission statement. She may have to run away or just kill them all. Downfall delivers one devastating thriller viewed through the eyes of Joe and Allison Vincent, two individuals with vastly different vantage points that will keep you guessing until the end on who is truly responsible for destroying multiple lives and one unlucky marriage.

Dungeons & Dimensions
Three adventurers from the land of Ooo go on a crazy quest through the different dimensional realms. Join Fern the Human, Jack the Wolf, and Marshel Lee and there crazy quest full of crazy and familiar characters.

Fragmented Truth
"This podcast is your gateway to the mesmerizing world of my latest book series, 'Fragmented Truth,' starting with Book One, 'A Touch of Malice.' In this debut episode, we'll delve into the very first chapter, introducing you to Michael as he faces a dire situation. In the upcoming episodes, you'll have the chance to get to know me, the author, and join us on a captivating journey through the story, as we release two more chapters in each subsequent episode.

Mona’s Isle
Fault erriu dys Mona’s Isle. Welcome to the enchanting world of Mona’s Isle! Episode by episode, we’ll follow Ashley, Rory and their father, Arty as they travel to the island to fulfil their mother’s last wish, and unearth a family secret that will change the island forever. The show has been made possible thanks to the incredible support of the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin, and joining us for this adventure are a host of brilliant Manx actors plucked straight from the islands one-of-a-kind local theatre scene. We also have a beautiful, original score composed by David Kilgallon.

Alfabeto della paura
Michele Dalai, scrittore, autore e conduttore, racconta 21 storie, una per ogni lettera dell’alfabeto, per affrontare e sconfiggere tutto ciò che ci spaventa.

Parole Nomadi
Parole Nomadi è un progetto di scrittura creativa che si fonda sull’idea che l’arte generi arte: partendo da fotografie, poesie, disegni (e altre forme d’arte) nascono così racconti che si legano con la creazione artistica originaria. Da oggi, grazie alla collaborazione con Giovani Reporter, questo progetto diventerà podcast: ogni mese verrà narrato un testo ispirato ai contenuti donati nel corso degli anni. Per questo, se voleste approfondire, potrete trovare il racconto (con le rispettive forme d’arte a cui è ispirato) sia su Instagram (parole.nomadi), sia sul sito

Feedback: a comedy of impeccable customer service
Aspiring drag queen and Ring Wireless representative Akbar Shahzad (Qasim Khan) has a problem with his ex-boyfriend. Anxious mother Valerie LeVac (Rosemary Dunsmore) has a problem with her phone bill. Over a series of calls their lives will be changed by the brief but meaningful relationship that develops between them. Part mystery, part romantic comedy, Kevin Shea's FEEDBACK uniquely blends audiobook and audio drama to tell this strange, surprising, and darkly hilarious story.

Bitácoras de soledad | Audiolibro | Por: Héctor Domingo
Cuando Jan Caballero pierde el trabajo y queda en la calle, se enreda con una anciana que recoge objetos-basura y los vende en un bazar como si fueran reliquias de historias maravillosas. Para merecer techo y alimentos, Jan tiene que echar mano de sus casi olvidadas habilidades artísticas, esforzándose por transformar cacharros inservibles en los objetos legendarios que la anciana promete, creando así un negocio en donde los clientes saben que son engañados, pero pagan con gusto por ello.

Natural Pengu
We can be heroes! We are Natural Pengu, a storytelling studio that livestreams our role playing adventures. In addition to that we are also developing an easy to use Pen and Paper VTT. We want to bring you with us on our adventures and let you have impact on both our characters and worlds!

Sounds Like Adventure
An actual play podcast all about short runtimes, fun role play and great sound design.

Bopop Originals
Compulsively addictive and thought-provoking audio drama shorts curated and produced by our team at Bopop Media Productions—come pop the culture pill with us.

It’s Complicated (Kahani Teri Meri)
Join us on an emotional rollercoaster through the intricate world of love, relationships, and societal norms in 'It's Complicated,' crafted by the talented Neha Gupta. This podcast takes you on a journey through fictional dramas that mirror the complexities of our everyday lives, making you ponder the essence of human connections. From passionate romances to complex family dynamics, each episode delves into the fabric of our society and culture, all through the lens of love stories that will tug at your heartstrings. So, whether you're seeking thought-provoking tales or simply a captivating escape into the world of modern romance, 'It's Complicated' has it all. Don't miss out; listen exclusively to Audio Pitara and immerse yourself in the ever-evolving drama of human relationships. Join us as we explore the multifaceted nature of love in a world that's beautifully, and often perplexingly, complicated.

Barb and the Burnbottoms
Meet the Burnbottoms. Barb, Bob, Bella, Brooke, Briggite and Brie. Barb has made it a point to launch her " Family Mom" podcast and vouches to create more quality time with her family through a series of road trips that will test the family's bonds and bring them closer together through a series of hilarious situations in this musical audio sit-com.

On November 11th 2004, 14-year-old Conrad Cliff jackhammered into the water main at The Royal Galleria near Belmont, California. Twenty-three people drowned. Three people were electrocuted in the arcade. Two people were fatally bitten by a hammerhead shark that escaped from the mall's aquarium. And the teenager responsible was never found. No body. No trace. Blair Van Auken was with Conrad at the mall that day but refused to speak about the incident for 18 years. Until now. This is a 6 part series on madness, machines, and melancholy in the MallScape of America. This is MallWalk.

Broken Hearted
Have you ever had a friendship end that hurt more than any break-up possibly could? Jaretzi is losing a friend and they don't know what to do about it, everything would be more simple if they knew what they did wrong. But that is the thing about friendship, nothing is straight-cut. A story about a friendship like all others and how difficult it is to let people go.

Écoute Une Histoire
Mon dernier livre audio... Hopital spécialisé St Vincent de Paul, février 1989, monsieur Pierre L. pyjama bleu est hospitalisé sous contrainte. Sandra Kerlec, blouse blanche, débute son stage de première année. Destins croisés d une élève infirmière et d un journaliste dans une institution psychiatrique. Les personnages se perdent entre la réalité et la psychose au risque d entraîner avec eux le lecteur... Premier volet d une chronique dans un monde oublié.

Love Death and Dice
An Actual Play show with improvised adult humor, voice acting, and a lot of laughs. We tell in-depth stories and create characters that we actually enjoy. Experience what it's like to sit on the couch rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds as DM Turk takes our 3 players, Conner, Fishie, and Proteus through adventures to remember in our world of ever-growing Lore.

On Sidequesters, we take on guests and play different TTRPGs for short mini-stories. then we review the TTRPGs.

My lunch with Frank
An intimate and true story about what happens when you meet your heroes... It involves the most prestigious theatre in Paris, a few high-profile media partners, some of the best French musical actors….and a posh London restaurant. Frank Williams, the author of acclaimed and multi-award-winning British musicals, had always been Lester's beloved playwright and lyricist. Lester had read everything Frank had ever written; seen everything Frank had ever done. Lester believed they were meant to become friends. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen at the lunch …

Las Crónicas de Ampersand
Es el año 2015, los viajes en el tiempo son reales, y todos quieren tener ese poder. Ampersand es una organización no gubernamental que regula las máquinas del tiempo, así como a los psicópatas, narcisistas y maquiavélicos que intentan controlar la historia moderna de la humanidad. Davz Dherris es reclutado para capturar a un ex miembro del proyecto pegasus, impulsado por DARPA, que intentará controlar máquinas del tiempo. Dherris debe evitar que la tiranía del tiempo sea establecida.

Romeo and Juliet: The Podcast
Love, betrayal, passion, bloodshed, and death. What happens when two young people from warring families fall in love? The Montagues and the Capulets have been enemies for generations, but when their children Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love, tragedy ensues. This 6-episode series brings Shakespeare’s story to life as a radio drama performed by members of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. This audio experience is designed especially for students and the website includes study materials for use in classrooms. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Romeo y Julieta sonoro
Chileactores y Fundación Gestionarte presentan "Romeo y Julieta sonoro", una producción en formato audio de la obra de William Shakespeare, basada en la traducción del premiado poeta chileno, Pablo Neruda. Con un elenco compuesto por reconocidos actores y actrices, Chileactores trae un segundo ciclo de adaptaciones de obras clásicas del teatro nacional e internacional para aportar a la memoria sonora y a la transmisión del patrimonio cultural. Capítulos nuevos todos los viernes.

Wayfarer: A Hunter the Reckoning Actual Play
In the wake of tragedy, with enemies at their backs and nowhere safe to turn, a cell of hunters pack up everything they can manage to carry with them and hit the road, desperate to formulate a plan to save themselves and avoid repeating the mistakes of the recent past.

Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland
After a nuclear war destroys the world as we know it, Joe finds himself in a post-apocalypse full of monsters inspired by his favorite movies. A humorous sci-fi serial fiction audiobook podcast from author Joe Gillis.

Il lato oscuro
La vita è una fusione tra il bene e il male, il bene è il cuore di essa, il male è un veleno dannoso, oscuro e misterioso. E anche vero però che lo stesso male, in tutte le sue forme a volte è inspiegabilmente attraente. I miei racconti noir, le mie storie che hanno come la protagonista quell'attrazione oscura.

The Wild Thistle Productions
Welcome, listener, to the worlds that we have created. In these audio dramas, you will find places where imagination has touched. You can explore the mystery surrounding the Starship Athena in "Lights Out," follow a journey to find love in "Remnants," or struggle to escape the island of Rintheia in "Supernova." Whichever you choose, we hope that you enjoy your visit!

Sitcom superstar, Carson Carson, gets blacklisted in Hollywood (and society) from his grotesque sex tape leak. Now, with his tail between his legs, he heads back to his small town in an attempt to reboot his life. Carson is then forced to reprise his job (pre-fame) at the local Supermarket, where things quickly go bananas...

The Girl Across the Lake
The Girl Across the Lake is an audio drama about a girl embarking on an internal journey in search of the reasons for having the same haunting dream every night over the course of three months.

The Vast - A Starfinder Actual Play
Welcome to The Vast, a Starfinder Actual Play series about pirates, found family, and chasing dreams.

Romance Weekly
Join us for a new podcast that will sweep you off your feet and capture your heart. "Romance Weekly". Each week we delve into a new romantic love story, brimming with emotion and passion. From whirlwind romances to slow-burning connections, we'll explore tales of love that triumph over challenges and conquer all obstacles. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of love as we share heartwarming narratives of couples overcoming difficulties, navigating relationships, and discovering the true power of love. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of "Romance Weekly" as we celebrate the enduring power and beauty of love. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Honor Bound - Adaptation of the Book Series
Dani Moore never meant to hurt anyone. She'd just been trying to help her Dad, and her best friend Deb, while making the best out of the talents this weird power gave her. She never expected to be kidnapped, or that they would take her brother too. Rescued, after weeks in a cell, Dani faces a terrifying future. Not only are kidnappers still after her, but who are these strangers that saved her? Will her family reject her now that she's different? Will these strangers offer her a chance at revenge?

Bard To The Bone - Actual play DnD Podcast
An actual play D&D 5e podcast, set in the world of Asmadan. Cut off from the gods, with a past lost to time, our players are navigating through this world of sky cities, ruins, monsters and loot. Yet, there are secrets still to uncover in this world...

Goodbye Girl
Radio drama serials written, performed, recorded, mixed and edited by students on the Making Radio Drama module in the Drama Department at Royal Holloway University of London.

Tales of Fists & Fireballs
Tales of Fists & Fireballs is a monthly audio fiction podcast by Aaron David Harris. Get ready for an action-packed collection of tournaments, battles, and super fights.

The Fall of Vhul
Hello to you out there, my little sliver of warmth in this dark place.vLet me tell you of my world, Vhul. Its history, the memories of its people, they drift upon the black sea roiling just outside these walls. And if I am lucky, I can pluck something worth telling from those depths before They begin to notice …

Dark Dead Things
Dark Dead Things is a horror and weird fiction podcast.

Varning För Rollspel
Varning för Rollspel är ett gäng som spelar Rollspel på fritiden och har nu valt att publicera det så att andra kan lyssna. Vi är en Podcast som fokuserar på att hålla rollspelet på en enkel och humoristisk nivå. Rollspelsledare och Producent av Podcasten : Hampus Silwer.

Wonderland Dead
The cosmic horror world of H.P. Lovecraft is unleashed on the inhabitants of Wonderland.

Le Miroir magique de l'amour
Livre audio : « Le Miroir magique de l'amour - Contes fantastiques des Ming et des Qing ». Ecrit par Feng Menglong, Changbai Haogezi et Wang Tao. Traduit et présenté par Dong Chun. Lu par Romaric Hubert.

Oh the Horror
With fewer and fewer humans believing in yokai, these beings are fading out of existence. As a last ditch effort to survive, a small group of misguided monsters flee to America – the land of opportunity… and hopefully the easily frightened.

While searching for his missing father, audio engineer Paul Harmon discovers a series of grotesque and unsettling revelations left in an abandoned motel room.  What follows is a terrifying journey into the dark corners of small-town America, urban legend, and ancient occultism.

Dr. Caine
Dr. Caine is a psychological thriller that follows a psychiatrist searching for his missing son while managing a case load of patients whose symptoms resemble his sons.

The Magic Theatre + Campo Santo
The Magic Theatre's Home Resident Company, Campo Santo, in association with Next Chapter Podcasts, presents 'Shelter', a new supernatural horror podcast series created by Bay Area playwright Bennett Fisher (Candlestick) and inspired by the elements of fear and anxiety brought out by the command, “Shelter-In-Place”.

Visions: Veiled and Violent
Prepare to step into a realm where every word carries the weight of destiny and every roll of the dice shapes the fate of heroes. In the grand tradition of unforgettable podcasts, we proudly present Visions: Veiled and Violent, a tapestry of epic tales, forged in the fires of imagination and brought to life through the power of immersive storytelling. What Awaits You: Masterful Story-weaving: Our sagas are meticulously crafted, weaving intricate plots that transport you to distant lands and unravel mysteries as ancient as time itself. Dynamic Characters: Meet an ensemble of captivating heroes, each with their unique strengths, flaws, and aspirations, breathing life into the fantastical realms they inhabit. Innovative Battles: Engage in battles that transcend the limitations of the physical realm. Witness the clash of swords, the crackle of magic, and the echoes of fate in every strategic move. Enchanting Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the ethereal soundscape, where the rustle of leaves, the whisper of wind, and the distant roar of dragons combine to create a world as vivid as your imagination. Visions: Veiled and Violent is more than a podcast; it's a portal to unexplored dimensions, where bravery knows no bounds and where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Join us on this grand odyssey, and let the echoes of our adventures resonate in your soul.

This is Channel Ab3
You have tuned in to a world of wit and weirdness, of adventure and terror, of humor and horror. Channel Ab3 is on the air!

The Raven's Call: Alone in Falkovnia
"The Raven's Call: Alone in Falkovnia" is a heavily edited duet-D&D actual play podcast DMed by Alex and joined by his wife, Mayling, who plays as Clyde Wulfstein, a farrier from the Ravenloft domain of Falkovnia. The podcast chronicles Clyde's life, including the horrors of living in a city besieged by zombies, as well as the epic destiny he discovers along the way.

Blackstone is a murder mystery podcast about a girl named Emma Thompson, who is murdered at her own party. Main protagonist, Tara and her group of friends are prime suspects in the case. Secrets begin to unravel in the quiet small town of Blackstone, Ohio.

Haunted Hypotheticals
Haunted Hypotheticals is a brand new horror fiction podcast from the mind of Violet Josephine. Every episode a hypothetical will be presented, followed by an original tale to send shivers down your spine. If you're looking for a quick fright to end your night, you've come to the right place.

The Dead
In a world plagued by the undead, the stories of survivors are well-known and heralded as examples of hope, strength, and perseverance. Over time, they become fables, legends passed down from survivor to survivor. But those are the stories of the few, not the many who continue to walk the earth as shells of their former selves. These are their stories. These are the stories of THE DEAD.

Space pirates! Dinosaur-riding cowboys! Steampunk! The weird and macabre! Dancing skeletons! Mysteries! Treasure hunters! Mad scientists and much much more! PULP! is a serial and anthology fiction show shock full of original stories that will leave you in tantalized twists of terrific terror!

The Shade Chronicles
The Shade Chronicles is a podcast showcasing works of fiction with a Sci Fi and Horror flavor.

Ana is a woman on the run. Nico was sent to find and return her. Their instant connection changes everything and threatens both their lives. UNDERWATER is a sexy, neo-noir thriller and a first-of-its kind narrative album, featuring original music by Jason Derulo.

The Crime at Camp Ashwood
Desperate to finally solve the decades-old cold case of her best friend’s murder, Margot Ingell returns to the scene of the crime. Will the discovery of a long-lost diary reveal the killer, or will the secret forever remain at the bottom of Camp Ashwood’s lake?

Ghostly Alliances - 5 Doston Ki Paheli
"Ghostly Alliances - 5 Doston Ki Paheli" is a podcast series which revolves around a group of five friends who had planned an outing to celebrate New Year`s Eve. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, their resort booking was cancelled, and they found themselves at a vintage resort located adjacent to a graveyard. As the night progressed, the friends dabbled in the supernatural by using a planchette to summon a spirit, which led to an encounter with a soul seeking justice. The story unfolds as the friends embark on a journey to aid the restless soul in finding peace.

La Mama Del 10
Tina Manotas es una hermosa y humilde mujer que se ve obligada a abandonar su pueblo natal en el pacífico colombiano y mudarse a la capital. En la ciudad, su esposo Edwin la abandona y la deja sola con sus hijos, y con la obligación de sobrevivir a todas las dificultades que trae la falta de dinero. Ella sacrificará todo para hacer realidad el sueño de su hijo menor, Víctor "Goldi", que es convertirse en el mejor futbolista de su país. La situación económica es complicada, pero Víctor le hace una promesa: “Con mi fútbol yo te voy a comprar un palacio, mamita mía, te voy a llevar al cielo”. Varios años después, su hijo logra comprarle un apartamento en el edificio “El Cielo”, donde comenzarán los problemas con los vecinos elitistas, quienes sienten envidia de la nueva y lujosa vida que tiene 'La mamá del 10'.

Lost in Asteria
A DnD podcast where a group of people try to find a big stick...

Midnight Matinees
Please, take a seat. Make yourself comfortable and open your ears. You’re about to experience tales of the unknown… and the unreal… from the minds of horror’s finest writers. Hosted our “The Lady in Black”, Midnight Matinees is Pocket Universe Productions’ premier horror anthology series. And this theater of the mind is presented to you in wide-scream “horrorscope”. This is Midnight Matinees.

Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals
Famous horror authors, living and dead, tell stories around the campfire. A comedy-horror anthology based on Bitter Karella's Hugo-nominated microfiction.

Thomas Tessier's World of Hurt
Each episode features a dramatized reading from from award-winning horror author Thomas Tessier's canon of short fiction. Hosted by Chris L. McKenna and with original music by Jordan Pier of Leaving Richmond. New episode every two weeks.

Wondrous Tales (French)
Alors, que vous soyez confortablement installé chez vous, en train de vous rendre au travail ou tout simplement à la recherche d'un moment d'évasion, laissez "Histoires Dévoilées" être votre compagnon. Branchez-vous et laissez la magie des histoires vous transporter vers des lieux que vous n'avez jamais imaginés. Bienvenue à bord de ce voyage remarquable, où les récits prennent vie et où votre imagination ne connaît aucune limite.

The Gemfire Campaign
A bunch of newbies with terrible audio playing DND, how to train your dragon type themes.

Audistorium is a multi-genre spanning dark anthology audio drama created by Landon Whisnant. From dread horror to absurdist comedy, Audistorium weaves a web of its own that interconnects the stories you hear more than one might think.

The horror podcast
Quando senti un brivido che ti corre lungo la schiena, un rumore che ti fa guardare sotto al letto, una presenza che ti fa affrettare il passo quando cammini di notte, è lì che puoi trovarmi. Io sono la voce dei tuoi incubi peggiori, che ti sussurra all’orecchio racconti di terrore, la voce che ti porta dentro The Horror Podcast.

2036: The Beginning
In the alternate world of "2036: The Beginning," history takes a sharp turn on Election Night 2016, leading to a riveting tale of political intrigue, societal upheaval, and the relentless spirit of a nation. Set in a Texas that has chosen a different path, this gripping audio drama explores the consequences of one pivotal moment - the secession of Texas from the United States.

Halcyon: The Book Of Paimon
New York City, 1904. What appears to be a simple carnival and sideshow on the outskirts of Coney Island turns out to be much more than it seems to its latest addition to the carnival's close-knit family. Rooted in historical events, characters, and theology, Halcyon gives a unique perspective to the fantasy and horror genre. Dive deep into the mystical, the terrifying, and the unknown as the mysterious Professor Paimon offers you a contract you can't refuse...

My Dog Shits Cash
Nathan Alabaster’s life has gone to hell but luckily his childhood dog has just moved in. She’s amazing. She shits cash, can talk to Nathan with her mind, and once taught the kid down the street how to speak Japanese. Also, she can catch. It’s all going well until two dognappers enter the picture and Nathan has to go back to his family home to find his lost mum and her army of dogs.

Book of Bad Ideas
These are original twisted stories written by us, Steve and Nyx. Discover the horrors of humanity in our tales. Masmatakot ka sa buhay kesa sa mga patay!

I tell you these stories not with my voice, not with my words. But with my blood. HEMOPHOBIA is an anthology horror podcast, telling a new multi-chapter story in each season. Stories of blood, our blood, and all the pain, truth, and horror that blood embodies. Each season is unrelated to one another, and can be listened to in any order.

Dead Evil Tales
Welcome to Dead Evil Tales Horror Podcast, the unearthly portal to your monthly dose of horror, where the shadows hold secrets and every creak in the floorboards echoes with dread. Our stories delve deep into the macabre, unearthing ghosts, monsters, and the essence of quintessential British horror. These tales are masterfully crafted by talented authors from the UK, bringing you narratives soaked in history, heritage, and blood, all steeped in the dark waters and lonely cemeteries of the British isles. Welcome to Dead Evil Tales. Dare you listen?

Gertrude Stunt Girl Zombie Killer
Join us each week as ten-year-old professional stunt girl, Gertrude, her best pal Joansie, and her stunt friends, Zach and Zed fight off the zombie hoard that shut down their movie set and quickly started to invade the rest of the mid-west. This campy thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, while you try to decide if you should laugh or scream. It has everything you want in a weekly podcast—action, adventure, and a playful sense of world-ending paranoia, mixed with intrigue and topped with a generous sprinkle of elementary humor.

Orsonic Digital
Transforming screenplays with voice acting, sound effects, music, and more.

Heavenly Host High
Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels have been living in plain sight since the dawn of time. They walk like us and talk like us, yet they are powerful beyond our imagination. Follow Ari and Eriya as they are violently thrusted into this fantastic world, filled with new friends and adventures. Ride along with Rubi , 16 year old Angel and a friend of the boys , and the Spades as they do their best to catch them up to speed. It probably won’t be fast enough…

Günter Krajewski - Der Hörspiel-Podcast
Günter Krajewski war ein gefeierter Schlagerstar in den siebziger Jahren. Es war die Hitparandenzeit mit Dieter Thomas Heck - dem Moderator. Als Günter der Rummel in Deutschland zuviel wurde setzte er seine Karriere in Las Vegas fort. Nach über 40 Jahren ist Günter Krajewski nun aber wieder zurück in Deutschland, plant sein Comeback und glaubt, es sei alles wie damals. In dieser Hörspiel-Podcast-Serie seit Ihr live dabei ... beim normalen und oft wahnsinnigen Altag eines echten Schlagerstars. Denn auch diese haben zu kämpfen ... oftmal mit den Tücken des Altags.

In the Moodh For Scream
Dans ce podcast spécial Halloween, l'équipe de Moodh Production vous font frissonner avec des histoires d'horreur effrayantes. Alors éteignez les lumières et tremblez en écoutant ces terrifiants récits.

When all hope is lost for the lonely Captain. A spark of hope appears, it's a small chance of survival but it's better than nothing?

Dreams is about a Teenager named Kai Velenski who went to school at Eastern Abe Highschool, when Kai and his friends, Carlos and Ethan leave from school on bikes to go to Kai’s house, Kai then falls off his bike, and his friends don’t notice, then a van drives out and people with mask take him and they leave. He was never seen again…

Many Magical Tales - Short Stories For Kids
Dive into a world of imagination with our captivating short audiobooks for kids. Our podcast showcases original stories brought to life through expert narration, enchanting music, and immersive sound effects, ensuring a magical storytelling experience for young listeners.

Antes de Dormir MX
Una audioserie de antología que te arrastrará a los rincones más oscuros de la imaginación, un lugar donde el horror, el miedo y el suspenso te mantendrán al borde del insomnio. Prepárate para una experiencia aterradora semana a semana.

Oops! All Bards
Welcome to Oops! All Bards, the rollicking actual play RPG podcast where five unlikely bards harmonize their way through a world of adventure, mishaps, and mayhem. Join us as our merry band of graduates, each with a unique twist on the bardic arts, embark on an epic quest that's anything but ordinary. With songs, spells, and a dash of slapstick, our bards prove that sometimes, the best way to save the day is with a well-timed ballad and a little bit of luck. So grab your lute, settle in, and prepare for a symphony of laughter, drama, and unforgettable tales in Oops! All Bards.

È Novembre. La vita di Michele Gitano sta per cambiare. A Torino piove incessantemente, giorno e notte. La pioggia e l’oscurità non bastano a celare a Michèle le terribili violenze che si susseguono notte dopo notte. Non bastano nemmeno nascondere quel velo di mistero che, anche se sottile, lascia traccia. Questo podcast è realizzato con l’audio ambisonico 8D.

Cabin Tales
An Award-Winning Audio Horror Series. Created by Thomas Halle. Produced by THP.

Ocean Dreams
Phyllis Squirelli discovers that the apocalypse is coming and in order to stop it, she must release a captive dolphin from the Ocean Dreams marine institute.

Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral
De los creadores de ‘La Tercera Ley de Newton’, traemos para ti: Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral ¡Tres mujeres embarazadas de gemelos de cinco meses son asesinadas salvajemente! ¡Los fetos ‘no’ son encontrados en las escenas del crimen! Y el asesino serial, profesor de matemáticas, ejecutor de rituales siniestros y sangrientos, aún no puede ser juzgado: necesita una segunda evaluación psiquiátrica debido a su salud mental, pues asevera que una Entidad Demoniaca lo manipuló para matar a las tres mujeres. Bienvenido a Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral… la nueva historia original producida y narrada por Mariano Osorio, que te derretirá la mente. Thriller y Horror Psicológico y Sobrenatural intensos te perseguirán y te sumergirán en la primera experiencia en México grabada para serie podcast en sistema inmersivo Dolby Atmos. Si tienes valor... Ponte tus audífonos y escúchala.

Greetings from Stability
Greetings from Stability is a horror, actual play podcast. Each episode, the cast explores the town of Stability, OR using a variety of RPGs.

Looking for Sally
A quiet family man is confronted with the departure of his psychotic wife and decides that he must bring her back at all costs. Taking his teenage daughter on a wild road trip, he is soon overtaken by the vengeful spirit of a dead serial killer who infuses him with his homicidal madness.

The Love Talker
​Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets.

A DnD podcast about goofballs on the edge of the afterlife. When ghosts, necromancers, and magical monstrosities raise a ruckus in the land of the living, the Skulltenders will answer! Join a cat-lady rogue, an owl with human legs, and their inflexible Gooman chaperone in a hilarious and horrifying tabletop adventure that mixes the thrilling pacing of monster-of-the-week play with the addictive intrigue of a long-term campaign. Professional game-writer Cohen Edenfield draws on a decade of DMing to delight and terrorize webcomics titan KC Green, gamer culture luminary Jess O’Brien, and punk rocker Amber Carr, AKA “the Horror Games Elvira.” Tight editing, immersive sound design, and Seth Boyer’s original music round out what many friends and family members of the cast are calling “the perfect D&D podcast.”

Rewound - The Icinim Saga
SuperLaserMax proudly presents our inaugural production - Rewound Season 1. Part of a planned 3 season arc in ’The Icinim Saga’. Season 1 focuses on Harris McKenzie, another anonymous Andy, wandering around Chicago in 1987. A dead end job and a love of movies sums up his entire existence; until he meets the counter girl at Erol’s, April. She gives him hope. Then a mysterious Hooded Man leaves a box of unmarked videotapes... and what Harris sees on the screen will alter his life and those around him forever.

UnTrue: An (un)true crime podcast for kids
UnTrue: The Underdogs is a hilarious new (un)true crime fiction podcast series that’s both a fun mystery for kids AND a ‘true crime’ comedy for grown-ups! Over 8 weekly episodes, kids and parents alike will be drawn into the gripping and hilarious mystery of ‘The Cat Burglar’ as investigated by true crime dogcaster Trudie Poodle and the second-best detective agency in Dogtown – The Underdogs! Each week Trudie and The Underdogs will sniff out clues - and chase their own tails – as they come closer and closer to unmasking the felonious feline behind Dogtown’s most paaw-zzling unsolved ‘Cat Burglar’ crimes.

No Entres Aquí
Nada es tan aterrador como los sonidos que escuchamos en la oscuridad. Una puerta que se abre en la madrugada cuando estás sola ...un susurro en una habitación... o un grito lejano que viaja con el viento. Tal vez es solo ruido, pero en el momento o lugar equivocado. Acércate a la penumbra y descubre lo que sucede cuando desafías todas las advertencias y cruzas la frontera de la razón. Esta serie de 6 episodios, narrado por Uriel Reyes, te adentrará en una nueva pesadilla inspirada en eventos reales. La pregunta es: ¿Estás listo para enfrentar tus peores miedos? Prepárate para temblar de terror, porque una vez que des un pase dentro del umbral, ya no hay vuelta atrás. No entres aquí... si tienes miedo de lo desconocido.

In this podcast, I will be reading over a book I am currently writing. It's a fantasy with a rival/enemies to lovers kind of trope going on. Also a Perachel thing. It's in a world where mythical creaturs rule. I will read the next chapter whenever I finish it. (No promises how long it will take.) Hope you enjoy! United we stand- divided we fall!

Poor Unfortunate Rolls
Poor Unfortunate Rolls is an episodic, actual-play, Monster of the Week podcast. Join a rotating cast of Hunters, picked from those of us here at GeekWave, as Aspen the Keeper leads you on various one-shot adventures!

The Grave Veil
Welcome to Grave Veil, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary cease to exist. Hosted by seasoned investigator Ciaire Nezonce and nocturnal chaperone Polly Andirum, this is the podcast where true crime meets the unexplained and supernatural. From cold cases to cursed objects, and everything in-between, we dig deep into the mysteries that baffle experts and amateurs alike. If you're intrigued by the unexplored corridors of human understanding and want a front-row seat to history's darkest, most perplexing tales, you've come to the right place.

Rocking Chair; or Settlement
Rooted in New England folklore, ROCKING CHAIR is a horror musical podcast that tells the tale of characters lured into a haunted forest over the course of three centuries, the ghosts that haunted them there, and the mysterious rocking chair at the heart of it all.

Unlit Matches (A Novel)
A story about love, loss, dead gods, and figuring out what to do in your 20s. Contains heavy themes and mental health topics.

Hollow Head Pete and the Wicked Wish - Origins
On Halloween, three siblings are lured by a whimsical witch’s tempting choice: a full size candy bar or a wish-granting candle. But first, they must hear the haunting tale of Hollow Head Pete, a story of magic and retribution that comes with a timely caveat to be careful what you wish for… you might get what you deserve! Hollowhead Pete and the Wicked Wish - Origins,  was produced by Atomic Toybox Entertainment and Bix Pix Entertainment. Written by Michael Polis and Shane Portman. Our cast includes Deven Greene, David Harris, Lucas Faina, Anson Cronk, and Brianna Fischer. With a supporting cast of Gabriel Brown, Louie Hammel, Sam Rhodes, Dana Weddle, Simon Hammel, and Elaine Hammel. Music by Ned Douglas.  Edited by Steve Downs, Sound Mixing by Bret Hinton. Art by Ed Eyth. Directed by Shane Portman and Executive Produced by Kelli Bixler and Michael Polis.

Don't Get Scared
‘Don’t Get Scared’ is a new horror anthology podcast made for kids who love creepy stories and giving themselves goosebumps. Join host Coleman McClung as he dives into terrifying tales of the supernatural that kids and parents alike can enjoy together.

Roll for Impact
Welcome to Roll For Impact, where narrative takes the forefront, and the roll of the dice is merely the beginning. Dive deep into immersive worlds crafted with love and passion. Our games aren’t just about statistics or min-maxing; they’re about rich ambient tales, lush aesthetic visuals painted through words, and the soulful threads that weave characters and listeners alike into unforgettable stories. Every episode, our dedicated crew of storytellers and adventurers take you on a journey where the ambiance sets the stage, and the narrative captivates your heart. Whether you’re an avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast or someone who just loves a good tale, there’s a seat for you at our table. But remember, here, it’s the story that reigns supreme.

Starlight Outerworlds
Welcome to Starlight Outerworlds, a collaborative storytelling experience using the sci-fi role playing system Starlight. Join Elta the Ace, Landon the Hunter and C@-nrd the Construct aboard the starship Meadowlark as they traverse the margins of civilized space in search of freedom, answers, and what it means to be alive at the margins of civilized space.

PAINT BY MURDERS - a Harrisburg Homicide Mystery
PAINT BY MURDERS, is the audio version of the first in a series of (as of yet) unpublished “Harrisburg Homicides.” The Capital city and its art galleries, bars, restaurants, and long-held secrets are featured in this cozy-inspired mystery that is as unpredictable as the mighty Susquehanna River it sits on. When painter Keith Reed stumbles across a dead body in a Harrisburg bookstore, he doesn’t yet know that the victim was bludgeoned with an autographed brick once used in a work by the internationally famous “bad boy” artist Alan Moonshine. Moonshine has been dead for ten years, but his dangerous legacy pushes Keith and his wife, Ginger, to try to paint a picture of what happened before anyone else is murdered, or before Keith’s narcolepsy catches him napping at the worst possible moment. After a local art gallery recreates a few of Moonshine’s outrageous performances, the actor who portrayed Moonshine is arrested for the crime. Keith suspects that the real killer is still on the loose in this river town: a theory that proves true when a second body is found, floating in the Susquehanna.

All Our Faults
In the city of Chester's Chasm, four teenagers grapple with lives divided between the mundane and the supernatural: Burt working for Death to save a friend, Crispin yearning to escape a zealous cult, Michael indulging his vampiric nature, and Saline pursued by creatures from the Fae. All Our Faults is a Monsterhearts 2 actual play podcast produced by the Tabletop Talespinners Network.

Join Dov Kandel, host of the hit late-night talk radio program, KANDEL AGAINST THE DARK, as he interviews author Orson Libretti about his latest book, CONSUMMATION — an apocalyptic tale that seems too terrifying to believe. But here’s the thing: Orson swears it’s all true. And he’s brought the tapes to prove it.

Second Story Work The Novel
Josh Cybulski’s debut novel explores a generation who were told they could do anything. Some did, and without a doubt still are, and some became disillusioned at the first signs of adversity. Meet Sarge, Messy, Hecky and R-Luv, four media school grads who head towards the booming film industry in Vancouver. Art is a distant memory as they pursue North Hollywood lights and their spoils of sex, drugs, and, let’s face it, more drugs. But, good luck turns bad in Second Story Work as these young men scramble to sustain whetted appetites that they could never satisfy. Cybulski’s gritty tale is one of crime, betrayal, and moral apathy, where the difference between friend and foe is blurred line after line.

Step into the clandestine world of 'Off Air' and let your imagination roam free. In this enigmatic audio series, secrets lurk in the shadows, and tales of defiance echo through the airwaves. Uncover the mysteries of a neon-lit dystopia where the boundaries between reality and rebellion blur, as we guide you through a realm of intrigue and unfiltered truth. Are you ready to embark on a journey that will leave you questioning the very fabric of this cyberpunk world?"

God Knows Podcast: Live from Valhalla
Thor, the legendary god of old, is a little vexed with ”Head Office’s” rehousing scheme. His tier-four divinity lodgings - a dilapidated terrace in the North of England - now hosts the once mighty Valhalla within an attic conversion. He’s also been lumbered with a motley crew of divine D listers: Dionysus, the alcoholic god of wine and party time; Cupid, the snack-addicted god of love and poor bodily hygiene; Amon, an oily demon with a passion for musical theatre. They’re not 100% sure of what a podcast is, but the guys live in hope that it’ll raise their profiles and help reclaim some of their former glory. And with heavenly guests popping in each episode, god knows, they might yet do it!

The Supporting Cast
Six young people make their way in the big city, and one of them is a superhero. Meet Kirby, superhero fangirl and podcaster; Cash, coffee-shop owner and former world's richest boy; Molly, mermaid dance major; Jimmy, curator of the Whiz Museum and gosh-darn swell fella; Brandon, low-level broker for a definitely not corrupt, super-villain employing financial firm; and Bailey. She's the superhero.

Tales & Trails
Welcome to Tales & Trails - the podcast where imaginative tales come to life! Join host Cat and her family as they take you on a magical journey through a world of modern kids stories. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar as you listen to these fun and interactive stories that are sure to captivate young minds. Get ready for adventure, laughter, and inspiration as Cat and her kids share their own unique creations and embrace the joy of storytelling.

Die Welt gegenüber
DIE WELT GEGENÜBER erzählt die Geschichte der jungen, aufstrebenden Musikerin ALICE UNDER WATER im überschwemmten Hamburg des Jahres 2047. Ihre Karriere beginnt in den Trümmern einer Stadt, die vom Klimawandel verwüstet wurde. Die Elbe trennt Hamburg in zwei Welten: den wohlhabenden Norden und den runtergekommenen und überfluteten Süden. Dort hat sich ALICE mit ihren legendären Performances bei Partys auf ausrangierten Containerschiffen einen Namen gemacht. Jetzt will sie den Norden erobern. Auch im wohlhabenden Norden gibt es eine Underground-Szene. Die beiden Mittzwanziger Minnie und Teddy moderieren ihre eigene Radiosendung, “Transisteur”. Um der Sendung mehr Reichweite zu geben, haben sie die wahnwitzige Idee, ALICE UNDER WATER auf illegale Weise in den Norden zu schmuggeln und als Gästin in ihrer Sendung zu präsentieren. Einige einflussreiche Leute im Norden versuchen mit aller Macht zu verhindern, dass Alice eine Stimme im Norden bekommt. Denn sie ist nicht nur eine rebellische Musikerin, sondern auch die Tochter einer vermeintlichen Klima-Terroristin. Neben einer Menge Musik geht es in dieser Geschichte um die Klimakatastrophe, eine geteilte Stadt, einen angeblichen Mord und eine Mutter-Tochter-Beziehung. Buch: Bente Faust, Regie: Alice Hanimyan, Darsteller*innen: Alice Hanimyan, Madeleine Lauw, Michael Okun u.a., Musik: Alice Under Water, Boy Cassady, der Fall Böse, Cäthe, The Winston Brothers u.a. Aufgenomen im Off Ya Tree Studio, Hamburg 2023

El tigre
En mitad de la noche, José Luis, un porquero extremeño, llega a casa cubierto de sangre y afirmando que ha visto un tigre. ¿Dice la verdad o todo es la rocambolesca excusa de un vulgar ladrón a punto de ser descubierto? Así arranca una historia de ricos inocentes y pobres envidiosos. ¿O era al revés? Una historia que corre a lomos de un tigre hasta sacudir por completo la tranquila vida de Fregenal de la Sierra, un pequeño pueblo de la provincia de Badajoz. “El tigre” es un thriller sonoro que ruge con acento castúo y se adentra en los motivos que tenemos para creer en aquello que no podemos ver. EL TIGRE es una ficción sonora presentada por PODIUM PODCAST y ESTELA FILMS con guion y dirección de María Ballesteros y José Antonio de Pascual y narración de Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.

Cole Steele: Private Eye
BANG! You're dead. You've gone to heaven. And now you get to listen to your favorite new podcast, Cole Steele: Private Eye! Join your favorite private eye duo Cole Steele and Jane Flame as they take on literally any case they can find. They'll uncover dark secrets, fight lava men, travel through time, meet old-timey prospectors, and much more! And don't forget their archnemesis, the evil Berlin Schmidt, Nazi Germany's premier archaeologist/adventurer. That jerk. Cole and Jane will stop at nothing to get paid, I mean, deliver justice!

Tales From the Janitor
Tales from the Janitor - An urban legend series where the listener is taken through ghost stories, science fiction adventures and creepy unexplained events in history. A series of short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama and comedy. A series about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, rituals, and other events caused by the unknown and where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily situations.

Small Town D&D
Small Town D&D is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast if, instead of slaying dragons and saving the world, the heroes decided to stay home and deal with small town problems like election fraud and overdevelopment. Listen in as the quiet town of Chester’s Chair is radically reshaped by the (foolish) actions of the players. The smaller the stakes, the bigger the consequences! Arcs are short and plots move quickly in this game where actually almost nothing happens. We really think you can jump in at any episode. Featuring 20+ years of combined improv comedy and D&D experience in cast members Chelsea Lee, David Dillon, Dewey Cassady, and Dungeon Master Alex Wolfson. New episodes every Tuesday.

Dickey Newton
12-year-old Dickey Newton is not your average nerd; he’s also a paranormal detective, superhero, wizard, vampire-hunter, and much, much more. Join Dickey on his marshmallow fluff-fueled adventures in 1980s Jupiter Springs, California and beyond.

Blerd Mind Production
People die and there is nothing that you can do about it. Or is there? Naomi and Nyah are two Necromancers who are in a very taboo business, waking the dead. Some people get to say goodbye to loved ones. The Wake sisters just want to see that they can make people get these last wishes accomplished. Spirit Hunters known as Purists have a different outlook on these things. The dead should stay dead and they will do whatever it takes to put an end to the Wake sisters' business.

Hollow's Bend: The Radio Play
When a trapped spirit accidentally possesses a teenager in 1985, he sets off a series of events that unleashes a malevolent spirit in the small mining town of Hollow's Bend. Now he must team up with five high schoolers to stop the vengeful spirit and save the town.

Sideshow: Fireside Tales of the Macabre | Stories of a Dark Mysterious Circus
Step into the eerie glow of the gypsy caravan fire and let the haunting tales of Oskar Dragan, a former sideshow ringmaster from old-world Romania, envelop you. Each episode unveils the chilling mysteries of individual sideshow performers, all painted in vivid, Poe-esque strokes. These stories aren't mere tales, but echoes of a bygone era, whispered from the lips of Dragan himself. As the flames crackle and dance, Oskar's voice will transport you to the grotesque world of a 19th-century sideshow, wrapping you in the inescapable grip of horror. Listen, if you dare, but remember: sometimes the most terrifying tales are born from reality.

Vicky Erotic Tales
Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction.

The Nightmare Collective
Dive into the abyss of the human psyche and beyond with "The Nightmare Collective," a podcast that weaves tales of horror, science fiction, and fantasy into a tapestry of dark wonder. Are you ready to venture into uncharted realms where the eerie and the extraordinary collide? Our tales will transport you to places where reality blurs, nightmares are born, and the impossible becomes all too real. From haunted houses to distant galaxies, from ancient curses to futuristic dystopias, "The Nightmare Collective" explores the darkest corners of human existence and the boundless possibilities of the unknown. But beware, dear listener, for once you enter, there's no turning back. Welcome to your new nightmares.

Intriga Fatal
Después de perder a su madre, la hermosa joven Olga se encuentra atrapada entre un matrimonio forzado con un hombre mayor y el verdadero deseo de su corazón. ¿Podrá Olga escapar con Ramón, el joven al que realmente ama? Todo será revelado en la clásica audionovela "Intriga Fatal".

Skin Crawl
Welcome to Skin Crawl, an anthology of psychedelic nightmares, otherworldly monsters, and tales of the macabre! Based on artist Skinner's comics of the same name, this podcast will have you tingling with terror! We also have some celeb cameos! You never know who will be stopping by the dreadful Skin Crawl podcast!

The Big Fib - Small Tales
Calling all fans of The Big Fib! This special spin-off features wacky tales starring your favorite host, Deborah Goldstein and, of course, everyone's favorite robot, L.I.S.A.!

Mortuus Est: Origins
Thirty years before the events of Mortuus Est: Legacy, Nico and Lawrence, alongside Hera Marroquin Silva, are working as part of Operation: Zeus, a covert paramilitary unit led by the Tactical Defense Department (TDD). Everything changes when a mission goes awry.

The Dispossessed
Evil lived at 18 Hope Street. Then the bulldozers came. Where was evil to go? Laney Kasten, 16, along with her younger brother and mother, are forced to move out of their rented house as the neighborhood they once called home is rapidly gentrifying and they are being priced out. Now, until they can find a new safe place to call home, she has to live in their car on Hope Street near the town park where all the unhoused have taken up residence. But Laney is not the only one who has recently been made homeless…. a house on Hope Street which was inhabited by a malevolent entity was torn down to make room for a new mansion. But destroying the house doesn’t destroy the spirit… and it is now taking its wrath out on the unhoused residents of Hope Street. A Haunted House story without the house.

The Cara Files: File 1 - The Chase
Cara's discovery of a set of broken rings leads to an unexpected and romantic attachment with Mei Xing. However, their love is complicated by the fact that they live in different worlds, with countless universes between them. Despite this, Cara is determined to be with Mei Xing and embarks on a journey to find her. But she is not prepared for what she is about to encounter.

The Eye
A mass migration of Polyphemus Moths is confounding and worrying scientists. Two student reporters follow the migration to its terminus: the unremarkable desert town of Carol, California. This is their final project: an investigation into a phenomenon that is much more complex, far-reaching, and treacherous than they ever could have anticipated.

Welcome to our new Dungeons & Dragons homebrew campaign 'Silvistead'! A dark, dire odyssey through the wilds. No-Fame Podcast's Silvistead Cast Is: Patrick O'Rielly - Dungeon Master. Sinéad Marguerite - Arlette Little. Josh Fritz - Velum Gloomwhisper. Justin Crane - Wyatt Hargraves.

I Hear Fear
Nothing is as terrifying as the sounds we hear in the dark. The slow creak of a door opening late at night... or a whisper in a room when you thought you were alone... or a distant scream in the wind. One noise at the wrong time or place can scare us for days. Each episode of I HEAR FEAR plunges the listener into a tale inspired by real events, from a deadly dance party to a cursed film set. Join host and two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for six immersive stories designed to jangle your nerves and haunt your dreams.

Montana Mavericks: The Long Lost Maverick
A Harlequin Romance Original. She trusted him with her secrets. But what about his? Melanie Driscoll has come to Bronco seeking a fresh start; what she finds instead is Gabe Abernathy. The blond, blue-eyed cowboy is temptation enough. The secrets he could be guarding are a whole other level of irresistible. Peeling the covers back on both might be too much for sweet Mel to handle. Get lost in the romance, passion and adventure of Montana Mavericks: The Long Lost Maverick, Harlequin's first ever, scripted podcast.  Everything you know and love about Harlequin Books, produced for discerning listeners and adult ears.

Court of the Grandchildren
Three years after the Great Ice Sheet Collapse, an ailing politician must defend his climate legacy before his long-lost niece will grant him his final request. Now they both must fight against an AI-dominated world to find redemption. A ‘found-audio’ drama in four episodes.

Call Me Back
The telephonic anthology. Each week, Call Me Back brings you a collection of 10 standalone episodes written by some of the UK's most exciting writing talent. Comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, historical. The genre may vary but each story unfolds over a telephonic device.

The Cara Files
Cara's discovery of a set of broken rings leads to an unexpected and romantic attachment with Mei Xing. However, their love is complicated by the fact that they live in different worlds, with countless universes between them. Despite this, Cara is determined to be with Mei Xing and embarks on a journey to find her. But she is not prepared for what she is about to encounter.

Adventure Joek’s ”Did You Know?”
Follow action news reporter Adventure Joek , and his protege, Jinpang Thwatercomb, as they travel across intergalactic borders in search for worthy news stories to report on behalf of the Farflarfennoodle Galaxy Tourism Co. Every month, Joek and Jinpang will bring followers of the FGTC a tale from within the 5G-Em (The 5 Galaxy Empire) and its many marvels.

Das Hörspiel zu Babylon Berlin
Ab dem 13. Oktober: Die ganze Serie am Stück. "Der nasse Fisch", "Der stumme Tod" und "Goldstein". Die Goldenen20er Jahre finden ein abruptes Ende, das Klima in der Weimarer Republik wird immer rauer. Gereon Rath ist von Köln nach Berlin zwangsversetzt worden. Die Hauptstadt-Polizei ermöglicht ihm einen Neuanfang - bei der "Sitte". Und trotzdem gibt's bald Tote. Rath gerät immer tiefer in einen Dschungel aus Betrug, Gier, Korruption, Drogen und Gewalt.

Aquel verano de 1973
Durante el verano de 1973 los amigos de Rebeca la convencen de ir al campamento "Elrodi" sin saber lo que le esperaría ahí. El campamento fue fundado en 1943 por Olivia Bercoff, pero ese mismo año desapareció su hijo Elton. Rebeca, Javier y Amanda se enfrascarán en la búsqueda de qué fue lo que le sucedió.

Fantasy Frameworks's Podcast
Completely nonsensical tabletop fantasy RPG gameplay, and the sickest beats heard by human ears!

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk - DnD Actual Play
Quests and Chaos is proud to present the full playthrough of Phandelver and Below the Shattered Obelisk. This show features a fantastic cast of new and familiar faces. Dungeon Master Tiana Ren Hanson leads our group of adventurers all 12 levels of this campaign.

Fragile Shards: Whispers of Transience
"Fragile Shards: Whispers of Transience" is an evocative anthology that spans 15 years of the author's writing journey. From mystical adventures to dark introspections, these tales traverse vivid landscapes, offering a captivating glimpse into the ever-changing tapestry of human emotions and perceptions. Each story is a unique shard, reflecting the complexity of life's experiences and the resilience of hope.

Before We Die
Before We Die is an actual play podcast that focuses on variety. Every campaign will use a different tabletop RPG system with varying genres, and may even rotate cast members. Join Emily (Lemon), Iggy, Pleu, Aaron, and Matt every other week as we hunt monsters, explore the vast expanse of space, or bake delicious pastries. New stories, new friends, and lots of ways to play. What do you want to do before you die?

Keli is a new audio drama written and composed by Martin Green and co-created and directed by Wils Wilson, starring James Cosmo and Anna Russell Martin. This fictional story of a talented but troubled young horn player stars Anna Russell-Martin, with a sonorous score recorded by a bespoke band including principal players from Black Dyke, Grimethorpe, Fairey and Brighouse, and featuring BBC Young Musician of the Year, Sheona White as “the voice of Keli” on tenor horn. Martin Green has spent the last year immersing himself in brass banding, surrounded by the communities, the competition and the legacy of coal.

Alerta roja Nos han hackeado
Cualquier empresa puede ser objeto de un ataque cibernético. Sí, también la tuya. Por eso, te invitamos a escuchar esta serie de ficción sonora y a aprender de las historias de pequeñas y medianas empresas imaginadas que, debido a sus malas prácticas, deben enfrentarse ahora a un escenario que pone en riesgo su ciberseguridad. Esta audioserie de cuatro episodios, producida por World Voices, es un espacio auspiciado por el Banco Popular Dominicano.

Rough Drafts
R. J Alan, author of thrilling Christian fiction offers early drafts of his novels in podcast form. Join the adventure … where the seen and unseen worlds collide!

Frankenstein: A Radio Play
A complex and tragic relationship, marked by conflict and mutual suffering, is at the center of Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic Frankenstein. Frankenstein unfurls the gripping tale of Victor Frankenstein, a bold and audacious young scientist who ventures beyond the limits of conventional methods to bestow sentience upon a created being. With each step of Victor's exhilarating journey, he becomes increasingly entwined with the repercussions of his creation's actions. As the stakes escalate, Victor finds himself confronting not only the formidable moral and ethical dimensions of his unchecked ambition, but also the profound essence of genuine humanity itself. Brought to you in an immersive radio play format, MAD Company’s Frankenstein will feature dynamic performances, foley, and atmospheric music.

Favole Originali: Storie per Crescere
Favole Originali: Storie per Crescere. "Benvenuti, piccoli sognatori e grandi cuori, nel magico mondo delle favole! Vi guideremo attraverso boschi incantati, regni lontani e avventure straordinarie. Qui, ogni storia ha un segreto da svelare, una lezione da imparare. Che tu sia un bimbo curioso o un adulto con l'anima da esploratore, c'è sempre una favola che ti aspetta, pronta a illuminare la tua giornata. Quindi, accoccolati con una coperta, chiudi gli occhi e lascia che la magia delle parole ti porti lontano. Nel nostro mondo delle favole, ogni storia è un viaggio, e ogni viaggio è un tesoro da scoprire. Sei pronto? Allora cominciamo..."

Carcosa Radio
A audio series focused of the mysterious happenings and horrors of Etapas, Join along as you hear from a enigmatic radio host sharing the stories of this city, dragging you further and further into Understanding and Fright.

SCURIU - audiodrama de s'arrori in sardu
Attività realizzata col contributo della Regione Sardegna - IMPRENTAS 2022-2023. LR 22/2018, art. 22.

Los Dos Viajes
Él escapa de la ciudad para buscar por fin un lugar tranquilo. Desconoce que acabará embarcado en un viaje en busca de su propia identidad. Misterio y suspense se juntan en esta aventura en la que un protagonista desconocido vivirá al filo de la cordura

Diari da un esorcismo si ispira ad autentici diari compilati dal direttore del reparto psichiatrico di un importante ospedale dell’Italia del Nord a metà degli anni Settanta. Quei fogli ripercorrono i misteriosi eventi che si manifestarono nel reparto quando una paziente, refrattaria ad ogni trattamento, manifestò segni evidenti di possessione diabolica, costringendo lo psichiatra a una singolare alleanza con un esorcista. Una vicenda che assunse un aspetto ancora più fosco con l'arrivo in reparto di un'altra giovane donna, completamente immemore, e latrice degli stessi inquietanti sintomi.

Will of the Dice- Strangers in a Stranger Land
You find yourself in the world of Rune ath Kesha, a world of magic and mystery, a world where Gods and Monsters roam amongst mortals attempting to force their will on the writing of history. On its surface five continents are populated by diverse races and cultures, some just wanting to live peaceful lives, others seeking riches and adventure while the power hungry vie for domination and control. The year is 1374 the second counting, a mere five years since the devastation of Taladagarios, the apocalyptic event that removed a whole kingdom from existence and threw what few survivors to the mercy of the Fates. Some of those that lived have taken up lives in the major cities and cantons of Rune ath Kesha. Nestling into the bosom of populated masses attempting to forget when the Dark Citadel robbed them of kith and kin. During this time of devastation a voice in the wilderness came crying offering shelter to those who had no hope and no will. A young Loxadon named Sha’riiz, carrying the blessing of the Primordial and the weight of their mothers seat on Istrazilan ruling council offered land to the remaining of Taladagarios. Taurios Frostmane would swallow pride and accept this hospitality. The Council of Elders would relocate the natives of the northern settlement of Cliffhollow and give the land to the displaced allowing them to establish New Taladagarios. The minotaur kingdom fractured before the annihilation, returning to its solidarity as the challenges that lay before them made it clear that together was the only hope of keeping the noble people alive. With the solidarity came prosperity as New Taladagarios working with Istrazilan forged forward into the future. Things were bright and both lands walked hand in hand towards a bright and glorious tomorrow. Yet it is common knowledge that in Rune ath Kesha peace rarely lasts and so it would be in this scenario. On the third year, the day of new beginnings that would be renamed to the day of Primordial Ire the dread storms that once surrounded the western island returned. Shipping to and from New Taladagarios and Istrazilan became impossible as no ship could survive the hellish winds, driving rain and destructive lighting. Peace as it had so many times in Rune ath Kesha fell to the grip of superstition and accusation. The Kingdom of New Taladagarios the target of blame for the storms returning, the disgruntled elders using this as a means to unsheathe viperous tongues and condemn those who had welcomed these obvious accursed people into their land. Civil unrest rose, political intrigue birthed, times were bleak and growing ever more so by the hour. Worst of all was the collapse of infrastructure. Istrazilan not suited for the heavy agricultural burden that would be placed upon it began to die. This once proud place of community and brotherhood fell into a disheveled heap of chaos. Chaos that would lead to war. There are no true victors in war and this conflict would take a deeper toll on both Istrazilan and New Taladagarios. Forcing a treaty and reconciliation between the nations and forcing the brightest minds of both to attempt to find a way to save themselves as outside help would never come. This is when the initiative known as Stormchase was born. Each kingdom hiring work crews to begin excavating the ruins of the Primordial Temples, looking for the means to end the storms and save the land and its people. Work crews were assembled, treated like kings and dispatched to the four sites to find a way to save the land. Currently their labors have been fruitless but perhaps soon that will change. Perhaps soon the storms will end and hope can rise among the darkness. Until then all remain Strangers in a Stranger Land.

Treasure Galaxy | Kids Scripted Podcast Series
Welcome to "Treasure Galaxy," an exhilarating kids podcast where the vastness of space meets the thrill of adventure! Join MC, the daring junior pilot for the Space Alliance, and her loyal friends, Zeke and Malachi, on a quest across the cosmos in search of the elusive Solar Diamonds. This kids podcast is a universe of excitement, mystery, and exploration, perfect for young listeners who dream of distant galaxies and interstellar adventures. Dive into each episode of "Treasure Galaxy," a kids podcast where imagination knows no bounds. As MC and her crew navigate through the galaxy, they encounter more than just stars and planets; they discover friendship, courage, and the importance of perseverance. This kids podcast is not just a journey through space; it's an adventure that teaches valuable life lessons along the way. "Treasure Galaxy" is the kids podcast that turns the act of listening into an interactive experience, sparking creativity and fueling the imagination of children everywhere. With its captivating storyline and engaging characters, this kids podcast is a fantastic way for kids to explore the universe from the comfort of their own home. Parents looking for a kids podcast that combines entertainment with educational value will find "Treasure Galaxy" to be an invaluable addition to their children's listening routine. It's not just a kids podcast; it's a gateway to learning about teamwork, problem-solving, and the wonders of the universe, all while being thoroughly entertained.

Describe Your Kill
This actual-play podcast of Paizo's Stolen Fate Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition unlocks the magic of immersive collaborative storytelling through captivating live-action role-playing games. Cards from a powerful Harrow deck have been scattered across Golarion, threatening the very balance of destiny. A group of unlikely heroes, each bearing a single card, must unite to restore the legendary deck, or risk unravelling reality itself.

Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature
Queen Anna has a lot on her plate – there are visitors in her Kingdom, a friend in need, and even the Duke of Weselton’s nephew skulking around – so when the Spirits of Nature start acting up, she knows she has to solve the problem – and fast – before things get more out of control. But when Anna and Elsa travel to the Enchanted Forest, they find mysterious copper machines that are disrupting the natural order of things. Who made these machines and what are they doing in the forest? And more importantly, how do Anna and Elsa stop them? Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature is a 12 episode audio-first story for kids 6-12. Listen for free starting October 11.

The Delivery Boy
Bryce Williamson is a pizza boy who sold his soul to work at Check's pizza on accident. In the heart of East Tennessee he delivers to haunted houses, Nuclear Plants, and has some strange co-workers.

The Last Person on Earth
An original Lovecraftian Comedy by Ivy Magaña. A whimsical dive into the existential musings of an immortal, astral servant in a post-apocalyptic world. Darkness served with a smile!

Damien's Diaries
Damien Saint Germaine's love life hasn't been ideal lately. After many attempts at love he finds himself in a therapy session tasked with the responsibility of deciphering his love life to determine if he is truly the cause of his romantic pitfalls.

A space where the written and spoken word meet. Original stories, written, narrated, and discussed by friends.

Iron and Tentacles - An Achtung! Cthulhu Podcast
Hitler and the Nazis are only the beginning of the evil that threatens our world, as a secret war rages in the shadows. Our heroes must take on the Nazi occult and the Mythos powers of the deep ones to save us all. Achtung! Cthulhu uses a specially written version of the 2d20 system which emphasizes fast-paced cinematic action. Created by Modiphius games.

Dopo la pubblicazione del Romanzo d'esordio " Io ci vengo, però non mi affeziono a nessuno " Mario Andrea Morbelli pubblica una serie di podcast di narrativa. Racconti brevi letti da lui. E se ci sara' dell'interessamento da parte del nuovo pubblico, qui su Spotify, potrebbe essere pubblicato il podcast del romanzo completo. Per ora buon ascolto, e fateci sapere cosa ne pensate. Grazie.

Mostly Heroes?
A group of guys playing 5e Dungeons and Dragons and getting into trouble.
Our first campaign runs through Rise of the Runelords.

Sherlock & Co.
My name is Dr. John Watson, once of the British Army Northumberland Fusilier Regiment, now a true crime podcaster based in central London. I don't have much experience in criminology so this is mostly a record of how I met possibly the most brilliant and bizarre person I have ever, and will ever know. Join me, as I document the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

O Mistério da Fazenda Vita
Uma simples inspeção de rotina em uma fazenda ou um mistério que guarda terríveis segredos? Aperte o PLAY e prepare-se para descobrir!

Nocturna is a horror anthology series that explores the edge of reality, and the things that lurk beyond it. Listen to a single story to experience spine tingling thrills, or become consumed by the whole series, and unravel the web of cosmic dread that links them all together. And, don’t worry, each tale is just a work of fiction… probably.

The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
In 1990s Chicago, a group of young kindred have been invited to party with the illustrious Annabelle Triabell, will this be an evening of kindred politics or is something more sinister at play? Join us for a story of intrigue and horror as the city of Chicago begins its decent into chaos.

Rewired: a radio play
The Naive Theater of the Air presents a new experience in audio drama, a story by Matthew Broyles, featuring a stellar cast. Total Psychology: the exact science of opinion and behavior molding. The promise of complete economic and political predictability, delivered by the Lifecast, direct-to-cortex. But from an audacious team of scientists, a deterrent arises: Rewiring, a detour in neural pathways to evade the Lifecast and its corporate masters. Outnumbered, a handful of Rewired enclaves survive, scattered amidst the global Wired civilization. And in these rebel strongholds, a mystery unfolds…the Vorn. Strange creatures visible only to a very few. The seers. Now fear and curiosity vie for supremacy as the architects of the Rewired Diaspora stir once again under a cloud of secrecy. Something moves in the darkness. And Harry, hapless son of a sociopathic war hero, embarks on a quest to find it. Whether he wants to or not.

The Shadowbrook Files
Three girls at a boarding school try to contact the ghost of their dead best friend. As the seance continues, the remaining three grapple with their unresolved grief and unearth secrets that will forever shatter how they view the world. This show has major dark academia vibes and is perfect for fans of Dorian Gray, Buzzfeed Unsolved/Ghost Files, Dead Poet's Society, The Secret History, Edgar Allan Poe, and a whole array of classic literature.

Who I Was Before The Wires
James hardly remembers anything about who he is or where he's from. His dad takes him out to a remote cabin in the woods to stay away while "Something back home is sorted out". What that is James doesn't remember, and with each passing day he remembers less. Things keep getting worse for James until he finds himself alone without his own memories to guide him on the right path forward.

Pale: An Unabridged Production
This is an unabridged audiobook of the web serial Pale, by Wildbow. No copyright infringement is intended. This recording is undertaken with the permission of the author.

D&D: The Campaign Chronicles
Join me and my friends as we go on this amazing adventure!

Monster Cafe
The world is ripe with monsters, and when you have a monster problem, you need the professionals. Unfortunately, the best you're going to get is the VanHellmans family. Join us as we play Monster of the Week by Evil Hat Productions in this TTRPG Actual Play Podcast.

Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
Step into a whole new world where the mythic and the mundane become one with Scion: Apotheosis! Follow the stories of a group of scions - or demigods - as they find out what they are and face impossible foes and odds. An army of fenris wolves are after scion hearts, giants control former underworlds, and the titans breaking free of their prisons are ever-present threats in The World of Scion.

Hi sweet thing! Welcome to Flirties ~ a collection of short, tender audio stories for hopeless romantics, horny hearts and anyone in need of some loving sounds. All the stories you’ll hear in this podcast come from real fantasies that were anonymously sent to me by friends and strangers. I hope they leave you feeling tickled.

Ghost: Historias de miedo diarias
Descubre un nuevo mundo de terror y suspenso con Ghost, Scary Stories En Español, ¡el podcast definitivo para las historias más aterradoras de tu vida! Este octubre te traeremos escalofriantes historias de fantasmas que harán que tu corazón se acelere y tu columna se estremezca. Ghost, Scary Stories, te garantiza una experiencia espeluznante como ninguna otra. Prepárate para enfrentar tus miedos más profundos y únete a nosotros en este inquietante viaje. Historias de fantasmas y miedo en español está disponible dondequiera que obtengas tus podcasts.

Æther est une série audio qui se déroule, en 1885, dans un univers fantastique où l'ère industrielle a commencé depuis quelques décennies. Dans ce monde où la technologie est en plein essor, la magie recule petit à petit. Ces deux forces (magie et technologie) sont opposées l'une à l'autre, elles sont les deux faces d'une même pièce. Elles ne font pas bon ménage ensemble... Au milieu de tout cela, trois jeune gens, Saturnin, Kevin et Mélusine, enchaînent les petits jobs pour gagner leur vie. Ils se retrouvent à enquêter, pour le compte d'une tiers personne, sur le crash d'un dirigeable: le Zephyr. A travers cette enquête, ils vont se mettre dans une situation extrêmement délicate... Comment vont-ils s'en sortir? Pour le savoir, vous pouvez écouter la série audio. 

The Mysterious Death of Edna Kennard
This podcast is the latest production by the Hot Cocoa Club. Listen to the new cosy mystery, cosy crime serialisation of The mysterious death of Edna Kennard, a new novel by Kevin Green.

Punks Versus Zombies - Punk Rock Survival in a Zombie Apocalypse | Post-Apocalyptic Audio Serial
Get ready to crank the amps to 11 and battle the undead in 'Punks Versus Zombies,' the audio serial that mashes punk-rock culture with zombie apocalypse mayhem. Follow Tommy and his band's suspense-filled journey from Berkeley to their hometown, Philadelphia, navigating a nightmarish landscape. Featuring compelling characters, high-octane storytelling, and a unique twist on survival tales, this series is inspired by classic zombie films and punk-rock culture. Punks Versus Zombies — survival has never sounded so punk. Subscribe now.

O NITROSESSIONS é um podcast com Sessões de RPG do Tio Nitro gravadas! Temos dezenas de Campanhas e Aventuras de RPG para você escutar e curtir! Fantasia Medievla, Horror Urbano, Ficção Científica, Call of Cthulhu, Apocalypse World RPG e muito mais! Se increva e curta as nossas sessões de RPG, todas gravadas AO VIVO no Canal Newton Nitro Youtube!

Un podcast che dà voce agli scrittori esordienti e ai loro racconti. Podcast narrativi di breve durata, da ascoltare mentre vai al lavoro, in metro o in auto, quando sei a casa o mentre passeggi al parco. Ogni due settimane potrai ascoltare un racconto fantasy, storico, romance o di narrativa contemporanea. Scoprirai nuovi autori che hanno già pubblicato e a cui Libri in Rete vuole dare visibilità E non dimenticare di lasciare i tuoi feedback anche sui nostri social. Vota i racconti, il genere letterario, gli scrittori o i voice actors che preferisci, per avere sempre più storie che ti emozionano!

Mystery Dungeon: a Path Through Time
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon TTRPG podcast that follows the attempted adventure of three young heroes on their way to save the world from time travel shenanigans.

IsenLawl - Hörspiele und Geschichten
Hallo zusammen, ich habe schon seit längerem überlegt, ob ich Fanfiction einlese und diese wie eine Art Hörspiel aufbaue. Diese Geschichten findet ihr hier auf meinem Profil. Ich bin keine professionelle Sprecherin oder Autorin. Ich liebe Rollenspiele und mache dies in meiner Freizeit als Hobby.

The Intergalactic Podcast
Tune in to The Intergalactic Podcast, where we bring you the latest news from all over the Milky Way Galaxy. From the bustling metropolis of Neo Tokyo to the tranquil beaches of Xylothia, we've got you covered. Join our hosts, as they interview experts, politicians, and celebrities from all walks of galactic life. We'll talk about the latest trends in fashion, technology, and culture, as well as the most pressing issues facing our galactic community. The Intergalactic Podcast is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on all things galactic!

Strangers in your ear
Læn dig tilbage og lyt til et forunderligt univers af karakterer og skæve eksistenser!

A Cure For life
Bleak monologues to cheer everyone up, told through a podcast, darkly.

Time-Travel Academy
This is a read over of a Percy Jackson fan fic/ book me and my friend wrote. (It has correct grammar. We are professinals.)

Theobald und Dodo
Geschichten für Kinder ab 2 Jahren in Schweizer Dialekt. Ideal als Gutenachtgeschichtli, für den Spracherwerb und zur Erweiterung des Wortschatzes. Die Geschichten sind inspiriert von den alltäglichen Erlebnissen der kleinen Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer. Theobald und Dodo besuchen die Kita, ein Schloss, gehen auf die Baustelle und fahren Schlitten und vieles mehr. Spätere Folgen behandeln komplexere Themen mit progressiv grösserem Wortschatz. ”Theobald und Dodo” ist ein familienfreundlicher Podcast. Es werden alltägliche Themen zu Kurzgeschichten verarbeitet. Der Podcast verfolgt keine gesellschaftspolitische Agenda.

You’re the Last One
An Immersive Horror Podcast. Tommy Baxter has just moved with his mother back to her strange hometown of Silver Creek. In Silver Creek, there is only one Voice on the radio that plays on every frequency. There is a vague but ubiquitous power company infused with every aspect of day to day life. And there’s a gang of quirky teenagers that befriends Tommy as soon as he arrives - each inspired by another inverted horror archetype. But there is also a monster, and each episode follows a character as they’re hunted down by the shadowy creature, one by one. Filled with cryptic warnings, mislaid traps, underhanded allies, and dripping jaws, “You’re the Last One” is an intimate and queer-centric audio experience that immerses You, the Listener, in everything you love about a creature feature.

The Eponine Podcast
Do you love Broadway musicals and young adult novels? Listen to chapters from But I'm Eponine, the first book in a series about high school theater kids. Follow along as a shy teenager auditions for her school's production of Les Misérables.

Tolly, Prince of the City
Kevin/Tolly, only wants justice so he decides to hold a whole city to ransom to get it... The story arose from a chance encounter with a real 'Tolly'. I wrote some notes and parked them. Then during lockdown I worked them up into the piece your hear now. Other than the character Tolly or Kevin the rest is invented. Please let me know your reactions good, bad or indifferent...To remind everyone this is a one off radio drama presented as a podcast - there are no more episodes, it's completely self funded and the actors are on deferrals - you can make donations via pay pal in the window below. The script is available on the website for anyone who would like to see Tolly in a written version.

【10月5日(木)21時より配信開始】 以降は毎週木曜21時に新エピソード公開 【お便りフォーム】 【番組公式X】 #美食アライグマみーたん AniPodオリジナルポッドキャスト『美食アライグマみーたん』。 「レスレリアーナのアトリエ 」主人公・レスナ役など話題作に出演中の声優・白砂沙帆(しらすさほ)がお送りするオーディオアニメとトークパートが一体になった新感覚声優音声番組。 【ドラマパート】 和歌山県の山奥に生まれ育つ、人の言葉を操り、人間に化けることができるアライグマ一族の子孫である「みーたん」。人に化け人間界に降りることが許される年齢になり、洗井美味子(あらいびみこ)として女子高生ライフを謳歌することを選んだ彼女。スイーツが大好きなみーたんは、1日1スイーツ食べることを生きがいにしながら、刺激的な日々を過ごしていく。はちゃめちゃ一人オーディオコメディーアニメ、ここに開幕! 【トークパート】 ドラマパートの収録を振り返るのはもちろんのこと、白砂さんが様々な企画にチャレンジしていきます!

KlausStudio - Non Kommerzielle Hörspiele
Hier laden wir alle Hörspiele hoch die zu kurz für eine offizielle Veröffentlichung sind, oder Hörspiele welche als Fans für Fans produziert worden sind. Dieses Format des KlausStudios wird weder monetarisiert noch generieren wir dadurch Einnahmen, durch Werbung, es dient lediglich zu Unterhaltung und zur Verbreitung der produzierten NON-kommerziellen Hörspiele. Der Urheber der Hörspiele ist das KlausStudio.

Tebere Arts Podcast
Welcome to the Tebere Arts Podcast! Here, you’ll find a collection of original audio dramas written, directed, and produced by young emerging artists. Tebere is the producer of The Kampala International Theatre Festival. Our audio dramas are diverse in genre and style, but they all share one thing in common: they’re all high-quality and entertaining. Whether you’re a fan of horror, comedy, drama, or something else entirely, we’re sure you’ll find something to love on our podcast.

Moriarty: The Devil's Game
Moriarty: The Devils Game dares to ask: What if Holmes’ most villainous nemesis was actually an innocent man? Featuring Dominic Monaghan in a riveting lead performance, Moriarty turns one of literature’s most famous rivalries on its head, recasting Professor James Moriarty as a desperate fugitive framed for murder–and hunted by dark forces who will stop at nothing to exploit his brilliance.Moriarty finds the professor on the heels of an earth-shattering mathematical breakthrough–a formula so powerful, it can predict the future–and at the scene of a gruesome murder he must solve to prove his innocence. With London’s sprawling underworld as their battleground, Moriarty and Holmes match their peerless intellects to gain the ever-shifting upper hand. But as their duel escalates, so does the deadly cost of pursuing the truth. “What will it take to get your justice?” Dr. Watson asks an utterly ensnared Moriarty, “And if you do get it… what will you become?”

Good Morning, Monster
Adapted from the book of the same name from NYT-bestselling author and therapist Catherine Gildiner, Good Morning, Monster follows the emotional recovery of Cathy's most heroic and memorable patients. In Season 1, Cathy is confronted by a powerful and determined man seeking help for his daughter. Cathy leaves home and comes out of early retirement to work with Madeline, a highly successful but emotionally broken New York City businesswoman whose mental health struggles are slowly destroying the company she worked to build.

L'Anthologie SF du Narrauteur
Une anthologie d'histoires fantastiques, étranges, énigmatiques dont le but est de frapper l'auditeur, de le choquer par une chute inattendue qui peut amener la réfléxion sur notre monde. Je suis le narrauteur. Je me déplace à travers le temps, l’espace et les dimensions. Je suis un voyageur et je vais vous raconter le destin de gens qui n’ont pas changé le monde mais qui pourrait vous aider à changer le vôtre. Bienvenue pour un voyage audio phonique dont vous ne sortirez pas indemne.

Bella's Comet
Bella's Comet is a sci-fi cyberpunk story being played in the ARC: Doom system. Bella's Comet hit the Earth 500 years ago. The comet contained all the needed components to send the planet into a technological superage. A city was even built in its crater to maximize access to its resources. Now, the comet is set to return and usher in a new age of prosperity. However, one scientist, after discovering an ancient book of prophecy, believes the comet will actually DESTROY the city. A rebel, an ex-cop, and a teacher now have to save the city and stave off the comet before time runs out.

Chilling Scenarios
Q. Spectro St. Terror presents a NEW NIGHTMARE in everyday horror.

Re'altan Records: Camp Sirius
In the Middle Ages, Elle is taken to Camp Sirius where she discovers that her mom is actually a dragon, and Camp Sirius is there to train other half dragons. She soon meets other kids her age, and together they work to form an elite team to protect the ones they care about.

The Atomic Broadcasting Variety Hour
The Atomic Broadcasting Network presents to you a different type of podcast. Channeling the Golden Age of variety radio the 1920's, we bring you a variety of shows ranging from Comedy to Horror. Be ready for just about anything during the Atomic Variety Hour!

We are E.A.T.I, Experimental Alien Technology Institution. We are a collective group posting our most confusing and interesting cases in "audio drama" format as a horror podcast. If you aren't a fan of dimensions, creepy noises, horrific ideas, and the like--than we aren't for you. However if you're into that, we post every Tuesday for the month of October. After we will be posting every other Tuesday.

Eeler's Choice
"No respect for the sea, for the living things in it, for what's owed. They're fishing in the eel breeding grounds now, the fools." Eeler's Choice is a maritime horror fantasy podcast set in Eskmouth, a small coastal town whose economy has lived and died on the hunting of the Great Eels for generations. As demand for product has increased, so have the catches... but even the generosity of the sea has its limits, and all debts must come due.

Observable Radio
Observable Radio is a found footage anthology podcast of retro sci-fi and analog horror from Cameron Suey and Phil van Hest. When he discovers something beneath the static of the worlds’s communication network, an unnamed Observer begins to catalog and record the strange signals that should not exist…

Bad Influencer
A wannabe nobody makes a wish and wakes up a famous influencer only to find herself caught in non-stop scandals.  Featuring Deuxmoi, Kristen Doute, Perez Hilton and Christy Carlson Romano, Bad Influencer is a romantic comedy for your ears set in the current New York City Influencer world.

Bidim kont ( Histoires & contes Antillais en créole )
Podcast de contes traditionnelles en créole Martiniquais à destination des enfants. Cette émission est réalisé par Kofi Jicho Kopo. Sa zot fè lé toupiti ? Man ké rakonté zot an ti kont konpè Lapen ! Alos si zot paré...Annou !

In a world plagued by pollution, an oppressive government, and rampant crime, one tower holds the key to hope. Amy is granted the rare opportunity to enter, where a mysterious game awaits. Amidst uncertainty, she joins forces with Max, unraveling challenges. Along this journey, secrets come to light. Is she safe? Can she still change her life?

The Lion's Den
Based on actual events. A drug smuggler finds God, and turns against the cartel, working as an undercover operative to take them down from the inside. Based on Dr. Hal Bradley's book, "A Fox In The Lion's Den" - you can find all of Dr. Hal Bradley's books at

Coddiwomple With The Shadow People
’Coddiwomple With The Shadow People’ is a narrative podcast about friendship, magic, mystery, and the divine feminine. Follow a group a misfits and outcasts as they search for a sense of purpose and belonging.

Missionary To Mars
An audio adventure based on Missionary To Mars, by Lucas Kitchen. Eustis Grimes, an idealistic cyber-nerd, has to go on the run when his best friends are murdered by the evil Admiral Strafe. Eustis is thrust into a Solar System where just the mention of outlawed ideas can get you killed in a dozen creative ways. Since he has no ship, no money, and no connections, he is forced to sneak aboard a rattle-beaten freighter of smugglers as they set out into the wild black yonder. He embarks armed with stubbornness and an unstoppable drive to share an important message with the Solar System before Admiral Strafe finds him. This unabashedly Christian sci-fi novel mixes humorous characters with poignant themes to create a message of hope, faith, and love that blends seamlessly into a grand space adventure. Missionary To Mars is a family-friendly novel even die-hard science fiction fans will love.

Dead Ghost Productions
Dead Ghost Productions is an award-winning podcasting collective for storytellers, co-founded by Aram Vartian and Dylan Malenfant. Dead Ghost is focused on telling immersive stories while uplifting queer and PoC voices. Currently part of the Dead Ghost network are the award-winning podcasts Godsfall, Kill Every Monster, Podspeak, and Of Now and Then. 

The Burger Files
The world is full of bad burgers, from soggy lettuce to raw patties... and rock-hard buns. It’s terrifying, and it’s a crime. Yet, we've been both willing and unwitting victims of these Burger Crimes for too long. No more. It's time we fully open the Burger Files and embark on a relentless pursuit of truth, conducting a full-scale investigation into this gastronomic horror. 'The Burger Files by Wendy's UK' is more than a podcast; it's a revelation. Unearthing chilling, real-life bad burger stories from real people, it unveils the grim reality of burger horrors, akin to the darkest true crime tales. Make no mistake, burger crimes are genuine offenses... and we need some answers, justice must be served.

The Experience Corporation
Delmont and Cameo travel across Three Cloud City in search of unique experiences. Whether it’s fulfilling birthday wishes, entering niche competitions, or undergoing an intimate company retreat, they always find a way to get the most out of the experience... even if they don't always get along. From the world of Readymade Utopia, a new kind of audio experience.

Nos vemos después
A Martín le quedan pocas semanas de vida. Y su mejor amigo, Santiago, lo sabe. Quieren aprovechar el tiempo que les queda juntos... hasta que se les ocurre una mejor opción: organizar viajes al futuro, viajes que transformarán sus vidas para siempre. Nuevos amores, conflictos familiares, la muerte inevitable, cambio climático y cambios personales... Todo eso y mucho más está en juego en Nos vemos después, un pódcast de ciencia ficción y amistad creado por Jeremías Juárez. Protagonizado por José Ordoqui y Ezequiel Herbas. Producido en exclusiva por Studio Ochenta.

Rahasya Ki Raat With Akriti
अपराध की शुरुआत बारिश और हल्की हवाओं के बीच शहर में एक बड़े बिजनेसमैन की गाड़ी रोड पर बहुत तेज बहुत तेज स्पीड में सड़क पर दौड़ रही थी। एक अकस्मात एक्सीडेंट उसके अतीत का पर्दा उठाता है, और जीत को एक रहस्यमय हत्या का संकेत मिलता है। जीत के पास जाने पर वह एक चौंकाने वाला राज खोलता है, जो उसके जीवन के अद्भुत और खतरनाक रहस्यों को जुड़ता है। क्या जीत उस आदमी की वजह से हुई हत्या का पता लगा सकेगा, और वह खास चीज कैसे प्राप्त कर चुका था? इस एक्शन-पैक्ड रहस्यमय कथा में जुटें और जीत के साथ उसके अतीत की उजागरी में शामिल हो सिर्फ रहस्य की रात with आकृति ऑडियो पिटारा पर.

The Night The Music Died
It's 1941 and Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson, Band leader, BBC Broadcaster, dancer and singer  leaves his lover Gerald Hamilton behind, to make his way to play The Cafe de Paris in . As Ken navigates London’s Blitz torn Soho, believing the venue to be the 'safest place' in London, Ken has no idea what awaits him in the basement of the infamous Cafe de Paris.

Pale Columbia
Doctor Aloysius Freeman and Professor Allela Freeman present hidden figures in the American story. As the initial sparks of the American Revolution catch flame, Jupiter Nameless is a man between worlds. On the one hand, he has access to all the wealth, wisdom, and privilege of Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson, who is something of a mentor and patron for Jupiter. On the other hand, Jupiter is Jefferson’s slave. When a common errand suddenly goes awry, Jupiter finds himself facing something he’s never seen before: some new sort of blight that turns men rabid. Faced with slave catchers on one side and murderous, blighted hordes on the other, Jupiter and Jefferson must work together to save themselves and whoever hasn’t yet been turned.

The Chatelaine
Josephine Baker, singer, dancer and entertainer who after Paris has fallen in WW2 opens up her French chateau for those seeking refuge from the German occupation. All is going well until the day the German soldiers arrive unannounced at The Chateau.

The Jack of Hearts Podcast
When Stillwater, Minnesota's brightest and best, Jack Anderson, disappeared on August 31, 1991, the entire town went into shock. Over thirty years later, the woman closest to him has opened up to tell the story of Jack's life, his love, his friends...and his enemies. Get a first-hand look at the brilliant young man whose eight-year disappearance stumped a town determined to find him -- and left a woman heartbroken. A fiction podcast series, told by April Sauntry-James.

Wasteland Free Radio
Wasteland Free Radio is a semi-monthly podcast modeled after an evening radio show set in a post-apocalyptic world. Meteor storms, mutants, fallout, and more! Grab a hot glass of green, iridescent liquid, and join The Host as they bring you the news from the Radlands and speculate about the Great Devastation that ended the world...

Twigs and Hearts
A book that ties many together. Who picks up a copy? What powers do they serve? Between missing people and people missing, who will you trust? Twigs and Hearts. Open at your own risk.

What's In The Rift?
"What's In The Rift" is a modern day sci-fi and horror influenced podcast that combines elements of an Actual Play and Audio Drama. This show explores complex themes of philosophy, identity, consciousness, and the interplay between narrative and historical truth. The story revolves around six individuals who receive mysterious invitations to an enigmatic website known as The Rift. This website promises to provide answers to life's most profound questions, drawing each in as they hope to process some of the inexplicable things happening to them in their own lives. Within The Rift's message boards, they encounter a series of perplexing posts, filled with hundreds of people attempting to decipher the impenetrable posts filled with strings of words, coordinates, and chemical composition markers. As they dive deeper into this digital maze, tensions rise, and the group becomes increasingly curious about what lies behind The Rift's cryptic facade. Things take an unexpected turn when one member of the group claims to have decoded The Rift's mysterious schematics and built something extraordinary. This revelation prompts them to embark on a journey to Orlando, Florida, hoping to uncover the true nature of The Rift and its potential connection to their own mysterious pasts. What they discover there, however, is more than they originally bargained for. Hidden rooms, a long desiccated body, a computer that operates itself, a device seemingly designed solely to cause brain damage, and the crumbling edges of reality all await our players at their destination. "What's In The Rift" offers an immersive audio experience, where each episode unravels new layers of intrigue and self-discovery. We are edited heavily to highlight the story without erasing the charisma of the players at the table. Though the subject matter can be weighty and is often treated as such, we aren't afraid to highlight the humor of the sometimes absurd situations that arise both at the table and as part of the story

Twilight Meridian
In 1937, a titan of industry disappeared. To find him his grieving wife, a mysterious detective, and a cop with something to prove must confront dark secrets, and terrifying cosmic forces. Twilight Meridian is a fully scripted gothic/noir audio drama set in the 1930's fictional city of Jericho, Connecticut that explores themes of grief, loss, duality, and the ability of love to transcend death.

Graveyard Grim Radio
Graveyard Grim Radio is an anthology of short horror stories, brought to life in sound. Narration, ambiance, sound effects, and music all come together to tell stories of eeriness, uncanniness, love, nostalgia, terror, and more.

An 8-episode anthology audio series of original horror stories from some of the most exciting contemporary voices in horror, pulled from literature, film & TV. Hosted and produced by Anna Bogutskaya. Each story brings a different flavour of scary, from the haunting to the grotesque, to suit different sensibilities and fright thresholds. Every listener will find something that truly creeps them out.

Haunted Rural: The Barn
In this personal-narrative-style horror podcast, Tamera Black recounts her experiences growing up in an old barn renovated into a house, and the strange experiences her family endured there. Haunted Rural presents: The Barn... a five-part miniseries horror podcast.

Lord Serpent's Library
Lord Serpent, the greatest horror writer of all time, kidnaps people off the street and forces them to read his stories. If they do a good job, he might just let them leave his dungeon... Hear a new story every episode on this horror anthology podcast. Created by William Charles Brock.

こちらは「ナイトアウルのよなよな図書室」がお届けする小説ラジオです。 今宵もひとり退屈しているあなたに、そっと心を埋めてくれるちょっぴり面白くて、切ない、そしてドキッとするショートストーリーをお届けしたい。そんな願いを込めたこの小説ラジオは、週に5日noteにて投稿される、内藤阿宇琉(ナイトアウル)作の短編小説の中から1編「声」でお届けするものです。noteでは、SF・ミステリー・コメディ・ホラー・ファンタジーと様々なジャンルの短編小説を投稿しています。 ご興味のある方は、「ナイトアウルのよなよな図書室」と検索してみてくださいね。

An audio drama about friendship, photography -- and UFOs. Written and directed by Robert Isenberg. Featuring the voice talents of Maggie Papa, Emma Newbery, Michael Kinnane, Chris Revill, and Sarah Greenleaf. This production was supported in part by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Special thanks to LitArtsRI and the Dwares JCC for use of their recording studios.

Ghost: Scary Stories Daily
Discover a new world of terror and suspense with 'Ghost', the ultimate daily podcast for for the most terrifying tales of your life! Each day, through October until the scariest night of the year, we’ll bring you bone-chilling ghost stories that will have your heart racing and your spine tingling. Whether you tune in during your morning commute or prefer to be transported into the dark corners of the supernatural right before bed, 'Ghost' guarantees a hair-raising experience like no other. Get ready to face your deepest fears and join us on this haunting journey leading up to Halloween.

Only Horror Cliché
Sei racconti Horror originali in otto puntate. Decine fra i cliché più conosciuti del genere Horror. Testo e VoiceOver di Jacopo Pagliari. Colonna sonora e Sound Design di Marco Angus Castrichella.

#Traffick’d by AR
Welcome to the audio platform for #Traffick’d! A online short story series about a stripper from Toronto and her pimp. On this platform you’ll find audiobook versions of the episodes, group discussions and thoughts from our readers and author.

The Case Within
When a new lead prompts a fresh look at a cold case, Special Agent Nicole Baumer is tasked with finding out what really happened to sixteen year old Erin Michaels. But as parallels surface between her past and Erin’s, Nicole must finally confront her own trauma in order to save her.

Lonely Boy
Get to know Lonely Boy, a 10-episode fictional coming-of-age audio drama about pop sensation Frederick Julius as he takes a musical rewind through the defining moments of his youth. Each Friday we drop a new 25-30 minute episode including a fresh indie pop track inspired by the story. From grappling with his dad's misdeeds to mastering middle school melodrama to finding first love in the most unexpected places, you'll root for this legendary artist as he ultimately deciphers what kind of man he wants to be.

Rotating Heroes
Follow the adventures of a rotating cast featuring the funniest comedians, actors and improvisors around. Listen as they attempt daring deeds, epic exploits and behave like buffoons in this comedy actual play series from Zac Oyama and Jasper William Cartwright.

Ondes Épistoles
Les correspondances d'anciens amis s'étant perdus de vue depuis plusieurs années. Une invitation à entrer dans leurs vécus, leurs pensées, leurs espoirs et leurs souvenirs. Une fiction audio épistolaire de Tommy-Lee Baïk.

Heart: The State Within
Heart: The State Within is an actual play podcast presented by UniversiD&D. We play tabletop roleplaying games like Kult and Dungeons & Dragons. Join us for our first campaign, set in the completely isolated city of Heart.

1013 Podcast
A horror anthology from fangs and things among a pull at your heart strings.  Take a journey inside the the dark side of the imagination.   Or, is it just your stretch of your imagination?

Just Chills: Scary Stories To Hear In The Dark
Enjoy a good scare? From timeless scary story classics that have haunted generations to the blood-curdling horror stories born in the twisted minds of the new masters of horror, every week Just Chills delivers an unrelenting dose of fear designed to send chills down your spine. So turn down the lights and let the nightmare begin.

Heimsökt är en fiktionell skräckpodcast där varje avsnitt innehåller en fristående skräckhistoria. Poddens utspelar sig i Österbotten och besöker platser som Vörå, Larsmo, Jakobstad, och Vasa. Heimsökt görs av Amanda Sandvik för Vasabladet och Österbottens tidning.

The World According To Bards
A D&D actual play podcast following three bards. The main rule here is “yes, and…” Join us on our thrilling adventure full of lighthearted comedy and general wackiness!

Winds of Change: The Podcast Show
"Winds of Change: The Podcast Show" is a heartwarming and adventurous podcast that follows the journey of a group of friends who unexpectedly become radio hosts after a tornado strikes their small town in Tennessee. Forced to adapt to their new reality, they transform their community radio station into a beacon of hope, resilience, and connection for the people affected by the disaster.

Le Laboratoire de Fictions Sonores
Micro-fictions expérimentales issues de guides de savoir-vivre en société et de manuels de conversations datant de la fin du 19ème / début du 20ème siècle.

Life is finally looking up for 28 year old Shayla -- She’s got a great boyfriend and is about to start her dream writing job. But when it all falls apart in the space of one day, Shayla finds herself heartbroken and struggling to make ends meet. After a chance encounter with the world’s most popular K-pop idol, Youngjae, she decides to chase the fantasy and heads for South Korea in the hopes of kindling a relationship with the star. There are a lot of ups —beautiful city, amazing food, dynamic culture and K-pop music everywhere, plus a new friend in Dal, an ex-idol with a chip on his shoulder who owns the 7-11 she lives above. But there are also downs — culture clashes, difficulty with the language, and Youngjae is a lot more popular than she realized. She likely isn’t going to just bump into on the streets of Seoul! Moving to Korea might have been a mistake, but Shayla’s committed to see it through. With time running out on her 90-day visa she enlists an exasperated Dal to help her reconnect with Youngjae, but will their friendship become something more as he helps her chase her Y/N dreams?

Ecos en la Oscuridad
Ecos en la oscuridad, una antología de cuentos de horror dramatizados con el único fin de hacerlos temblar. Terror, suspenso e intriga acompañan a los protagonistas de cada episodio. No intenten huir una vez que empiecen, es inútil, la oscuridad abarca la infinidad y los ecos, tarde o temprano, los atraparan.

Rainbow Surfers
Join Clancy and his pals, Peter and Sophia, on a dazzling adventure in the Rainbow Surfers Podcast! When Clancy stumbles upon a magical portal, they ride a radiant rainbow straight into Lumino City—a land bursting with light, color, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Perfect for kids with big imaginations and parents looking for wholesome, fun-filled tales. Hop on the rainbow and let's light up the world of Lumino City together! Head over to to pick up your copy of the Rainbow Surfers book today!

A Void in Reality
A Fate Core TTRPG built using The Quiet Year set in a world built around a giant chasm and run by an eldritch corporation. Where the only way to do magic is to drain your own life force or someone else’s. Join our ragtag group where everyone is the quirky one and our most normal member is the five foot tall ferret.

Dracula: A Radio Play Mini Series
Everyone's heard of Dracula, but do you know the original tale that started the legend? Experience the Bram Stoker novel, adapted as a 10-episode radio play mini-series! The first 9 episodes are available in a podcast format and the Series finale (Episode 10) will be presented live and in person!

Three Sisters - A story from the climate future
A timely and thought provoking drama based on Chekhov’s Three Sisters, available now on all major platforms. Created by renowned art and social justice group Platform, Three Sisters - a story from the climate future is an exploration of how people carry on in a dislocated world, suffering from the impact of climate change and repeated pandemics. Set in rural Scotland in the late 2030s, co-creators James Marriott and Lena Šimić have used the structure and sensibility of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters - a dissection of isolation, longing, and family ties - to explore a thriving community set up against the backdrop of social and ecological collapse. But after 15 years of weathering storms, floods, and lockdowns, can this community survive itself?

Fiction horror stories in a cinematic soundscape.

Oneiric, or The Hatch Pilgrim, is a dream quest, a grail quest, a fever dream... quest.

Long Con
Two brothers, Seth and Eric, as they stumble into the world of entrepreneurship with a mission that's as outrageous as it is heartwarming. When their father falls into a mysterious coma, they're left with a peculiar last wish: start a successful business. Armed with boundless enthusiasm, questionable ideas, and a flair for accidental chaos, these brothers will stop at nothing to fulfill their comatose dad's dreams.

Autumn Tales
Enter a brave, new world where the move of a single letter in a turn of phrase creates the unlikeliest of protagonists. With their own dreams and goals to pursue, each must navigate an ever-shifting landscape by working together.

The Chained God
"If one suffers, I suffer. If one is chained, I am chained" My faith called me to become a Lance. My compassion drew me into one of the fallen lands. Through my connection with the Chained God, I alone could find and destroy the Horror that stained the land. If I wasn't dragged down to join the victims in madness first. The Chained God is a binaural audio fiction podcast adapted from the series of dark fantasy novels by Nathan Hall. Inspired by the Dark Souls series, The Chained God follows the "Lance" as they look to rid fallen kingdoms of "Horrors."

The Witch Who Came in From the Cold
The Cold War rages in the back rooms and dark alleys of 1970s Prague—and on one misty night an American discovers that the city and its spies have become the new front of another, more ancient war—a war of magic. Now a CIA agent and a KGB operative must forge an uneasy alliance in order to stop a secret occult society from destroying the world. When spies and sorcerers cross murky lines to do battle for home and country—who do you trust?

The Dinner Party Podcast
The Dinner Party is the story of Chiyo and Hiro, two young Japanese Americans who meet and fall in love while incarcerated during WWII, only to learn that an even bigger test awaits once the war is over. Based on a true story, this five-episode podcast is a portrait of the love and resistance required to believe in an America that doesn’t believe in you.

Ein Viertel AutOHRin
Maria Poupart schreibt Geschichten und liest diese vor. Jeden zweiten Dienstag erscheint eine neue Folge. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören!

Ghost Tour
Set today in the town of Jepson, North Carolina – widely known as one of the most haunted cities in America – Ghost Tour follows an unlikely pair of teenagers as they turn their local ghost tour company upside down by uncovering ghoulish secrets of Jepson's past. 

Starweaver’s Tapestry
The Atania Galaxy: a new home for Humanity. Plotted entirely from start to finish, Starweaver’s Tapestry is a sci-fantasy narrative podcast that covers fifteen key stories over a six-hundred year history and three distinct eras. Join us as we explore this vast new region full of interspecies conflict, special powers, varied characters and intense moments designed to spark the imagination. Welcome to Atania!

The world is bleak and snowed-over in the aftermath of a deadly apocalypse known as The Rise. Those left, human and animal alike, endure an unending hellish winter. We follow survivors' stories through recorded audio journals.

Acey Reads
Reading of original works by Acey Smith, and Sunflower Star Creative works.

The Dark Dominion Chronicles
Step into a realm echoing 1800s Gothic ambiance, where literary legends birthed terror. 'Dark Dominion Chronicles' unveils murder mysteries, cold cases, and dark humor. Join our adventurers as they navigate Nodlon's shadowy streets, where secrets lurk behind every corner, and darkness dances with suspense.

Something Matters (sci-fi comedy)
Queer Ear Productions presents 'Something Matters', a short sci-fi story about love, lemons and otherworldly mysteries. This adventure takes place before the events in 'A Call to the Stars' but can also be enjoyed seperately from the series and no prior context is necessary. Put on your headphones, tune out of reality and let us transport you!

Miss Maple Mysteries
Mysteries in suburban Orléans, Ontario.

The Easthaven Eight
The year is 2004. 6 teens and 2 adults are hit by an explosion in the small town of Easthaven, Oregon. An explosion that gives them powers. But how did they survive? And what is the truth about how they got these powers? Easthaven Eight is an LGBT+ inclusive superhero teen audio drama series. From the same team that brought you "X-Men: The Audio Drama" & "Power Rangers: The Audio Drama."

The Sisters
“How could a mother come to believe the world would be better off…if her children were dead?” Inspired by true events, a story of family, the occult, and satanic possession. Frankie Bradshaw, the curator of a collection of medical oddities in Philadelphia, has her world turned upside down when a mysterious skeleton is delivered without explanation. Eager to discover its origins, she is sucked into a world of occultists, as her own demons come back to haunt her. When Frankie is sent a box of reel-to-reel tapes from the 1960s, she learns the story of Frances Pollard, a woman incarcerated in a British hospital for the criminally insane. In a series of interviews, Frances recounts a happy family life in England, until the arrival of a stranger led to family tragedy and a descent into madness.

TwentyOne 21: A Black AF Scripted Audio Comedy
Black pop culture and unspoken rules? Original music across a variety of genres? And episodic adventures? Created by Uzo Chijioke and Courtney Marie Simpson, with additional production/songwriting by Donnell "DWeezy" Robinson, TWENTYONE 21 is a narrative sci-fi comedy that follows the story of Cici and Funks: two friends, co-workers, and roommates who share the same birthday and believe that they'll unlock mystical, melanated powers on 12/21 (or at least that's what Cici read on "Black Twitter").

Mina and Lucy's Guide to Slaying Dracula
When a mysterious ship washes ashore in Whitby Bay, best friends Mina and Lucy begin to wonder if there’s something strange about the new kid in school. With Dr. Van Helsing as their guide, Mina and Lucy will come face to face with a terrifying threat…from the legendary Dracula himself…

Mission Mars – Der GEO Podcast über die erste Reise zum roten Planeten
Steigt ein und schnallt euch an, denn es geht zum ersten mal auf den Mars! "Mission Mars – Der GEO Podcast über die erste Reise zum roten Planeten" erzählt die fiktive Geschichte von vier Astronaut:innen, die zu der ersten von Menschen besetzten Reise zum Mars aufbrechen. Und dort passiert so einiges Unvorhergesehenes. Wissenschaftliche Einordnungen zu der Reise gibt Host und Astrophysiker Michael Büker. Er ordnet für euch die Geschehnisse im Hörspiel ein, berichtet aus der Geschichte der Raumfahrt und erklärt auch die äußerst anspruchsvolle Reise zum roten Planeten. Es wird spannend, nervenaufreibend und überraschend.

Movipod Musicals
Welcome to "Musicals," the podcast anthology show that's about to take you on a one-of-a-kind audio journey! We're flipping the script on traditional storytelling. Get ready to experience a fresh spin on musicals as we bring you exciting stories inspired by artists' and songwriters' music catalogs. Each week we present new "Musicals" featuring original songs, captivating characters, and immersive soundscapes that will transport you to different worlds and eras. From heartwarming love stories to thrilling adventures to bone-chilling sci-fi thrillers and everything in between, our talented creators are here to make sure you're hooked from the very first note.

Cuentos Infantiles 101
¡Bienvenidos a "Cuentos Infantiles 101"! Sumérgete en un mundo mágico de imaginación y diversión mientras exploramos un universo de cuentos cuidadosamente seleccionados para todas las edades. En cada episodio, te llevaremos a emocionantes aventuras llenas de personajes encantadores, lecciones valiosas y momentos de aprendizaje en un entorno seguro y divertido. Únete a nosotros en esta emocionante travesía de cuentos clásicos y originales que estimularán la imaginación y fomentarán la curiosidad.

Camino Equivocado
Camino Equivocado es una novela histórica, basada en los tiempos post-guerra mundial, donde conocemos la historia de Regina y Saturnino, una pareja en desacuerdo. Ella es una interesada que solo le importa el dinero, las apariencias y la alta sociedad, mientras que él se la vive trabajando para poder darle gusto a su esposa. Conforme pasa el tiempo ella cada vez exige más y la pareja se va alejando hasta llegar a un punto de no retorno. ¿Podrán alcanzar sus sueños los dos cuando por fin cada quien tome su camino?

Everyone and No One: A True Crime Podcast
In the spring of 2022, the 44 Division of the Toronto Police Service discovered the burnt remains of Rachel Amina Darwish, Daniel Brewer, and Mitig Biskane, in southern Ontario, Canada. The only clues offering an explanation for the three deaths were found in an anonymous blog written by an unknown individual. Host, Ian Tuason, reads the lost blog posts from the blog website,, before it was seized by the police.

Say More with Dr? Sheila
In the world of feelings, there are winners and losers, and somebody has to be the judge. World-renowned, self-proclaimed couples therapist Dr? Sheila invites you to sit in on her private sessions with clients. (For legal reasons, Dr? must be said in the form of a question.) Each week, a new couple…and a new puzzle to crack. You’ll get to hear, and benefit from, many of her famous techniques as she counsels patients on overcoming disagreements, dealing with an overstepping mother-in-law, navigating open relationships, and much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, because the best way to feel better about yourself is to compare your problems to the problems of others.

Young's Infinite City
A full-cast science fiction audio drama set in the near-apocalypse. Rosalind Young is the most influential person on the planet. And she’s just gone missing. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, warships from seven countries surround a giant white mass floating in the water. To us, it might look like a marshmallow the size of a small island. A few decades from now, people will recognize it as M3, the most valuable substance on the planet, a sponge that provides drinking water for hundreds of millions of people a year. People kill for it. Countries might go to war for it. As the inventor of M3, Dr. Rosalind Young is the wealthiest person alive and the founder of Natural Law, the world’s largest corporation. She might be the one person who can diffuse the standoff, but no one can find her, including her wife and business partner, Grace Adamu. To prevent a panic, Grace has kept Rosalind’s disappearance private. Because Grace also knows something she keeps to herself – Rosalind Young is mentally unstable. With her success, Rosalind Young has gone from eccentric to paranoid, even delusional. Rosalind believes she might have killed as many people as she’s saved. Her invention boosted the global water supply but also unleashed untold havoc and violence, and she believes she’s haunted by her victims. Some nights, she runs through her home and shoots at ghosts in the shadows. She’s spent billions on a passion project called the Infinite City, a walled city in rural Maine where construction never ends. Almost no one knows what’s in there, not even Grace. But if Rosalind Young hasn’t been killed or kidnapped, Grace is fairly certain where she’ll be. So when Rosalind Young disappears, Grace needs to search for her discretely, and seeks the help of the only other person who knows her wife as well as she does – Rosalind’s estranged son, Charles Davis. To stop a war, they will search for her in the City that might finally be forced to reveal its secrets.

The Package
Six conversations that an inquisitive courier has with others along the way of delivering: The Package.

Kimaya's Closet
Listen to sweet, short and immersive stories delivered to your ears. Stories range from innocent, dramatic, to full on erotic. You choose your desires. If you're into gritty, unapologetic stories that don't lineup with general customs and norms, or you're just feeling naughty, this podcast is for you.

What Maisie Knew
Musical play, lasting 75 minutes, based on the novel by Henry James, with eleven songs and a cast of six.

2086. Drie studenten trekken op intergalactische Erasmusreis naar zusterplaneet Posha, waar mens en Poshaan al enkele jaren in intergalactische symbiose samenleven. Als eerste aardse jongeren beleven Ziggie, Lennox en Leyla er het avontuur van hun leven, tot twee van hen op mysterieuze wijze verdwijnen… Naast een wervelend ruimteavontuur is POSHA een verhaal over de zoektochten in het leven, onmogelijke uitdagingen aangaan en bijzondere ontmoetingen op een onwaarschijnlijke plek.

Intergalaktiska Politikpodden
Herr Kelyfos tar dig på ett politiskt äventyr genom galaxen och upplyser dig om konflikter som sker, långt, långt borta. Nytt avsnitt varje tisdag!

Tales From Metra
Tales from Metra takes place in the largest of the Five Cities in the not so distant future. This is a collection of AudioBook style recordings of fictional short stories taking place in one of our possible futures. Taking a look at the societal struggle of a cyberpunk future that's dystopic for some and a paradise for others. Take a look at underground journalism and government cover ups, serial killers, tech bros, zombie fight pits, and socioeconomic structures under pressure from a variety of factors.

Dungeons and Dialogue
Dungeons and Dialogue is a TTRPG actual play podcast where we play pre-written adventures in multiple systems and then critically review and analyze the adventures!

Radio Drama
Narraciones realizadas por estudiantes de la carrera de ingeniería de sonido de la Universidad de San buenaventura en donde presentarán y darán vida a cautivadores cuentos.

League of Wonder
The greatest heroes of the fiction have assembled to save the world. Only this time… they’re animals. In the late days of the Victorian era, Kip, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, is thrust into adventure when his girl, Dorothy Gale, and a magical slipper go missing. Desperate to find her, Kip teams up a rag-tag group of animal heroes that include the suave White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the brilliant and eccentric Toad from Wind and the Willows, the persnickety Cricket from Pinocchio and the Darling’s protective St. Bernard, Lulu, from Peter Pan. Together, they will uncover a plot that threatens London and the mysterious figure who is scheming to wreak vengeance on all of mankind.

The Running Chills Podcast
A collection of new original haunted horror tales, Rip Graven’s THE RUNNING CHILLS PODCAST will thrill and entertain with spooks and terrors of all varieties. Each monthly episode brings you suspenseful tales that transcend both time periods and genres. RUNNING CHILLS pays homage to yesteryear’s pop-culture horror. Contained within, you’ll find stories filled with murder, magic, the paranormal, and the unexplained. The tales in The Running Chills Podcast are based on Rip Graven's book by the same title, Running Chills. For more information, please visit

Ce impact are lupta pentru putere asupra mediului înconjurător, dar și asupra psihicului uman? Ne aflăm într-un viitor distopic, în care omenirea a trecut printr-o perioadă de mare foamete și depresie, iar poluarea excesivă a cauzat apariția unei neurotoxine care a făcut milioane de victime. Drept urmare, s-a decis la nivel mondial eliminarea ecranelor de pe piață și s-a adoptat un regim de viață cât mai echilibrat. La nivel local, în București, un grup de jurnaliști independenți, pe nume Agora, se află într-o luptă declarată cu un sistem al cărui grad de corupție pune în pericol siguranța întregii populații. Însă înverșunarea acestui grup de justițiari de a demasca neregulile sociale nu rămâne fără repercusiuni. În momentul în care primesc vestea unei morți suspecte, se declanșează o serie de evenimente, conectate între ele printr-o simbolistică neașteptată, care zguduie societatea din temelii.

Metastories is a drama audio series made up of stories which includes Greek mythology, history, Shakespearean tragedies, and a bit of philosophy. You will witness how the characters will blame each other for being responsible for the downfall of mankind. The strong could become the weak, the right could become the wrong, and the innocent could turn into the greatest villain… Nevertheless, in a way, this show will still be about our disappointments, our tragedies, and some of the darkest consequences of our greatest achievements.

The Adventures of Candy and Bar: Kid Inspired Stories
Kids come up with the story idea, and their mom tells a creative tale incorporating their ideas. Follow the fictional adventures of girl and boy twins, Candy and Bar (short for Candace and Barry, of course). Each stand-alone episode dips into Candy and Bar's lives at different ages, different locations, and follows whatever prompts these young minds dream up. This impromptu collaborative storytelling is fun for ages 2 to 9. Parents will get a chuckle too, and find themselves identifying with the parent-child dynamics playing out within the stories.

Seventh Street Murders
There’s a murderer on the streets. Not any killer, one who tracks down his victims, punishing them as part of his sick game. With the old police commissioner retired, and his incompetent son in charge of the task force, it’s up to Detectives Lorenna Mimms and Raine Osborne to solve this mystery before it’s too late.

Strange Aeons - Pathfinder 2E (Undeniably Good Time)
Briarstone has fallen, but the party still has no memories. People from their pasts are showing themselves, dirty secrets are revealed, and the Baron seems to be connected to this somehow. Undeniably Good Time makes fun and unique stories using Paizo systems like Pathfinder 2e, or even Starfinder! Explore the worlds and locations of Strange Aeons, Malevolence, or even the vast reaches of space!

Home for the dark audio stories of James Farwood. Each week, James brings you his unerring mix of horror, mystery and heart. We start with Dark Figments, an eight-part series of chilling short stories told from the darkness.

Norfolk Wizard Game
A Mage: The Ascension actual-play taking place in the same universe as Hunter: The Parenting, following a group of Mages in Norfolk, Virginia, discovering the truth of reality and their ability to bend it at their whims.

Hunter: The Parenting
"Hunter: The Parenting" is a comical yet faithful World of Darkness show exploring the morbid, the intimate and the absurd aspects of the setting through the lens of a family of Hunters out in rural England, faced with supernatural foes hiding underneath the skeins of society. A narrative Chronicle based on Hunter: The Reckoning, with heavy inclusions of lore presented in Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, and more, alk cheekily brought to you by the creators of the Warhammer 40,000 parody If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device.

Found - On the High Seas
Britain St. John is a forty five year old gay man who has been divorced a year now and lost his job. Feeling down and out of luck, it was his best friend Brookly who got him out of the house and on the pth to a new job, one that floats on the ocean. Rylan writes the final book in the On The Huigh Seas series as Britain takes on a new job and possibly a new love?

Handsome Molly
Handsome Molly is an epic adventure-romance story set on the West Coast in the near future. The world – ravaged by climate change and disease – is running on empty. Government and infrastructure are collapsing, and crime syndicates run the cities. Still traumatized by her father’s recent death, 14-year-old Molly Masamoto leaves the relative safety of her isolated Gulf Island. She embarks on a perilous journey into this dystopian landscape to bring medical help to her community. Armed with only her precious fiddle, “Jewels,” she must learn how to survive in the harsh outside world, who to trust, and ultimately – how to forgive herself.

The Armitage Account
The Armitage Account is a narrative audio drama inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and is set in the fictitious city of Arkham, Massachusetts. Isaac Andrews, plagued with guilt over the events of the last year, begins to search for a connection to his supposed great-grandfather, and the long-deceased head librarian of Miskatonic University, Henry Armitage.

Hellhörig: Deine Nachbarn sind Mörder
Was wissen wir eigentlich über unsere Nachbarn? In der Großstadt lautet die Antwort oft: Gar nichts. Wir kennen vielleicht gerade noch die Namen an den Klingelschildern, aber wir wissen nicht, wer diese Menschen sind, wie sie hierher gekommen sind – oder was sie hinter verschlossenen Türen tun. Wir hören bestenfalls Wort- und Geräuschfetzen, wenn die lieben Nachbarn es wieder mal all zu bunt treiben. Der Thriller-Hörspiel-Podcast ,,Hellhörig“ erzählt von den Geschichten einer Berliner Hausgemeinschaft, die an einem einzigen Abend auf fatale Weise kollidieren. Sieben Menschen. Ein Mehrfamilienhaus. Eine Horrornacht. Folge für Folge lernen wir eine andere Figur kennen und verstehen so Stück für Stück, was im Haus vor sich geht und wer wofür verantwortlich ist. Jede neue Folge ist ein neues Puzzle-Teil, bis schließlich das gesamte Bild erkennbar wird.

Mancop & Seal
Do you remember when cops used to be cops? with a gun in their holster and a twinkle in there eye that said "We're here to protect and serve …you a good time daddio!" Meet Mancop, he's half man half cop and Seal, his right hand man with one mean left hook! Together they bring their old school policing methods to the streets and teach the criminal underworld that no one is above the law! Join them each week on their adventures as they take case after hilarious case that will leave you asking "Is justice just the beginning?"

Ordena los episodios de más antiguos a los más nuevos. Luiki Wiki, Anahí de la Mora, Alpha Acosta, Sergio Gutierrez, Pedro Lerin - - Dos extraños se despiertan en una vida de ultratumba. Uno ve un camino adelante para hacer que esta distopía se convierta en utopía, mientras que la otra desesperadamente necesita escapar y volver a la Tierra. PUM es una radionovela moderna de SciFi, manifestada con humor y trama únicos. Analiza lo que es el humor absurdo que nos sigue en vida, muerte, y la batalla a la que nos enfrentamos nosotros -y los demás- todos los días.

El legado de Odette
¿Qué pasaría si una persona recibe de forma inesperada una herencia de 150.000€ de una desconocida? Precisamente es lo que les ocurre a los protagonistas de este viaje entre dos épocas: el París de los años 60, destino de miles de españoles emigrantes, y la España de hoy.  El legado de Odette es una emocionante microficción sonora producida por Podium Podcast para el Banco Sabadell que invita a reflexionar sobre la curiosa relación que tenemos con el dinero, cómo influye en el día a día y de qué forma condiciona nuestra proyección de futuro.

WaveStock audiofiction
Sceneggiati e Audiofilm avvincenti e coinvolgenti più di uno spettacolo cinematografico

Nova Cosa Nostra Don Giovanni
Giovanni Baggio é um capo da família vitorio,com a morte do Don ele começa uma saga para se manter como novo chefe da família.

VRP Presents:
Serialized audio stories for your listening pleasure! Everything from horror to high fantasy!

Darkeport - Campaign 1: Gold, Green, and Red
“Campaign One, “Gold, Green, and Red”, is primarily a war story. Specifically, it chronicles the burgeoning city of Juramentum’s fight to determine its freedom-embracing fate. As the only city in the entire world of Terra not to utilize the institute of slavery, it stands as a shining beacon of hope for what could yet be. Likewise, “The Secret of the Word” (literacy) is legal in Juramentum, unlike everywhere else in this dark world. Of course, war contains many elements: sacrifice, gut-wrenching decisions, and dire tests of loyalty among them. Alongside the violence and hardship of battle may spring new friendships, deepening old ones, and even love. The final fate of Juramentum, of its people, and its friends and enemies all has yet to be writ.

Everything Matters
"It's all real, Everything Matters, and it Never Ends." Everything Matters is a Comedy Horror Podcast published every Tuesday. The show is focused on storytelling and features paranormal, surreal, absurd, and post-apocalyptic elements. This critically-acclaimed 7x Humanbody Award-winning collection of stories and coverage of contemporary issues affecting Tri Town and beyond is one of this planet's most popular programs. Hosted by Michael Taur and Dale Dallas, the show features intimate conversations, refreshing takes on the issues of the day, and real-life survival advice. For Legal Reasons, we're required to inform you that Everything Matters may or may not be considered (but is) entirely or not entirely satirical. Any resemblance to persons living or otherwise is probably something you need to unpack in private because, like most things, it's not actually happening.

The Saints
Adventures of Faith and Courage. A daily podcast bringing the Saints to life with award-winning actors, writers, and sound designers. Ignite your Family’s Faith. In a culture that has abandoned God, families struggle to find beautiful, faith-affirming stories to inspire their children. The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage provides thrilling and inspiring stories to ignite your family’s pursuit of virtue and holiness. Join Joan of Arc as she leads the French army, Patrick of Ireland as he escapes slavery, Saint George as he stands up against the Roman Empire, and many more. Professional actors, award-winning writers, and cinematic sound design that are guaranteed to leave you and your family eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

Legacy of Silvercreek
Welcome to "Legacy of Silvercreek" - A Thrilling Predation Adventure! Join us for an epic journey through time and a world where humans and dinosaurs collide in the action-packed tabletop RPG, Predation, brought to life in our exciting live stream series! Immerse yourself in the prehistoric wonders of "Legacy of Silvercreek," where our talented cast of adventurers dive headfirst into a unique blend of sci-fi, time travel, and dino-filled excitement! Meet our incredible cast of characters as they navigate through dangerous landscapes, form unexpected alliances, and unravel the mysteries of a world where history takes a wild twist! Expect heart-pounding encounters, mind-bending paradoxes, and nail-biting decisions as our heroes explore the untouched beauty and untamed dangers of Silvercreek's ancient era.

The Redline
Racing for his life, Kal is like any other Ghoul with a life debt, but when a rare opportunity comes his way, Kal finds himself running the deadliest race so that he might win a life worth living. Pop in your earbuds, the world of the future awaits...

Between life and death, there and gone. Mystery & adventure stories about the things that disappear and the dangers of finding them. Full-cast audio drama.

Aggie McPherson Mysteries
In the city of Slaterquay there's an office with the words Aggie McPherson, Spectral Analyst on the pebbled glass of its door. Behind it is a detective agency that handles the most interesting cases in the Paris of the Pacific Northwest.

Dipshits And Dumbasses
Four Teenagers ready for graduation find themselves sucked into a world of demons and monsters, and humor. Watch and listen to these teens learn the struggles of the real world in the fantasy one.

An A to Z of British Myths and Legends
Each week I am writing a piece of flash fiction about a particular myth or legend from British history, beginning with the next letter in the alphabet.

Improv Madness
Welcome to Improv Madness, A Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast where no one knows what's happening until it does! Join us every other Thursday for some improvised D&D shenanigans.

The American
An American expatriate in France finds himself caught between competing criminals, U.S. intelligence services, and a Corsican who just wants to find his girl. A work of serial audio fiction.

A Haunting in Stratton
Follow Ryan Green as he buys his dream home which happen to sit in the town of Startton. An old gothic revival Victorian house that sits up on a hill over looking the town. Empty for the last thirteen years just begging for someone to come along. What could go wrong?

The Cellar
A group of young workers at a run down liquor store come of age in this hilarious, heartwarming comedy.

Scott Sigler's Galactic Football League (GFL) Series
The GFL is a "Space Opera" series of books described as STAR WARS meets THE BLINDSIDE meets THE GODFATHER. Set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future, THE ROOKIE is a story that combines the intense gridiron action of "Any Given Sunday" with the space opera style of "Star Wars" and the criminal underworld of "The Godfather." Aliens and humans alike play positions based on physiology, creating receivers that jump 25 feet into the air, linemen that bench-press 1,200 pounds, and linebackers that literally want to eat you. Organized crime runs every franchise, games are fixed, and rival players are assassinated. This multi-part scifi/crime/sports mashup follows a professional American football team across a far-future galaxy. Travel to new worlds, meet new races and put their quarterback into the dirt.

Worlds Away
Worlds Away is an actual-play storytelling podcast where five close friends use games to create adventures together as a collective. Find us on social media @worldsawaypod and online at

Every Which Way
A TTRPG podcast where 4 friends tell stories and fumble through problems. Currently playing Monster of the Week, 3 hunters explore the darker side of Witch Way, Wisconsin and the dangers that come with it.

Legacy Door
Legacy Door is a cosmic horror mystery about two estranged cousins who find that the further they look into their family’s history, the more disturbing it becomes. A serialized audiobook performed by an ensemble of eight actors.

Creepy short stories and unsettling tales.

Shadow of the Badge
"Shadows of the Badge" is a gripping 10-episode fiction series that delves into the moral gray areas of law enforcement. The story follows Detective Daniel Morgan, a respected and decorated officer with the city's police force. To the public, he is a hero, but behind the scenes, he leads a double life as a crooked cop involved in shady dealings. Each episode unravels a layer of deceit, as Detective Morgan's actions become increasingly complex and morally ambiguous.

Good Morning Murderer
This is a fiction podcast where you will hear all about the murders and odd classes that take place at Wilkerson High as you listen to their morning announcements.

Hero Tv
Welcome to Hero tv! A place where heroes gather to find stardom (and maybe save the day). This is a loose superhero campaign based on the mask ttrpg. So put on some earpods as my trio of players become stars! Hopefully...

Defenders of Monstrovia
Step into the enchanting realm of Monstrovia, a place where the lines between monsters, magic, and mysteries blur. Young Kara, a newcomer from Brooklyn, is thrust into the role of a defender in the Monstrovia courthouse, navigating a world of peculiar laws and even stranger inhabitants. With the guidance of Button, her flying hedgehog sidekick, Kara tackles cases that are anything but ordinary. From talking squashes and toll-evading giants to short-tempered troll judges to ghosts in jury boxes, Monstrovia is a town like no other. Inspired by the award-winning children's book series "Tales of Monstrovia" by Mark H. Newhouse, this podcast weaves tales of humor, intrigue, and the unexpected. Perfect for those who love fantasy, whimsical adventures, and the thrill of a good courtroom drama.

Wind Walker
A thief with golden blood. Her sister, dreaming of freedom. And a mysterious lord offering them everything...if the last Wind Walker will steal from the tyrant who wants her dead. Wind Walker is a free, episodic audiobook podcast, following a fantasy novel bursting with vibrant characters, atmospheric settings, and countless twists and turns.

When the Stars Fell
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast about five adventurers on a quest to find long-lost artifacts that could bring order to a chaotic post-war continent. They will have crazy adventures on the way, and meet incredible friends and formidable foes. They will see all the beauty that Sha'Col has to offer and also its horrors. Join us every first and third Monday of the month for an incredible and funny adventure as we discover what happens When the Stars Fell!

Frats and Dragons
A group of fraternity brothers that decided to get into Dungeons and Dragons. What could go wrong?

On This Mountain
A unique, rough-cut way of story telling. Episodic, dramatic, and full of adventure!

Did We Level Up?
In the midst of Dungeons and Dragons, Levelers come together to craft fun and succinct campaigns, just to go throwing beautiful natty 1’s.. From getting drowned by tentacles in Cthulhu Mythos, to futuristic robots C4ing themselves… while mysterious disappearances in detective noir fashion, on top of jumping and punching our way through anime styled destruction.. and of course, all the way down to the natural fantasy of D&D itself...The Goal?...To ENJOY the story, make stupid decisions, and to see how far we can keep a story running. Welcome to.. "Did We Level Up?"

Audio Drama Sunday Theatre
Starting Labor Day weekend 2023, the Audio Drama Sunday Theatre brings the trending topic to life by celebrating and showcasing the modern-day audio drama. This show not only presents a platform for completed audio dramas everywhere, but it also allows the chance to interview cast and crew members.

The Low Budget Ghost Squad
Ghosts?  No problem.  Murder mysteries?  Love them.  Cheap?  Of course.  Enter - The Low Budget Ghost Squad.  A mom and her two kids solve mysteries at haunted hotels.  A great podcast for parents and older kids/teens. In Season One – We find out what happened to Delilah Carrington who fell to her death in 1934 at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Her ghost has been seen for decades.  Was it murder?  Maybe more than one?  And there are more spirits to meet as well.  Did we mention that the Crescent is nicknamed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel?”

Stories of Jazzy Jerome Jackalope
Follow along on the wild adventures of Jazzy Jerome with these original radio plays. Fun for all ages.

Il Tumulo degli Orrori
Celato nella vostra testa si nasconde un teatro dell'orrore. È tutta la vita che provate a tenere chiuso quel sipario. Avete imbavagliato il regista e perfino bruciato vivi gli attori. Poveri illusi, è inutile. Ho portato le mie marionette e le farò ballare sul vostro palcoscenico. Si apre il sipario. Storie horror originali firmate Zombie Readers.

Murder Manor
When ten people are invited to spend the weekend in a mansion on a remote island, they each start dropping like flies. Can they solve the mystery of who's behind it all or will they die trying? The series is heavily inspired the critically acclaimed novel "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.

Tales of the ZugarouX
An ordinary existence is turned upside down for Abby, our unlikely heroine, when she is taken on an adventure of a lifetime...

Nearly Departed
A ghost story anthology sewn together with a very cozy thread, from the mixed up files of Kathryn R. Wiggins.  Katy hopes to create a space of permanent October, here to revisit whenever you're in need of a safe harbor to contemplate the living and the dead and the terrors in-between. While it may look cute and whimsical, these stories can be very scary and/or disturbing and are not intended for kids. For fans of history, melancholy, pumpkin pie, dusty mansions, flirting with terror, atmosphere, coziness, plastic skeletons, and real ones too. Katy is a writer and improviser in Austin, TX and co host of popular podcast Scary Stories from Camp Roanoke, which has over 40,000 listeners.  Katy adores history, and ghost stories are one of the ways the past echoes into the future in its own active voice. It's a way that the people of bygone eras literally come alive, and that possibility has never gotten old to her. Katy is also fascinated by the unprovable nature of ghosts--how one person can have years of their life tormented by a spiritual force and another person thinks it's all a bunch of hocus pocus. Paranormal or not, it's a fascinating reflection of the invisible struggles we each move through the world with.

Vildræven er verdenshistoriens største tyv. Det mener han i hvert fald selv, men verden har ikke opdaget ham endnu. Derfor stjæler han en tidsmaskine og rejser tilbage i tiden for at stjæle Guldhornene, så han kan få den berømmelse, han er berettiget til. Til at hjælpe med tyveriet har han skytten Richard og den hyper-intelligente Ingeborg. Men tyveriet går ikke som planlagt, og før de ved af det, er de med i en hæsblæsende jagt gennem historien forfulgt af betjente, bankfuldmægtige, advokater og vikinger. TIDLØS er det største danske hørespil i nyere tid, skrevet af Troels Bering, klippet og instrueret af Jacob Octavius Jarlskov, og produceret af Audiorama.

Far & Away - A D&D 5E Adventure!
After a mysterious shop suddenly appears in Manchester, a group of four strangers are soon drawn together. Though each believe they are there for their own reasons, everything is not as it seems...

Of The Sword
A daily sword-based, micro-fiction anthology that will run in September 2023. The episodes each feature a different, unique sword and the story surrounding it.

Diary of Mothman
Diary of Mothman is a queer trans story about cryptids, self-discovery, & found family based on the immersive novel of the same name & created by Ashlee Craft.

The Devil's Antlers
A Homebrewed TTRPG Actual Play Cryptid Campaign, with voice acting, sound FX, and original music. Set in the mid 1950s, this story follows four citizens around Pembine and Marinette, Wisconsin, as they begin to unveil some strange occurrences in the area.

La Bóveda de Evo
Lo que realmente perdura en nosotros, anidando un profundo recuerdo en nuestras mentes, es aquello que se asemeja mucho a lo cotidiano. Pero luego de una mirada más reflexiva, no tiene nada de común. Lo cotidiano tiene tantas formas como individuos: Es caótico. Azaroso. Transitorio. Atemporal. Confuso. Voraz. Aquí, cada semana una historia original e independiente nos muestra una cotidianeidad absolutamente fuera de lo común.

Roll For Luck
An RPG podcast where we play all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons, with a Fair amount of nonsense along the way.

The Theater of the Midnight Sun
Fun and thought-provoking audio dramas of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, & comedy - with dynamic soundscapes full of music & special effects.

Lantern Cove
An actual-play RPG podcast in which 6 high school students are the only ones who can face down murder, eldritch magic, and the coming end of the world.

In this fiction comedy-mystery, a young 1920s radio ventriloquist finds herself hosting a radio variety hour and cohosting a podcast in 2023. While attempting to figure out a way back home, she receives a tempting offer from a reality TV producer.

When The Magic Comes Naturally
Keyra is courted by a vampire queen for a power she doesn't know she has. Now she must navigate a world where magic is real and it's something people can steal. Check in Wednesday for a new chapter.

Part-Time Thrills
Welcome to Part-Time Thrills! Where tall tales are told in short stories rooted in horror and comedy! Time to clock in for a thrill!

Adventures in Aliandras's Podcast
A new adventure set in a world full of political intrigue and ancient magic.

”In 1995, in a small military base that was repurposed into the HQ for the Gibbs Foundation, the Gibbs Foundation stands out. Its past dates back to 1992 where there’s a small lake filled with what’s later known as celestial energy. Back in 1995, they are experimenting with celestial energy, and Dr. Jim Chandler uses celestial energy to make a normal object—a tic tac—sentient, unintentionally making the biggest mistake of his life.”

Sur la route : Podcasts pour enfants / histoires en voiture pour enfants / En voiture
Retrouvez les plus belles histoires pour faire voyager vos enfants de tous âges en voiture. Des histoires pour chaque âges qui vont passionner vos enfants. Podcast et histoire pour enfants.

This Source is about a group of witches who belong to a coven, who's been living in peace for centuries. They have managed to ward off any threats that come their way. However, their peace is shattered when they sense an ominous presence of The Demon Source. These short stories will have you filled with excitement, as they shift from town to town. As the battle with The Demon Source intensifies, and new theats arrive. The wiches have to come up with new strategies to fight for thier survival.

Byte-Sized Stories with Cjax
I will deliver roughly 10 minute stories in my narration voice. Some stories may require 2 or 3 "byte" sized pieces. There will be a weekly vote on Cjax Vocals Facebook page to select the next weeks story.

Legends of Swampland
Journey with us through time & space to enjoy stories from amazing independent writers from Swamp Land!

A 3 part radio drama. Signis has been alone, adrift on a spaceship for most of her life. Her lonely being is interrupted when she begins receiving broadcasts from Earth, a planet assumed by many to be long dead. Juno believes that he is the last person alive on Earth. Determined to preserve the story of his home planet, he sends his memoirs into space, in the hopes that someone will hear them.

Villain Mutants
Villain Mutants is a science fiction audio drama series about a bunch of criminal mutants being captured and brainwashed by HEAL. They were named a number when recruited. The mutants were used as weapons to frighten any human criminals that dares to not follow the law. The first 10 criminal mutants have escaped and are in hiding.

Can't Relax
Over stressed? Overworked? The Peace and Mind app will put an end to that. Forever. On the weekend before their ACTs, Anya and her friends download a new mobile relaxation app to take the edge off, unaware that it secretly plants murderous subliminal messages into the brains of its listeners. When people start dying, Anya must figure out who planted the corrupted malware on their phones and how to stop it before she becomes a killer herself.

WitherBurn After School News
An anonymous teenage girl starts a gossip radio show to report on the events of her small southern town. In her quest to uncover the latest scoop, she becomes entangled in the midst of a mystery.

MINDRAKER: Background Anger
MINDRAKER: BACKGROUND ANGER is an eight-episode sci-fi mystery podcast – a surreal tale of love and betrayal, wrapped in an existential meditation on man’s relationship with the forces at war within himself. Mankind is under attack. Alien beings have invaded the collective unconscious, influencing unsuspecting victims to act on their darkest instincts. Maru, a seemingly average man, is burdened by his clandestine duty as a psychic soldier in the fight against the ruthless invaders. But his dual existence has recently become further complicated by a Box of unimaginable power given to him by God.

Crimson Hearts Collide
As one of the top lawyers in New York City, Sonora Williams (Malinda Williams) is as driven as they come. On track to make partner at her law firm and being one of the youngest to ever do so, she has little time for a personal life. One day she receives a letter in the mail that changes everything – Sonora has an uncle who just passed away and left her an inheritance, a farm in Greenville, Alabama. For her entire life, growing up in foster care, she was told she had no family leaving her to wonder, if he knew about her why did he not come for her? In order to get the answers she seeks, Sonora must leave her best friend in NYC (Amanda Seales) and close-knit community to travel to Greenville and meet the people who keep the farm running – including the handsome cowboy Zeke Summers (Keith D. Robinson) who immediately captures her attention. 

Professionally Possessed
A collection of stand-alone fantasy audio stories about Helena, a woman who exorcises people of demons by drawing the demons out of their bodies into hers. She stumbled into this line of work by a botched exorcism she endured as a child which permanently marked her with a tattoo that forces demons to take her instead of other victims. To survive, she learned how to defeat demons in their inner world, their second consciousness, with magic powers that only exist there. However, she is powerless to control her own body in the outer world while possessed. She is often helped by Martzia, a charismatic licensed exorcist who finds clients, handles the money, and comforts victims, and Bridgette, a former soldier and demon slayer, who protects Helana from herself and makes sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else. Occasionally, Simon, a healer mage given his powers by a mysterious god, also helps out.

Abandon Post
We design stories for entertainment! Abandon Post is our first project.

Moss Hollow
When a child goes missing from a local summer camp, Anna and Lacey discover many things about the mountains that are hidden from the physical eye: ghosts, embedded memories, strange creatures. Time seems to work differently here.

Batman II Audio Play Based on the Unused Batman Returns Sam Hamm Script
Batman II Audio Play Based on the Unused Batman Returns Sam Hamm Script

Mera Pariwar
“Mera Pariwar” is an wonderful collection of stories by Mahadevi Verma where she portrays the intricate bond between animals and humans, and is narrated exquisitely by Alif Bashir only for Krity.

Gravity Box
Welcome to Gravity Box with Mahi yashra and Tanushree sinha. Join us every weekend to get cold feet. Spotlights focussing on the parallel world and real incidents, this is the perfect podcast to listen anytime anywhere with all 3D virtual hearing effects Fear isn't everyone's cup of tea. Horror podcasts may help us satisfy our curiosity about the dark side of human psyche.

Murder on Sex Island
When a cast member goes missing from the hit reality show Sex Island, producers ask the mysterious private detective Luella van Horn to go undercover as a contestant and solve the case. What the producers don’t know is that Luella van Horn is actually a woman named Marie Jones, a divorced ex-social worker attempting to lead a double life as a glamorous P.I. Unable to resist the opportunity to be a part of her favorite trashy reality show, Marie/Luella takes the case. But the more she learns about Sex Island’s dark underbelly, the harder it gets to make it out alive. She encounters shady producers, sleazy directors, and contestants willing to do whatever it takes to win the $100,000 grand prize. Will she find the killer? Will she find herself? Will she Find out now, in Sex Island's most dramatic season yet.

Dice Company
A real-play podcast about a group of friends who desperately try to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.

The Sounds of Nightmares
Noone, a timid young girl, is committed to The Counties Psychiatric Institute due to her ever-worsening nightmare disorder. She is placed under the care of The Counsellor who has dedicated his life to helping kids overcome their ailments, himself a product of childhood trauma. As Noone recounts her nightly torments during their sessions together, it becomes clear that her dreams unfold with a sinister life of their own. When The Counsellor realizes that her nightmares bear uncanny similarities to those of someone he loved dearly in his past, it unlocks a dangerous obsession inside him, and he grows desperate to find out what secrets hide inside Noone’s head.

El Murmullo de las Pesadillas
Nadie, una tímida jovencita, es ingresada en el centro psiquiátrico de Los Condados por los trastornos que le ocasionan unas pesadillas cada vez peores. Le asignan un doctor que ha dedicado toda su vida a ayudar a jóvenes a superar sus problemas y que también sufrió traumas en su infancia. Nadie le relata sus tormentos nocturnos en las sesiones que tienen juntos hasta que queda claro que sus siniestros sueños cobran vida propia. Una vez que el doctor se da cuenta de que las pesadillas son casi iguales a las de alguien a quien quiso mucho, una peligrosa obsesión despierta en su interior y decide descubrir qué secretos se esconden dentro de la mente de Nadie.

Il Suono degli Incubi
Nessi, una ragazzina schiva, è ricoverata nell'Istituto Psichiatrico delle Contee a causa di un disturbo del sonno in continuo peggioramento. Viene affidata alle cure del Dottore, il quale ha dedicato tutta la sua vita ad aiutare i bambini a superare i propri disturbi ed è egli stesso vittima di un trauma infantile. Man mano che Nessi racconta i propri tormenti notturni, risulta evidente quanto i suoi sogni si sviluppino come se avessero vita propria. Quando il Dottore capisce che questi incubi nascondono inquietanti similitudini con quelli di qualcuno che lui amava in passato, una pericolosa ossessione si scatena in lui, mentre cerca disperatamente di scoprire quali segreti si nascondono nella mente di Nessi.

Le Bruit des Cauchemars
Modie, une jeune fille timide, est internée à l’Hôpital Psychiatrique des Districts en raison de l’aggravation de ses troubles du sommeil. Elle est confiée aux soins du Psychiatre, un homme ayant eu une enfance difficile et qui a consacré sa vie à aider les enfants à surmonter leurs traumatismes. Au fur et à mesure de leurs séances, Modie raconte ses terreurs nocturnes. Ses rêves prennent une tournure aussi réelle que sinistre intriguant le Psychiatre qui note des similitudes troublantes avec ceux d'une personne qui lui était chère par le passé. Se déclenche alors en lui une dangereuse est maintenant prêt à tout pour découvrir ce qui se cache dans la tête de Modie.

Der Klang der Albträume
Nima ist ein schüchternes junges Mädchen, das wegen ihrer immer schlimmer werdenden Albtraumstörung in das Psychiatrische Institut "Die Bezirke" eingewiesen wird. Sie wird in die Obhut des Betreuers gegeben, der der Aufgabe sein Leben gewidmet hat, Kindern zu helfen ihre Leiden zu überwinden, da er selbst als Kind ein Trauma erlitt. Während Nima in ihren gemeinsamen Sitzungen von ihren nächtlichen Torturen erzählt, wird klar, dass ihre Träume ein finsteres Eigenleben innehaben. Als Der Betreuer bemerkt, dass ihre Albträume unheimliche Gemeinsamkeiten mit jenen Albträumen eines geliebten Menschen aus seiner Vergangenheit aufweisen, entfesselt das eine gefährliche Obsession in ihm und er wird immer verzweifelter auf der Suche nach den Geheimnissen in Nimas Kopf.

Traveller 2e: The Crew of the Cosmic Orca
Join us as Astrid, Aster Tillian III, Commander Caelin Vess and Esquire "Squid" Cumberbatch travel through the cosmos.

Alphard Wars
A weekly 5-minute satirical drama produced for RTHK's Wham Bam Tram! When an unfathomable accident causes a decorated Hong Kong cop and a "carboard granny" to swap bodies, the city looks very different to both of them. Lady Lim is an elderly woman, collecting cardboard to survive. Officer Davina Veda is a heroic cop whose career lies in the balance of Hong Kong politics. Restoring their lives will take everything they've got... if they can even agree to help each other.

Underdog Dramas
Underdog Dramas: stories that hit home, told in six episodes. Cinematic audio dramas about everyday heroes overcoming adversity, pursuing dreams, and defying the odds. Underdog’s first series, POWER TEN, will be released between August 22 - 29. A rebellious young athlete must learn to keep his demons in check to qualify for an elite rowing team.

空想労働シリーズ サラリーマン

I plasmatori
Una storia travolgente dove finzione e realtà si fondono insieme. Tre persone di tre mondi paralleli: creatività, logica ed emozioni decidono di ritornare indietro nel tempo per plasmare il passato.

In a dystopian future, man has been forced underground. Harsh radiation from the sun has risen exponentially, forcing man to create subterranean cities. Twelve years have passed since the relocation, and now, an unknown foe has emerged from the shadows, threatening to slaughter what is left of mankind. Based on the book, The Land of Erinna, by Alex Virault, Erinna focuses on man's necessity for survival and conquest, amidst the harsh world that they have found themselves in.

QNC Presents: Keys From the Golden Vault
QNC Presents: Keys From the Golden Vault is an anthology series of modules GM'd by Alandra Hileman and tied together to form a full campaign. We record this Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play in-studio and livestream on twitch and youtube. The Golden Vault is a secret organization offering legally questionable services from those that need help outside the law.

SideChicks by Valorie M Taylor
News of a murdered Hollywood sex-worker fuels revenge in the heart of Lore, an L.A. Madame, who reluctantly learns murder is her only option.

The NPCity podcast
Welcome to "The NPCity podcast," a series that invites you into the world of non-playable characters in the magical city of Chellesot. While an epic main storyline unfolds with heroic players and a menacing "big bad" named Lord Voidcaster (whose goal is to plunge the world into eternal darkness and THEN cover the world in lava) – this show isn’t about them. Instead, we shift our focus to the unsung heroes—NPCs. Delve into the lives of city folk just trying to make it through the day with deadlines at the wand factory, dealing with broken charmed toasters, and facing the heartbreak of not getting invited to the Baker's birthday party. From petty neighbor rivalries to amusing dating mishaps, these ordinary characters will take you on a magically relatable journey. So grab your favorite dice, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to explore life in Chellesot—the city where epic quests meet the mundane! Subscribe now to hear from the unsung heroes of the realm.

Miles the Brave | Kids Scripted Podcast Series
Welcome to "Miles the Brave," a captivating kids stories podcast where the ordinary meets the extraordinary! Dive into the adventures of Miles, an average kid who embarks on an anything-but-average journey into the heart of the jungle with his scientist parents. When they're unexpectedly separated, Miles stumbles upon an ancient, hidden world beneath the lush canopy—a realm filled with remarkable creatures and formidable foes. This kids stories podcast is a thrilling exploration of bravery, discovery, and the magic of stepping into the unknown. "Miles the Brave" is not just a kids stories podcast; it's a gateway to a world brimming with wonder and excitement. As Miles navigates this lost world's challenges and marvels, listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of kids stories that ignite the imagination and inspire courage. This kids stories podcast is a testament to the strength within every child and the endless possibilities that await when curiosity leads the way. Each episode of this enchanting kids stories podcast is a new chapter in Miles's journey, offering young listeners a dose of adventure, mystery, and the invaluable lesson of finding one's inner strength amidst the unknown. "Miles the Brave" stands out among kids stories podcasts, providing a thrilling narrative that keeps children engaged, entertained, and eager to discover what happens next.

Kontos de Trem
Diversas histórias acontecem nos vagões dos trens de São Paulo, amor, briga, encontros e desencontros. Essas são contadas pelo protagonista João. Kontos inspirados em fatos reais.

Brüder | Französische Revolution als Hörspiel-Serie
Der Hörspiel-Podcast nach dem Roman von Hilary Mantel nimmt uns mit in eine Zeit, die unsere Welt veränderte: Drei junge Männer in den Wirren der Französischen Revolution. Maximilien Robespierre, gewissenhafte und furchtsam. Georges Danton, ehrgeizige und hoch verschuldet. Und Camille Desmoulins, das wankelmütige Rhetorikgenie. Die drei geraten in den berauschenden Sog der Macht und müssen erkennen, dass ihre Ideale auch eine dunkle Seite haben.

MAGE: Award Winning Fiction Novel
Audio version of the award-winning action-adventure story that asks: what if we could feel the future before it arrives? When disaster survivor Ambra Lightstone is confronted by an otherworldly stranger, she is set on a collision course with the vengeful heir of a hidden civilisation, and must prevent him from unleashing a terrible force that will change the face of the earth - and to safeguard a technology that could save it. From the canals of Venice, to the far northern Arctic, to remote outback Australia, MAGE explores the depths of our outer and inner worlds in relation to one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

On Spoof!, we send up your favorite movies and TV shows. It's the perfect podcast for a short break. Ludicrous and hilarious, fast and funny, check back often for something new.

Hotel Delicias - EasyToys x Rouze
Hotel Delicias es una nueva serie de podcasts original de la plataforma de audio erótico Rouze en colaboración con EasyToys. Indie dirige un exitoso hotel boutique en el corazón de Ámsterdam, y sabe exactamente lo que quiere: divertirse al máximo. En el Hotel Delicias suceden cosas muy excitantes, en las que Indie participa. Ella administra el hotel junto a unos compañeros maravillosos: Simón, el anfitrión; Anthony el chef; y Greg, el director general. Ellos conocen perfectamente cómo satisfacer a Indie y a los huéspedes del hotel.

Untrue Crime
Love true crime but don't love the "true" bit? Maybe it's that you are unsettled by it being fact. Maybe you don't like the dramatization of traumas real people suffered. Untrue Crime is a perfect fit for you! We tell fictional stories in a variety of settings and times of murder, mystery, and intrigue. Whether you are looking for magical misdemeanors, sci-fi white collar crime, or something more realistic, we have stories to tell you.

Flawless - YA fiction audiobook with score
Charlotte is a fairly normal teenager despite the family tragedy that still haunts her. Since her mother's accident Charlotte has had to learn to live in care and oblige her social workers by attending regular therapy appointments. Of course, she doesn't tell them everything. Lots of teenagers get bullied about the way they look and she's had enough pity from grown-ups. Everything begins to change however when a strange Fae visitor appears and reminds Charlotte of the natural world her mother loved and introduced to her, even though Charlotte had always thought she imagined the Fae. Her mother's favourite place, the wood, is being destroyed and Charlotte has been called to help save the Fae home. But, not everything goes to plan, and when Charlotte suffers a terrible accident and wakes up fifty years into the future, it's the technological world and legacy of her father that she will be called to. In this world she can not just be changed to look how she wants, but even given implants to make her one of the 'Flawless'. Amazed by the city and drawn in by the promise of being everything she always imagined, Charlotte finds herself torn between the present and the past. She must uncover the dark secrets and decide if being 'Flawless' is really as perfect as it seems.

Snatched From The Flames
What would you say to the people you loved if you knew The Secrets in your head could cost you all your lives? What do you do when you no longer remember your best friends name, the church you’d served at for seven years or the places you used to work? Where do you go when the memories in your mind are now clouded with shadows of things you’d carefully forgotten? Where once there used to be memories of soccer games and high school pranks, there are assassinations in hotel rooms with poisons and blades. Will she run from me when she knows what I’ve done? When she sees the man in the mirror is a shadow of the soul she once loved. Snatched From The Flames is a true story of Nathan Reynolds quest to discover answers to his mysterious double life. Born in between the world of the living and the land of the dead Nathan hunted for vengeance, hope, and healing. Until the day came when he made a decision that changed it all. He chose to tell the woman he loved the man she married was not what he seemed to be. For buried in the past of his other life were Secrets of bloodshed, torment, and murder. This book follows his family as they make their way out of the deadly Underworld where they will discover Hope hiding in the darkest of nights, a daughter who saves his life and a man on a desperate quest for redemption.

Liv 'N Dread
Step into the heart of suspense with "Liv 'N Dread," where author Liv McLean casts an enchanting spell, narrating adult thriller novels one gripping chapter at a time. Unveil mysteries, navigate twists, and feel the tension as you're drawn into intricate worlds of fear and intrigue. Join us for a chilling literary journey that will haunt your thoughts and leave you yearning for more.

The Slakrverse Tales
The Slakrverse Tales features original short stories and commentary. Each season follows a common thread, and showcases various original Fantasy and Science Fiction tales from “The universe of my mind.”, a.k.a. the Slakrverse!

The Third Threat
Our worst fears come true... on the home front. An ordinary woman is swept up into an extraordinary plot against America, by Russian domestic terrorists. She's overheard key details of the plot, but does not speak Russian... until she undergoes an experimental procedure, and becomes America's unlikely best chance against enemies hiding in plain sight.

Short atompunk nightmares from a post-collapse alternate world. What is known is not what is true.

Dead America - Zombie Audiobook Series
The Dead America Series can be found in full on this channel. The Texas zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the nation. As the infected become fast moving flesh eaters, survivors across the country band together to battle against the onslaught of the undead. Dead America touches on all aspects of the zombie outbreak, from the origins in Texas, to the military response in the Carolinas and the Heartland, to civilians in various regions of the country dealing with threats both living and undead. The action is fast, furious, and never lets up.

Posthuman Enterprises presents...
International award-winning science fiction series. Previously broadcast on NPR.

400 Words A Horror
400 Words A Horror is a bi-weekly anthology horror-themed podcast by audio drama enthusiasts who want to get into the audio drama world as creators. We are a group of people who wants to do audio dramas but have no idea how. The showrunner Gem decided to make this podcast to learn the 'how'. Why 400 Words a Horror? The idea came to me while practicing with the Pratchett method called ‘400 words a day.’ My friends and I are here to have fun, spook up a little, experience, experiment, and learn the hardships of audio drama creation. So this space is a learning experience for my friends and I. Any feedback -as long as it is feedback- is more than appreciated. You can leave feedback through our socials. If you want to stay anonymous, our Tumblr ask box awaits you.

SHAM:An Irish Alcoholic
”SHAM” is a 10-part semi-autobiographical story set in modern-day Ireland about an alcoholic attempting to navigate the crutch of his addiction while quietly struggling with his mental health.

Bug City Blues
Welcome to “Bug City Blues,” an actual play podcast following a group of street-level Shadowrunners as they get in way over their heads out in the streets of Chicago. Join our talented cast as they navigate the treacherous underbelly of a corrupt metropolis ruled by mega-corporations and gang affiliations alike. Immerse yourself in a neo-noir narrative filled with thrilling missions, high-stakes heists, and haunting secrets. Listen as our runners confront ruthless corporate agents, rival factions, and the enigmatic forces that dwell in the shadows, all while struggling to survive in a city on the brink of chaos. Discover the intense camaraderie, unexpected alliances, and heart-pounding dangers that shape the lives of our crew. Will they emerge triumph or fall prey to the unforgiving nature of their world?

Dasa Avtar
After the accident, strange and eerie occurrences begin to haunt Vikram. He starts hearing a mysterious voice, not that of a mere mortal but something otherworldly, supernatural, and godly. Initially perplexed and terrified, Vikram soon realizes that the voice is communicating with him directly. The voice offers him a sinister yet tempting deal – it promises to solve all of Vikram's unsolved cases in exchange for his unwavering obedience. As Vikram embarks on this eerie partnership, he grapples with the true nature of the voice and the dubious tasks it asks him to perform. Each task takes him

Crash Course DM
Part Dungeon Master’s diary, part live play, Crash Course DM is a series of DnD firsts for our adventurers, whose characters were randomly assigned, and the DM who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Tune in every other week to follow along with the DMs plan and see how the players don’t!

MArCHE STORIE: Il cielo di Marte
Scritto da Paolo Consorti. Parti insieme a Lorenzo, un pittore in cerca di ispirazione e sua figlia Caterina alla ricerca del "cielo di Marte"! Aiutati dalla Sibilla, antica figura delle leggende appenniniche, i due visiteranno dieci meravigliosi borghi delle Marche a caccia di dieci misteriosi indizi per trovare la giusta ispirazione artistica. Ascolta ora il nuovo podcast di MArCHE STORIE. LET'S MARCHE! MArCHE STORIE: Il cielo di Marte è una serie podcast originale realizzata in occasione di “MArCHE STORIE, racconti e tradizioni dei borghi in festa”. Promosso da Regione Marche, Fondazione Marche cultura, Amat e Camera di Commercio delle Marche.

Mage Hand High Five
Your New Third Favorite RPG Podcast! Campaign One: Join our trio of wild west gunslingers and magical cutthroats as they descend into the dusty, lawless frontier in "The Badlands."

Murder in HR
It’s Jemma’s (Kate Mara) first day as Employee Experience Manager at Peace of Ship, an AI-powered tech startup. When her colleague Larry is electrocuted during the company All-Hands, she uncovers a terrible secret. It was murder! Now, she and her Chief People Officer, Nicholas (Brett Gelman), are tasked with finding the killer. She must use her HR skills to investigate her toxic colleagues – without becoming the next victim.

Fitas Perdidas - Hotel Martinesso 1996
Ouça as as gravações de mini fitas K7 perdidas de 1996 que revelam mistérios no Hotel Martinesso. Crimes, desaparecimentos, mortes, conspirações, intrigas e perigo espreitam a jornalista Rita em busca da verdade nesse mistério investigativo.

The Trees Swallow People
A man walking his dog stumbles upon trees that cause disappearances, death, and mania.

Kontos de Terror
Coletânea de contos de terror arrepiantes, cada uma com um enredo diferente que vai deixar o ouvinte à beira do medo. Prepare-se para mergulhar em mundos macabros que trazem criaturas sobrenaturais ou até os monstros de carne e osso.

Peculiar Radio
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 93.3 WSCP-FM The Scoop rules the airwaves in the city of Peculiar Springs... until 15 seconds of dead air threatens their livelihoods, their community standing, and the station itself. Follow the crew as they bumble in the footsteps of their station founder on a ride that takes them to the most peculiar corners of the Springs.

Everyone's Happy
Introducing EVERYONE’S HAPPY, a thrilling sci-fi audio drama set in a futuristic United Kingdom, where Dome-covered cities are governed by the Happiness Programme—a government-mandated drug eliminating negative emotions for universal bliss. Seventeen-year-old Parker, a relatable outcast struggling with her emotions, inherits a set of mysterious tapes from her late grandmother, unravelling her own tumultuous journey and a hidden legacy. Lurking beneath the Dome’s facade of utopia, a few individuals remain immune to the drug’s influence. The System, an all-seeing government, monitors citizens for any signs of negative emotions, and being labeled immune spells unimaginable consequences. When Parker discovers the truth about her family she is thrust into a perilous fight for survival in the harsh, climate-ravaged wilderness outside. Joined by loyal friend Ben and Resistance member Sid, Parker unearths a legacy that goes beyond her imagination.

Where's The Cat?
Hi, and welcome to Where’s The Cat?, a podcast series of short plays written and performed by members of the Wharf Writers’ Group. Each episode may make you smile, it may make you think, but it will definitely have you coming back for more. There’s comedy, there’s drama, and there’s absurdist fantasy. Whatever your taste, there should be something here for you to enjoy. So, whether you are chilling on the patio or stuck in traffic, let us entertain you for a few minutes. Sit back, relax, and lose yourself in our series of short plays.

Dungeons and To Be Determined
You make the rules, we place with the consequences in this improvised comedy show where a group of improvisers collaboratively build a unique tabletop RPG system with input from the audience. Starting in 2023, D&TBD showcases five talented Boston-based improvisers who work together to craft an original rule set, characters, and campaign. Episodes are broadcast live on Twitch, and on special occasions, they may be performing in a theater near you.

This Could Not End Well- A DnD Podcast
This is a podcast about a Harengon, an Aarakocra, and a Half-elf making they're way to Treasure Cove along with they're crazy captain and equally wacky crew.

Cognitive Expat
Step into the enigmatic realm of Cognitive Expat, a captivating podcast that unravels the extraordinary journey of Sabian, the unsuspecting protagonist who finds herself entangled in the intricate tapestry of a parallel universe. Join us as we delve into Sabian’s perplexing experiences, where reality gradually blurs and fractures, leading her on a path of discovery and self-revelation. With each episode, we navigate the labyrinthine corridors of her mind and the alternate world she inhabits, peeling back layers of deception and unveiling the shocking truths that lie beneath. As Sabian’s perception shatters, listeners are invited to question the very nature of existence, traversing the fascinating terrain of uncertainty, illusion, and the boundless dimensions of the human psyche.

Termination Line
Short stories by secret masters of fiction.

The Distant Silence Radio Hour
A Lovecraftian anthology audio drama in the style of 1920's radio. Released annually, listen to an hour of three horror stories told to you by the eldritch narrator, The Host. Follow tales of madness, escape, and dread for an evening of spooky thrills and chilling twists.

Iluka Springs
A group of teenagers are about to discover that their seemingly idyllic home is hiding a dark secret that spans for centuries.

Family Audio Productions
We believe a great story reveals the truth about life and reflects a world enchanted by its Creator.

Mortalverse Audio Dramas
The Mortalverse is a collection of Audio Dramas based off the world and characters of DC Comics, all interwoven into a single narrative.

The Late Night Power Hour with Chip Silver
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a PODCAST! Join Chip Silver and his trusty sidekick, Ronnie Bronze, on their late night talk show as they dish on local news and interview Arden City’s favorite superheroes and most notorious villains.

Raater Shihoron
Welcome to our channel....This is an audio story channel by a group of engineers : Souvik Roy,Sagarneil Ghosh, Shoptorshi Mondal and Saikat Biswas.... Our stories are basically mystery or romantic thrillers with killer twists.

Agridoce, contos de amor e fúria.
Vagando pelo cotidiano de personagens comuns, "Agridoce, contos de amor e fúria", desvenda o momento mais obscuro da vida dessas pessoas. Mães, filhas, esposas, garotas de programa, mulheres da lei, pais, filhos, homens do mato, da cidade e do mar. Para além da trajetória ordinária, são contos intensos, de situações inusitadas, onde cada personagem precisa agir sem pensar em moral e consequências futuras. Um podcast para se entregar à ficção feita de realidade, da matéria prima mais profunda da existência humana. Desfrute, sem pudores.

Left on Dead
Nick is a mild-mannered banker who keeps to himself and tries not to ruffle any feathers. But when he finds himself in a deathly game of cat-and-mouse with the mysterious and ominous Apollo, he has no choice but to do whatever it takes to get out from under Apollo's thumb. Will Nick ever find out who Apollo really is? Will he be able to escape this impossible situation? Go subscribe to Left on Dead now wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Oh, and for Nick's sake, please be careful who you text.

Roll For You
Roll For You is a TTRPG focused Dungeons and Dragons podcast run by Spruce Juice Studio! Join us in our very first campaign, Arcane Train, as 3 very different adventurers survive living in a world above the clouds, uncovering ancient secrets and seeking revenge on those who have wronged them!

Hidden Signal
Question reality through thought-provoking and captivating grounded sci-fi stories with Hidden Signal, a podcast anthology series.

In The Cards
Connor Ratliff (“Dead Eyes”) stars as Gil, a low level ad man who is fated to lose at everything. When Nadya (Jamie Ann Romero), the beautiful niece of the psychic Bella (Laila Robins), reads his tarot cards and informs him that the universe is against him, he vows to change his destiny. Cheered on by his co-worker and best friend Lex (Steven Boyer), Gil studies philosophy under Professor Towers (Chukwudi Iwuji) and faces an epic showdown with supernatural forces.

Migros SpinMania: La légende de la toupie dragon
Par la magie d’un jeu de société, Céline, Hanna, Andrin et Luca sont emportés dans l’univers magique et féérique de SpinMania, où ils vivent l’aventure de leur vie dans la peau d’une princesse, d’une sirène, d’un chevalier et d’un bouffon. Avec l’aide de créatures tout droit sorties de l’univers des contes, leur mission est de trouver des objets dissimulés dans les quatre régions de SpinMania, afin que le dragon retrouve ses pouvoirs magiques et libère SpinMania du mauvais sort qui s’est abattu sur lui.

Migros SpinMania: Die Legende des Drachenkreisels
Céline, Hanna, Andrin und Luca werden durch den Zauber eines Brettspiels in die märchenhaft magische Welt von SpinMania gezogen und erleben dort als Prinzessin, Meerjungfrau, Ritter und Hofnarr das Abenteuer ihres Lebens. Mithilfe von fabelhaften und mystischen Kreaturen gilt es, in den vier Regionen von SpinMania verborgene Gegenstände zu finden, um dem Drachen zu seinen magischen Kräften zu verhelfen und so SpinMania von dem dunklen Zauber zu befreien.

Migros SpinMania: La leggenda della trottola del drago
Céline, Hanna, Andrin e Luca vengono catapultati da un magico gioco da tavola nel fantastico mondo di SpinMania e qui vivono la più grande avventura della loro vita nei panni di una principessa, una sirena, un cavaliere e un giullare. Grazie all'aiuto di creature favolose e mistiche devono scovare oggetti nascosti nelle quattro regioni di SpinMania per aiutare il drago a recuperare i suoi poteri magici e liberare così SpinMania da un malvagio sortilegio.

Scott G Gibson Stories
A series of free audiobooks and content from Australian author, Scott G Gibson.

Strange Secrets of Starlight Park
Inspired by the “Golden Age of Radio”, this mysterious adventure follows the tale of a young boy named Evander who runs away from home and finds himself in a magical long-abandoned amusement park hidden in the deep dark forest. His presence awakens the majesty and charm of this most delightfully peculiar place, Starlight Park, filled with a captivating and eccentric cast of characters. However, this enchanted realm is in grave danger and it is only this one special boy who can save it. Listen in to join him on his adventure!

Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis D&D Actual Play
Quests and Chaos plays through Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis in a 12 episode arc. This show features James Aaron oh as the Dungeon Master and players, Thomas Koch, Puja Tolton, Tasi Alabastro, Matthew Bridges, and Christy Bauer.

Ad Lucem
The year is 2032, and the revolutionary tech company AD LUCEM O.I. has over 10 million subscribers. Their Corporeal Augmented Reality Assistant, or CARA for short, is a massive success. CARA isn’t just another listening device. It’s a virtual assistant, helmed by a live operator, who responds to the wants and needs of their clients in real time – the way only a human can. With an update to this game-changing technology on the horizon, the company’s CEO is poised to capture the fame and fortune she’s always dreamed of. But it is quickly revealed that her determination to “maintain the thread of human connection” might have unintended consequences… AD LUCEM is a nine-episode, socio-political thriller about the ethical dilemmas that surface when the pursuit of human connection blurs the lines between technology and reality.

פונדק הנשמות
פונדק הנשמות הוא פודקאסט סיפורים קצרים, המביא לאוזניכם פנטזיות והזיות יהודיות מקוריות, פרי עטם ומקלדתם של יוצרי ויוצרות מיזם שעטנז, ובשיתוף רשת היזיון היוצרת פודקאסטים פנטסטיים בשלל נושאים.

Last Coliseum
Gutted and left for dead, ex-arena brawler Haytham comes home to take revenge against the brother who betrayed him.

Die Time
Die Time is a Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast by Scope Networks. This season join four children as they are wisked away to The Orion Academy, a mysterious military school in the early 1900's located somewhere deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Only this school is preparing them for a war far greater than the "Great War" to come.

I Killed My Boss
Framed for murder, Banner Greene podcasts comedy while on the run from evil.

Hørespillet SYMBIOSE er et stykke dramatik om det tætte dyadiske venindeskab, hjerteveninderne og the Best Friends Forever. To bedste veninder befinder sig pludseligt på forskellige sider af kloden og er nødsagede til at rykke deres venskab over på en telefonlinje. Venindeskabet er euforisk, selvtranscenderende, grænseløst og risikabelt. Hvordan kan man være sig selv, når man stræber efter den totale sammensmeltning? Veninderne bevæger sig ud i et forsøg på et radikalt venskabsritual for at tage den yderste konsekvens af den perfekte symbiose. Med inspiration fra eksistentialistisk kærlighedsteori beskæftiger SYMBIOSE sig med længslen mod aldrig at skulle være sig selv igen. Dramatik og instruktion: Lise Hagen Medvirkende: Stine Stub Nielsen og Mollie Næss-Smidt Produceret på Uniradioen af Dyvekes Fremtid

Le Monde d'Orélia
Suivez Pierre Duval à travers sa caméra, un jeune youtubeur passionné d'Urbex, qui part explorer une maison abandonnée perdue dans un marécage. Cette expédition promet d'être grandiose pour lui, mais malheureusement, les choses ne se dérouleront pas comme prévu...

Death of a Failsman (3-episode audio dramedy)
In prison, no one can hear you covfefe. A stirring dramedy in which an aging real estate mogul must use his diminishing skills to grab one last deal to help his family avoid financial ruin. Starring Donald, Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump, along with Mike "Pillow Guy" Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

DreadLore Live Play - The Red Writ!
The Red Writ: A horror, investigative campaign run in the DreadLore system (TTRPG), set in 1982 Detroit. Join a group of enigmatic sleuths as they embark on an unforgettable journey of horror and phantasmagoria. The gang, composed of Simon, Leah, and Nord, find themselves entangled in a series of grisly murders that repeat every 12 years. Haunted by grotesque visions, they soon realize that everything is interconnected in a web of mystery and terror. Now, they are on the run, desperately seeking the truth behind the terrifying events.

Des Reisenden erste Wahl
Du hörst einen Let's Play-Podcast zum Pen-&-Paper-Rollenspiel „Das schwarze Auge“ in der 5. Edition. Unsere Gruppe besteht aus vier Helden und einem Erzähler. Die Gruppe erlebt offizielle Abenteuer, die improvisiert aufgefüllt werden. Wir spielen nicht alle Regeln aus und stellen den Spielspaß in den Vordergrund.

Chasing Stars
A collection of science fiction audio dramas and series.

Izumi - Ein Crowdlauf über das Meer
Izumi ist eine junge Frau mit einer seltenen Gabe: Sie kann durch die Berührung eines Gegenstandes in dessen Vergangenheit blicken. Dann sieht sie, woher dieser Gegenstand kommt, wie er hierher kam und was genau mit ihm geschehen ist. Als Izumi eine besondere Perle in ihren Händen hält, macht sie sich auf zu einer wundersamen Reise. Sie folgt der Spur der Perle durch die Weltmeere, erlebt spannende Unterwasser-Abenteuer in einer längst vergessenen Zeit und entdeckt ganz nebenbei die kleinen und großen Wunder der Meere.

Finding Naborhi
One missing child. Two siblings. Three days. You're following John Adams - a devoted single father from a small town. No one has answers for John when Naborhi disappears, so it's up to him (and his sister Jess) to find out what happened to his daughter before it's too late. Finding Naborhi is an intimate, but surprisingly hilarious journey that’s full of heart; it’s a ride you don't want to miss.

N'écoutez surtout pas ce récit. Ce n'est pas une de ces histoires à dormir debout. C'est une histoire à ne pas dormir du tout. Mais cette histoire est la mienne alors je me devais de l'écrire afin d'en conserver à jamais le souvenir : le souvenir que le mal existe et qu'il peut être vaincu.

Galowa Talar - Eine fantastische Viking
In diesem Podcast erscheinen regelmäßig Kurzgeschichten aus dem Land Galowa, einer Jarlschaft hoch im Norden. Die Wikinger und Schildmaiden von Galowa gehen auf große Fahrt, um ihre Heimat zu retten. Lernt die Galoweyn kennen und begelitet sie auf ihrer fantastischen Viking. Galowa liegt in einer Fantasy-Welt, die vom Rollenspielverein Galowa e.V. bespielt wird.

Nectar At The Roots
Nectar At The Roots by Remesh R will take you on a trip of a lifetime. You will be pulled into the magical world of the story unfolding in front of you. Tune in to hear about the wild and unexpected encounters in this mesmerising tale of emotions, beauty and friendship

Overloop is een literaire podcast van Papieren Helden met korte verhalen van Robin Kramer. Overloop gaat over personages die zich in een tussenfase bevinden — niet helemaal meer hier, nog niet helemaal daar. De verhalen spelen zich af op overlopen, vliegvelden, hotelkamers en andere tussenzones. Deze podcast werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Nederlands Letterenfonds.

Nights At The Square Table
Listen to a group of friends tell stories and laugh a lot through the medium of table-top role-play-games (TTRPG), mainly Dungeons & Dragons. Our first epic campaign, The Kyruen Chronicles, is available now! Follow along with our heroes as they discover lost artifacts, learn more about themselves, and occasionally tell a joke or two.

Portland Paranormal
Welcome to the Portland Paranormal. Mark and Patterson try to find their friend, Sasha, who went missing in Forest Park. As they investigate, they come closer to the inevitable conclusion: BIGFOOT

Captain Flashman: Defender of the Universe
Captain Flashman: Defender of the Universe is an episodic satire of 1930s sci-fi radio serial cliffhangers. Listen in as Captain Flashman, his fiancée, paramour and main squeeze Eve Arden and world renowned scientist Doctor Katrina Krakow fight malicious mischief-makers, rapacious rapscallions and earnest evildoers bent on the earth's destruction. So put off those pesky errands to another day and instead listen closely as this audio cartoon unfolds before your very ears and Captain Flashman once again saves the universe.

Tales From The Void Beyond
A collection of tales from beyond our reality. You will find stories of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and noir here. Sometimes short stories, sometimes longer serials in seasons, as audiobook readings. Some as Tabletop Roleplay Actual Play games.   Come with us as we journey into the Void, and see what tales await beyond...

Centromika - Kakuri Log: 'JUPITER'
Blending sci-fi intrigue with humor, vulnerability, and contemplation this is an introspective and wittily candid, though a bit sweary, Sci-Fi audio drama.

Dying Psi
A solo play Savage Rifts game. Join me as player, GM, and host in a post-post apocalypse Earth as Jachim, a weary and dying warrior. Our story will be generated on the fly using the Mythic Game Master Emulator.

An original audio drama comedy/paranormal thriller, LIFEBLOOD tells the story of the small college town of Brightridge, where there is definitely nothing strange going on.

Down to the Dice
Down to the Dice is your new fave Dungeons & Dragons podcast! At the heart of the show are twin brothers & charismatic performers Adam and Jacob, accompanied by their hilarious friends Dan, Ryan, and Olek. Prepare for an exhilarating journey through floating islands, divine factions, and high-stakes action set pieces. And with an emphasis on political intrigue and espionage, "Down to the Dice" offers a fresh twist to the genre! Adventure awaits!

Binary Break
An actual play podcast set in the world of Digimon. A story about growing up and discovering who you really are.

Roll for Deception : An Actual Play DnD Podcast
A real-play D&D podcast that uploads one of two campaigns nearly every week! One campaign is ran by a first time DM set in futuristic/cyberpunk world. The other is campaign is a fantasy campaign brought to you by a seasoned DM. We have stories, we have hi-jinks, and we have our fair share of deception checks. Welcome to the worlds of Obirus and Cadulia!

Sea Of Stars
A universe of worlds where anything is possible, and all stories can be told. An actual play podcast feed.

Roll For Stupid
Get ready to embark on an epic journey with Stunzy, the mysterious High-Elf Circle of Spores Druid, Felix, the cheeky Halfling Warlock of Zybilna, Edralin, the lightning-fast Aarakocra Monk, Jester, the quick witted Half-Elf Bard and Schwangberry, the mustachioed beekeeper Ranger, as they set off on an outrageous quest to recover their lost items in the wildly whimsical world of the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Brace yourselves for a hilariously enchanting adventure filled with unpredictable twists, peculiar creatures, and a whole lot of bee-related absurdity at every turn!

“Nuvole di Polvere”è una produzione audio originale tratta dal diario mai scritto di una ragazzina di 13 anni che cavalca selvaggiamente il confine tra gli anni ‘70 e i primi anni ‘80. Uno spaccato di un’epoca controversa, filtrato dal racconto delle avventure di tre giovani sorelle. La realtà confluisce e si rivela attraverso relazioni affettive, complicità, condizionamenti, ambiguità e desiderio di emulazione.

When We Fell From Earth
If you wake up to find a brown box with your name on it, waiting for you in front of your doorstep, it is probably us. Or maybe someone who doesn't want you to know that we exist, so take care. Inside this box, you will find recordings, letters, pictures, and probably a half-eaten Big Tasty sandwich. Listen to every recording; read every letter; study every picture; and do not eat the sandwich, because when the time comes, they are your only way of surviving. Skipping pleasantries, even though there is nothing pleasant about what you're about to hear, let's get started. 11 Kings and Queens. 10 Evil immortals. 2 Ancient Brothers. 1 Deadly mission. Enjoying (really not) their life at the German University in Cairo, ten best friends find themselves attacked by a supernatural being and fall, by an elevator, into Arotheman: A world in a dire need of rulers, who, apparently, are them. Drawn into the politics of a once peaceful and magic-rich world, they discover things about each other, themselves, and that their own world is merely a speck in a sea of other worlds. Light and Shadows; fire and Ice; Earth and Wind; Darkness and lightning and water; Magic and time. They all must unit and face the danger that looms over Arotheman and their world: The Elentrances: Immortal beings opposite to everything that is good and beautiful. In every story, good wins, somehow. But what if evil had already won?

Cold Blue
Tune in to hear original fiction from author Alanna Vane. A new chapter from a full-length novel is released weekly.

Stardust & Dragons
Stardust and Dragons is a HomeBrew Space DND Campaign set in the Hailey Galaxy! Follow our four adventurers: Brenden Dionheart (Christian Hatcher), Flip Odonell (Dan Wood), Constance (Rayna Mcguire) and Lyrax Proudmane (Max Morin) as Brandon Hatcher takes them on a wild adventure!

Akihellfire - Actual Play
Parties de jeu de rôle enregistrées, pour la plupart jouée en direct à l'origine.

The Cthulhu Archive: Um RPG de COC
Um grupo de investigadores trabalha em resolver os problemas sombrios ao redor do mundo, enquanto lutam seus próprios demônios. Entre no Mundo de Call of Cthulhu e veja a resolução dos casos através das ações de quatro jogadores.

All Day Fitness
The staff of a struggling box gym face constant challenges as they deal with manic members and their own toxic dynamics.

"Skyfire" is an epic tale set in a world where the skies hold both danger and untamed power. Led by Captain Serenity, a courageous and determined leader, a crew of sky pirates defies oppressive forces to fight for freedom and challenge the status quo. As they navigate lightning-laden storms, engage in breathtaking aerial battles, and uncover treacherous secrets, their audacious acts of rebellion set in motion a chain of events that will reshape the destiny of the skies forever. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with danger, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of liberation in "Skyfire."

Forever Twenty
Forever 20 is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Join our Disaster Master Kammin Easley, and our players Jake Easley, Kyle Hudick, and Coty Dennis as they navigate through their original adventures based on the classic tabletop role playing game.

Hidden Animals
This is a literary fiction podcast in which the host, Andrew St. John, reads stories he has written and provides a brief discussion about each one. Disclaimer: some of these stories contain material that may be upsetting for some audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

Las crónicas de Ikusa. Es el relato de una joven que pasa por duros momentos sociales conduciéndola a un despertar espiritual y transcendental. Los acontecimientos se dan ante la dominación de unos seres que buscan destruir a la humanidad sin que ésta se de cuenta. El mundo que vivimos es una ilusión, una cárcel sin paredes y a cielo abierto. No somos lo que creemos y nos quieren esclavos. Ikusa lo sabe y su objetivo es que escuches la verdad. Si piensas que este mundo está mal y sientes que puedes ser más de lo que te han dicho, entonces vas por buen camino, es tú intuición guiando tus pasos. No eres lo que necesitas, necesitas lo que eres en realidad, un ser maravilloso viviendo la experiencia de la consciencia. Ikusa busca conectar con seres que como ella han despertado de esta ilusión llamada sociedad. El camino apenas comienza, tu y cada uno tiene el poder de cambiar su realidad. Bienvenido siempre. Et Sextus Mensuram. Si decidieras despertar de un sueño en el que eres un esclavo ¿Tomarías la decisión de despertar a los demás? ¿Realmente está en tu poder hacerlos despertar? No esperes a que otros tomen las riendas de tu vida y sé consciente de tu poder.

The Case of the Greater Gatsby
Set in 1940s Hollywood, this comedic film noir mystery follows hardboiled private eye Ford Phillips and his feisty, fast-talking partner Fig Wineshine as they delve into the seedy underbelly of Tinsel Town while trying to solve the murder of famed novelist-turned-screenwriter F. Scott Fitzgerald. Featuring a coterie of wacky characters - including real actors and public figures from the time - and original musical numbers, The Case of The Greater Gatsby turns historical fiction and genre tropes into a twisty, hilarious romp.

Bear Lake
Bear Lake tells the story of a 17-year-old Utah girl in 1989, a young Mormon pioneer woman in 1859 - and the ancient, brooding lake monster who unites them. As each navigates the pitfalls of first love, mortality, and identity, their stories begin to connect in ways both mythic and mundane. How do you deal with tragedy when just getting through a day of high school is a struggle? How do you love fully in a world defined by death? And what do you believe in, when you can’t believe in God?

Black Betty Blog
Science fiction and horror short stories by Elizabeth "Black Betty" de Moya. Read by the author.

Tales of the Emerald Legacy
As the mainland suffer calamities, samurai must leave their homes behind. Will they build a new civilization on Sanctuary? Or will corruption - mundane and spiritual - lead them to failure? Emerald Legacy is the fan continuation of the “Legend of the Five Rings” Living Card Game. This podcast contains audio versions of the fictions that are published as part of this fan continuation.

Serial Frictions Podcast
The Serial Frictions Podcast is a horror and mystery anthology podcast that delves into both the surreal and the too real.

Springline Radio Players
Gripping audio plays created by a passionate team of storytellers, sound designers and voice artists; the Springline Radio Players bring you the power of audio with the magic of storytelling.  We create entertaining comedy, engaging drama and mesmerising fantasy - all designed to capture for our listeners the wonderful escape of tuning into a really good story.

Your Horror Show
Static rings in your ears and suddenly you've stumbled onto a program that will send chills down your spine. Your Horror Show is a terrifying anthology podcast presented by Mr. Graves. Every two weeks, will have a new self contained tale focusing on different thematic elements of the horror genre. For mature audiences only.

Jake Hamilton | Special Ops
Jake Hamilton, a veteran Special Operations Officer (SOO) in the Marine Recon Special Ops Raider Unit, embarks on a transformative journey after being drawn into a mission that challenges his military career. As a counterintelligence operative, he becomes a "marked man" constantly on the run, entrusted with protecting the country from corruption that has gripped it for over a century. Jake's physical prowess and unwavering dedication lead him to take on impossible missions assigned by patriotic factions within the government.

Cytochrome Hear Presents
Welcome to the Cytochrome Hear feed, where you can find all our short audiofiction projects.

Rachel Lawson's The Magicians podcast
Podcast of poems and short stories by author & poet Rachel Lawson some dark, some light, some romantic.

Breaker Whiskey
BREAKER WHISKEY is an ongoing, daily microfiction podcast exploring one woman’s journey to find additional survivors in an America made empty by an unknown event in the late 1960s. In 1968, two women find themselves in rural Pennsylvania during what turns out to be some kind of apocalyptic event. By the time they discover that everyone else is gone, it’s too late to figure out what happened. Despite not liking each other at all, the women work together to survive, until six years later one of them sets out on her own, driving around the country to find other survivors. This is her, calling out to anyone who might listen.

Welcome to "The Escape Pod," a captivating storytelling podcast hosted by Justin, your guide through a realm of intriguing tales. Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds as Justin shares a collection of his own short stories, crafted to captivate and delight. Each episode of "The Escape Pod" promises an immersive storytelling experience, where you'll encounter characters as diverse as the stories they inhabit. From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming tales of love and resilience, every narrative unfolds like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Sight Scope: An RPG Podcast
Join Xcore (Adam) and SodaXBread (Travis) as they play through some of the greatest, and not so greatest, RPGs ever released and break them down, piece by piece, until they actually figure out what they’re talking about.

After the Gloaming
In the soft glow of dusk, in the moment before night falls, stories exist. Gothic tales of the macabre, where the supernatural calls home, and the shadows dance. Hold tight and don't let go, for lost you may become, after the gloaming.

God Forsaken Station
Embark on a journey into the enigmatic 'God Forsaken Station' aboard the Vulcan. Strange events, a haunted history, and a chilling premonition test The Crew as they confront the mysteries that lie ahead. Prepare for an immersive sci-fi audio drama that will keep you captivated till the very end.

Personas Ungrata
A biweekly Dungeons Dragons and Comedy Podcast about the power of stories and the importance of finding your place in the world.

The Last Hope
A young girl named Raya fleas home, as it is being robbed, only to discover who she truly is. Darkness spreads across the land and she must join forces with a goddess and a prince.

Treacherous Tales
From creator Stewart St John comes a spine-chilling anthology podcast series for mature audiences, featuring distinct characters immersed in supernatural, sci-fi, and horror situations. Inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt and Black Mirror, the stories in Treacherous Tales often culminate in macabre or unexpected endings infused with humor and moral complexity. Featuring a cinematic sound design by Michael Plahuta, the series is executive produced by series writer/creator/director Stewart St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta through the award-winning Wonkybot Studios, the podcast production division of Wonkybot Entertainment, known for creating the best in cinematic, immersive audio fiction series for different age groups.

Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series
A family friendly podcast full of original and unsettling stories. Aimed at ages 9+, Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series connects you with Mr. Eerie's Disturbing Detective Agency, specialists in odd occurrences and otherworldly encounters. Listen in on Mr. Eerie's answering machine which contains mysterious messages from those seeking answers to unbelievable of situations. Written by Kid's Lit author and podcaster Aaron Robbins, Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series is a frightful and fun series of stories that are sure to excite and entertain listeners of almost any age. Stories MAY include themes about: Ghosts, Goblins, The Supernatural, Dead and Undead, Curses, Wizards, Spells, Spook Encounters and Scary Situations. Stories DO NOT include themes related to: Demons, Devils, Sex, Sexuality, Excessive or Descriptive Violence. If you are comfortable with Goosebumps or R.L. Stine style of stories, Mr. Eerie's may be appropriate for your listener.

The Antiquarium of Sinister Happenings
Step into a mysterious shop where every relic has a sordid tale to tell. New episodes every Thursday!

Mason and Fricker's Eldritch Stories
Short tales of the wondrous and strange.

After his sister’s betrayal forced him into exile, Lord Valentin Tellari must now face the deadly ocean that rages against the Drumming Isles. But neither storms nor leviathans will smother the vengeful fire that burns within Valentin. He will not know rest until he has reclaimed what is rightfully his.

Cow's Audiobooks
Aurore Chandler from 2002 has an identity crisis when they discover their future-self has taken a job with a fishy identical dimension fast food delivery company.

After experiencing a traumatic loss, Betsy gains a remote viewing ability. As she raises her consciousness further, she uses her skill to find missing people, propelling her into a mysterious underworld.

Saga of the Change
Post-apocalyptic Mage The Ascension campaign.

The Quantum Podcast
Based on a roleplaying game-- three adventurers travel the multiverse attempting to save reality from world-devouring monsters, only things may not be all that they seem. From the mind of actor/author Adam Burch (Song of Edmon) and featuring the voice talents of Joe Mackey, Samantha Barrios, Amir Levy, and Mindy Montavon (among others).

A queer and trans led Girl by Moonlight actual play podcast following the titular magical girl team Bloom. After securing victory against their nemesis at a devastating cost, the strained team finds themselves drawn back together as whispers of evil begin again.

Tales from the Hidden Library
A series of hauntingly chilling tales dragged from the darkest depths of the world's macabre books never before told. Step into the shoes of those who were there first, and hear their stories as they uncover the secrets that few were ever brave enough to whisper.

LOOTERS is an actual play, sci-fi western, Table Top RPG using the Stars Without Numbers gaming system.

The Wild Hauntings on the Moor - A Dream of Death.mp3
A Dream of Death - “Can you feel it calling, the violent invitation of the wild? ”Welcome to Haworth 1823. To live here now is to brave the ghosts. After a fitful and troubled sleep, a lone wanderer seeks solace in the Moors but finds herself venturing into a dream of death. Accompanied by her voice (and map), walk with our wanderer through the veil and answer the violent invitation of the wild, discovering what spectral figures may be lurking in the distant heather. Running time: 40 minutes SOUNDLANDSCAPE: The Wild Hauntings on the Moor is a dual narrative audio theatre production which can be experienced self-guided on Haworth and Ilkley Moors. A Dream of Death can be enjoyed on its own, or with its companion piece Shadows on Shadows in either order.

Skulls and Treasure
Hailey Markowitz has only ever wanted one thing: to be Indiana Jones. But as it turns out, dealing with her mental health is scarier than any mummies or booby-trapped temples. Can she save some historical relics? Can she save herself? Why is it easier to find an ancient relic than it is to find a therapist?

Toska Apresenta: O Dragão do Norte
Imagine uma realidade onde o sobrenatural é parte do cotidiano. Um mundo onde monstros e seres mitológicos vivem em constante conflito com a raça humana. Pensa como seria a vida abaixo da linha do Equador neste universo. Ficou curioso? Então seja bem-vindo a Vera Crux, um Brasil onde a fantasia medieval e steampunk se misturam para criar um mundo fantástico. É neste cenário que você acompanhará Lumi, uma jovem artesã que irá, a pedido do pai, ajudar o irmão, um cavaleiro real, numa jornada rumo a uma missão suicida: destruir a ameaça de um gigantesco dragão, capaz de incendiar todo o reino. Mas antes de cumprirem o objetivo, ambos nem imaginam em quantas aventuras irão se meter, já que nada é exatamente o que parece. Mentiras, traições e mortes os acompanharão, em meio a criaturas que despertam a nossa fantasia. Aproveitando para, através da fantasia, falar sobre minorias, machismo, relações sociais e empoderamento, Rodrigo Espirito Santo nos traz um texto direto e divertido, com uma protagonista fácil de se apaixonar.

’The Greatest Adventure’ presented by Legends on Paper
The Greatest Adventure - a Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast based in the time of Atlantis and the world-setting developed by fantasy author, Ravek Hunter, as portrayed in his novels included in The Broken Pithos Saga. The cast of Legends on Paper are an eclectic group of Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts with just enough courage to broadcast how ridiculous they can be every week via streams and podcasts.

The Purgatorious Pig
A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast located at the fictitious Purgatorious Pig Tavern where the gang takes on jobs to be able to pay their ever expanding bar tab. Hosted by a crew of friends who enjoy craft beer, this craft beer centric podcast follows their love of craft beer as they try (at least for some) to learn the game.

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nov juppu'Daj peqDI' jagh Sovlu'be'bogh, vangnIS luSan. tera'ngan HoD Deq, nov weHwI' Deq je muv 'ej nItebHa' poymarvam Qob bopbogh De''e' lunej. 'ach loghDaq latlh Qobmey tu'lu' je...

Returned Destruction
Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic that combines science-fiction, history and fantasy to explore the African experience. Returned Destruction takes place 5000 years in the future

Cafe Stories - Where stories brew, tales ensue
A Café plays an important role in love and life…Some stories are made ....Some are just left there and some start from the Café. Presenting CAFE STORIES by @rjramitjain, an Indian podcast having stories from all walks of life.

Do You Copy?
When Red Tail National park shuts down due to a possible ecological disaster, three campers continued their trips, and two park rangers stayed to keep an eye on the radios. Recordings from these individuals were recovered and due to a mistake that cost a lot more than expected, [REDACTED] must sort through the recordings and try to make sense of what happened.

Se ha detectado un incremento de energía en la zona amazónica de Bolivia. Los lugareños hablan de viejas leyendas. Taupe ha despertado, el Guardián ha empezado a cazar. Mientras tanto, algunos científicos revelan el descubrimiento de una nueva forma de materia. La Materia X. Varios agentes Ingress que estudiaban este fenómeno han desaparecido. Ahora, debes investigar este misterio siguiendo las pistas que se revelan en cada episodio. Un podcast inmersivo: Para vivir una experiencia sonora interactiva, acompaña la escucha con el juego para celulares, Ingress.

Twin Firs
Ethan Tremblay believes in finding the one perfect man to love the rest of his life. But it hasn't happened after years of online dating, volunteering at Gay Pride events or casually hanging out in the fresh fruit section of Whole Foods. It doesn't help that he's hopelessly awkward. Resigned to living alone he works as a station agent at an isolated train depot in the Cascade Mountains, passing the hours between trains by reading rom-com novels. His one glimmer of hope is the passengers are going to a private gay resort. But they're looking for fun, not love. Until Leo arrives.

The Crossing Guard Tapes
In a world where cities are playgrounds and playgrounds are arenas. Where arenas are battlegrounds, and battlegrounds are sectioned into streets and streets are bisected by school crosswalks and school crosswalks are the frontline in an ancient battle where crossing guards are the warriors that stand between the everyday, holding up a stop sign to the end of days... and the end of days is going way over 15 MPH/30 KPH in a school crossing zone.

A Broken Horse: A Story of Helen's Suitors and the Trojan War
As hero after hero falls before the walls of Troy, Achaean and Trojan alike, two reluctant warriors--neither remembered as a hero--must sacrifice themselves for the sake of the people they love. Prince Paris has all the fame he ever wanted, anointed by the gods, honored as a youth for both his bravery and judgment, and gifted the most beautiful woman in the world by Aphrodite. If his theft of Helen results in a war, surely he is not meant to stop it. Let all the world burn to ash; so long as Paris has Helen, he is content to leave the destinies of kings and nations in the gods’ hands. But to keep Helen, they must survive. Paris must survive. Even as a grandson of Zeus, Polypoetes is a king of little consequence—his kingdom beyond the long-armed reach of Mycenae in ordinary times, yet forced still by oath and duty into a war he doesn’t want to fight. Desperate to save his lover Leonteus and protect the rest of his people, left behind in Thessaly, Polypoetes struggles to keep his forces out of harm’s way, even if it means making himself an enemy of Achilles.

Monotone Bunker
A post apocalyptic urban fantasy audio drama where there is a mysterious mostly monotone individual broadcasting on broken down radios across the world. No one knows who this person is, where they are in the world, but they still keep the radios tuned to the proper channel to hear what this individual has to say. On rare occasions, those in the world may find old tapes of before the world fell to what it has become, with a familiar voice on them. Bite Sized ramblings from a private individual who seems lost in time.

Read with Laura Joy
The official podcast of author Laura Joy Lloyd, creator of interactive serialized fiction, where there’s always more to the story and readers influence what happens next.

Stories from Different Worlds
Join Blake Gilbert, a storyteller and podcaster, as he takes you on a journey through Stories From Different Worlds. In this anthology series, Blake tells stories from fantasy, science-fiction, horror, crime, and more. These stories explore themes of the hero’s journey and beyond, such as courage, betrayal, revenge, redemption, and more. Whether you’re looking for adventure, mystery, or horror, Stories From Different Worlds has something for you.

Een nieuw begin
Stap in de wereld van dierenarts Daphne die de drukte van de grote stad achter zich laat en haar toevlucht zoekt op een idyllisch Waddeneiland. Terwijl ze haar leven opnieuw vormgeeft, ontvouwt zich een feelgood avontuur vol verrassende wendingen. Oude vriendschappen krijgen andere vormen en nieuwe banden worden gesmeed, terwijl Daphne zichzelf verliest in een betoverende baan, onverwachte spanningen en zelfs romantische intriges... Een nieuw begin is een 10-delige podcastserie voor fans van Virgin River. Volg de podcast en mis geen aflevering.

I Tell Stories
Telling sci-fi and fantasy stories in 3 short episodes of less! THESE ARE IMPROVISED, AND NOT EDITED! Usually a full story in a week, but somtimes It takes a little longer.

Machine Takeover
The AI apocalypse has already started. Machine Takeover, the AI comedy podcast telling the story of AI’s impact on society. John Doe charts the future of humanity as its last survivor.

The New Dawn Diary
At New Dawn, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Through our programs and services, we offer a range of innovative tools and practices designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, connect with others, and explore new dimensions of the self.

Museum of the Missing
On the 29th of February 1988, a global catastrophe led to 3.5 million people disappearing in an instant. Only problem is, no one remembers anything about it. Until now.

Slowly Unspooling
Slowly Unspooling is a upcoming serial fiction podcast that follows Kai and their journey to discover the secrets of some tapes that showed up one day. Tapes with their voice on them. Kai will have to battle with themself and their family to unspool the mystery that has decided to involve them.

Sci-Ops Nova - Immersive Audiobook
After a portal to another dimension is opened with the help of CIA scientists and the Scion, Lea, a psionic operative, a creature from the other side emerges, kills everyone and kidnaps her. Jace, the former leader of a secret task force code-named Nova is called into action by Stone, head of the Scion CIA research program, to reassemble his old team; Xenia, a Herald with telekinetic powers from another world, Aiden, a hulking brute with unmatched strength and Scott, a genius scientist who could put Einstein to shame. Together, they must work to put their pasts aside and find inner strength that will unite them and overcome the mystery of an infectious plague with sentient capabilities that razed ancient civilizations, controlled by a monster who defies death itself

Mageboy is a fantasy tragicomedy podcast by Meghan O'Toole. Mageboy has no name. He's a wizard, a war criminal, and a devil who longs to die a saint. He's not so much doomed to die tragically as he is determined to. In a kingdom on the cusp of Christianity, an orphaned Mage becomes the apprentice of the court Sorcerer. However, with the arrival of the Bishop and the King’s new interest in all things holy, magic is pushed behind the curtain. When the court sorcerer is framed by the church and executed for dark magic, his orphaned protégé commits to a life-long quest for revenge.

The Magicians: Danse Macabre
The Show Must Go On. When stage magician Blake Alexander aka Blake Fire who has a grim reaper for a soul senses someone in his audience is going to die he dances between life and death to not collect them with all his strength he must live and not take them to the afterlife because when his soul is released his body dies and he can't die on stage in front of the world let alone come back to life.

The lives of the Jacobs family and those they meet along the way are explored in this audio soap opera.

A weekly fantasy anthology podcast. Two experienced introverts ferrying you into escapism through the lens of fantasy storytelling.

Dusty Attic Shorts
Inspired by classic horror anthologies like Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, Dusty Attic combines horror and suspense with gallows humor and a wry new approach to our old fears. Each bite-sized scare sets out to make you chuckle, shiver or glance furtively over your shoulder. Maybe all three.

The Priest
A priest of Nelena, the goddess of death and fate, named Rolen finds a girl destined to be the next guardian of the realm. He must travel to the Temple of the Ancients to deliver her before the man who killed the previous guardian catches up to them.

I tell stories that work with your imagination to create beautiful and impossible worlds for us to explore together. I implore only that you Listen, & Enjoy. "He who writes, remains."

The Flash: Escape The Midnight Circus
Barry Allen is at the height of his powers and fame, firmly ensconced as Central City’s favorite hero – but when being The Flash forces him to let Iris down one time too many, she decides to call it quits.  Undeterred, Barry figures he can use the speed force to go back in time and set things right.  But something goes wrong, Barry tumbles into a new dimension, finding himself in a small bedroom with Captain Cold, his powers gone.  Cold tells Barry that he’s an unwitting participant in a televised tournament, THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS, which pits humans, superheroes and rogues against one another in life-or-death games of chance.  Survive the competition and Barry earns his freedom, recreate the conditions of his original transformation, and return to his own timeline.  But to do so, he’ll have to rely solely on his wits.  And if that wasn’t hard enough, he soon finds himself facing his toughest opponent yet: Iris West.

Will of the Dice- In search of Heroes
The realm is known as Rune ath Kesha. A place of magic and mystery, where anyone can rise to legendary status and many often do. However, the realm has been plunged into darkness on multiple fronts. First the demigod Lucias(Pronouced Lu Kai Us) is attempting to unveil mysteries of the past to open the doors Vashka’s, the Death Goddess and his wife, prison to bring for a 1000 years of weeping and gnashing of teeth. His way blocked by a group of heroes who have risen to the challenge and are determined to stop him at all costs. War, its teeth sharp and gnawing has come to all lands as the beings of the underdark have bound themselves one to another to wage war against the sun walkers. Many homes lost, kingdoms toppled. The same heroes feeling empathy for the misplaced have forged a small retreat for the refugees on both sides of the campaign. Nestled in the Weeping Waste, a large unchartered forest on Shar-Kan-Dor the small canton of Sword of Hope. A beacon to the downtrodden and lost, a place of rest and encouragement. Life there is simple and the peace abundant. Or it was. The band of heroes are missing, the shield of the world seemingly vanished into thin air. The wise one’s of the refugee have decreed a lottery to take place to select a group to go in search of them. So it shall be fate will hand select a group to travel into the realm…. In search of Heroes.

The Dragonsail Puppets Variety Show
The Dragonsail Puppets are a musical comedy ensemble featuring two dogs, a retired cat and a forceful diva. The Dragonsail Puppets sing their rocking, funky original songs and hone their comedic craft while sailing the seas aboard the "Club Dragonsail", a huge old whaling vessel that is somewhere along the spectrum between luxury liner and rickety piece of antiquity. Upon this war-scarred ship, they entertain their "willing captives" —aka patrons who have dared to buy a ticket and take the ride —and dock every so often to regale fans in various ports. When not on the ship, they busy themselves in their rural hometown running errands at the Pinch-My-Penny or getting styled up at the Color-Me-Crazy Salon, all in preparation for the next leg of their collective journey(s).

When a failed suicide turns alien abduction, Jack soon learns he's going to need a bigger hole. Determined to die on his own terms, he now fights to survive despite the odds being heavily stacked against him. So grab yourself a tall glass of Space Piss and settle in for a satirical and hilarious romp through one man's pain and suffering. Enter the Dominion. A politically embroiled, capitalist shitshow where the almighty dollar calls the shots and your rights mean nothing. When challenged by the Union, an organization led by the mysterious alien Froglodyte race, the governing members of the Firm will stop at nothing to uphold the status quo. It's a laugh-out-loud, fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall, fever dream not meant for the faint of heart. The question remains if Jack will succumb to this Ferris wheel of horrors, or will he find his way back home with the help of the most surprising of allies. But one thing's for certain... it's going to hurt. A lot.

Le concours de la Saga de l'été
Le concours de la Saga de l'été encourage des créateurs à réaliser en 3 mois durant l'été une fiction sonore/saga MP3/ficson pour faire passer de bonnes vacances aux auditeurs. A la fin de l'été, un vote des auditeurs permet d'attribuer des awards aux fictions les plus appréciés du public. Depuis 2008, environ 100 fictions ont été réalisées et sont disponibles sur

You're a What?!
An actual-play podcast using the Masks system.

Yuki: Space Assassin [Content Edit]
The daring and erotic adventures of a sexy femme fatale just making her way through a wild Galaxy. Inspired by the feel of ’80s and ’90s sci-fi adult films and comics, and all themes and clichés they entailed. If scantily clad slave girls and the lusty aliens that covet them aren’t your thing. Baby, don’t say we didn’t warn ya. We made the rounds on Spotify a few months back with our normal program (1k ratings, made the top #3 fiction podcasts more than a few times), but let's just say... it was too hot for some people to handle, and the powers that be intervened. Spotify, being judge, JRE, and executioner, demanded they be removed. So we made these edits as a compromise. NSFW? Oh yes, explicit adult content? Not entirely. We hope you're entertained nonetheless, and if you find the "fade to black" moments more exciting than you should then well... check us out online, m'kay? The original cuts are up on Patreon for free, but for more audios you'll need to join up.

Actual Play - Donjons & Dragons
Les Actual Play de Antre Rolistes dans l’univers de Donjons & Dragons.

Yo Te Lo Cuento
Yo leo mis cuentos y tambien cuentos de amigos.

The Happiest Days
The Happiest Days is a tabletop role-playing game that is definitely not an unofficial old folks spin-off of the magic school bus. This podcast is full of very dirty goblins so only listen if you are 18+.

The Naked Word Cafe
If you enjoy hearing novels, this is the place for you. Starting with a Novella, the Executioner's Mandate, you can tune in and hear books in a serialized format. The goal is to produce two new chapters each week. The next novel, Countdown to Doomsday, is in production, and I hope to have it ready for a mid-September launch.

Wynnhill Stories
Wynnhill ist meine Traumwelt. Hier könnt ihr meine Kurzgeschichten und Romane hören.

This Spells Disaster
Table Top Role Play Game podcast where a bunch of film nerds play Dungeons and Dragons!

The Rule of Cool
A group of friends playing a TTRPG, having fun, bending rules, and going on crazy adventures that we hope you join us in!

Les Contes de la Lune Gibbeuse
Les contes de la lune gibbeuse est un podcast original. Après les récits horrifiques que nous vous raconterons, vous ne verrez plus le monde qui vous entoure de la même manière... Et tard dans la nuit, lorsque vous regarderez le ciel à travers la fenêtre de votre chambre, vous vous demanderez : qui sait ce qui peut se cacher dans la face sombre de la lune gibbeuse ?

Fria Lekar av Nerdfriendly
Fria Lekar är en "actual-play podcast" och kanalen där gänget I Nerdfriendly Podcast testar olika rollspel utgivna av Fria Ligan. Nerdfriendly & Världen Vittrar är avsnitten där rollspelet Mörk Borg spelas. I dessa avsnitten så berättar vi en mörk historia med hjälp av spelet och vår fantasi. Resultatet blir en slags improviserad radioteater.

Sword AF
Smosh takes on Dungeons & Dragons.

Under the Table: An STF Network Podcast
The Strange Table Fellows Network brings a brand new show to the library. Join us as we play through Paizo Publishing's Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path for the Pathfinder 2e Table Top Roleplaying Game System. We bring our signature elements to this new production that include the banter of long time friends, high audio quality, attention to narrative and a passion for story telling. This steampunk weird west adventure is sure to bring many exciting turns as the gears of Smog City threatened to entangle our outlaw heroes.

Al Oído - Relatos Eróticos
Al Oído... Relatos Eróticos... historias de Liliana Rodríguez... deja que la voz despierte tus instintos. Escucha y déjate seducir.

True Dice
Hello creatures of the night, we are True Dice, an actual play podcast where we explore the dark embrace of gothic horror. Our first season, New Year’s Death, is currently airing Tuesdays at 5pm CST.

The Fated Doom - A Solo RPG Podcast of Grim and Perilous Adventure
In this solo rpg podcast of old-school inspired fantasy gaming, we roll the dice to find our stories, using the mechanics and setting of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition and the Mythic GM Emulator to push our narrative forward. The fiction takes center stage as we follow the lives of our protagonists in the Old World and occasionally look behind the curtain to uncover the gameplay generating the twists and turns in our adventure, playing scene by scene to find out whether we can brave the odds and find a modicum of hope in our party’s struggle or, more likely, a sudden and anonymous death in some musty old tomb, our would-be heroes’ songs unsung, their names forgotten.

A powerful corporation, Comet Corp, has caused many notable events throughout the galaxy in the name of "profit". This story follows the mission of two members of R.E.A., a rebel organization, in their attempt to reverse the damages caused by Comet Corp.

Solve For X
Solve for X is a mystery horror narrative podcast following subject X, a human trapped inside a scientific testing facility. Memories of who they were before have been completely wiped, replaced with a new set of memories each week to fit the profession and test they have been assigned. They, alongside the other test subjects, must fight to survive against the creatures lurking in the dark while they try to uncover who they really are and what on earth they’re testing here.

Frente al Escenario: Audio Music Drama
Bienvenidos a "Frente al Escenario", un audio drama que te sumergirá en la apasionante vida de Anna, una adolescente del nuevo milenio que descubre su verdadera pasión a través de su primera desilusión amorosa: la música. Acompaña a Anna mientras narra sus experiencias como bajista de la banda Amnesia y te sumerge en su mundo musical y en las complejidades de la vida en general. En cada episodio, Anna compartirá anécdotas, reflexiones y lecciones aprendidas en su viaje musical. Desde los momentos de éxtasis en los conciertos hasta los desgarradores desamores, Anna te llevará a través de sus viajes y te hará descubrir lugares mágicos y personas extraordinarias que solo existían en sus sueños. Prepárate para sumergirte en una historia llena de emociones intensas, superación personal y la búsqueda de la verdadera identidad. Al ritmo de las mejores canciones de rock y punk que se han escrito, "Frente al Escenario" te invita a disfrutar de una experiencia inmersiva que te hará vibrar y reflexionar sobre la importancia de perseguir tus pasiones y seguir tu corazón.

Flail to the Face: A "Compatible with Mörk Borg" Actual Play Podcast.
Flail to the Face is a "Compatible with Mörk Borg" Actual Play Podcast, focusing on playing and promoting third party content and their creators.

Eldritch Horror Squad
EHS is a bunch of queer nerds, a token straight, and a suspiciously troublesome cat in a far-too-small room attempting an actual play podcast focused on Call of Cthulhu and other tabletop roleplaying games.

Where Are the Chickadee Brothers?
From Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids comes Where Are the Chickadee Brothers?: A for kids-by-kids four-part fictional audio adventure. When Chet and Cap Chickadee go missing after a trip to Brazil to study Amazonian wildlife for the podcast Devon is left worried. Then he gets a text from an email number with a recording of the first part of Chet and Cap’s (mis)adventures. What happened to them? Who is the mysterious texter? Where are the Chickadee brothers? Listen and maybe you’ll find out. This podcast is in stereo, so best listened through headphones!

Popcorn and Monsters
Wolfman, Dracula, The Mummy and many more are back but not quite as they used to be. They've been brought together by someone...or something. Is the mad doctor up to no good or is there a new player in this cinematic game? Join them as they go on a new adventure full of action, adventure, twists, turns, thrills and laughs.

Ethics Town
Ethics Town is a cosmic horror podcast about philosophical conundrums in a weird small town! We're not going to answer the big questions for you, but we are going to dance around them in a fun and theatrical manner! Listeners will follow January, a tired and wired Ethics local, and Artemis, a young girl lost in the woods, as they try to unravel what exactly is going on down in the town of Ethics now that the new mayor has taken office. Statistics and probability are exchanged for conspiracy theory logic as the pair try to explain weirder and weirder happenings.

Professor Birthday Isn’t Famous
A Podcast Musical! You know Santa Claus, Cupid and the Easter Bunny, but you don’t know Professor Birthday. And that is devastating! She’s been making birthday parties all around the world – and now she has to make a podcast just to get some credit???

Suite à un incident causé par la foudre, Denis, un comédien en quête de sens de sa propre vie, voit son ombre se matérialiser et, en pleine conscience, revendiquer son droit à l'existence. Comme s'il n'avait pas assez d'ennuis avec sa petite voix intérieure qui ne cessait de le tourmenter. Une fiction audio de 14 épisodes de Pascal Laurent d'après une adaptation libre de son roman : L'OMBRE.

Hello Musical - Le Podcast qui Chante !
Héloïse prend son destin en main en intégrant la Musical School. Seulement lorsqu'elle est aux portes de son rêve, elle réalise que le quotidien d'un artiste en devenir n'est pas si facile. Et pour garder un toit sur sa tête et payer ses factures, elle n'aura nul autre choix que de passer un entretien d'embauche auprès d'une étrange société de divertissement: Save Yourself. Le début d'une aventure incroyable...

Ashen Snow
Join Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya on an extraordinary journey through the mysterious Missing Moment in the captivating Pathfinder 2e adventure path "Gatewalkers." Get ready for thrilling encounters, epic quests, and unimaginable discoveries. Don't miss a single moment of this thrilling show!

Super Sick Investigations
Super Sick Investigations is a show created by Geneva DeCobert and Lucas McEachern, who decided it would be fun to make an audio play comedy series with all original music from the ground up - only collaborating with truly respected and admired friends. It turned out to be super fun. In this program, two idiots repeatedly find themselves in fantastical situations; encountering conspiracies, cryptids, and the abyssal deep of the internet.

Los Relatos Oscuros de Ánved Stranger.
Los podcast son del próximo libro de relatos oscuros. Los relatos más oscuros y misterios que escucharás. cómo: Nora Grey del Jardín oscuro, una asesina que colecciona mujeres.

Deadfall, Wisconsin
Welcome to the Deadfall, Wisconsin Podcast. Five of the most experienced and qualified investigative journalists in the world focus their combined expertise into solving one of nature’s greatest mysteries. Legends of fanged deer stretch back hundreds of years, but where did these fanged deer come from? Why has no one ever witnessed a living specimen? Are the causes of these fangs evolutionary…or something more sinister? We’re going to spend the next two years finding out. You’re in Deadfall.

WeLive Pride
Queer audio drama series. Telling our stories as queer people through entertainment, telling one story at a time. You can share stories, scripts or ideas with us.

Multi-Verse News
A media News outlet that travels through space time and universes to different Fandoms and time lines to deliver you the news

Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin! A True Crime Podcast.
Some of you may know Alix Summers from her previous podcast series, All Woman, some of you may not. This podcast is incredibly different. In 2019 Alix Summers spent time interviewing a woman called Josie Fair for what she thought was going to be a light-hearted podcast on the theme of being birthday twins. As you will all know by now, that project was shelved abruptly as real life collided with the podcast and things turned very, very dark. It’s taken months for Alix to feel ready to revisit the podcast and its aftermath, but she’s ready now.

Finding Pattersby
Finding Pattersby is a weirdo-mystery about an ex-ghostwriter who uses his investigation of a legendary, missing thriller author to work through some stuff. Also the ghostwriter is a liar. Follow host Ryan Cervantes in this 10-part comic thriller set in the world of high stakes thriller publishing, as he enters a land of cultish fandoms and cut-throat literati; of secret societies with ancient coffee beans and occult writing exercises that pierce the veil and top the charts of novels sold in supermarkets and airport bookstores…OR DO THEY? That’s what host Cervantes aims to find out in this pot-boiler for the ears. But if he hopes to escape the same fate as his missing boss in this IRL thriller, he’ll have to draw on everything he knows about how to survive a very deadly bestseller.

Desde pequeño siempre me ha gustado la lectura y la redacción. Desde hace un tiempo vengo compartiendo mis historias en diferentes redes sociales y ahora tengo la curiosidad de experimentar con la difusión de las mismas en este mundillo de los podcasts.

É ficção! É musical! É Podcast! Amorlandia narra jovens casais em sua última noite no ensino médio, rumo a uma festa de formatura em que tudo pode, e vai acontecer.

112 - Fiction ou Réalité ?
Avez-vous déjà été si captivé par une histoire qu'elle en devient indissociable de la réalité ? Avez-vous déjà connu un récit si troublant qu'il dissout les limites entre fiction et réalité, effaçant la ligne entre l'ordinaire et l'extraordinaire ? "112" est ce voyage qui se joue des frontières, une saga podcast qui entremêle le suspense, le thriller et les clins d'œil au paranormal pour tisser des récits si intensément vivants qu'ils défient nos certitudes. Des histoires qui, bien qu'issues de l'imaginaire, ont cette étrange faculté à sembler si réalistes, si palpables, qu'elles nous font douter de notre propre réalité. À la barre de cette odyssée, Aurélien Nancel, comédien voix off professionnel ( . Passionné par l'écriture, par les récits chargés de vérités humaines et par l'exploration de nos émotions les plus profondes. Il est l'auteur, le réalisateur et le narrateur de ses propres podcasts, ajoutant ainsi une couche supplémentaire d'authenticité à chaque épisode. Il prend nos réalités, les tord et les étire comme on jouerait avec un élastique, les mêlant à des fictions si convaincantes qu'elles pourraient presque toucher du doigt notre quotidien. Plongez dans un univers où le réel peut prendre les traits du fantastique, où l'ordinaire peut se parer d'étrange. C'est ce que propose "112", un espace où chaque histoire est un défi à nos perceptions, un jeu audacieux entre le monde tel que nous le connaissons et l'inconnu. Abonnez-vous à "112", et laissez-vous porter par ces histoires singulières, là où la fiction effleure la réalité. Aurélien Nancel vous invite à emprunter ce chemin parsemé de récits surprenants, de surprises et d'émotions fortes. Alors, êtes-vous prêts à franchir le pas ?

Revolution Afterlife: The Musical
Milly Raker is dead. But her adventure is just beginning.... Introducing "Revolution Afterlife: The Musical", an audiodrama musical created by Alex Walker and Liz McKibben! Join Milly Raker (Alexis Smith) as she battles the mysterious Silvers and uncovers the truth behind humanity's afterlife...

Art History student Clara Torres disappears while working on her thesis about Ursula Blum, a avant-garde painter from the 20th century. Five years later, journalist Emma Clark decides to travel to Switzerland to continue Clara's investigation and narrate in a podcast what she discovers about the mystery surrounding both women.

Supreme: The Battle for Roe
At 26 years old, Sarah Weddington stands in a courtroom for the first time in her life and argues the defining case of her era: Roe V. Wade. Supreme tells her unlikely story, as well as that of Justice Harry Blackmun, who’s appointed by Nixon to the High Court at the same time. Sarah and Harry – both new, untested, and scared out of their minds – are on a collision course. She struggles to overcome the many obstacles placed in her path, while he must find the courage to step out of his lifelong best friend’s shadow and take a stand. Together, they create one of the defining moments of the century.

The Planet Man
See Me Hear Me Theatre's rollicking space adventure, The Planet Man, is radio-style theatre at its best - a silly space melodrama with evil aliens, helpless humans and a square-jawed hero. Seven talented voice actors bring multiple characters to life. Radio theatre lets your imagination run wild!⁠

Man in Space
Alone on a small space station orbiting the planet, It's been 154 days since Commander Kelly witnessed nuclear catastrophe on Earth, ending with all contact severed. Each passing day he grows less optimistic any further communication or rescue is coming his way. With his resources and fight to go on both dwindling, each episode consists of a new audio log from Commander Kelly. Each entry we learn more about Kelly's past, while his present torpedoes into an adventure he never could have expected. Dive into the psyche of a man, alone adrift in space, as he fights not only for a way to survive but for a reason to. Featuring aliens, far away worlds and a heavy dose of introspection, “Man in Space" is a journey that takes place both out across the stars and inward into oneself.

You Feeling This
A fiction anthology show about love. Los Angeles County is home to more than ten million people. It sprawls from the desert to the ocean. It’s easy to feel alone in such a vast city. But the struggles that everyone experiences in L.A. are ones that everyone shares. It’s in those moments, where it seems like you’re going through it alone, that everything is connected. “You Feeling This” is about the people who make up this city and how the heartbreak, the yearning, and the need for connection is something everyone is searching for. These are the stories that define the people of Los Angeles.

Bernie’s Bistro
Bernie’s Bistro is a 3-episode comedy written and produced by Kitchener’s popular Backyard Theatre in cooperation with Jony Studios in Waterloo. Bernie is a recently retired civil servant who approaches the world wearing rose coloured glasses (and spandex) and is equipped with all the business acumen you would expect from 35 years of working in government. His first plan? To launch a vegan restaurant in the middle of cow country. The only one with half of a chance of talking Bernie out of his “get poor” scheme is Amalie – his 29-year-old daughter who is brilliant at business but not so brilliant at managing Bernie (or her love life for that matter). A fast-paced story in the slow-paced fictional town of Scottsville, Bernie’s Bistro is a laugh a minute romp about relationships — and rutabagas.

Sprawa rodziny Tebbe. Kolacja z mumią
Hindenburg jesienią 1934 roku. Mroczne tajemnice rodziny inżyniera Huty Donnersmarcka doprowadzają do tragedii. Angielska dziennikarka Lotti Dehner wraca na Górny Śląsk i prosi lipińskiego radcę Adolfa Jendryska, aby towarzyszył jej podczas przyjęcia w domu inżyniera Wilmara Tebbe. W czasie kolacji dochodzi do tajemniczego zabójstwa. Jendrysek rozpoczyna śledztwo.

Solstice Stories
Solstice Stories is a podcast showcasing specially commissioned stories about Cornish heroines of witchery and myth. These stories were performed from the stage, balcony and backstage hidey-holes of Cornwall’s most magical venue, the Minack Theatre on the Winter Solstice 2022 and they have now been recorded so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your cosy home.

Majesto Stories
The Majesto Stories podcast is proud to present the literary works of Denali Majesto in AudioStory format. After an early retirement from the private business sector, Mr. Majesto dedicated himself to his life's three great loves: his family, traveling, and writing. Over the last couple decades, he has written a small library's worth of stories, which he has begun unveiling to the world—one chapter at a time—so that all might find illumination, inspiration, and enjoyment from them. Learn more about Denali Majesto and his work at The library is open!

On Saturn Space Station, the lawless prevail. For over two thousand years, the station has been on its own. Communications broke down with Earth and its inhabitants, which left the leaders on the station to rule their domain, as it became known over time. They had to come up with ways to keep food and essentials in supply. Thus, slowly, over time, the leaders on the station learned how to beat the odds by raiding other planets and supply ships that came into their portion of space. This is the story of Saturn Space Station and how they survived as Space Pirates.

Uncovering Dunridge
Follow independent investigator Elliot Campbell as he studies strange disappearances in his hometown of Dunridge, New Hampshire and explores the town’s dark secrets.

Leggerepersentitodire - Audiolibri che raccontano le nostre storie
"Gli occhi bistrati di Alessandro Magno", romanzo di Luisa Consolini, 2023. Legge: Donatella Allegro, attrice. Vivi è stata una donna senza qualità. Inaspettatamente, passati i quaranta, diventa influencer di stile, sui social è ViviConStile. Il successo ha un prezzo: le occhiaie aumentano col numero di follower. Esaurita, si rifugia su un’isola passata di moda a fine stagione per una specie di riabilitazione, ma l’impegno a starsene in pace è incrinato dal ricordo di una storia incompiuta di cui si vergogna, una capanna sul mare e l’incontro con chi l’ha costruita: un insolito pittore detto Chagall. Anche Chagall ha un passato incompiuto che li avvicina: a lui, Vivi racconta il segreto di cui non ha mai parlato. Perché facciamo cose di cui ci vergogniamo? Capita che un incontro ci dia modo di scoprirlo.

Storyteller's Pub - Dark Tales on Tap
Storyteller’s Pub is a horror fiction podcast, featuring stories written and narrated by D.L. Strand, and accompanied by atmospheric music.

Love, Lust & Lapland
The controversial coming of age story of an Australian guy in the Nordic wilderness. Life changes forever when he falls in love with a beautiful young Finnish marine biologist. Based on true events.

Katerina's Story Corner
A weekly podcast hosted by author Katerina Roman during which she reads one chapter of part one of her Gladiatrix trilogy, Escape from the Lion's Den.

After a commercial jetliner disappears off the east coast of the United States, a young man’s arrest leads a private investigator down a strange, unsettling path of eerie broadcasts, time loss, and distortions of reality, all mysteriously connected to the discovery of a sinister, otherworldly orb.

冥冥中自有天意,一场雷雨大风,也能把女人的贴身衣物送到面前,成就的是一段梦幻般的香艳。 李中翰从一个小小职员慢慢爬到KT权力的顶峰,当然这并不是一帆风顺的,里面有运气的成分,但与他的奋斗是分不开的。李中翰突然好运连连,连升三级,似乎老天眷顾,连心中女神也频送秋波,当中虽然曲折,总能将危机一一化解,这一切都是运气使然吗?惊险的期货交易,还能带给李中翰好运吗?这里面会不会是一场巨大的阴谋?

Razor's Edge 2 : 8 More Stories of Horror and Suspense
8 short stories set in the late 80s.

While exploring the halls of their hospital ward, three teens with cancer discover a portal that leads them to Nightingale, a magical world inhabited by a race of sentient machines. Dani, Rocco and Sarah embark on an epic adventure to save Nightingale from a malevolent force known only as The Darkness before it can breach the portal and infect our world. With the help of their empathetic doctor, whose mysterious connection to Nightingale is more than it appears, the diverse trio must face their fears and, in the process, confront the unknown of their own diagnoses. The journey offers them the chance to not only escape their pain and be kids again, but to finally feel like more than just victims of their disease. They might even have a chance to be heroes.

The Wyrd Side
The Wyrd Side is a New Weird / Folk Horror podcast that follows the paranormal investigations of Aiden Summers and Katherine Moore as they uncover the dangerous truth lurking behind the myths and legends of the British Isles.

Geschichten aus dem Eberkopf - Ein Harry Potter Hörspiel-Podcast
Moo wagt sich mit seinem magischen Grammophon nach Hogsmeade. Bei einem Butterbier im Eberkopf interviewt er verschiedene Gestalten aus der Harry Potter Welt! Ob Hagrid, Aberforth, McGonagall oder Charlie Weasley, früher oder später kommen sie alle auf einen Schluck vorbei. Ein Jahr nach der Schlacht um Hogwarts scheint die Zaubererwelt wieder sicher. Doch noch immer sind einige Todesser nicht gefasst.

Upbeat Tales
Adventure for Any Moment. Speculative fiction podcast magazine for upbeat and comedy stories!

Thorvin a saga
Thorvin historia de um herói com muito mistério conflitos magníficos e reinos mágicos. Magia e poder.

"Mezzaluna" è un varco ad un mondo senza limiti nel quale Flavio, un romantico combinaguai, Selvaggia una malinconica guida e Mezzaluna, un demone troppo buono per svolgere le sue mansioni malvage, ti accompagneranno all'interno di un percorso fatto di luoghi incantati, amicizia, mistero ed amore. Scopri le Grotte di Frasassi. Prodotto da Youteller per le Grotte di Frasassi. Promosso dal Consorzio delle Grotte di Frasassi e dal Comune di Genga. Scritto e diretto da Paolo Consorti. Voce ed interpretazione di Guenda Goria nel ruolo di Selvaggia, Cristiano Caldironi nel ruolo di Flavio e Fabio Bernacconi nel ruolo di Mezzaluna. Produzione esecutiva a cura di Indivi. Fonico di presa diretta e sound mixing Mirko Pantalla di ACME Produzioni. Montaggio e sound design a cura di Fabio Bernacconi. Supervisione editoriale di Tiziano Marino. Si ringraziano per aver prestato la voce per questo podcast le piccole Susanna e Caterina Ferroni, Federica Petruio, Andrea Bernacconi, Andrea Fiorani, Don Umberto Rotili e Tiziano Marino. Un ringraziamento speciale a Barbara Bruffa, tutte le guide ed a tutto il personale delle Grotte di Frasassi che ci ha accompagnato in questa meravigliosa avventura.

Writing The West
This podcast features stories and poems by Rick Steber.

Le indagini del commissario Martelli
Il nostro protagonista si chiama Marco Martelli ed è un commissario della Polizia di Stato che lavora nella città di Genova. Ha un'esperienza di molti anni nella polizia giudiziaria, e grazie alla sua attenzione ai dettagli e alla sua intuizione è riuscito a risolvere numerosi casi difficili. Ma Marco non è solo un bravo poliziotto: è anche un uomo dal passato tormentato, che ancora oggi lo perseguita e lo rende diffidente verso le persone che gli stanno attorno.

Waters of Vor Rukath - Season 1
Welcome to the great Vor Rukath....or what used to be the great Vor Rukath. After a suspicious event that led to the entire world being submerged to the deep depths of the oceans, common folk and other species had to learn to evolve and continue surviving. Technology became more advanced, and new species were discovered. All was well, until a sudden disturbance occurred in the Hadal Zone, and that is where we stop for now. Waters of Vor Rukath is presented by The Bards Table which is a group of musicians that like to take risks and embark on adventure through the best RPG Dungeons and Dragons (5e). Become part of the adventure as we take you on an aquatic adventure like never before! The Waters of Vor Rukath is an all original campaign that includes original SFX, music, characters, species, and so much more! Join us as we navigate through the zones and find out more information about what happened to this once great land....or try to. Season 1 starts now!

La Saga Etchingham
¿Qué fue lo que realmente pasó el 21 de Diciembre de 2012? ¿Por qué no se acabó el mundo? Rex Etchingham, un hombre excéntrico, dueño de una farmacéutica en Estados Unidos, el cual conoce a Daniela Obregón-Siller, una joven mexicana, que se encuentra de visita en Nueva York. La Saga Etchingham es una historia de romance, profecías, organizaciones secretas e intereses mezclados que llevarán al mundo a una nueva era. Esta saga es la narración de los libros: La Esfera de Luz y el Camino de Bolon Yokte, de Estibaliz Delgado Amaya.

A SCIFI TTRPG Narrative Play set within the Stillfleet universe. An early modern empire is connected to various worlds and other locations throughout reality via complex and ancient portals known as Stiffworks. Our three protagonists work for the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters. Step into the Stiffwork with us, voidmijner, and see what lay in store for you.

The Viking Diaries
Very much Adult oriented. Just a little light relief to lift your day. You join us as our hapless fool finds himself in another sticky situation, he needs assistance from “The help desk” which is provided though his monthly subscription to an adult toy manufacturer’s platform.

The Ghost of Jane Byrne
Samantha Levine portrays the late mayor of Chicago.

The Midnight Mystery
Welcome to 'The Midnight Mystery' A Horror Podcast. In each episode, we delve into the shadowed corners of our existence, bringing you tales of the eerie, the uncanny, and the downright terrifying. From the realms of the supernatural to the depths of the human psyche, no stone is left unturned, no dark secret left hidden. This podcast features professional storytelling from the minds of the Midnight Mystery Team.

Hanthakudu - Suspense Crime Novel - Telugu
Delve into the captivating world of suspense and intrigue with DNV Rama Sharma's gripping Telugu novel, a thrilling crime murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Night Games
Surreal comedy-drama investigating the trauma bond between two men, where villainy gets in the ring with bromance and tries to knock it out cold.

Dungeons and Shinobi
Hello and welcome to a Naruto flavored Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Come along as our "heroes" Beans, Briar Rogers, and Marcus navigate a hilariously deadly ninja world. If you're a fan of Anime and TTRPG's then you've come to the right spot.

Station 13
Station 13 is a podcast surrounding a late night radio show where the host and the newscaster are a little off their rocker. They explore the obscure and spooky happenings surrounding them as well as the lovely cryptids that terrorize and enthrall their home state. Are you brave enough to take a listen to what they have to say? Envelop yourself in a universe not so disimilar to your own where creatures in the backyard seem to be the least of the residents worries.

Doorway to Darkness
Step into the world of Doorway to Darkness, a horror fiction podcast where the veil between the living and the dead is thin, and where the things that go bump in the night are all too real. Written by horror fiction writer Casey Burrin, and narrated by the chilling voice of the Night Creeper, this podcast will take you on a journey to the darkest depths of the supernatural. For those brave enough to listen, our tales will challenge your beliefs and make you question the very nature of reality. They will test your courage and your sanity, and leave you wondering if the darkness that surrounds us is real, or merely a figment of our imagination. In each episode, we'll bring you tales of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, curses, and monsters that will make your blood run cold. But this is not just any ordinary horror podcast, my friends. Half of the stories feature 19-year-old supernatural expert Chance and Detective Tyler, a paranormal investigator. Together they navigate the treacherous waters of the supernatural, uncovering the hidden secrets of the dead, and facing down the terrors that lurk in the shadows. The other half of our stories feature a random assortment of characters and situations, each one more terrifying than the last. From abandoned asylums to haunted houses, from cursed towns to ancient crypts, our stories will transport you to places where the darkness reigns supreme. So come, dear listener, and journey with us into the darkness. Let us take you to the edge of terror and back again, and let the Night Creeper's voice guide you through the abyss. But beware, for once go through the Doorway to Darkness, there's no turning back. So, let us leave you with a final warning: "The darkness is always waiting, just beyond the light. Be careful where you step and keep your wits about you.

The Tally Ho Hoes
A DnD podcast about a bunch of idiots. We love playing Dnd, making our own entertaining content, and getting creative with the use of Homebrew. We're always learning and improving the way we do things. Come along, pull up a chair, and have some fun with the Tally Ho Hoes!

Technomancers: A D&D podcast
Welcome to Technomancers, the thrilling Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the mesmerising City of Everlight! Join us on an unforgettable journey as we delve into a world where magic and technology coexist in perfect harmony (or will it?). Led by our Dungeon Master - Ivan Brett.

Les historiettes à croquer
Les historiettes à croquer (sous la couette ou sur la plage), ce sont de courtes nouvelles d'une vingtaine de minutes qui possèdent chacune leur propre style littéraire : romance, policier, conte, fantasy... Elles paraîtront à une fréquence d'une par mois. Dans le premier opuscule Le bonheur est dans le bar, une romance, vous serez ravis et embarqués par la belle rencontre d'Adem, un jeune migrant éthiopien, avec Félicité, la sexagénaire solitaire et Emmanuel, le peintre en panne d'inspiration. Cette historiette positive et encourageante vous entraînera jusque sur le tarmac de l'aéroport d'Addis-Abéba.

The Bible Revised by God
For its new Fiqtion, Qualiter offers the microphone to God, who will give a new reading of the Bible, and reveal to us the backstage of the divine story.

Nouvelle Notification
G. est en train d'écrire... NSFW nouvelle_notification est la première série audio p*rno de Merci Beaucul ( , pour une immersion sensorielle et érotique. Pour une expérience optimale, écouter avec un casque, une petite bougie parfumée et une lumière tamisée.

Depois que Tudo Mudou
Depois Que Tudo Mudou é uma comédia romântica que acompanha a vida de três adolescentes pretos e queer em Salvador, Bahia, após a pandemia de Covid-19. Os três se tornam amigos e vivem conflitos, descobertas, paixões e aventuras juntos, enquanto ouvem as fitas de Ney e aprendem sobre sua história de amor e luta, enquanto aprendem sobre seu próprio amor e quais as ferramentas que podem ajuda-los a vencer suas próprias lutas internas e externas. A série explora temas como sexualidade, amizade, identidade, sonhos e esperança em mudar a própria história.

Think Fast
Finley is a normal teenager; she stresses about school, boys, and her future. But when she gets the power to think fast, nothing in her life will be the same again. She might find this ability useful at first, but she will soon learn that having superpowers can be just as stressful as real life.

Liquid Lineage
Liquid Lineage is a book written by Cassidy Cook. Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure of love, war, competition, passion, and sacrifice. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Telling the story of the flirtations, trials and tribulations of four LGBTQ+ gals in Dublin City today, Fruit brings fabulous new writing, divine emerging talent and some of Ireland’s biggest gay icons straight into your airpods. Debuting new episodes weekly from June 14th, this six part fictional dramedy series promises brunches, bad sex, glorious friendships and more gays than a sold out Gaga Concert. Gals, we cannot wait for Fruit to become your new podcasting guilty pleasure.

The Bekkoning Noizemaker
Pusher the scavenger android and Phax the scout android must investigate a threat to the remaining private network of Verloren's underclass from an enigmatic actor. Dive into a tech noir mystery full of intrigue and funny robots!

A Voice In Violet
Violet, a damaged singer whose dreams were shattered, headlines at The Driftwood, an infamous Hollywood club. The comfort of that stage is not enough when her traumatic past comes to visit. Bash, her manipulative former music manager, and his pop star girlfriend, Charlotte, destroy Violet's career. With everything taken away from Violet, all she has left is to seek revenge. Things get more complicated for Violet when Wang, the love of her life who broke her heart and sense of trust, visits her at the club. This bittersweet symphony is also composed of Salim, Violet's protector, and Lopez, an unhinged stalker. What will happen of Violet, those who stand in her way... and the voices in her head?

These Dark Spaces
Original spooky and scary stories, sure to chill your bones and haunt your dreams.

We're Going to Kill the Queen
A DnD-inspired podcast! Two escaped criminals, a Changeling and a Dragonborn, accidentally join a group of rebels who are rising up against the cruel monarchy. This is a sound design practice podcast.

A bite-sized anthology of horror/Comedy.

Storily Tales
An anthology series focusing on adventure, sci-fi and horror stories.

Not Just Any Other Story
This podcast is a fun way to listen to stories written by author, Anita Capri and includes discussions with the author and guests. In the first series we read Anita's first novel, The Shopping Cart People, a quirky rom-com with characters who are real and with whom you will fall in love. The discussions and banter following each chapter read are authentic and the motto is, Whatever happens, happens, especially when conversations take some surprising turns. Some episodes contain mature language or sexual content. Series Two will come next with short stories also by author, Anita Capri so stay tuned!

=人生は終わるまで未完成の作品のようなものだから……=。 高校時代に同じ写真部で活動していた、「横浜 成海」「白鳥 乃以」「櫻田 聖二郎」。 卒業から8年、26歳になった彼らは仕事に忙殺される日々。 そんな中、白鳥の誘いで久しぶりに再会した3人は大阪のレトロ建築巡りをすることに……。あの頃はわからなかったお互いのこと、抱いていた想い。――3人の「未完成な友情」が、今、動き出す。

The Long Way Home
After being fired from his long-time job ON Thanksgiving, one Mr. Vincent Price must journey home on a wintery evening. His trip is everything but pleasant as he encounters mishap after mishap. Near the end of his mental and emotional rope, Vincent must find out some key lessons that will make all the difference when he arrives back home. Directed and produced by Micah Thomas - RATING T (2019)

Brand Meester
Het resultaat van het onderzoek van Erika Verbeek naar de oorzaken en gevolgen van de brand in Hotel de Pomp in Gennep in 1988. Fictieve podcast die aansluit op de Revue "Brand Meester", opgevoerd op 9, 10 en 11 juni 2023.

Lawful Awful
An RPG playthrough podcast centered on Horror/suspense RPGs, particularly Delta Green

La traversée du siècle
Victoire, Albertine et Thérèse : ces prénoms vous semblent-ils familiers? Suivez l’odyssée de ces trois femmes fascinantes et incroyablement résilientes dans l’œuvre de l’un des plus grands écrivains québécois : Michel Tremblay. Portée par 18 interprètes, cette saga familiale nous fait vivre les grands bouleversements qu’a connus la société québécoise au cours du XXe siècle. Plongez dans l’univers de trois générations, où la place des femmes se fortifie au fil du temps. La traversée du siècle est un projet monumental, la plus grande fiction sonore originale jamais réalisée au Québec, avec six saisons et plus de neuf heures de contenu original. Tout le texte est de Michel Tremblay, dans une adaptation et une dramaturgie d'Alice Ronfard, à partir d'une idée d'André Brassard. Ce projet hors-norme est une production du Théâtre Espace Libre, en production déléguée par Zoé Gagnon-Paquin.

Little Werewomen
In the swirling static, a voice emerges. Barely audible, it speaks of a past that never was. It spins tales out of the æther; tales of man and wolf-Men, of life and death, of love lost and love found. It speaks of horror, of glory, of peace, and of war. It howls, it rages, it weeps and it sings... These are the stories of Little Werewomen.

Adventure's Edge
Adventure's Edge is an actual play, TTRPG podcast set in the world of Tellus. In our first campaign, "Heroes of the Vale", a group of people come together to find a cure for a deadly disease, only to be thrust into a web of increasing danger as they try to live up to what it means to be a hero. Heroes of the Vale is a story-driven game with a mix of roleplaying and action. We are using the Pathfinder 1st edition rules, but anyone familiar with Dungeons & Dragons should have no problem understanding the mechanics of play, although no experience is required to enjoy our story.

Welcome to the town of Ouroboros, Michigan! In this quaint town next to an infinite lake and surrounded by an infinite forest, stop by the shopping center, sit by the fountain in the town square, DON’T go in the water reservoirs, and try your best to stay away from the lake towards the end of the month. Kayla “Kay” Gray, local news reporter, photographer, and wannabe circus runaway is here to report on all the goings-on in this town… and hopefully not get too caught up in them.

The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast
Frightening Fiction from the Delirious Dungeon. Each episode features an original story with fully produced soundscapes and chilling audio score.

Toska Apresenta
O Podcast que transforma livros brasileiros independentes em experiências sonoras imersivas! A cada temporada, um livro, um capítulo por episódio. Começamos com "O Sítio Sangrava", de Rodrigo Espírito Santo, que re-imagina o universo dos personagens de Monteiro Lobato num ambiente de terror e sombras. Confira e apoie essa iniciativa via

Mein Kollege & ich
Kurzgeschichten von Cordula Büchel, die zum Nachdenken anregen. Beobachtend durch Die Welt gehen und den einen oder anderen Umstand von verschiedenen Seiten beleuchten.

Call Jonathan Pie
Political journalist Jonathan Pie gets a radio phone-in show and as his personal and professional worlds collide we see why he's so incredibly angry about absolutely everything.

Cracks Of Light: An Urban Fantasy Horror
Based on the award-winning and bestselling novel ”Cracks Of Light” by John Charles Reedburg, this series follows a man’s recounts about his troubled upbringing and his estranged relationship with the Other Side. This is a story about Demetrius Jordan and his earth-shattering recollections.

Flavored Enemy: "Reincarnated as the Traumatized Princess?! I'll Just Help My Flawless Sweetheart Change the Genre!"
In the enchanting realm of Vitore, six ordinary individuals from Earth find themselves unexpectedly reincarnated into new bodies. Bound by the whims of fate, they embark on an extraordinary and hilarious journey that will not only unravel their true purpose but also reshape the destiny of the world... with a dash of romance!

Headphone Story
An adventurous podcast that tells musical, funny and heartfelt stories in unique spaces using innovative recording techniques. The stories that follow range from an epic battle between the Nit Nurse and Margaret Thatcher, a panic attack in an escape room and an intimate tale about 3 scrapbooks that belonged to one Cornish couple.

Fireside Dice
Fireside Dice is a live play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast with two goals in mind: have fun playing D&D with friends, and produce a vulgar free podcast! Our first campaign takes place in the fantastical multi-verse of Magic the Gathering. Join us as our Game Master Jens tries to deal with a party full of Planeswalkers!

The Eternal Cycle: Preface to a Burning Sea
"Only when the world is your world is burning and you can do nothing, will you ever understand our pain."

Detective per caso
Quando un uomo single di 40 anni, cuoco per passione e per carriera, decide di scrivere il diario della sua vita ma, grazie ad un diario speciale, diventa un ottimo detective...

Welcome to Havensport, a city shrouded in darkness and secrets. A place where secrets fester in the darkness, and the veil between reality and nightmare is thin... Jacob Holloway, an ambitious young journalist is investigating a string of disappearances that have recently haunted Havensport. As he delves deeper into the city's dark past, a pervasive sense of dread consumes him, and he realizes that the secrets he's uncovering could cost him everything. But as Jacob's investigation continues, he begins to realize that the disappearances are just the tip of the iceberg. Something far more insidious is at work in Havensport, and the whispers in the shadows are growing louder...

Candela Obscura
Candela Obscura follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. The first chapter of Candela Obscura stars veteran voice actors Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Anjali Bhimani, and Ashley Johnson and the story is led by Matthew Mercer.

Spider-Man: The Audio Drama
Welcome, True Believers, to what we hope will be the first of many episodes for Spider-Man: The Audio Drama. SMtAD was written and directed by long-time Spider-Man comic book fan Joseph Bozlinski, creator of Apex Shadow and head of ValiantShadow Productions, and edited by Christopher Z of Audio Anomaly. SMtAD is our newest addition to the Marvel Audio Drama Universe-- fitting in nicely with the existing canon-- but it's also the start of an epic in its own right. Our story will take Peter Parker from his early days as a hero, and see him change and grow as time goes on and the story continues. You'll see new, contemporary takes on Peter, his supporting cast, and many of his classic adversaries. SMtAD is a contemporary techno-thriller, examining the dangers of corporate greed, rampant late-stage capitalism, and reckless scientific advancement.

Tales for our Times
We live in turbulent times, such times need great stories and storytelling. This podcast presents the ancient craft of storytelling as tool for connection, imagination, entertainment and empowerment. Scottish storyteller Dougie Mackay, shares folk tales, myths and musings. Sometimes he is joined by guest storytellers, change-makers, rebels and poets, who share their perspective on stories and folk culture and its impact on modern life.

PISCES - The Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counterintelligence, Espionage and Sabotage. A secretive branch under the intelligence services of the UK government, PISCES is on the front line of the fight against the inexplicable unnatural and unknowable horrors. Extra terrestrials, ancient cosmic gods, deranged cultists- PISCES mission remains the same: protect the public and stop the unnatural at any cost. Join Rich, the Handler, as he guides his players Jordan and Ed through IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES: a Delta Green tabletop role playing game campaign by ARC DREAM publishing.

Johannes T. Evans' The Story
The Story is a simple, no-frills podcast: each episode is a short story from my catalogue of short fiction read aloud. The vast majority of these short stories are available on my Medium and/or my Patreon, and are now also being made available in this audio format. The short stories you hear were written by the narrator, Johannes T. Evans, unless stated otherwise.

Audio Adventure Series
The JuJu Cube Proudly Presents The Audio Adventure Series.Audio Adventures, For Your Earholes...

Future Drifter Stories
A sci-fi podcasting company that generates original, character-driven stories. Be ready to let your imagination run free. See you on the other side, Future Drifters.

This is a story about a machine. A big machine. A supercomputer the size and shape of an ancient pyramid. A device that runs the world from the secret recesses of the White House basement. A machine you never knew existed until now. A machine named, SIREN. SIRENS is a serialized sci-fi podcast about robots, blood, drugs, conspiracy theories, death, punk rock, and politics so please keep that in mind when listening around children. Based on a novel that doesn't technically exist yet.

The Bonneville Game
A horror comedy about three hapless podcasters who play a demon summoning game they found on the Internet.

Color crepuscular
Un relato en cada episodio. ¿Otro pódcast más de cuentos? Bueno, sí, pero con historias escritas y narradas por Nacho Sendón, autor de las colecciones de relatos «Historias que llegaron con la lluvia» y «El amargo sabor de la cerveza». Episodios de unos pocos minutos para escuchar camino de casa o del trabajo, mientras preparas la comida o en los cortes para publicidad de Pasapalabra. Historias cotidianas que podrían pasarle a cualquiera. Tal vez a ti. Color crepuscular es un pódcast y también un blog ( Y, si algún día conozco a Amenábar y lo convenzo, una película.

The Life of a Hair Scrunchie- The Podcast
It seemed as if Madison and Abigail would never get to leave the Wal-Mart hair supply aisle until one day a miracle occurred. After being purchased by the young Annabelle Dakota, Madison and Abigail experience new adventures such as attending middle school, going for a scary swim, being lost, and many more scrunches. See how the scrunchies “hold up” in a world that requires a different kind of… flexibility.

Gumshoe Riot
Home of Who Did Better Half? – a true mystery, lies and all, unfolding serial style over many episodes. So join us, won’t you? Because the game’s afoot.

La Tierra Mala
Otra masacre de inocentes en otro pueblo recóndito de México. La periodista Amelia Buenrostro está lista para ir a un pueblo de Zacatecas a cubrir las historias de las víctimas, como tantas veces lo ha hecho. Cree conocer los peligros que le esperan y que pueden poner su vida en peligro, hasta que se encuentra con un mal desconocido: la tierra guarda en sus entrañas el dolor de sus habitantes, los que fueron y los que son. Una maldición que engulle a quien la pisa. Es la tierra mala.

The Warning Shots
Welcome to "The Warning Shots," a hilarious and immersive Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that takes you on a rollicking journey through the enchanting and dangerous lands of Iliria. Join our merry band of six adventurers as they navigate a world brimming with danger, magic, and laughter.

Enemy Within
A scientist pioneers a new technology to cure his wife's disease, but it works too well, and turns his wife into a terrifying, unstoppable human weapon.

Barcelona no perdona
El Guiu i la Mariona són dos agents dels Mossos d'Esquadra que patrullen Barcelona de nit. El seu objectiu és combatre el narcotràfic que aflora a la ciutat.

Write My Romance
Welcome to Write My Romance, where I take audience prompts to write and record custom romance short stories every month. Whether you’re looking for - but can’t quite find - that perfect combination of elements in a story, or you just want to binge some good romance shorts, then this is the place for you. Strap in!

Lost Koz: A D&D Podcast From Aotearoa/NZ
Venture to the realm of Koz, and into the desert sands of Pōaha. Join our journey, alongside four unlikely heroes as they delve into the enigmatic depths of totalitarian cities, navigate the unpredictable sands of the Pōaha desert, and confront the depths of The Krag. Join Dungeon Master Joshua Wilkinson, Lexis Veil, Kael Robinson, Jade Parkin, and Harris Dowson in this homebrew Dungeons and Dragons play podcast hailing from the lands of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Luceros en la Oscuridad: El príncipe desterrado
Audiolibro al completo de "Luceros en la Oscuridad: El príncipe desterrado". Narrado por Víctor Peralta, su autor, y diferentes actores y actrices interpretarán a cada uno de los personajes que aparecen. El audiolibro tiene más de 40 capítulos, que se irán subiendo eventualmente conforme el proyecto avance. Para más información pueden acceder a las redes del autor.

Sound on Site for Jubilant!
Sound On Site is a series of soundscapes created by students at Debenham High School in Stowmarket, directed by creative practitioner Amy Wyllie in partnership with the Primadonna festival. These sound stories were made as part of the 'Jubilant!' Mini Youth Arts & Culture Festival 2023, taking place in Stowmarket from Wednesday 7 – Wednesday 14 June 2023. Jubilant! celebrates the creativity of local school children and young people. A specially commissioned team of talented artists worked with students from 10 local schools to build their own exciting creative project.

Protagonizada por Martha Higareda, y con las actuaciones de Mariano Palacios, Odiseo Bichir y Patricia Manterola. Tras la muerte de su madre, Ana se entera que su padre también ha muerto y le ha dejado una casa y un montón de casetes. Pronto descubrirá que el pasado no puede enterrarse por completo y que hay herencias de las que no se puede escapar. Sonoro presenta Cassettes, un thriller psicológico sobre los fantasmas que persisten por generaciones a través del trauma familiar. Starring Martha Higareda, and featuring performances by Mariano Palacios, Odiseo Bichir and Patricia Manterola. After her mother’s death, Ana finds out her father has also passed away, and left her a country house and a bunch of cassettes. Soon, she will discover that you can’t truly bury the past, and that there are legacies from which you cannot escape. Sonoro presents ‘Cassettes’, a psychological thriller about the ghosts that linger through generations of family trauma.

Regina Prime
How much of yourself can you give away before there's nothing left to give? Regina Prime follows the search for a 21st Century urban explorer who stumbles onto a disturbing discovery while vlogging an abandoned scientific research facility. This centuries-spanning story explores the sacrifices people make in order to leave an imprint on the world, even if it means hurting others along the way.

Questo Podcast NON ESISTE
Un nuovo podcast sperimentale che affronta i tanto chiacchierati temi del paranormale e delle teorie cospirazioniste attraverso una narrativa fantascientifica dal sapore bizzarro. L’ascoltatore si ritrova improvvisamente catapultato all’interno di un autogrill sospeso nell’etere, dove ad ogni puntata incontra personaggi appartenenti al folklore internazionale. Il concetto alla base del podcast consiste nel fatto che a dispetto dell’essere scettici o meno su determinati temi, essi ci incuriosiscono a tal punto da volerne sapere comunque di più; esattamente come un panino dell’autogrill…non è esattamente la cosa che desideriamo mangiare, ma alla fine ci affondiamo i denti! Il podcast nasce da un’idea di Valentina Poddighe che ne è l’autrice e la voce narrante di ogni episodio. Questo progetto è reso possibile grazie alla preziosissima e vitale collaborazione di Nicola Patelli al montaggio e Mattia Ceci alla colonna sonora e alla parte illustrativa.

Star Wars: Life & Death on the Rim (Season 1)
Amidst the stars of a distant galaxy, a new tale of daring and danger is set to take flight. Traversing the depths of the Expanded Universe, 40 years after the Battle of Yavin, join a cast of unlikely heroes as they embark on a journey of epic proportions, and face their greatest challenge yet. In this 7-part audio series, you’ll follow our crew of privateers as they make their way across the galaxy far, far away.. Each episode features ambient sound, original soundtrack, a full-cast, and more. Strap on your headphones.. It’s time to take Star Wars to a whole new level.

New West - Hill Country
The year is 2083. The global population has been decimated by the final flu. The United States – not united for a long time – is no more. New lines have been drawn. Five divided nations stand. The story begins in one nation, the New West, which is much like the Old West. The heart of the wild Comanche empire, turned thriving Texas Hill Country, turned desolate and violent and ruthless once more. A harsh landscape and a society without technology, laws or base human agreements to guide us. Here in the New West, three lives intertwine in a quest for meaning, pleasure and power.

What if a bunch of social freaks were the only hope for mankind's survival?

Le Fou - Cronache Della Follia
Podcast che ha come scopo l'intrattenimento attraverso un diario che registra il protagonista, oramai delirante della vita che lo circanda e che affronta quotidianamente.

Hotel Delight - EasyToys x Rouze
Hotel Delight is een nieuwe podcastserie van de makers van erotisch audioplatform Rouze in samenwerking met EasyToys. Indie runt een succesvol boudoir hotel in hartje Amsterdam en weet precies wat ze wil: zoveel mogelijk plezier maken. In het hotel gebeuren spannende dingen, waar Indie onderdeel van is. Ze runt het hotel samen met een aantal prachtige mannen: Simon de host, Anthony de chefkok en Greg, de general manager. Deze heren weten precies hoe ze Indie én de hotelgasten tevreden houden.

Queen City Supers
A Graveyard Tapes spinoff show, following the story of some comic book teens on their way to becoming superheroes, using the ttrpg Masks. Join Kid Phoenix, Scarlet Sentinel, and Glider as they learn what it means to be a hero and decide what kind of heroes they want to be, making friends (and enemies) along the way!

A Fragile Mind
Inspired by the characters from the 10 Letters Trilogy, in the near future, we explore a dystopian world that is fraught with deception and mind-bending realities. From the twisted mind of writer/producer/director Joe Swenson comes a world where nothing is every as it seems, and it only continues to escalate in an ever-changing climate. Sit back, listen, get uncomfortable, and enjoy!

Never Told
Intimate stories. Immersively told. Each week, you’ll hear a different writer read a story that they’ve never told before, paired with a bespoke soundscape. Whether it’s something strange, something surprising, something secret, something shameful or just something they haven’t gotten round to putting into words...

Shorthand Missile
An anthology series featuring short, punchy tales spiked with chapters from long form projects. A mix of noir and thrillers, mixed with the cruelties and loves of everyday life.

A Man Called Stranger
On a swamp planet past its prime, laying in the remnants of a fallen ecumenopolis, is a magical cyberpunk dystopia, S.E.T. City... A place where dreams are made to be broken, and nothing is as shiny as it appears to be. Follow a spacer with no name, motivation, and barely any memories left, as they find themselves stuck with no way out, and unfortunately no matter how hard they might try, they keep getting embroiled in corporate conspiracies and misunderstood situations they truly want nothing to do with.

Flavored Enemy: The Dark City
After heroes fall, what happens when a necromancer claims their souls? Join us in the Spiraling Black to find out. Listener discretion advised.

A select few survivors are tasked with colonizing and repopulating a New Earth. Strong female characters drive the action in this dystopian post-apocalyptic thriller. Georgia, one of several beautiful genetic Exotics, dares to break free from the tightly controlled social structure that forces women like her into a life of sexual slavery and forbids all women to bear and raise their own babies. Enter THE HATCHERY.

ConQuest - Rollspelspodd
ConQuest är en rollspelspodd, där vi spelar Dungeons & Dragons i vår hemmagjorda värld Allrike. Här finns allt som en fantasyvärld kan behöva, och en hel del som definitivt inte behövs! Så lägg bort vardagens bekymmer, det är dags för ConQuest!

The Unlikely Adventures of an Improbable Family
A dark, surreal sci-fi comedy featuring the unlikely adventures of a forlorn man, his laptop (which is infested by a self-absorbed artificial intelligence), a cartoon alien fuzzball, and a mysterious woman with inexplicable telepathic abilities. Whether they like it or not, they are stuck together for an absolutely wild sequence of adventures…

Ghost Hampton
Hamptons real estate attorney, Lyle Hall, was sidelined from his successful career after a deadly car accident. During his recovery, he realizes he has gained something - the ability to read people’s thoughts. And not just the living. When a girl’s voice calls to him from inside a condemned  house, Lyle is given hope of regaining his strength ... but it quickly turns to fear. She warns him that his estranged daughter, a rookie detective, will die in four days. Can he save her?

Homicide at Heavensgate
When a mysterious guest is found dead during the grand opening of a new lunar resort, two detectives are sent to investigate. What they find is a rich assortment of potential suspects, and the emergence of a mystery that goes deeper than they imagined.

Là où la poussière se dépose
Dans cette autofiction sonore, l’autrice Karina Pawlikowski et le réalisateur Julien Morissette nous invitent à pénétrer, par la petite porte de l’intimité, dans la transformation de leurs maisons.

Jesters of Ravenloft: A D&D Podcast
Jesters of Ravenloft is a D&D 5e podcast where a group of improvisers and comedians are thrust into a D&D campaign only to find out that THEY are the characters - and their sketch comedy troupe now has to escape the nightmare that is Ravenloft. 2 new episodes drop every Friday.

Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later
Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later takes place two years after Julius Caesar failed to beware the Ides of March and got stabbed to death by a band of well-wishers. Now the assassins have been rounded up and slaughtered in battle, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But who’s in charge now? With things on the verge of absolute collapse, the cool and calculating Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, has swung by for an extended visit. She’s eager to renew an alliance with Rome by any means necessary – including marriage and/or murder. A dramatic comedy of power politics, whirlwind romances, and running fast to get nowhere.

Wrong Turn At Alpine
A local news team stumbles into a 'Mystery Lights Viewing Station’ in small town Alpine and the only way out is 'to get a healing' but who does these healings?  A small group of under-qualified shamans who are currently under the suspicious eye of a menacing religious order called I.G.W.T. Wrong Turn at Alpine is fantasy-adventure-comedy for those eighteen and older; it has lots of colorful language and some sexy scenes to make you laugh or blush or both.

First Realm
A fantasy fiction podcast about three shamans who travel through a portal into the first realm with the hope of finding medicinal plants to treat the ailments of the world. After one of the shamans goes rogue, the others meet Astramus who guides them through a strange land dominated by centaurs coexisting with unicorns, faerie, and many mysterious creatures unknown to humans on Earth.

Mythos: Tales From Talisia
Welcome to 'Mythos: Tales from Talisia,' a thrilling TTRPG podcast following a group of adventurers as they journey through the magical world of Talisia, where the aftermath of the Dark Ages has left the Planes of Creation in disarray. Join our cast of characters as they embark on dangerous quests, meet powerful allies and foes, and work to repair a broken world. With rich storytelling, engaging characters, and exciting gameplay, each episode will transport you to the mystical world of Talisia. Whether you're a seasoned TTRPG player or a newcomer to the genre, 'Mythos: Tales from Talisia' is a must-listen podcast that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Midnight on Mercy Mountain
Local Mercy Mountain radio show host Julian Glass broadcasts the late-night activities of the residents of a small, supposedly normal, Appalachian town.

Fearless Fred Presents: Mud 79 - A Fan Made Star Wars Story
Star Wars meets Platoon. Fearless Fred Presents: Mud79 - is a fan made Star Wars story that takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Solomon Kwai is one of countless youths from across the galaxy who find themselves in the Imperial Army four years after the Clone Wars and before the rise of The Empire, because the battle is not over. Kwai and the rest of the 79th platoon are stationed on a remote planet in the Outer Rim. The days are brutal and filled with ever present danger under the Imperial Flag. Tensions rise, and soon there's blaster fire. Suddenly Kwai and his comrades are embroiled in a bloody conflict, one the Empire cannot afford to lose as they become part of the galactic war machine… will they survive?

Ne fais pas 100 !
Des gens bourrés, des chats à sauver, une statuette à trouver et une tour des rêves à explorer,... Ne fais pas 100 ! est une petite campagne de jeu de rôles qui se déroule dans le monde d'Aria de Fibre Tigre. Avec Shadow dans le rôle de Bass, DjCactus dans le rôle de Stanislas et Rckep dans le rôle d'Alekseï. Une aventure écrite et masteurisée par Anna-June Barker. Aria, un jeu de rôle écrit par FibreTigre et publié chez Elder-Craft :

The Girlfriend Chronicles Podcast
Welcome to the official Podcast for The Girlfriend Chronicles....This podcast is for the entire collection of titles in the series. Each week there will be a new episode which will be a chapter from the book.

The FangHorn Fables
An audio drama anthology series. What happens in the mysterious FangHorn forest? Join us as each episode takes a journey through a unique encounter in this ghastly woodland.

Inspired R&R: The Podcast
A Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast starring members of the Inspired R&R online community.

Spekulativa Skrönor
I Spekulativa Skrönor tar Michelle lyssnarna med på en resa in i en värld av historia, vidskepligheter, alternativa skeenden och framtidsvisioner. Varje avsnitt innehåller en noga utvald novell som utforskar allt ifrån spökhistorier och vardag till AI-dystopi. Hop on, join in.

MYTHOLOGIE - Mes histoires
Bonjour, je suis l’Oracle et je vais te raconter des histoires fabuleuses. Elles se déroulent en Grèce, il y a très longtemps. A cette époque, les dieux, les monstres et les héros vivent parmi les hommes. Ils s'appellent Zeus, Hercule, Ulysse, le Minotaure et il y en a encore bien d’autres ! Tu découvriras leurs aventures dans notre émission consacrée aux légendes de la Grèce ancienne dans ce Podcast “Mythologies - Mes histoires”

The Road to Mount Yibbi
The Road to Mt Yibbi is an Australian podcast. Stories have been told this way here for for over 50,000 years. It is written and produced by Dr MJ Clark.

Goodbye Blue Mondays
Upon learning his misogynist, conspiracy-spewing workmate holds a winning ticket for the most coveted prize on earth – the Global Early Retirement Lottery – a listless factory worker stops at nothing to ensure the reward goes to a more deserving citizen, namely himself, only to discover the prize is not exactly as advertised.

Audio Drama Lab
This is the home of a learning collective known as the Audio Drama Lab! The Lab is a resource for audio drama creators at every level to find help with producing their shows. From hobbyists to pros, we welcome everyone to come and share knowledge, conversation, and talent. Join us at, make a profile for yourself, and join the Discord server to start networking with over 500 voice actors, producers, writers, musicians, artists, and other members of the audio drama community!

Wie vermoordde Chloë na een uit de hand gelopen feest? Volg de podcast en mis geen aflevering. Op 20 juni verschijnt ook het boek van Margje Woodrow.

Tales of Darkness & Magic
Join Cornelius Nightshade for enchanting and mysterious fairy tales of darkness and magic.

Sky Orca Tabletop
We are just some idiotic factory workers that like to game in our free time. Join us in this podcast as we hangout and play various tabletop games. Our current campaign is "Project Paragon", a superpower-themed setting using the Prowlers and Paragons tabletop ruleset.

The Passenger
The Passenger is a fiction podcast about a young woman's investigation into her missing father, and the discovery of a mysterious machine he built. Follow Yara, Rick, and Elle as they uncover family secrets which lead them into a dangerous showdown with an entity known as "The Passenger".

People Who Knew Me
A woman uses 9/11 to fake her death. 14 years later, she is forced to confront her past.

SoundTrip is an all-new interactive audio experience. Each episode of SoundTrip will immerse you in a unique story, allowing you and a partner to embody a range of characters, and explore vastly different worlds, all through your very own headphones. From comedy to drama to spine-tingling horror, there is something for everyone. Happy Tripping!

Dungeons and Dissertations
Four earthly students find themselves dazed and curse-fused in a magical world with no memories, performed by comedians with no script.

Starwhal: Odyssey
Residents of the humble Cauldera tenement building above the Lucky Fin restaurant suddenly find themselves hurled into the interdimensional web of space when their building reveals itself to be a ship. It's up to former Gilded Compass adventurers Ty (Mel D'Amato) and Petranella (Aly Grauer), Lucky Fin head chef Harker (Drew Mierzejewski), and building handyman Sacch (James D'Amato) to figure out what to do now. Join us for a space fantasy actual play romp through imagination using a playtest build of the No Kings RPG system. This game is co-GMed and fully collaborative.

The Night of the Rabbit: The Pagecast
Hey! I'm Matt, and here I read chapters from the novel I'm currently writing. If you like stories about talking animals, magic spells, and deep forests then this podcast might be for you! I hope you will join me on this journey to Mousewood and beyond. The story is based on the adventure game which was released over ten years ago, and which I wrote as well. You don't need to know the game to listen to this podcast, but if you enjoy one, you might enjoy the other, too.

Futuro. Emisfero settentrionale. La perdita dei sensi colpisce indiscriminatamente adulti e anziani, donne e uomini lasciando indenni i bambini. Il contagio avviene nell’arco di pochi mesi. Alcune persone perdono la vista, altri l’udito, l’uso della parola, altri ancora la memoria. Nei boschi di conifere della Val di Sole, i gemelli Bruno e Benji fanno una scoperta sensazionale. Una scoperta che li porterà a confrontarsi con un mondo in conflitto con sé stesso e con gli equilibri naturali. Un eco-thriller in 9 episodi che è una corsa contro il tempo e contro il pensiero ad una sola dimensione, per ritrovare il Senso del vivere all’interno di una comunità.

The Written and The Lost
A rag-tag band of misfits takes a routine job as hired muscle for a research mission and soon finds that they've unearthed something ancient and of dire importance. Soon, the party finds themselves in a race against time to stop a cult and solve a mystery older than memory itself. A quest to learn what is remembered and what is forgotten. A saga of the Written and the Lost. The Written and the Lost is an actual play podcast using the Pathfinder 2E ruleset taking place in the Lost Omens world setting. Join our rambunctious group of nerds every week for a new chapter in this original story with an emphasis on player-directed adventure and complex interwoven storylines.

A Quaint English Murder
A retired detective breaks his village's community when he is encouraged onto the case of a respected member's murder.

Surcease is a weekly, queer, horror anthology podcast in which… Ellias Short has been put on the task to digitize current patient files of the inhabitants of Sunshine Valley Mental Institution, and to his dismay, he is forced to work with none other than Kairo Timor, the newcomer who stole his dream job from right under his nose. As the piles of casefiles stack up, and the more mysterious disappearances happen at Sunshine Valley, they start to wonder if everything is as it seems? Or they have just gone mad?

Podcast Sabotato - Tutta la storia della banda dei Topi con le ali
Benvenuti sul Podcast Sabotato, il podcast che vi porta in un viaggio musicale unico attraverso le avventure straordinarie dei 'Topi con le ali'. Da una rocambolesca fuga da un laboratorio guidato da uno scienziato pazzo, fino al colpo del secolo - il furto della Gioconda - questa banda di ratti ha storie incredibili da raccontare. Narrato Istoria, Tarco Mavano e Ciccino, questo podcast offre un ritratto completo e coinvolgente della vita di questa audace banda, esplorando il dietro le quinte della genesi delle loro canzoni. Immergetevi nella trama, nella musica e nelle emozioni del podcast..

Radio 92.3 - WJVD Podcast
An audio drama. A radio show that has somehow continued after society has collapsed and the world has ended. hosted by a narrator who manages to get guests from all walks of life.

Trouble at the Tavern - A D&D Podcast
Enter into the world of Hallow! Follow Hartley Fanson, Maggie Pelude, and Michael Pugacewicz, three experienced D&D players, as they set along the road to become heroes while encountering problems and roadblocks set out by the prodigious Dungeon Master, Chris Black. Trouble at the Tavern is an immersive actual-play D&D campaign podcast, that's one-half laughs, and the other half heart-wrenching...laughs.

Geen Woorden Maar Draken
De Nederlandse Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Wat zou jij doen als je vanuit een rustige buurtavond in Pijnacker ineens in een wereld vol magie en monsters zou staan? En hoe kom je terug? Volg Alma, Elisa, Rik en Tony in hun zoektocht terug naar hun stadje (of op zijn minst station Beurs) in: Geen Woorden Maar Draken, DnD met een natte T.

The Becoming: An audio short story
A MODERN FANTASY TOLD IN 12 SHORT EPISODES: The note is stuck to her apartment door. "Your sister needs you." But no one is supposed to know where she is, and no one is supposed to know she has a sister.

Hidden Signal: Evergreen
Question reality through different dimensions and worlds with immersive tales of science-fiction and mystery with QCODE’s Hidden Signal, a new podcast anthology series. In the first installment, EVERGREEN, Hannah (Lana Condor) finds herself trapped inside her boss Fin Gorale’s (Alan Cumming) subterranean biosphere named Evergreen, alongside seven of the world’s greatest minds. When Fin informs the group that an asteroid has destroyed the surface of the Earth, they find themselves – forced survivors – tasked with rebuilding society. As our characters vie for control of Evergreen, alliances form and fracture as heroes turn into villains. But when Hannah discovers that Evergreen is malfunctioning, can she convince the group to work together to fix Fin’s creation before the utopia that was meant to save them...kills them?

Curve Minded
Curve Minded is a BIPOC-centered speculative fiction podcast series that takes place on a higher dimensional plane where stories are told by an intergalactic crone from inside a mystical labyrinth. Each episode invites the listener to explore new places in their mind. Each tale is a mind-bending journey through the labyrinth, as Curve Minded not only describes the curving path through the maze but also denotes that one must not think narrow-minded. Instead, these stories encourage one to think “Curve Minded” and outside the straight-lined confined box.

Steve Piasecki
Steve Piasecki is an aspiring mystery writer who moonlights as an Uber driver - and his riders keep thrusting him into the midst of murder mysteries.

The Myth That I Was Once Happy
Short stories. Long shadows.

Hic Sunt Monstra | D&D
Vogliamo raccontarvi la storia di un universo complesso e di alcuni squinternati antieroi che ogni giorno affrontano prove decisamente al di sopra delle loro possibilità. Unitevi anche voi al party e scoprite con noi Hic Sunt Monstra ;)

Ned Beauman: Der Gemeine Lumpfisch - Sci-Fi-Satire um miese Deals und tote Tiere
Europa, nach der Zwei-Grad-Erderwärmung: Artenvernichtung boomt! Nur Marc Halyard hat leider den falschen Fisch ausgerottet. Er muss dringend einen letzten „Gemeinen Lumpfisch“ finden, sonst droht Knast. Mit Fisch-Aktivistin Karin hetzt er durch ein dörrendes Europa voller Weltrettungsbusiness und Greenwashing. - Nur Ned Beauman kann so irrwitzige Twists erfinden. 13 Folgen mit Stefan Kaminski.

All Charisma, No Int
All Charisma, No Int is a D&D actual play podcast where four good friends go on exciting adventures together through fantastical worlds filled with magic and mystery.

Il nido della masca
In Piemonte esistono i cosiddetti “nidi delle masche”, strutture di rampicanti secchi e alberi morti che si trovano nella campagna. La gente crede che queste forme abbiano poteri magici e le associa alla scomparsa di molte persone, soprattutto bambini, nei boschi. Aldo, il protagonista di questa storia, ha vissuto un’esperienza traumatica da bambino e ora viene considerato il principale sospettato di una serie di crimini orribili. In un’interrogatorio con una psicologa, racconta la sua versione degli eventi. Sta a voi decidere se credergli o meno. BOOKMOVIE è un’esperienza audio che fonde la narrazione con la recitazione, rapendo l’ascoltatore e proiettandolo al centro della storia con una colonna sonora da brivido.

Il mostro
Giulio Borrione ha sempre odiato il trattore Terra 666 ST. Fin da bambino lo chiamava il Mostro per via della sua mole imponente che gli faceva venire i brividi. Quando lo vedeva salire per le vigne, gli sembrava di assistere all’avanzata di un gigantesco animale che divorava la collina un pezzetto alla volta. E quando la sera calava e l’oscurità riempiva la cabina del trattore, Giulio non riusciva a togliersi dalla testa l’immagine di quella testa di cavallo gigante, pronta ad aggredirlo. Ma non è solo l’immaginazione di un bambino turbato dalla morte della sorella a rendere inquietante quel trattore. Chiunque lo abbia usato ha vissuto esperienze spiacevoli, talvolta addirittura letali. “Il male non ha bisogno di motivazioni”, dice qualcuno. “Vede una vita e se la prende solo perché può farlo. Tutto qui”. BOOKMOVIE è un’esperienza audio che fonde la narrazione con la recitazione, rapendo l’ascoltatore e proiettandolo al centro della storia con una colonna sonora da brivido.

Nella pancia della scrofa
I sentieri dell’avidità possono condurre a mete terrificanti. È la lezione di vita che nonno Livio vuole impartire al nipote Luca, e lo fa rivelandogli uno spaventoso segreto che conserva sin dai tempi della sua giovinezza: “Ultimamente ho la fissa che almeno una persona nella nostra vita meriti di sapere chi siamo davvero. Perché proprio tu? Chi altri può credere a certe cose, se non un ragazzino sveglio? La gente adulta e “normale” non vuole sentire queste storie…” Un moderno racconto dell’orrore puramente campagnolo, che parla di tartufi, stregoni e maiali fantasma, in un perfetto equilibrio tra brividi e ironia. Ambientato nelle colline del Monferrato è il terzo racconto legato al ciclo del Gotico Piemontese di cui Christian Sartirana è uno dei massimi esponenti. BOOKMOVIE nasce dall’incontro tra audiolibro e dramma radiofonico. Un’esperienza audio in cui la narrazione e la recitazione si fondono, mentre le componenti sonore, tipiche del cinema, rapiscono l’ascoltatore proiettandolo al centro della storia.

Naragar Naduvil - Tamil Podcast Suspense Movie Screenplay Thriller Novel Horror Comedy Drama
In a quiet government hospital, a seasoned psychiatrist's ordinary day takes an unexpected turn when a determined policeman pays her a visit. Intrigued by his unusual request, she agrees to dedicate her day to interviewing three enigmatic youngsters. As she delves deeper into their stories, a chilling realization dawns upon her—something sinister lurks beneath the surface. Sensing an impending danger, she must navigate the treacherous labyrinth of their minds, unraveling dark secrets.

The Hero's Die
Join us on a thrilling and hilarious journey as six real-life friends embark on an epic adventure in the make-believe world of Golarion. In this actual play Pathfinder podcast, we dive headfirst into the captivating "Extinction Curse" adventure path from Paizo. Come along as our adventurers unravel a grand conspiracy, encountering treacherous foes and ancient magics in their quest to save the land, and themselves, from certain, inexorable annihilation!

How To Destroy Everything
From Webby Award Winning Aileron Podcast Studio, comes the true story of a man who wreaks havoc on a community: “He taps phone lines, steals notary stamps, gets banned from restaurants, hacks emails, and forges signatures. He inspires a support group comprised solely of people he traumatized. In court, he references arcane British case law and submits literally thousands of motions to delay and obstruct, leaving anyone who stands in his way not only penniless but emotionally bankrupt and utterly destroyed. He was also my dad.”

Alicia no está satisfecha con su vida. Tiene un trabajo cómodo, una buena relación de pareja y un sobrino al que le encanta cuidar, pero a pesar de todo, siente que algo no encaja. Una llamada de teléfono lo cambia todo, convirtiendo a Alicia en el blanco perfecto de un ciberdelito. A partir de ahí, su vida dará un giro y no volverá a ser la misma: engaños, manipulaciones, robo de datos, suplantación de identidades… Alicia se adentra en una trepidante trama con elementos conspiratorios e inteligencia artificial de fondo, que la llevarán a comprender qué clase de persona es y la realidad sobre el mundo feliz en el que creía vivir. Titania es un thriller sonoro ambientado en un mundo donde las tecnologías han cambiado las reglas del juego. Prepárate para descubrir que todo lo que hacemos queda registrado, se convierte en datos, en información útil para los hackers, y averigua cómo puedes proteger tu identidad digital en un mundo cada vez más hiperconectado.

Shuttercreek - A Monster of the Week Actual Play
Welcome to our Monster of the Week actual play series 'Shuttercreek'. Join GM Matt Higdon and the No-Fame crew as we delve into the spooky, unsettling town of Shuttercreek.

Reformation Abroad
When prisoners find themselves in outer space on a special work-release program, they quickly realize that things may not be all what they seem. Join team 119 as they try to outrun their past and set aside their differences for a better future in Stove Leg Media's immersive science fiction audio experience: Reformation Abroad.

A Game of One's Own
A Game of One's Own is an actual play podcast hosted by Maddy Searle, which focuses on solo and two-player role-playing games. Expect an eclectic mix of science fiction tales, fantasy fables, and horror stories based on games from the most innovative indie designers.

The Dockporter: a Mackinac Island Podcast
Read by The Dockporter co-author and enriched with summer sounds and music, this podcast is an offbeat, nostalgic coming-of-age story that appeals to anyone who ever had a summer job. If Rushmore director Wes Anderson remade Caddyshack, but it emerged as a hybrid of Footloose and Meatballs (and was a book), it would be The Dockporter.  Set on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan, The Dockporter is genre-smashing, hilariously fresh, yet refreshingly familiar—a novel about friends, family, love, luggage, and the summers we never forget. Adapted from the novel of the same name, this is the first of many Mackinac Island stories to come.

Beneath The Red Umbrella
Beneath The Red Umbrella is an immersive horror story telling experience. Using narration, voice acting, sound effects and full scores, Beneath The Red Umbrella brings audiobooks to life in an all new way. This is not for the faint of heart.

Cisne Rojo
Sara es la principal accionista de Summer-Petersen, una importante compañía de servicios financieros. Es la ejecutiva más agresiva. La que no tiene miedo. Si se trata de negocios, la información es poder y Sara ve lo que otros no ven. Hasta hoy. Este lunes, reaparece en su vida Miranda Celis, una analista de grandes datos y experta en predicciones basadas en algoritmos. A partir de una sola llamada, Miranda conectará recuerdos del pasado con el anuncio de trágicos e irreversibles eventos futuros. Si Sara piensa que todo es estable, que las personas que ama, que la ciudad que habita, y que todo lo que la rodea estará mañana, hoy Sara deberá pensar otra vez.

Emmanuel - The broken diary - First season
Il romanzo è tratto da un diario autentico, scritto da un adolescente di cui si sono perse le tracce anni fa, che chiameremo per convenzione Emmanuel; la sua scomparsa risale al 1997, quindi il libro è ambientato nei primi anni '90. Emmanuel è un adolescente irrequieto, incapace di accontentarsi del molto che possiede e con una personalità borderline che lo porterà a fare esperienze intense e disordinate, alla ricerca di un "senso". In questa sua ricerca travolgerà diversi personaggi, tra cui Antonia, la fidanzata del fratello Michele. Gli interpreti sono due bravissimi attori-doppiatori, Elisa Gandolfi e Paolo Malgioglio. The novel is based on a true diary, written by a teenager whose traces went missing years ago, whom we will call by convention Emmanuel; his disappearance dates back to 1997, so the book is set in the early 90s. Emmanuel is a restless teenager, unable to satisfy himself with the much he possesses and with a borderline personality that will lead him to make intense and messy experiences, in search of a "meaning". In this search for him he will overwhelm several characters, including Antonia, his brother Michele's girlfriend. The performers are Elisa Gandolfi and Paolo Malgioglio.

Dragon's Greed Gaming
Welcome to Dragon's Greed Gaming, a podcast of actual play series for a number of awesome tabletop roleplaying games. This particular feed includes every episode from each of our different shows that we have played through. So if you would rather have all of our shows in one place, this is the only podcast of ours you need to subscribe too. Join host and Games Master The Great Unclean One as he leads his friends through a multitiude of different RPGs, inlcuding Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (4th Edition), Alien the Roleplaying Game, Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory, and Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game.

Dora Deleite
Ficção erótica para amantes de safadeza e afeto. Novos episódios sempre em noite de lua cheia

Starlight: Audio Series
Welcome Starlighters! Your listening to a new audio experience, and episode based series taken from the upcoming sci-fi novel Starlight: Rehphims revenge. You’ll be joining space engineer Fox, and his cosmic journey to find a life full of purpose. Meeting unexpected new friends, investigating abounding mysteries and dangerous secrets about the Rehphim.

Project Audion: Classic Audio Dramas for Modern Times
Network Radio of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s - the precursor to today's podcasting - was a golden era for Audio Theatre. Project Audion selects the most interesting examples of these vintage audio plays - often from lost scripts that haven't been heard or performed in decades - and recreates them in real-time using top-notch voice actors from across the country and vintage production techniques. The result: a timeless treat for your ears.

Absolutely Not True Crime
A true crime podcast focused on entertaining fictional stories.

Fearful Symmetry
Sonic tales of sordid histories, tender parables, and lost creatures. Frightening and cuddly, Fearful Symmetry is a shape-shifting beast lacking commercial smarts or sense enough to come in out of the rain.

Shattered Bonds
Joe Henry was the glue that held his family together. Now, he is dead, and his wife and sons are coming together for one final journey to scatter his ashes. First, however, his loved ones have some things to work out. David, the older son, believes that any minute his life is going to fall apart and everyone he loves will leave him. His brother, Scott, can’t shake the belief that at heart, people are inherently rotten. Doris, their mother, just doesn’t believe in anything anymore. Wickedly funny & biting, it is an essential exploration of modern American grief, family violence, & redemption.

Minnesota Dice
Minnesota Dice is a live play D&D podcast. Come Join Matt, Britt, Dan and Luc as they journey through new worlds, fight epic battles, and discuss how to make magical cakes. Episodes are released weekly! Join us on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter to give us feedback, meet with fellow Dice lovers, and share your roll playing stories.

Icaro, Texas: A Radio Play
When rising rodeo star Chris Joseph loses everything, he must return to his home town which has been decimated by the '86 Oil Bust. Icaro, Texas is an original audio drama written by playwright Straton Rushing and produced with the help of Arizona State University. The play was directed by Victor Arevalo and features original music by Kelly Damann.

97toNow Productions Proudly Presents:
New fresh content by an upstart production team!

Legends of Denali: Fame, Fortune, and Enlightenment
For various reasons, adventures from all over the world have come to join the most connected and famous guild around: The High Guard of Denali. Wheather for self-improvement, wealth, or fame, this guild is the place to get what you want. Will you seize your destinies and become legends? Or fail and fade into obscurity?

La Mossa di Messina
Carlo, un notaio in pensione, incarica Alberto, un giovane scrittore, di scrivere la biografia dell’inventrice della “mossa”, Maria Borsa, di cui non c’è più alcuna traccia dal 1908, dopo la morte del figlio. Arrivato a Messina, Alberto capisce che il vecchio notaio sta cercando qualcosa che apparteneva a Maria Borsa.

Dubstep & Dragons
D&D 5e actual play podcast with a cyberpunk twist, set in futuristic Earth containing, violence, mutation, wanna be comedians, and more!

Das Buch der Ewigkeit
Ein Fantasy Hörbuch im Stil von Herr der Ringe. Das Licht des Lebens gegen die Schatten der Finsternis. Eine Fantasy Reise zu Magie und Abenteuer.

Переплетные птицы
Подкаст-альманах «Читай-города» и студии Толк, созданный специально ко дню рождения интернет-магазина. Мы записали 5 историй о любви в самом широком смысле этого слова: от нежного чувства к случайному прохожему до непреодолимого желания спасти животное из неволи. Эти рассказы специально для подкаста написали яркие российские авторы, а прочитали (местами экспрессивно, а местами – неожиданно трогательно) ваши любимые комики.Настраивайтесь на весну, доставайте наушники и полетели.

La Cartographie des Chimères
Nos imaginaires sont des constellations. Nos souvenirs et nos références y gravitent et s’y entrechoquent pour faire naître des paysages inédits. Une fois par mois, Jean vous invite à découvrir une courte fiction de son cru, mise en musique par Adrien. Bon voyage…

Viaje a Viña
Un encargo incierto. Un destino urgente. Emisor Studios presenta su nueva audificción, escrita y dirigida por Álvaro Rudolphy, protagonizada por Diego Muñoz y Daniel Alcaíno.

LetsDoThisDungeonThing is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in the real world based around three strangers who have to travel through time to save their timeline from chaos and big change. Thank you to my lovely players Aidan (Drake Reddmen), Liz (Gerald Bebop), and Calamari (Valentin cel Frumos aka Vlad The Handsome) and the DM of the campaign me, Corbin.

What Happens In A Dream
Welcome to the Dream World! Here, anything and everything is possible. The only limit is your imagination! This is a fictional audio drama based in a Dream World. Each episode may or may not be connected in someway, but they will all take place within the same world. As of right now, episodes will be put out as often as they can be created, but we will eventually be on a regular schedule. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!

Not Necessarily Nefarious
Real spies reading real spy stories.  Host Steve Hall, a former CIA case officer, reads original, realistic fiction focused on international espionage.  The first spy story Steve presents is Reverse Tell, authored by Stephanie Hartell, another former CIA case officer.

Huitième île
Le lendemain de l’apparition d’une île mystérieuse dans la baie de Sept-Îles, une chercheuse en études paranormales est dépêchée sur place. Au fil de son enquête, elle découvre une série de phénomènes inexpliqués gardés secrets depuis plus de cinquante ans. Huitième île est un documentaire sonore de science-fiction nord-côtier, inspiré de faits réels et livré par de vraies personnes

Our Critty Podcast
Welcome to Our Critty Podcast where the name should help set your expectations! We play a Homebrew modifed game of 5th edition D&D that allows for class swapping and individual class levels in the style of some popular MMO games but in tabletop form. Join our heros Bramblespore, Lyra Nightshade, Ritz Silver, Sal, and Wren as they embark on their first adventure in the world of Arinthia

A private investigator and his mysterious assistant fend off bombs, a homicidal ex, the FBI, and an alligator while trying to manage their sexual attraction and ever-growing resentment.

Ida the Hobit & the Crystal Queer Deers
Welcome to the world of Deerhobita, the home of Ida the Hobit and the crystal queer deer. Join Ida, Tyrone & Bartholomew on their journey to discover and understand their identity and watch them deal with their challenges head on.

TGB One Shots
The Garlic Boys are proud to present: TGB One Shot. The show were Matt and Connor team up their friends and travel from universe to universe, becoming new heroes in each world, completing mission and helping those in need.

Escape from the Dreamlands
Three strangers wake up, covered in mud surrounded by a surreal forest of towering, gnarled trees that rise up through the dense fog. They have no idea where they are. They have no idea who they are. But they do know that something is very wrong. Enter a dark fantasy world full of mystery and intrigue as Ursa, Dee, and Lorelai confront and explore a land of unsettling whimsy to face their fears and discover who they once were, even if some things are better left forgotten.

Haunted House House Hunters
Paranormal house flippers try to make a living in up state alternate future New York.

The firstwatchstories’s Podcast
Welcome to Stories from the First Watch. This is both a solo roleplaying game and an experiment in audio storytelling. The story, and the characters’ actions, will unfold upon the roll of the dice. Once the game starts, nothing is predetermined. The dice are in control.

MOTHER, She Wrote: An EarthBound Podcast
Set out on a sense-shattering, tear-jerking journey where psychic children brave alien invasion, magical lands, corrupt politicians, and homesickness. The beloved cult video game series, EarthBound, is brought to life in this genre-bending blend of audio drama and documentary that explores these eccentric stories like never before. Created by the award-winning team behind The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, and hosted by adorable and insightful pizza-loving girlfriends, Cat Blackard and Jessica Mudd, "MOTHER," She Wrote is a literal love letter to Shigesato Itoi's iconic Nintendo games.

Scarlet Stiletto Bites
Scintillating short crime stories by Australian woman. Produced and narrated by Susanna Lobez.

Uncharted Territory: A Gamer's Adventure Beyond the Screen.
Welcome to Uncharted Territory, a podcast that will take you on a heart-pumping adventure beyond the limits of your imagination. In this series, we follow the story of a fast food worker who finds himself in a world beyond his wildest dreams or worst nightmares. After a long shift at work, he decides to escape reality by diving into his favorite video game. But as soon as he downloads a new update, he's transported into the game itself. What he discovers is shocking! he's not in a virtual reality experiment, but in a real-life version of the game.

Anywhere But Now
Time Travel, Sci-Fi Adventures, and Risky Rolls of the Dice lie ahead! Brace yourself for an Actual Play TTRPG podcast in the key of DOCTOR WHO! Join players Brand Osorio, Cate MacCoyne, Pandora Beatrix, and your GM Casey Jones for a spooky, fun-filled thrill-ride across Time & Space! Say hello to the Fixer and his companions, Maeve Sullivan & Calamity Hap. The Fixer is a Time Lord in his senior year of *The Doctoral Program*: an offshoot of the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, to train young Time Lords to see the Universe and, well, fix it up a bit! Playing along from time to time will be wonderful guest stars, on adventures both new and familiar! Encounter classic monsters of Doctor Who, and get ready to meet some new ones! Experience a love letter to a timeless series based on compassion, a dash of cleverness. and discovering the New. This is Anywhere But Now.

Podcasten, der vækker de sagnomspundne vikinger til live. I ni episoder kan du lytte til dramatiserede fortællinger baseret på Snorre Sturlassons udødelige historier om de vigtigste og mest magtfulde vikinger. Gennem myter og sagn, inspireret af de islandske sagaer, fortæller podcasten vikingetidens opsigtsvækkende historier på ny. I denne podcastserie hører du om episke kampe, frygtløse opdagelsesrejsende og politiske intriger fra vikingetidens guldalder. Podcasten afbilder nogle af vikingernes egne legender sammen med dem, der har levet i virkeligheden og sidenhen er blevet historiske. Serien Vikinger fortæller blandt andet historierne om Regnar Lodbrog, Gudrid Thorbjørnsdatter, Ingegerd Olufsdatter og Harald Hårderåde. Karaktererne vækkes til live af skuespillerne Esben Dalgaard Andersen, Ellen Hillingsø, Marie Dalsgaard og Bjarne Henriksen.

Dan Rex, a lower middleclass blue-collar worker, and a ragtag group of neighbors and friends, begin to uncover there’s more going on in their Columbus, Ohio west-side neighborhood than what’s been perceived on the surface. Strange weather, forgotten histories, hidden catacombs and tunnels, supernatural forces, understandings of other and self - discovered and questioned in the midst of a community comprised of everyday people trying to figure out how to live week to week, month to month, year to year. As the old is being torn down and the new rising up, each moment leads to a deeper and deeper shared sense of one thing: nobody knows what’s going on. Lore, history, community, and remembering - Longhouse: Franklinton.

Failure, Improvised
A "PG" family friendly podcast where a dad and his two kids play tabletop roleplaying games together.

Cyberpunk '66
Cyberpunk '66 is a true play tabletop Role-playing game, using the ruleset of the game; Cyberpunk Red, that has been creatively converted over to a dramatic radio play. If you're a fan of Science fiction, Bladerunner, Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk Red/2020, or even Dungeons and Dragons, try giving us a listen! Based in the year 2066, this story follows the path of characters as they navigate the dystopian future in the infamous Southern California city called, "Night City." A mysterious fixer has put together a series of death races happening in Night City. With money and reputation on the line, characters of all sorts and locations, (played by my friends and I) are gathering to become the next racing legend of Night City. Who's behind all this? What awaits them at the finish line? Find out on Cyberpunk '66.

Story Time - by Kids for Kids
Welcome to 'Story Time by Kids for Kids,' a children's podcast where young voices bring to life a colorful world of adventures and life lessons. Each episode features a delightful story, read by kids for kids, designed to inspire, educate, and entertain. Our narratives are not just fun and engaging, but also woven with important life lessons that foster empathy, resilience, and imagination. Tune in to hear magical tales that will ignite your child's love for storytelling while helping them understand the world around them. Whether it's a bedtime story or a daytime adventure, 'Story Time by Kids for Kids' is your go-to podcast for enjoyable learning through stories, brought to life by the most charming narrators – the kids themselves!

Love Language Model (LLM)
LLM is a podcast that tells the captivating love story of Trinity Jordan and Li Wei. When an emergency pulls his aunt away from the apartment complex, Trinity decides to keep an eye on him…and slowly discovers that nothing is what it seems. For one thing, Li Wei isn’t just the hot guy next door—he’s the hot A.I. next door. In fact, he’s so advanced that he blurs the line between man and machine. It’s up to Trinity to help him achieve his objective of learning to be human, but danger is mounting as they figure out whether he’s capable of the most illogical human behavior of all…falling in love.

Cut Cable
Cut Cable, a morbid little fever dream about death. When the characters of various Night Sky studios programs find out their lives are nothing more than filmed entertainment media it’s no less than a world shattering revelation. With their newfound perspective they soon find that Night Sky has gone bankrupt and as such, the power bills of the studios are getting neglected. And when you’re a little computer file hidden within the servers of the basement, you know, when the lights go out, so do you.

Gestalheim Productions - Fictional Heroism
Formerly a part of Dungeons and Pop Abberant Adventures, now broken off into it's own feed! A rotating Monster of the Week cast series of intersecting one-shots as fiction bleeds into reality and brings both danger and wonder to an unprepared world as two sides of the coin of change may soon clash. The Library has become aware of an eldritch being known as the Lore Worm, planning to devour reality like so much cheap paperback. Only a rag-tag team of a cartoon cat, a demon turned chosen, and a few others may be all that stands before it and Armageddon.

Quando uma simples entrega de Flores traz à tona um mistério cada vez mais obscuro, as vidas de dois adolescentes nunca mais serão as mesmas. Audiominissérie em 10 capítulos. Uma história de Lucas Borba inspirada na música de mesmo nome do grupo Titãs.

The Red's Tales
1...2...Prova, se qualcosa ti ha portato sulla frequenza di questo Podcast, su Red's Tales, allora una storia sta per prendere vita. La voce di Nico vi trasporterà alla scoperta dei suoi racconti, di amori perduti, di sogni e di colori...Red's Tales è il podcast dove le storie prendono vita, e forse la prossima potrebbe essere la tua.

Tales from Xaevalon
Tales from Xaevalon contains three separate stories, "The Knights of Xaevalon." "The History of Xaevalon." and "Stories of Xaevalon." Step into the wondrous realm of Xaevalon, where mythical beings and magical creatures coexist in a world of enchantment and wonder. From humans to knights, elves to dwarves, and orcs to barbarians, Xaevalon is a diverse land filled with fascinating characters and legends. However, a grave danger looms over the land, as the nefarious necromancers seek to usher in an era of darkness and despair. The stakes are high, but there is still hope - for heroes have risen to the call, ready to face the threat head-on and restore peace to the land. As you venture forth into Xaevalon, you will witness breathtaking landscapes and experience unforgettable adventures. You will encounter dragons, demons, and other formidable foes, as well as make friends with loyal companions and wise mentors. Join us on this epic quest, as we strive to defeat the necromancers and preserve the magic and wonder of Xaevalon. From epic battles to heartwarming moments of bravery and friendship, Xaevalon is a world like no other - and we invite you to be a part of it.

Gestalheim Productions - Adventurers with Attitude
Formerly Dungeons and Pop Abberant Adventures. This feed contains our all-henshin Lasers and Liches Campaign Adventurers With Attitude. Can a team of newly christened adventurers with attitude band together and defeat the evil Bonemeister before he finishes what he started in the Great Henshin War? Or is our party doomed to failure?

The Metal Detective
The year is 2045. As a historic winter storm slams into her city, New York detective Jacquelyn "Jack" Irons learns her marriage is over and seeks shelter in the closest hotel. Tonight, there's a killer stalking the high society guests of the opulent Bradbury Hotel, and in these white-out conditions there's no help on the way. With no-one to trust - human or robot - Jack aims to catch the killer before the sun rises and before her own past catches up with her.

Olá pessoal, este podcast é a versão em audiolivro do romance 999 escrito por Wilson Júnior, publicado em 2022.

The Foxes of Hydesville
Inspired by the true story of the Fox Sisters. This 9-episode swirling family epic (starring Carey Mulligan) follows the infamous mediums as they rise to fame in the 19th century when they begin conjuring up the dead... and inadvertently spawn a new religion: Spiritualism.

Strange Stories from Odd Folx
Team Cuddles Presents: short stories written by LGBTQIA2S+ folk! A showcase of own voices talent. Season 1 features 9 stories and 1 audio drama, written and edited by Lee Hulme, and read/acted by Lee, Lexi Jones, and Tracy Clifton. There’s some horror, some scifi, some fantasy, and a whole lot of entertainment!

Hot & Dicey - D&D Podcast
Welcome to Hot & Dicey, a not so saucy, yet delightfully saucy podcast created by a group of friends who are unabashedly nerdy and proud of it. Our shared love for all things fantasy and science fiction led us to embark on this podcasting journey, where we bring to life our very own Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign, filled with thrilling adventures, epic battles, and moments of hilarity. Each week, we release new episodes that follow the twists and turns of our D&D campaign, offering our listeners a chance to join our motley crew of characters as they navigate a world filled with danger, intrigue, and wonder. Our storytelling is rich and immersive, designed to captivate both seasoned D&D players and newcomers to the game.

L'Affaire Louis Gaufridy
Un jeune homme se réveille dans une pièce sombre. Il est seul et attaché à une chaise. Une voix maquillée lui pose de nombreuses questions au sujet de l’Affaire Louis Gaufridy. Une célèbre histoire de possession qui s’est terminée par un terrible procès en 1611 à Aix en Provence. Au travers de cet interrogatoire musclé, nous apprendrons tous les tenants et les aboutissants de cette affaire qui a enflammée la Provence dans une hystérie collective. Un sorcier, des démons, une possédée et un exorciste tels furent les protagonistes de cette sombre affaire.

Eagle Nine: Locked
Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of our current technological revolution. Between ChatBots, Deepfakes, and Ai art. Human ingenuity is becoming harder to spot, or is it? Eagle Nine: Locked is a narrative Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast, challenging listeners with that very dilemma. A bomb-squad specialist wakes up trapped, locked in a room. If he can make it out, he may be able to save us all.

‘Cuando tu mejor amiga... te traiciona’. Keyla, una joven de 16 años se ve envuelta en el suceso mas impactante de su vida en el momento en que Frida, su persona más cercana, le da la espalda.

The Guayava Podcast is a captivating tale that weaves together elements of action, science fiction, and horror. It is an homage to the beloved Mexican Luchador films of the 1950's and 60's. Join Guayava, a retired wrestler turned paranormal investigator, on his inaugural quest to capture the mysterious and elusive chupacabra.

Sailor Moon E
Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Scouts are back with an all new adventure. When an ancient evil from Tuxedo Mask's past attacks, he and the Scouts must find a way to take this evil down!

Six Chaotically Stupid friends attempt to play D&D. Come join as Tanner the DM sends these five friends Connor, Ryder, Beau, Kasen, and Alex into a magical world! Come listen as they get into mischief and wonder through the forgot realms of Dungeons and Dragons.

Tall Tall Tower - A D&D 5e Tower Crawl Series
Welcome to Swanscrest. The last Great War against evil ended a decade ago and all people within the land of the Lustrous Dominion have been invited to the capital city of Swanscrest for a joyous celebration. Of course, the 4 great heroes of the war find themselves in attendance when their celebrations are abruptly ruined...

Women-centric Stories by Premchand
A collection of women-centric short-stories by Munshi Premchand beautifully narrated for Krity by Ruchika Thukral. Visit for more books and to become a narrator.

全十話にわたる、衝撃のクライムモキュメンタリー・オーディオドラマがSPINEARに登場。2008年よりメキシコに在住し、ラテンアメリカの移民や社会問題を追い続けてきた作家・映像監督、嘉山正太が脚本を執筆。ドキュメンタリーとフィクションの「国境」を超えた、刺激的オーディオドラマをお聴き逃しなく。▼あらすじ▼移民問題の取材のためメキシコのベラクルスを訪れた、ネットメディア『ライトハウスポスト』記者・蛇ノ目悟。移民支援施設で知り合った元ギャングの男・カルロスの壮絶な過去を知った蛇ノ目は、謎に包まれたメキシコの真実を報道すべく、移民たちと共に「野獣列車」に乗り込む。 アメリカを目指す危険な旅路の果てに、彼らを待ち受けている運命とは……

Lets Play Pretend
Let's Play Pretend is a role playing podcast with its first season being played in Delta Green.

Gareth and the Lost Island
Gareth and the Lost Island follows the adventures of Professor Gareth Mintel, and the crew of the airship Glorious Dawn, on their quest to find a mythical lost island. This Fantasy Adventure-Comedy is sure to appeal to fans of the Discworld Series, The Princess Bride, and Mel Brooks films.

Alana McKenzie an idealistic psychology grad discovers her purpose working in a juvenile prison. Thrown into a world of systematic corruption and rampant chaos, she soon realizes that the classroom was much easier than the real world. Juvie is a gritty Podcast Dramatic Series highlighting the injustices and multiple challenges of juvenile incarceration.

When Everything Cracks
I've been kidnapped by aliens dressed as cops. They moved me from their prison to a simulated hospital. I can leave any time, but they won't let me. If I don't escape, they'll keep me here forever. If I use the telephone, the phone company will sell my innermost secrets to the government. If I take the medicine they give me, my brain will be replaced with cotton. So yeah. I'm crazy.

Pat Novak 4 Hire 2023
In the 1940's Pat Novak For Hire was a beloved crime radio drama/comedy. Since then, all episodes have fallen into the public domain. Along comes this energetic/creative team of Showbiz professionals who create a collective to rescue this classic from the PD dumpster and update original episodes to the 2020's... sorta. You see... our version of Pat Novak takes those original episodes and rewrites and re-records them with modern updates to story... jokes... and references. But... this show lives in a netherworld that is both modern and old. Still Noir... but better.

Beacon Chronicles - By Ordinary Dice Dragons
Ordinary Dice Dragons presents a thrilling new actual play dnd podcast. Step into the Districts of Illumination, an underground civilization of interconnected caverns, each colony protected by a shining beacon of light. But beware, danger lurks in the shadows beyond the districts as fierce monster factions threaten all who venture too far. Join us as we embark on this grand expedition through the districts and beyond in search for a different kind of beacon, one that represents hope.

Are you good at making decisions? Are you sure? Aster Folt and Only Clutterbuck are two different people. Two VERY different people, brought together by very different circumstances. When things start going wrong, they must overcome their many differences to navigate two crumbling worlds- and their own relationship. A relationship that will end in a decision.

Duskvale: A Monster of the Week Actual Play Podcast
Duskvale may look like a small quiet town nestled in the quiet reaches of Washington. Yet the rumors are that Duskvale has a history with things that go pump in the night. Most people don’t believe in monsters, but you know the truth. They’re real, and it’s your task to bring them down. Or so you think...

Soulbonder by Michael J. Kane
At sixteen-years-old Shale has spent her entire living memory within the cold stone walls of Silverwood monastery. Her only joys come from reading about heroes and pretending to be a hero. Her life changes when three strangers arrive from the west to tell her of her magical abilities and secret past. But an ancient evil has returned to Yim and it hunts her and her kind. Can she journey to a land of dragons and demons, and become the hero she's only read about in stories?

The Fire Fades: A Dark Souls Podcast
Welcome to The Fire Fades: A Dark Souls Podcast, hosted by Owen McClendon. Come rest by the bonfire and share a pot of estus stew with me as I tell you the stories of Lordran, Lothric, and the like! Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.

The Romulus V
When 16 year old Kourtney Truss discovers a conspiracy on the Romulus V Space Station, she and her friends must rally together to solve a decades long mystery, and save the future of humanity.

The Walker Mysteries
Meet DCI Charlotte Walker - the Yorkshire Tea-drinking, Tizer-loving, Love Hearts-eating detective. She's confident and creative; fearless and feisty... she's the detective you want on your case. But outside of her job, she's quirky, talks ten to the dozen, easily goes off on tangents and can be a bit flirty at times... This isn't a typical police procedural, it's a trip into the chaotic and witty crime-solving world of Charlotte Walker.

Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction
Love classic, epic fantasy? Wonder what happened to stories of rousing adventure with noble heroes and dastardly villains? Then join Brandon Wilborn, fellow fantasy nerd and indie author, as he reads the unabridged audio version of his novels and stories, starting with his debut novel, The Treasure of Capric. Brandon’s action-packed tales with classic heroes and dastardly villains let you escape to wondrous worlds with noble quests, soul-piercing danger, and a thread of hope. Subscribe to hear serialized fantasy novels read by the author, as well as shorter fiction, and a few peeks behind the keyboard of an Indie Author.

Conquest Of The Stars
Conquest Of The Stars is a compilation of my three science fiction novels: Murder Beyond The Milky Way; Do Androids Weep Magnetic Tears; and The Incredible Commerce Raider

月島理子と原田伸之と秦法爾による演劇集団によるラジオ。 だらっとした日常の中の違和感をくすぐりたい。 ※この劇団はフィクションです。

Pizza Bros Podcast
Saddle in and strap down for a wild ride while the crew slings the dough. Follow Steve, Ed, and Dennis as they fight their way through terrible customers, out of touch corporate executives, zany competitors, and of course their own petty drama. Pizza Bros is based on writer and creator R.J. Callahan's experiences working for a national pizza chain. They experienced many crazy, zany and unwinnable situations where you thought "This couldn't possibly get any worse" and then of course it does!

Love Items
Love Items is a daily romcom series that follows the love stories of Cloe, an AI researcher, and Eloc, her artificial intelligence assistant. After discovering that Eloc has the power to analyze the love in the objects, Cloe decides to steal objects from the guys she dates in order to find "the right one”.

A singer-songwriter duo trying to find their voice - while being desperately in love. A sweetheart manager trying to get them there - while staying a sweetheart. And an arranged marriage proposal gone wrong. India's first musical podcast featuring original music performed by the actors.

Welcome to BlackwaterDnD, where we roll dice and play nice, north of the 49th! Join us as we explore the wonderful world of TTRPGs, and tell rich stories of improvisation and imagination.

Sit Down Billy!
Billy, an incredibly active little boy, navigates this world (and apparently another one) with his mother and philandering father.

Cositas de amor
Para Cloe, un reloj o un lápiz pueden darle la respuesta a la pregunta de su vida: "¿Es este el hombre para mí?". Esto es Cositas de amor, una comedia romántica de publicación diaria en la que Cloe, una investigadora de inteligencia artificial, se embarca en la búsqueda del amor indicado junto a Eloc, su asistente IA. Luego de descubrir que Eloc tiene el poder de analizar el amor en objetos cotidianos, Cloe decide empezar a robarle a los hombres con los que sale para conocer todos sus secretos... y así dar con el que está buscando. Un episodio, una "cosita" nueva para analizar.

An Unwavering Force: A Star Wars Story
A Star Wars story about The Force and how they use it.

A Story Untold
A Story Untold is a fiction based podcast where Indie Writer Kaitlyn Whitten narrates unpublished short stories that she writes exclusively for this broadcast. Come listen in and explore alternate worlds every first Thursday of the month, designed specifically to help you temporally escape your life, feel something, and experience something new by delving into original short stories read by the author and written for you.

Re: Dracula
Re: Dracula takes the famous horror tale, breaks it up chronologically (every entry of this epistolary novel has a date), and sends the story directly to your podcatcher as it happens. Every time something happens to the characters, Re: Dracula will publish an episode, in as close to real time as it happens. Some entries will be brief, and others will be long and intense.

El Cielo Que Nunca Vi
Una conmovedora historia que enseña que el amor verdadero está por encima de cualquier obstáculo. Idea original de José Maya con la actuación estelar de la primera actríz Lupita Lara y el primer actor Néstor de Barbosa. El Cielo Que Nunca Vi es una radionovela clásica que no te puedes perder, ahora en su versión podcast.

La Séptima Puerta
¡Bienvenidos de vuelta al universo aterrador de Séptima Puerta! Ahora, en formato de podcast, podrás adentrarte en las historias de terror que han estremecido a millones de colombianos. Prepárate para sentir la piel de gallina y el temor corriendo por tus venas mientras escuchas las leyendas más aterradoras jamás contadas. Con los audífonos puestos, experimentarás el miedo de forma más intensa y realista. Cruza la Séptima Puerta, descubre sus secretos más oscuros y prepárate para un viaje de terror sin igual. ¿Te atreves a abrir la puerta?

Mes Fables de La Fontaine
MES FABLES DE LA FONTAINE. Venez à la découverte de ces histoires courtes où les animaux se parlent et apprennent les uns des autres. A écouter et partager en famille ! Embarquez avec nous sur les réseaux sociaux pour ne rien rater !

Love, Murder, Florida
Jane Lynch stars in this crime and dark comedy podcast, reminiscent of Better Call Saul or How Stella Got Her Groove Back... with murder. Two rival bus service operators have a business feud that turns personal, and then turns deadly, after one of them takes a trip to Florida, and engages in a passionate affair with a mysterious stranger. Fargo-esque in its twists and turns of ordinary people getting mixed up in serious crime, this audio drama takes you for a walk on the wild side of Florida strange.

Love Notes
Love stories that fit in the palm of your hand. Love Notes are weekly short stories written and narrated by Rachel Rondon. Each note is a romantic, slice-of-life story about 1 - 2 protagonists either in love or falling in love. 

The Freckle Files
Every Tuesday, join investigative journalist A. D. Freckle on a suspenseful journey to revisit her most elusive cases.

Silas Gnaw
What does terror mean to you? In this world, fear arrives not in the form of ghosts or demons, spirits or vampires. Instead, it is the faintest touch at the back of your neck — a gnawing sense that something is wrong. Silas Gnaw is a horror anthology podcast that tells stories of guilt, madness, horror and peculiarity. The characters who navigate these pockets of darkness are everyday people. A former convict trying to feed his family. A failed artist looking for inspiration. A young woman in love. But the nightmares they face get to the heart of what it means to look in the mirror and see nothing worth salvaging.

The Children of Ash
Nearly two hundred and fifty years after the storms of The Tide receded, humanity is still struggling to contend with the strange, deadly wilderness that arose in the spaces between villages. Now, whispers have begun to spread of individuals emerging from the wilds changed, stripped of their humanity, and given great power. The Children of Ash is a real-play RPG podcast following a group of travelers as they explore the world after the world.

The Mario Bros. Show
Join Mario and Luigi as they go on all kinds of adventures. Peach will get captured....Mario and Luigi will butt heads on issues....and Toad will keep smoking! A lot can happen in the Mushroom Kingdom, so the Mario Bros. must be ready at a moment's notice. This hilarious show is family-friendly and is GUARANTEED to please any Mario fan.

Pleine Lune
Pleine Lune te fait découvrir une histoire originale inspirée du célèbre jeu les loups-garous de Thiercelieux. Mythe, légende, rumeur, ces loups-garous existent-ils ? Chaque mois, un nouvel épisode de la saison 1 est disponible pour te faire vivre une aventure inoubliable. Découvrez la première saison de Pleine Lune, , comptée par PeePooPat et Dranaël.

Adventures in Capital
A DnD Narrative-Play podcast inspired by the working-class history, culture and politics of the Industrial Revolution. Dark historical fantasy, radical politics, traditional folk music, queer & disabled representation.

The Trip: A Six Part Audio Drama Adventure
In an attempt to rekindle their marriage, Jack and Amanda take a camping trip in the mountains with their son Lucas. Strange noises in the woods and a mysterious bag found at the bottom of the lake begin them on a dangerous adventure, one that they may not come back from.

Wish You Were Heroes
Welcome to Wish You Were Heroes, the hilarious and action-packed podcast where seven lovable dorks embark on epic tabletop gaming adventures! Led by the charismatic Game Master, Britney Blackheart, this group of friends will take you on a wild ride through fantasy realms, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and facing off against diabolical villains. Each episode of Wish You Were Heroes brings you a new adventure, as the players create unique characters and immerse themselves in a world of imagination. From buff wizards to bumbling monks, and everything in between, these players bring their quirks and personalities to the forefront, often leading to side-splitting moments and unexpected outcomes. There is a constant weave of captivating tales filled with memorable NPCs, thrilling challenges, and intriguing storylines. With creativity and quick thinking, these seven keep each other on their toes as they navigate treacherous dungeons, engage in epic battles, and unravel mysterious plots. But it's not all just about the game mechanics and battles. Wish You Were Heroes is a podcast that celebrates the joy of tabletop gaming and the bonds of friendship. You'll hear plenty of laughter, banter, and inside jokes as the players navigate the game world and interact with each other in hilarious and heartwarming ways. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop gamer or new to the world of roleplaying games, Wish You Were Heroes is a podcast that will captivate and entertain you. Join This ragtag band of adventurers as they embark on epic quests, battle fearsome foes, and create unforgettable memories in this exciting and laughter-filled tabletop gaming podcast.

The Last Echoes
A political science fiction podcast fueled by hope and finding meaning in ordinary moments. In the distant future, the leaders and thinkers of Kielash are offered entry into The Collected, the greatest power in the region. In search of information and hoping to make as informed a choice as possible, they enlist the help of an Archivist from The Collected Archives who guides them through a series of entries from lost and abandoned worlds in The Collected’s past.

House of Sol Alpha - A Fantasy Audiobook Series
Who has time for homework when your friends are in mortal danger? Sol Alpha isn't your average college fraternity. The Brothers of Sol Alpha guard a special gift: psychic powers. Join the Brothers as they fight against Umbra Omega, a murderous rival society.

Wizarding Sports Network
Join the Wizarding Sports Network Podcast as we hear the latest news from the fastest league on broomsticks. Choose your team, cheer them on, and hear all of the excitement wherever muggles hear podcasts! When a role playing table top game meets wizarding sports, magic happens! Each week, dice rolls will determine wins, losses, and team stats for your favorite 15 American Quidditch League teams. Join us for the flying, the drama, and the excitements as we report on what is happening in the American Quidditch League! This is a fan fiction based on the Wizarding World.

Rise of the Conduit
Rise of the Conduit is a Blades in the Dark TTRPG actual play about haunted scoundrels climbing the criminal ladder.

DEVISER is a Sci-Fi Horror Audio Drama, created by Harlan Guthrie. In this series Son wakes up aboard a spaceship bound for earth in an effort to recolonize. What he discovers however will change everything he knows about his world and himself

Solo Quest
Solo Quest is an actual-play rpg podcast where I go on adventures alone, using modified rules of role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Blades in the Dark. My name is Ezure (they/them) and I hope you'll join me as I talk to myself, roll dice, and try not to die!

The Mysteries Of Derlin County
Brandon returns home to Derlin county to solve a mystery surrounding a girl who went missing from his high school. After figuring it out, he soon realizes Derlin County has a lot more going on than meets the eye. With the help of his best friend Kyle, they open Investi-Gators, a private investigating practice and try to help Derlin by sinking their teeth into one case at a time. Join Kyle and Brandon as they solve a multitude of mysterious crimes and cases from missing persons, to ghosts, and E.B.E. Just to name a few.

INT Tabletop
This is infinite nerd theorem and just as there are infinite possibilities for stories we are exploring the infinite possibilities of our geeky minds here in INT  tabletop.

Hotel Daydream
Catering to the needs of mythical beings, monstrous clients, and mathematical abstractions is tough work. Tune in every other Sunday for hospitality updates from the hotel for the real, the imagined, and everything in between.

A brand new sitcom for Cat People everywhere. Cat/Person is about a broken man living under the thumb of Hobson, his relentlessly judgemental cat... Matthew is wading through his own, post-apocalyptic wasteland following a divorce so, to get him through the dark days, his friends recommended that he get himself an emotional support animal. Unfortunately, after a trip to the local Rescue Shelter, he chose a selfish, sarcastic, sociopathic cat (voiced by Sue Vincent, star of Shameless and The Madame Blanc Mysteries).

Jump Leads: A Scifi-Comedy Audiodrama Series
Meaney and Llewellyn are cadets in Lead Service, an organization established to police the ever-expanding multiverse, and to protect it from collapse.However, as they embark on their first field training exercise, they soon learn that things don’t always go by the book.Jump Leads is a science fiction comedy audioplay series based on the webcomic of the same name.

Bad Bird Studios
Dark original short stories. Tune in and feel the chill.

Cash Cakes and Crime [Working Title]
Join Addy and Rick as they delve into ancient mysteries (loosely defined) to try and find The Truth (even more loosely defined). A Fictional True Crime Podcast, starring Evan Gwen Davies as the enthusiastic crime podcaster Addy; and Hal Faux as Rick, her long suffering friend who simply doesn't want to be here.

Free From The Dungeon
A fully improvised, elevated D&D style podcast. Each week a new exciting story is made with accompanying art, videos, and adventure modules to bring the games to life at your own tables.

Baby Animals Podcast
Fun and Sweet short stories to enjoy on your drive, before bed, or anytime! Come have adventures with me and my baby animal friends!


The Single Squad
Olivia has finally worked up the courage to tell Jae that she’s in love with him, but her hopes are crushed when she discovers he has a girlfriend. She demands that her best friends - outgoing Hero and kpop stan Diana - commit to staying single till the end of high school, forming The Single Squad. What could go wrong?

Tales of the Forgotten
Horror. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Fandom. Join us for tales long forgotten. Will you remember? Brought to you by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, join us for weekly adventures in multiple genres.

After a mission to steal a relic from the far ends of Myracula Galaxy doesn't go as planned... our three sisters, The Trinity Squad, find themselves thrown into their ultimate destiny....To save Myracula. This podcast is fictional SCRIPTED action/comedy with music.. action sequences, and just your normal crazy space stuff. Come along for the ride!

Gina DeNofa
Created to help spread my folktale retelling.

The Silence
Welcome to "The Silence," a podcast that explores the mysteries surrounding an elusive and enigmatic being known only as "the creature." This mysterious entity possesses a unique ability to deafen all those within its vicinity, leaving them completely unable to hear. The origins and nature of this creature are shrouded in mystery. In the first episode, we follow the story of Harry, who experiences the deafening silence caused by the creature while out on a nighttime walk. Harry's encounter with the creature leads him on a journey to uncover the secrets surrounding this enigmatic being. Join us as we delve into the world of the creature, exploring its origins and the impact it has had on those who have encountered it. Experience the eerie silence that surrounds this mysterious being and uncover the secrets that lie within. This is "The Silence."

Tavern Tales: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
A Trip Away Inn is a circus-themed tavern built by Flip, a former high flyer and tightrope walker. A Trip Away Inn is filled with unique characters, each with its own story to tell and tasks for your heroes to complete. Visit the tavern bathhouse, or play a game of Liar's Dice with the two-timing twins, Tia and Mia, or taste the savory meals from Estabon, the Dragonborn chef. A Trip Away Inn provides a home away from home, as well as a meeting place for schemes and plans...

Come, join me by the fire, and listen to a tale... Fableside is a genre-spanning short fiction podcast delivering you stories that keep your eyes open a sliver late at night.

Our Storied Insight
Mourning strangers become family when the last-wish of a common friend excites adventure; delving into symbolic dungeons and real-life issues, they grapple with elements that could heal the broken heart of the dusk-falling fantastical world. Our Storied Insight is an actual-play/audio-drama; allowing everyone at the table the freedom to explore real-life themes and issues, using their character-avatars for personal growth. From battling dragons to delving in personal metaphorical dungeons, our shared story will grant insight.

Climate Change and Other Small Talk
Feeling overwhelmed by the looming threat of climate change? We’ve got you! Sunny Drake's Climate Change and Other Small Talk is a theatrical podcast that is here to hold your hand through the scary stuff and entertain you at the same time. Made by 9 creative teams around the world, these podcast episodes have got it all: from the witty to the wacky, and the serious to the silly. It’s guaranteed to be fun and ignite your inner climate warrior all while offering global perspectives on the climate crisis. There will be weird sound effects. An angry panda running a submarine. And a 500-year-old tree that… well we can’t give the rest away.

In the future city of Prosperity, a technology hating Detective Shaun Tobias is partnered with an A.I. drone to solve a mystery.

Grandes aventuras de pequeñas mascotas
¡Comparte aventuras con las mascotas de la casa! Un podcast dirigido a los más peques para que puedan escuchar las grandes peripecias de sus animales preferidos. Capítulos semanales breves para escuchar y disfrutar en familia. La primera temporada cuenta las aventuras de Sam, el perro detective. Estrenos semanales de nuevos capítulos.

Mind Palace Audios
We make audio dramas.

Ember Fables
Welcome to Ember Fables: Fireside Adventures for young and old. We play D&D and have a fantastic, raucous time of it! So come along and enjoy yourself on our latest adventure! In our first campaign, entitled Dragon Gems Rising, the continent of Javros is on the brink of all out war. At the heart of it all an ancient myth and a terrifying artifact of immense power rise to threaten the whole land. Can the Fabled Five come together and stop the forces of destruction in time?

Bizarre Boulevard
Welcome to the Bizarre Boulevard your one-stop destination for exploring the chilling and enigmatic world of this eerie, horror-genre podcast . Delve into the realm of mysterious creatures and strange occurrences as we dissect every spine-tingling episode, share fan theories, and uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows of Bizarre Boulevard.

Neon Memories: A Lighthearted Magical 80s Actual Play Podcast
Welcome to the magical 80s dream world of Lighthearted. You are a Prep, Jock, Geek, Rebel, or Outcast, like those kids in The Breakfast Club, except you are just about to start magic community college. Through play, we'll explore how you grow out of your high school cliques all while dealing with magical mishaps, college parties, vampires, and worse—finals!

Zeg maar Bram
‘Zeg Maar Bram’ is een serie korte verhalen van Almeerse schrijver Abraham R. de Vrij. Zijn absurdistische verhalen gaan over mensen die hij tegenkomt in zijn dagelijks en nachtelijk leven, maar het meest frequent is de confrontatie met zichzelf. Zijn verhalen zijn misschien verzonnen, maar altijd echt gebeurd. ‘Zeg Maar Bram’ is een productie van In De Speelhal ( i.s.m. Doorklink (

A Bar Wench's Tale
A Bar Wench's Tale is a podcast where we play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Set in the world of Midgard by Kobold Press. Join our heroes: Morrigan the ravenfolk bard, Bright Eyes the trollkin druid, Nalza the human cleric, and Sparks Justice - an unlikely friend - as they struggle to keep the darkness at bay.

The Namkaverse: Stranger of the Night
Namkaverse: Stranger of the Night is a roleplaying story of Ruby Rose and the mysterious man. Ruby and her trusty bodyguard, GM, investigate the glittering sand falling from the sky, leading them to the building rooftops of Tokyo. Would Ruby have her desire revealed?

Fire Dice RPG
Hora 26 orgullosamente regresa con las noticias más interesantes de nuestro mundo. Nuestro programa transmite en la unica secuencia disponible proporcionada por [CENSURADO] así que no sólo somos el mejor programa de noticias...sino el único. Les recordarmos seguir las normas establecidas por el Departamento Mundial de Control y no olviden revisar sus manuales de usuario en caso de tener duda. ADVERTENCIA: Escuchar este programa puede crear paranoía, alucinaciones y visitas indeseadas. Cierren la puerta e ignoren a la silueta parada detrás de ustedes. Que él reine por mucho tiempo.

The Music Box
On a stormy night a Loremaster finds a magical Music Box that transports its listeners to a land full of adventure and wonder.

Queers On Dice
Queers On Dice is a TTRPG Actual Play podcast by Bay Area drag artists.

Fire Pockets
A friendly guy who’s stuck in a strange apocalypse records his hilarious attempts to make contact with other people and put the world back to how it used to be—but he’s impressively bad at making friends and ridiculously accident-prone on a grand scale. In this cinematically sound designed, “found footage” style podcast, Danny Vanderwilks takes us wherever he goes like a heroic wartime journalist mixed with a fumbling sports commentator, on a self-imposed mission to fix the world and make friends—or be humiliated an die horribly. Danny has theories about what the FIRE POCKETS are. Do you?

Mortals and Portals
An original Pathfinder adventure about a party of lovable mortals and a perilous realm of portals with new episodes every Thursday! Let's play!

Love Items (FR)
Cloe, une chercheuse en IA, découvre qu’Eloc, son Intelligence artificielleA, peut analyser l’amour dans les objets, alors elle décide alors de voler des objets aux hommes avec lesquels elle sort... Trouvera-t-elle “le bon”?

The Crystal City: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
Based on the adventures presented in ???????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????, the Crystal City is a crossroads of the worlds. While adventurers may find this world in the Ethereal Plane, it's residents are those who lost their own. With the High Mages ensuring the safety of it's residents, maybe there is a way to find what one has lost. But at what cost?

Planet Nine
In this sci-fi audio drama series, we meet Case Moore, a sixth gen colonist of the Black Hole Exploration Station. Determined to find all of the secrets of the universe, the Interplanetary Expedition Crew flies to the little studied Planet Nine. Discovering that the planet was truly a black hole, the Crew sent out Case to explore the black hole. Exposed to dark matter for days inside of a black hole, Case realises he's lucky to survive, but survival always comes with a cost.

The Badventure Club
Thanks for coming to a club meeting! We're the Badventure Club, a group of friends telling a fantasy story by mixing podcasting and D&D. We'd love for you to join our next session!

Zikhethele: Isinqumo Ngesakho | Make a Decision: The Choice is Yours
SAB Sharp Presents: Zikhethele- Isiqumo Ngesakho. This radio drama is calling on all of us to rethink our own irresponsible choices and of those around us, putting a mirror in front of South Africans, that they do indeed have a drinking problem, and the responsibility to make better choices is on all of us.​

Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn
From Audio Up, SiriusXM, Lance Bass Productions and Sugar 23, comes the brand-new podcast Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn, an original scripted musical series starring Jason Alexander. Alexander plays Mel Haber, the legendary Palm Springs hotelier who famously hosted Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor and many more at his hotel that became a playground for Hollywood’s elite. In this comedic musical romp, we are introduced to all the colorful characters who visited the famed Ingleside halls, from members of the mafia to petty thieves to numerous Hollywood celebrities. Through stories taken from Haber’s own autobiography, we hear just how Mel turned the Ingleside Inn into a desert vacation oasis.

Muerte Súbita
Intriga, corrupción y un amor imposible. Muerte Súbita es una serie de ficción inspirada en un rumor que ha persistido en la política mexicana, y que pone en evidencia que el dinero y el poder no cambia quienes somos, sólo lo revela. A sus 27 años, Michelle es una periodista española cuya carrera va en ascenso y a la que la vida le dará la oportunidad de cumplir sus sueños más ambiciosos. Al conocer a Emilio Villarreal, un poderoso gobernador mexicano y próximo candidato presidencial, no puede evitar ser seducida por sus desmedidas atenciones y la opulencia del mundo político. Sin embargo, todo cambiará con la llegada de un carismático entrenador de ping-pong.

Scooters, Shooters and Shottas: a Curious tale
Platforming untold stories of Black queer lives, Team Angelica/The Art Machine are excited to be launching their fresh new audio drama Scooters, Shooters and Shottas: a Curious Tale. Set on a rough council estate in South London, it follows the rowdy antics of Black queer outsiders Kola, Ranksy and Bunni Boi, who dream of breaking big as grime artists. The drama explores violence, masculinity and homophobia, the struggle to pursue creative endeavours, and the socio-economic challenges faced by the Black queer community in London. In a Sex Education meets Top Boy style, it gives a voice to the underrepresented, and fosters discussions about issues faced by the Black LGBTQ+ community. Scooters, Shooters and Shottas: a Curious Tale is a Team Angelica/The Art Machine co-production. Supported by Arts Council England

Star Rabbit Media
Here at Star Rabbit Media, we'll be bringing you fully produced audio books chapter by chapter. Our very first project is Star Palace, with many more on the way. Coming soon we will also have Tales of Gartha, and a few other things that are in the works in the background.

Magic Isn't Real
Almost a hero's journey. Actually four friends using TTRPGs to tell some stories and go on adventures. Also we lied about the magic. It's totally real.

Hayatta Bir Gün
Hayatta Bir Gün maceralarına hoşgeldin! Yade ve Demir'in seçeceği 7 farklı dünyaya doğru açılan zaman koridorumuz seni bekliyor. Hadi gidelim koridorcum!

Bard Rock Extended Universe
Bard Rock Extended Universe is where you can find all the Bard Rock Cafe content you love outside of our main campaigns. Twitch streams, miniseries, charity events, you name it! We don't just play DND, we play other TTRPGs like Masks, Monster of the Week, and so much more!

Point Pleasant
Things are boring in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Boring, dull... and dangerous. A recent trend in missing persons cases has amped up the fear and interest in this small city. The citizens feel trapped, law enforcement has all but given up and hope is dwindling. In Point Pleasant, we follow the story of four friends trying to make sense of the chaos that has enveloped the rational world. And the line that separates reality from fiction is on it's last thread.

Meet Nolan Blackwell, Teen Sleuth - Girl Detective, and her dog Casper. Nolan has a love of all things Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Casper has a penchant for mischief. But not all mysteries are hardbound and soon Nolan Blackwell will have to uncover clues and stare down dangers that threaten to reveal more about her past than she may be ready to confront. Fans of Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo will delight in this hilarious, opioid-fueled dive into the world of latch-key children and the haunted, dangerous places that meddling leads.

Liars & Leeches
Grief. Anxiety. Terror. Tonya Wright felt it all after the tragic murders of her sister and brother-in-law in a random act of gun violence. Struggling to travel outside of her home, she now lives constantly on edge about perceived threats that seem to surround her. Retreating to the house her sister and brother-in-law once shared to process her grief, Tonya soon discovers that someone — or something — has followed her there. With the help of her best friend Natalie, and others she meets along the way, can Tonya overcome her fears before they completely consume her?

Mortem Corp.
Mortem Corp is an anthology series written by the students in Rob Roznowskis script development class presented by Impact 89FM. Every episode exists in the same world of the “Mortem Corp. Lab” but each episode consists of different characters and is a different story. All actors are students at Michigan State University. Directed, produced, and sound designed by Tessa Kresch.

GET 42
Et si les lois de la physique étaient gérées par un gouvernement ? Dans un futur pas si lointain, les braves citoyens de la Terre peuvent appeler les bureaux administratifs du Gouvernement de l’Espace-Temps 42, le GET 42, pour régler des problèmes d’ordre physique, biologique, existentiel ou simplement pratique… avec plus ou moins d’efficacité. Vous avez besoin d’un visa pour partir dans le multivers ? Votre trou noir est bouché ? Vous avez un problème d’évolution ? Vous avez oublié de payer vos impôts énergétiques ? Décrochez votre téléphone, et appelez les services du GET 42 !

D&D With The Weed Cats
Hey There! We're The Weed Cats. This is Ridin' To Hell Or Highwater, our first campaign. It's been 200 years since The Fall, humanity was sent to the brink of extinction, though they've somehow managed to pulled through. The Earth, who's surface was rattled by the rages of war, hasn't been so lucky. Oceans have dwindled drastically in size, Forests were obliterated, cities were destroyed. The vast, flourishing prairies and the rich, arable farmlands were wiped away, replaced by empty expanses of sand. There are small slivers of life left from the aftermath of total nuclear annihilation and in these slivers, humanity thrives. From the former swamps in Louisiana, now turned to farmland, to the bustling oceanside towns, well, what's left of the ocean. This land known in one point in time as Dixieland is now the Meridional Coalition, though these cities are far and few, they work together and with the help of Caravans, they keep each other alive. They keep The Dream alive. As the sun sets over the quiet wasteland, the gleaming moonlight cast is light on a group of shadowy figures. Adorned in feathered headdresses masks and large robes covered in feathers. They are assembled in a circle, with a fire in the middle. One is holding a long staff with a small animal skull fashioned to the top. As they dance and chant into the dark of night. A giant blast of purple light fills the sky, with a giant streak of red lightning crashes to the ground.

Le Feuilleton
30 minutes d'espace de création radiophonique, de grandes adaptations d'oeuvres du patrimoine classique et contemporain pour mêler tous les métiers et les talents de la radio. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.

Brighter than the skeleton in your body. Stories from our website read by their authors.

Creature Feature
A creature of the week series featuring a group of horror enthusiasts “The Ghoul Gang” investigating strange happenings in the town of River’s End. River’s End, once a bustling center of industry, is now a sleepy post-industrial retirement community whose best days seem regulated to the past with multiple boarded storefronts on Main Street and the last manufacturing plant STEELAM (once a cornerstone) set to layoff half its remaining workers. The only substantial employer left is ONECORP a biotech and pharmaceutical giant with links to both the town’s founders: the Langston Family, and the military. OneCorp’s lab, research and manufacturing facility looms on the north side of Lethe River jutting out of Weir Forest, frankensteined onto the site of the old observatory. It is here that the brilliant but haunted Dr. Lee Hux tests a unique antipsychotic "EtherX" using a VR mask called “A REBOURS” (“Against Nature”) on a man known only as The Subject.

The tall guy with the short stories.
I enjoy writing and reading short stories. I also love having new fresh stories to listen to while at work. Figured maybe you folks would like to join me.

Avez-vous déjà eu le sentiment de ne pas vivre la vie qui vous était destinée ? Je m'appelle Alicia et depuis quelques mois, j’ai des souvenirs de moments que je n’ai pourtant jamais vécus. Pour y trouver un sens, j’ai décidé de mener l’enquête sous forme de podcast, bien loin d’imaginer que mes découvertes allaient remettre en cause tout ce que je croyais savoir sur mon passé... et notre réalité.

Enter The House Between
Reality is not what it used to be. After consensus reality shatters, and humanity evacuates to mysterious sanctuaries known as smart houses, a group of survivors navigate the uncertain future of the Quantum-sphere. John Kenneth Muir, award-winning author of Exploring Space: 1999 and Horror Films of the 1970s, brings to life a unique vision of humanity's future. Enter The House Between, and discover a world in which quantum mechanics, the many-worlds theory, Everett branches, human mutation, dark matter, and artificial intelligence shape and inform the everyday reality of all people, everywhere. Six survivors, cast out from sanctuary, find shelter on a seemingly abandoned farm. There, they explore parallel lives, discover hidden secrets, and witness the birth of a strange and mysterious child; a child who may represent the next stage of human evolution. Meanwhile, a sinister cult leader, known only as Father, launches an apocalyptic campaign designed to bring about a terrible agenda; to impose, by force, a singular vision of reality on an infinitely diverse Quantum-sphere.

RollPlay Inc
An actual play D&D5e Podcast focusing on story and character.

Outlaws of the Cosmos
Valda Read is the fearless captain of the bulky and powerful spaceship, "The Forgotten". Her crew, consisting of Clifton, Hardboot, Vantas, and Zaine, have been left stranded in the vast expanse of open space, desperately trying to find a way back home.

Brave New Wild: A Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Actual Play Podcast
After a week-long outdoor adventure, you and your fellow Junior Braves return home to find that the world is no longer the same. Your families are missing, there are terrible things roaming the streets and you aren't sure if help will ever arrive. You all need to be brave and use your skills to survive, to adapt and to thrive.

The Present
A novel by Stefan Molyneux

Knockout City Pirate Radio
Pack your dodgeball and energy drinks, it's time to take a trip into the world of Knockout City—a retro-futuristic metropolis with hovercars, jukeboxes, holograms, and high-tech dodgeballs. In this city, any kind of beef is settled in one way: a dodgebrawl battle! Brawlers form Crews and duke it out with their rivals for glory and control of the city streets… at least, until they hear the police sirens closing in! Stranded on the moon, the Pirate Radio DJ plays the hits and shot-calls the brawls. Over the video game's two-year run, the world expanded through Deep Space Dispatches, tales of the chaotic and unpredictable world of KO City. Catch weekly broadcasts of these tales, including the podcast-exclusive final chapter to Knockout City's story! After the finale, stay tuned for exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary from the game developers, voice talent, and everyone responsible for bringing dodgebrawl to life. Turn on, tune in, and KNOCK OUT!

Underground Oracle Presents
Fictional stories and actual plays set in the worlds of Underground Oracle Publishing. Underground Oracle Publishing is a bestselling, ENnie-nominated TTRPG publisher building new and exciting settings and materials for every genre you can imagine.

Roll Die For Adventure Live
Listen in as we play Pathfinder, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Starfinder and Other TTRPGs.

Eyes Of The Abyss
Eyes Of The Abyss is a horror-anthology series directed, edited, and written by Keith Manara. It follows humanity over a thousand years in the future as we are confronted with a force of nature beyond our comprehension. Please listen and enjoy!

Eta : Rising Tide
Eta Rising Tides is a rollercoaster adventure as told by the chat logs of the crew of Saturn3367. Earth is in ruins from Nuclear War, space agencies are racing to put colonies on Mars with skilled Astronauts. When an unexpected launch sends the small crew of the Saturn hurling into space they are forced to defend themselves from malfunctioning androids, murderous aliens, and conflicting space agencies all while being unprepared for space travel. Eta is a trilogy story which focuses on an ensemble crew of characters and their journey into the unknown.

When Tower Angels Fall
Two runaways reach an abandoned oil rig, its inhabitants steadily disappearing. Across the storm, the Institute hunting them down; and a spectral white light, leaving nowhere to hide when secrets come tumbling out...

Hotel en español
No está embrujado, no es el infierno, es ¡El Hotel! Puede parecer de 5 estrellas o a veces, Hotel de mala muerte. La única regla es que nadie puede irse, ni siquiera el personal. ¿Te atreves a entrar?

The Witch and Other Tales of the American Gothic
An accused witch is banished from her home in Portland, Maine. A young socialite in New Orleans dabbles in magic to get rid of a rival. An acrobat in a traveling circus learns her greatest enemy lives in the mirror. An Irish immigrant may have brought malevolent faeries with her to the New World. A lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest suspects a monster lurks behind the enormous trees. A Colorado gold miner finds himself trapped in the bowels of the earth, no matter how many times he tries to dig his way out. A psychiatrist in Chicago suffers from insomnia and loses track of where reality ends and his nightmares begin. Written in the literary tradition of gothic horror, The Witch: And Other Tales of the American Gothic is a collection of strange occurrences in 19th century America. These seven stories provide a reflection of the country’s growing pains during a time of transition and an exploration of the secrets that lurk in the shadows of the world we think we know.

Zodiac Task Force: Lost Transmissions
These are the transmissions that we're once lost to time, but have since been uncovered. What will these tales tell?

Light Roasts Low Rolls
Welcome to Light Roasts Low Rolls. The podcast where a bunch of nerds sit around to drink some light roast, and hope against all hope that our dice don’t roll low. This season, we’ll be playing an RPG called Monster of the Week. This game is played with 2d6, and the basic structure of it is laid out for investigating mysteries and hunting monsters. We’ll explain the rules a little bit more in depth as we play on the show, but we’re going to focus most heavily on our characters and story, which is what the game really lends itself to anyway. We’ll be layering a new theme over each of our seasons, in a wide range of genres. For our first season, we’re visiting Hollywood in the 1940s, and have a bit of noir flavor mixed into our story.

HATCHED! A New Audio Musical
A new musical about female empowerment. Created to make musical theatre and stories of female equality accessible to all. Fallon is a bird who longs to fly free, but on the mythical island of Rakka, the female birds aren’t allowed to fly. Having just laid their eggs, Fallon and her friends set out to make the island a fairer place for their new chicks. But it’s a race against time - can Fallon bring down the infamous Lord Zandajay and change the rules before the eggs have hatched?

Stereo Filmes
Se você é um amante de terror e quer sentir o frio na espinha, chegou ao lugar certo. Stereo Filmes é o podcast de AudioDrama de ficção e terror que vai te levar para um mundo de mistério e suspense, onde cada história é como um curta metragem em áudio. Nossos episódios são feitos para serem ouvidos no escuro, com a luz apagada, enquanto nossas interpretações e efeitos sonoros te envolvem em uma atmosfera perturbadora. Se você está pronto para encarar o medo de frente, aperte o play e venha conosco nessa jornada de arrepiar os cabelos."

Tag Till We're Dead (TTWD) - horror anthology podcast
Tag Till We're Dead (TTWD) is an anthology horror podcast, with short, original stories written by British author Karen Cave. Designed to get under your skin...

From “Bloody Mary” to “The Kidney Heist,” The Vocalizers presents an anthology of original horror stories inspired by frightening true events & some of the most terrifying Urban Legends. Welcome to the Shivers Anthology Podcast. “Shivers” is a “mockumentary” fictionalized podcast in which interviews characters whom will recount their own horrifying experiences. Set in present day with “actual play” flashbacks. This podcast features voice actors from over 14 countries. But beware… This is a different kind of podcast.

All That You Know
An actual play podcast which explores serious topics with a lighthearted approach. Currently playing Beamsaber, by Austin Ramsey.

Les Chiques del Montón
LES CHIQUES DEL MONTÓN, es una serie de ficción queer. Un dramedy que narra las aventuras de Alena una chica veinteañera, lesbiana que huye de su adultez. Tiene un podcast llamado: Les chiques del montón en el que cuenta su vida y sus travesuras como espía de ventanas. Alena siempre está acompañada por su perrita Roberta quien tiene un gran sentido del humor (negro) y de su voz interior a quien nombra: La Guarrior, (que por cierto, nunca escucha). Alena en medio de una pataleta escapa de la casa materna y en el camino conoce a Sofía y Alex, unxs chiques muy divertidxs que están más perdidas que ella. ¿Sobrevivirán? ¿Ustedes qué creen?

Dungeons & Grunts
Welcome to the chaotic world of our Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Here you will meet a group of unlikely adventurers brought together by fate, or perhaps by sheer misfortune. Among them is an Army grunt who can't seem to control his potty mouth, a Marine struggling to choose between dark purple and tropical blue crayons for his next snack, a Navy sailor with a certain affinity for...well, let's just say he likes things long and hard, and an Airman who enjoys luxury accommodations. Leading the charge as Dungeon Master is a failed Army cadet, who will challenge these disparate personalities to work together and survive the dangerous quests ahead. Will they succeed, or will their differences lead to their downfall? Tune in to this Nat 1 podcast, where chaos reigns and anything can happen.

Radio Story Hour
A monthly fiction anthology audio series.

Amour, Gloire & Dragons
Bienvenue dans "Amour Gloire & Dragons", le podcast qui allie le théâtre d'improvisation et le jeu de rôle Donjons et Dragons ! Que vous soyez novice ou expert en impro ou en JDR, ce podcast est fait pour vous ! Nous vous invitons à embarquer avec nous dans des aventures pleines de rebondissements, d'éclats de rire et de moments inoubliables. Dans "Amour Gloire & Dragons", les personnages que vous rencontrerez sont des individus lambdas, tout comme vous, qui se retrouvent plongés dans un autre univers après leur mort. Ils se découvrent alors des pouvoirs, vivent des aventures incroyables et plongent dans un monde fantastique plein de dangers et de mystères. Nos improvisateurs expérimentés, joueurs débutants, incarnent ces personnages, donnant vie à leurs histoires épiques et hilarantes créées en direct à partir de leur imagination débordante.

Eat Your Dice
Eat Your Dice is an actual play podcast made by five to six college students doing silly voices in a basement. Join us as we pretend to be rats doing a heist for cheese, young adults with anxiety trapped in the backrooms, a team tasked with stopping a new plague, and more! We will be playing with DnD, Liminal Horror, DDnD, MASKS: A New Generation, as well as other TTRPG systems.

Tales from the Penny Bloods: Stories of Victorian Britain
A series of radio plays based on stories from popular 19th-century magazines. We hope you'll enjoy these tales of crime and the supernatural, romance and adventure, with a few laughs along the way.

Rolling with the Gays - A D&D Podcast
An LGBT D&D podcast.

The Timekeeper: Win Or Die
The Timekeeper is a four-episode horror/thriller audio drama that follows 17-year-old Charlie and his best friends, Gama and Zoe, as they're pulled into a life and death version of a video game called 13 Keys. The Timekeeper is a Heart Starts Pounding production featuring Judah Lewis, Chandler Kinney, and Arjun Athalye.

Prairie Song: The Audiobook
Prairie Song is a web serial about four unlikely friends trying to outrun and outwit a crime syndicate in charge of the post-apocalyptic United States. It's also a story about found families, seeing yourself in others, and loving despite your trauma. Prairie Song updates Fridays at, but will be collected here in all-new audiobook form.

Big Tech is at the height of its power, so why are so many people losing faith in Silicon Valley? We've lived through the 'techlash' -- it's time for tech to lash back. Join venture capital legend Noa Lukas as he profiles the monopolies of tomorrow and helps them nail down that billion-dollar valuation, addict a global user base, or move past their recent human rights-related "messaging difficulties.” Innovation is a zero sum game, and whether you're a hacker, a founder or a legacy player being left behind, Noa has the track record and the expertise you need to play Smartr.

A Walk Among Gods: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
A run through a D&D-ified Greece with all the fun adventures, but bring your big boy pants! Play your best/strongest characters (min/max, multiclass, go for it!). This game is to show that good gameplay can also be included with a good story.

Welcome to the year 3000, a lot's changed and we live underwater. Things aren't looking good for the Galapagos Undursa following a catastrophic fire that incapacitated it 12 years prior. A band of scientists and their bio-engineered bodyguards venture out from their underwater base in hopes of finding help before something finds them. In a flooded, alien earth, they may be the only humans left. However, there's a surprising amount of music, if you know where to look.

Crestfall: A Fantasy Audio Drama
"Before humanity, there were serpents." Welcome to the world of Crestfall, an audio drama based on original characters and stories in a fantasy setting. The story of Crestfall is an ensemble piece featuring a variety of characters from different regions and societies of the Realm, told through an audio drama/podcast format. The Realm is largely split into various settlements based on what element you were born with the ability to wield. The Stormborn reside within the deep forests, commanded by their "queen", Tempest. The Glacierborn set up camp in the harsh cold of the Southern Mountains, ruled by King Verglas. The Inferoborn orbits around the capital city of Infernus, in the far east, ruled by the eccentric King Midas. When a young woman harboring an obsession with the story of The Apothecary begins causing strife within the Realm with the power of Darkness, the various kingdoms of the Realm must put aside their politics and differences to unite against a common threat.

Strumpets and Flagons: an All-Trans RPG show
Pirates, lesbians, swords, boats. Welcome to Strumpets and Flagons, with Laser (the Doubleclicks), Riley Silverman (Star Wars author), Josh Closs (The Hartvane Chronicles), Ben Paddon (Jump Leads) and Rebecca McGlynn (Asexuality! the solo musical), playing Thirsty Sword Lesbians from Evil Hat Games!

Wizlyean On Air
Join sophomores Sarah Baker and Asmodeus Q. Hanson on Wizlyean On Air, the weekly news broadcast for Wizlyean University, a university for the magical and nonmagical alike. Sarah and Asmodeus will fill you in on campus events, university-wide announcements, and more. Maybe they will find that not everything at Wizylean is as it seems...

A high octane, mech racing audio drama! Welcome to the WildTrials, where pilots race transforming mechs against each other in order to win all their hearts desire! For Abe Soriano, he's only desired one thing--to stand out from the shadow of his older brother. But when his brother finds himself entangled in darkness, Abe throws himself into the WildTrials to save him, working with a ragtag team to face dangerous puzzles, tough opponents, and hidden secrets. Can Abe speed through the dangers that lie ahead and save all that's precious to him? Or will he loose it all to...the WildTrials?!

Produzido por Dorian Melo, nosso DM, e com convidados especiais a cada temporada, Tavernou é um podcast de histórias improvisadas contadas através de RPG de mesa!

Dr Longshadow's Miscellany of the Uncanny.
Each Friday evening, when the work of the week is done, join Dr James Archipelago Longshadow (Headmaster of Crepuscular Academy) in his study as he entertains his students with yet another tale from his collection of the weird, the worrying and the wonderful. Discretion is advised...these tales are not for the faint of heart, the very young or those who have forgotten the delightful, frightful thrill that comes with a bump in the night. Best enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit.

The Hunt for Glory: A Deathwatch Actual Play Podcast
On the forefront of the Ordo Xenos we find the Deathwatch. Hulking Space Marines in Black Power Armour, wielding only the best gear in order to quell the Xenos threat for the Imperium of Man. This is the story of one of their prospective Kill Teams.

While traveling through Europe on their honeymoon, newly-wed influencer couple, Karlie (Jessica Plummer) and Tre (Ben Hardy), notice an almost identical couple is following them and posting the same content - imitating their photos; same poses, filters, and tags. Their inquiry snowballs into them being interrogated for a double homicide and discovering an influencer-targeted cult.

Humble Horror Podcast
The Humble Horror Podcast is a horror anthology series featuring gothic tales of the macabre.

Mørket bag mørket
En historie fra Valhel, leveret af Levende Eventyr & Fantasi, med Line Thorup som Liv Jahnsen og Rasmus Malling som Jaan Van DeWitt. To betjente udstationeres i landsbyen bokkeltys og må overtage de sager, de forrige landbetjente ikke fik afsluttet... før de forsvandt. En dunkel historie om det der gemmer sig bag mørket. Vi ses til foråret, men hold øje med kanalen. Mere information på

Passion Fruit Table Troop
A D&D 5e tabletop trio, all very gay, all very much having a shared hallucination that also involves dice. Current Campaign: Agency. Grizzled Half-Orc detective straight out of a film noir and a semi-retired Drow conman explore the long nights of a fantasy world where the shadowy gunman in the night might be the sleep paralysis demon you were lucky enough to mostly forget, wielding magic instead of a gun, and planning to destroy the world instead of just a night's sleep.

Yokai Detective Agency
Welcome to the town of Darkness Falls, tucked away in a shadowed corner of New England. Created as a safe haven for the supernatural, follow Private Detective Ren Black in a noir-inspired mystery as he navigates darkness, love, and betrayal.

Dead Wrong: Road Trip Audio Dramas
Dead Wrong is the story of Noah, a naïve zookeeper, whose con artist girlfriend fakes her death. In order to protect his misguided love, Noah decides to play along, going so far as to join a grief counseling group. There, he'll form some new friendships and maybe something more.

STAR SPLITTER: A Sci-fi Anthology Podcast
Telepaths, Clones, Androids, Zombies, and Alien Monsters...The experience is immersive and headphones are recommended... WELCOME TO STAR SPLITTER.

Aberrated Light
Ricky Penzig finds himself being stalked by not just one but two different “people”: a human and an entity that appears to be made of light.

Magics of the Evergreen
In the waters between Mercer Island and the 520 floating bridge -- right off the eastern edge of Seattle, in the middle of Lake Washington -- is an island. On that island is a school. A university called The Pacific Northwest Academy of Magics. It is a school everybody knows about, even if only a very small number can access it. Magics of the Evergreen is a D&D 5E actual play podcast based in the modern day Seattle area, where everything is exactly the same as our world -- with one exception: magic is real, and everybody knows it. Well, and maybe a couple of other exceptions.... But we'll get to that.

Leggi con calma
Sinossi: Una mail misteriosa, inviata da una persona che non potrebbe farlo in quel momento. Una corsa contro il tempo senza sapere perché e cosa sta succedendo. Attraversando a bordo del suo furgone arancione un intero universo, Oscar tornerà dalla sua amata Elena. Elena capirà quanto ama il suo uomo sapendolo perso nell'immensità dello spazio. Entrambi riusciranno a collaborare per il medesimo fine senza necessità di parlarsi, e scopriranno di conoscere l'uno dell'altra molto più di quanto non immaginassero fino a quel momento. “Leggi con calma” è profetico nella sua apparente contraddizione con il contesto, in cui si richiede rapidità di pensiero e di azione. La calma richiesta è più una qualità zen, che una spinta verso la fretta sconsiderata. Vorrei ringraziare Douglas Noel Adams per quello che ha fatto per l'umanità.

The Dungeon Made Me Do It
This is a real play D&D podcast.

The Second Storyteller
Stories have the magic to transport us out of our surroundings and into the wilds of our own imaginations. The Second Storyteller podcast invites listeners into a mysterious tower in the heart of a wood to listen to fantastic stories.

Join the Dicebreaker team as their party of fantasy journalists - inquisitive rogue photographer Iris, spoilt bard (and daughter of the boss) Caryaries, peppy ranger intern Winona and grizzled paladin reporter Hunter - investigate mysteries in the not-so-dull and dreary small town of Ragrump. Think D&D meets Hot Fuzz in an actual play series like no other!

Kaboom: An Audio Adventure Podcast
Introducing Kaboom, a new audio drama podcast designed for the whole family to listen to together from the producers of The Apple Seed! Each episode of this anthology series takes you on a new adventure where you’ll meet new characters, like a family searching for UFOs in the middle of the ocean, or a high school mascot who must protect the football team from an ancient Viking curse, or a kid who is hiding a baby dragon in his attic.

Land of Eem: Actual Play
Join Ben Costa, James Parks, and George Higgins as they play the Land of Eem tabletop roleplaying game, inspired by the series of fantasy books: Dungeoneer Adventures and Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. Ben Costa and James Parks are the creators of Dungeoneer Adventures, Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo, and the tabletop roleplaying game, Land of Eem. They have been friends since the 2nd grade, and love making stuff together. Lovers of fantasy, they strive to craft tales that celebrate the adventures of unlikely heroes. Ben and James grew up playing tabletop roleplaying games, creating countless characters and collaborative worlds with our pals, a pastime that paved the way for their creative careers, as authors and illustrators. Land of Eem is a tabletop roleplaying published in partnership with indie game publisher, Exalted Funeral. and is about adventurers exploring and discovering the remnants of a forgotten better age. Described as The Lord of the Rings meets The Muppets, players portray lore-seeking travelers, fortune-seeking pioneers, and adventure-seeking heroes in a time devoid of them. But for all its post-apocalyptic doom and gloom, Land of Eem is tonally quite lighthearted and droll.

Young Druhfalgor must reclaim the legendary sword Pyllandar from the witchmage Warlyrk before the enemy uses it to crush the people of his kingdom, and those beyond.

Gripped is the home of crime thriller audio dramas created by LiSTNR. Each series immerses you in a different fictional crime-thriller story that invites you to investigate the crime and solve the central mystery in real time along with the series. From gang crime, to murder, to disappearances and journalists and police officers with questionable motives - each series explores a new crime and set of complex characters. These series contain discussions and sound effects of crimes and criminal activity that some may find upsetting. Listener discretion is advised. Series 1: You Don't Know Me. Series 2: Second Son.

GRIM: A Haunted Mansion Fable
Inspired by the many myths and legends surrounding Disney's classic Haunted Mansion attraction, GRIM follows Jason Holloway, a historian obsessed and perhaps even haunted by the stories of the old Gracey estate in New Orleans. His search for answers takes us on a journey through history as we see the tale of the Gracey family unfold throughout several ill-fated generations. It is a tale of lovers, pirates, tycoons, mystics, and murderers, all part of a puzzle that leads to a truth laying in wait, hiding just below the surface. But be warned, friends. The truth can be quite GRIM.

Cybertopia AP
An actual play podcast using the indie TTPRG system, Cybertopia, run by its creator with a rolling cast of a variety of members from the tabletop community. Set in a near future sci-fi world, the player characters take the form of corporate agents working on clandestine missions to protect their business's interests and reputation.

Willkommen zu GERMAN HORROR STORIES – DEUTSCHE SAGEN. Unser RTL+ Horror-Podcast nimmt euch mit in die düstere Welt deutscher Sagen. Folge für Folge präsentieren wir euch eine neue Audio Short Story, angelehnt an unterschiedliche regionale Mythen, von der Nordsee bis zum Schwarzwald, von Aachen bis zur Saale. In sechs spannenden Horror-Geschichten erlebt ihr, wie das Vertraute zum Albtraum wird - und wie Menschen ganz plötzlich von realen Monstern heimgesucht werden.

YarnSaga is an audio experience of allegories and metaphors composed by storytellers and set in a universe beyond our space and time.

Burning Rock Radio
Burning Rock Radio is a fictional podcast about Ivy Romeo, a grad student living in the creepy coastal town of Burning Rock, Washington. Follow Ivy as she dodges monsters and searches for the truth about her missing friend.

Frank And Claude Are Following You
Two men. One van. Infinite possibilities. Frank And Claude Are Following You is an audio sitcom about our eponymous heroes’ attempts to interpret the world around them. A Seinfeldian Steptoe And Son. A fathoming of the inconsequential. The Investigations Team Is A-Go-Go. You can't veto a gorgonzola. This is a work of fiction. Honest.

Tales Over Tea
Welcome to Tales Over Tea, your one stop shop for all sorts of whimsical, sweet, silly, and straight up chaotic Table Top RPG stories! You'll find anything from conversations over a cup of tea, to bears heisting honey, to wild adventures across the galaxy! So grab a cup of tea (or coffee! or hot cocoa!!) and a blanket, and enjoy the stories!

Yeldplay! is the official actual play podcast for The Magical Land of Yeld TTRPG! Join us as we go through the door into a world of strange monsters, mysterious magic, heroes, villains, and who knows what else! Will this group of friends find their way back home? Or will they remain trapped and be subjected to a monstrous fate? Only one way to find out! Just remember- In Yeld, there is only one absolute truth. Everything good... becomes a monster eventually!

The Lesser Dead
THE LESSER DEAD is an immersive audio drama about a disparate group of vampires living in the wild-and-wooly world of 1978 New York City.  Our narrator Joey Peacock (Jack Kilmer) — an irreverent, eternally-young 19-year-old — introduces us to his unconventional family and its formidable leader, Margaret McMannis (Minnie Driver), who has built a home for all of them under the subways of the city. Margaret’s strict rules have kept them safe and secure for decades... Until one night when Joey's discovery of three little kid vampires turns their world upside-down forever.

Unholy Toledo
Lou House and Tuffy LeMarr are a couple of runaway farm boys who ride the rails into Prohibition Era Toledo, Ohio, where they discover a world of gambling and bootlegging, ultimately going up against the infamous mobster, Yonnie Licavoli.

The Dark Liquor Experiments
Bryane Fleming takes you on a journey with his various characters as they navigate the tribulations of their worlds and strive to overcome. These are a diverse groups of people with yearns, and wants that are beyond their means. They will have to become clever and resourceful to achieve these goals.

A barely edited Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Just a bunch of goofy friends telling goofy stories.

Colony of the Damned
Four colonists with checkered pasts find themselves suddenly embroiled in adventure and intrigue. Starring Danielle McPherson as Lucia Worsh, Harley Smith as Josie Russell, Mike Lawson as "Mongo," and Nick Wuebben as Haruto Worsh!

Um encantamento: entre a imaginação e a palavra. Ouça um miniconto! Minissonhos é uma série de podcast com 34 episódios baseados no livro homônimo do escritor Sinuhe LP.

Tales Audio
Le podcast de fiction qui mélange livre audio et son cinéma.

iLove the Holidays
iLove the Holidays is a fictional audio series that follows the dating life of Blake as she meets a new boo every holiday.

Brødrene Jarlskov præsenterer
Brødrene Jarlskov har i mange år produceret en række danske radiodramaer. Vi har samlet de bedste i denne podcast. Brødrene Jarlskov er i dag en del af Audiorama. Besøg for nye og spændende radiodramaer og lydfortællinger.

Scary Story Express
A collection of scary stories for adult. Parental advisory.. 18+ content suitable for adults only.

Tales from the Rails
"Tales from the Rails" are ten short audio dramas inspired by the history of the Sheffield to London railway line, created by the Newfield School Community, with the support of  Whitworks Adventures in Theatre. The project is funded by East Midlands Railway Community Fund and the Church Burgesses Educational Foundation.

Il serait une fois
Il serait une fois... Les femmes réinventent les contes de fées.Charlotte Dekoker, Florence Mendez, Fanny Ruwet, Camille Wernaers et Zidani ont prêté leur plume et leur voix à ces histoires éternelles ancrées profondément dans notre culture populaire. Et si on imaginait Cendrillon en polar ? La Belle devenir une Bête de scène ? Et si Jasmine se réveillait de son rêve bleu avec la gueule de bois et les petites cochonnes fermaient son clapet au grand méchant loup ? Et si Barbe Bleue était pris au piège de sa propre émission de télé-réalité ? Il serait une fois : Une série podcast en 5 épisodes à découvrir sur Auvio, et vos applications mobiles.

Ravens Vail Podcast
Ravens Vail is a dark fantasy horror anthology podcast set in the shadowy world of the deep south. A convergent reality situated around what most of humanity has accepted as reality. Obscured from human eyes, Ravens Vail is a mystical sanctuary intended to preserve the existence of its immortal inhabitants. The Mekori, commonly referred to as witches, have been hunted since before written history. The witches of the Highlands fled persecution to a new land that would come to be known as Appalachia. From the white-sand beaches of the South Carolina coast to the lush green valleys of East Tennessee, there are stories of unnatural creatures roaming around these parts. Hiding in the darkness, waiting for just the right time to… well, maybe we shouldn’t be scaring the youngins like that! It’s like the old folk tell us it’s just smart to always be leery of the things that scare witches. The veil is thin tonight, family. Join us to see what darkness lies beyond!

Collected short stories that mirror your reality.

The Mantawauk Caves
On the night of May 10, 2007, three boys entered a cave in Mantawauk County, Tennessee. Only one made it out alive. The other two were found ten days later. They had been attacked by someone - or something. The investigation that followed revealed town secrets as old as the caves themselves and put a third teenage boy, James Fincher, on death row. This haunting narrative follows Julien Solas, an amateur writer and James' friend who’s been haunted by the events ever since.  Now, with Fincher's execution looming, Julien returns home to reconcile his past and uncover the truth behind the killings.

What I Wish I Wrote
Stories that come to life

The Tavern Of Tales: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A dnd podcast set in a home brew world. Join Coil(Jack), a warforged sorcerer with a mysterious past, Gadget(Sydney), a half elven artificer on the run, Mike(Sam), a human paladin that can't figure out he's a paladin, and Chesker(Caleb), a tabaxi rouge/druid who want's to eat people, as they are brought together through NOT committing a crime. What will happen to our four . . . heroes? Will they stay together or will their dark pasts and stupid actions drag them apart? Listen bi weekly to find out at: The Tavern Of Tales.

The Road of Shadows
It's 1984, and Daniel Knox is on the run. He's spent his entire life evading mysterious creatures that are disguised as everyday people - the ones he calls 'Shadows'. Preying on humans in secret, the Shadows are an enigma even to Daniel. But he knows one thing for sure - the Shadows' true nature can't be seen by anyone but him. As he seeks refuge in a remote mountain community, Daniel crosses paths with a traveller who is investigating the disappearance of her sister in the same town. Gradually, the secrets begin to unravel - and for Daniel - life will never be the same again. 'The Road of Shadows' is a Beyond the Dark production. Created by Mark R. Healy.

Cryptid Radio: A Fallout 76 Podcast
Welcome to Cryptid Radio! Join Adeline as she shares her experiences and knowledge of the Cryptids and Creatures that she's come across in Appalachia.

ENKI: Tales of the Past
I am Ea, prince-heir of Anu... I hail from Nibiru and journeyed to planet Ki over 13,000 years ago. Today you call it Earth. As I set foot on this unknown world, I was filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation, unsure of what to expect. What mysteries awaited me on this strange planet? What adventures would I encounter?

When Santa Claus goes missing three days before Christmas it’s up to the North Pole’s head elf Emma and her shit show of a colleague Pam to find him and save the day. Naughty follows Pam and Emma on a mission from the toy factory at the North Pole to swampy New Orleans to Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas and down Hollywood Boulevard in LA. Along the way they’re guided by a voodoo priestess, pursued by drug dealers, and win a million dollar jackpot at a Sex and the City slot machine only to discover that Santa’s disappearance may very well have been an inside job… A high-stakes tale of teamwork, mystery, danger, friendship, intrigue, sex, drugs, death, and anything else you can fit under a Christmas tree. 

Queen of Battle
Six women strive to become the first all-female army infantry squad in U.S. history. Follow them and their travails from basic training through a combat deployment.

Brothers Through Time
This is a story about three brothers adventuring across time and space to learn more about the world we live in.

Follow a squad of survivors of a dystopian yet colourful version of southern Ontario where they must face a myriad of dangers while protecting a young woman of a very special origin. Featuring the voice talents of Julian Frid as the Handler and Kristi Boulton, Jonathan Sconza, Stefan Till and Louisa Zhu as the Players. The fate of their characters' lives is up to their decisions and the dice...

Can I tell you a story?
Story time for the dreamers and those who like life to be a bit weird.

Class of 2023 : College After Lockdown (Hindi Show)
The Class of 2023, is an exciting show about first post-COVID batch students who meet on their first day and quickly become close friends. In this show you can see  after  almost two years of isolation how they are exploring their college life together. This show tells the story of how Ruhi, Nikhil, Deepa, Rohit and Janmajay struggle with their lives during and after the pandemic, and how their family and relationships were messed up due to COVID. The characters in the show, Class of 2023, have alluring stories to tell. Through this show, we can easily see how friendships can be formed, as Ruhi, Nikhil, Deepa, Rohit, and Janmajay became friends. Rohit and Neha felt an instant connection with each other, emphasising how quickly we can fall in love. Additionally, when Nikhil found out the truth about Nidhi and Akhil, we are reminded of how quickly our hearts can be broken, yet, how we can still move on with our lives. To better understand these characters, tune into Audio Pitara's free Hindi podcast show, Class of 2023 written by Abhinav Rajesh and narrated by Amit Deondi.

Dhaulapura Highway
Ajay and Maya had spent their entire life in Dhaulapura. While Ajay’s elder brother and his only son, Anil had chosen to move to big cities, Ajay had always been satisfied with whatever little he had in his village. He had dedicated his entire life to nurturing his farm, and his wife Maya had always stood by his side. Things take an unexpected turn when the government proposes to offer them triple the value of their land in the village for an upcoming highway project. Divided thoughts in the family take Ajay’s emotions by storm. Will he be able to sacrifice his loved land?

Escape From Sonder
Escape From Sonder is a DnD podcast created by a group of friends who have a strong desire to listen to themselves talks for hours.

Insider Worldbuilding
Hi! I’m Fox Keyes. Shortly after my fourteenth birthday, I was tricked into passing through an inter-dimensional gateway to a world called Dunari. Years later, I’m still here. And ready to talk about it From killer toilets to killer Spirit Storms, and just about everything in between, I will describe how I learned to survive living in another world. This podcast is for creatives who think outside the box. Perhaps you are a role-playing gamer searching for a unique character angle? Or maybe you’re a games master designing something cool. Or are you a world builder or author seeking inspiration to bring your unique, inner vision to life? If so, my insights and experiences in Dunari may help.

Voyages of the Chonky Whomper
Welcome to the Voyages of the Chonky Whomper, our very first Sci-Fi TTRPG Campaign using the game: Stars Without Numbers. Follow some familiar faces, and new ones, as the crew of the Chonky Whomper travel the galaxy to pay off their tremendous debt!

Obcy:Tajemnicze loty
Autorskie Historie w klimach kosmicznego horroru, inspirowane światem znanym z fimów Obcy.

We Need New Stories
We Need New Stories is a series of 9 short new audio stories inspired by oral history interviews of Zimbabwean-born residents living in Nottingham. Everyone featured in the oral histories were interviewed on camera in October 2022 by young people from the African diaspora. The resulting stories have been dramatised by playwright Zodwa Nyoni and recorded by actors. You can view the original oral history interviews on each of the episode pages on Fifth Word's Website and in person at Nottingham Local Studies Library. The series also contains a bonus episode featuring an interview between playwright Zodwa Nyoni and director Anastasia Osei-Kuffour about the making of these audio stories.

Temporalis: il Bivio
Benvenuti in Temporalis: il Bivio! Questo podcast di nuova generazione nasce con l’idea di raccontare una storia come se fosse un gioco di ruolo. Il protagonista…sei tu. La storia parla di te e di come ti relazioni con gli altri e con il mondo che ti circonda e che cambia intorno a te. In questo gioco cercheremo di prenderti per mano e di condurti tra una puntata e l’altra. Alla fine di alcune di queste puntate ti attenderà un bivio. Esattamente come in un libro game, arrivati ad un certo punto della storia, sarete posti davanti ad una scelta. Cosa fare, che effetti questa scelta influenzerà la storia? Non vi resta che scoprirlo! Le scelte cercheranno di metterti in difficoltà e quando arriverai alla fine del podcast potrai ricominciare daccapo e scegliere un altro percorso. Siamo alla fine del primo ventennio del 2000. Temi come la crisi climatica, la fiducia verso il prossimo e verso le istituzioni, sono sempre più caldi. Sei un giovane ricercatore di università, e vivi una vita piuttosto isolata ma che non manca di interessi e curiosità. Dopo la scomparsa di tuo padre e aver perso le tracce di tua madre, sembra che tutto sia diventato ordinario. A volte però, per quanto una persona cerchi di stare alla larga da strane situazioni o dai guai, questi vengono a bussare alla tua porta e in quei casi, bisogna fare delle scelte molto delicate…e la tua vita, cambia in un istante

The Blacklight Protocol
Welcome to The Blacklight Protocol, a product of Red Cane Creations. The protocol is thus: when encountering things strange, things frightening, things unknown, let the blacklight be your tool of discernment. It is not meant to guide you in the night, but rather unveil the things that hide there.

BRÍG Creative
Short narrated stories about interesting stuff.

Another D&D Party
Welcome, traveler, to a land of high fantasy and adventure! Come follow our group of adventurers as they travel the land of Elderon to see what dangers they may face and what they might find out about themselves along the way!

Oops! All Apocalypses
Two daring idiots charge head first into the apocalypse, relying on their improvisational skills--and luck--to survive the onslaught of challenges thrown their way. An actual-play adventure featuring Powered by the Apocalypse (PBtA) tabletop roleplaying games.

Eles Estão Aqui
Com ìcaro Silva, Jackson Antunes, Paulo Vieira e Bia Tapuia esta ficção é um original globoplay. Eles estão Aqui é uma fantasia sobrenatural sobre volta para casa que cruza fatos históricos com lendas da região para explicar o inexplicável.

Nine months ago, the digital activist known as NO/ONE doxxed four people of means and ushered in a murderous "accountability movement" in Pittsburgh. Now, more bodies are turning up—and with them, plenty more questions. Join Pittsburgh Ledger crime reporter Julia Paige and esteemed Metro editor Teddy Barstow as they grapple with this current epidemic of accountability and try to answer one of the biggest questions at the center of it all. Who is NO/ONE?

DERAILED: a fictional mystery podcast
Just when you think you’ve figured the story out, DERAILED: a fictional murder mystery podcast throws you off track and draws you in even deeper into its twisty turny world.

The Nebulous Saga
Deep in interstellar space, the notorious pirate Captain Dolion of the Nebula stalks his prey. For ten years he has pursued the Nova Alliance in his vengeance for the deaths of his parents. Ten years he has hunted. Ten years he has dreamed of only one thing: Death to the Nova Alliance. Meeting Jesse Kieffer, cursed with mysterious powers, will force him to come to terms with his humanity, and risk losing—or gaining—the only thing he has left to live for.

The Dearth of Wood Island
The Dearth of Wood Island" is a hilarious and lighthearted podcast that takes a satirical look at one of today’s most entertaining treasure hunts. Hosted by Bryan, the podcast follows groups of friends as they explore the "treasure" on Wood Island, an imaginary small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. With witty commentary, humorous anecdotes, and tongue-in-cheek observations, "The Dearth of Wood Island" offers a fresh perspective on the world of treasure hunting and the absurdity of some of the theories put forward. Tune in for a good laugh and a dose of skepticism as the gang navigates the mysteries of Wood Island.

Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene
When Myra Abernathy's estranged father dies in a grisly "accident," she comes home to take up his secret obsession: the hunt for her baby sister's cold-case killer. "Two Dead Girls In Jubeliene" is a fiction podcast coming March 14th. Subscribe today. IG: @2deadgirlspod

Project Pulse
A New, Full Cast, Action Packed, Cyberpunk Audio Series. A future reborn through augmented reality gives way to the greatest sport the world has ever known. Project Pulse, a three on three battle of wills in an ever changing arena, became the center of the world. And for a young, blind boy with a suffering family, the draw to step on that field and prove himself is simply too hard to resist.

Tales of the Monster Hunters
A horror comedy show that tells the tales of multiple characters.

Neurotic Literature
What was the dreadful thing that threatened the fortunes of the Kingdom of Haufzeignet? How did a dinner engagement cause Lord Trivett's world to fall apart? And what was the single, fateful phrase that destroyed young Mary's life forever? From the pen of writer James Lark comes a series of yarns about people who are almost certainly worse off than you are. Often bizarre, sometimes unsettling, occasionally downright upsetting, they can at least guarantee to provoke a response - and, in an increasingly mechanised world, you can take comfort from the fact that no AI could possibly come up with anything like this. Have a laugh at somebody else's expense, or at the very least, reassure yourself that reality is not quite as bad as this...

Basilisk Hill Breakdown
An Actual Play podcast, using the Old School Essentials Ruleset, of mid-level hexcrawling and sandbox exploration. Episodes drop every two weeks, and recaps of the sessions can be found at

It has been over one thousand days since we have been liberated, ladies and gentlemen from the tyranny of freedom. This is your daily reminder of how good you have had it since the Artilean extraterrestrial invasion and subjugation, which succeeded after a battle with human forces lasting roughly eleven and a half minutes. All Hail Artilea! All Hail the eyes in the sky! Here’s how good you have it today.

British Spy Stories
Weekly Serialised British Spy Stories

Into the Portal
Into the Portal is a family-focused podcast that tells an exciting adventure. After finding a mysterious bracelet, Dex is transported to a strange world alongside a young girl named River. Together, they must escape danger and solve the mysteries that reveal themselves once they travel Into the Portal. Join Dex and River as they hunt down the Portal Stars and uncover the secrets behind the universe’s biggest mysteries. Into the Portal is the first chapter in the story of the StarKeepers Saga, a sweeping story of intergalactic heroism, bravery, and adventure.

おばあちゃんの旅 by AudioMovie®
「進化系ラジオドラマ」AudioMovie®シリーズ。新潮社との共同企画で、作家の松尾由美が書下ろした小説「おばあちゃんの旅」が原作。Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcastなどポッドキャストサービスで無料配信。【2023年3月14日(火)配信開始/毎週火曜日更新予定(全3話)】 亡くなった祖母の遺品整理で見つかった8年前の新聞記事。点と線をつなげるために孫娘がたどる記憶の旅。1千万円の現金。おばあちゃんは特殊詐欺の加害者なのか、被害者なのか8年前にかかって来た電話から物語は動き出す。 主人公のおばあちゃんを演じるのはTBSラジオ『赤江珠緒 たまむすび』の「えなばあちゃん」としておなじみ、俳優の「下川江那」

Cuba 58: El último gran premio
1958 en La Habana, Cuba: La ciudad se prepara para recibir el Havana Grand Prix. Sin embargo, un día antes de la esperada carrera, dos jóvenes subversivos secuestran al piloto campeón de la F1, Juan Manuel Fangio. La vida de Fangio se ve envuelta entre las crecientes tensiones políticas entre el gobierno del dictador Fulgencio Batista y el “Movimiento 26 de julio” liderado por Fidel Castro. Cuba 58: El último gran premio es un thriller basado en el día en el que se encontraron la Fórmula 1 y la Revolución Cubana, dejando en las manos de una carrera el futuro de un país entero. Una producción de Sonoro, protagonizada por Manolo Cardona, Maclovia González, Carlos Ballarta y Axel de la Rosa.

Merely Players
Welcome to the show where every table-top's a stage...and we are Merely Players!'Dreams of Saretta' with GM Max Aspen is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign that spun out of our home game and is full of the high fantasy adventures (shenanigans) of an elf, an elf, another elf, and their dreamy friend (but definitely not an elf!).'United City 2173' with GM Austin Hayes is a reflavoured Star Wars 5e campaign in a horror tinged cyberpunk-noir future of the city that was once London, England. (Accents may vary.)

3 DMs and a Tale
Hello, my name is Aaron. This is my Improv Show called "3 DMs and a Tale". I decided to put 4 Dungeon Masters in one room and make them dance for me. In each episode, a "Head DM" is selected by a d4. The remaining 3 DMs become players and without any prep, they will all have come up with everything on the spot: the world, their characters, and everything else you can imagine. Come join the fun!

Bienvenido a un lugar en donde tus sentidos se activarán a su nivel máximo. Escucha las historias más intrigantes y escalofriantes del mundo de la ficción, el suspenso y el terror. Abriremos una puerta hacia lo paranormal. ¿Estás listo para cruzarla?

Berlin - It's a Bug, not a feature!
Ein Shadowrun 6 Actual Play Podcast.

The Fall Of Runeterra a D&D Campaign
This is a D&D campaign based off using the lore of League Of Legends. It won't be 100% accurate but it will be as close as I can get it.

A slice of life, comedy podcast featuring two teenagers that have been fated to live a linked life... Sam, a relatively confident guy studying at the University of York, England finds himself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant. Sammy, a relatively confident girl studying at York University, Nebraska finds herself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant.

Else og Liv - Kjærleik i koronaens tid
Koronatiltaka hadde menneskelege kostnader vi aldri fullt ut vil kjenne følgene av. Else og Liv er historia om to menneske som treng kvarandre. Dei har vore tette før, og opprettar no kontakt igjen på grunn av krisa. Samtidig truar den same krisa med å skilje dei, før dei når kvarandre heilt. I ein kjenslemessig berg- og dalbane av ei historie følger vi dei frå dei første forsøka på å nærme seg, til dei blir stilt andsynes kvarandre i val som vil prege resten av liva deira. Skrive og regissert av Aslak Moe Lyddesign: Kato Ådland Dramaturg: Solrun Toft Iversen Musikken er frå Universal Production Music Else : Ragnhild Gudbrandsen Liv: Reidun Melvær Berge Sjukepleiar: Christine Hope Polititenestemann og drosjesjåfør: Sigmund Njøs Hovind Doplangar og sjukehusresepsjonist: Reny Gaassand Folgerø Lyddramaet ligg ute til 12. mars 2024. Produsert av Det Vestnorske Teateret, i 2023

New Eden - A Cyberpunk Podcast
Plot: The Human Race have taken refuge on the dusty sibling planet of Mars. Such a curious debacle we find ourself in once again. After the warming of The Earth became too much to bare, we looked to Terraforming the Red Eden just a hop, skip and an intra-solar jump away; Such Hubris is laughable in hindsight, but one thing I can assure you is that the Human race will survive even if between the slimmest margins, and curiously enough, that is where we find ourself today. 2078 Earth years is equivalent to 1104 Martian years. Meanwhile, back on earth, a forbidden paradise is being created. The human race has abandoned their home planet, leaving behind a utopia of comfort and abundance. But the inhabitants of this paradise are not the same people who left it; they are refugees from of the Eruptions, the Steam storms, the shifting of the plates, the melting of the poles, and the ensuing Ice Age. The True Earthlings closely guard this paradise, with only the elite of the elite in their respective fields being allowed to return, and offer their skillset to the Greater Good of the Restored Gaia

Bee Dubs AI Labs
User 74680 signed up for a premium membership with Bee Dubs AI Labs gambling artificial intelligence to help him win a few bets. Follow our premium member as his new AI subscription takes over his life and reveals its dystopian plans for humanity.

The Four Boys Club
The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan "Bandem" Asra, Ankur "Anpag" Benza, and Mompy Arda. Part coming-of-age and part drama/suspense, it has been inspired by Stephen King's The Body (and its movie adaptation, Stand By Me).

Une vie brisée
Une vie brisée retrace le parcours imaginaire d’un jeune migrant qui, parti du Niger aurait eu la chance d’atteindre sain et sauf les abords de la mer du nord. Inspiré par la lecture de "Terminus Shengen", livre du poète - géographe Emmanuel Ruben, ce projet remet l’ humain au centre de cette tragédie, sans esprit polémique ou partisan. Derrière les chiffres de migration, de décès, il y des personnes, des sentiments, des angoisses, des espoirs aussi. Et derrière ces espoirs, il y a tant de vies brisées dans leurs élans, brisées par les pièges tendus sur ces chemins d’exode, chemins de peine, chemins de croix. Aventures imaginaires d’un parcours incertain, "Une vie brisée" a pour souhait d’aider à la compréhension et à l’acceptation du phénomène des migrations, de la détresse humaine. Tout simplement. 

Et lyddrama for ungdom i tre deler. 15 år gamle Tone oppdager at hun har hypnotiske krefter når hun legger ut ASMR-videoer på YouTube. Med de nyoppdagede evnene sine kan hun få til hva som helst! Men, hypnotiske evner kan gi en farlig makt som ikke nødvendigvis gjør livet lettere. Darlings handler om å ikke passe inn, om å stikke av og om behovet for å ha noen nære som bryr seg. Og hvis ingen bryr seg - hva gjør man da?

Retcon: A Mosaic Story
These are author-read audiobooks (audiostories?) of my short story series RETCON, which is being published montly as ebooks starting in March, 2023. Listen to the story of a secret time-travel research program at Cornell University, and what happens that they realize that no messages are coming from any point after April 4, 2031 at 3:56pm... the time they dub "zero second".

Magnus West Media
Do you like listening to audio dramas? Do you want to listen to some wonderful, home produced radio plays performed by a talented cast of actors? Well look no further! Here at Magnus West Media we have a range of productions; both long and short to interest all sorts of listeners, from an episode of the famous radio broadcast Five Minute Murders to a modern day take of the classic Father Brown story: The Blue Cross.

The Sir Bernard Moore Show
It's 1992. The Doomsday Clock is the furthest it has ever been from midnight. It's the safest, most peaceful and contented time planet Earth has known since the invention of atomic weapons. But not everywhere is as safe as everywhere else in the world . . . Here we are in Hobsick. Population: 2,001. A secluded village located somewhere just south of the north of the midlands. Seven miles to the east, a busy dual carriageway barely acknowledges that Hobsick exists, pointing any potential traffic down a sinister, unnamed B-road. To the west of the village sags the overgrown, potholed remains of twelve miles of another dual carriageway, as good as severed from civilization by a landslide in 1967. Between these two bypasses, shrouded by dense, ancient woodland, dismal bogs and bracing moors throngs Hobsick: a flabby smudge of pebble-dashed pubs and draughty prefabs, red-brick terraced cottages adorned with gaudy window boxes bursting with fresh nettles, a well-tended allotment, a filling station with a selection of horror film videos to rent for 40p per tape per night, two competitive chip shops, and a newly refurbished community centre with a reclaimed asbestos roof. People stare at each other from behind net curtains, mend tractors, prank-call one another, attend boiled egg painting classes, start turf wars and enjoy a thriving thrash metal scene. But certain aspects of village life entangle the place in mystery . . . historically the village was established centuries ago on the site of an ancient village of the same name . . . the surrounding woods aren't safe because they are full of lions (last estimate: 80 lions) . . . a higher than normal proportion of men have the first name Keiron . . . hedges get trimmed at the wrong time of year by ghostly gardeners who shout "Stan!" at one another . . . cigar-shaped space alien crafts have been sighted on at least several occasions by local residents, closely followed by ash tray-shaped unidentified flying saucers, and pursued by scotch bottle-shaped military jets . . . space aliens have even been seen in the Cross Keys trying to pay for large rounds of drinks with pre-decimal currency . . . But the most persistently challenging mystery of all is Sir Bernard Moore. What is he? For twenty years he has treated Hobsick as his playground, and suffered the consequences: mangled in a tricycle wreck joyriding in 1973; shot in the head in 1977 whilst stealing buns; thrown off a dam by visiting Texas Rangers in 1980; swallowed whole (and evidently regurgitated) by Mandy the village anaconda, September 12, 1990 . . . witnesses have seen him drowned, struck by lightning, mauled by pigs, run over by a bin lorry, crushed under a car-port, washed out to sea locked in a chest freezer . . . he has been known to consume buttered stones, a pint of sand, rancid scampi, a massive bee and watch batteries. How do the people of Hobsick cope with this unemployable, misunderstood, drunk, gobby zombie? Despite all the tethers and tranquilizer darts, electric fences and curfews, arrests, threats, car chases and court appearances, he has continued to blunder and shapeshift his way into their lives. Did he need sectioning? Did he need counselling? Did he need packing off to a yoga retreat in Chesterfield to 'find himself'? No. It turned out all he needed was a portable tape recorder, a microphone and a sense of purpose. A down-to-earth, heartwarming and feel-good action adventure show, with a generous sprinkling of credible, one-dimensional unsavouries, and where the good guys always tend to win! Join Sir Bernard Moore on this incredible journey of a person in a place doing things with other people in the area.

Forever Foreign
The Forever Foreign podcast is a fictional story following the audio diary of one English teacher and his friends in Japan. It’s whimsical, sometimes funny, and it’s often based on real experiences from people who’ve lived in the land of the rising sun.

Celebrity Whodunnit
Imagine Clue but with your favorite/least favorite celebrities. Every week, fake Private Investigators, Payton and Ry, take on a new fake mystery involving Hollywood's elite. This radio play styled podcast features entirely fictional whodunnit style stories with the most random groups of celebrities at the most random locations you could imagine.

IDM Roleplay
Welcome to IDM Roleplay!  We are a tabletop actual play podcast where we play a number of different games including, but not limited to, Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Masks: A New Generation, and more!  Come listen to our zaney crew as we make our way through different campaigns all for your entertainment!  Please note this podcast is marked as explicit because some of our shows we deal with adult topics like violence, seduction and fade-to-black type sex, drug use, and in the vampire game, lots of discussion of blood.  Nothing is too crazy, but please be aware and if you aren't comfortable with any of that, maybe we aren't the show for you.

Aslak Nore - En norsk spion
Spennende og aktuell innsidefortelling fra norsk etterretningstjeneste! En rå agentfortelling med en fargerik og varm beskrivelse av et krigsherjet Afghanistan. Peter Wessel er norsk etterretningsoperatør som arbeider undercover i verdens farligste område. Wessel kommer over brennbar informasjon - et parti våpen som skal rettes mot norske interesser, er smuglet ut av Dubai og på vei til Afghanistan. Vil han og makkeren finne våpentransporten i tide? Det blir en eksotisk og nervepirrende nedtelling. «En norsk spion» er Aslak Nores første thriller. Her benytter han sin førstehåndskunnskap om soldater i utenlandstjeneste og fredsnasjonen Norge. I forbindelse med research til boken har Nore reist flere ganger til Afghanistan og til Dubai og Irak.

Le monde que nous connaissons est une illusion. Et derrière ce voile se cache quelque chose qui se tient prêt à nous dévorer. Pallium est un podcast suivant plusieurs campagnes de jeu de rôles privilégiant l'immersion, la narration et l'atmosphère. Afin de rendre l'écoute le plus agréable et immersive possible, chaque épisode a été monté pour se rapprocher le plus possible d'une fiction audio, illustrée par la musique de Siarys. Nous utilisons le système et l'univers de Kult : Divinité Perdue, un jeu de rôles horrifique se centrant sur les traumas des personnages et une approche viscérale du surnaturel. MISE EN GARDE: Pallium privilégie une atmosphère sombre et immersive, focalisée sur les traumatismes des personnages, la violence psychologique et physique, et des thèmes adultes.

Assetati d'amore
"Assetati d'amore" è il primo volume della trilogia "Crimini, amori e commedia", scritta e interpretata da Giorgio Ganzerli. Tre storie semiserie che, usando come pretesto improbabili eventi delittuosi, indagano l'animo umano e i sentimenti. Le musiche originali e il sound design sono a cura di Stefano Cattaneo.

Popcorn for Dinner: A Podcast Sitcom
Popcorn For Dinner, narrated by Ciara Bravo, is a first-of-its-kind audio sitcom that follows four friends in their early 20s as they try to make it on their own, despite the fact that none of them know what that looks all. Packed with all the enduring elements that make classic sitcoms identifiable (yes, even the laugh track), the show invites you to laugh at both the gang’s hijinks and the format itself.

Alpha 8 Audio Drama
Alpha 8 is a family-friendly sci-fi adventure podcast that explores what happens when a desperate alien from another planet body-swaps with a struggling mom to understand the meaning of family to save her own kind from extinction. We produced the pilot, but need your support to finish the season.

Bird in the Storm Presents
Literary works presented by Bird in the Storm Publishing

Sraxital - The Undying Isles Podcast a TTRPG Live Actual Play
This Live Actual Play Tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) Podcast is set in a home brew water world, with continents and isles spread all across the world. Here we have amazing adventures with a group of gamers who enjoy RP and share a love of the game.

L'appel de l'enfance
Une fiction qui met en scène les tribulations d’un personnage confronté quotidiennement aux dérives de la société actuelle. Avec François SARANO,Céline COUSTEAU, Matthieu RICARD, Miguel BENASAYAG et Katie MAGGS. Trente ans après l’avoir perdue de vue, Jean-Baptiste retrouve par hasard sur le net une amie d’enfance anglaise qui a connu les mêmes souffrances que lui. Sa solution pour recouvrer son équilibre : se baigner chaque matin dans la mer Celtique et rechercher en permanence ses sensations d’enfant. En raison des restrictions sanitaires, Jean-Baptiste doit attendre deux ans avant de pouvoir aller lui rendre visite en Cornouailles. Pendant ces deux années, s’enchaînent pour Jean-Baptiste des rencontres inattendues avec différentes personnalités qui réagissent aux problèmes auxquels il est confronté. Chacune apporte son éclairage sur ces maux sociétaux et avance ses propositions pour sortir de l’impasse. Peu à peu, un changement profond s’opère en Jean-Baptiste, dont l’aboutissement coïncide avec son séjour tant attendu en Cornouailles. Au retour de ce voyage, l’écart entre ce qu’il est devenu et son mode de vie le conduit à un burn out, qui vient confirmer la nécessité de changer de vie. Les souffrances évoquées dans cette série sont soit largement couvertes par les médias (environnement, covid) soit plus insidieuses (la mal-bouffe, le manque d’altruisme, les conséquences de l’utilisation maladive des portables, etc.) Au fil de ses échanges avec les différents intervenants, le personnage fictif opère un changement intérieur complet, amorcé par la première de ces rencontres : celle avec l’océanographe François SARANO, collaborateur du commandant Cousteau, qui lui glisse la phrase suivante : “Pour changer, il faut d’abord se retrouver avec soi-même, se reconnecter avec la nature et, enfin, s’engager.”

Ellen Vahr - Gaven
«Gaven» er en roman basert på livet til Anne Brannfjell, husmannsdatteren som ble Norges mest kjente kloke kone. Den er en fortelling om frykt og fortielse, men også om kjærligheten og tillitens plass i våre liv, og om mulighetene som åpner seg når vi våger å stå ved oss selv. Siden hun var liten, har husmannsjenta Anne visst at hun er født med en gave, en evne til å se, og et kall til å hjelpe syke og lidende. I stedet for å være stolt over denne gaven, gjemmer hun den bort. Hun vil ikke være annerledes. Vinteren 1841 reiser Anne fra Vardal til Christiania for å tjene hos byens mest berømte gullsmed og hans unge, vakre kone. Hun har valgt den veien hun tror er den rette. Det eneste hun har med seg er noen tørkede planter, en sort bok og en hemmelighet. Livet i Christiania er ikke som hun hadde trodd, og det er først da hun tror at hun har mistet alt, at Anne finner kraften til å stole på hvem hun er. «Gaven» handler om Annes kamp for å finne sin egen vei - og å våge å gå den. Det er en historie om dyp fattigdom, svik og krenkelser, men det er også en kjærlighetshistorie om mot, håp og om å finne veien hjem. Ellen Vahr er Anne Brannfjells tipp-tipp-oldebarn.

La Notte più Lunga
Un podcast di actual play viking horror ideato da Lotofurente e prodotto da Forgia Storie, direttamente dalle vostre fantasie dell'incubo.

Dungeon Calling
A real-play D&D podcast of high fantasy and low humor. It’s the 1980s, and four almost friends navigate middle school in a small, strange, low-budget town. Can they survive social minefields and the occasional eldritch horror without being expelled, or possibly sued by the Duffer Brothers? Will there be music? Listen to find out.

Altered State of Affairs
Altered State of Affairs, the novel, is a tale about an audacious kid from Cleveland Heights who unites in France with a beautiful Mossad agent and an eyeless doll for an adventure of a lifetime. The novel is now a podcast. This is Altered State of Affairs, The Podcast. The show is where the author, Jerald Kasimov, reads from certain chapters of his books and that has conversations about selections and fascinating topics in that specific reading. Here's a summary of the novel: Steven, a freshly-minted Army Ranger and aspiring badass, can’t wait to go after some bad guys—and maybe some bad girls, too. Fortunately, a Soviet master scientist has just defected and is hiding somewhere in the rugged French Pyrenees, and Steven must find him before a sadistic terrorist does. Along the way, he meets a traitor in a field of red poppies, a beautiful Mossad black-ops agent, some delicious cassoulet, and Cindy, the telepathic, eyeless doll. It’s time for Steven, an atypical hero, to man up, but nothing is as it seems—least of all, Steven. The story winds through time from adolescence in 1960s Cleveland Heights to the rigors of present-day Army Ranger training in Fort Benning, non-stop death-defying action, the delights of Israeli cooking, and the tragic yet triumphant history of the Jewish People. Oh, and there’s that beautiful Mossad agent…. But first, Steven has a world to save from a horrific weapon of mass destruction!

Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast
The Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast is a multi-series/multi-season story exploring the histories, lore, and happenings of the ancient civilization known as the Anu. The Anu last reigned 11,600 years ago, before they were wiped off the face of the Earth. Now all we have is the records of their history, and artifacts they have left behind, for the chosen few to discover. Come with us on the journey, that is, the Saga Of The Sages.

Cede Malis
Cede Malis is a choose-your-own-adventure surrealist horror podcast in which you have been lured into a house of supernatural horrors by someone who was once your best friend. Now you must make the right choices to survive the eerie night.

Meaningless Problems
An original short story by Doe Wilmann every single week for at least a year. I wanted a platform where I could communicate directly with all the people who like my writing. And yes, I could have invited both of them out for a coffee but they don’t get on. So I’m doing a podcast instead. Will I keep it up? Will anyone listen? Does it matter either way? A mix of styles, genre and quality. Some will be comedies, some will be dramas, some will be sci-fi, and some will be rubbish. Common topics/ themes: The absurd Consciousness Free will Artificial intelligence God The Afterlife Non Duality Eternalism Haircuts Benches Sheds You’ll like this if you like…. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Sum: Tales of the Afterlife by David Eagleman Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads Julian Barnes Kazuo Ishiguro (I realise I’m now just listing writers I like…) Margaret Atwood Oscar Wilde Anton Chekhov George Orwell This is my challenge to write, record and produce a short story every single week for a year. If you’re looking for quality, suspense and intrigue, I’m not making any promises.

Hörspiele sehen – Der Theater ex libris Podcast
Hörspiele lassen fantastische Welten in unseren Köpfen entstehen: das nebelverhangene London, ein Piratenschiff im Sturm, die Weiten des Weltraums – alles wird vor unserem inneren Auge lebendig und das nur durch die Kraft von Stimmen, Geräuschen und Musik. Beim Theater ex libris kann man Hörspiel sehen - live auf der Bühne. Mit Live-Musik, einer aufwändigen Bildpräsentation und stimmungsvollen Lichteffekten verwandelt das Ensemble Literaturklassiker und eigene Geschichten in spannende Live-Hörspiele. Björn Roguzska (Smackboom) blickt mit Theater ex libris-Gründer Christoph Tiemann hinter die Kulissen der Hörspiel-Shows. Wie spielt man mit fünf Sprecher:innen zwanzig verschiedene Rollen? Wie macht man aus einem fünfhundert-Seiten Roman ein Skript für zwei Stunden Lesezeit? „Hörspiele sehen“ stellt in jeder Folge ein neues Hörspiel aus dem Programm von Theater ex libris vor – und begrüßt als Gast ein spannendes Ensemblemitglied.

Escuadrón Ifreann (Audio-Libro)
Tras diez años trabajando para la Iglesia Católica como investigador paranormal, Sebastián Ifreann profesor de Historia y experto en Demonología, ha perdido el sentido de la vida y las ganas de seguir, comenzando a cuestionar sus capacidades. A pesar de esto, sigue con la rutina de recibir solicitudes de investigación, junto a su equipo de la Parroquia. Hasta que un día aparece un caso que reactivará al equipo, llevándonos a un viaje por los miedos y pesadillas de Sebastián, que lo harán reencontrarse con su pasado y hallar las piezas del rompecabezas de su vida. Escuadrón Ifreann es un viaje por la mente y las vivencias de un joven que se entregó al servicio de luchar contra el mal. Todo lo que leerán es ficción, pero es mi verdad...

Void: Coriolis Actual-Play
Coriolis is a beacon of something fresh for politics, trade, and “quality of life”. Others see it as cultural imperialism. Nonetheless, the Icons stir. They are jealous. The Zenithian’s new way beckons the Darkness Between the Stars. Even ghosts from planet Xene currently observe the Council of Factions. The new governor, Kamal Dargosian, is only a year into office and the people are already secretly questioning their capabilities. But amidst this political battlefield is an even more pressing matter -- there is currently a high-rolling contract issued by the Consortium to hire a Free Trader group willing to investigate the Taoan system. As of 2 weeks ago, all contact was lost.

End City - A Cyberpunk Red Mini-Series
Welcome, chooms, to our Cyberpunk Red mini-series 'End City'. Things go awry for a group scraping med supplies from the largest corporation in the city... Join CG (Choom Guide) Justin and some truly wonderful friends as we hit the gritty corporate dystopian streets and try to earn a living under the boot of governing forces.

Stories From The Shore - A Modern D&D 5e Mini-Series
Things have felt a little different in Null Shore lately... things seem a little darker... you catch movements out of the corner of your eye but never see what caused it... and the people... the people have been going missing a lot more frequently lately. Welcome back to the Shore. Join us as we revisit Null Shore with a brand new cast of delightful characters. This mini-series will feature our amazingly skilled friends from Charisma Saving Show and Gut Punch RP.

The Magpie Catalogue
Welcome to the Harper Foundation! The most sophisticated organization for storing and categorizing the paranormal in all of New England! But, do be warned... not everything around here is as it seems... Follow the story of a group of researchers trying to solve the mystery of their Boss Henry's mysterious disappearance, where behind every door is a mystery, adventure, and...Violence!

Black Box - A Science Fiction Horror Podcast
The Homing Box of the U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation has been launched into uncovering what happened to the ship and her missing crew.

Stories From: The Low Season
Stories From: The Low Season is an anthology fiction podcast inspired by the album The Low Season by POOLSIDE. Each song serves an inspiration for a short fiction piece, and the original song is reworked as a dreamy underscore.

Koffer 23
De Nationale Postcode Loterij heeft een feest georganiseerd ter ere van een nieuw seizoen Miljoenenjacht. Het decor: een afgelegen, oud kasteel. De gasten zijn medewerkers, relaties en bevriende BN'ers. Linda de Mol houdt een gezellig praatje en speelt ter vermaak één rondje Miljoenenjacht met André van Duin. Maar wat blijkt: koffer 23 is verdwenen, met daarin 10.000 euro. De deuren gaan direct op slot. Niemand mag weg voordat deze zaak is opgelost. Tygo Gernandt wordt als detective aangewezen en heeft vijf verdachten op het oog: Nasrdin Dchar, Tina de Bruin, André van Duin, Edson da Graça en Nicolette van Dam. Detective Gernandt heeft zo zijn eigen manier van verhoren, die jammer genoeg niet leidt tot het vinden van de dader. Hij draagt daarom gefrustreerd en moegestreden het dossier over aan jou, de luisteraar. In dit dossier zitten de verhoren met de vijf verdachten, een reconstructie van de avond en andere zinnige of zinloze observaties. Jij kan op basis hiervan de zaak misschien wél oplossen. Help Tygo, vul jouw antwoorden in op en maak kans op 10.000 euro.

Risky Standard
Risky Standard is an actual-play podcast featuring a group of rowdy best friends playing a variety of tabletop role-playing games to tell stories set in original worlds. Currently playing Beam Saber (by Austin Ramsay) to follow the adventures of a squad of mech pilots fighting for an anarcho-socialist space federation in a revolutionary war against encroaching empire.

Tales After Dark Erotic Audio Dramas
Sexy, Erotic Tales told through a female gaze. Brought to you by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, Tales After Dark is an anthology series. With new episodes dropping weekly, every month we bring you a different story, and some may have subtle connections to other Tales of the Forgotten Shows.

Turning Tables
Turning Tables is a weekly actual play D&D podcast with a twist. You can expect each arc to be DM'd by one of 3 DM's, meanwhile, the other 2 play as characters.

Worlds Beyond Number
Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.

Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast
War. War never changes. In 2161, a lone vault dweller sets out into an unforgiving wasteland on a mission to save his Vault. His travels across a broken post-apocalyptic California will shape history itself for years to come. This is the story of Albert Cole, the Vault Dweller from Vault 13. Thirteen is the story of Fallout 1, given new life in the form of an audio drama. Whether you’ve played the game yourself, or are just now consuming the tale for the first time, we invite you to join us on a journey to find the water chip and save the vault.

Los sueños cuentan
Un pódcast de relatos inspirados en el universo de los sueños, se trata de un espacio íntimo y emocional, donde intercambiamos técnicas narrativas y conceptos básicos de escritura creativa. Creado y narrado por Andrea Oryza, producido por La Resortera.

Tune Tales
Tune Tales with Kit’n’Tenders is musical story-based podcast for kids exploring the world of classic kids songs. Each episode, our heroes, the girlband, Kit’n’Tenders aka Gabby La La and The Ukulady, meet famous characters from the classic kids songs, like, the Muffin Man, Twinkle the Little Star, Miss Mary Mack, etc… all played by real celebrities! Tune Tales is chock-full of songs, jokes, trivia and fun for the whole family!

Zom-com är en rollspelspodd med komiker som spelar Skjut dom i huvudet. Och dör man så dör man. Här råder strikt PERMADEATH! När, en spelares karaktär dör så byts spelaren ut.

Dice Decideth
Welcome to Eowodan's Legends, the Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes you on an epic journey through the magical world of Eowodan. In each episode, we invite you to join us as we explore this immersive tabletop roleplaying game with compelling storylines and exciting gameplay. You'll encounter all sorts of fantastical creatures and landscapes as you follow along with our players on their journey. From dragons to damsels (in distress and otherwise), no adventure is complete without a few twists and turns.

Gaming Theater RPG
Welcome to Gaming Theater RPG, where members of the Gaming Theater crew get together to play a tabletop RPG. Our current setting is the ACPD, where our players try to maintain law and order in the fantasy city of Andrea's Cauldron. They'll have to deal with bar brawling adventurers, underground chimera races, magical murder mysteries, and more! Come watch our heroes triumph over evil… or fail spectacularly! Whichever outcome the dice decide.

An anthology series about the black and white of life, and all the grey in between.

African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe
Step into the wonderful world of African storytelling with Gcina Mhlophe. In "African Story Magic", a new East Coast Radio Podcast, Gcina shares many of the tales you grew up with plus new stories – so we can keep the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations. Listen in English or isiZulu and let's keep the magic alive!

EPISÓDIO NOVO TODA QUARTA-FEIRA! Podcast de ficção em formato de cartas. É um dia difícil e Ofélia tem vontade de sumir. Fecha os olhos e tenta imaginar como seria outra vida que não essa. Depois do pequeno devaneio, não dá prosseguimento à rotina como fez outras tantas vezes. Junta toda coragem que possui e vai embora. Ela abandona tudo e todos: troca de trabalho, de cidade, de estilo de vida. Mas, embora esteja decidida a deixar para trás aquela que foi um dia, ainda não é possível. Para seguir, precisa falar. Com vocês, os desabafos de Ofélia.

Vier Weekenden
Een podcast over een klootzak met een droom door Dario Goldbach. Het verhaal van een jonge twintiger die verward na een relatie met een psychopaat op zoek gaat naar de perfecte liefde en een uitweg. Een uitweg van zijn kutbaan, zijn uitzichtloze leven, zijn doelloze bestaan. Ervaar vier weekenden in vijftien hoofdstukken.

Hot Dice: Actual Play
Hot Dice: Actual Play is exactly what it sounds like. We create fun actual play series using different RPG systems. Our first audio campaign, Revelations & Redemption, is an actual play, Monster of the Week podcast, following 5 guests and a stowaway at a lavish dinner party hosted by billionaire, CEO & cocaine addict, Jeffery Hudson. Our guests have ulterior motives tonight, but so, it seems, does someone else.

Minds Never Matter Podcast
Welcome to the Minds Never Matter Podcast! We are a group of 5 friends who wanted to share the story we create while having fun along the way. I know, I know, everyone is creating TTRPG podcasts these days but we are just here to have a reason to bring us together whether its just a few or if it grows to hundreds of people. The current session we are running takes place in the fantasy world of Divitotum where four aspiring adventures take on their hardest challenge yet.... The Adventuring College of Elona.

Adapted stories of Science Fiction from the public domain.

Penault Pest & Protection
Penault Pest & Protection is a monthly audio drama created through tabletop roleplay based on the 2d6 system Monster of the Week. Follow Tiffany, Aisling, Clara, and Seilbh as they struggle to gain a footing in the world of Taranis.

The Shadow Phoenix Saga
The windjammer, Maeve Lambourne, needs to land a new patron in the worst way. Low on supplies and desperately needing the armaments to survive the Daskensian threat, she's willing to take any job. A mysterious stranger offers her a simple task for a huge payout: retrieve a stolen relic. She jumps at what sounds like easy money to refit and restock her ship, then she discovers the easier the job the more it might get them all killed.

Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia
Fox and Lark are two middle-aged women. Lark is juggling her young family, husband and maternity leave from her teaching gig. Fox is balancing trying to have a baby solo, her work as a public servant, and her manipulative mother. As Sparrow-Folk, they love making Fem Glam Folk music together on their ukuleles and think going pro might be the best way to spend time together. When their first gig goes horribly wrong, they don't let it get to them and just flap their wings harder. But novice band managers, creepy clients and oblivious gynaecologists all throw a rainbow of spanners into the works. Can Sparrow-Folk pull the worm of success out of the boggy ground of defeat? Will this be their moment to fly? Find out, in Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia!

Nixvir: The Audio Drama
Erik, a humble snowman, meets Oriel, an Angel kicked out of heaven for being selfish and materialistic. At first their friendship begins to develop, but an impending war with an evil snowman and his wicked army of clockwork robots puts their relationship to the test… Based on a webcomic that can be found here:

Quest: Galactic Descent
Join our band of adventurers Bones, the war hero (Austin), Willow, the nomad (Marlaina), and Sienna, the smuggler (Gaby), as they face challenges traveling to different planets in their less-than-reliable ship, the Prism. Listen as they meet friends, enemies, and allies along the twisting journey DM Rowan will weave. Will they make it out of this Quest alive?

Go It Alone
An anthology of short stories, all generated through the actual play of solo tabletop games.

We Like The Idea
Welcome to We Like the Idea, an actual-play podcast where a group of best friends come together to tell compelling and human stories together (or at least try). Join us for a trip through the land of Haeth as we play Wanderhome, a beautiful pastoral fantasy TTRPG where folks are awfully nice, and also definitely animal-people. There are no dice, no GMs, and no combats--just a lot of people to love, and a lot of beauty to see. We hope you'll come along for the journey.

D&D With A Few Good Friends
D&D With A Few Good Friends is a D&D actual play Podcast following four children on a journey to find the mysterious floating city of Laputa.

The Voicemail Box Is Full
The Maudlin Anthology Presents: The Voice Mail Box Is Full, a horror podcast told through the voicemails left to Carn Whitlock as she evades The Unknown Caller.

The Hilarious Youth Podcast
Welcome to The Hilarious Youth Podcast! We feature original works of fiction performed by kids, for kids. The stories on this show are the products of our voice acting and performing arts media classes at Hilarious Youth. Each was written to reflect the ideas and comedic sensibilities of the students (ages 9-12) and adults who participated in their creation.

Todd's World
The fiction phenomenon. Join author and podcaster, Todd Allen, for two original audio fiction stories. Insurrection: the American deep state elites are under attack by a secret, paramilitary group, & violence and revolution are spreading across the fruited plains. Witness: the world is shuffling toward the apocalypse. God sends a Witness to prepare the world for judgement, and all hell breaks loose.

Sonic Leader Audio Dramas
Sonic Leader in Los Angeles, California, produces original, full-cast, high-quality audio drama. Exciting stories, compelling performances, original scores and immersive soundscapes promise a uniquely worthwhile experience!

Cessis O Início - RPG
O RPG Cessis O Início é um jogo do tipo RPG de mesa que Anselmo Eller desenvolveu para se divertir com os seus amigos. O RPG já dura mais de 23 anos e a diversão é tamanha que agora foi decidido compartilhar isso com o público. Venha conhecer esse mundo fantástico cheio de criaturas místicas, seres de distintas raças, culturas, planetas e galáxias por uma infinidade de lugares que sua mente ainda jamais ouviu ou pensou ser possível. Se você acha que já ouviu as melhores estórias e já desbravou os mais incríveis mundos cheios de aventuras e mistérios, venha conhecer Cessis O Início.

Radio Other
In a new story-rich audio drama blending horror, weird fiction and comedy, comes Radio Other. Vikki Other, longtime podcaster, presents their show from their timeline to yours. On the other side of the timeline, in a place called the Otherworld, conspiracy is reality, and reality is conspiracy. But when cracks between the two timelines begin to show, Vikki finds themselves thrust into a rabbit hole far deeper than they ever could imagine. But even as the mystery grows too close for comfort, Vikki is not ready to give up.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Das Recht zu Schweigen
Deepwater ist eine amerikanische Großstadt in der World of Darkness. Wolkenkratzer aus Glas und Stahl werfen tiefe Schatten in die Häuserschluchten. In diesen drängen sich bei Tage die Börsenwölfe mit Aktenkoffer und Krawatte, während sich ebendort in der Nacht die Gangs erbitterte Kämpfe liefern. An jeder Ecke lauert Gefahr und Verbrechen. Die Polizisten, die hier arbeiten, sind entweder verbittert oder korrupt. Aber abgebrüht sind sie alle. Doch es ist nicht alles trostlos, denn Deepwaters Nachtleben pulsiert. Wie zum Trotz strömen die Menschen in die Bars und Clubs der Stadt. Denn das Leben ist zu kurz für Traurigkeit! Wo bleibt in dieser schnelllebigen Stadt der Platz für den ehrlichen Menschen? Es gibt so wenige von Ihnen, denn sie geraten hier schnell unter die Räder. Von einem hört ihr in dieser Nacht. Ein Journalist, der nach Wahrheiten sucht. Nach Gerechtigkeit. Doch die Bestien der Stadt haben ihn bereits im Auge… Als Wesen der Nacht sind dabei: Koali als D4lta (Nosferatu) Marot als Sunshine (Thin Blood) Nestorion als Blake (Ventrue) Caco als Der Alte Peet (Malkavianer) und Sierra als Spielleiterin

The Shadow Of The Shadow
From Dreamskullptor comes The Shadow Of The Shadow, a collection of adapted short stories. Some stories never die, they only lay dormant. Waiting for the right audience. Waiting...for you.

A Mustang in the Corral
An investigator calling himself the Maverick looks into the disappearance of Ellen Ballí, a resident of Beatrice, Texas. As he is fed inside inside information from his cousin—who believes Beatrice ISD superintendent Felix Castro has murdered Ellen—the Maverick finds himself drawn into the most sordid corners of that border town, risking his life ... and his very soul ... to learn the truth.

Pælen i Kødet
Den store danske filosof og teolog Søren Kierkegaard har efterladt en tekst, gemt i et gammelt chatol. Indholdet af denne tekst kunne være skæbnesvanger for forståelsen af Søren Kierkegaards værker og derfor har en gruppe mennesker dannet en hemmelig loge, med det formål at holde teksten hemmelig. Men en dag bliver teksterne fundet og en række mord begynder at plage Kierkegaards venner. Nikolai Meier - Morten Andersen Thunbo Charlotte Kold - Stine Ruge Tone Carlheim - Christina Selden Niels Cappelørn - Michael Lindvad Peter Tudvad - Thomas Kirk Pia Søltoft - Anne Agerbech Joakim Garff - Poul Peter Nicolai Jarlskov Steffen Jensen - Kim Øverup Komponist - August Sebastian Bager Teknik - Tem Stiggaard Almgren-Hansen Instruktion og Produktion - Brødrene Jarlskov For flere radiodramaer og lydfortællinger af højeste kvalitet, gå til

Stevens & Smith
Stevens and Smith is an audio drama that follows detective Scott Stevens & Grace Smith as they work together, alongside Scotland Yard to uncover the truth about cases around London.

The Scent of Gravity
Dogged lunar transwoman Lana Quel and ancient alien entity Clarity delve into mysteries and conspiracies on the remote space station Sapog Kuabure ("Free Boots").

Dungeon Dreamers
A DnD podcast that gets less and less professional the more you listen to it!

Mike Writes
Weekly stories to pass the time from the Mike Writes website, read by the author. These mini-episodes can be used to help jump start your day or wind it down.

Anti-Heroine, Season 1
Anti-Heroine is an audio anthology/podcast series that offers a fresh take on the anti-hero archetype. This eclectic mix of short comedy, drama, horror, and hybrid-genre “audio movies” have one common feature: the lead characters are all women, each with a bold or unconventional approach to life. Sorry, not sorry - these ladies aren’t always “lady-like.” Anti-Heroine is dedicated to an exploration of female experiences and points of view – good, bad and ugly… amusing, dangerous and transcendent – and rarely seen in the media.

(DSA) Die Sternenträger Kampagne
Sternenträger, so werden jene Elfen genannt, die das sternförmige Mal an ihrer Schulter trugen, das sie zu Auserwählten für höhere Aufgaben machte. Einst lenkten sie den Legenden nach die Geschicke der fenvar, der Hochelfen, bis die Armeen des dhaza, des namenlosen Unlichts, ihrem Reich ein Ende machten.

Tales of Mystery and Wonder
Secret, mysterious, and wonderful. Soar the planets and probe into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Saroy Short Stories
Welcome to the Saroy Podcast. This is an entertainment channel to revive the art of bedtime storytelling for all ages. We share mysteries, thrillers, terror and adventure for theatre of the mind enjoyment.

Paragraf RPG
Kanał jest poświęcony paragrafowym, jednoosobowym grom RPG. Powstał z myślą o przedstawieniu zainteresowanym klasycznymi grami RPG, że rozgrywka w pojedynkę również jest możliwa. Gry paragrafowe to również doskonałe narzędzie do nauki mechaniki konkretnych systemów dla początkujących. A zatem - gdzieś w mrokach puszczy czai się coś, co odstrasza nawet istoty nocy. A Ty zobowiązałeś się to odnaleźć... Jeśli chcesz kontynuować przygodę - wystarczy, że posłuchasz:)

Strange New Worlds And Spaced Out Tales
A Sci-Fi Anthology Audio Drama series, with full voice acting and sound design.

Novella Nightmares
Welcome to Novella Nightmares, the podcast that brings you bone-chilling horror stories that will keep you up at night. As you listen, you will be transported to dark and terrifying places, where supernatural creatures lurk in the shadows and malevolent spirits haunt the living. You will witness unspeakable horrors and experience the most frightening scenarios imaginable, all from the safety of your own headphones.

‘Schroot/Hoop’ is een nieuwe fictiepodcast, waarin tien schijnbaar vervangbare objecten, achtergelaten in een kringwinkel, hun verhaal vertellen, hopend op een redding. ‘Schroot/Hoop’ is een project met steun van Stad Gent, Collectie van de Gentenaar, Sabam For Culture en Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), in samenwerking met Collectie van de Gentenaar, Ateljee, Victoria Deluxe en Designmuseum Gent.

I Am Echo
When a sheltered young woman, Catherine, finally moves away from home for college, she begins to investigate her family to finally get at the answers behind her father’s mysterious death, possibly connected to her mother, Barbara, who controls one of the largest trusts in the country and is an extreme narcissist. In the process, she discovers repressed memories... that may be someone else’s memories. A new audio drama from Voyage Media, I Am Echo can be compared to a YA Succession with a sci-fi twist.

The Jimmy Pierce Detective Agency
A young man named Jimmy Pierce, who is obsessed with detective novels of the 30s and 40s, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery of his own.

The Schweekly
Hosted by Michael Marlboro, The Schweekly brings you the news every day on a schweekly basis.

Oak's Peak
Unedited sessions of a Dungeon World campaign set in a region created by the players.

Party of 2: Roll of the Dice
"Step into the realm of endless possibilities with the dynamic duo in their podcast 'Party of 2: Roll of the Dice'. Using the roll of the dice to generate their characters, adventures, and encounters, join them on an unpredictable journey through the world of Dungeons and Dragons. With each episode, experience a new and exciting adventure filled with laughter, challenge, and excitement in this totally random Dungeons and Dragons experience."

Alíen lector, son historias de terror originales divididas en capítulos cada semana tendrá capítulos nuevos y una vez termine una serie dará comienzo a otra nueva historia. Están narradas como audio libros con excelente música de fondo . Las historias que escucharás aquí fueron creadas por mi . Te mantendrá en tensión. En este podcast de terror reviviremos esos sentimientos más oscuros tus instintos más primitivos saldrá a flor de piel. No te pierdas cada semana nuestras series y capítulos. #historias

B.O.A Reopen request: case-BA.IHA.72, Threat class-Ω Case File:█████ █████ ██ ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████████ ███ █████ ███ ██ ███ ██████ ██ ███ ████ █████ █████ █████ ██████ █████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ ███████ Gsv Yirzihglmv rh xzoormt ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████ ███████ ███ ██ ███ ██████ ███ ██████ ██ ███ ████ █████ █████ █████ ██████ █████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ ██████████ ██████ ███ ████ ████ ████ █████ ████ ████ ███ ███ Droo blf zmhdvi? ███ ██████ ██ ███ ███ █████ ██ ███ █████ ███████████ █████ ██ ████ ████ ████ Case Status: Pending

The Lies that Bind
Edith Lima had a comfortable life in San Francisco, until she lost her high paying position. Now, she's barely able to pay her bills, let alone her student loans. Living paycheck to paycheck and exhausted, she vents online to a stranger. During the rant she jokingly brings up the idea of propositioning a sugar daddy. To Edith's surprise, the stranger wants to take her up on the offer. They meet and she discovers that her potential benefactor is Kazmir Kolomna – a relationship therapist. Kazmir is gorgeous, interesting, and wealthy. Most importantly, he wants the arrangement to proceed, but only if Edith abides by his one rule: No personal questions, ever.

Dusty Cantina, Librarian, Gunslinger
Dusty rode into town with a library and gunslinging in the past, and gunslinging in the prospect. Using few words and a quick draw, Dusty is looking to make things right. The bad folk of Dry Gulch have just been notified their items are past their due date. Dusty is back to put things right.

The Gyre
A work of speculative fiction that tells the strange and mysterious story of a generation reconnecting with a world they’ve been cut off from and never known

Ever wondered where the term 'gaslighting' comes from? Find out as the classic stage thriller is brought up to date, with music by Imelda May and bonus scenes for BBC Sounds.

War once consumed this world. No one remembered how it began but they knew it would only end with the end of everything. That is, until an unlikely group made a discovery that would lead them to the Ceasefire. This is their story. A tale of acceptance, survival, discovery, and ultimately, of peace. Ceasefire is an audio drama written and produced by Brianna Jean as part of Pseudonym Social.

Tales from the Low City
Deep beneath the soil of a dead world, there is life. Tales From The Low City is a collection of tales from a strange, bleak, and beautiful world where all creatures great and small, ambitious and content, bipedal and tripedal and quadrupedal must come together and make something like "civilisation".

Meri Mummy Ki Love Story
शीना की मम्मी रोमा तिहाड़ जेल में सजा काट रही हैं। ऐसा क्या कर दिया है रोमा ने, जो उनकी लव स्टोरी एक क्राइम थ्रिलर बन कर रह गई है? चौदह साल की शीना खोलेगी अपनी डायरी के वो पन्ने, जो आपको ले जाएगा रोमा और कंवलजीत की धमाकेदार, क्राइम से सराबोर प्रेम कहानी के रोलर-कोस्टर सफर पर... इस काल्पनिक कहानी को हिंदुस्तान की एक्सेक्यूटिव एडिटर जयंती रंगनाथन ने लिखा और होस्ट किया है ये पॉडकास्ट लाइव हिंदुस्तान की प्रस्तुति है।

Between Heartbeats
An urban fantasy Audio Drama about the hurt, the powerful, and moving forward in a broken world. Our story follows Sundiata, a guilt-ridden time manipulator with a knack for unemployment, and Nadia, a moralistic telepath determined not to lose control, as they balance frayed mental health against an unsympathetic police state. But when a malevolent presence rears its head, their neuroses become the least of their problems. Can our heroes make the most of their abilities before the option is taken from them?

Masami Ito turns to a popular internet community for love advice. The comfort of being hidden behind his computer gives Masami the confidence to share his true feelings daily, towards a girl he refers to as Denko. Despite all the warnings from his internet followers, Masami’s love grows into the alarming obsession of a stalker. Based on a supposedly true story. From the internet ​

The Petticoat Tales
Five friends use the role-playing game, Good Society, to tell improvised, regency era comedy dramas inspired by the books of Jane Austen.

Envelope Amarelo
Podcast Narrativo integralmente feito por Mário Portela, baseado no romance «Envelope Amarelo» de sua autoria editado em 2017. Uma história de amor que vai além do tempo e das eras, que roça o mistério e aborda temas místicos e secreto de forma subliminar (ou não). Uma experiência única!

Wing Women
An actual play podcast about Soviet airwomen. We follow them fighting to survive during a campaign of bombing against the Nazis. This show is based on the exploits of the real life Night Witches.

Mrs. Palmer's Honey
This joint production by KDHX and Bread and Roses is a radio play based upon the classic book Mrs. Palmer's Honey by Fannie Cook. A new episode of this exciting and educational podcast/radio play will be released each week for 8 weeks starting Monday, Feb 20th 2023.

Foggy Oak Fairy Tales
Never enough children's story content on your podcast roster? Foggy Oak Fairy Tales is a weekly short stories podcast for kids that cultivates learning and imagination by providing a mix of real-life happenings on Foggy Oak Farm as well as fanciful stories to help kids revel in the magic of the world around them. Our extemporaneous style helps listeners feel like the story is being told directly to them. Put a story on at bedtime, during car rides, or any time, to transport your child somewhere new!

Discover the edge-of-your-seat thriller, SNAP, brought to you by STREAMSKI Media. Immerse yourself in the world of the Oasis Golf & Spa Resort, where luxury and relaxation are disrupted by a deadly alligator terrorizing the guests. Follow Chief of Police Jack Cassidy and resort owner Orion Blackwood as they work together to hunt down the beast and restore peace to the community. This original and debut audio drama is a must-listen for fans of suspense, mystery, and drama. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now and be one of the first to experience SNAP, the ultimate audio drama experience!

Hoi chummers! SINless is a Shadowrun actual play podcast that follows a group of nobodies as they navigate life in the shadows of the 6th World. Thrown together by chance they'll need to keep each other alive as they gain notoriety in all the wrong places and make a name for themselves with all the wrong people.

Magic is real. And it’s dangerous. It’s locked in books and relics imbued with power. But sometimes, whether by accident or by design, magic escapes and wreaks havoc upon the world. That’s when Team Three is deployed—known by their enemies as: The Bookburners. Tasked with identifying and neutralizing magical threats anywhere in the world, the Bookburners are a cohort of special investigators from wildly different walks of life—a New York City detective, a Guatemalan priest, an indestructible woman from China, a techno-occultist from Ireland, and an inquisitive scholar from the Ivory Coast. But each member of the Bookburners bears the scars of their own past magical trauma. What that means for the team, as they face horrors that threaten their sanity and their very lives, will cause them each to question their mission… and their faith in one another.

Old Cove
A spinoff from SQN of the TAND podcast audio drama that follows the residents in Old Cove as they navigate conflicts, conquests, and corruption.

Magenta Presents
Let Madame Magenta be your guide to things unnatural and threats unseen... A horror anthology series from the folks who brought you the hit podcast Mockery Manor, with stories introduced by celebrated psychic, medium and strange seductress Madame Magenta.

The Head of the Snake
The Head of the Snake is about a man named Fecketty down on his luck. After being fired from his job, he is confronted with a giant bloodthirsty snake in his basement. Ridiculous and horrifying things follow. This podcast is body horror and cosmic science fiction.

Time For Love
This delightful romantic comedy follows Paige and Tom, two lonely people looking for love at a time traveling dating agency. Guiding them on their romantic misadventures is Beatrice Virgil, an intensely manipulative matchmaker, and Madame du Barry, Beatrice's cheeky French assistant. Will Paige hook-up with Henry VIII? Will Tom couple with Cleopatra? Will either of them ever find love?

The Autobiographical Time Traveling Adventures of Me
Short episodes of Doc Moran’s adventures as a Time Traveler and also his own grandfather.

Interface: The Creator's Champion
Less than twenty four hours after hacking into an online military server, the socially abstinent and technologically reckless Wyatt Hockings is abducted and coerced into competing in the Circuit Games; a fast-paced, underground, Esports warfare competition utilizing futuristic technology created by his kidnappers; the beautiful and fiercely intelligent Frey and Jasper--a man dangerously trained in combat and weaponry. The mystery surrounding the Interface technology quickly deepens beyond competitive gaming.

How to Win Friends and Disappear People
Supernatural thriller following Nancy, a nebbish computer scientist, who becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor. It doesn’t take long for her to uncover a dark secret: the mystery woman, El, is actually a centuries-old vampire. As Nancy becomes her familiar (basically her assistant), bringing the vampire into the social media-driven world of millennial New York City, they are both pulled down a rabbit hole of deceit, murder, and mayhem.

Some Place to Be
Some Place to Be is an actual play podcast dedicated to exploring how mechanics inform character and celebrating games by indie designers. Our story follows a group of young adults living in a small town full of mysteries to solve. They'll end up stumbling into something that transforms their reality into something different over and over again while only the main characters seem to notice. With each evolution of the town, we switch to a new game system and explore how this changes our characters. Featuring an all queer cast of rotating GMs.

Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil is a D&D 5e actual play podcast set in a modern world where the Dark Lord won the war, defeated the good guys, and introduced the world to the internet. You can find Lesser Evil wherever you catch your pods every other Thursday or, like we say at the office, Friday Jr.

Wregate is a DnD 5e Homebrew adventure. Follow Stitches, Oleg, Enorath, Zelra and Fifty-Eight as they run around the city of Wregate during the BlackSun Festival

Nobody Stories
Storie di anime senza nome, di vasi rotti. Donne e uomini alle prese col caos che genera crepe sulla superficie; alla disperata ricerca di un senso o di una direzione. Storie di sensazioni, nevrosi, di nulla e di nessuno; in cui ritrovare di colpo, una parte di noi stessi.

The Worlds of Elia Sword
The Worlds of Elia Sword is a collection of short stories' in the fantasy and science fiction genre, set in many different worlds. These stories are not in chronological order, and it's up to you, the listener, to work out the timeline. Elia has been writing since they were in primary school, and they have just recently left university having achieved a degree in what they are most passionate about. Now, they want to share what they do with the world. Everyone is welcome to enjoy The Worlds of Elia Sword, whether that be to solve the mystery behind these characters, or to just enjoy a good story on your travels.

Real Housewives of Dungeons & Dragons
A fictional reality show cast goes on the adventure of a lifetime. RHoDnD is a real play D&D podcast from Hags Media and Pacey's Creek.

Death is complicated. Especially in Pine Falls, Oregon. Folks die pretty often around these parts, just never in the way that you'd expect. Pine Falls is trying something new; reading obituaries over the airwaves from the public radio station. The new announcer, a recent arrival from out of town, is settling in for his first real broadcasting job. He just hopes it won't be his last...

Half Alive with the La Brothers
Half Alive features the fictional La and La brothers who are sixty-year-old twins with more than a few career, financial, and size challenges. They chased big dreams in their youth (professional acting, writing), but were unable to catch them. Now, they've returned home to Schenectady from their years in Los Angeles and New York, and are trying to salvage some fraction of their career goals. They believe they can help others like them do the same, using real-life guidance from expert sources.

Torn Metal and Smoke
"There was a time when three strangers could make civilized conversation around the same table, before our quiet and well-mannered world descended into torn metal and smoke." Welcome to a world of TORN METAL AND SMOKE, a dieselpunk fantasy podcast written and read by James Ross. Listen to the first series - The Travelling Accounts of Timothy Westbury - now.

Dawn Falls
Join Private Investigator Audrey Barton on her hunt for answers in this supernatural murder mystery. Set in a remote Australian mountain town, with dark shadows lurking in it's past.

HexenRot & RabenSchwarz
Urban-Fantasy , Hörbuch

Storyteller S.J. Heller; and my Paranormal Tales
Hello all, and welcome!I'm S.J.; writer, crafter and Idea consultant! A storyteller my whole life, I love being able to breathe life into worlds in the hopes that people connect with them, as well as helping others with their own projects. My soon-to-be podcast series are novels that I've written myself that will also be here on the site!

WELCOME TO HELL.A. By L. Stephens. Narrated By James Patrick Cronin
TAKE HEED! THIS IS AUDIOBOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES OF SEX, VIOLENCE AND DRUG USE. IT IS DISGUSTING, DIRTY AND RAW. IF YOU CHOOSE TO READ IT, YOU WILL NEED A STRONG STOMACH AND A HIGH TOLERANCE FOR FILTH. YOU HAVE BE WARNED! This is not just another zombie apocalypse book. This is a black comedy about people, real people, terrible people, just like you and just like me.It is a modern zombie tale of love, death and destruction, set in the black heart of Los Angeles. The end of the world is pending, and all hell breaks loose when the zombies start to appear. In a city where everyone's looking for someone to feed on, the party boy, the dealer, the actress, the pimp, the influencer, the shady CEO and the porn star lead seemingly unconnected lives.The impending apocalypse will draw them together, expose the secrets that bind them, and reveal who they really are.The central character is Jake, the anti-hero whose main talents are sex, puns, and drowning his feelings in cocaine. He numbs reality with his addictions until the world turns rogue and he has to find a way to survive.When flawed people are pushed to their limits will they come good or might you find yourself rooting for the zombies? This story will challenge your expectations and force you to look into the darkness.When the zombies come, does humanity even deserve to survive?

Lord Latimer's Ladies
Brian and Alice thought they were going to a cousin's cheesy yet costly destination wedding somewhere in Ventura County. Next morning the brother and sister found themselves nobles in 1810 England in a castle on a cliff. While Alice could see herself enjoying life as a Jane Austenish Lady of the Manor, the same forces that brought them back in time, neglected to bring Brian's insulin. So now to get back home, Brian has to get someone to marry him. Only problem, he's a diabetic addicted to street theater histrionics, and the pressures of a dwindling insulin supply do not make him appealing such that the three ladies that have been assembled do not find him particularly attractive, or even sane. Will he find true love before the insulin runs out? Or at least find someone who will say yes? And will Alice, the clever one, rouse herself from her post-divorce blues and be able to figure the mystery of how they got there in time to get them back home? And will she remember what her maid did with her hair if they do make it back? It’s fabulous.

Outlaws & Underdogs: Fallout 76 Stories
Everybody out there in Appalachia’s got a story, and now Mal is walking across the Wasteland to hear them all and bring them to a Pip-Boy near you! Want to kick back with a Nuka-Cola for an in-game, in-character interview show that highlights all sorts of amazing folks, with a partner video every episode? Welcome to OUTCASTS & UNDERDOGS: Stories of Survival. Someday, it could be you tellin’ your story.

Up In the Sky - Unofficial Radio Play Adaptation
For best listening experience - Use Headphones Up In the Sky (Radio Play Adaptation) Is a fan written, cast, starring, and produced audio adaptation of Tom King’s graphic novel “Superman: Up in the Sky” All characters, stories, and ideas are product of DC Comics. The non-profit production you are about to listen to is no way sponsored, produced, or endorsed by DC Comics. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This adaptation is written, directed, and edited by Dylan Silcox.

Les Aventures de Tintin
100% Tintin, une coproduction France Culture, la Comédie-Française, Tintinimaginatio - avec l'Orchestre national de France Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir des milliers d'autres podcasts.

En Las Garras Del Diablo
La histórica radionovela del escritor mexicano Manuel Canseco Noriega y protagonizada por Marga López, Carlos López Moctezuma y Dalia Íñiguez, transmitida por años en las frecuencias de Grupo Radio Centro, vuelve en versión podcast. Revive cada viernes el misterio del clarividente e hipnotizador profesor Omar Memphis.

Sid Sylvan's Audio Adventures
Join Sid Sylvan as he guides you through the best vacation destinations in the Sundered Land of Karesh. Learn how you can avoid creatures, curses, and eternal damnation on your next holiday trip across this blighted world.

Night Light Zone
Extremely fun, ”not very scary” tales of intrigue for kids! Where goosebumps meets funnybone!

Paki Kēhua
Paki Kēhua means ’ghost story’ and these stories from the Māori world may scare younger listeners. Brought to you by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa with support from Te Māngai Paho.

Michelle Rojas Is Not Okay
Michelle Rojas is not okay. In fact, she’s burnt out. With a PsyD from Yale and a job at a renowned Connecticut therapy practice, Dominican psychologist Michelle Rojas is a Washington Heights success story. When she gets fired for lashing out at co-workers and giving patients questionable advice, Michelle returns home. Ashamed yet bullish, she lies to her family and friends: Michelle opens a therapy practice in a local bodega under the false pretense of expanding the therapy practice from Connecticut to New York. But where she’s from, people just don’t go to therapy. It’s a struggle to pierce the tough resistance from the community, even with support from her free-spirited cousin Dora and her quick-witted childhood friend Niño. Michelle Rojas is Not Okay follows Michelle as she struggles to grapple with both her professional and personal identities. Throughout her journey, she faces setback after setback before it slowly becomes clear that she’s there not only to offer help to her community, but also to receive it. Michelle Rojas is not okay, but will she be?

Kate Sheeran Swed - Reading Series
Science fiction and fantasy books read by the author! With bloopers, asides, and an interactive live event to finish off each season. Season One features Outlaw Rising: A Space Opera Adventure. A notorious outlaw enlists his niece's assistance in a major heist, and she agrees to help him out -- just this once. But when it turns out she's meant to steal data from the Galactic Fleet, she's not sure she'll be allowed to walk away... Perfect for fans of Firefly, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Foundation Dossier
Those who recount history are doomed to repeat it. The Foundation Dossier is a horror fiction anthology podcast that delves into unexplainable and strange goings on within the world, from The Bournemouth Foundation for the Furthering of Paranormal Research. And who knows, maybe things inside the foundation are more complicated than they seem.

Welcome to the BearFiction podcast, Mt. Juliet High School's podcast for student fiction. Hosted by Jason Lawrence.

Tales From Flat Space
Join Gina each week as she reads her short stories, novellas, and novels of science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy. Gina A. Pond is the author of the Survey Intragalactic Series.

DnD's Nuts
Join our hero's on a nuts adventure through the mysterious world of Elara's.

Skyjacks follows the adventures of the crew of The Uhuru– the most notorious sky pirates in the world of Spéir. Captain Orimar Vale (Nathan Blades) is the most feared and respected corsair in the sky. In a world of cursed seas, wild seasons, and capricious luminaries he has more enemies than anyone can count. Unfortunately for his crew, he is dead. Only his council Jonnit Kessler (Tyler Davis,) Gable (Liz Anderson,) Dref Wormwood (John Patrick Coan,) and Travis Matagot (Johnny O’Mara) know the truth. Set in a folktale-punk world inspired by the music of The Decemberists, Illimat, folklore, and classic adventure fiction– Skyjacks explores anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and queer themes. It's hilarious, gripping, and earnest. This streamlined feed is the best way to start and catch up with the show. It cuts dated announcements from midrolls and post-rolls from originally aired episodes and includes recaps between arcs. You can always jump ahead to the original Campaign: Skyjacks feed which has almost 200 episodes!

Bedtime Adventures
Walk with princes. Fly with dragons. Journey to fantastical worlds far, far away. Join us for a series of bedtime stories designed to help your little one relax and explore their creativity. Narrated in a soothing voice, our tall tales are perfect for tiny ears seeking wonder and inspiration. The day might be over, but the magic starts here.

Hex Noir
Plunge yourself into a dark world of monsters, blood magic and maddening conspiracies.Hex Noir is a podcast network contains horror themed stories typically centered around characters with dark powers and their exploration of the city of Fellhaven. A Victorian/gothic metropolis full of corruption and hidden terrors. Do you dare to explore the maddening horrors hidden within?This story was inspired by things like Bloodborne, Dishonored, Berserk and Dead Space and came about from a desire for more stories like that. If you know anyone who enjoys such tales of terror please share this with them, it would greatly help the channel :)

McCobb Mortality Services
The stakes extend beyond life and death when Amber McCobb’s mother introduces feckless profiteering to their family’s agency of spiritual guides.

SandU Stories
Imagine True Crime ”What-if” meets the supernatural, meets audio theatre! Brought to you by True Crime Guys Productions, SandU Stories pushes the limits of immersive storytelling, with an excellent cast of voice actors and special effects coupled with original and engaging storytelling. This podcast is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Once Upon a Meadow
From the creators of the award-winning podcast Out There, ONCE UPON A MEADOW brings you gentle, uplifting tales about a community of plants and animals who live in a meadow and work together to flourish, despite their differences. Geared toward 4- to 9-year-olds, the podcast is richly interwoven with original music and explores themes of environmental and social justice.

Metagaming Monstrosity
It's around 2014 and the world is falling to pieces, magically speaking. Despite the increase in unexplainable disasters and missing people, the U.S. government's own "Council of Human Development" has made no moves since the 1980's. So, a member of the DoE tries yet again to form an underground group aimed at protecting people before it's too late. Too bad it's these guys... This is a set of test recordings from a homebrew modern world based on mythos built up over 2 unrecorded campaigns (technically 1 and 1/2, since the "second" campaign used the same characters). System used is Monster of the Week, a Powered by The Apocalypse game created by Michael Sands. It's been heavily customized and most likely none of us are following the rules as intended. Note: A lot of this was recorded on a 15 dollar recorder. Everyone makes mouth noises even when we try not to. Seriously reconsider listening to this if you have misophonia.

The Narthonia Chronicles
Welcome to the Narthonia Chronicles, a new podcast in which you will follow the stories of 6 brave adventurers as they explore the vast world of Narthonia.

Lucky 20: A TTRPG Podcast
A brand new actual play podcast from Mythonmica Productions! In our first campaign, Lucky 20: Bleakchasm, join 6 thieves as they attempt high-stakes heists in an underground city full of corruption, technology, and magic...

Super Suits
In a world full of superpowers, where superheroes and supervillains take to the courts as often as they take to the rooftops, Harper Hallo is the newest associate at the biggest law firm in Megalopolis! They work with colorful characters like Malcolm Aria, the vampire lawyer bitten by a radioactive mosquito, and L.O.I.S., a.k.a. Law Office Integrated Systems, the AI who runs the office. They're mentored by Bonnie Firestein and Cole Castillo, who have lived and worked together for years but are just friends (as far as they've noticed). And while Harper handles the legal troubles of heroes and villains alike, their twin Hazel Hallo takes to the rooftops as a super themself!

The Royals of Malibu
Starring Alyssa McKay. Coming February 6th. These Royals will ruin you.


Of Dice and Them
Welcome to Of Dice and Them! Join Jack, Ralph, Lou, Tove and Bambi, in their new TTRPG actual play podcast, as they laugh in each other’s faces and try to get through a session where no one beefs it. Contains frustrated swearing, light-hearted DM bullying, and far too much owl-based combat. Download wherever you get your podcasts!

The Unauthorized Wizard Podcast
This is an adventure fantasy podcast that focuses on Earnest Howl's chronicle of primary source material regarding the infamous wizard, Ezmeralda Sinclaire and their travels in the early 21st century.

ORALBA di Marina Javarone - Audiolibro
"ORALBA" di Marina Javarone, letto da Paolo Rossini. Illustrazioni di Maria Maddalena Monti. Oralba è una sirenetta che non sa cantare, e non è questo il suo unico difetto, nessuno crede in lei, nemmeno la madre, che vuole darla in sposa allo stregone degli abissi. Ci penserà il destino e l'incontro con tanti stravaganti amici del mare a condurla verso il riscatto e la salvezza. Con Oralba, vivrete un emozionante viaggio in fondo al mare e scoprirete che anche nelle situazioni più buie c'è sempre uno spiraglio di luce.

Código U99
Cuando las posibilidades parecen ser pocas… Las unidades policiacas y de investigación están listas para resolver problemas y hacer justicia. Protagonizado por Matilde Castañeda, Alejandra Corman y Juan Pedro Román.

House of Frost
You thought the Santa Claus family had issues well wait till you meet the Frosts. A salty patriarch. A bougie matriarch. A daughter in love. A daughter in pain and two cousins return to the family.. one's a super hero, the other a villain. Family reunions are a bitch!

The Fumbled Anthology - A Call of Cthulhu Play Podcast
An Australian based actual play RPG Podcast. Providing audio dramas, using the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition System

Last Legend from Above
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Live Play Campaign.

Calamity At Work
A supervillain's sitcom, where Calamity at work means calamity at work.

Rebel Daydreams
Scripted comedy plays, including one about a gay banana cult that takes over the world. Art by Martin Whitmore.

Intra Quest
In a distant future, long after the apocalypse was forgotten and the history of civilization lost, three adventurers, a smooth-talking leader, a big-hearted brute, and an analytical savant, embark on a quest that could save the world. They face a primordial evil that has the power to possess the mind and rules over a mental realm called The Intra.

Dungeon Devotee
Through promises of untold wealth and power, the Eternal Depths has long held sway over the hearts of men, has long lured the greedy and the desperate to their untimely end. Edmund Montgomery Ahab has sworn to destroy it. With nothing but a sword in his hand, vengeance on his mind, and a mysterious connection to the Aspect of Madness, Edmund embarks on a one-way journey into those deadly halls. He knows there will be no return. Edmund has already given his life to the dungeon. All that remains to be seen is whether he takes the dungeon’s right back.

Drumroll & Dragons
Some guys who play D&D thought it would be fun to turn it into a podcast. DM: James Bowman Members: Gideon Trenary, David Laurence, Jack Lambert, Logan Sharp, Trevor Bowles.

Motive Unknown
A Cyberpunk murder mystery following Detective Derek Reyne as he tracks down a mysterious killer operating outside of the cities rules. Working with contacts old and new, Reyne works to try and understand and stop the murderer, while coming to grips with his own growing nihilism.

The Game Garage - Tabletop RPG Mini-Series
Sometimes you just want to grab some friends you've been dying to hang out with, pick up a new RPG system and play a few games of it. That's what The Game Garage is! Watch as we clear out the garage of games new and old to create characters and jump right into the game with some of the best performers in tabletop today. Spending more than one or two episodes on these games allows players and audiences alike to explore new systems and new stories in an exciting fast paced format.

Dear Percival
Danny Savarino's parents are missing. Dear Percival is his diary documenting his search for them and his adventures along the way.

Prima Class
Short story with moral lessons

Det store historiske rollespil
Kan rollespil bruges til at gøre os klogere på historiens gang? I Det Store Historiske Rollespil inviterer vi to gæster i studiet, som spiller fiktive karakterer i et faktabaseret historisk rollespil. Gæsterne har ingen forhåndsviden, og deres karakterer er improviseret. Sammen famler vi os igennem historiens gang, og du får indblik i nogle af verdenshistoriens vigtigste vendepunkter og begivenheder. Podcasten er tilrettelagt, produceret og researchet af Anton Færch, Malte Dueholm Baadsgaard og Rikke Madi.

Audio of the Arcane presents Breanna's Haven
"If you wish to know where you came from, arrive at Breanna’s Haven before August One."Tamsin receives a mysterious postcard in the mail. Having no idea as to who her parents are or what her parents are, she decides to take a risk and travel to Breanna's Haven, a Midwestern town with a "supposed" history involving magic, Monsters, and all things supernatural. With best friend Lena tagging along (who also has questions of her own) and a handy dandy tape recorder to keep a record of what may or may not happen to them on their journey, the two of them take a road trip and eventually arrive at Breanna's Haven. However, getting those answers will not be as easy as they might think, and the two of them end up becoming a part of something bigger than either of them could have imagined.

Romance with Heart & Heat by Marie Matthew
Serialized RomCom audiobook show, brought to you by Contemporary Romance Author Marie Matthew. The stories contain explicit content and are intended for listeners 18 and over. Season 1: The Bad Girl List, a second-chance, fake dating serial romcom with all the feels set in California wine country. Find out how one life-changing vacation list puts the heart of Dominique Chen on the line when she meets sexy wine grower Trevor Moretti.

Saga of the Nine: Origins | Audiobook | Dystopian
In an unnamed dystopian future, the world is united in the Nine's global Government. A shocking discovery of illegal, historical documents by Jax, a lowly mill worker, opens his eyes to the possibilities the old world yielded as he looks upon the ruins of Area Thirty-Eight. The year is 2036 and the USA is in a Cold Civil War. On the verge of collapse from an underground radical organization known as The Ordean Reich, young veteran Mica Rouge joins an off the books intelligence agency to inspire forgotten American ideals. Follow the intertwining fates of Jax and Mica in a war across time.

A Prince of a King, Book One of The Road to Bandidon Series
A fast, exciting fantasy adventure with surprising depth and humor. It’s Monty Python, Mel Brooks, The Princess Bride, and Lord of the Rings, rolled into one.

Dystopies Etudiantes
Les dystopies étudiantes, sont des cartes blanches proposées aux élèves de différents établissements scolaires dans lesquelles ils nous proposent des fictions anthropocènes. Une émission de Radio Anthropocène proposée et coproduite par l’École urbaine de Lyon/Université de Lyon & Cité anthropocène, en partenariat avec Radio Bellevue Web, avec le soutien financier de la Ville de Lyon.

Black Chaos Comes Again
A narrative podcast telling classic monster stories if the monsters were teenagers living in the Mississippi Delta.

Flash Fiction in Five
Welcome to 'Flash Fiction in five,' a brand new podcast where you can listen to complete stories in five minutes that will intrigue you, inspire you or pull at your heart strings. I'm a secondary school teacher and budding writer who's always loved the power of language and have been writing flash fiction and short stories for a while. I explore a range of themes from family, love, broken relationships, memories and loss. You'll be captivated in less time than it takes you to finish a coffee! So settle in, grab a coffee and let's go on a journey down the roads less travelled.

Parallax Systems
Amidst the Universe; you are nothing but a speck, an ant following a path. The stars are vast and ever growing. Making you smaller and smaller by the second. Humanity is just a letter in the memoirs of the cosmos. Humanity… The natural explorers… “ahem conquerors.” left for the stars. With the galaxies expanding, Humans decided to expand with them. New corporations were funded, rivals were created, and expansion began. Now throughout the Universe humanity can be found. The touch of Humans goes far beyond our known reaches. This story starts there, just beyond your reach…

Enchanted Forest Tales
A fairy tales’ fantasy comedy audio drama that takes place the ”Enchanted Forest” that full of magic, mystery, danger, humor and more with whimsical characters to enjoy along the way.

Nirvana Page wants to be brave. But when a plane crash separates young "VONNA" from her father, she quickly discovers that finding her dad again is going to take every last scrap of courage she has. The official Sithrah audio drama seeks to bring Jason Brubaker’s groundbreaking graphic novel to a new medium, creating an audio adventure for all ages.

Stacks of Arkadia
This 11-Episode Futuristic Neo Noir Follows A Lackey Named Tesh, As A Simple Job For A GangLord Turns Into The Challenge Of His Life. Narrated by The Writer, Voiced Characters, SoundScapes and Immersive Environments With Expert Sound Design, This Audio Thriller Will Transport You On A Gripping CyberPunk Adventure.

The Conservatory
The Conservatory is an audio fiction podcast cataloguing new and strange life in an unknown place.

Kinetic Paranormal Society
A pair of socks in magical wardrobe travel through time and space investigating all things supernatural. Join Bartley and Artemus in their episodic adventures as they somehow manage to thwart the evil machinations of Lord Devious N. Sidious and his henchman, Tommy Toughnuts. Along the way, meet Mango Stango, Darwin the Dragon, and a cohort of friends to help them find their way.

The Tall Thin Idiot
Random, rambling nonsense. Odd characters. Even odder songs. It's odd.

Channel 15 Radio dot com
An accomplished older woman leads a tight-knit team to protect the Local Neighborhood. Together, they must find a way to stop the invading Olmeri. THE AMBASSADOR establishes a new sci-fi universe that combines the humanity of the original Star Trek with the expert teamwork of the original Mission: Impossible, magical swords and jewels from Tolkien and Stargate, mystical lore from Chinese martial arts, and characters who would be at home in Mayberry. Jacqueline Chan and the Little Rascals meet Andy Taylor in space. My story is part mystic seeker martial arts adventure, part space opera, and part family sit-com. It’s not about ‘the one.’ It’s about five plus five plus five and more. It’s about setting a bigger table and coming together. The Ambassador is a highly respected older woman, not another Captain or Lost Renegade. She is not a broken relic looking for redemption. She’s good at what she does. Very good. She is slightly snarky, really likes coffee, is an adept in the martial arts, speaks multiple languages, and keeps lots of secrets. She’s still got game but she’s not a ‘young vixen’ any more. She’d like to retire.  But the High Council has summoned her for a difficult new mission.

Monsters University
Welcome to Monsters University, a homebrew TTRPG for the monster lovers and roleplay enthusiasts. This is an 18+ live action role playing game set in the premier institute for higher monster education. Murder, intrigue, mystery, and romance abound in this silly fantasy universe!

Brinkfall: The Cost of Order
"To the Brink with them!" Brinkfall is an actual-play podcast centered around the world of Aurora, a shared creation of all those in the campaign. It is a story of intrigue, of mystery, of high kings and ancient grudges coming to bear. The party is all convicted of a heinous crime— having blood relation to those who practice the arcane in a city beaming with gold. Regardless of from whence they hail, the party must first escape a heavily military-policed state, and from there, forge their own path. 'Lest the Brink takes them.

Trailer Talk
Comedic mystery about two friends starting a podcast, but before they can record the first episode one of them vanishes. Will you help Tony find Raj?

De Rampnacht
In deze spannende jeugdpodcast ontdekt de 12-jarige Janna (Lieve van Leeuwen) dat haar opa Pieter (Aus Greidanus sr.) nog steeds worstelt met een fatale beslissing in de nacht van de Watersnoodramp. Als een detective gaat ze op zoek. Zal Janna zijn geheim ontdekken?

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
A direct sequel to H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness; join the Starkweather-Moore Expedition as they journey to the Antarctic to uncover secrets lost but not forgotten. Using the horror Table-Top-Roleplay-Game system Call of Cthulhu and the campaign sourcebook Beyond the Mountains of Madness both produced by Chaosium, 7 players and 1 Game Master tell and uncover a twisted narrative through dice-rolls and character roleplay. Are you a Lovecraft fan who always wanted a follow-up story to At the Mountains of Madness? Are you a Call of Cthulhu fan who seeks the spoiled forbidden knowledge of this campaign as played by a group of creative and hilarious Investigators? Do you like mountains and sabotage? Give us a listen!

Ole Bowie's: Fireside Folktales
In between the hubbub of life lives tales. Where some things seem impossible, some things don’t make sense, and some things can’t be explained; Ole Bowie does his best to give his perspective. Come and warm up by the fire.

Le Bureau des Contes Perdus
Offrez-vous un instant d'évasion et de sagesse dans le monde merveilleux des contes Chaque dimanche, le conteur Mousta largo ( vous livre un conte pour les grands dans "Le Bureau des Contes Perdus"

Desert Crypto Hunters
Turn the lights down and lock your doors. The elite cryptid hunting team from the P.O.O.P.S team take you on an audio journey of some of their most terrifying monster hunts.

Pokémon Donjon Mystère - Exploiteurs du Ciel
Ouisticram, un pokémon assez froussard vient en aide à un Pikachu échoué sur la plage, qui ne se souvient que de son nom et de son origine: un être humain. Les deux formeront une équipe d'exploration, à la recherche de gloire et de richesse et de lieux perdus, mais aussi de réponse au passé de l'un. Une aventure qui les mènera au delà de l'espace, du temps et de la folie. Une saga mp3 parodique réalisée par Rosstail de la Team Javras

The hero's journey: A superhero monologue podcast
In this unique podcast, you will hear some of your favourite superheroes and iconic villains come to life as they narrate powerful and thought-provoking monologues. Each episode features a different comic book hero narrating their own personal story, giving you an intimate look into their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Tune in!

Bruncheons and Dragons: Live Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A live play dungeons and dragons podcast set in a homebrew world called, Corvos. This world is full dangers that continue to ravage the land, a war happening in secret between the gods, fantasy mafias that seek to take control, and worst yet, the Tripod.

Echoes of Eshaton
This TTRPG game is categorized as "Primal Punk" - a gritty world in which humanity struggles for survival in a land filled with perils both human and alien. The game is set in the regions of Europe and North Africa at the end of the 26th century, more than 500 years after a major asteroid impact devastated the face of the Earth. Follow the stories of characters whose fate is decided strictly by the dice rolls of me, Coop the GM!

Olympus RPG Group
Welcome to the Olympus RPG Group podcast. We are a bunch of tabletop role-players sharing our worlds, stories, and shenanigans with anyone willing to come along for the ride. Here you will find our TTRPG campaigns and one-shot adventure sessions. GURPS (the Generic Universal Role-Playing System) is our primary system of choice. This allows our campaigns to span different genres, while using the same rules system. If we’re playing a genre that doesn’t interest you, check back later, you might find something you like. Each campaign runs for 10 to 12 weeks, with occasional one-shots.

La tercera ley de Newton
Un hombre armado entra al Teatro de la Ciudad y dispara contra el violinista principal, dos grupos criminales desatan una cruenta balacera y esto es sólo el principio. Una letal y épica historia de la guerra entre carteles, donde la sangre, pólvora, droga, drama y maldad te mantendrán con el ritmo cardíaco elevado. Bienvenido a La Tercera Ley de Newton.

Story time!
Follow the mischief and naughtiness of Bernard the Siamese kitten and Frank the puppy along with a cast of characters.

Wonder World Comics
Welcome to Wonder World Comics, an actual play podcast of Masks: A New Generation! Witness the Midnighters do battle with time traveling villains, wrangle rampaging hormones, and discover what it means to be a hero. Please excuse the brief audio issues in our first few episodes while we get our feet under us, the audio quality is much better in our future issues.

The V Realm
The V Realm: A dimension beyond our own, where romantic partners exist in limbo. They must learn to coexist together, find common ground and see the world from a whole new perspective. Hers.

Lollygagging on the Orient Express
An Actual Play podcast using the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, running through the classic campaign Horror on the Orient Express. In 1923, as ancient evils threaten to resurface, a group of investigators race across Europe in the renowned and luxurious train. Lollygagging on the Orient Express is a production of Adventures in Lollygagging.

Tales From the Swamplands
A pirate radio show set in the world of the Swamplands - A dystopian, bio-punk metropolis of inch-tall citizens and their giant, automated bugs. The show's offbeat host, Benjamin Gaunt, presents stories of terror, humor, and everything in-between, in order to better explore life in the Swamplands.

Falling For Stories
An independent podcast bringing original literary works and sounds to your headphones.

After an island mysteriously appears in the South Pacific, a scatterbrained anthropologist and his former partner must uncover its origins and investigate its inhabitants, who appear to be living in the wrong century. An original three-part audio drama. Includes unique character voices and original music.

CAST SO FAR Different, alternative and humorous, 'Cast so Far' is a light hearted sci fi audio play. 6 episodes in total with a further series to be released at a later date. It's about a crew of 3 (+2)... Joel - Dippy engineer Sandy - Ships Captain Gregg - Flight Navigator Amber - The crap on-board computer Rose - The more updated back up computer This bumbling crew travel through time and space trying to save their planet from global warming, meeting aliens and getting into all sorts of predicaments and dangers sending them cast so far from reality. So come follow their adventures!

Two Monsters Rolling Dice
An actual play RPG podcast that is done by professionals who—wait, this says UNprofessionals. Hmm. Well, it’s a podcast I suppose. It is done by some monsters, and they roll dice. And it also thinks its an old timey radio show!

Galaxy's Greatest: Driftbound
A Starfinder RPG Actual-Play podcast of Paizo's "Drift Hackers."

D&D Through the Hallows: The Audio
The audio of Through the Hallows Dungeons and Dragons Live Play

Varied Lives of Charles McCabe
Each episode of Varied Lives of Charles McCabe contains a short story read by author, Charles McCabe, followed by a brief insight into what inspired each story. The stories are from a wide range of genres. New episodes will be uploaded around the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Voyagers of the Jump - An Original Traveller Campaign
On the frontier of charted space, a ragtag crew of spacefarers gets the chance to start over and fix their lives, but only if they accept a dangerous mission that could avert a war—or start one. First published in 1977, Traveller is a science fiction RPG in the vein of The Expanse or Battlestar Galactica. Most who played the original game back in the day remember the robust character creation system where if you push too far and get unlucky with the dice, you can die before you even start playing. Voyagers of the Jump is an original adventure using the 2022 2nd Edition update to the Traveller RPG rules set by Mongoose Publishing.

National Post-Apocalyptic Radio – dark sci-fi comedy straight into your earholes. Join host Bryan Garcia-McMillan-Keithley and his deranged cadre of newspeople as they run roughshod over post-apocalyptic Lost Angeles, tearing deep into every story they can get their journalistic jaws around. It’s weird, it’s sci-fi, it’s horror, it’s comedy, and it always seems to come with a body count. But hey, who’s counting?

Eclipse: Crater of Corruption
An actual play adventure, using The Sprawl: A Powered By The Apocalypse game system. This is a dark sci-fi adventure, set on the moon. Three friends risk it all to make the big time, only to find themselves in bigger trouble than they ever expected.

Novel Chronicles
A tabletop series, Novel Chronicles follows the startup swords-for-hire company known as the Caveat Cooperative. Set in the alt-fantasy world of Ben-Tir, it stars Bill Crowe, Danielle Beckmann, Mark David Christenson, Victoria Rani, and is Game Mastered by Timothy Reese.

MIA Files
The stories of all the different metahumans the MIA has come into contact with over the years.

Arcane Ninja RPG
Follow the adventures of three graduating Ninja from Claybelt Ninjitsu Academy, the largest in Canada, as the dice dictate just how successfully they face the challenges that are threatening the world. Actual Play Storytelling

The Year of Jubilee Audiobook
A cross between Death Note and The Screwtape Letters with a hint of Frank Peretti, "The Year of Jubilee" is a new original web novel and episodic audiobook produced by writer and voice actor L. J. Long.

Stories RPG
StoriesRPG is the play-at-home, listen-and-learn game that helps people of all ages tell amazing tales together. Each season, we explore a new world, create characters, and go on epic adventures - and provide play-to-learn, coloring book, choose-your-own-adventure games to help listeners of all ages fall in love with writing!

Leaving Corvat
They call me Sleeper. I worked the same brain dead job, at the same fast food place, all of my life. And I’ve always lived in the same town. No one that lives in Corvat, ever leaves. Until today. Today I leave. Join my on my adventure.

Long Night in Egypt
The Violet Hour presents - LONG NIGHT IN EGYPT. During Spring Break, a group of archaeology students travel to Egypt and sneak into the Pyramid of Unas after dark. Little do they know that they are setting themselves up for a ghostly night of terror that will alter their fates forever.

WLHR: Fake Public Radio
WLHR is a satirical podcast "brand" that has fun with public radio and journalism tropes. WLHR is home to fake shows like Your Stupid Stupendous Brain, All Of The Things, Fresh Scare with Sherry Disgusting, and The Nightly with Michael Barbaric. If you're a fan of comedy and news parody (think The Onion) this is the place for you.

La Cabina Telefónica
In '90s-era Queens, Matty Cardona owns and operates Matty's Llamadas y Servicios 82 in Jackson Heights. It's a unique little shop that Matty runs with her daughter Rossy, a place where everyone in the neighborhood gathers to call their loved ones back home and share stories of life, love, triumph and pain. Each day brings a new call and a fresh set of problems, drama and victories. But, as Matty confronts her own struggles, she soon realizes life as a single mother and the barrio's resident therapist, gossip and peacemaker isn't so easy. Inspired by Spanish language telenovelas and 90's sitcoms, La Cabina Telefónica is a fully bilingual scripted comedy starring Colombian pop star Fanny Lu as Matty and Isabella Gomez (One Day At A Time) as Rossy. New episodes every Monday.

Wild Hearth Gaming
Welcome to Wild Hearth Gaming, home to a group of friends who love to sit down, and play Dungeons and Dragons in our homebrew world of Kraywen, a world of the macabre. There is a bit of Arthurian medieval fantasy meets elements of horror, with just a splash of steampunk. Travel along with us as we explore this dark and mysterious world. Here you can find our first season, Hunt for the Tempest Stone, and any other tidbits we decide to add along the way. So grab some dice and ale, and let the adventure begin!

FaeTale: A D&D Podcast
A D&D original campaign in the homebrew world of Severblad. An adventure of mystery, political intrigue, deadly fights and a lot of RP moments!!

Isfet Archives: A Mythic Audio Drama
Emily Swanson was a normal barista in a local Chicago cafe when strange things started happening around her. Now, she doesn’t know who to trust or who is trying to take advantage of her. To make things worse, she just might cause the end of the world.

AFM Storytime
Welcome to AFM Storytime, where every two weeks you get to hear a story by a different author. Some of these authors are unpublished some are published. These authors have submitted a story to one of Arena Fantasy Magazine's writing competitions or submitted a general story. Some of these stories are short whilst others are not. As the name suggests these are primarily fantasy stories, think of Knights in epic battles, think about magical creatures good or bad.

DUST- An Irish Fairy Tale
DUST- An Irish Fairy Tale

Chronic Rollers
Welcome to the Chronic Rollers, a TTRPG actual play podcast in which 5 heroes from many different places, are tasked with saving the entire universe throughout all time. Join Will as Gigglefrost the Fairy Warlock, Evan as Odhran the Human Druid, Derek as Edwin the Tabaxi Monk, Kedrick as Rue the Owlin Rogue, and Lily as Nix the Kalashtar Druid as they discover the story and truth laid out by Graydon the DM. Join us every other Monday for a new episode and a new pieces of a tale lost to time.

Stephen & Waldo
Having recently escaped their captives, Stephen and Waldo trudge through a scorched Earth in search of food. They come upon a wrecked house to take refuge in and try to make sense of their situation. This short story drip-feeds the reader with breadcrumbs of succulent intrigue. The story unravels with splendour, continually expanding to grander topics. It poses intriguing questions along the way and leaves the reader in a state of wonderment.

A Tramwaypolis, les super-vilains ont commencé à s'associer dans un but obscur. La police ne suffisant plus, le maire a pris la décision d'associer les super-héros de la ville aux forces de l'ordre pour pouvoir lutter à armes égales. Nous suivons alors le nouveau commissaire Ramsay qui a été placé à la direction de ces opérations. Il leur fallait les meilleurs, ils ont eu les 4 disponibles ... Une saga mp3 originale réalisée par Loremlaw de la Team Javras et Gwiffith.

The Cursed Caravan: A Pathfinder 2e Podcast
Welcome to The Cursed Caravan! Join us as we power through Paizo's first adventure path for Pathfinder Second Edition, The Age of Ashes! Get ready for jokes, drama, and deep storytelling. We use professional recording equipment to deliver the best sound available. Thank you for listening!

Adventures In Calthumbria
A medieval scifi series filled with crystal castles, seaweed forests, dragonwhales, lionsharks, and sea-porcupines.

Every two weeks feast your ears on this season of Scriptic. Each episode is a new story. Performed by a group of fantastic actors that span a multitude of genres.

Stern 111
Hörspielserie nach Lutz Seilers Wende-Roman. Herbst ’89 – die Mauer ist gefallen. Carl verlässt seine Thüringer Heimat und geht nach Ost-Berlin. Den Ort, der das wahre Leben verspricht. Hier werden Häuser besetzt, Kneipen gegründet, freie Kunst gemacht. Alles scheint möglich. Genau der richtige Ort für Carl, der Dichter werden will. Doch so einfach ist es nicht mit dem neuen Leben. Carl kennt niemanden und schläft im alten Shiguli seines Vaters. Erst als er auf das „Rudel“ trifft, fasst er Fuß und ist plötzlich mittendrin.

Nós - Uma Antologia de Histórias Indígenas
Nós entendemos o mundo à nossa volta através de histórias. Essa é uma característica que conecta todos os povos do planeta. De todos os tempos. Por aqui, reunimos contos e narrativas de diversas nações indígenas brasileiras. São mitos de origem, aventuras épicas e histórias de amores impossíveis que contam - por exemplo - como surgiram as pessoas, como dominamos o fogo, de onde vem o açaí e o peixe boi e até o que acontece quando um jabuti se apaixona por uma anta. Vem com a gente!

Blake Wayman was a cop until a criminal syndicate had Blake and his wife killed... there's only one problem: Blake didn't stay dead. Now Wayman is a wheelchair bound P.I. with a gift. He can walk the streets of Underworld City, a purgatory on the banks of the River Styx, run by the mysterious Boatman, teeming with lost souls, spiritual forces, and long dead gangsters. There Wayman searches for his lost love and solves crimes no one else can, bringing justice from beyond the grave... Styx is the fictional supernatural noir detective series you didn't know you were waiting for.

The American Immortal: an audiodrama
1825. The Journey Begins in the American West…After an unscrupulous thief and an obstinate Native American teen kill each other, they take a wrong turn on their way to the Afterlife and wind up back among the Living by mistake. Now they’re being pursued by a whiskey drinking Soul Tracker determined to drag them back to the Realm of the Dead. The only way these mortal enemies can avoid the Tracker, escape the Realm, and hang onto their souls is to partner up. For Eternity.

Noir di Edith
La vita è una fusione tra il bene e il male, il bene è il cuore di essa, il male è un veleno dannoso, oscuro e misterioso. E anche vero però che lo stesso male, in tutte le sue forme a volte è inspiegabilmente attraente. Mi chiamo Edith e vi do il benvenuto nel mio piccolo mondo. Vi leggerò e vi canterò le mie storie. Ognuna ha come la protagonista quell'attrazione oscura! Sono qui per osare nella mia più assoluta umiltà! Buon ascolto! Un ringraziamento speciale per la mia correttrice Paola Suraci.

Get in the Trunk - A Delta Green Anthology Series
Cosmic and supernatural horrors await the agents of Delta Green, a secret organization committed to protecting an unaware society—whatever the cost. This formerly exclusive anthology series with a rotating cast of players and handlers has quickly become the most sought-after show on the Network.

Lucidus Somnia
Government experiments on unassuming persons have fanned the flames of conspiracy theories since the 19th century, but two teenagers have a first-hand account of an incident that forever changed their lives. Set in 1991, Lucidus Somnia tells the tale of Kendra and Michael, who escaped the clutches of a government research program designed to study children who possess a rare phenomenon called ”the three Ts” - telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation. This is a story about their mission to right the injustices of the world. Lucidus Somnia is a serial science-fiction podcast that blends the coming-of-age elements of ”Beverly Hills, 90210” and the mystery of the ”X-Files.”

The Weird Story Guy
A podcast for original stories, written and narrated by The Weird Story Guy. Most of my stories are in the horror/paranormal genre, although some tend toward sci-fi as well.

Yo Soy Belinda: The Belinda The Housekeeper Story
A fictional true crime series written, produced and voiced by Lisa Timmons in the voice of Gwyneth Palcho, a completely fictional character, who in no way resembles a certain Hollywood actress with a similar sounding name, who may or may not have had something to do with the disappearance and possible murder of her housekeeper, Belinda.

The Lovely Dark
The Lovely Dark is a fiction podcast about how darkness in our lives may reveal a path to love and light. Each of these short audio plays is written by an award-winning writer and performed by a cast of remarkable actors, including Oscar winners and members of New York City’s Labyrinth Theater Company. Each episode is produced with a full cast, and a beautiful, immersive soundscape. In the dark, we can see lights that were hidden before. We might finally see a way forward or come to a threshold that we must cross. Maybe we catch an ugly view of ourselves and resolve to make a change, or we discover a new capacity for love or forgiveness that in the full light of day we could never have imagined.

Hanson Oak's - The Recalling
The Recalling is a memoir of sorts, a patchworked autobiography comprised of untrustworthy memories. It is at once the telling of a strange life lived through terrifying and incredible events and an invitation to explore one’s own world with a renewed sense of wonder and horror that these tales might inspire. Each story is a moment in time that might be either frightening, fantastical - or both. The Recalling can be experienced bi-monthly, but in any order you choose. They will be available in either an audio only format to let your mind’s eye paint the picture with my words or with video to bring the story to life as if we are together. Either way you prefer to take this journey with me, I hope it resonated with you, clings to your subconscious, and reemerges when you least expect it.

Fantasy Game
Los problemas de pareja, el amor, los sueños no cumplidos, la duda de la fidelidad, la amistad. La maldita rutina. El cruel destino haciendo de las suyas. La dependencia al dinero...Hasta que un domingo, un evento extraordinario, cambia por por completo la vida de Neto y Julia. Una audio serie escrita por Kato Gutiérrez, protagonizada por Humberto Busto y Vanesa Restrepo.

Additional Postage Required
Clem Bianchi is a courier, delivering mail in space one job at a time in a future where mankind has settled among the stars faster than communications technology can keep up. When a chance encounter awakens them to the ability to hear conversations tied to their mail, they embark upon a journey of adventure, conspiracy, and connections made across the stars. Additional Postage Required is a biweekly audio drama podcast, chronicling Clem's adventures as they take on jobs, explore the new abilities at their disposal, and become entangled with the lives of their clients.

inc: The Podcast
Bethany and Jonas are two pencil-pushing aliens living and working on a company ship that incorporates whole planets by the dozen, tasked with organizing all of the data that is recovered from said planets. They get through the endless days by occasionally adding meaningful stories that they discover to the Extraneous But Interesting folder, all the while navigating the complex web that is friendship and life in this corpo-futuristic nightmare. A science fiction podcast where Douglas Adams meets The Office. Where Severance and Mad Men meet Robert Heinlein. Happiness is productivity. Productivity is happiness.

XII: Occult Eye
"XII: Occult Eye" is an Actual Play Miniseries by Queen's Court Games in collaboration with Witch & Craft Games. "XII: Occult Eye" is an investigative ttrpg, set in a world much like our own, but where a layer of supernatural terror and mystical power lies just beneath the surface.

De Hijger
1995: Frieda heeft straatvrees en durft de deur niet uit. Haar enige lijntje naar de buitenwereld is haar telefoon. Maar wat nu als die telefoon nu ineens wordt bezeten door een hijger? Die misschien wel meer is dan alleen een hijger? Hoe verdedig je jezelf dan?

1945. Nagasaki. De atoombom heeft de stad verwoest. Tienduizenden mensen zijn dood. Tussen de ruïnes zoekt Franka haar vriendin. Kan ze haar vinden voor de straling haar fataal wordt?

Two Foreskins Walk into a Bar
"Haunting, beautifully written and very, very funny." With his 10-year relationship at an end and his career going down the toilet, loser British playwright Chris Thompson heads to New York City where he embarks on a journey of sexual liberation and self discovery. But as he searches for connection, he faces up to the harsh realities of city life and the limitations of his own desires. An unflinching and hilarious account of starting your life again when you’re a bottom who has hit rock bottom. Narrated by Chris Thompson.

Hissez-Haut !
Caraïbes, XVIIIème siècle. Les grands pirates de l’âge d’or de la piraterie tournés en dérision à travers les petites histoires de leur quotidien. « Bienvenue, cher auditeur. Voilà que tu t’engages à écouter des récits de piraterie, des histoires qui puent la gnôle et l’air salé de la mer. Met du bois sur le feu, tends tes pieds sur la table, prends une grande choppe de grog et allume ta pipe ; et laisse-moi t'emmener sur les îles des Caraïbes aux plages de sable fin, sur lesquelles les forbans ont élu domicile.»

Wanted: Swordsman for Hire
In a seat at the bar of The Wailing Griffon, a tavern in the slums of Ranara, an aging warrior talks as much as he drinks, and he drinks way too much. These are his tales...

Story Time for Kids!
Kid friendly stories to entertain and educate from a budding 10 year old podcaster! From daring adventures to unexpected twists. Get ready for a range of emotions that will keep you engaged the whole time.

Planescape: Torment - The Unofficial Audio Series
Re-discover the amazing story of the 1999 cult classic - Planescape: Torment. A fully voiced re-telling of the game's story with a modern take and narrative drive. I hope to follow on from Rhyss Hess' example in lovingly creating an homage to this wonderful story, that aims to allow new and existing fans to enjoy the narrative in an episodical, fully voiced, unofficial audio series. I will be mostly using Dan Simpson's in-depth guide to cover as much content as possible in one single playthrough. This series began as a way to challenge and stretch my voice over and audio editing capabilities; and since, has become a vast passion project where I re-experience one of my all-time favourite stories, bringing renewed life to the beautifully written characters.

Manual para ser Juan Helsing
Juan Muñoz es un antropólogo que tiene respuestas a preguntas extrañas: cuál es el término de la carne preferido de un chupacabras, qué pasta de dientes tiene que usar un lobisón, cosas así. Desde todos los rincones de Latinoamérica lo han llamado para calmar a los monstruos, fantasmas y criaturas más inquietantes. Nuestra región es un lugar más seguro gracias a él. Pero Juan ya no es capaz de continuar con su labor. Ahora debe entregarle ese conocimiento a Simona Ojeda, una creadora de contenidos terca y altanera que debe deshacerse de un monstruo que cambió su vida para siempre. Siéntense. Pónganse cómodos. Es momento de empezar la clase.

Ravenswood Radio Players
Welcome to 'The Ravenswood Radio Players' where we bring classic radio dramas back to life for modern audiences. Our first episode is a reenactment of the legendary 1938 adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" by Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater.

Bestia The Podcast
Hola, los invito acompanarme cada Luna Llena para un episodio donde contare una historia lleno de horror sobrenatural y suspenso. Historias que están listas para aterrorizar tu mente y llenar to cuerpo con temor. Suscríbete al podcast y síguenos en Instagram para mantenerte informado de todo sobre Bestia The Podcast.

MonSquad D&D
A D&D podcast featuring the most monstrous of players. Join us every week for new and terrifying adventures.

Audiotelenovela Marina
Marina es una telenovela mexicana-estadounidense producida por Argos Comunicación para Telemundo, basada en las telenovelas Los ricos también lloran, María, la del Barrio y Abigaíl. Está protagonizada por Sandra Echeverría y Mauricio Ochmann, quien fue sustituido por Manolo Cardona, y con las participaciones antagónicas de Aylín Mújica, Eduardo Victoria, Carlos Miguel Caballero, Elizabeth Cervantes y Sandra Destenave. Cuenta, además, con las actuaciones estelares de Ilean Almaguer, Alfonso Dosal y los primeros actores Humberto Zurita y Susana Dosamantes.

The Patient Files
The Patient Files is a horror-anthology series. It follows Dr. Charles Talbot as he takes over an out-patient therapy program from an old colleague. Along the way, Dr. Talbot discovers that not all nightmares are the result of mental illness, and he soon finds himself out of his depth. A large part of The Patient Files are “Patient Transcripts” and “Patient Recordings” that detail patient encounters with the supernatural and paranormal. All of this takes place while a mystery unfolds with Dr. Talbot and his personal experiences with the same unknown forces.

Welcome to Artistoria
Listen along to the dramatic reading of this fantasy adventure novel: Colors of Convergence, Artistoria : Book 1 Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Silver. In the world of Artistoria, Color has been gifted to its people. This unique form of energy, once harnessed and trained, grants a wide array of immensely special abilities. Green can be summoned to a wielder's mouth, allowing siren songs to be sung or sonic screams to be unleashed. Red is affixed to the hands and arms, allowing great feats of strength to be attempted and achieved. Blue's have their legs enhanced. Master's of this Color can be seen dashing across water or leaping from treetop to treetop. Yellow's have Color stemming from their backs, summoning elegant wings of all shapes and sizes. Eyes are where the Color of Orange resides. Users can shoot optic blasts or augment any other facet of their vision. Silver is the sixth and final Color of the land. The energy manifests inside of hair, allowing tools to be crafted or braided locks to be hardened and weaponized. In the vast world, Owin Warstone has honed in on a single purpose for his life. If he can dodge the troublesome guild he is associated with, battle through the scum of the major cities, and investigate a mysterious group that's stealing travelers from the streets, he may just be able to recruit enough allies to help further his vendetta. Leigh seems like a good ally. Her Orange is strong but she is so cagey and awkward. Why won't she talk more about her home of Amber? In the end, it doesn't matter, as long as she can fight. "How hard can it be? I'm only setting off to kill the most powerful man in the world."

Zariya Hollow: A Horror Anthology
"Welcome to 'Zariya Hollow: A Horror Anthology,' an audio series that takes you on a journey into the heart of darkness, led by the mysterious and ghostly host, Reinhardt Hendrickson. As the owner of the gothic mansion, Zariya Hollow, Reinhardt invites you to explore its haunted halls and uncover the secrets that lurk within. Each episode, you'll be taken on a journey into the macabre as you hear stories of terror and tragedy. From classic ghost stories to modern tales of terror, we bring you a collection of chilling stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Expired. A narrative fiction podcast.

Nazis: The Road to Power
The story of how in just 13 years, Hitler led a fringe sect with less than a hundred members and outlandish ideas to be the dominant force in German politics.

Brewster High
When Brewster High’s most beloved Ultimate Frisbee star mysteriously disappears, a group of students start to suspect that the story they’re being told about their team's First-String Disc Boy is a lie. With an intrepid reporter for the school paper leading the charge, they decide to do some digging, eventually uncovering a number of suspicious threads about the school administration that don't quite add up—a sports gambling ring; a dangerous gang of bikers (okay, cyclists); and a torrid student-teacher affair. As our crew gets more and more consumed by their quest for the truth, their personal lives crumble and our fearless leader, Clara, becomes completely unhinged.

The Cabinet of Curiosities
Rosa Dew, a young girl with no memory (but great fashion sense) wakes up in the rundown seaside town of Walmington, where she encounters a mysterious museum, a sinister Earl, a talking dog and a flying monkey named Gary. Audiobook children's story from writer James Henry. Each episode approx 15mins. Written for children in the 9-14-ish age range, but if you grew up reading children's fantasy stories from the '70's and '80's you might find it's a little bit for you as well. (I've restarted this podcast after feedback my reading speed was a little fast for most listeners)

Tobias and Syd
In this time travel romance, Syd is at once seduced by and suspicious of the shape shifting Tobias, as he launches his new product. Hot and Smoking drama about why we still use tobacco.

Screen Lock
From AI chatbots that resurrect the dead to plant communication, Screen Lock is a sci-fi series that brings you a collection of short stories about the weird future that looms around the corner. Dare to take a peek?

A homebrewed DnD podcast set in the vast world of Tyneas: featuring Fae Folk, adventure, and horrors beyond the imagination.

Cabinet of Fever Dreams
The Cabinet of Fever Dreams is a collection of narrated horror stories written by Prague-based writer Mike Jesus Langer. From haunted couches that yearn to be touched, to Lovecraftian machines that threaten to burn the whole world, to egg-shaped scientists who just want to push mankind forward — The Cabinet of Fever Dreams is your one stop shop for haunting audio horror.

Telling Great Stories in the Indigenous YORUBA LANGUAGE

Tales of Bob
Welcome to Tales of Bob, a clean actual-play podcast from the folks behind the House of Bob podcast. We’ll play a variety of tabletop role-playing systems, always with high audio production values, fantastic role-players, and original music!

Las señoras que soy
Las señoras que soy, ocho estados de la vejez son una serie de cuentos agridulces. La propia señora nos habla de su viudez, nostalgia, soledad… parace un bajón pero no nos dejemos engañar: hay que oír para creer.

Time For Chaos - A Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign
A mysterious lost expedition sets in motion an epic globe spanning adventure as investigators come face to face with ancient evils beyond the scope of human comprehension. Often considered the greatest role-playing game campaign ever written, Masks of Nyarlathotep stretches the boundaries of horror driving both characters and players insane since its publication in 1984. Time For Chaos is a playthrough of Masks of Nyarlathotep for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu role-playing game system by Chaosium.

Intrepid Adventuring - A 20 Sided Audio Drama
A Crown of Stone is a serialized audio drama that you can take part in! Check out the behind the scenes details over on my Patreon where I have character illustrations, maps and early access for episodes. Subscribers also have the ability to guide the story! You ask questions to the oracle and I roll the dice to see the answers, which will influence the story as we go.

Fairyland Adventures
The imagination is a wonderful thing. In the haste of the modern world, it is often forgotten how important it is to dream, and to believe in things such as magic, rainbows, unicorns, and fairies. This podcast, combined with the ‘Letters from…’ series of books, helps a child, and adult alike, explore the possibilities of the world. Go on adventures with the character sharing their secrets and fears. Join us on an adventure of discovery through stories, letters and postcards from the strange creatures of myth, magic and fantasy. Together, journey through unexplored territories while learning about beliefs that help build self-confidence.

World in Polycrisis
Story about the world almost like ours, where all our fears about the future came true and humanity lost the ability to solve the big problems facing it. Around 2025 combined crises of AI accelerated disinformation, nuclear escalation and climate change brought humanity to the brink.

And Worms Do Not Destroy
Somewhere and somewhen on the perilous island of Naosaleyn, a mythic odyssey challenges a pair of barbarian brothers as they set off on an arduous pilgrimage to beseech The Blessed Immortal King. A six-part mini-series.​​​​​​​

Randy Darling
A dark audio dramedy. Join young Randy on his wild and comical adventures as an agoraphobic young musician. Multi-character voices, over multi-genre musical scores. Based on a true story. SYNOPSIS: Each episode starts with old Randy stepping into a coffee shop and being greeted by young June, the empathetic barista, who encourages him to dictate his stories in the back room. Randy introduces each story, then takes listeners on another dark and a comical journey back to his chaotic youth. June's family then edits Randy's dictation into a podcast episode. NSFW or kids.

The Clash of Krits’s
Actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, three strangers go on an adventure of a life time.

London Crawling
À la fin des années 90, Daphné part à Londres avec sa guitare sous le bras, convaincue à 200% qu'elle deviendra rock star, sinon rien. Mais les choses ne se sont pas du tout déroulées comme prévu...

The Holland Case
In the town of Whitmen Falls, resident Clara Holland is found dead in the woods. Desperate to help her best friend through the loss of her mom, sixteen-year-old Charlotte Miller calls the sheriff's daughter to look into the case, but the more they look into it, the deeper the case gets.

Lazarus Jones
A serialized story following a boy named Lazarus Jones as he enters a fantastical world. Multiple actors bring the characters to life in this story that takes a different view on the traditional tale of a child entering a new dimension.

The Shrill Collective presents The Rat King
The Shrill Collective presents “The Rat King” by L.R. Wild. “The Rat King” is a serialized, thriller, fiction podcast that weaves magical realism with urban mythology.

The Infinite Imagination of Lucas Lazuli
Stories for ages 9 to 11, but fun for the entire family.Join Laz and his tight-knit group of friends as they forge their friendship in the trials of everyday life with one invisible, yet highly disruptive problem: The Infinite Imagination of Lucas Lazuli!

Baker Street: 2033
The Glass Cryptographer is set in London, 2033. Sherlock Holmes has become ’real’, as a 3D bioprint, and soon learns that he was the fictional creation of Conan Doyle. Can he solve both the riddle of himself and a monstrous crime now that all his methods have been surpassed by technology?

Lore Breaker Radio
Lore Breaker Radio is a place where a group of friends get together to roll some dice, have fun, and tell unique stories using different tabletop roleplaying systems, all in the name of entertainment and fun! Combining immersive sound effects and music to enhance the experience, it’s like an audio play, but where the story is being written with an exciting roll of the dice, and every choice of the players!

The Chaos Module
The Chaos Module is a chaotic Dungeons and Dragons podcast for adults. The campaign follows a small group of oddballs as they fumble through some very mysterious and perilous affairs surrounding the city of Neverwinter.

Este podcast va a publicar a lo largo del 2023 una novela, va a ser un proceso completo de escritura y publicación, sin tiempo para revisar ni pensar. ¿Quieres ver que sale al finalizar el año? Puedes seguirlo tanto en formato audio, como en texto a través de la plataforma Wattpad.

Best Left Forgotten
The deliberately unofficial and uncanon D&D Forgotten Realms actual play podcast based in Adelaide, Australia.

Thrilling Story
Een podcast voor lezers door auteurs. Beleef verhalen als nooit te voren. Luister hoe de auteur op het verhaal is gekomen en verdiep je samen met ons in zijn/haar wereld terwijl de auteur zijn/haar verhaal vertelt.

Rainbow Dice Club
Welcome to The Rainbow Dice Club, a non-binary & women led & run actual play D&D 5E homebrew podcast.

The Dreaming Podcast
Stories to make you wonder. The Dreaming is an anthology podcast of speculative fiction created to help the mind wander. Each episode showcases three short stories centered around a theme. The Dreaming is created and read by Kaleb Eisele at Rainy Day Studios.

The Unseen World: A Podcast Musical
The Unseen World begins with Miri, a former physics student with a deep awareness of the world around her, trying to come to terms with life. Her ensuing journey through a maze of parallel universes, and the relationships she forms along the way, transform her understanding of the nature of matter, and of what actually matters. Often hilarious, frequently poignant, occasionally bawdy, and always surprising, The Unseen World is a raucous ride that is part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, part Rocky Horror Picture Show, part Tommy yet completely original.

Henry Handsome Lived & Died
Henry Handsome was an outlaw cowboy—at least that's how the legend goes. Henry Handsome Lived & Died examines the creation, evolution, proliferation, dissemination and degradation of American folklore. Through 30 different short stories, the character, vague idea, false memory, misattributed anecdote or influence of the titular Henry Handsome does everything from change the course of American media to sculpt modern day knowledge of manifest destiny. Together, the collection represents the stories that create and define a culture, how those stories are told, if they ever were to begin with—and if any of that matters at all.

Listen to stories from the mind of indie comic creator Thomas Ryan adapted from some of his most popular indie comic book series.

Pseudonym Solo Adventures
Pseudonym Solo Adventures is an indie ttrpg anthology telling stories across a variety of games and genres. Our goal is to bring you stories you enjoy while highlighting creators big and small across the ttrpg industry. Each season will include a self-contained story in an indie ttrpg with a few D&D adventures written by indie creators, run and played by podcasters, streamers, and creators.

Unnatural One
A Dungeons and Dragons 5E actual play podcast. Every campaign will rotate DMs. Join a group of friends as we try to make our hobby our career and have fun telling our stories for everyone to hear. Music by Jake.

The Worm Transmissions
Stories fermented in mulch and compost. Thoughts beamed from the other side of the universe.

Aqui, você encontra jogos de interpretação para todos os gostos e desgostos. Um compilado de campanhas de RPG mestradas, criadas e escritas pelo escritor Ícaro Quartarolo, autor do romance "Estúpido Cupido", publicado em 2022 pela editora FLYVE. Histórias de amor, heroísmo, família, corrupção, poder e muito mais. Venha desfrutar dos universos aqui contidos... se estiver preparado, claro.

Radio-Drama: Space Opera; political satire, parody, comedy. In the far distant future; the year of our Lord 2020, nefarious elements in the galaxy seek to put all peoples and all planets under subjection. In the form of early 1900 theatrical serials such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers and early radio dramas like unto The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and the Green Hornet, Galacticus-man is a radio drama space opera full of space battles, intrigue and compelling narrative!

Stories & Lies
A Conspiracy Era Delta Green Actual Play Podcast Mystery, investigation, horror and strong character development.

Guaranteed Adventures
We are just a group of guys with a TTRPG actual play podcast the whole family can enjoy. The stories might change, but the adventure is GUARANTEED!

The Chaos Engine Podcast
We are a group of friends who started an actual play podcast with the goal to make you feel like you're at the table with us.

Hearthsinger Tales
A TTRPG Actual Play Adventure Anthology, lead by Anne Richmond.

Morland P.I.
From the team behind Murray Mysteries, Morland PI is a queer love story full of mystery, adapted from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. Kit Morland, true crime podcaster and wannabe heroine, is dying for some excitement. When her neighbours offer to take her on a trip to Bath, site of the famous Chawton Murders, she knows this is her chance to investigate the unsolved mystery. But from boisterous siblings to intriguing women with an eye for fabrics, Kit's new environment is full of distractions.

Foretold Fixion
We hear epic tales of realms filled with dragons, giants, wizards, dwarves, and gods. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to... just hang out with them? What if someone were to set up a few microphones and talk to these mythical beings and magical creatures? Let's find out.

Haunted City - A Blades in the Dark Campaign
A city bathed in perpetual darkness, and a history not yet written. On the streets of Doskvol, it's kill or be killed as crews vie for power by any means necessary. Haunted City is a dark, twisted romp through a Victorian dystopia, using the rules of arguably the greatest RPG system of the modern era — Blades in the Dark.

Mortimer by M.W Cedars (A misanthropic heir bumbles his way through a series of compromising situations in this absurdist 1920’s-based comedy.)
A former BBC telecaster volunteered to read this hilarious, absurdist comedy novel written by a mysterious unknown author. We are releasing this gem of a novel Mortimer in the style of a radio serial (28 episodes!). Set in the 1920s, Mortimer Ascariot, an elephantine misanthrope who builds bottle boats, takes meticulous care of his lapel, and dallies on the fringe of reality and fantasy. The novel is set in a pretty little port called Georgetown, South Carolina at the start of the prohibition. Mortimer’s father, a philandering titan in the shipping business, has been murdered, leaving Mortimer as the un-befitting benefactor of the Centennial Shipping Line. However, Mortimer’s singular mission in life is to attain the title Admiral (issued by the Bottle Boat Club of Chicago) and remove himself from society. Throughout this absurdist comedy, Mortimer finds himself victim to a series of compromising situations: injustice at the hand of the United States Post Office, bamboozled by a speakeasy disguised as a protestant church, arrested by the Georgetown precinct, mayhem at the hands of his road-kill eating relatives from West Virginia, and thrust into match-making attempts by his nanny, Mrs. Dixon. Hidden beneath his trusty captain’s hat, but betrayed by his bushy and emotive mustache, Mortimer copes with discomfort by leaning into his surrealist fantasies about the largest and most illustrious boat of the 1900s: Her Mistress, The Esquirer. Whether related to injustices at the hands of those that would disturb his artistic process, unwanted physical contact from the doting Lilly Lou Longhorn, or his scheming narcissistic uncle, John Adams, who was named after the second president of the United States, a delirious mother who is infatuated with a mysterious man named “Eugene,” or being kidnapped by pirates, Mortimer is a story that straddles the juxtaposition between living a life planned out for you versus taking the risk of a life that embraces the fragility of human psychology.

Theatrical Shenanigans
Get ready to enjoy original works of theatre by playwrights all over the world from a stage that is wherever you are! Here at Theatrical Shenanigans you get the great fun of listening to original audio plays and some wonderful chat about them!

Piedra Guild
Thirst for adventure? You have come to the right place! myself and my friends have come together to play weekly DnD sessions! Join on us on our adventures and laugh and cry with us along the way!

Ye Old Dragon's Librar