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1978 shows

Adventures in Mordheim
Actual Plays using Warhammer Fantasy Role Play & Mork Borg, that take you on a journey through The City of the Damned: Mordheim!

Max Rebo's Intergalactic Freeform Jizz Band
A table top role playing podcast exploring the lives of the musicians of Star Wars. Lightsabers? Jedi? Skywalkers? Who cares! Pull up a chair and listen to the sweet sweet jizz oozin' out of our players' mouths, into a horn, and into your ears.

Graveyards of Arkham
Graveyards of Arkham is a Call of Cthulhu Actual Play. Join us as four regular people get lost in the machinations of a nefarious cult in 1920s New England.

Hell or High Rollers - One Shots
A collection of one shot adventures and side quests from the universe of Hell or High Rollers. From members of Mischief Theatre, creators of the Olivier award winning ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ and the BBC’s ‘Goes Wrong Show; comes this brand new live action role play podcast. Loosely following the rules of D&D 5e join our players as they take on the roles of four heroes attempting to escape eternal damnation in DnD Hell!

A strange funeral drags six unfamiliar faces from their homes to Seer's Mourning. None of them will leave the same. A D&D 5e actual play podcast produced by the Tabletop Talespinners Network.

Mayamora Dungeons & Dragons
A podcast featuring Althorrin (Irvas), Xain Scarlight (Nulga), Jack Freeman (DM), Shadowed one (Rain), Yeti (Loreel) Fox Queen (Eris) Moss (Glaucin). Cultists are reeking havoc arcross the lands as an unlikely group bands together in an off way, Now working together to unravel the unnatural occurrences surrounding them.

Shadows and Shenanigans
A system agnostic actual play, run by a group of friends with a love for all things TTRPG, telling stories of every shade, and everything that comes with it Soldier, Doctor, Medium, Magician. Mystery lurks around every corner for the investigative team of the Circle of Mind and Material. As magick courses under and through the streets of the turn of the century city of Newfaire, the circle seeks to keep people safe, and uncover a mystery that may very well tear the world as they know it apart. Mind and Material is Shadow and Shenanigan's debut series, using the Candela Obscura game system.

99% Goblins
This is a podcast of friends coming together to play roleplaying games. Join us on goofy, (sometimes serious) character-focused adventures!

An improvised comedy podcast satirizing the world of Jane Austen that tells the tale of a wealthy family's scandals and shenanigans.

Dummies With Dice
Dummies with dice is an actual play podcast where four not so average people are transported to the world of dungeons and dragons. Will they make it back to their own universe or be lost in a dangerous world forever... Use of violence, profanity, inappropriate situations, and the portrayal of drug and alcohol use, viewer discretion is advised.

Urban Omens
A Black-led Actual Play network dedicated to telling intentional & engaging modern stories. Episodes release on Tuesdays

Fool's Gambit Podcast
Fool's Gambit is a narrative-centric roleplaying game podcast using the Dungeons and Dragons (5e) ruleset where the rule of cool reigns superior. Host and Dungeon Master, Taun Sterling, takes the "main character" through episodic, mini-serial adventures where they're joined by a variable smorgasbord of guests and NPCs.

Under A Blood Red Moon: A Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG Actual Play
Three weeks ago, the war for Chicago began. It started with a lie - a false flag attack by the Black Spiral Dancers to incite the local vampires against the werewolves. The Dancers had vampire allies of their own, who attacked the werewolves' sacred site of the Fanum, and released the Celestine, Jupiter, from within. Now both sides are preparing for war, unaware that the dead and the burned were all a ruse, not that vampires and werewolves need an excuse most of the time. One pack of five garou are thrust into this war, aimed at the enemy with promises of glory ringing in their ears. But war is a crucible, and these five werewolves will be burned, reduced, and remade in the questions of what is worth dying for and what is worth killing for. All under a Blood Red Moon.

No Return: The Fate of Daya
As some of you may know, Erset La Tari; The Land of No Return, began life as a 'homebrew' Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) setting. Thanks to the immense talents of Dylan Smith (GM of Hearthfire Tales, as well as the voice of Sergeant Gavin Fern and Niillas Janicek on No Return) we are able to bring No Return to you in the form of a TTRPG Actual play. Co-Gamemastered by Dylan and Kier Zhou and played by the recognisable vocal talents of Jack (Tommo), Gemma (Ysenda, Thae Oraen & Cinnte) and Cameron (Amghar, Jyce Inacio, and the new voice of Deky and Ayelen). We are truly excited to bring the world of No Return to you in a more improvised, player led and spontaneous format where the players decisions and the whims of the dice will decide 'The Fate of Daya'.

The RPG Fiends
Recording our actual play TTPRG sessions for friends! Game systems we play: Pathfinder 2e, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green.

Cae la bruma
Doskvol es una ciudad sumida en una noche eterna, donde los fantasmas te queman la piel, los champiñones con anguilas son un manjar, la sangre de demonio alimenta las farolas y los vampiros pasean bajo las esquirlas fracturadas del sol. La única posiblidad de una vida mejor para un millón de personas es el crimen.

Steady Rolling Men presents - CoC Masks of Nyarlathotep Actual Play
TTRPG actual play podcast of the classic Call of Cthulhu adventure - Masks of Nyarlathotep.

The Cosmara Actual Play (The CAP)
Follow our 4 plucky heroes as they find their way out in the stars, facing old and new threats, will they be able to stop the ancient war dividing 2 alien races? And will they be able to survive what awaits them deep in the dark?

Heroics & Hijinks
Half Blood Heroics & Hijinks is a City of Mist actual play podcast set in the PJO world. Our story centers around three demigods (2 Greek and 1 Roman), as they handle their very own prophecy and the challenges of growing up in a world of warring gods, terrifying monsters, and inconvenient prophecies.

Tales of FUNCTION: The Engine
A live play D&D podcast - Non-organic beings protect a nearby galaxy and prepare for an approaching catastrophe.

L'Etreinte de la Nuit - Vampire La Mascarade
Une campagne JDR produite par Arkhane Asylum Publishing autour du Jeu de rôle "Vampire La Mascarade".

The Captain's Corner Presents
Recorded live for the Captain’s Corner: Delta Green - Impossible Landscapes. Starring Nina as FBI Special Agent Eliza Bishop. Bryan as U.S. Army Corporal Kane Smith. Jacob as U.S. Park Ranger Desmond Vickleston. Mark as The Handler.

Afternoon Adventurer
Willkommen bei Afternoon Adventurer, einem Rollenspiel Podcast. Rene und Florian begrüßen regelmäßig Gästinnen und Gäste um mit Ihnen gemeinsam für einen Nachmittag in ein selbst erdachtes Abenteuer einzutauchen. Wechselnde Spielleiter*innen und Settings sorgen dafür, das es nie langweilig wird. Eine Vorgabe gibt es noch! Das Abenteuer wird an einem Nachmittag fertig gespielt. Anschließend könnt Ihr es hier in 3-5 Episoden hören. Habt viel Spaß!

The Worst Outcome: A DND 5e Actual Play
Welcome to the world of Thiralon! Four intrepid adventurers see if they survive this occasionally bleak, sometimes silly Dungeons and Dragons homebrew adventure.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 4: Humanity
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

That One Questing Podcast
That One Questing Podcast is an actual-play TTRPG show with a stunning host and their fabulous questing companions embark on perilous journeys through story itself.

Apocalypse Tomorrow
Climate change is real. Or, it was… Basically everything they said was going to happen did in fact happen; the ice caps melted, fires grew wild and fierce, droughts choked entire nations, and hurricanes with winds unheard of ripped countries apart. And the weather was just the beginning… Some kind of virus long frozen deep in the ice infected the animals first, causing them to go feral. Then it spread to humans. Luckily modern media prepared us well for a zombie infestation, but that paired with a new apocalypse every other week made survival difficult for everyone. Society collapsed, most everyone died, and the world just ended. It's been 50-or-so years and settled in the western wastelands of what used to be North America, or as it's now known; South Canada, we find a lone homestead. Secure from the zombie hoards, the two tenants live out their days in research, but everything changes when a newcomer arrives in distress, unfolding mysteries none of them were ever prepared for! Making a home, keeping yourself alive, and gearing up for whatever comes next; join us in this goofy slice of life horror adventure and see what the wastelands have in store!

Rumgins and Dragons
A group of friends going on an epic adventure or two to explore the world and expansive multiverse of our D&D campaigns. In a world littered with our old characters and three new heroes who make terrible jokes along the way! Welcome to the land of Revellon!

The Lady Afterwards: A RPG Actual Play
Within the Secret Histories and the Glory of the Sun, there are events that the Hours of The Mansus cannot abide easily. These alien gods thus warp and weave events to bring a quintet of disparate souls from safety in London to the mystical Alexandria, called upon by a mutual acquaintance. Nothing is as it seems in the city of ancient power, hoowever, and soon enough the socalites find themselves trapped in a struggle of the esoteric. Will they survive, or will their minds and bodies break under the strain of forces beyond normal understanding?

Freaking Nerds!
Just 6 friends/nerds sitting around playing D&D.

Chill: The Office - A Chill RPG Actual Play
Ghosts and ghouls beware, you'll be in a for a scare as 4 office workers set out to discover who in their office is normal, who is supernatural, and uncover bizarre and hidden lore within their not-so-typical 9 to 5. But what do these employees do when they dig themselves into a situation that seems to be too much to handle?

The GloryRole
Take a trip to The GloryRole! A tabletop RPG actual play podcast where we play mini-campaigns in different systems, just to check them out and see what we like and don't like! We've got jokes that'll make you choke! We've got drama that'll make you wanna hug your momma! We've got... dice!

Swords Against Madness
A Weird Fantasy Old-School Solo Role-Playing Game.

The Mystic Syndicate Podcast
We are a live roleplay gaming podcast. We play Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and other RPG’s. Join us every two weeks for more game play and shenanigans.

Call of Astera
Astera, a living godlike planet, is wounded. Chaos and Corruption seeps from its very core, threatening to consume all life. But fate has chosen its champions! A group of unsuspecting heroes, all unknowingly bonded to Astera, are about to be thrust into a legendary quest.

A magical lord, a blind industrialist, and a ghost try to solve a murder while navigating the vicious politics of a Victorian city controlled by factions of supernatural creatures. Dive back into the Dragon Knights Universe with an Urban Shadows actual play TTRPG podcast from the producers of the award winning Thornvale.

Dark Mage of Rhudaur
A Middle Earth Roleplaying actual play.

The Starcrier Conflict
A scifi space mecha opera using the LancerRPG system with a story of found family out amongst the stars and a tale about what it truly means to be human in the face of something so terribly alien. Set in the far reaches of the Orion Arm, limited by relativistic space travel, and teeming with factional politics, join our cast of new mech pilots in the Union Navy Lancer Auxiliary Corps as they set out on a journey forewarned and forgotten.

Legends of Avantris
Seven chuckleheads goofing off, telling stories, and laughing way too loud, usually while playing D&D. This podcast features our stories that all take place in the interconnected world of Avantris. Even if you know nothing about tabletop games, we think you’ll enjoy the improv, comedy, narrative, voice acting, drama, and friendship along the way. Our Curse of Strahdanya campaign lives in its own podcast, but here is where you can find everything else from our nearly six years of telling stories, including Once Upon a Witchlight!

Rust Belt Bleeds
Rust Belt Bleeds is a Vampire: the Masquerade live play set in the American Midwest. It follows multiple stories across multiple states thorough the World of Darkness.

Svilland Saga
Join us in this collaborative experience between Three Besties Production and our wonderful friends at HyperSpace Havoc.

The Wandering Isles
Join us on a new D&D 5e adventure! Explore the enchanting world of Maleficum's Arcanum of Magic & Might, where magic intertwines with the mysteries of a vast and varied universe. Set in the year 1542 across four mystical islands known collectively as The Wandering Isles, this campaign follows the adventures of a diverse group of characters at an arcane academy. They navigate intricate political landscapes, unearth ancient secrets, and battle dark forces, all while honing their unique magical abilities. Join us as we delve into the rich histories, complex relationships, and epic quests that define their journey through this magical realm.

Twisted Fates
Welcome to "Twisted Fates" - your go-to channel for tabletop RPG adventures! Delve into a world where the unexpected reigns supreme, and every decision carries the weight of destiny. Embark with us on thrilling journeys through lesser-known gems like Candela Obscura, where darkness holds sway and secrets lurk in every shadow. Traverse the treacherous landscapes of The Walking Dead RPG, where survival is not guaranteed in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead and face extraterrestrial terror in Alien RPG. Experience the enchanting quests of The One Ring and many more thrilling TTRPG adventures. With in-depth reviews and gameplay highlights, "Twisted Fates" is your gateway to thrilling indie TTRPGs.

Golden Squad
Golden Squad is a monthly tabletop RPG using Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Ed. It is hosted by Luke and features some people he likes to call friends. The custom game setting is straight out of Luke's head so it can get bonkers but generally, usually, sometimes, we end up with a fun time. Kept family friendly by a team of highly trained birds.

Back Online: Up Against Time
Back Online Up Against Time is a loose DND podcast about a few Aussie blokes who end up in Faerũn. There’s heaps of naughty words, jokes and violence so tune in and enjoy the ride.

I Should Roll
I Should Roll is an Actual Play podcast set in the Mass Effect universe, featuring eleven voice actors from three continents going on adventures across the galaxy. It's definitely Commander Shepard's favourite podcast on the extranet.

The Astonishing Adventures of the S.S. Bad Ship
Follow along the adventures of the crew of the S.S. Bad Ship as they fly around the galaxy causing more problems than they solve. A new AP podcast from the Do You Validate Network featuring April Raygun, Caleb Zane Huett, Derick Marchel, and Samm Star with Joel Ruiz as the GM.

Rolling Midnight
Dedicated to telling authentic and innovative stories through the medium of tabletop gaming, Rolling Midnight is the latest indie actual play podcast series released by award winning studio Midnight Ceremonies Media.

Source Material
We or our guests tell formative and funny stories from childhood, then we turn it into a genre RPG, each of us taking on a role. We re-tell the story in the new genre, exploring what changes about the story, and what is at the core of it and stays the same.

Aerrigo's Odyssey
Welcome to Aerrigo’s Odyssey! Listen in as four unpolished heroes explore a homebrewed realm buried in secrets and danger, seeking answers and learning about themselves in the process. This is a passion project of mine, that originated as a collection of short stories and fantastical worlds that I created as a kid. I never dreamed that I would be able to bring it to life in the way I've been able to Since this is my first experience DMing and playing dungeons and dragons at all, I'm learning as I go.

Freddy's Tavern - The Willowbrook Chronicles
Welcome to Freddy's Tavern, a D&D 5e live play podcast. New episodes are released every week, so sign up so you don't miss any new content!

Goodberry Pie
Come take a seat at our table and we'll serve you a slice of Goodberry Pie! Goodberry Pie is a multi-genre TTRPG podcast where we create and play one-on-one microcampaigns consisting of two to five sessions. If you like your D&D ala mode, or your Honey Heist served with whip cream we got it all in the cooler. Order's up!

Vampire : La Mascarade - Las Vegas by Night
Bienvenue sur la chaîne de la Cour des Miracles pour cet actual play de notre campagne maison du jeu de rôle Vampire : La Mascarade - Las Vegas by Night ! Las Vegas, Sin City. 1 million et demi d'habitants, 40 millions de visiteurs par an. Deux fois plus de criminalité que la moyenne du reste des États-Unis. Rien d'étonnant quand on sait que l'histoire de la ville est intimement liée à la pègre. Jeux d'argent, prostitution, drogue, violence. La dépravation 24h sur 24. Bienvenue dans la ville qui ne dort jamais.

Blades in Paradise
In a world without fossil fuels, steam is the way of the future, or so they say in the city of Paradise. Join us in this TTRPG Actual Play of Blades in the Dark where the players are trying to make Paradise live up to its name- with crime.

Tales2d4 is a collection of friends and gamers. From young ages, we gamed together, from console/pc, to the tabletop. Tales created and explored for a generation. All of us went our own ways as we journeyed into adulthood. But the passion to game was still there. Now we want to bring our tales to you! Our current project is called Sun and Shadow: Vinhad. A Dark Fantasy version of North America, separated into great houses and ruled by one king. Grim dark, horror and high fantasy clash in one epic tale. Vinhad is played using the Pathfinder 2e system with slight home brew changes to smooth out mechanics. Though tabletop rpg’s will be our main form of bringing you content. We will also stream games and other content. The Tales2d4 group want to bring you stories that are enjoying to hear and content fun to watch. So stop by give us a follow and listen in for a tale to die for!

Actual Play Broadcast
Actual Play Broadcast is an actual play podcast where we play various tabletop RPGs and all together have a good time. We are a collective of nerds with a passion for the RPG space and strive to share our love for the hobby with everyone.

The Small & Mighty
A Rodent RPG Podcast.

DragonMetal Saga
Join in for our second live Dungeons & Dragons stream! Together with our amazing fellow Twitch streamer friends: extirpatefate, druid_irl, and BananaTomOG. Please enjoy the next chapter in our new ongoing series of our D&D campaign called "DragonMetal Saga." Thanks for sharing our continuing adventures! This campaign is using the 5th Edition version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Rise and Fall of Gods
A Quest actual play following Philomena and Foster as they get called on an unexpected adventure that will show them more truths than they expected, fighting for the future of their home alongside some friends they pick up on their long journey. The world was once nearly destroyed by a war between the gods. Thousands of years later, the world has been reclaimed by the people who survived with the help of the few gods who remain. Now darkness threatens the land, and history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Gestalheim Productions - Three Mask Planning
It started with Gnolls, led to a tavern that heralded a vision, then snowballed from there. Now, with directives from various sources and more questions than answers, a group of adventures seek answers admit devine rumblings. All the while they try to keep one of the party alive and answer the most pressing question: what is the coin Delani holds? It's harder than it seems.

The Pact and Boon: A D&D 5e Actual Play Show
A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast set in the high fantasy world of Calignos. A world where the Gods play with the lives of mortals and magic abounds. The story begins with our heroes being prisoners in Hell. Join Dungeon Master Jake Packham from The Dungeon Mastermind Podcast and players Justin Lewis, Tanner Weyland and Cayden Ottley from the podcast How to Be a Better DM as they explore the various pacts and boons in the world of Calignos.

Crisis Level: Green
A group of federal agents learn that the world isn't quite as black and white as they thought it was. There are definitely some shades of green as well.

Pulp Panic - A Fiasco Anthology
Pulp Panic is a Fiasco actual play podcast, an Anthology of deception, debauchery, and desperation. Pulp Panic is not for the faint of heart and any content warnings can be found in our description.

Natural Six
Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventures in Reliquiae!

Dicey Bastards Comedy DnD Podcast
A retired Swashbuckler and his questionable Sorcerer companion come out of retirment for one last epic heist. Can they put the perfect team together to steal a priceless artifact in time for the Festival of Heroes? Find out in this hilarious and chaotic 5E Actual Play podcast where six authors go head-to-head to weave a tale of legendary lunacy!

The Camp Dragon Online Podcast
The Camp Dragon Online Podcast Presents Daring in Dastanir! An Actual Play Podcast featuring the professional Dungeon Masters of Camp Dragon Online as players! Some of the adventures are retired modules from the Camp Dragon Online vault and others are brand new, exclusive material! Come listen to unique mechanics devised by our Dungeon Masters and encounter never-before-seen monsters and magic!

The Usual NPCs
We're thrilled to announce the premiere of our brand-new podcast, The Usual NPCs . It's a Norse inspired campaign with 4 real life strangers (and one person that brought them all together) and our GM. Join our eclectic group of characters—Althea the crocheting artificer, Levi the hungry paladin, Boomer the enigmatic sorcerer, Scrivmir the artistic rogue, and Fitz the historian bard—as they navigate treacherous landscapes and uncover the mysteries buried beneath the snow covered tundra of Midland.

Natural Rollers
Natural Rollers is a DnD 5e Podcast. Your dungeon master is Tyler McAlister, with the fantastic group of players, Tim, Leslie, and Lindy!

Whispers in Wregate
The city lost to Limbo is finally starting to feel normal again, untill a mysterious artifact in a company vault sends the party on a quest to change their fate, or die trying.

The Kona Lodge - RPG Actual Play Podcast
We are a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Actual Play podcast that focuses on Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Pendragon, Traveller, D&D and more. Currently we are playing the Delta Green campaign, "God's Teeth".

Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele zählen zu den absoluten Lieblingsprojekten bei Rocket Beans. Zahlreiche Abenteuer wurden bereits auf Youtube und als Podcast unter dem passenden Kanalnamen “Pen & Paper“ veröffentlicht. Warum also dieser neue Kanal hier? Ganz einfach: Die hier erscheinenden Abenteuer gibt es NUR als Podcast. Musik, Atmosphäre und Soundeffekte sorgen dabei für ein echtes Hörspiel-Gefühl. Aktuelles Abenteuer: CITY OF MIST - DAS LAZARUS PROJEKT. Neue Folgen gibt es jeden Montag.

The Transmissions
Actual Play dramas with high quality performance, editing, narration, sound effects and music.

Last of Eden's Vices - A Vampire the Masquerade V5 Podcast
The fate of Providence hangs in the balance, a new Coterie stumbles across a conspiracy that threatens the establishment. They have unknowingly made themselves key players in the fate of the city.

Actual Play Entertainment
Actual Play Entertainment (APE) is an independent RPG network that is dedicated to bringing you quality, well produced, actual play podcasts. Our games have a combination of being fun, tense, and exciting, with a dash of improvised humor that will make you laugh-out-loud. You might even cry! Who knows? Games in the works: Alien the RPG, Traveler 2nd Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5E, and more Call of Cthulhu (Pulp and 7th edition).

Aqui você encontra todos os episódios de Ao Sul da Fenda RPG DeD 3.5.

Chrome Trigger Run
A Cyberpunk RED actual play by The Dragon Punch Squad.

Mystic Muses DND
Join the all-femme presenting players and an entirely queer cast in "Mystic Muses DND". Listen to their thrilling D&D Actual Play High Fantasy Adventure as they face a great threat that aims to destroy everything within the Homebrew world of Perdition. With a perfect blend of experienced and new players, this podcast - with short and sweet episodes - is perfect for beginners and busy bodies who want to dive into roleplaying and enjoy the world of D&D. Join the Mystic Muses, embark on an unforgettable quests and get ready for an epic adventure like no other!

Monroe's Chest
Ahoy there, landlubbers and merfolk alike! Welcome to Monroe’s Chest! the podcast that sails the seas of whimsy and dives into the depths of nautical nonsense. Join us as we navigate through a sea of laughter, uncovering the treasures hidden within Monroe’s mystical chest, where every episode is a tidal wave of hilarity and unexpected discoveries!

I Seduce The Dragon
A rocket scientist, a cowgirl, a p*rnstar, and a mom walk into a dungeon ...and those are just the players. I SEDUCE THE DRAGON is an actual play D&D podcast that requires absolutely no prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons to love! High production value, compelling characters and incredible chemistry make a great time for even the casual listener.

Canada by Night: A Vampire the Masquerade Podcast
Canada by Night is a live-play podcast where professional improvisers play Vampire the Masquerade! Sent to rescue his best friend’s kidnapped mother, detective-turned-vampire Everett Fry accidentally ends up the sheriff of New Haven: an experimental town that’s finding out if vampires and humans can co-exist. Stuck leading a ragtag group of officers - the Brujah bounty hunter Val, the Gangrel news reporter Evangeline, and the Tremere blood-witch Doris - can Everett keep New Haven running? Or will the sheriff’s department fail and see the town destroyed by its enemies or liquidated by the vampire council of Canada?! Trending on global comedy fiction charts, and brought to you by Dumb-Dumbs & Dice (whose series Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons charted as the #2 fiction podcast on Spotify), listen now to find out why Canada by Night has been downloaded more than half a million times! 

I Know What You Did Last Session
Welcome to "Dungeons & Dummies," the podcast where Braxton leads his intrepid band of adventurers—Jimmy, Alex, Ethan, Riley, and Caleb—on epic journeys through the fantastical realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Join us as we delve deep into the mysteries of ancient dungeons, face off against fearsome dragons, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Braxton, our masterful Dungeon Master, guides us through the twists and turns of our quests, weaving tales of bravery, magic, and daring escapes. Each episode is packed with laughter, camaraderie, and the excitement of rolling those critical dice. Whether we're battling evil warlocks or negotiating with cunning goblins, there's never a dull moment in our campaign. So grab your dice bag, sharpen your swords, and join us as we embark on adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat and longing for the next roll of the dice. Welcome to "Rolling Dice & Making Memories," where every quest is an unforgettable journey with friends.

Shattered in Stone: A Werewolf the Apocalypse RPG Actual Play
Called together from across the globe, a disparate group of garou are set with the task of helping a small village deep in the heart of the Amazon. Upon their arrival, they discover strange effects happening to the very earth around them. The newly formed pack must stop the ravages to Gaia before it is too late while nature and the spirits around them demonstrate one thing above all others: you try to bite them, and they will bite back with force.

House of Homebrew - Season 1 - Dragon Song
A DnD live gameplay show, hosted by esteemed DM James Logan. Starring acting performances by Hailey Jackson Boucher, Joshua Malloy, Mason Dodson, Chance Owen, Dominic Boucher, and CJ Goodwin.

Big Red Button: A Fallout Roleplaying Podcast
The Wasteland is Calling... Jake the Gaslit Vault Dweller, Gotfree the Neurotic Mister Handy Robot, and Houston the Ghoul with Writer's Block are an unlikely band of scrappers, trying their darnedest to survive in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Michigan. Next thing they know, their home comes under attack and they're sent off into the world to solve the mystery... Born from our popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” series on the "Doctor And A Lawyer Podcast", welcome to The Big Red Button Podcast - a captivating 2D20 roleplaying-game-meets-audio-drama set in the iconic Fallout video game universe! Join us as we navigate the wasteland, encounter unique characters, and unravel thrilling stories. Each episode, we’ll dive into the world of radioactive wonders and survival - as we push the Big Red Button and let the chaos ensue! Your next favorite post-nuclear experience awaits! Whether you’re a newbie to the Fallout franchise or a long-time fan, you’re sure to have a BLAST!

Brothers & Balrogs
Brothers & Balrogs is an actual-play D&D podcast created by four brothers who grew up actually-playing together. On our podcast, we lean into this fact by telling a story about four brothers. While we may not be professional voice actors or comedians, our show comes with a certain authenticity others don't. We will laugh, we will cry, and we invite you to join us! Let's get our brother home.

Lost Urban Media
Stories generated through solo tabletop roleplaying games.

Podcastuję RPG
Trzech amatorów postanowiło nagrać podcast gdzie grają w grę. Będziemy rozgrywać przygody w różnych systemach RPG.

Murder She Rolled
A D&D murder mystery podcast about four people, brought back from the dead, dealing with arcane horrors and personal demons, who have one year to solve their own murders. Content Warning: This podcast is about a group of corpses trying not to get murdered again. It's gory, sweary, and sometimes a little sexy. Listener discretion advised.

Python County
Join five friends, and real live Texans, as they role play in the fictional horror realm of Python County.

Critting the Nerdverse
An actual play podcast collaboration between Crossing the Nerdverse and 2 Legit 2 Crit. We play our own take on Blades in the Dark and follow the Rebel Clause as they rise to power in a world inspired by different holidays.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 3: Echoes of the Ancients
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Tales End Inn
Howdy Y'all! Welcome to the Tales End here we like to serve up a nice hot meal and share the stories of our Patrons. Come and join us as we spin tales. The Tales End Inn is a TTRPG actual play podcast, where all stories end in the Inn. Join us in the adventures and stories, some told classically others with a twist.

Fandom Fables & Dragons
Welcome to "Fandom Fables & Dragons," the podcast where fantasy meets reality in the most unexpected way! Join our four intrepid podcasters – Caleb, Chad, Scott, and French – as they embark on an extraordinary adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. In each episode, follow along as our hosts navigate through a fantastical realm after being unexpectedly whisked away from their ordinary lives. Transported into a world straight out of the pages of their favorite books, they find themselves facing mythical creatures, enchanted forests, and magical quests. But it's not all dungeons and dragons; as they journey through this mystical land, our podcasters discover that their knowledge of pop culture and fandoms might just be the key to unlocking the secrets of this new world. With each twist and turn, they draw upon their love for stories, games, and movies to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and forge alliances with both friend and foe alike. From battling dragons to deciphering ancient prophecies, "Fandom Fables & Dragons" is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments. As our hosts delve deeper into the mysteries of this realm, they also uncover truths about themselves and the power of friendship.

City Dwarves
This story begins with our PCs, a trio of young dwarves, living in a city. They're the children of cobblers who perished the month prior when plague swept through the city. Coming home from the funeral, they have found their shop ransacked. Tools broken, shoes in for repairs ruined, the whole place a mess, except for one left boot that has been repaired and left in the middle of the room. Obviously this was the work of a rival cobbler shop, but which one? And why? Soon enough the clients stop coming in. No new orders for shoes, boots, or even sandals. The potential heroes are facing a serious problem as funds begin to run out... yet some god must have smiled down upon these poor orphans, for one day they come downstairs to find all their work completed for them and the shop nicely cleaned up.

Kalus: DnD Podcast 4 Newbs
Welcome to the continent of Kalus! This is a DnD Podcast with 5 Players who have little to NO DnD experience! Let us see how these new players handle the typical and non typical experiences of being a player in a DnD game! Uploads are once a month with more to come! Please Share and Rate us 5 stars if you enjoy our silly little Adventure!

Zero Initiative: Curse of Strahd
Four adventurers take on what they think is a routine search-and-rescue mission in a small town, believing everything is perfectly normal. They soon realize that it's anything but. Trapped in an inscrutable and dangerous land, Lorded over by the mysterious Lord of Barovia, will our four protagonists make their way out of the mists? Or will each of them succumb to Barovia's curse? Join us as we venture into the Curse of Strahd!

Chains of Divinity
Chains of Divinity is a weekly Godkiller actual play podcast where three mortals will rise up against the Gods who hold dominion over their world. Together, our God-Killers and our Pantheon will weave a tapestry of love, loss, and perseverance in the face of uncaring divinity.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 2: Outpost on the Frontier
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Legends of Straflem Season 2
Join us in a Dungeons and Dragons adventure through the long forgotten Straflem Islands.

DreadLore Live Play - Into Space!
DreadLore Live Play is a livestream (Twitch) and podcast (Everywhere) where the Dreadies play through our various campaigns using the DreadLore TTRPG. This campaign is: Into Space! A few hundred years into the future, the Sol System Authority (SSA) is in charge – the Players are indoctrinated space marines who must deal with the morality of their orders while getting the job done!

Dice & Dudes
A weekly actual play podcast, with dudes, dice and a few jokes. Each week we dive into a pen and paper RPG. New EPs Sundays. Currently, we are playing through a homebrew campaign for Delta Green written by our Handler. Follow Working Group Jade-November as they investigate the darkness that lurks among us.

Dice Tower RPG
A family friendly roll playing podcast based in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The Dice Tower team takes you through epic stories and battles that will make you laugh.

Rise of Drekis Chapter 1: The Talens & The Deserters
Rise of Drekis will feature discrete chapters telling the story of what happens after the events of The War for Arcadia. We know Drekis becomes a power house, but that's just the big picture. What is happening on the level of individuals? Is this a great benevolence that spreads? Is it a brutal regime?

Dust and Blood
A fantasy Western narrative-play podcast, filled with high drama and hilarious shenanigans! Dust and Blood is created by Blake Alfson, Keith Curtis, Corinne Hill, Gale Parker, and Zach Parker, and posts on the first day of each month.

Lang Noch Gelukkig
Eindigt elk verhaal 'Lang en Gelukkig'? Wij zoeken uit welke verhalen nog verteld moeten worden, en helpen de gaten opvullen. Met behulp van Dungeons & Dragons 5e gaan ervaren en onervaren spelers de uitdaging aan! Campaign 1: Samson & Gert.

Un potocast immersif où les invités doivent résoudre les mystères des mondes parallèles.

Adventure Engines
An actual play, TTRPG podcast where we build the world through play.

Dicing With Death - Divan
The protagonist of this single player campaign is Divan, a Half-Elf living on the island of Ancient Bravo during the Age of Heroes hailing from the small town of Nekkraut before it grew into a great city in the Age of Might.

The Highway Horrors Podcast
Step into the world of the Highway Horrors Podcast, where the asphalt stretches out like a dark ribbon beneath the wheels of their trusty vehicle, and every mile holds the promise of a new, spine-tingling adventure. In this solo actual-play extravaganza, you'll follow the gripping escapades of a fearless band of traveling monster hunters. Armed with nothing but their wits, their weapons, and an unyielding determination, they brave the darkest corners of the unknown, confronting creatures that lurk beyond the veil of our reality. From the eerie silence of abandoned highways to the bustling chaos of neon-lit cities, the Highway Horrors team fearlessly navigates through a world where danger lurks in every shadow. With each episode, you'll be drawn deeper into their web of mystery and suspense, as they confront monsters both supernatural and all-too-human. So, buckle up and prepare for a pulse-pounding journey unlike any other. Join the Highway Horrors as they crisscross the country, facing down the unknown with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of supernatural savoir-faire. Are you ready to join the hunt?

Fool's Gold: Sands
Welcome to Fool's Gold, one of the most hilarious and dramatic D&D tabletop roleplaying shows on the internet! Join our cast of professional chaos goobers as they explore a winding world full of absurd monsters, moral dilemmas, legally-distinct-franchises, and emotional damage.

Bed of Roses - The Witcher TTRPG Actual Play
Witchers, Kings, Troubadours, Smiths, Doctors, Monsters, and More! The world is full of such people and creatures. But when folks go missing some among the larger group must rise to solve the mystery. Come join our band of professionals as they investigate a string of disappearances. Don't forget your silver and steel swords!

Davids Demoner
En rollspels-podcast där vi får följa med Davids Demoner aka. David Kjellstrand med vänner, då de tar med oss på en resa i rollspelens värld! Med fokus på att göra rollspel lättillgängligt, där humor, roliga historier och gott umgänge står i centrum, försöker vi fånga den ultimata upplevelsen för att sedan ta med er på en improviserad fantasy berättelse, komplett med professionell ljudläggning och egenskriven musik. Davids Demoner släpps i episoder och följs därför bäst från första avsnittet och framåt.

Betrothed and Betrayed: A Good Society Actual Play Podcast
A story of high society politics, intrigue, and romance, join us for a Regency era story following a pair of sisters from a struggling high society family, a nouveau-riche society up and comer, and a mysterious military man from Scotland. Will greed and duty win the day, or will love conquer all?

Dice Wars
Youtini's very own Star Wars RPG series where each new season/campaign explores a new system of gameplay!

Dungeons & Dumbassery
Join us on this Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in a world of delusion and dumbassery, where our five players are led through a story full of magic and mystery.

Finding Ithaca
Finding Ithaca is a Starfinder Actual Play that is about space pirates. Inspired by Treasure Planet and Titan A.E., the story follows a group of people finding a long lost treasure known as Ithaca that was hidden by the Pirate Queen, Captain Penelope many centuries ago. Starring Christian who will be playing Quinn Garou, a Vesk Envoy. Madeleine will be playing Astro MacCleod, an Ysoki Evolutionist. Ley will be playing Vain Jarkanoak, a Damai Witchwarper. Puja will be playing Baaghi, a Pahtra Operative and Wasa will be playing Innochi, an Android Technomancer.

Who's Taking Watch
A D&D 5e actual play show where we improvise stories in our favourite worlds of fiction! Join us in our first arc, The Dragon's Might, set in the world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

Worlds Collide - A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Podcast
Embark on an otherworldly journey with 'Worlds Collide,' a gripping narrative podcast that delves into the convergence of multiple worlds and the fate of a fading magic. When diverse characters from distinct realms are summoned by the gods into an enigmatic new world, they must band together to unearth the cause behind the vanishing magical essence. Follow the compelling saga as each character, plucked from their homelands, navigates the unfamiliar terrain, leveraging their unique skills and personalities. With time ticking and the magic waning, the characters face a race against the unknown force that threatens to plunge this world into darkness. As these unlikely allies explore, confront challenges, and grapple with internal conflicts, listeners will be drawn into their quests for truth, forging powerful alliances amidst discord and mistrust. Unravel the mystery alongside them, discovering ancient prophecies, hidden truths, and the ultimate revelation about the dwindling magic. Join us bi-weekly as 'Worlds Collide' takes you through a riveting odyssey of magic, friendship, betrayal, and redemption. Each episode unravels layers of this immersive fantasy world; Will the heroes discover the source of the fading magic and the interconnected destinies of these extraordinary characters? Tune in and immerse yourself in this thrilling live-play 5e podcast, where the stability of the realms is tested, and the power of unity becomes a beacon of hope in a world on the brink of losing its enchantment.

Monster Monster
Welcome to Monster Monster! A live play Dungeons and Dragons show brought to you by Comedians! Join Tyler Waltz, and Tyson Cox (from Nerd News) and their Dungeon Master Cavin Eggleston every other week for an exciting new adventure!

The Whirlwind Chronicles
Equipped with an ancient wizard’s life’s work, a renegade party of adventurers explore unknown realms to discover the universe’s secrets and complete his encyclopedic tome. Welcome in! This actual play podcast tells the story of Juniper, Calgo, Edna, and Wallace. With no preparation, our players determine where these explorers will go next by spontaneously rolling for the genre, hook, and most importantly, the game master of the week. Expect chaos as our group of players wholly improvise a new adventure every episode.

Light of Illumis
"Light of Illumis" centers around 4 clerics who want to use a Philosophers' Stone to render all undead vulnerable to sunlight. We will pick up their story near the end, as their agent is delivering to them the Philosopher's Stone they will use in their ritual.

Tides of Death
Tides of Death is a Pirate themed campaign that takes place in the ringed island formation of the Dardens. Following the theft of King of Wake County's newly built warship, Captain John Winters starts his escape to Solum by picking up Eridonian refugees from Redport. The journey abruptly ends with the party surviving a shipwreck on an island in the outer ring of the Dardens.

Dicing With Death - Malcifer
This single player campaign tells the tale of Malcifer Winter, a Necromancer residing on Gade Isle.

Homeward Bound
Taking place in the immediate after effects of Frozen Frontier, this is the first high level campaign featured on this channel. Our heroes explore a new and wild world with different laws of nature, strange environments, and intimidating monsters. What horrors await our heroes? How will they ever find their way home? What will be the costs?

Steam, ships, and secrets. Morvain, the bustling metropole of the Carthic empire, is exploding with industry and beset by strange magic. In this actual play campaign of Monster of the Week, join players Payton, Kit, and Aubrey as their team of paranormal investigators dive into a dark Victorian world of conspiracy and mayhem.

Frozen Frontier
Caldonia is the cursed continent to the south of Arcadia. 1509 years ago it was frozen over in the same horrific event that created the canals of Arcadia. Since then, nobody has ventured to this lost land. High Princess Sela of the kingdom of Drekkis is launching an expedition to Caldonia in hopes of recovering the treasures of a lost civilization. Our heroes will have to battle the elements alongside unknown dangers as they explore uncharted lands.

Undefined depths
A group of good friends join together to play Delta Green and laugh in the face of cosmic horror. Or scream into the void. It's anyone's guess which will happen.

Doom, Gloom & Zoom
Welcome to Doom, Gloom & Zoom a D&D Podcast by Mine Podcasting.

Dicing With Death - Georg
A single player campaign featuring an ambitious young wizard in possession of a great artifact whose story is entwined with that of the Hardcore Heroes cast.

The Sprouting
An actual play Call of Cthulhu podcast, The Sprouting explores the eldritch horror of a plant apocalypse. In The Cradle, our humans attempt to survive in a world where mystical plants have taken over, eldritch bargains twist the fabric of reality and each has a goal they must see through to the end. Do you trust your senses, or do you trust each other? I guess you're about to find out.

Endwatch: A Shadowrun Actual Play
Shadowrunners. Thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no one else can. While the Corporations run the world, Shadowrunner live on the edge, and for this team of ‘runners getting back together after a long hiatus, that edge has never been sharper.

ROAR för Eon!
Välkommen till Rollspel Och Annat Roligt (ROAR) i Pod format! Detta är ROARs första Pod och det är en actual play podcast där ROAR Master Emil ska spelleda en liten grupp spelare genom Helmgast skapade Mundana och regelsystemet Eon IV! Vi ska ta oss an den tappra utmaningen att spela igenom äventyret: Sylfens Vrede, ett MASSIVT äventyr också av Helmgast! Det är en lättsam Pod som spelar ett väldigt avancerat system. Vi är inga skådespelare eller liknande, utan bara ett gäng vänner som vill spela rollspel och bjuda på en intressant och spännande resa genom världen Mundana.

Stop, Drop & Roll Initiative
Introducing Stop, Drop & Roll Initiative, an actual-play D&D podcast hosted by wrestler Martin MacAlistair, podcaster and content creator Satsunami, Twitch streamer RoboticBattleToaster, and Chatsunami Podcast co-host Andrew. Elran (Andrew), Morek (Toaster), and Tempest (Satsunami) form an adventuring party after seeing a local guild's wanted ad and set out to fix a broken world.

Order & Defiance
A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons game with Michael Hodgins as Dasmer Elderstag, Crofton Steers as Tilton "Flea" Fowler, and Beau Schwartz as Dungeon Master.

Tales of the Crossroads
We're just a bunch of friends, sitting around a table, playing The Crossroads Interdimensional Tabletop RPG. We decided to start recording these because we have a lot of fun and to give others a chance to learn about The Crossroads ITRPG. Embark on thrilling adventures across The Crossroads, a realm woven with countless portals to diverse dimensions. In this captivating podcast, dive into the immersive tales spun by various groups using The Crossroads Interdimensional Tabletop RPG system. Join our intrepid adventurers as they navigate this multi-dimensional world, facing challenges, unraveling mysteries, and forging unforgettable bonds. The Tales of the Crossroads promises an exciting journey where exploration knows no bounds. Uncover the secrets, triumph over obstacles, and experience the magic of interconnected stories in every episode.

The Stoker Society
The Stoker Society is an improvised, horror, action podcasted using a TTRPG system of our own creation. It tells the story of a band of modern day monster hunters as they are thrown into a complex political dispute between the two major monster hunting companies over a massecer, 10 years in the past. This is the least of our monster hunters concerns as they need to deal with being entirely broke first and formost. The Stoker Society is prequel series to Dark Tides, another audio drama series you can find wherever you listen to podcasts! It is also a follow up to a prior show called The Ever-Pleasant Mr Bates. All of these shows will help with smaller details in the show and explain much of the lore, but are not entirely neccesary.

This is an actual-play podcast for the indie ttrpg Stories of Adventure!

Realms & Roleplay
Realms & Roleplay is a tabletop actualplay podcast where players and Game Masters tell emotionally rich stories across various Realms (settings) and tabletop roleplaying game systems.

City of Smoke: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
Kindred have slowly begun to make their way back to London following the great city's fall. A group of thinbloods seek to make the place home, but find themselves caught in the middle of power struggles and a brewing faction war.

Subterranean Suites & Suspect Serpents with Steph
Your host Steph brings two friends together for each episode to take them on an adventure. Following a very popular tabletop dice rolling, role playing game, each installment will be a stand-alone mission. There will be standard world building aspects and many recurring characters with background stories. There will not be 100% rule following and by-the-book game play. Many aspects are improvised and listener discretion is advised.

Adventures Alcove
Adventures Alcove' is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) podcast that immerses listeners in a unique, homebrewed world. With a focus on storytelling and creativity, this podcast brings together friends to explore vast and imaginative landscapes. The setting is meticulously crafted, blending monsters from various editions of D&D to enrich the experience. Each season promises a new journey, inviting listeners to delve deep into the hosts' greatest imaginations. The show not only celebrates the fun and adventure inherent in D&D but also encourages audience participation and engagement. 'Adventures Alcove' is more than a podcast; it's a reminder that adventure awaits!

Spitfire Squires
A DnD podcast filled to the brim with adventure, comedy, drama, and whimsy!

Harsh Static: A Fallout Actual Play
What was just another day in the Mojave Wasteland gets interrupted by the pounding of metal feet and strange feedback through the radio. Rumors of odd robots and settlements going dark have people outside The Strip on edge, and things only seem to be getting worse when the Brotherhood of Steel is getting involved. Join our intrepid survivors as they brave the dangers of the wastes in search of the truth, encountering mechanical menaces along the way. Will they make their mark and conquer the day, or end up as another lyric in a sad old song?

Hardcore Heroes
The first grand campaign in the Arcadia saga, this story of 4 unlikely heroes sets off a chain of events that spans many campaigns and years.Played in 2nd edition AD&D with strong adherence to the original rules. When a character reaches 0hp, they die and their player is removed from the campaign permanently.

MythCraft The Podcast
MythCraft: The Podcast is a tabletop roleplaying Actual Play set in Ancerra, the official MythCraft campaign setting! Join game master Kyle and a host of memorable heroes as they journey through the many wonders of Ancerra and the planes beyond. MythCraft is a new TTRPG universe and game system featuring complex character creation, rich combat, and a huge eon-spanning universe. It is a d20-based system that will feel familiar to experienced role-players and exciting to first-timers. Combat utilizes an Action Point system that seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with a rich narrative experience. MythCraft offers a "medium crunch" experience: it is very customizable and character creation is a detailed process, but you won't need a calculator and spreadsheets to play it.

Another Here
Join Stephanie & Gregory as they embark upon a mission to work through pretty much every single table top RPG they can get their hands on! A fortnightly jaunt through another world, another life, another here.

Trotsa Fara
Trotsa Fara består till största del av ett gäng glada gubbar från Värmland. Stefan startade upp gruppen med Mikael och Johan efter ett långt uppehåll från rollspel. I brist på folk att spela med kastade dom ut en facebook-annons som Niclas nappade på. Inte långt därefter så anslöt även Alexander som gärna är med då det vankas skräckrollspel. Efter att ha spelat tillsammans online i drygt ett år föddes idén om att börja spela in våra äventyr.

Stars & Sidearms
How long can you survive out in space? In the far flung future, Mega corps have a stranglehold on the known universe. One cant make a living without living under their thumb. In this story 4 strangers find themselves caught in deadly pursuit after a happenstance bank robbery leaves them with far too much to handle. A Private Lawman, A asteroid Miner, A Disgruntled Employee, and A Farm Boy must band together and try to survive. Because out there all you have are... Stars & Sidearms.

Dicey Situations
Dicey Situations, a hilarious podcast following three hapless adventurers on a quest to create a new god. Get ready for laughs, mishaps, and wild moments on their crazy journey! New episodes every Tuesday and be sure to check out our weekly recap Situational Awareness every Friday. Keep it dicey!

A D&D Real-Play podcast featuring an eclectic group including a goblin alchemist, a tiefling paladin, an undead beast tamer with her companions, a goliath bard, a dragonborn monk, and a kenku artificer. Join them as they navigate the treacherous world of pirates, mercenaries, corrupt governments, and a crazy cult that worships a 12 year old kid for some reason!

Of Dice and Pen
Listen along as the Penmaester takes the wayward heroes along on a journey into Vah' Ren. Rionn, Karma, Patch, Alexandria, Laeya and Q all have their own reasons for finding their way to the same place. Fate and circumstances have their own reasons for throwing the group together however. With the help of their Dungeon Master the group will adventure on and encounter all sorts of dangerous and exciting things.

Good Content: A DND Podcast
Everyone's future favorite DND podcast maybe? Guaranteed to make you laugh probably...

Spirits and Monsters of Old Seattle
Explore the supernatural history of Seattle in this Actual Play series using the Vaesen role-playing game system by Free League Publishing.

Roll For Focus
A DnD Actual Play Podcast by an all queer and neurodivergent table.

Nonverbal Communications
A Monster of the Week actual play in three parts. Players North (NorthWolf911), Kujo (KujoPlaysGames), and Jonathan (LatinosAgainstSpookyShit) are run through a haunting adventure taking place in a small town in 1992. A mysterious fog has engulfed the City of Bernard Maine, and a few mysterious deaths has gotten our hunters into some deep water.

The Adventures of Lilly and Oxe - A family DND experience
One dad who is brand new to D&D and podcasting, attempts to make a DND podcast with his two kids.

Chance Die
Temptation, Oklahoma offers many opportunities for folks to indulge in their darkest vices. Quinten, James, Atlas, and Dorothy have all arrived for their own reasons... but will they find what they desire? A live play podcast based on World of Darkness.

Welcome to Aggrandia! Follow the exploits of a band of adventurers through the land of Aggrandia. Join an amnesiac Rogue named Locket, a ranger on the run named Tristan, and a Rogue refugee called Zozur as they work their way through a world of magic and wonder.

Tokyo Rift - A Tokyo DisneySea RPG
In this original role-playing game, some unlikely detectives find themselves at the gates of Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, to investigate a massive rift hanging over the park. Many supernatural and technological obstacles will stand in their way including a lava monster, a ruthless hotel owner, a hidden mermaid city, a talking cat in a beret, and much more! Tokyo Rift is a homebrew RPG campaign by Tyler Mann, and featuring Thomas Mordred and Lucas McDonell, with Ben Harris.

Forward Rollers
A Madison Wisconsin based actual play RPG podcast! Join us for our currently running campaign, Skylancers of Aerovr, a dieselpunk inspired high-fantasy adventure featuring a crew of Skypirates just trying to get by.

Quest: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
A real play RPG podcast. This is a Dungeons and Dragons story that begins at The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Our players waste no time getting into trouble. This is QUEST!

Welcome to Sunderland
Welcome to Sunderland, a town of 10,000 where everything is weird, but no one seems to notice. Follow our adventurers in this Dungeons and Dragons-like adventure set in modern setting involving UFOs, aliens, cryptids, and all manner of paranormal strangeness.

One Shot in the Dark
One Shot in the Dark is a D&D podcast focused on exploring fun stories through one shot's instead of ongoing long-form storytelling. We explore new mechanics we as DMs and we laugh a lot together. Each season is its own One Shot made up of several episodes so you don't have to worry about joining late and catching up on 150 episodes to know what's going on. The player characters belong to The Sworn Brotherhood, a band of mercenaries taking contracts across the continent. Some characters resurface across seasons and some are new experiments by the players. Were so glad you're here.

Ishtars Tränen
Ein Subversion Actual Play Podcast.

Nine Powers - TTRGP Actual Plays
Enjoy unplanned, kid-friendly, urban fantasy adventure stories created using the Nine Powers tabletop role-playing game! The style and habits of GM Automation enabling my solo play also provide tools, ideas and inspiration for new and/or young GMs. May you enjoy my story, and please steal ideas for your own gaming!

Channel Divinity: A D&D Podcast
A D&D 5e actual-play podcast where we have fun playing in the homebrew world called Dalgar.

Unknown Adventures
Welcome to Unknown Adventures, the podcast where each week i'll embark on a solo RPG journey in serialised narrative-driven episodes. Join me as each season will focus on a different game, telling immersive stories with scripted and fully voice acted sequences, sound effects and music. Between adventures expect a mix of reviews, interviews with friends and industry experts, and discussions about all things tabletop gaming.

ForgeD20 Podcast
We are TTRPG centered podcast.

Comedians In Dungeons Getting Dragons
A D&D actual play podcast where a group of diverse comedians try to have fun and not die in a world that’s trying to kill them. It’s like real life but with potions and stuff.

Shadows of Baerlon - A Wheel of Time D&D Actual Play
Shadows of Baerlon is the very first campaign by D&D group Hearthfire Tales, before they delved into their own homebrew world of Lethuan. This is a podcast that features fantastic members of the Wheel of Time Online Community, and was recorded and released back in Early 2021.

Read, Play, Game
A podcast where friends READ a new ttrpg, PLAY through the system, and then talk about the GAME.

Mystic Misfits
Dungeon Master: Orion Carter leads a group of misfits as they fight their way through the mystic lands of Dungeons and Dragons. Orion has created his own world within the restrictions of the DnD rules and regulations and the group known as Mystic Misfits is ready to see his world.

Polskie RPG-owanie
Podcasty poświęcone grom fabularnym, czyli tzn. tabletop RPG, gdzie gracze wcielają się w różne rolę. Znajdziesz u nas kampanie, przygody, jak i tzn. jednostrzały czy to Wiedźmin Gra Fabularna, Cyberpunk RED i wiele innych systemów. Prócz typowych rozgrywek RPG, od czasu do czasu na luźno pogadamy sobie po prostu o grach fabularnych i nie tylko. Zapraszam serdecznie.

An actual play podcast version of the Starfinder Twitch show hosted by Dragonborn Industries.

Blades of Mayari
A Filipino-Canadian led fantasy actual play podcast inspired by pre-colonial Filipino mythology.

Les Rôlistes Associés
Bienvenue, prenez place! Venez écouter les péripéties de nos valeureux aventuriers. Ils se sont rencontrés par hasard dans une auberge de la petite cité de Guet aux Dagues et se retrouvent emportés dans une mystérieuse enquête dont les enjeux sont peut-être bien plus importants qu'au premiers abords. "Aventures et forts intérieurs", l'histoire de héros pas comme les autres...

Dario Digital RPG
Ciao, sono Dario e gioco di ruolo! Questo podcast riporta in versione solo audio alcune delle sessioni casalinghe ai GDR che amo di più e che potete recuperare, in formato video, sul mio omonimo canale YouTube. Spero che queste sessioni vi possano interessare, intrattenere e incuriosire tanto da voler provare voi stessi questi giochi! Ho anche una pagina Patreon e un profilo Instagram (sempre con lo stesso nome, Dario Digital RPG) sule quali pubblico contenuti grafici e spunti per i GDR che sto giocando in quel momento. Buon ascolto e buon divertimento!

QuickTales - Jeux de Rôle Solo
QuickTales : un maître du jeu pour un joueur seul, différent à chaque partie ! Le personnage est créé sur mesure pour l'occasion, l'univers sélectionné parmi tous ceux que je propose, et le scénario complètement improvisé ! Chaque invité.e vient jouer avec trois mots-clef que je dois intégrer à mon histoire et qui me servent de support pour improviser le scénario!

Podcast version of the TTRPG Actual Play set in a South Asian mythological universe starring Jasmine Bhullar, Anjali Bhimani, Omar Najam, Sandeep Parikh & Rekha Shankar.

Level 1 Geek
We are a team of geeks who are out to create a fun, safe place where everybody can enjoy TTRPGs and level up their geek side! Join us (Chase, Em, Katie, and Tori) for our current playthrough of Stolen Fate, a Pathfinder 2e adventure. When Jack, Krunk, and Gingham stumble upon mysterious and powerful Harrow cards, they must seize control of their fate or fall victim to it.

The Stars Aren't Alright
The Stars Aren't Alright is a comedy/horror podcast, blending the Lovecraftian mythos with a far future, sci fi setting. The Keeper, Brian, uses the Call of Cthulhu TTRPG system to lead Alex, Catherine, Tom, and Leah through a series of mysterious events, unfolding into eldritch horror that stretches the character's sanity - and, in the end, learning that the true reality bending beings from outside time and space were the friends we made along the way.

Theater of the Mind Presents: Retribution
Retribution is a dark comedy/horror themed DND Podcast, set in our world. Join Melanie Kelly, Elliot Brandybain, Ulnok Vargr Johnson, James O'Brien, and Emory Lee, as they traverse the countryside and fight off evil.

Jesters & Jerks
Jesters and Jerks is a Dungeons and Dragons comedy podcast with a rowdy group of friends and re-occurring guests.

Vorbereitung Optional | Der Indie-RPG One-Shot Podcast
Ein wechselnder Cast von Freunden spielt unterschiedlichste Indie TTRPGs (Pen&Paper Games). Jede Folge ein anderes Spielsystem und eine andere spannende Geschichte! Meistens komplett improvisiert.

Super Duper Boys: A Pathfinder Podcast
Five idiots in a basement, four heroes save the world! We play pretend so you don’t have to.

Soul Operator
Soul Operator is a multi-genre, multi-season podcast that can be described as an actual play-narrative fusion. The podcast was created with the intention of highlighting amazing solo ttrpgs that exist in the space by presenting their gameplay as a fleshed out story. Follow Tessa Whitlock as she navigates these strange new worlds, for better or for worse.

Paydata: A Shadowrun Actual Play Series
A team of rookie shadowrunners get caught in a web of someone else's design as they enter the world of corporate espionage when they are hired to steal a bleeding edge prototype from an up and coming research lab. Can these neophyte runners survive the shadows of 2076 Seattle? Experience a future where magic and technology come together to fuel corporate greed and deniable mercinaries carve out their own meager existence from the scraps. Join us as we explore the themes of trust, expendability, and the lengths one will go to to protect their family in Shadowrun: Paydata.

Dungeons & Dimensions
Three adventurers from the land of Ooo go on a crazy quest through the different dimensional realms. Join Fern the Human, Jack the Wolf, and Marshel Lee and there crazy quest full of crazy and familiar characters.

Natural Pengu
We can be heroes! We are Natural Pengu, a storytelling studio that livestreams our role playing adventures. In addition to that we are also developing an easy to use Pen and Paper VTT. We want to bring you with us on our adventures and let you have impact on both our characters and worlds!

Sounds Like Adventure
An actual play podcast all about short runtimes, fun role play and great sound design.

Love Death and Dice
An Actual Play show with improvised adult humor, voice acting, and a lot of laughs. We tell in-depth stories and create characters that we actually enjoy. Experience what it's like to sit on the couch rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds as DM Turk takes our 3 players, Conner, Fishie, and Proteus through adventures to remember in our world of ever-growing Lore.

On Sidequesters, we take on guests and play different TTRPGs for short mini-stories. then we review the TTRPGs.

Wayfarer: A Hunter the Reckoning Actual Play
In the wake of tragedy, with enemies at their backs and nowhere safe to turn, a cell of hunters pack up everything they can manage to carry with them and hit the road, desperate to formulate a plan to save themselves and avoid repeating the mistakes of the recent past.

The Vast - A Starfinder Actual Play
Welcome to The Vast, a Starfinder Actual Play series about pirates, found family, and chasing dreams.

Bard To The Bone - Actual play DnD Podcast
An actual play D&D 5e podcast, set in the world of Asmadan. Cut off from the gods, with a past lost to time, our players are navigating through this world of sky cities, ruins, monsters and loot. Yet, there are secrets still to uncover in this world...

Varning För Rollspel
Varning för Rollspel är ett gäng som spelar Rollspel på fritiden och har nu valt att publicera det så att andra kan lyssna. Vi är en Podcast som fokuserar på att hålla rollspelet på en enkel och humoristisk nivå. Rollspelsledare och Producent av Podcasten : Hampus Silwer.

Visions: Veiled and Violent
Prepare to step into a realm where every word carries the weight of destiny and every roll of the dice shapes the fate of heroes. In the grand tradition of unforgettable podcasts, we proudly present Visions: Veiled and Violent, a tapestry of epic tales, forged in the fires of imagination and brought to life through the power of immersive storytelling. What Awaits You: Masterful Story-weaving: Our sagas are meticulously crafted, weaving intricate plots that transport you to distant lands and unravel mysteries as ancient as time itself. Dynamic Characters: Meet an ensemble of captivating heroes, each with their unique strengths, flaws, and aspirations, breathing life into the fantastical realms they inhabit. Innovative Battles: Engage in battles that transcend the limitations of the physical realm. Witness the clash of swords, the crackle of magic, and the echoes of fate in every strategic move. Enchanting Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the ethereal soundscape, where the rustle of leaves, the whisper of wind, and the distant roar of dragons combine to create a world as vivid as your imagination. Visions: Veiled and Violent is more than a podcast; it's a portal to unexplored dimensions, where bravery knows no bounds and where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Join us on this grand odyssey, and let the echoes of our adventures resonate in your soul.

The Raven's Call: Alone in Falkovnia
"The Raven's Call: Alone in Falkovnia" is a heavily edited duet-D&D actual play podcast DMed by Alex and joined by his wife, Mayling, who plays as Clyde Wulfstein, a farrier from the Ravenloft domain of Falkovnia. The podcast chronicles Clyde's life, including the horrors of living in a city besieged by zombies, as well as the epic destiny he discovers along the way.

Lost in Asteria
A DnD podcast where a group of people try to find a big stick...

The Gemfire Campaign
A bunch of newbies with terrible audio playing DND, how to train your dragon type themes.

Oops! All Bards
Welcome to Oops! All Bards, the rollicking actual play RPG podcast where five unlikely bards harmonize their way through a world of adventure, mishaps, and mayhem. Join us as our merry band of graduates, each with a unique twist on the bardic arts, embark on an epic quest that's anything but ordinary. With songs, spells, and a dash of slapstick, our bards prove that sometimes, the best way to save the day is with a well-timed ballad and a little bit of luck. So grab your lute, settle in, and prepare for a symphony of laughter, drama, and unforgettable tales in Oops! All Bards.

Greetings from Stability
Greetings from Stability is a horror, actual play podcast. Each episode, the cast explores the town of Stability, OR using a variety of RPGs.

A DnD podcast about goofballs on the edge of the afterlife. When ghosts, necromancers, and magical monstrosities raise a ruckus in the land of the living, the Skulltenders will answer! Join a cat-lady rogue, an owl with human legs, and their inflexible Gooman chaperone in a hilarious and horrifying tabletop adventure that mixes the thrilling pacing of monster-of-the-week play with the addictive intrigue of a long-term campaign. Professional game-writer Cohen Edenfield draws on a decade of DMing to delight and terrorize webcomics titan KC Green, gamer culture luminary Jess O’Brien, and punk rocker Amber Carr, AKA “the Horror Games Elvira.” Tight editing, immersive sound design, and Seth Boyer’s original music round out what many friends and family members of the cast are calling “the perfect D&D podcast.”

Poor Unfortunate Rolls
Poor Unfortunate Rolls is an episodic, actual-play, Monster of the Week podcast. Join a rotating cast of Hunters, picked from those of us here at GeekWave, as Aspen the Keeper leads you on various one-shot adventures!

Roll for Impact
Welcome to Roll For Impact, where narrative takes the forefront, and the roll of the dice is merely the beginning. Dive deep into immersive worlds crafted with love and passion. Our games aren’t just about statistics or min-maxing; they’re about rich ambient tales, lush aesthetic visuals painted through words, and the soulful threads that weave characters and listeners alike into unforgettable stories. Every episode, our dedicated crew of storytellers and adventurers take you on a journey where the ambiance sets the stage, and the narrative captivates your heart. Whether you’re an avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast or someone who just loves a good tale, there’s a seat for you at our table. But remember, here, it’s the story that reigns supreme.

Starlight Outerworlds
Welcome to Starlight Outerworlds, a collaborative storytelling experience using the sci-fi role playing system Starlight. Join Elta the Ace, Landon the Hunter and C@-nrd the Construct aboard the starship Meadowlark as they traverse the margins of civilized space in search of freedom, answers, and what it means to be alive at the margins of civilized space.

All Our Faults
In the city of Chester's Chasm, four teenagers grapple with lives divided between the mundane and the supernatural: Burt working for Death to save a friend, Crispin yearning to escape a zealous cult, Michael indulging his vampiric nature, and Saline pursued by creatures from the Fae. All Our Faults is a Monsterhearts 2 actual play podcast produced by the Tabletop Talespinners Network.

Small Town D&D
Small Town D&D is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast if, instead of slaying dragons and saving the world, the heroes decided to stay home and deal with small town problems like election fraud and overdevelopment. Listen in as the quiet town of Chester’s Chair is radically reshaped by the (foolish) actions of the players. The smaller the stakes, the bigger the consequences! Arcs are short and plots move quickly in this game where actually almost nothing happens. We really think you can jump in at any episode. Featuring 20+ years of combined improv comedy and D&D experience in cast members Chelsea Lee, David Dillon, Dewey Cassady, and Dungeon Master Alex Wolfson. New episodes every Tuesday.

Welcome to our new Dungeons & Dragons homebrew campaign 'Silvistead'! A dark, dire odyssey through the wilds. No-Fame Podcast's Silvistead Cast Is: Patrick O'Rielly - Dungeon Master. Sinéad Marguerite - Arlette Little. Josh Fritz - Velum Gloomwhisper. Justin Crane - Wyatt Hargraves.

Fantasy Frameworks's Podcast
Completely nonsensical tabletop fantasy RPG gameplay, and the sickest beats heard by human ears!

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk - DnD Actual Play
Quests and Chaos is proud to present the full playthrough of Phandelver and Below the Shattered Obelisk. This show features a fantastic cast of new and familiar faces. Dungeon Master Tiana Ren Hanson leads our group of adventurers all 12 levels of this campaign.

Before We Die
Before We Die is an actual play podcast that focuses on variety. Every campaign will use a different tabletop RPG system with varying genres, and may even rotate cast members. Join Emily (Lemon), Iggy, Pleu, Aaron, and Matt every other week as we hunt monsters, explore the vast expanse of space, or bake delicious pastries. New stories, new friends, and lots of ways to play. What do you want to do before you die?

Will of the Dice- Strangers in a Stranger Land
You find yourself in the world of Rune ath Kesha, a world of magic and mystery, a world where Gods and Monsters roam amongst mortals attempting to force their will on the writing of history. On its surface five continents are populated by diverse races and cultures, some just wanting to live peaceful lives, others seeking riches and adventure while the power hungry vie for domination and control. The year is 1374 the second counting, a mere five years since the devastation of Taladagarios, the apocalyptic event that removed a whole kingdom from existence and threw what few survivors to the mercy of the Fates. Some of those that lived have taken up lives in the major cities and cantons of Rune ath Kesha. Nestling into the bosom of populated masses attempting to forget when the Dark Citadel robbed them of kith and kin. During this time of devastation a voice in the wilderness came crying offering shelter to those who had no hope and no will. A young Loxadon named Sha’riiz, carrying the blessing of the Primordial and the weight of their mothers seat on Istrazilan ruling council offered land to the remaining of Taladagarios. Taurios Frostmane would swallow pride and accept this hospitality. The Council of Elders would relocate the natives of the northern settlement of Cliffhollow and give the land to the displaced allowing them to establish New Taladagarios. The minotaur kingdom fractured before the annihilation, returning to its solidarity as the challenges that lay before them made it clear that together was the only hope of keeping the noble people alive. With the solidarity came prosperity as New Taladagarios working with Istrazilan forged forward into the future. Things were bright and both lands walked hand in hand towards a bright and glorious tomorrow. Yet it is common knowledge that in Rune ath Kesha peace rarely lasts and so it would be in this scenario. On the third year, the day of new beginnings that would be renamed to the day of Primordial Ire the dread storms that once surrounded the western island returned. Shipping to and from New Taladagarios and Istrazilan became impossible as no ship could survive the hellish winds, driving rain and destructive lighting. Peace as it had so many times in Rune ath Kesha fell to the grip of superstition and accusation. The Kingdom of New Taladagarios the target of blame for the storms returning, the disgruntled elders using this as a means to unsheathe viperous tongues and condemn those who had welcomed these obvious accursed people into their land. Civil unrest rose, political intrigue birthed, times were bleak and growing ever more so by the hour. Worst of all was the collapse of infrastructure. Istrazilan not suited for the heavy agricultural burden that would be placed upon it began to die. This once proud place of community and brotherhood fell into a disheveled heap of chaos. Chaos that would lead to war. There are no true victors in war and this conflict would take a deeper toll on both Istrazilan and New Taladagarios. Forcing a treaty and reconciliation between the nations and forcing the brightest minds of both to attempt to find a way to save themselves as outside help would never come. This is when the initiative known as Stormchase was born. Each kingdom hiring work crews to begin excavating the ruins of the Primordial Temples, looking for the means to end the storms and save the land and its people. Work crews were assembled, treated like kings and dispatched to the four sites to find a way to save the land. Currently their labors have been fruitless but perhaps soon that will change. Perhaps soon the storms will end and hope can rise among the darkness. Until then all remain Strangers in a Stranger Land.

Describe Your Kill
This actual-play podcast of Paizo's Stolen Fate Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition unlocks the magic of immersive collaborative storytelling through captivating live-action role-playing games. Cards from a powerful Harrow deck have been scattered across Golarion, threatening the very balance of destiny. A group of unlikely heroes, each bearing a single card, must unite to restore the legendary deck, or risk unravelling reality itself.

Iron and Tentacles - An Achtung! Cthulhu Podcast
Hitler and the Nazis are only the beginning of the evil that threatens our world, as a secret war rages in the shadows. Our heroes must take on the Nazi occult and the Mythos powers of the deep ones to save us all. Achtung! Cthulhu uses a specially written version of the 2d20 system which emphasizes fast-paced cinematic action. Created by Modiphius games.

Mostly Heroes?
A group of guys playing 5e Dungeons and Dragons and getting into trouble.
Our first campaign runs through Rise of the Runelords.

The Chicago Chronicles: A Vampire the Masquerade RPG Actual Play
In 1990s Chicago, a group of young kindred have been invited to party with the illustrious Annabelle Triabell, will this be an evening of kindred politics or is something more sinister at play? Join us for a story of intrigue and horror as the city of Chicago begins its decent into chaos.

D&D: The Campaign Chronicles
Join me and my friends as we go on this amazing adventure!

Monster Cafe
The world is ripe with monsters, and when you have a monster problem, you need the professionals. Unfortunately, the best you're going to get is the VanHellmans family. Join us as we play Monster of the Week by Evil Hat Productions in this TTRPG Actual Play Podcast.

Apotheosis : A Scion RPG Actual Play
Step into a whole new world where the mythic and the mundane become one with Scion: Apotheosis! Follow the stories of a group of scions - or demigods - as they find out what they are and face impossible foes and odds. An army of fenris wolves are after scion hearts, giants control former underworlds, and the titans breaking free of their prisons are ever-present threats in The World of Scion.

O NITROSESSIONS é um podcast com Sessões de RPG do Tio Nitro gravadas! Temos dezenas de Campanhas e Aventuras de RPG para você escutar e curtir! Fantasia Medievla, Horror Urbano, Ficção Científica, Call of Cthulhu, Apocalypse World RPG e muito mais! Se increva e curta as nossas sessões de RPG, todas gravadas AO VIVO no Canal Newton Nitro Youtube!

Mystery Dungeon: a Path Through Time
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon TTRPG podcast that follows the attempted adventure of three young heroes on their way to save the world from time travel shenanigans.

Bella's Comet
Bella's Comet is a sci-fi cyberpunk story being played in the ARC: Doom system. Bella's Comet hit the Earth 500 years ago. The comet contained all the needed components to send the planet into a technological superage. A city was even built in its crater to maximize access to its resources. Now, the comet is set to return and usher in a new age of prosperity. However, one scientist, after discovering an ancient book of prophecy, believes the comet will actually DESTROY the city. A rebel, an ex-cop, and a teacher now have to save the city and stave off the comet before time runs out.

The Atomic Broadcasting Variety Hour
The Atomic Broadcasting Network presents to you a different type of podcast. Channeling the Golden Age of variety radio the 1920's, we bring you a variety of shows ranging from Comedy to Horror. Be ready for just about anything during the Atomic Variety Hour!

Dead Ghost Productions
Dead Ghost Productions is an award-winning podcasting collective for storytellers, co-founded by Aram Vartian and Dylan Malenfant. Dead Ghost is focused on telling immersive stories while uplifting queer and PoC voices. Currently part of the Dead Ghost network are the award-winning podcasts Godsfall, Kill Every Monster, Podspeak, and Of Now and Then. 

What's In The Rift?
"What's In The Rift" is a modern day sci-fi and horror influenced podcast that combines elements of an Actual Play and Audio Drama. This show explores complex themes of philosophy, identity, consciousness, and the interplay between narrative and historical truth. The story revolves around six individuals who receive mysterious invitations to an enigmatic website known as The Rift. This website promises to provide answers to life's most profound questions, drawing each in as they hope to process some of the inexplicable things happening to them in their own lives. Within The Rift's message boards, they encounter a series of perplexing posts, filled with hundreds of people attempting to decipher the impenetrable posts filled with strings of words, coordinates, and chemical composition markers. As they dive deeper into this digital maze, tensions rise, and the group becomes increasingly curious about what lies behind The Rift's cryptic facade. Things take an unexpected turn when one member of the group claims to have decoded The Rift's mysterious schematics and built something extraordinary. This revelation prompts them to embark on a journey to Orlando, Florida, hoping to uncover the true nature of The Rift and its potential connection to their own mysterious pasts. What they discover there, however, is more than they originally bargained for. Hidden rooms, a long desiccated body, a computer that operates itself, a device seemingly designed solely to cause brain damage, and the crumbling edges of reality all await our players at their destination. "What's In The Rift" offers an immersive audio experience, where each episode unravels new layers of intrigue and self-discovery. We are edited heavily to highlight the story without erasing the charisma of the players at the table. Though the subject matter can be weighty and is often treated as such, we aren't afraid to highlight the humor of the sometimes absurd situations that arise both at the table and as part of the story

Rotating Heroes
Follow the adventures of a rotating cast featuring the funniest comedians, actors and improvisors around. Listen as they attempt daring deeds, epic exploits and behave like buffoons in this comedy actual play series from Zac Oyama and Jasper William Cartwright.

Heart: The State Within
Heart: The State Within is an actual play podcast presented by UniversiD&D. We play tabletop roleplaying games like Kult and Dungeons & Dragons. Join us for our first campaign, set in the completely isolated city of Heart.

The World According To Bards
A D&D actual play podcast following three bards. The main rule here is “yes, and…” Join us on our thrilling adventure full of lighthearted comedy and general wackiness!

A Void in Reality
A Fate Core TTRPG built using The Quiet Year set in a world built around a giant chasm and run by an eldritch corporation. Where the only way to do magic is to drain your own life force or someone else’s. Join our ragtag group where everyone is the quirky one and our most normal member is the five foot tall ferret.

The Dark Dominion Chronicles
Step into a realm echoing 1800s Gothic ambiance, where literary legends birthed terror. 'Dark Dominion Chronicles' unveils murder mysteries, cold cases, and dark humor. Join our adventurers as they navigate Nodlon's shadowy streets, where secrets lurk behind every corner, and darkness dances with suspense.

Dungeons and Dialogue
Dungeons and Dialogue is a TTRPG actual play podcast where we play pre-written adventures in multiple systems and then critically review and analyze the adventures!

Strange Aeons - Pathfinder 2E (Undeniably Good Time)
Briarstone has fallen, but the party still has no memories. People from their pasts are showing themselves, dirty secrets are revealed, and the Baron seems to be connected to this somehow. Undeniably Good Time makes fun and unique stories using Paizo systems like Pathfinder 2e, or even Starfinder! Explore the worlds and locations of Strange Aeons, Malevolence, or even the vast reaches of space!

Norfolk Wizard Game
A Mage: The Ascension actual-play taking place in the same universe as Hunter: The Parenting, following a group of Mages in Norfolk, Virginia, discovering the truth of reality and their ability to bend it at their whims.

Darkeport - Campaign 1: Gold, Green, and Red
“Campaign One, “Gold, Green, and Red”, is primarily a war story. Specifically, it chronicles the burgeoning city of Juramentum’s fight to determine its freedom-embracing fate. As the only city in the entire world of Terra not to utilize the institute of slavery, it stands as a shining beacon of hope for what could yet be. Likewise, “The Secret of the Word” (literacy) is legal in Juramentum, unlike everywhere else in this dark world. Of course, war contains many elements: sacrifice, gut-wrenching decisions, and dire tests of loyalty among them. Alongside the violence and hardship of battle may spring new friendships, deepening old ones, and even love. The final fate of Juramentum, of its people, and its friends and enemies all has yet to be writ.

Legacy of Silvercreek
Welcome to "Legacy of Silvercreek" - A Thrilling Predation Adventure! Join us for an epic journey through time and a world where humans and dinosaurs collide in the action-packed tabletop RPG, Predation, brought to life in our exciting live stream series! Immerse yourself in the prehistoric wonders of "Legacy of Silvercreek," where our talented cast of adventurers dive headfirst into a unique blend of sci-fi, time travel, and dino-filled excitement! Meet our incredible cast of characters as they navigate through dangerous landscapes, form unexpected alliances, and unravel the mysteries of a world where history takes a wild twist! Expect heart-pounding encounters, mind-bending paradoxes, and nail-biting decisions as our heroes explore the untouched beauty and untamed dangers of Silvercreek's ancient era.

Dipshits And Dumbasses
Four Teenagers ready for graduation find themselves sucked into a world of demons and monsters, and humor. Watch and listen to these teens learn the struggles of the real world in the fantasy one.

Improv Madness
Welcome to Improv Madness, A Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast where no one knows what's happening until it does! Join us every other Thursday for some improvised D&D shenanigans.

Worlds Away
Worlds Away is an actual-play storytelling podcast where five close friends use games to create adventures together as a collective. Find us on social media @worldsawaypod and online at

Every Which Way
A TTRPG podcast where 4 friends tell stories and fumble through problems. Currently playing Monster of the Week, 3 hunters explore the darker side of Witch Way, Wisconsin and the dangers that come with it.

Hero Tv
Welcome to Hero tv! A place where heroes gather to find stardom (and maybe save the day). This is a loose superhero campaign based on the mask ttrpg. So put on some earpods as my trio of players become stars! Hopefully...

When the Stars Fell
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast about five adventurers on a quest to find long-lost artifacts that could bring order to a chaotic post-war continent. They will have crazy adventures on the way, and meet incredible friends and formidable foes. They will see all the beauty that Sha'Col has to offer and also its horrors. Join us every first and third Monday of the month for an incredible and funny adventure as we discover what happens When the Stars Fell!

Frats and Dragons
A group of fraternity brothers that decided to get into Dungeons and Dragons. What could go wrong?

Did We Level Up?
In the midst of Dungeons and Dragons, Levelers come together to craft fun and succinct campaigns, just to go throwing beautiful natty 1’s.. From getting drowned by tentacles in Cthulhu Mythos, to futuristic robots C4ing themselves… while mysterious disappearances in detective noir fashion, on top of jumping and punching our way through anime styled destruction.. and of course, all the way down to the natural fantasy of D&D itself...The Goal?...To ENJOY the story, make stupid decisions, and to see how far we can keep a story running. Welcome to.. "Did We Level Up?"

Far & Away - A D&D 5E Adventure!
After a mysterious shop suddenly appears in Manchester, a group of four strangers are soon drawn together. Though each believe they are there for their own reasons, everything is not as it seems...

The Devil's Antlers
A Homebrewed TTRPG Actual Play Cryptid Campaign, with voice acting, sound FX, and original music. Set in the mid 1950s, this story follows four citizens around Pembine and Marinette, Wisconsin, as they begin to unveil some strange occurrences in the area.

Roll For Luck
An RPG podcast where we play all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons, with a Fair amount of nonsense along the way.

Lantern Cove
An actual-play RPG podcast in which 6 high school students are the only ones who can face down murder, eldritch magic, and the coming end of the world.

Adventures in Aliandras's Podcast
A new adventure set in a world full of political intrigue and ancient magic.

Dice Company
A real-play podcast about a group of friends who desperately try to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Traveller 2e: The Crew of the Cosmic Orca
Join us as Astrid, Aster Tillian III, Commander Caelin Vess and Esquire "Squid" Cumberbatch travel through the cosmos.

QNC Presents: Keys From the Golden Vault
QNC Presents: Keys From the Golden Vault is an anthology series of modules GM'd by Alandra Hileman and tied together to form a full campaign. We record this Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play in-studio and livestream on twitch and youtube. The Golden Vault is a secret organization offering legally questionable services from those that need help outside the law.

The NPCity podcast
Welcome to "The NPCity podcast," a series that invites you into the world of non-playable characters in the magical city of Chellesot. While an epic main storyline unfolds with heroic players and a menacing "big bad" named Lord Voidcaster (whose goal is to plunge the world into eternal darkness and THEN cover the world in lava) – this show isn’t about them. Instead, we shift our focus to the unsung heroes—NPCs. Delve into the lives of city folk just trying to make it through the day with deadlines at the wand factory, dealing with broken charmed toasters, and facing the heartbreak of not getting invited to the Baker's birthday party. From petty neighbor rivalries to amusing dating mishaps, these ordinary characters will take you on a magically relatable journey. So grab your favorite dice, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to explore life in Chellesot—the city where epic quests meet the mundane! Subscribe now to hear from the unsung heroes of the realm.

Bug City Blues
Welcome to “Bug City Blues,” an actual play podcast following a group of street-level Shadowrunners as they get in way over their heads out in the streets of Chicago. Join our talented cast as they navigate the treacherous underbelly of a corrupt metropolis ruled by mega-corporations and gang affiliations alike. Immerse yourself in a neo-noir narrative filled with thrilling missions, high-stakes heists, and haunting secrets. Listen as our runners confront ruthless corporate agents, rival factions, and the enigmatic forces that dwell in the shadows, all while struggling to survive in a city on the brink of chaos. Discover the intense camaraderie, unexpected alliances, and heart-pounding dangers that shape the lives of our crew. Will they emerge triumph or fall prey to the unforgiving nature of their world?

Crash Course DM
Part Dungeon Master’s diary, part live play, Crash Course DM is a series of DnD firsts for our adventurers, whose characters were randomly assigned, and the DM who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Tune in every other week to follow along with the DMs plan and see how the players don’t!

Mage Hand High Five
Your New Third Favorite RPG Podcast! Campaign One: Join our trio of wild west gunslingers and magical cutthroats as they descend into the dusty, lawless frontier in "The Badlands."

Dungeons and To Be Determined
You make the rules, we place with the consequences in this improvised comedy show where a group of improvisers collaboratively build a unique tabletop RPG system with input from the audience. Starting in 2023, D&TBD showcases five talented Boston-based improvisers who work together to craft an original rule set, characters, and campaign. Episodes are broadcast live on Twitch, and on special occasions, they may be performing in a theater near you.

This Could Not End Well- A DnD Podcast
This is a podcast about a Harengon, an Aarakocra, and a Half-elf making they're way to Treasure Cove along with they're crazy captain and equally wacky crew.

Iluka Springs
A group of teenagers are about to discover that their seemingly idyllic home is hiding a dark secret that spans for centuries.

Roll For You
Roll For You is a TTRPG focused Dungeons and Dragons podcast run by Spruce Juice Studio! Join us in our very first campaign, Arcane Train, as 3 very different adventurers survive living in a world above the clouds, uncovering ancient secrets and seeking revenge on those who have wronged them!

Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis D&D Actual Play
Quests and Chaos plays through Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis in a 12 episode arc. This show features James Aaron oh as the Dungeon Master and players, Thomas Koch, Puja Tolton, Tasi Alabastro, Matthew Bridges, and Christy Bauer.

Die Time
Die Time is a Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast by Scope Networks. This season join four children as they are wisked away to The Orion Academy, a mysterious military school in the early 1900's located somewhere deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Only this school is preparing them for a war far greater than the "Great War" to come.

DreadLore Live Play - The Red Writ!
The Red Writ: A horror, investigative campaign run in the DreadLore system (TTRPG), set in 1982 Detroit. Join a group of enigmatic sleuths as they embark on an unforgettable journey of horror and phantasmagoria. The gang, composed of Simon, Leah, and Nord, find themselves entangled in a series of grisly murders that repeat every 12 years. Haunted by grotesque visions, they soon realize that everything is interconnected in a web of mystery and terror. Now, they are on the run, desperately seeking the truth behind the terrifying events.

Des Reisenden erste Wahl
Du hörst einen Let's Play-Podcast zum Pen-&-Paper-Rollenspiel „Das schwarze Auge“ in der 5. Edition. Unsere Gruppe besteht aus vier Helden und einem Erzähler. Die Gruppe erlebt offizielle Abenteuer, die improvisiert aufgefüllt werden. Wir spielen nicht alle Regeln aus und stellen den Spielspaß in den Vordergrund.

Nights At The Square Table
Listen to a group of friends tell stories and laugh a lot through the medium of table-top role-play-games (TTRPG), mainly Dungeons & Dragons. Our first epic campaign, The Kyruen Chronicles, is available now! Follow along with our heroes as they discover lost artifacts, learn more about themselves, and occasionally tell a joke or two.

Down to the Dice
Down to the Dice is your new fave Dungeons & Dragons podcast! At the heart of the show are twin brothers & charismatic performers Adam and Jacob, accompanied by their hilarious friends Dan, Ryan, and Olek. Prepare for an exhilarating journey through floating islands, divine factions, and high-stakes action set pieces. And with an emphasis on political intrigue and espionage, "Down to the Dice" offers a fresh twist to the genre! Adventure awaits!

Binary Break
An actual play podcast set in the world of Digimon. A story about growing up and discovering who you really are.

Roll for Deception : An Actual Play DnD Podcast
A real-play D&D podcast that uploads one of two campaigns nearly every week! One campaign is ran by a first time DM set in futuristic/cyberpunk world. The other is campaign is a fantasy campaign brought to you by a seasoned DM. We have stories, we have hi-jinks, and we have our fair share of deception checks. Welcome to the worlds of Obirus and Cadulia!

Sea Of Stars
A universe of worlds where anything is possible, and all stories can be told. An actual play podcast feed.

Roll For Stupid
Get ready to embark on an epic journey with Stunzy, the mysterious High-Elf Circle of Spores Druid, Felix, the cheeky Halfling Warlock of Zybilna, Edralin, the lightning-fast Aarakocra Monk, Jester, the quick witted Half-Elf Bard and Schwangberry, the mustachioed beekeeper Ranger, as they set off on an outrageous quest to recover their lost items in the wildly whimsical world of the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Brace yourselves for a hilariously enchanting adventure filled with unpredictable twists, peculiar creatures, and a whole lot of bee-related absurdity at every turn!

Stardust & Dragons
Stardust and Dragons is a HomeBrew Space DND Campaign set in the Hailey Galaxy! Follow our four adventurers: Brenden Dionheart (Christian Hatcher), Flip Odonell (Dan Wood), Constance (Rayna Mcguire) and Lyrax Proudmane (Max Morin) as Brandon Hatcher takes them on a wild adventure!

Akihellfire - Actual Play
Parties de jeu de rôle enregistrées, pour la plupart jouée en direct à l'origine.

The Cthulhu Archive: Um RPG de COC
Um grupo de investigadores trabalha em resolver os problemas sombrios ao redor do mundo, enquanto lutam seus próprios demônios. Entre no Mundo de Call of Cthulhu e veja a resolução dos casos através das ações de quatro jogadores.

"Skyfire" is an epic tale set in a world where the skies hold both danger and untamed power. Led by Captain Serenity, a courageous and determined leader, a crew of sky pirates defies oppressive forces to fight for freedom and challenge the status quo. As they navigate lightning-laden storms, engage in breathtaking aerial battles, and uncover treacherous secrets, their audacious acts of rebellion set in motion a chain of events that will reshape the destiny of the skies forever. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with danger, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of liberation in "Skyfire."

Forever Twenty
Forever 20 is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Join our Disaster Master Kammin Easley, and our players Jake Easley, Kyle Hudick, and Coty Dennis as they navigate through their original adventures based on the classic tabletop role playing game.

Personas Ungrata
A biweekly Dungeons Dragons and Comedy Podcast about the power of stories and the importance of finding your place in the world.

Saga of the Change
Post-apocalyptic Mage The Ascension campaign.

A queer and trans led Girl by Moonlight actual play podcast following the titular magical girl team Bloom. After securing victory against their nemesis at a devastating cost, the strained team finds themselves drawn back together as whispers of evil begin again.

LOOTERS is an actual play, sci-fi western, Table Top RPG using the Stars Without Numbers gaming system.

’The Greatest Adventure’ presented by Legends on Paper
The Greatest Adventure - a Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast based in the time of Atlantis and the world-setting developed by fantasy author, Ravek Hunter, as portrayed in his novels included in The Broken Pithos Saga. The cast of Legends on Paper are an eclectic group of Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts with just enough courage to broadcast how ridiculous they can be every week via streams and podcasts.

The Purgatorious Pig
A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast located at the fictitious Purgatorious Pig Tavern where the gang takes on jobs to be able to pay their ever expanding bar tab. Hosted by a crew of friends who enjoy craft beer, this craft beer centric podcast follows their love of craft beer as they try (at least for some) to learn the game.

Pokémon: Aftermath TTRPG
Welcome to "Pokémon: Aftermath," a thrilling TTRPG podcast set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a war between Team Flare and Team Plasma. Join us as we explore the desolate wastelands, uncover secrets, and embark on dangerous missions as Explorers of the Pokémon Exploration Society. Mutated Pokémon, rival survivors, and moral dilemmas await as we strive to restore balance and discover the truth behind the mysterious barrier that saved Sinnoh. Your choices will shape the fate of this shattered world. Will you survive or succumb to the aftermath?

Will of the Dice- In search of Heroes
The realm is known as Rune ath Kesha. A place of magic and mystery, where anyone can rise to legendary status and many often do. However, the realm has been plunged into darkness on multiple fronts. First the demigod Lucias(Pronouced Lu Kai Us) is attempting to unveil mysteries of the past to open the doors Vashka’s, the Death Goddess and his wife, prison to bring for a 1000 years of weeping and gnashing of teeth. His way blocked by a group of heroes who have risen to the challenge and are determined to stop him at all costs. War, its teeth sharp and gnawing has come to all lands as the beings of the underdark have bound themselves one to another to wage war against the sun walkers. Many homes lost, kingdoms toppled. The same heroes feeling empathy for the misplaced have forged a small retreat for the refugees on both sides of the campaign. Nestled in the Weeping Waste, a large unchartered forest on Shar-Kan-Dor the small canton of Sword of Hope. A beacon to the downtrodden and lost, a place of rest and encouragement. Life there is simple and the peace abundant. Or it was. The band of heroes are missing, the shield of the world seemingly vanished into thin air. The wise one’s of the refugee have decreed a lottery to take place to select a group to go in search of them. So it shall be fate will hand select a group to travel into the realm…. In search of Heroes.

You're a What?!
An actual-play podcast using the Masks system.

Actual Play - Donjons & Dragons
Les Actual Play de Antre Rolistes dans l’univers de Donjons & Dragons.

The Happiest Days
The Happiest Days is a tabletop role-playing game that is definitely not an unofficial old folks spin-off of the magic school bus. This podcast is full of very dirty goblins so only listen if you are 18+.

This Spells Disaster
Table Top Role Play Game podcast where a bunch of film nerds play Dungeons and Dragons!

The Rule of Cool
A group of friends playing a TTRPG, having fun, bending rules, and going on crazy adventures that we hope you join us in!

Fria Lekar av Nerdfriendly
Fria Lekar är en "actual-play podcast" och kanalen där gänget I Nerdfriendly Podcast testar olika rollspel utgivna av Fria Ligan. Nerdfriendly & Världen Vittrar är avsnitten där rollspelet Mörk Borg spelas. I dessa avsnitten så berättar vi en mörk historia med hjälp av spelet och vår fantasi. Resultatet blir en slags improviserad radioteater.

Sword AF
Smosh takes on Dungeons & Dragons.

Under the Table: An STF Network Podcast
The Strange Table Fellows Network brings a brand new show to the library. Join us as we play through Paizo Publishing's Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path for the Pathfinder 2e Table Top Roleplaying Game System. We bring our signature elements to this new production that include the banter of long time friends, high audio quality, attention to narrative and a passion for story telling. This steampunk weird west adventure is sure to bring many exciting turns as the gears of Smog City threatened to entangle our outlaw heroes.

True Dice
Hello creatures of the night, we are True Dice, an actual play podcast where we explore the dark embrace of gothic horror. Our first season, New Year’s Death, is currently airing Tuesdays at 5pm CST.

The Fated Doom - A Solo RPG Podcast of Grim and Perilous Adventure
In this solo rpg podcast of old-school inspired fantasy gaming, we roll the dice to find our stories, using the mechanics and setting of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition and the Mythic GM Emulator to push our narrative forward. The fiction takes center stage as we follow the lives of our protagonists in the Old World and occasionally look behind the curtain to uncover the gameplay generating the twists and turns in our adventure, playing scene by scene to find out whether we can brave the odds and find a modicum of hope in our party’s struggle or, more likely, a sudden and anonymous death in some musty old tomb, our would-be heroes’ songs unsung, their names forgotten.

Flail to the Face: A "Compatible with Mörk Borg" Actual Play Podcast.
Flail to the Face is a "Compatible with Mörk Borg" Actual Play Podcast, focusing on playing and promoting third party content and their creators.

Eldritch Horror Squad
EHS is a bunch of queer nerds, a token straight, and a suspiciously troublesome cat in a far-too-small room attempting an actual play podcast focused on Call of Cthulhu and other tabletop roleplaying games.

Ashen Snow
Join Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya on an extraordinary journey through the mysterious Missing Moment in the captivating Pathfinder 2e adventure path "Gatewalkers." Get ready for thrilling encounters, epic quests, and unimaginable discoveries. Don't miss a single moment of this thrilling show!

Waters of Vor Rukath - Season 1
Welcome to the great Vor Rukath....or what used to be the great Vor Rukath. After a suspicious event that led to the entire world being submerged to the deep depths of the oceans, common folk and other species had to learn to evolve and continue surviving. Technology became more advanced, and new species were discovered. All was well, until a sudden disturbance occurred in the Hadal Zone, and that is where we stop for now. Waters of Vor Rukath is presented by The Bards Table which is a group of musicians that like to take risks and embark on adventure through the best RPG Dungeons and Dragons (5e). Become part of the adventure as we take you on an aquatic adventure like never before! The Waters of Vor Rukath is an all original campaign that includes original SFX, music, characters, species, and so much more! Join us as we navigate through the zones and find out more information about what happened to this once great land....or try to. Season 1 starts now!

A SCIFI TTRPG Narrative Play set within the Stillfleet universe. An early modern empire is connected to various worlds and other locations throughout reality via complex and ancient portals known as Stiffworks. Our three protagonists work for the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters. Step into the Stiffwork with us, voidmijner, and see what lay in store for you.

Dungeons and Shinobi
Hello and welcome to a Naruto flavored Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Come along as our "heroes" Beans, Briar Rogers, and Marcus navigate a hilariously deadly ninja world. If you're a fan of Anime and TTRPG's then you've come to the right spot.

The Tally Ho Hoes
A DnD podcast about a bunch of idiots. We love playing Dnd, making our own entertaining content, and getting creative with the use of Homebrew. We're always learning and improving the way we do things. Come along, pull up a chair, and have some fun with the Tally Ho Hoes!

Technomancers: A D&D podcast
Welcome to Technomancers, the thrilling Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the mesmerising City of Everlight! Join us on an unforgettable journey as we delve into a world where magic and technology coexist in perfect harmony (or will it?). Led by our Dungeon Master - Ivan Brett.

Lawful Awful
An RPG playthrough podcast centered on Horror/suspense RPGs, particularly Delta Green

Adventure's Edge
Adventure's Edge is an actual play, TTRPG podcast set in the world of Tellus. In our first campaign, "Heroes of the Vale", a group of people come together to find a cure for a deadly disease, only to be thrust into a web of increasing danger as they try to live up to what it means to be a hero. Heroes of the Vale is a story-driven game with a mix of roleplaying and action. We are using the Pathfinder 1st edition rules, but anyone familiar with Dungeons & Dragons should have no problem understanding the mechanics of play, although no experience is required to enjoy our story.

Flavored Enemy: "Reincarnated as the Traumatized Princess?! I'll Just Help My Flawless Sweetheart Change the Genre!"
In the enchanting realm of Vitore, six ordinary individuals from Earth find themselves unexpectedly reincarnated into new bodies. Bound by the whims of fate, they embark on an extraordinary and hilarious journey that will not only unravel their true purpose but also reshape the destiny of the world... with a dash of romance!

Fireside Dice
Fireside Dice is a live play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast with two goals in mind: have fun playing D&D with friends, and produce a vulgar free podcast! Our first campaign takes place in the fantastical multi-verse of Magic the Gathering. Join us as our Game Master Jens tries to deal with a party full of Planeswalkers!

The Eternal Cycle: Preface to a Burning Sea
"Only when the world is your world is burning and you can do nothing, will you ever understand our pain."

Candela Obscura
Candela Obscura follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. The first chapter of Candela Obscura stars veteran voice actors Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Anjali Bhimani, and Ashley Johnson and the story is led by Matthew Mercer.

PISCES - The Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counterintelligence, Espionage and Sabotage. A secretive branch under the intelligence services of the UK government, PISCES is on the front line of the fight against the inexplicable unnatural and unknowable horrors. Extra terrestrials, ancient cosmic gods, deranged cultists- PISCES mission remains the same: protect the public and stop the unnatural at any cost. Join Rich, the Handler, as he guides his players Jordan and Ed through IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES: a Delta Green tabletop role playing game campaign by ARC DREAM publishing.

The Warning Shots
Welcome to "The Warning Shots," a hilarious and immersive Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that takes you on a rollicking journey through the enchanting and dangerous lands of Iliria. Join our merry band of six adventurers as they navigate a world brimming with danger, magic, and laughter.

Lost Koz: A D&D Podcast From Aotearoa/NZ
Venture to the realm of Koz, and into the desert sands of Pōaha. Join our journey, alongside four unlikely heroes as they delve into the enigmatic depths of totalitarian cities, navigate the unpredictable sands of the Pōaha desert, and confront the depths of The Krag. Join Dungeon Master Joshua Wilkinson, Lexis Veil, Kael Robinson, Jade Parkin, and Harris Dowson in this homebrew Dungeons and Dragons play podcast hailing from the lands of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Queen City Supers
A Graveyard Tapes spinoff show, following the story of some comic book teens on their way to becoming superheroes, using the ttrpg Masks. Join Kid Phoenix, Scarlet Sentinel, and Glider as they learn what it means to be a hero and decide what kind of heroes they want to be, making friends (and enemies) along the way!

Flavored Enemy: The Dark City
After heroes fall, what happens when a necromancer claims their souls? Join us in the Spiraling Black to find out. Listener discretion advised.

ConQuest - Rollspelspodd
ConQuest är en rollspelspodd, där vi spelar Dungeons & Dragons i vår hemmagjorda värld Allrike. Här finns allt som en fantasyvärld kan behöva, och en hel del som definitivt inte behövs! Så lägg bort vardagens bekymmer, det är dags för ConQuest!

Jesters of Ravenloft: A D&D Podcast
Jesters of Ravenloft is a D&D 5e podcast where a group of improvisers and comedians are thrust into a D&D campaign only to find out that THEY are the characters - and their sketch comedy troupe now has to escape the nightmare that is Ravenloft. 2 new episodes drop every Friday.

Mythos: Tales From Talisia
Welcome to 'Mythos: Tales from Talisia,' a thrilling TTRPG podcast following a group of adventurers as they journey through the magical world of Talisia, where the aftermath of the Dark Ages has left the Planes of Creation in disarray. Join our cast of characters as they embark on dangerous quests, meet powerful allies and foes, and work to repair a broken world. With rich storytelling, engaging characters, and exciting gameplay, each episode will transport you to the mystical world of Talisia. Whether you're a seasoned TTRPG player or a newcomer to the genre, 'Mythos: Tales from Talisia' is a must-listen podcast that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Ne fais pas 100 !
Des gens bourrés, des chats à sauver, une statuette à trouver et une tour des rêves à explorer,... Ne fais pas 100 ! est une petite campagne de jeu de rôles qui se déroule dans le monde d'Aria de Fibre Tigre. Avec Shadow dans le rôle de Bass, DjCactus dans le rôle de Stanislas et Rckep dans le rôle d'Alekseï. Une aventure écrite et masteurisée par Anna-June Barker. Aria, un jeu de rôle écrit par FibreTigre et publié chez Elder-Craft :

Inspired R&R: The Podcast
A Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast starring members of the Inspired R&R online community.

Sky Orca Tabletop
We are just some idiotic factory workers that like to game in our free time. Join us in this podcast as we hangout and play various tabletop games. Our current campaign is "Project Paragon", a superpower-themed setting using the Prowlers and Paragons tabletop ruleset.

Dungeons and Dissertations
Four earthly students find themselves dazed and curse-fused in a magical world with no memories, performed by comedians with no script.

Starwhal: Odyssey
Residents of the humble Cauldera tenement building above the Lucky Fin restaurant suddenly find themselves hurled into the interdimensional web of space when their building reveals itself to be a ship. It's up to former Gilded Compass adventurers Ty (Mel D'Amato) and Petranella (Aly Grauer), Lucky Fin head chef Harker (Drew Mierzejewski), and building handyman Sacch (James D'Amato) to figure out what to do now. Join us for a space fantasy actual play romp through imagination using a playtest build of the No Kings RPG system. This game is co-GMed and fully collaborative.

The Written and The Lost
A rag-tag band of misfits takes a routine job as hired muscle for a research mission and soon finds that they've unearthed something ancient and of dire importance. Soon, the party finds themselves in a race against time to stop a cult and solve a mystery older than memory itself. A quest to learn what is remembered and what is forgotten. A saga of the Written and the Lost. The Written and the Lost is an actual play podcast using the Pathfinder 2E ruleset taking place in the Lost Omens world setting. Join our rambunctious group of nerds every week for a new chapter in this original story with an emphasis on player-directed adventure and complex interwoven storylines.

Trouble at the Tavern - A D&D Podcast
Enter into the world of Hallow! Follow Hartley Fanson, Maggie Pelude, and Michael Pugacewicz, three experienced D&D players, as they set along the road to become heroes while encountering problems and roadblocks set out by the prodigious Dungeon Master, Chris Black. Trouble at the Tavern is an immersive actual-play D&D campaign podcast, that's one-half laughs, and the other half heart-wrenching...laughs.

Geen Woorden Maar Draken
De Nederlandse Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Wat zou jij doen als je vanuit een rustige buurtavond in Pijnacker ineens in een wereld vol magie en monsters zou staan? En hoe kom je terug? Volg Alma, Elisa, Rik en Tony in hun zoektocht terug naar hun stadje (of op zijn minst station Beurs) in: Geen Woorden Maar Draken, DnD met een natte T.

Hic Sunt Monstra | D&D
Vogliamo raccontarvi la storia di un universo complesso e di alcuni squinternati antieroi che ogni giorno affrontano prove decisamente al di sopra delle loro possibilità. Unitevi anche voi al party e scoprite con noi Hic Sunt Monstra ;)

All Charisma, No Int
All Charisma, No Int is a D&D actual play podcast where four good friends go on exciting adventures together through fantastical worlds filled with magic and mystery.

The Hero's Die
Join us on a thrilling and hilarious journey as six real-life friends embark on an epic adventure in the make-believe world of Golarion. In this actual play Pathfinder podcast, we dive headfirst into the captivating "Extinction Curse" adventure path from Paizo. Come along as our adventurers unravel a grand conspiracy, encountering treacherous foes and ancient magics in their quest to save the land, and themselves, from certain, inexorable annihilation!

Shuttercreek - A Monster of the Week Actual Play
Welcome to our Monster of the Week actual play series 'Shuttercreek'. Join GM Matt Higdon and the No-Fame crew as we delve into the spooky, unsettling town of Shuttercreek.

A Game of One's Own
A Game of One's Own is an actual play podcast hosted by Maddy Searle, which focuses on solo and two-player role-playing games. Expect an eclectic mix of science fiction tales, fantasy fables, and horror stories based on games from the most innovative indie designers.

Dragon's Greed Gaming
Welcome to Dragon's Greed Gaming, a podcast of actual play series for a number of awesome tabletop roleplaying games. This particular feed includes every episode from each of our different shows that we have played through. So if you would rather have all of our shows in one place, this is the only podcast of ours you need to subscribe too. Join host and Games Master The Great Unclean One as he leads his friends through a multitiude of different RPGs, inlcuding Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (4th Edition), Alien the Roleplaying Game, Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory, and Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game.

Minnesota Dice
Minnesota Dice is a live play D&D podcast. Come Join Matt, Britt, Dan and Luc as they journey through new worlds, fight epic battles, and discuss how to make magical cakes. Episodes are released weekly! Join us on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter to give us feedback, meet with fellow Dice lovers, and share your roll playing stories.

Legends of Denali: Fame, Fortune, and Enlightenment
For various reasons, adventures from all over the world have come to join the most connected and famous guild around: The High Guard of Denali. Wheather for self-improvement, wealth, or fame, this guild is the place to get what you want. Will you seize your destinies and become legends? Or fail and fade into obscurity?

Dubstep & Dragons
D&D 5e actual play podcast with a cyberpunk twist, set in futuristic Earth containing, violence, mutation, wanna be comedians, and more!

LetsDoThisDungeonThing is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in the real world based around three strangers who have to travel through time to save their timeline from chaos and big change. Thank you to my lovely players Aidan (Drake Reddmen), Liz (Gerald Bebop), and Calamari (Valentin cel Frumos aka Vlad The Handsome) and the DM of the campaign me, Corbin.

Our Critty Podcast
Welcome to Our Critty Podcast where the name should help set your expectations! We play a Homebrew modifed game of 5th edition D&D that allows for class swapping and individual class levels in the style of some popular MMO games but in tabletop form. Join our heros Bramblespore, Lyra Nightshade, Ritz Silver, Sal, and Wren as they embark on their first adventure in the world of Arinthia

TGB One Shots
The Garlic Boys are proud to present: TGB One Shot. The show were Matt and Connor team up their friends and travel from universe to universe, becoming new heroes in each world, completing mission and helping those in need.

Escape from the Dreamlands
Three strangers wake up, covered in mud surrounded by a surreal forest of towering, gnarled trees that rise up through the dense fog. They have no idea where they are. They have no idea who they are. But they do know that something is very wrong. Enter a dark fantasy world full of mystery and intrigue as Ursa, Dee, and Lorelai confront and explore a land of unsettling whimsy to face their fears and discover who they once were, even if some things are better left forgotten.

Haunted House House Hunters
Paranormal house flippers try to make a living in up state alternate future New York.

The firstwatchstories’s Podcast
Welcome to Stories from the First Watch. This is both a solo roleplaying game and an experiment in audio storytelling. The story, and the characters’ actions, will unfold upon the roll of the dice. Once the game starts, nothing is predetermined. The dice are in control.

Anywhere But Now
Time Travel, Sci-Fi Adventures, and Risky Rolls of the Dice lie ahead! Brace yourself for an Actual Play TTRPG podcast in the key of DOCTOR WHO! Join players Brand Osorio, Cate MacCoyne, Pandora Beatrix, and your GM Casey Jones for a spooky, fun-filled thrill-ride across Time & Space! Say hello to the Fixer and his companions, Maeve Sullivan & Calamity Hap. The Fixer is a Time Lord in his senior year of *The Doctoral Program*: an offshoot of the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, to train young Time Lords to see the Universe and, well, fix it up a bit! Playing along from time to time will be wonderful guest stars, on adventures both new and familiar! Encounter classic monsters of Doctor Who, and get ready to meet some new ones! Experience a love letter to a timeless series based on compassion, a dash of cleverness. and discovering the New. This is Anywhere But Now.

Failure, Improvised
A "PG" family friendly podcast where a dad and his two kids play tabletop roleplaying games together.

Gestalheim Productions - Fictional Heroism
Formerly a part of Dungeons and Pop Abberant Adventures, now broken off into it's own feed! A rotating Monster of the Week cast series of intersecting one-shots as fiction bleeds into reality and brings both danger and wonder to an unprepared world as two sides of the coin of change may soon clash. The Library has become aware of an eldritch being known as the Lore Worm, planning to devour reality like so much cheap paperback. Only a rag-tag team of a cartoon cat, a demon turned chosen, and a few others may be all that stands before it and Armageddon.

Gestalheim Productions - Adventurers with Attitude
Formerly Dungeons and Pop Abberant Adventures. This feed contains our all-henshin Lasers and Liches Campaign Adventurers With Attitude. Can a team of newly christened adventurers with attitude band together and defeat the evil Bonemeister before he finishes what he started in the Great Henshin War? Or is our party doomed to failure?

Hot & Dicey - D&D Podcast
Welcome to Hot & Dicey, a not so saucy, yet delightfully saucy podcast created by a group of friends who are unabashedly nerdy and proud of it. Our shared love for all things fantasy and science fiction led us to embark on this podcasting journey, where we bring to life our very own Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign, filled with thrilling adventures, epic battles, and moments of hilarity. Each week, we release new episodes that follow the twists and turns of our D&D campaign, offering our listeners a chance to join our motley crew of characters as they navigate a world filled with danger, intrigue, and wonder. Our storytelling is rich and immersive, designed to captivate both seasoned D&D players and newcomers to the game.

Six Chaotically Stupid friends attempt to play D&D. Come join as Tanner the DM sends these five friends Connor, Ryder, Beau, Kasen, and Alex into a magical world! Come listen as they get into mischief and wonder through the forgot realms of Dungeons and Dragons.

Tall Tall Tower - A D&D 5e Tower Crawl Series
Welcome to Swanscrest. The last Great War against evil ended a decade ago and all people within the land of the Lustrous Dominion have been invited to the capital city of Swanscrest for a joyous celebration. Of course, the 4 great heroes of the war find themselves in attendance when their celebrations are abruptly ruined...

Lets Play Pretend
Let's Play Pretend is a role playing podcast with its first season being played in Delta Green.

Beacon Chronicles - By Ordinary Dice Dragons
Ordinary Dice Dragons presents a thrilling new actual play dnd podcast. Step into the Districts of Illumination, an underground civilization of interconnected caverns, each colony protected by a shining beacon of light. But beware, danger lurks in the shadows beyond the districts as fierce monster factions threaten all who venture too far. Join us as we embark on this grand expedition through the districts and beyond in search for a different kind of beacon, one that represents hope.

Duskvale: A Monster of the Week Actual Play Podcast
Duskvale may look like a small quiet town nestled in the quiet reaches of Washington. Yet the rumors are that Duskvale has a history with things that go pump in the night. Most people don’t believe in monsters, but you know the truth. They’re real, and it’s your task to bring them down. Or so you think...

Welcome to BlackwaterDnD, where we roll dice and play nice, north of the 49th! Join us as we explore the wonderful world of TTRPGs, and tell rich stories of improvisation and imagination.

An Unwavering Force: A Star Wars Story
A Star Wars story about The Force and how they use it.

The Children of Ash
Nearly two hundred and fifty years after the storms of The Tide receded, humanity is still struggling to contend with the strange, deadly wilderness that arose in the spaces between villages. Now, whispers have begun to spread of individuals emerging from the wilds changed, stripped of their humanity, and given great power. The Children of Ash is a real-play RPG podcast following a group of travelers as they explore the world after the world.

Adventures in Capital
A DnD Narrative-Play podcast inspired by the working-class history, culture and politics of the Industrial Revolution. Dark historical fantasy, radical politics, traditional folk music, queer & disabled representation.

Wish You Were Heroes
Welcome to Wish You Were Heroes, the hilarious and action-packed podcast where seven lovable dorks embark on epic tabletop gaming adventures! Led by the charismatic Game Master, Britney Blackheart, this group of friends will take you on a wild ride through fantasy realms, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and facing off against diabolical villains. Each episode of Wish You Were Heroes brings you a new adventure, as the players create unique characters and immerse themselves in a world of imagination. From buff wizards to bumbling monks, and everything in between, these players bring their quirks and personalities to the forefront, often leading to side-splitting moments and unexpected outcomes. There is a constant weave of captivating tales filled with memorable NPCs, thrilling challenges, and intriguing storylines. With creativity and quick thinking, these seven keep each other on their toes as they navigate treacherous dungeons, engage in epic battles, and unravel mysterious plots. But it's not all just about the game mechanics and battles. Wish You Were Heroes is a podcast that celebrates the joy of tabletop gaming and the bonds of friendship. You'll hear plenty of laughter, banter, and inside jokes as the players navigate the game world and interact with each other in hilarious and heartwarming ways. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop gamer or new to the world of roleplaying games, Wish You Were Heroes is a podcast that will captivate and entertain you. Join This ragtag band of adventurers as they embark on epic quests, battle fearsome foes, and create unforgettable memories in this exciting and laughter-filled tabletop gaming podcast.

Wizarding Sports Network
Join the Wizarding Sports Network Podcast as we hear the latest news from the fastest league on broomsticks. Choose your team, cheer them on, and hear all of the excitement wherever muggles hear podcasts! When a role playing table top game meets wizarding sports, magic happens! Each week, dice rolls will determine wins, losses, and team stats for your favorite 15 American Quidditch League teams. Join us for the flying, the drama, and the excitements as we report on what is happening in the American Quidditch League! This is a fan fiction based on the Wizarding World.

Rise of the Conduit
Rise of the Conduit is a Blades in the Dark TTRPG actual play about haunted scoundrels climbing the criminal ladder.

Solo Quest
Solo Quest is an actual-play rpg podcast where I go on adventures alone, using modified rules of role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Blades in the Dark. My name is Ezure (they/them) and I hope you'll join me as I talk to myself, roll dice, and try not to die!

INT Tabletop
This is infinite nerd theorem and just as there are infinite possibilities for stories we are exploring the infinite possibilities of our geeky minds here in INT  tabletop.

Free From The Dungeon
A fully improvised, elevated D&D style podcast. Each week a new exciting story is made with accompanying art, videos, and adventure modules to bring the games to life at your own tables.

Tavern Tales: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
A Trip Away Inn is a circus-themed tavern built by Flip, a former high flyer and tightrope walker. A Trip Away Inn is filled with unique characters, each with its own story to tell and tasks for your heroes to complete. Visit the tavern bathhouse, or play a game of Liar's Dice with the two-timing twins, Tia and Mia, or taste the savory meals from Estabon, the Dragonborn chef. A Trip Away Inn provides a home away from home, as well as a meeting place for schemes and plans...

Our Storied Insight
Mourning strangers become family when the last-wish of a common friend excites adventure; delving into symbolic dungeons and real-life issues, they grapple with elements that could heal the broken heart of the dusk-falling fantastical world. Our Storied Insight is an actual-play/audio-drama; allowing everyone at the table the freedom to explore real-life themes and issues, using their character-avatars for personal growth. From battling dragons to delving in personal metaphorical dungeons, our shared story will grant insight.

Ember Fables
Welcome to Ember Fables: Fireside Adventures for young and old. We play D&D and have a fantastic, raucous time of it! So come along and enjoy yourself on our latest adventure! In our first campaign, entitled Dragon Gems Rising, the continent of Javros is on the brink of all out war. At the heart of it all an ancient myth and a terrifying artifact of immense power rise to threaten the whole land. Can the Fabled Five come together and stop the forces of destruction in time?

Neon Memories: A Lighthearted Magical 80s Actual Play Podcast
Welcome to the magical 80s dream world of Lighthearted. You are a Prep, Jock, Geek, Rebel, or Outcast, like those kids in The Breakfast Club, except you are just about to start magic community college. Through play, we'll explore how you grow out of your high school cliques all while dealing with magical mishaps, college parties, vampires, and worse—finals!

A Bar Wench's Tale
A Bar Wench's Tale is a podcast where we play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Set in the world of Midgard by Kobold Press. Join our heroes: Morrigan the ravenfolk bard, Bright Eyes the trollkin druid, Nalza the human cleric, and Sparks Justice - an unlikely friend - as they struggle to keep the darkness at bay.

Queers On Dice
Queers On Dice is a TTRPG Actual Play podcast by Bay Area drag artists.

Mortals and Portals
An original Pathfinder adventure about a party of lovable mortals and a perilous realm of portals with new episodes every Thursday! Let's play!

The Crystal City: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
Based on the adventures presented in ???????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????, the Crystal City is a crossroads of the worlds. While adventurers may find this world in the Ethereal Plane, it's residents are those who lost their own. With the High Mages ensuring the safety of it's residents, maybe there is a way to find what one has lost. But at what cost?

The Badventure Club
Thanks for coming to a club meeting! We're the Badventure Club, a group of friends telling a fantasy story by mixing podcasting and D&D. We'd love for you to join our next session!

Magic Isn't Real
Almost a hero's journey. Actually four friends using TTRPGs to tell some stories and go on adventures. Also we lied about the magic. It's totally real.

Bard Rock Extended Universe
Bard Rock Extended Universe is where you can find all the Bard Rock Cafe content you love outside of our main campaigns. Twitch streams, miniseries, charity events, you name it! We don't just play DND, we play other TTRPGs like Masks, Monster of the Week, and so much more!

D&D With The Weed Cats
Hey There! We're The Weed Cats. This is Ridin' To Hell Or Highwater, our first campaign. It's been 200 years since The Fall, humanity was sent to the brink of extinction, though they've somehow managed to pulled through. The Earth, who's surface was rattled by the rages of war, hasn't been so lucky. Oceans have dwindled drastically in size, Forests were obliterated, cities were destroyed. The vast, flourishing prairies and the rich, arable farmlands were wiped away, replaced by empty expanses of sand. There are small slivers of life left from the aftermath of total nuclear annihilation and in these slivers, humanity thrives. From the former swamps in Louisiana, now turned to farmland, to the bustling oceanside towns, well, what's left of the ocean. This land known in one point in time as Dixieland is now the Meridional Coalition, though these cities are far and few, they work together and with the help of Caravans, they keep each other alive. They keep The Dream alive. As the sun sets over the quiet wasteland, the gleaming moonlight cast is light on a group of shadowy figures. Adorned in feathered headdresses masks and large robes covered in feathers. They are assembled in a circle, with a fire in the middle. One is holding a long staff with a small animal skull fashioned to the top. As they dance and chant into the dark of night. A giant blast of purple light fills the sky, with a giant streak of red lightning crashes to the ground.

RollPlay Inc
An actual play D&D5e Podcast focusing on story and character.

Brave New Wild: A Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Actual Play Podcast
After a week-long outdoor adventure, you and your fellow Junior Braves return home to find that the world is no longer the same. Your families are missing, there are terrible things roaming the streets and you aren't sure if help will ever arrive. You all need to be brave and use your skills to survive, to adapt and to thrive.

Roll Die For Adventure Live
Listen in as we play Pathfinder, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Starfinder and Other TTRPGs.

Light Roasts Low Rolls
Welcome to Light Roasts Low Rolls. The podcast where a bunch of nerds sit around to drink some light roast, and hope against all hope that our dice don’t roll low. This season, we’ll be playing an RPG called Monster of the Week. This game is played with 2d6, and the basic structure of it is laid out for investigating mysteries and hunting monsters. We’ll explain the rules a little bit more in depth as we play on the show, but we’re going to focus most heavily on our characters and story, which is what the game really lends itself to anyway. We’ll be layering a new theme over each of our seasons, in a wide range of genres. For our first season, we’re visiting Hollywood in the 1940s, and have a bit of noir flavor mixed into our story.

All That You Know
An actual play podcast which explores serious topics with a lighthearted approach. Currently playing Beamsaber, by Austin Ramsey.

Dungeons & Grunts
Welcome to the chaotic world of our Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Here you will meet a group of unlikely adventurers brought together by fate, or perhaps by sheer misfortune. Among them is an Army grunt who can't seem to control his potty mouth, a Marine struggling to choose between dark purple and tropical blue crayons for his next snack, a Navy sailor with a certain affinity for...well, let's just say he likes things long and hard, and an Airman who enjoys luxury accommodations. Leading the charge as Dungeon Master is a failed Army cadet, who will challenge these disparate personalities to work together and survive the dangerous quests ahead. Will they succeed, or will their differences lead to their downfall? Tune in to this Nat 1 podcast, where chaos reigns and anything can happen.

Amour, Gloire & Dragons
Bienvenue dans "Amour Gloire & Dragons", le podcast qui allie le théâtre d'improvisation et le jeu de rôle Donjons et Dragons ! Que vous soyez novice ou expert en impro ou en JDR, ce podcast est fait pour vous ! Nous vous invitons à embarquer avec nous dans des aventures pleines de rebondissements, d'éclats de rire et de moments inoubliables. Dans "Amour Gloire & Dragons", les personnages que vous rencontrerez sont des individus lambdas, tout comme vous, qui se retrouvent plongés dans un autre univers après leur mort. Ils se découvrent alors des pouvoirs, vivent des aventures incroyables et plongent dans un monde fantastique plein de dangers et de mystères. Nos improvisateurs expérimentés, joueurs débutants, incarnent ces personnages, donnant vie à leurs histoires épiques et hilarantes créées en direct à partir de leur imagination débordante.

Eat Your Dice
Eat Your Dice is an actual play podcast made by five to six college students doing silly voices in a basement. Join us as we pretend to be rats doing a heist for cheese, young adults with anxiety trapped in the backrooms, a team tasked with stopping a new plague, and more! We will be playing with DnD, Liminal Horror, DDnD, MASKS: A New Generation, as well as other TTRPG systems.

Rolling with the Gays - A D&D Podcast
An LGBT D&D podcast.

A Walk Among Gods: A Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
A run through a D&D-ified Greece with all the fun adventures, but bring your big boy pants! Play your best/strongest characters (min/max, multiclass, go for it!). This game is to show that good gameplay can also be included with a good story.

Strumpets and Flagons: an All-Trans RPG show
Pirates, lesbians, swords, boats. Welcome to Strumpets and Flagons, with Laser (the Doubleclicks), Riley Silverman (Star Wars author), Josh Closs (The Hartvane Chronicles), Ben Paddon (Jump Leads) and Rebecca McGlynn (Asexuality! the solo musical), playing Thirsty Sword Lesbians from Evil Hat Games!

Produzido por Dorian Melo, nosso DM, e com convidados especiais a cada temporada, Tavernou é um podcast de histórias improvisadas contadas através de RPG de mesa!

The Hunt for Glory: A Deathwatch Actual Play Podcast
On the forefront of the Ordo Xenos we find the Deathwatch. Hulking Space Marines in Black Power Armour, wielding only the best gear in order to quell the Xenos threat for the Imperium of Man. This is the story of one of their prospective Kill Teams.

Passion Fruit Table Troop
A D&D 5e tabletop trio, all very gay, all very much having a shared hallucination that also involves dice. Current Campaign: Agency. Grizzled Half-Orc detective straight out of a film noir and a semi-retired Drow conman explore the long nights of a fantasy world where the shadowy gunman in the night might be the sleep paralysis demon you were lucky enough to mostly forget, wielding magic instead of a gun, and planning to destroy the world instead of just a night's sleep.

The Dungeon Made Me Do It
This is a real play D&D podcast.

Join the Dicebreaker team as their party of fantasy journalists - inquisitive rogue photographer Iris, spoilt bard (and daughter of the boss) Caryaries, peppy ranger intern Winona and grizzled paladin reporter Hunter - investigate mysteries in the not-so-dull and dreary small town of Ragrump. Think D&D meets Hot Fuzz in an actual play series like no other!

Land of Eem: Actual Play
Join Ben Costa, James Parks, and George Higgins as they play the Land of Eem tabletop roleplaying game, inspired by the series of fantasy books: Dungeoneer Adventures and Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. Ben Costa and James Parks are the creators of Dungeoneer Adventures, Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo, and the tabletop roleplaying game, Land of Eem. They have been friends since the 2nd grade, and love making stuff together. Lovers of fantasy, they strive to craft tales that celebrate the adventures of unlikely heroes. Ben and James grew up playing tabletop roleplaying games, creating countless characters and collaborative worlds with our pals, a pastime that paved the way for their creative careers, as authors and illustrators. Land of Eem is a tabletop roleplaying published in partnership with indie game publisher, Exalted Funeral. and is about adventurers exploring and discovering the remnants of a forgotten better age. Described as The Lord of the Rings meets The Muppets, players portray lore-seeking travelers, fortune-seeking pioneers, and adventure-seeking heroes in a time devoid of them. But for all its post-apocalyptic doom and gloom, Land of Eem is tonally quite lighthearted and droll.

Cybertopia AP
An actual play podcast using the indie TTPRG system, Cybertopia, run by its creator with a rolling cast of a variety of members from the tabletop community. Set in a near future sci-fi world, the player characters take the form of corporate agents working on clandestine missions to protect their business's interests and reputation.

Tales Over Tea
Welcome to Tales Over Tea, your one stop shop for all sorts of whimsical, sweet, silly, and straight up chaotic Table Top RPG stories! You'll find anything from conversations over a cup of tea, to bears heisting honey, to wild adventures across the galaxy! So grab a cup of tea (or coffee! or hot cocoa!!) and a blanket, and enjoy the stories!

Yeldplay! is the official actual play podcast for The Magical Land of Yeld TTRPG! Join us as we go through the door into a world of strange monsters, mysterious magic, heroes, villains, and who knows what else! Will this group of friends find their way back home? Or will they remain trapped and be subjected to a monstrous fate? Only one way to find out! Just remember- In Yeld, there is only one absolute truth. Everything good... becomes a monster eventually!

A barely edited Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Just a bunch of goofy friends telling goofy stories.

Colony of the Damned
Four colonists with checkered pasts find themselves suddenly embroiled in adventure and intrigue. Starring Danielle McPherson as Lucia Worsh, Harley Smith as Josie Russell, Mike Lawson as "Mongo," and Nick Wuebben as Haruto Worsh!

The Tavern Of Tales: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A dnd podcast set in a home brew world. Join Coil(Jack), a warforged sorcerer with a mysterious past, Gadget(Sydney), a half elven artificer on the run, Mike(Sam), a human paladin that can't figure out he's a paladin, and Chesker(Caleb), a tabaxi rouge/druid who want's to eat people, as they are brought together through NOT committing a crime. What will happen to our four . . . heroes? Will they stay together or will their dark pasts and stupid actions drag them apart? Listen bi weekly to find out at: The Tavern Of Tales.

Follow a squad of survivors of a dystopian yet colourful version of southern Ontario where they must face a myriad of dangers while protecting a young woman of a very special origin. Featuring the voice talents of Julian Frid as the Handler and Kristi Boulton, Jonathan Sconza, Stefan Till and Louisa Zhu as the Players. The fate of their characters' lives is up to their decisions and the dice...

Voyages of the Chonky Whomper
Welcome to the Voyages of the Chonky Whomper, our very first Sci-Fi TTRPG Campaign using the game: Stars Without Numbers. Follow some familiar faces, and new ones, as the crew of the Chonky Whomper travel the galaxy to pay off their tremendous debt!

Escape From Sonder
Escape From Sonder is a DnD podcast created by a group of friends who have a strong desire to listen to themselves talks for hours.

Another D&D Party
Welcome, traveler, to a land of high fantasy and adventure! Come follow our group of adventurers as they travel the land of Elderon to see what dangers they may face and what they might find out about themselves along the way!

Oops! All Apocalypses
Two daring idiots charge head first into the apocalypse, relying on their improvisational skills--and luck--to survive the onslaught of challenges thrown their way. An actual-play adventure featuring Powered by the Apocalypse (PBtA) tabletop roleplaying games.

Basilisk Hill Breakdown
An Actual Play podcast, using the Old School Essentials Ruleset, of mid-level hexcrawling and sandbox exploration. Episodes drop every two weeks, and recaps of the sessions can be found at

Merely Players
Welcome to the show where every table-top's a stage...and we are Merely Players!'Dreams of Saretta' with GM Max Aspen is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign that spun out of our home game and is full of the high fantasy adventures (shenanigans) of an elf, an elf, another elf, and their dreamy friend (but definitely not an elf!).'United City 2173' with GM Austin Hayes is a reflavoured Star Wars 5e campaign in a horror tinged cyberpunk-noir future of the city that was once London, England. (Accents may vary.)

The Misfits Of Alseta
Welcome to our DnD Actual Play. The Misfits Of Alseta takes you through a nightmare-plagued world. Journey alongside our adventurers as they traverse the multiverse, confronting the darkest fears imaginable.

3 DMs and a Tale
Hello, my name is Aaron. This is my Improv Show called "3 DMs and a Tale". I decided to put 4 Dungeon Masters in one room and make them dance for me. In each episode, a "Head DM" is selected by a d4. The remaining 3 DMs become players and without any prep, they will all have come up with everything on the spot: the world, their characters, and everything else you can imagine. Come join the fun!

Berlin - It's a Bug, not a feature!
Ein Shadowrun 6 Actual Play Podcast.

The Fall Of Runeterra a D&D Campaign
This is a D&D campaign based off using the lore of League Of Legends. It won't be 100% accurate but it will be as close as I can get it.

IDM Roleplay
Welcome to IDM Roleplay!  We are a tabletop actual play podcast where we play a number of different games including, but not limited to, Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Masks: A New Generation, and more!  Come listen to our zaney crew as we make our way through different campaigns all for your entertainment!  Please note this podcast is marked as explicit because some of our shows we deal with adult topics like violence, seduction and fade-to-black type sex, drug use, and in the vampire game, lots of discussion of blood.  Nothing is too crazy, but please be aware and if you aren't comfortable with any of that, maybe we aren't the show for you.

Le monde que nous connaissons est une illusion. Et derrière ce voile se cache quelque chose qui se tient prêt à nous dévorer. Pallium est un podcast suivant plusieurs campagnes de jeu de rôles privilégiant l'immersion, la narration et l'atmosphère. Afin de rendre l'écoute le plus agréable et immersive possible, chaque épisode a été monté pour se rapprocher le plus possible d'une fiction audio, illustrée par la musique de Siarys. Nous utilisons le système et l'univers de Kult : Divinité Perdue, un jeu de rôles horrifique se centrant sur les traumas des personnages et une approche viscérale du surnaturel. MISE EN GARDE: Pallium privilégie une atmosphère sombre et immersive, focalisée sur les traumatismes des personnages, la violence psychologique et physique, et des thèmes adultes.

Sraxital - The Undying Isles Podcast a TTRPG Live Actual Play
This Live Actual Play Tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) Podcast is set in a home brew water world, with continents and isles spread all across the world. Here we have amazing adventures with a group of gamers who enjoy RP and share a love of the game.

La Notte più Lunga
Un podcast di actual play viking horror ideato da Lotofurente e prodotto da Forgia Storie, direttamente dalle vostre fantasie dell'incubo.

Dungeon Calling
A real-play D&D podcast of high fantasy and low humor. It’s the 1980s, and four almost friends navigate middle school in a small, strange, low-budget town. Can they survive social minefields and the occasional eldritch horror without being expelled, or possibly sued by the Duffer Brothers? Will there be music? Listen to find out.

Void: Coriolis Actual-Play
Coriolis is a beacon of something fresh for politics, trade, and “quality of life”. Others see it as cultural imperialism. Nonetheless, the Icons stir. They are jealous. The Zenithian’s new way beckons the Darkness Between the Stars. Even ghosts from planet Xene currently observe the Council of Factions. The new governor, Kamal Dargosian, is only a year into office and the people are already secretly questioning their capabilities. But amidst this political battlefield is an even more pressing matter -- there is currently a high-rolling contract issued by the Consortium to hire a Free Trader group willing to investigate the Taoan system. As of 2 weeks ago, all contact was lost.

End City - A Cyberpunk Red Mini-Series
Welcome, chooms, to our Cyberpunk Red mini-series 'End City'. Things go awry for a group scraping med supplies from the largest corporation in the city... Join CG (Choom Guide) Justin and some truly wonderful friends as we hit the gritty corporate dystopian streets and try to earn a living under the boot of governing forces.

Stories From The Shore - A Modern D&D 5e Mini-Series
Things have felt a little different in Null Shore lately... things seem a little darker... you catch movements out of the corner of your eye but never see what caused it... and the people... the people have been going missing a lot more frequently lately. Welcome back to the Shore. Join us as we revisit Null Shore with a brand new cast of delightful characters. This mini-series will feature our amazingly skilled friends from Charisma Saving Show and Gut Punch RP.

Risky Standard
Risky Standard is an actual-play podcast featuring a group of rowdy best friends playing a variety of tabletop role-playing games to tell stories set in original worlds. Currently playing Beam Saber (by Austin Ramsay) to follow the adventures of a squad of mech pilots fighting for an anarcho-socialist space federation in a revolutionary war against encroaching empire.

Turning Tables
Turning Tables is a weekly actual play D&D podcast with a twist. You can expect each arc to be DM'd by one of 3 DM's, meanwhile, the other 2 play as characters.

Worlds Beyond Number
Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.

Zom-com är en rollspelspodd med komiker som spelar Skjut dom i huvudet. Och dör man så dör man. Här råder strikt PERMADEATH! När, en spelares karaktär dör så byts spelaren ut.

Dice Decideth
Welcome to Eowodan's Legends, the Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes you on an epic journey through the magical world of Eowodan. In each episode, we invite you to join us as we explore this immersive tabletop roleplaying game with compelling storylines and exciting gameplay. You'll encounter all sorts of fantastical creatures and landscapes as you follow along with our players on their journey. From dragons to damsels (in distress and otherwise), no adventure is complete without a few twists and turns.

Gaming Theater RPG
Welcome to Gaming Theater RPG, where members of the Gaming Theater crew get together to play a tabletop RPG. Our current setting is the ACPD, where our players try to maintain law and order in the fantasy city of Andrea's Cauldron. They'll have to deal with bar brawling adventurers, underground chimera races, magical murder mysteries, and more! Come watch our heroes triumph over evil… or fail spectacularly! Whichever outcome the dice decide.

Hot Dice: Actual Play
Hot Dice: Actual Play is exactly what it sounds like. We create fun actual play series using different RPG systems. Our first audio campaign, Revelations & Redemption, is an actual play, Monster of the Week podcast, following 5 guests and a stowaway at a lavish dinner party hosted by billionaire, CEO & cocaine addict, Jeffery Hudson. Our guests have ulterior motives tonight, but so, it seems, does someone else.

Minds Never Matter Podcast
Welcome to the Minds Never Matter Podcast! We are a group of 5 friends who wanted to share the story we create while having fun along the way. I know, I know, everyone is creating TTRPG podcasts these days but we are just here to have a reason to bring us together whether its just a few or if it grows to hundreds of people. The current session we are running takes place in the fantasy world of Divitotum where four aspiring adventures take on their hardest challenge yet.... The Adventuring College of Elona.

Penault Pest & Protection
Penault Pest & Protection is a monthly audio drama created through tabletop roleplay based on the 2d6 system Monster of the Week. Follow Tiffany, Aisling, Clara, and Seilbh as they struggle to gain a footing in the world of Taranis.

Quest: Galactic Descent
Join our band of adventurers Bones, the war hero (Austin), Willow, the nomad (Marlaina), and Sienna, the smuggler (Gaby), as they face challenges traveling to different planets in their less-than-reliable ship, the Prism. Listen as they meet friends, enemies, and allies along the twisting journey DM Rowan will weave. Will they make it out of this Quest alive?

We Like The Idea
Welcome to We Like the Idea, an actual-play podcast where a group of best friends come together to tell compelling and human stories together (or at least try). Join us for a trip through the land of Haeth as we play Wanderhome, a beautiful pastoral fantasy TTRPG where folks are awfully nice, and also definitely animal-people. There are no dice, no GMs, and no combats--just a lot of people to love, and a lot of beauty to see. We hope you'll come along for the journey.

D&D With A Few Good Friends
D&D With A Few Good Friends is a D&D actual play Podcast following four children on a journey to find the mysterious floating city of Laputa.

Cessis O Início - RPG
O RPG Cessis O Início é um jogo do tipo RPG de mesa que Anselmo Eller desenvolveu para se divertir com os seus amigos. O RPG já dura mais de 23 anos e a diversão é tamanha que agora foi decidido compartilhar isso com o público. Venha conhecer esse mundo fantástico cheio de criaturas místicas, seres de distintas raças, culturas, planetas e galáxias por uma infinidade de lugares que sua mente ainda jamais ouviu ou pensou ser possível. Se você acha que já ouviu as melhores estórias e já desbravou os mais incríveis mundos cheios de aventuras e mistérios, venha conhecer Cessis O Início.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Das Recht zu Schweigen
Deepwater ist eine amerikanische Großstadt in der World of Darkness. Wolkenkratzer aus Glas und Stahl werfen tiefe Schatten in die Häuserschluchten. In diesen drängen sich bei Tage die Börsenwölfe mit Aktenkoffer und Krawatte, während sich ebendort in der Nacht die Gangs erbitterte Kämpfe liefern. An jeder Ecke lauert Gefahr und Verbrechen. Die Polizisten, die hier arbeiten, sind entweder verbittert oder korrupt. Aber abgebrüht sind sie alle. Doch es ist nicht alles trostlos, denn Deepwaters Nachtleben pulsiert. Wie zum Trotz strömen die Menschen in die Bars und Clubs der Stadt. Denn das Leben ist zu kurz für Traurigkeit! Wo bleibt in dieser schnelllebigen Stadt der Platz für den ehrlichen Menschen? Es gibt so wenige von Ihnen, denn sie geraten hier schnell unter die Räder. Von einem hört ihr in dieser Nacht. Ein Journalist, der nach Wahrheiten sucht. Nach Gerechtigkeit. Doch die Bestien der Stadt haben ihn bereits im Auge… Als Wesen der Nacht sind dabei: Koali als D4lta (Nosferatu) Marot als Sunshine (Thin Blood) Nestorion als Blake (Ventrue) Caco als Der Alte Peet (Malkavianer) und Sierra als Spielleiterin

Dungeon Dreamers
A DnD podcast that gets less and less professional the more you listen to it!

(DSA) Die Sternenträger Kampagne
Sternenträger, so werden jene Elfen genannt, die das sternförmige Mal an ihrer Schulter trugen, das sie zu Auserwählten für höhere Aufgaben machte. Einst lenkten sie den Legenden nach die Geschicke der fenvar, der Hochelfen, bis die Armeen des dhaza, des namenlosen Unlichts, ihrem Reich ein Ende machten.

Paragraf RPG
Kanał jest poświęcony paragrafowym, jednoosobowym grom RPG. Powstał z myślą o przedstawieniu zainteresowanym klasycznymi grami RPG, że rozgrywka w pojedynkę również jest możliwa. Gry paragrafowe to również doskonałe narzędzie do nauki mechaniki konkretnych systemów dla początkujących. A zatem - gdzieś w mrokach puszczy czai się coś, co odstrasza nawet istoty nocy. A Ty zobowiązałeś się to odnaleźć... Jeśli chcesz kontynuować przygodę - wystarczy, że posłuchasz:)

Oak's Peak
Unedited sessions of a Dungeon World campaign set in a region created by the players.

Party of 2: Roll of the Dice
"Step into the realm of endless possibilities with the dynamic duo in their podcast 'Party of 2: Roll of the Dice'. Using the roll of the dice to generate their characters, adventures, and encounters, join them on an unpredictable journey through the world of Dungeons and Dragons. With each episode, experience a new and exciting adventure filled with laughter, challenge, and excitement in this totally random Dungeons and Dragons experience."

The Petticoat Tales
Five friends use the role-playing game, Good Society, to tell improvised, regency era comedy dramas inspired by the books of Jane Austen.

Wing Women
An actual play podcast about Soviet airwomen. We follow them fighting to survive during a campaign of bombing against the Nazis. This show is based on the exploits of the real life Night Witches.

Hoi chummers! SINless is a Shadowrun actual play podcast that follows a group of nobodies as they navigate life in the shadows of the 6th World. Thrown together by chance they'll need to keep each other alive as they gain notoriety in all the wrong places and make a name for themselves with all the wrong people.

Some Place to Be
Some Place to Be is an actual play podcast dedicated to exploring how mechanics inform character and celebrating games by indie designers. Our story follows a group of young adults living in a small town full of mysteries to solve. They'll end up stumbling into something that transforms their reality into something different over and over again while only the main characters seem to notice. With each evolution of the town, we switch to a new game system and explore how this changes our characters. Featuring an all queer cast of rotating GMs.

Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil is a D&D 5e actual play podcast set in a modern world where the Dark Lord won the war, defeated the good guys, and introduced the world to the internet. You can find Lesser Evil wherever you catch your pods every other Thursday or, like we say at the office, Friday Jr.

Wregate is a DnD 5e Homebrew adventure. Follow Stitches, Oleg, Enorath, Zelra and Fifty-Eight as they run around the city of Wregate during the BlackSun Festival

Real Housewives of Dungeons & Dragons
A fictional reality show cast goes on the adventure of a lifetime. RHoDnD is a real play D&D podcast from Hags Media and Pacey's Creek.

DnD's Nuts
Join our hero's on a nuts adventure through the mysterious world of Elara's.

Skyjacks follows the adventures of the crew of The Uhuru– the most notorious sky pirates in the world of Spéir. Captain Orimar Vale (Nathan Blades) is the most feared and respected corsair in the sky. In a world of cursed seas, wild seasons, and capricious luminaries he has more enemies than anyone can count. Unfortunately for his crew, he is dead. Only his council Jonnit Kessler (Tyler Davis,) Gable (Liz Anderson,) Dref Wormwood (John Patrick Coan,) and Travis Matagot (Johnny O’Mara) know the truth. Set in a folktale-punk world inspired by the music of The Decemberists, Illimat, folklore, and classic adventure fiction– Skyjacks explores anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and queer themes. It's hilarious, gripping, and earnest. This streamlined feed is the best way to start and catch up with the show. It cuts dated announcements from midrolls and post-rolls from originally aired episodes and includes recaps between arcs. You can always jump ahead to the original Campaign: Skyjacks feed which has almost 200 episodes!

Metagaming Monstrosity
It's around 2014 and the world is falling to pieces, magically speaking. Despite the increase in unexplainable disasters and missing people, the U.S. government's own "Council of Human Development" has made no moves since the 1980's. So, a member of the DoE tries yet again to form an underground group aimed at protecting people before it's too late. Too bad it's these guys... This is a set of test recordings from a homebrew modern world based on mythos built up over 2 unrecorded campaigns (technically 1 and 1/2, since the "second" campaign used the same characters). System used is Monster of the Week, a Powered by The Apocalypse game created by Michael Sands. It's been heavily customized and most likely none of us are following the rules as intended. Note: A lot of this was recorded on a 15 dollar recorder. Everyone makes mouth noises even when we try not to. Seriously reconsider listening to this if you have misophonia.

Of Dice and Them
Welcome to Of Dice and Them! Join Jack, Ralph, Lou, Tove and Bambi, in their new TTRPG actual play podcast, as they laugh in each other’s faces and try to get through a session where no one beefs it. Contains frustrated swearing, light-hearted DM bullying, and far too much owl-based combat. Download wherever you get your podcasts!

The Fumbled Anthology - A Call of Cthulhu Play Podcast
An Australian based actual play RPG Podcast. Providing audio dramas, using the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition System

Last Legend from Above
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Live Play Campaign.

Drumroll & Dragons
Some guys who play D&D thought it would be fun to turn it into a podcast. DM: James Bowman Members: Gideon Trenary, David Laurence, Jack Lambert, Logan Sharp, Trevor Bowles.

Det store historiske rollespil
Kan rollespil bruges til at gøre os klogere på historiens gang? I Det Store Historiske Rollespil inviterer vi to gæster i studiet, som spiller fiktive karakterer i et faktabaseret historisk rollespil. Gæsterne har ingen forhåndsviden, og deres karakterer er improviseret. Sammen famler vi os igennem historiens gang, og du får indblik i nogle af verdenshistoriens vigtigste vendepunkter og begivenheder. Podcasten er tilrettelagt, produceret og researchet af Anton Færch, Malte Dueholm Baadsgaard og Rikke Madi.

Parallax Systems
Amidst the Universe; you are nothing but a speck, an ant following a path. The stars are vast and ever growing. Making you smaller and smaller by the second. Humanity is just a letter in the memoirs of the cosmos. Humanity… The natural explorers… “ahem conquerors.” left for the stars. With the galaxies expanding, Humans decided to expand with them. New corporations were funded, rivals were created, and expansion began. Now throughout the Universe humanity can be found. The touch of Humans goes far beyond our known reaches. This story starts there, just beyond your reach…

Monsters University
Welcome to Monsters University, a homebrew TTRPG for the monster lovers and roleplay enthusiasts. This is an 18+ live action role playing game set in the premier institute for higher monster education. Murder, intrigue, mystery, and romance abound in this silly fantasy universe!

Brinkfall: The Cost of Order
"To the Brink with them!" Brinkfall is an actual-play podcast centered around the world of Aurora, a shared creation of all those in the campaign. It is a story of intrigue, of mystery, of high kings and ancient grudges coming to bear. The party is all convicted of a heinous crime— having blood relation to those who practice the arcane in a city beaming with gold. Regardless of from whence they hail, the party must first escape a heavily military-policed state, and from there, forge their own path. 'Lest the Brink takes them.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
A direct sequel to H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness; join the Starkweather-Moore Expedition as they journey to the Antarctic to uncover secrets lost but not forgotten. Using the horror Table-Top-Roleplay-Game system Call of Cthulhu and the campaign sourcebook Beyond the Mountains of Madness both produced by Chaosium, 7 players and 1 Game Master tell and uncover a twisted narrative through dice-rolls and character roleplay. Are you a Lovecraft fan who always wanted a follow-up story to At the Mountains of Madness? Are you a Call of Cthulhu fan who seeks the spoiled forbidden knowledge of this campaign as played by a group of creative and hilarious Investigators? Do you like mountains and sabotage? Give us a listen!

Bruncheons and Dragons: Live Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A live play dungeons and dragons podcast set in a homebrew world called, Corvos. This world is full dangers that continue to ravage the land, a war happening in secret between the gods, fantasy mafias that seek to take control, and worst yet, the Tripod.

Echoes of Eshaton
This TTRPG game is categorized as "Primal Punk" - a gritty world in which humanity struggles for survival in a land filled with perils both human and alien. The game is set in the regions of Europe and North Africa at the end of the 26th century, more than 500 years after a major asteroid impact devastated the face of the Earth. Follow the stories of characters whose fate is decided strictly by the dice rolls of me, Coop the GM!

Olympus RPG Group
Welcome to the Olympus RPG Group podcast. We are a bunch of tabletop role-players sharing our worlds, stories, and shenanigans with anyone willing to come along for the ride. Here you will find our TTRPG campaigns and one-shot adventure sessions. GURPS (the Generic Universal Role-Playing System) is our primary system of choice. This allows our campaigns to span different genres, while using the same rules system. If we’re playing a genre that doesn’t interest you, check back later, you might find something you like. Each campaign runs for 10 to 12 weeks, with occasional one-shots.

Wonder World Comics
Welcome to Wonder World Comics, an actual play podcast of Masks: A New Generation! Witness the Midnighters do battle with time traveling villains, wrangle rampaging hormones, and discover what it means to be a hero. Please excuse the brief audio issues in our first few episodes while we get our feet under us, the audio quality is much better in our future issues.

Lollygagging on the Orient Express
An Actual Play podcast using the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, running through the classic campaign Horror on the Orient Express. In 1923, as ancient evils threaten to resurface, a group of investigators race across Europe in the renowned and luxurious train. Lollygagging on the Orient Express is a production of Adventures in Lollygagging.

Two Monsters Rolling Dice
An actual play RPG podcast that is done by professionals who—wait, this says UNprofessionals. Hmm. Well, it’s a podcast I suppose. It is done by some monsters, and they roll dice. And it also thinks its an old timey radio show!

Galaxy's Greatest: Driftbound
A Starfinder RPG Actual-Play podcast of Paizo's "Drift Hackers."

D&D Through the Hallows: The Audio
The audio of Through the Hallows Dungeons and Dragons Live Play

Voyagers of the Jump - An Original Traveller Campaign
On the frontier of charted space, a ragtag crew of spacefarers gets the chance to start over and fix their lives, but only if they accept a dangerous mission that could avert a war—or start one. First published in 1977, Traveller is a science fiction RPG in the vein of The Expanse or Battlestar Galactica. Most who played the original game back in the day remember the robust character creation system where if you push too far and get unlucky with the dice, you can die before you even start playing. Voyagers of the Jump is an original adventure using the 2022 2nd Edition update to the Traveller RPG rules set by Mongoose Publishing.

Eclipse: Crater of Corruption
An actual play adventure, using The Sprawl: A Powered By The Apocalypse game system. This is a dark sci-fi adventure, set on the moon. Three friends risk it all to make the big time, only to find themselves in bigger trouble than they ever expected.

Novel Chronicles
A tabletop series, Novel Chronicles follows the startup swords-for-hire company known as the Caveat Cooperative. Set in the alt-fantasy world of Ben-Tir, it stars Bill Crowe, Danielle Beckmann, Mark David Christenson, Victoria Rani, and is Game Mastered by Timothy Reese.

Arcane Ninja RPG
Follow the adventures of three graduating Ninja from Claybelt Ninjitsu Academy, the largest in Canada, as the dice dictate just how successfully they face the challenges that are threatening the world. Actual Play Storytelling

Wild Hearth Gaming
Welcome to Wild Hearth Gaming, home to a group of friends who love to sit down, and play Dungeons and Dragons in our homebrew world of Kraywen, a world of the macabre. There is a bit of Arthurian medieval fantasy meets elements of horror, with just a splash of steampunk. Travel along with us as we explore this dark and mysterious world. Here you can find our first season, Hunt for the Tempest Stone, and any other tidbits we decide to add along the way. So grab some dice and ale, and let the adventure begin!

FaeTale: A D&D Podcast
A D&D original campaign in the homebrew world of Severblad. An adventure of mystery, political intrigue, deadly fights and a lot of RP moments!!

Chronic Rollers
Welcome to the Chronic Rollers, a TTRPG actual play podcast in which 5 heroes from many different places, are tasked with saving the entire universe throughout all time. Join Will as Gigglefrost the Fairy Warlock, Evan as Odhran the Human Druid, Derek as Edwin the Tabaxi Monk, Kedrick as Rue the Owlin Rogue, and Lily as Nix the Kalashtar Druid as they discover the story and truth laid out by Graydon the DM. Join us every other Monday for a new episode and a new pieces of a tale lost to time.

The Cursed Caravan: A Pathfinder 2e Podcast
Welcome to The Cursed Caravan! Join us as we power through Paizo's first adventure path for Pathfinder Second Edition, The Age of Ashes! Get ready for jokes, drama, and deep storytelling. We use professional recording equipment to deliver the best sound available. Thank you for listening!

Get in the Trunk - A Delta Green Anthology Series
Cosmic and supernatural horrors await the agents of Delta Green, a secret organization committed to protecting an unaware society—whatever the cost. This formerly exclusive anthology series with a rotating cast of players and handlers has quickly become the most sought-after show on the Network.

XII: Occult Eye
"XII: Occult Eye" is an Actual Play Miniseries by Queen's Court Games in collaboration with Witch & Craft Games. "XII: Occult Eye" is an investigative ttrpg, set in a world much like our own, but where a layer of supernatural terror and mystical power lies just beneath the surface.

MonSquad D&D
A D&D podcast featuring the most monstrous of players. Join us every week for new and terrifying adventures.

A homebrewed DnD podcast set in the vast world of Tyneas: featuring Fae Folk, adventure, and horrors beyond the imagination.

Tales of Bob
Welcome to Tales of Bob, a clean actual-play podcast from the folks behind the House of Bob podcast. We’ll play a variety of tabletop role-playing systems, always with high audio production values, fantastic role-players, and original music!

Time For Chaos - A Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign
A mysterious lost expedition sets in motion an epic globe spanning adventure as investigators come face to face with ancient evils beyond the scope of human comprehension. Often considered the greatest role-playing game campaign ever written, Masks of Nyarlathotep stretches the boundaries of horror driving both characters and players insane since its publication in 1984. Time For Chaos is a playthrough of Masks of Nyarlathotep for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu role-playing game system by Chaosium.

The Clash of Krits’s
Actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, three strangers go on an adventure of a life time.

Lore Breaker Radio
Lore Breaker Radio is a place where a group of friends get together to roll some dice, have fun, and tell unique stories using different tabletop roleplaying systems, all in the name of entertainment and fun! Combining immersive sound effects and music to enhance the experience, it’s like an audio play, but where the story is being written with an exciting roll of the dice, and every choice of the players!

The Chaos Module
The Chaos Module is a chaotic Dungeons and Dragons podcast for adults. The campaign follows a small group of oddballs as they fumble through some very mysterious and perilous affairs surrounding the city of Neverwinter.

Best Left Forgotten
The deliberately unofficial and uncanon D&D Forgotten Realms actual play podcast based in Adelaide, Australia.

Rainbow Dice Club
Welcome to The Rainbow Dice Club, a non-binary & women led & run actual play D&D 5E homebrew podcast.

Pseudonym Solo Adventures
Pseudonym Solo Adventures is an indie ttrpg anthology telling stories across a variety of games and genres. Our goal is to bring you stories you enjoy while highlighting creators big and small across the ttrpg industry. Each season will include a self-contained story in an indie ttrpg with a few D&D adventures written by indie creators, run and played by podcasters, streamers, and creators.

Unnatural One
A Dungeons and Dragons 5E actual play podcast. Every campaign will rotate DMs. Join a group of friends as we try to make our hobby our career and have fun telling our stories for everyone to hear. Music by Jake.

Aqui, você encontra jogos de interpretação para todos os gostos e desgostos. Um compilado de campanhas de RPG mestradas, criadas e escritas pelo escritor Ícaro Quartarolo, autor do romance "Estúpido Cupido", publicado em 2022 pela editora FLYVE. Histórias de amor, heroísmo, família, corrupção, poder e muito mais. Venha desfrutar dos universos aqui contidos... se estiver preparado, claro.

Stories & Lies
A Conspiracy Era Delta Green Actual Play Podcast Mystery, investigation, horror and strong character development.

Guaranteed Adventures
We are just a group of guys with a TTRPG actual play podcast the whole family can enjoy. The stories might change, but the adventure is GUARANTEED!

The Chaos Engine Podcast
We are a group of friends who started an actual play podcast with the goal to make you feel like you're at the table with us.

Hearthsinger Tales
A TTRPG Actual Play Adventure Anthology, lead by Anne Richmond.

Haunted City - A Blades in the Dark Campaign
A city bathed in perpetual darkness, and a history not yet written. On the streets of Doskvol, it's kill or be killed as crews vie for power by any means necessary. Haunted City is a dark, twisted romp through a Victorian dystopia, using the rules of arguably the greatest RPG system of the modern era — Blades in the Dark.

Piedra Guild
Thirst for adventure? You have come to the right place! myself and my friends have come together to play weekly DnD sessions! Join on us on our adventures and laugh and cry with us along the way!

Chaos Initiative: A D&D Podcast
An actual play D&D 5e group that plays online usually in a discord call playing with some dice.

Les Fabulistes -JDR-
Les Fabulistes, c'est un podcast de jeux de rôles qui comprend une joyeuse bande de conteurs, vous narrant leur fabuleuse épopée au Cercle Des Héros ! Autour de la table : comédiens, comédiennes, amateurs et vieux d'la veille, prêtent leurs voix à d'attachants personnages, dans une aventure pleine de mystères, de philosophie et de fous rires. Ici on branche les casques, on jette des dés, on coule un caf' et on profite !

Wanderers of the Triverse
Follow the tales of the parties of The Triverse... Ayeanne: The Dark Rising & Welcome to Nocturnia: A primordial world where cosmic deities have made permeant residence with clashing and surprising ideologies. Opperos: Gods' Ascension: A tale of gods living among men in a reoccurring fight for power or balance. Eliswüld: The Cataclysms (Oneshot Series): A world that exists, born of the pieces of lost worlds, on the fringe of the multiverse.

3 Besties & A Guestie
What do you do when you have so many games to play but not enough podcasts to go around? We make another one! Join a collaboration of multiple actual play podcasts as they have a blast doing one shots together on the side of their normal shows!

Legends of Calador: Tales from the Wildlands
Conan the Barbarian meets the Wild West in Legends of Calador: Tales from the Wildlands. Here, a group of adventurers set out into a dangerous frontier known only as the Scorcian Wilds. Some seek glory, others seek knowledge, and all will find adventure. But how many will live to tell their tale? Falling somewhere between an actual-play D&D game and an audiobook, this biweekly West Marches campaign uses the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, set in the homebrewed world of Calador.

D3 – Ein unmöglicher Würfel. Ein dreidimensionales Objekt mit nur drei Flächen. Er steht auch für den Hauptcharakter in Staffel 01 des Podcasts. Gespielt wird die Story auf Improvisationsbasis in Character. Für Atmosphäre sorgen Soundeffekte, Roomtone und zur Szene passende Musik. Season 01: Detlef Dieter Detleffsson. Skrupelloser Ermittler. Unterschätzter Actionheld. Professioneller Alkoholiker. Damaged Detective begleitet einen Ermittler, der an einer dreifach gespaltenen Persönlichkeit leidet. Der Clou: jede dieser Persönlichkeiten wird von einem anderen Spieler gespielt. Diese wissen jedoch nicht, was der Spieler vor oder nach Ihnen erlebt hat. Somit kommt es auf Teamplay an, wenn sie den Fall lösen wollen. Diese Eigenheit sorgt natürlich auch für allerlei unterhaltsame Interaktionen mit NPCs, insbesondere, wenn ein anderer Spieler sie schon einmal getroffen hat.

High Anxiety Low Initiative
That’s right: Another D&D podcast. Tune in to hear a bunch of mentally unstable people make terrible decisions in spite of overthinking the consequences. Stick around for character voices, goof’em-ups, and a bunch of loud idiots who actually love each other—no really, we promise.

Die Raureif-Saga

Eine kostenlose Hörspielreihe zur Zeit der alten Wikinger voller Abenteuer, mythologischer Fantasy und Humor.

The Big Gay Masks Game: A Masks RPG Actual Play
A group of twenty somethings become the next generation of super heroes as part of an experimental program, but when the hero who ran the program is found dead these new supers must venture out on their own to save the day while uncovering the secrets of the last heroes in the LGBTQ+ tale.

League of Longstreet
An amateur actual-play D&D 5e podcast starring a handful of professional nerds who are late to the tabletop party. This primarily exists as a convenient way for the players to re-listen to their adventure, and will be updated starting with "season" 2. Season 1 to follow, in time.

When Crit Happens
Two Interracial couples on a quest. A D&D Podcast Where Fantasy and the Real World Collide. Every episode begins with an actual play D&D session. We play 5th Edition in our home brew world of Rokhatima. Then, we talk about all the crit that went down! Microaggressions from an NPC...we gonna talk about it. Near death experience...we gonna talk about it...character choices that are thinly veiled lover’s quarrels...yeah we should probably talk about that. Come Through!

Dunces and Droogons
Four unlikely heroes, Axel Gorm, Yurei Furnaough, Hero Phestus and Ophiocordyceps, or Cordy for short, embark on an epic quest to (try to) save all of existence!

Dynamic Dice
Dynamic Dice is a 5th edition D&D actual play podcast set in the mysterious Antris Archipelago. When the defenders protecting the world from the monsters and creatures within the Caldera goes silent, our group of freelancers sets out to discover the reason why. Join us as we embark on a journey filled with mystery, adventure, and danger, as we explore the depths at the heart of the Caldera and uncover the secrets of the Antris Archipelago.

Wizards in Pants
An outside the box tabletop RPG podcast!

Its Not DnD its Improve
A DnD podcast with Vermin, Cozy, Crazy, and our DM Pyro we play a homebrewed version of 5th Edition Its almost always improved so hopefully its funny

Dungeons&Dosses (D&D)
A D&D podcast exploring the homebrew world of Humbaba Anki. GM: Micah Doss Players: Cierra Doss, Zac Doss, Hannah Doss, Benjamin Henley.

Legends from The Fireside
Legends from The Fireside is a hybrid storytelling podcast that combines the fantastic qualities of sword and sorcery fantasy with the unpredictable nature of a TTRPG. The show will feature the ongoing tales of adventure created as the show progresses, meaning that no future is predetermined, and anything can happen. The dice will decide the course of our stories, the fate of these heroes and their world, and all we can do now is listen in to these Legends from The Fireside.

Salt Knights' Stories
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast mixing the best of both in-person play and virtual table top play!

The Lore Brewery
A TTRPG Actual Play Podcast made by a group of game masters, game makers, and friends playing a variety of games for your enjoyment.

Würfel · Monster · Meta
Pen and Paper Actual Play mit Spannung und Jokes. In unserer ersten Miniserie machen sich unsere Held*innen Antonia Bär, Jonas Imam, Matilde Keizer, Niklas Göckel und Thomas Strecker geleitet von Game Master GeorgFK auf die Suche nach einem mysteriösen Zauberbuch, das den Schlüssel zur Befreiung der Hafenstadt Glunwood (bekannt aus "Verprügelt mit Drachen") enthalten soll.Wir spielen Dungeons & Dragons Fünfte Edition.

Kobold & Co
We are Kobold & Co, a TTRPG actual-play podcast founded by our glorious CEO (Chaotic Evil Overlord) Widget the Kobold in the year 1205. We'll be churning out fantastical tabletop stories and games chatter for your lovely ears, all under the supervision of our little red corporate overlord.

Tales From The Tipsy Tugboat
Hello one and all! Welcome to our Chaos! We are a bunch of nerdy college Students who love Dungeons and Dragons. We invite you to join our crew and come explore the world of Gret-Lun with us! This game is Homebrew and custom made - causing a lot of the rules and ideas to be on the spot. Regardless of rules, FUN is the priority! We are here for fun and want to invite others to join the chaos. Come join Preston, Mitch, Tawni, Daniel, Hailee, Julia, Holden, and Thomas every Friday night! So grab your dice and lets roll into the chaos!

Blood on the Dice
An actual play DnD podcast where it’s all made up but the deaths do matter. Don’t get too attached.

Alone at the Table
Audrey plays solo RPGs. Listeners are along for the ride.

Level Quest
Level Quest is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e live play stream. Follow our daring do-gooders as they tackle the ever-shifting challenges and landscape of the elemental world of Illistera, where the land is as dangerous as its denizens and survival is not guaranteed.

The War For Garaxia Actual Play
DnD 5th Edition Actual Play. Recorded on Twitch.

Storie di Vapore
Podcast di actual play di Due Draghi al Microfono! Emilio, Giada e Viola giocano a Dungeons&Dragons tra le nuvole, i mostri e i treni di Kumo.

Unspeakable Distance
Farther and Father until there's nothing left. A Communication Delay Actual Play Podcast.

Logical Monkey Podcast
Logical Monkey is an actual play dungeons and dragons podcast. We use a mix of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, D20 Modern, and homebrew game mechanics. Our first campaign is set in modern day Solihull, a typical town in the heart of England. Our cast of adventurers are plunged into a nightmare struggle against an ancient evil that will leave each of them changed forever. Drawing on Ravenloft's Domains of Dread setting, bringing it to a modern environment, Wendigo seeks to combine horror and humour for a unique Dungeons & Dragons experience.

The Shepherd’s Sling
Live play Star Wars Roleplay based in Edge Studio's Age of Rebellion system. The Shepherd's Sling campaign began in December 2020, and is still being actively written. Live play recording begins at Episode 33. The previous Episodes 1-32 are summarized in the Prelude and Chapters 1-7. At Episode 33, the story beings to unfold in live play manner. Join To-Vod-Ri Kloo, Roquan, Buck Blitzar, Ted Yedman, Mookie Mozu, and a cast of umpteen NPCs in their daring adventures to help save the Galaxy!

Higher Education: A 5e Strixhaven AP
Strixhaven University is known for its illustrious undergraduate program -- but what about its grad students? HIGHER EDUCATION is an explosive dark academia campaign that follows five brilliant, jaded, and caffeine-fueled grad students on the verge of burning out. The Cycle of Ascension is coming -- a magical phenomenon by which mortals can become gods -- and each student has their own reason for wanting to ascend... or not. Either way, Arcavios beckons! Can our heroes wrangle their conflicting ideals about godhood, their obligations, and their graduate thesis? Or will the very real threats lurking in the halls of Strixhaven consume them all?

Rotgoons - Narrative Declaration
By the Narrative Declaration TTRPG group: Four adventures try to make it big within the decrepit streets of Outset's Pawn Pilaster. Catch this comedic but grim dark Pathfinder Second Edition TTRPG adventure and watch them all suffer!

CANADND is a new #1 role playing game podcast, you know the one. Join us, new friend, as our Unforgettable Intrepid and Beloved Heroes fight off evil in the mists of Ravenloft. Can they overcome the trials and tribulations that await them in the mists that shift and shimmer revealing moments from the past, present and future.

World Weavers - A D&D Play Podcast
World Weavers is a D&D actual play about world-building, storytelling, and imagination. The players not only have their character and play through a 5th edition actual play adventure but also shape the world and its people. They will craft landscapes, build towns, control factions, and breathe life into the stories springing into existence around them - and these will be the settings for our actual play adventures.

Beta Test Humans
Beta Test Humans is a set of various TTRPGs sessions but with a twist. Instead of raw commentary from the table, it's highly edited to keep pace and to add immersive elements such as sound effects and music to turn it into something akin to a radio play. Enjoy while on a drive or at work or doing chores, but it's best enjoyed with the least amount of other sound interference in your real environment, as some sound effects are subtle but important.

Adventures in Ashomay
A D&D Podcast of 3 adventurers with their Fortunes and Misfortunes in the World of Ashomay

Let It Roll
A podcast dedicated to playing some Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Crit Happens
A bunch of friends sitting down, tossing dice and using the greatest tool of all, their imagination. Join Justin Anderson, Heather Winkler, Bryce Barnhill, Lorien Colbert, Trey Steele, and Tanner Savage as they venture forth across countless worlds as they Spelljam their way across the starry expanse of the Astral Sea.

Kupo Quest
D&D 5e Actual Play set in the homebrew world of Fantasia, a setting inspired by Final Fantasy!

Theatre of The Twisted Mind
A theatrical Call of Cthulhu podcast following four thespians who must stop a great evil plaguing their theatre.

Arpee Gee Pod
Writer and director Charlie Queen runs his friends Andy, Julie, and others through a multitude of tabletop roleplaying games.

Welcome to RollCast, a place where three players have embarked on their first campaign, led by a first time Dungeon Master who before this, had not played Dungeons & Dragons for a decade - what could go wrong? Join us in our first campaign - The Reaper, The Maelstrom, & The Thief: The world of Iathlock is in terrible peril as the dead rise again, and the God of Death Myrkul seeks to enact a sinister plan. Guided by a deity that they cannot quite trust Ragnarok (JB), Gregor (Coogan), and Iyvak (Gaz) set out on a journey to banish the God of Death - but will they succeed, or simply become another corpse to resurrect?

Last Call For Adventure
Last Call for Adventure™ is a weekly tabletop show using Dungeons & Dragons where separate crews of players from an extensive overall cast will embark on different adventures in the same world, contributing to a persistent, overarching narrative.The whole project is a grand collaborative effort, from the cast members on the show, to viewers like yourself.

The Yellow Sound
Have you heard it? The Yellow Sound is an actual play podcast of the TTRPG Delta Green. It's cosmic terror meets modern conspiracy. Delta Green is a secret group dedicated to protecting humanity from unnatural horrors, misappropriating the resources of the U.S. government to wage a war that they must keep hidden at all costs.

You Will be Mist
A Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast chronicling the adventures of our group persuing after Strahd through the Curse of Strahd campaign setting.

Cast From Hitpoints
Audio only uploads of our DnD games, streamed live on twitch, with the Vods on youtube, edited and made accessible here. Stay awhile and listen!

Nerdy 20: A D&D Podcast
Roll for initiative! The Nerdosphere is proud to present it's DnD podcast and it's first campaign which dives into the land of Tezra. Join our heroes in this fully dynamic audio experience, where great effort is made so even new comers can join mid campaign, as they strive to survive and unveil the secrets of the world before them! Using Dungeons and Dragons 5e, our DM (or Dungeon Daddy) Jesse Burgess brings forth an original story that we're equally excited to experience as we are to share with you!

The QueerXP
The QueerXP is an actual play podcast that focuses on indie TTRPGs. Primarily, our games are contained to one-shots of each system we play, with occasional longer mini-campaigns.

The Valkyrie Cycle
What if the worst people you knew in high school were tasked with saving the world? This is The Valkyrie Cycle: a Monsterhearts 2 actual play podcast about the messy lives of even messier teenagers, whose monstrosity is as inevitable as their destiny. Our setting is the small town of Thornridge, Washington, where monsters are as likely to lurk in the forest as the hallways of the high school, and apocalyptic mythology threatens to become ugly reality. As an unnaturally long winter casts an icy shadow over the upcoming prom, something more dangerous prowls at the edges of Thornridge, waiting for its chance to strike... The Valkyrie Cycle is a story about queerness, family, the chains that hold us back, and what happens when we break them.

Phæniom : Avant la Déchéance - Jeu de Rôle Futuriste
Jeu de Rôle Solo avec Tip Stevens : un joueur pour un maître du jeu, dans un univers cyberpunk nommé Phæniom! Découvrez l'histoire de Stanislas Bourbon, héritier de la fortune Bourbon, à travers les méandres du pouvoir et des hautes responsabilités dans un monde sans pitié.

Actual Play - Alien
Les Actual Play de Antre Rolistes sur Alien, le jeu de rôle. Scénario : Le Chariot des Dieux

Actual Play - Aventures en Terre du Milieu
Les Actual Play de Antre Rolistes en Terre du Milieu. Le jeu de rôle dans l’univers de Tolkien.

Garblag Games - Achtung! Cthulhu
Join Garblag Games as we play Achtung! Cthulu! The alternative eldrich history RPG from Modiphius!

Risques & Pér’îles, le jdr
Un actual play, un jeu de rôle en direct créé et mené par Sam Genin, dans une ambiance médiéval fantastique insulaire, librement inspiré des mythes et légendes de bretagne.

Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes with Green Box Gaming
Four friends launch into Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes! Brad, Dace, and Gian join Handler Joe to delve into a world of conspiracy and the horrors of Carcosa, Hastur, and the King in Yellow!

Adventuring Dimwits and Hyperactive Dragons (ADHD)
A real play, experimental table top podcast that uses DND 5e to tell a story and try out homebrews while generally messing around and just having a fun time. Lead by a Dm with ADHD and a number of Neurodivergent players who try their best to stay on track.

Hinesight 20/20: Campaign 1
A homebrewed, actual-play D&D podcast featuring adventures for the whole family!​

DnD Doodoo: Family and Bedtime Friendly DnD show!
Join the adventures of Nix the Goblin and Sorlie the human child in this fun, Lo-fi, Homebrew DnD show suitable for the whole family. Short episodes perfect for bedtime.

Magic Monsters & Moms
Four unsuspecting moms are summoned into an alternate universe. Plunged into a land of fantasy, the moms learn that the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and everything they hold dear is at risk. This Dungeons and Dragons podcast contains a pinch of serious introspection, a dash of self-deprecating levity, and a hefty sprinkle of female badassery.

Random Roles Podcast
Welcome to The Random Roles Podcast where we get together and try to play TTRPGs! One of the crew runs a different TTRPG, a homebrew idea, module or one-shot that's happened to find a hook in our butts. Speaking of butts, this podcast is shamelessly, no holds bar ADULTS only, and very immature. We're all consenting peoples playing make-believe games where anything can happen so this'll be your only warning, so listen on or turn back now!

Oddity Roadshow
A Comedy Horror Actual Play Podcast using the Monster of the Week system. Follow along as Jamie, Marlin, and Ron take a road trip together in a brand new, totally normal van they just bought. Journey from town to town with these three as they try to figure out what to do after college.

Sabers & Sagas: A Star Wars D&D Podcast
In this actual-play podcast, three brothers and their good friend play Star Wars: Saga Edition by Wizards of the Coast. Our three loveable goofballs adventure in the Star Wars Universe many years after the heavily copyrighted movie series (about 42 ABY). Join us and listen as our party charms and charges their way through the trials and tribulations that only a middle-child GM can imagine.

Hell or High Rollers
Hell or High Rollers is a a very unofficial D&D podcast following the adventures of 4 Villains and their attempt to escape eternal damnation.

Tales From The Crit
We are an actual play podcast making our way through smaller story arcs of more popular and lesser known RPG systems, highly narrative tabletop games and mirco-rpgs. We feature a revolving cast of players exploring a wide variety of genres. Come check out our adventures guided by the Crit Keeper, Riley Groves!

Overworked & Underplayed
Overworked & Underplayed is a real play. D&D podcast made by young professionals, for young professionals. Keep your headphones in, because this podcast is NSFW. Join a gang of accidental adventurers as they try to navigate terrible bosses, glow ups, and meeting their Q4 goals in a fantasy realm.

Valerie Chronicles
Valerie Chronicles är en Actual Play-podd där vi spelar rollspelet Vampire: The Masquerade med inslag av övriga World of Darkness.

The Secrets of Sylum
Audio drama meets actual play podcast. Join the cast of Atypical Tales as we explore unique stories in horror, fantasy and more through arduous and occasionally humorous TTRPG adventures. Atypical Tales frequently explores potentially difficult topics that some might consider sensitive or challenging. Our table encourages safety tools for all players and is an LGBTQ+ friendly space.

An eldritch fantasy actual play podcast using the Genesys system. Prepare to enter a dark, unforgiving world where magic is cruel, death is near and danger lurks behind every smiling face.

PlanetMe DnD
It is the year 3212, and the fraction of humanity calling "Dawn" its home is still searching for its identity after the wormhole to Earth disappeared for good. In researching their new solar system more closely, humanity quickly realized that they are not at all alone in the universe. PlanetMe was meant to be a science mission. But the discovery of alien hostilities added a military component, overtaking science in levels of importance and drawing lines in the sand. Our heroes are but a grain.

Those Natural Ones
What happens when you take a journalist, two fantasy authors, two performers and an artist and get them all together to play DnD?

Gilded Dice
Welcome all, to Gilded Dice! a tabletop roleplay podcast featuring hijinks and strange adventures!

Misteries Unknown
The City. Even during the daylight, many things lurk beneath its shadows. In a place where gods and monsters can exist, there's so much of the City to explore and discover. Misteries Unknown is a Let's Play podcast in which I (the Master of Ceremonies) lead the players on a deep dive into the underbelly of the City in the tabletop roleplaying game City of Mist by Son of Oak Studios. We'll be playing various other ttrpgs as well.

Hot Eights
Hot Eights is a group of nerds just having fun! We play a variety of DnD 1 shots, longer campaigns, give DM roundtable discussions and more!

Last Light City Comics
Last Light City Comics is a superhero fiction actual play. In this show, hosts Hyper and Danni hop from genre to genre, play in long-term single-player tabletop campaigns, and focus in on singular superheroes to explore the many stories happening inside the world of Last Light City.

Mork's Madboyz: A Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory Actual Play Series
Welcome to the newest actual play series proudly brought to you by Dragon's Greed Gaming! Today we step into the grim dark future of the 41st millennium as we begin our new campaign: Mork's Madboyz, using the Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory Role Playing Game rule set by Cubicle 7. The Great Unclean One is once again behind the GM's screen weaving a tale of brutal kunnin' in this all Ork campaign! Follows the adventures of a group of greenskins as they ply the stars of the Virgo system in search of loot, scrap, proppa fights, and freedom?!?!. Starring: Kyle as the Burna Boy, Eric as the Kommando, Sean as the Painboy, and Matt the Frog as the Mekboy.

Table Top Idiots
We are legitimately just trying to survive as Bailey Murray, our Dungeon Master, is trying to end our lives and add trauma we didn't know we wanted, UNTIL NOW! In all seriousness, Table Top Idiots combines a taste of stupid humor, with stories you will cherish for about an hour! Join us as we embark on not just DnD, but almost every tabletop game that exists to man, hopefully!

Low Rolls High Hopes a DnD Podcast
Join our adventures as they explore an unknown world. Watch as they struggle to find the way home or find a way to live comfortably in this new unfolding story in the world of Salith'zal a homebrew world made by the DM Matte.

Hideous End
Negative 2 Charisma presents A Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition actual play set in 1927 Providence, RI. Join this cast of very ordinary individuals as they are suddenly and violently pulled into a world of crime, intrigue, and supernatural nightmare.

The CanPaign
Drinking cans and rolling dice! With no clue what we're doing, we join our heroes in the island nation of Tír na Fola. Recently liberated from the oppression of the nation of Sanguinarius, the citizens of Tír na Fola struggle to rebuild what they once had, though few can remember it. Despite the hope in the air, strange occurrences and underhanded politicking are everywhere.

Traveller’s Log
Traveller’s Log is an actual play podcast of the 2nd edition of Mongoose Publishing’s sci-fi tabletop role-playing game Traveller, taking place in a homebrew setting in Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition. Join Jakob, Clark, Connor, Jeremy, and John every Wednesday when new episodes drop. Until then, fellow Travellers, stay safe and godspeed!

An absurd, over-the-top, comedy/horror D&D Realplay Podcast starring some of the most iconic monsters of the Golden Age of Horror. Join the adventures of The Invisible Man, The Mummy, The Frankenstein Monster, The Phantom of the Opera, The Wolfman, and more as they're forced to ban together to survive the supernatural horrors of the "Engl-ish" Countryside.

Dungeon Busters
Your weekly Dungeons & Dragons actual play experiment! Designed for DM's, but with the whole party in mind. The Dungeon Busters Podcast features a library of standalone episodes, each one putting different aspects of D&D under the microscope. Hosted by Diego, a professional Dungeon Master and actor, and Michael, an actor and roleplaying addict. Each episode a special guest is summoned to help give your game inspiration, one encounter at a time. They don’t just play D&D, they put it to the test!

Songwoven: A D&D Actual Play
We are a small but mighty group of three playing 5e D&D! Join Claude and Cecilia as they journey together along the Road of Twines in our first campaign: The Lanya Expedition. Our actual play podcast uses the audio of our Twitch livestream.

Danger and Dice
A live-play DND podcast full of silliness!

Star Wars: Beta Squad
A table top role playing game following the adventures of Beta Squad, a stormtrooper unit fighting against the enemies of the Empire.

Mildly Heroic
Join Brandon, Jason, Josh, Justin, and Sarah as they explore the expansive world of Golarion using the Pathfinder 1E ruleset.

Playtest ‘til it Breaks
A group of students at a magical university have their sophomore year hijacked by an alien invasion. Playtest ’til it Breaks is a D&D actual play podcast. We plan to do more campaigns under this title at a later time. This campaign is titled: A Snake, a Bull, & a Dream.

The Realm of Bism: The Green Cloak Adventures
BP Fun presents another rambunctious group of adventurers as they struggle to do the simplest of tasks and mange to get themselves into nothing but trouble.

Dungeons, Drive-inns, and Dice
Welcome to Dungeons, Drive-inns, and Dice, an actual play podcast. We homebrew our adventures and make jokes at our DM's expense. As a table we have played RPGs together for quite a while and often as one story comes to a close, the roles of DM and players will shift, and new stories will begin. We're prone to explore a variety of different systems and implement our own rules along the way. So come join our adventures and prepare for laughs, frights, and fights along the way.

Tales of Midiri
Amateur Dungeons and Dragons gameplay in the world of Midiri, with a world two years in the making its time to finally start releasing episodes as the latest arc begins.

Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos
Welcome to Strixhaven, presented by The Block Party, where Harry Potter meets Dungeons and Dragons. Follow along our perspective students as they interact with peers and faculty members, study, pass and possibly fail exams, and uncover hidden secrets left alone for a reason!

Desperate Attune
Desperate Attune is an actual play podcast devoted to fiction first gaming, collaborative worldbuilding, and complex character drama. Our current campaign is ’A Candle, a Blaze’, using Blades in the Dark and set in the demon-haunted city of U’duasha. Desperate Attune is hosted by Soumithri (tree), with Emma, Zoheb (Klow), Prince and Aadiyat (Soap) as players. Twitter: @DesperateAttune

Dice of Thunder Podcast
A Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast! Join us as we play through the Outlaws of Alkenstar adventure path published by Paizo Inc. as part of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition tabletop role-playing game. New episodes are uploaded every Monday and promise a solid hour of gameplay content every week. The show consists of new players and an experienced GM. So, if you're looking for a bingeworthy show to feed your actual play addiction or you're interested in discovering all the magic of Pathfinder, then look no further.

Cut From The Chronicles
The Pathfinder Chronicles are known far and wide throughout Golarion, detailing the heroic deeds of some of the bravest and best adventurers the Pathfinder Society has to offer.... The tales told here however are from the secret collection held deep within the vault of the Grand Lodge in Absalom, for these are the tales not fit for general consumption.... These are the tales Cut From The Chronicles!!!

Beacon is an actual play of Alien RPG by Free League press played by the Streampunks. Sponsored by Demiplane

Swords and Sweethearts (a dungeons and dragons podcast)
siblings in law Rick Zalava, Janet Spears, and Will spears are going on a group date with their significant others, but when they are magically transported to the fantasy world of Ayinore they must embark on a quest to rescue their significant others and find a way home.

The Most Dangerous Campaign
The Most Dangerous Campaign is a heavily edited actual play D&D podcast that delights in the horrors presented by Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. This season we explore the jungles of Valachan where an annual human hunt has claimed five new victims.

Quagmire RPG
Liderados pelo maior pato detetive de todos os tempos, os investigadores da Agência Quagmire são responsáveis por resolver mistérios inomináveis. Nos siga também pelos nossos outros canais!

Dice DJ's
Welcome to KJHK’s very first DnD podcast! Just some music nerds (who don't quite know how to play this game) trying to have some laughs.

Wait A Dm Minute
Throughout time there are heroes that have shaped the present we live in now. This is a collection of adventures in those crucial moments in time that have forged the world we live in now. Welcome to Wait A DM Minute, a dnd actual play podcast, every session we roll to decide who our dm will be then give that dm 30 minutes, a random monster and setting to create a one shot worthy of your beautiful listening ears.

Fictions Éphémères
Adeptes de jeux de rôle ou simplement de fictions audios, ce podcast est pour vous ! Je fais souvent des one-shots qui ne sont que sur Twitch et YouTube. Les voici maintenant en podcast. Fermez les yeux et laissez-vous transporter dans de nombreux univers.

For Light And Dice - A Star Wars Tabletop Roleplaying game
For Light and Dice is a live tabletop roleplaying podcast that's based on Star Wars: The High Republic. A group of amazing queer content creators come together to tell a story that takes place in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

The Worst Days Archive
The Worst Days is a horror actual play podcast about being young. It features 6-8 episode adventures with our amazing casts from our twitch streams.

In Two The Dungeon
Haaaaappy Twosday!!! We’re ”In Two the Dungeon,” Two friends that are recording a duet, actual play, Table Top RPG Podcast. Consisting of one GM and one player. Catch new episodes every Tuesday (Twosday). Don’t let anybody tell you that size matters, or that more is always merrier; We aim to entertain you as we bring you with us along our journey through different adventures and realms, and in turn hope inspire you to run your own duet style adventures. Thanks for dropping by and checking us out. Hope you enjoy our content and that you join our Discord server, mailing list and/or social media channels! you can find all links on episode descriptions or if you visit We look forward to speaking to you soon as we delve In Two the Dungeon!

All Dice Go To Jail
All Dice Go To Jail is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons style podcast where four board game aficionados get pulled into their current campaign and now must find their way back to the real world.

Camp Moonmirror
A serialized horror comedy podcast mixing actual play Monster of the Week improv with classic audio drama elements.

Radiant Light - a One D&D Solo Campaign
Radiant Light is a mixture between a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign, a dark fantasy novel and a narrated audio dramatization. The rules of the tabletop and the roll of the dice dictate where the story goes as well as whether a character lives or dies. Nothing is precious and no one is safe from the roll of the dice...

Minions & Misfits
Do you ever wonder about the lives of all those pitiful low-level monsters you blast through on your way to the real adventure? Of course, you don’t! You don’t give a second thought about those little monsters. But maybe you should because they have lives too! This D&D live-play podcast gives you a peek behind the curtain and into the lives and struggles of your common D&D mobs. And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that there’s more to those nasty green goblins than meets the eye!

Super Dungeon Boys
Join the us on outlandish adventures in Dungeons and Dragons 5e! Brought to you by the Super Gamer Boys!

Nap Hammer Podcast
Welcome to the Nap Hammer Podcast, a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Here we listen to sessions hosted by Cody Heally, and played in by his friends. In our first campaign, come with us on a wild ride in the realm of Mont. Our heroes will influence and change the course of the Dunwich Empire. If that change is for the betterment or detriment of the citizens of the Empire, that is yet to be seen.

Modified Mayhem
Modified Mayhem is an actual play DND podcast. We have so much fun playing DND that we thought you might want to join in and listen! We hope you enjoy our Mayhem as much as we do!

Hey! Welcome to Honour Roll an un-educational adventure in which university professors...and maybe a couple extras have to try and save their school against the forces of evil using the true power of education.

Retro Role Cast
We are a tabletop roleplaying actual play podcast featuring games that remind us of our gaming roots. Currently playing Low Fantasy Gaming by Pickpocket Press, one of many retro offshoots of the world's most popular role playing game.

Voix et Légendes
Bienvenue à Voix & Légendes! Retrouvez une bande d’ami·e·s et comédien·ne·s jouant à Donjons et Dragons qui ne font pas que raconter des histoires, mais les fabriquent, les incarnent et les vocalisent ensemble sous vos yeux!

An actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in a world with no gender and one horse. Feminist, LGBT+, anti-racist, intersectional. Trying to embrace fantasy and mythology traditions from all over the world with respect and enthusiasm.

Night City Blues
Welcome to the Dark Future of 2048. A team of Edgerunners must steal, kill, and cybernetically augment their own minds and bodies. In a world of viscious boostergangs, rampaging cyborgs, corporate assassins, and nihilistic doomsday cults, there's only one rule: Always take it to the Edge. Join us as we play the Cyberpunk RED roleplaying game and explore the dystopian science fiction metropolis of Night City. New episodes released every other Monday.

Dungeons & Dimwits
We are an actual play D&D podcast about 4 adventurers making their way through a mystical world full of towering beasts, fragile empires, and of course magic. This podcast is an arms race between the chaotic DM and the ”Hero’s of the land” to see who can drive the other to insanity first.

Blackthorne Bridge Club (a Roleplaying actual-play podcast)
Blackthorne Bridge Club is a just a group of friends roleplaying on Friday nights. We play Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons and Dragons mostly and record our sessions as actual play throughs. All the scenarios (to date) are bespoke / homebrew and at the end of the scenario, we offer the module free of charge for anyone that wants to have a look or run it through themselves. Our Call of Cthulhu play through podcast is based on a series scenarios for 4 investigators based in 1920’s New York. It is presented in a series of Chapters, following the investigators as they delve deeper into unholy mysteries. Our Dungeons and Dragons play through (coming soon) will focus on a Dark Fantasy setting where the characters are flung into a pre-apocalyptic fantasy scenario.

Dungeons and Dragonfruits
Join five friends as they laugh, learn and adventure their way through the world of Widdershins (where dragons hatch from fruit trees) in this real-play DND podcast.

Pest Control
Pest Control is an actual-play horror tabletop show from Queuetimes. Join Keeper Sam R, and players William, Jonas, and Sam D as they get lost in fantastical worlds featuring compelling characters, engaging story, and thrilling twists! Season 1, "Pest Control" originally ran in 2019 as a livestream on the Queuetimes main YouTube channel. It uses the Monster of the Week game system, and features a group of Hunters who embark on a roadtrip across the US, hunting monsters wherever they find them.

Cinnamon & Dice
Welcome to the Cinnamon and Dice Podcast! A family run and independently owned D&D actual play podcast. Here we enjoy a fun and creative past time of collaborative storytelling through our favorite tabletop role-playing games. This season, immerse yourself in our fantasies as we start on a nautical space themed adventure based off of the Wizards of the Coast's Spelljammer setting and adventure. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and let's tell a story.

Dragon Presents...
Dragon Presents... Global Stories from Global Voices!

Firefly - All Better Worlds
Come and explore the 'Verse through the eyes of an entirely new crew, in a post-Signal/Miranda Revelation world... This is a real-play RPG podcast in the Firefly world, using Margaret Weiss' Cortex Plus System, following the events of the Serenity Movie.

The Big Guns
Welcome to Savage Worlds Rifts! Join the Big Guns! An up-and-coming mercenary company that’s recently found a home in Marl, a diverse city built within the mysterious ruins of a crashed alien spacecraft. Now a cybernetically enhanced dwarf, a psychic corgi, and a mech pilot samurai must carve out a living amidst a post-apocalyptic earth where anything can walk through tears in our reality from anywhere. Join us for some drama, some laughs, and a lot of funerals.

Let's Get Dicey!
Dungeon and Dragons Mini Adventures !! friends who just want to play D&D but not have such a long campaign, Our DM Crabby has set up several mini adventures for our characters to go on with each other, a High Elf named Zaila played by SituatedTundra9 (Tundra), a Halfling Named Kihri Tealeaf played by Peepers, a Wood Elf named Elbereth Meadow played by Thereisasong11 (Song) and a named played by TheUltimateWise (The Wise).

Random Tables
Welcome to Random Tables, the Tabletop Roleplaying Podcast with the ever revolving door of Game Masters telling the same story. Join Michael and a guest GM each week as they continue their tale where the previous left off.

Twenty Sides to Every Story
Twenty Sides to Every Story is a Twitch & YouTube channel (and now a Podcast!) dedicated to entertaining you by showcasing live play tabletop RPG content.

Of Lore & Legend
A Christian Influence actual play D&D podcast. Eight players, one DM and an endless number of fun memories. A group of friends who have been playing together for years and absolutely love fun and meaningful stories, reunite again for another full length campaign! Listen to a clean, fun and hilarious group of Christians whose focus is pleasing God with their entertainment as they take on the world of Valhumgard as fantastical heroes.

Swords and Sky Mommies
An actual play D&D podcast full of quirky characters, torrid love affairs, murderous intent, lighthouses, and rabid raccoons. Listen as this ragtag group of women try their hand at navigating D&D for the first time. Join Melissa, Joanna, Bridget, Lindsey, and Amanda as they traverse the TTRPG landscape and fuck up every DM's plans.

Path of the Storm: A High Republic Story
The Republic is in a new renaissance. The newly christened Starlight Beacon serves as a ray of hope in the far reaches of the galaxy. But the era of peace and prosperity is under siege. From the makers of Coruscant Nights and Dicey Cantina, Path of the Storm is a Star Wars RPG actual play following a group of Jedi Knights in the High Republic.

The Starlight Company
Join us for fantastical tales of triumph, fear, love and adventure! We're a group of decade-long friends who play TTRPGs together constantly! We have several different campaigns (and one-off sessions), and dozens of different TTRPGs!

Memento et Obliviscere: a Game of Forgetful Heroes
Welcome to the chaotic, crossover fun of Memento et Obliviscere: a Game of Forgetful Heroes! Join us every other week on Oo’arth - an alternate world where fandoms and franchises come to life in medieval times! Our heroes, Bubbles (Tiana), Elsa (Rob), Han (Lior), Steve (ShyKnight),and Animal (Braeden), wake up in a mysterious temple with no memories of their past lives. Can they survive whatever their DM (Raven) throws at them long enough to regain their memories, or will they fall victim to the great evils that have befallen the realm?

Twenty Sides: A DnD Podcast
Twenty Sides, a fast-paced, story-driven, actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

Dice Throwers Guide To The galaxy
A tabletop roleplaying podcast using Mongoose Traveller Second Edition to explore the stars!

System Switch
An improvised TTRPG actual play podcast about a group of unlikely heroes helping fight evil throughout the multiverse. Every season we will be exploring a new universe in the form of a new tabletop roleplaying game.

AcadiaRole: Dungeons and Dragons
We are a ttrpg group who has been playing together for 10 years and recording for 8 years. We are a DnD5e group playing both original and official campaigns and settings. Subscribe to us on Spotify or Patreon for exclusive access to Session Zeros, One Shots and to be able to listen to brand new episodes a week early!

Frontier | Bad Form RPG
Frontier is a Star Wars actual-play podcast in the Fantasy Flight Games RPG system Edge of the Empire. We also use elements of Fantasy Flight’s other Star Wars systems, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. Frontier takes place in the High Republic era and revolves jedi and his crew exploring the outer rim in their Longbeam Cruiser.

Nameless Monsters
An actual play podcast featuring four friends using the Monster of the Week system.

Qemvir: Adventures of the Five Elite
Experience the enchanting adventures of the Five Elite as they travel across Qemvir, a fantastic world of sorcerers and secrets! With ancient evils beginning to reappear, the fate of Qemvir lies in the hands of our five heroes: Wae, a woodland warrior with a vengeance pact; Bahgrim, a wind-weaving scholar of magic; Garin, a shapeshifter looking for home; Meli, a cheery musician seeking adventure; and Roc, a bloodthirsty barbarian, bound to serve the gods of light. Enjoy thrilling combat and discover what lies just beyond mankind’s knowledge in Qemvir: Adventures of the Five Elite, a tabletop roleplaying podcast.

Double Date Dungeoneering Podcast
Two couples group up together as friends, to explore the horror/comedy non-fiction story of the Seal of Secrets.

Twelve-Sided Stories
Twelve-Sided Stories produces actual play RPG podcast that are professionally edited for your enjoyment.

The Slaywrights
By day, five ordinary 30-somethings eke out a living in today's drab, ordinary world. By night, they become The Slaywrights! A D&D podcast brought to you by a group of story-loving, lore-crafting, longtime friends that enjoys defying tropes and sowing a little laughter and chaos along the way. Join us every other week as we explore new, original worlds and spin our own takes on the realms you've known for so long. Follow along and laugh with us as we craft tales, adventure into the unknown, and weave our own patch into the rich and expansive tapestry that is Dungeons & Dragons.

Our Quest - A D&D Podcast
On the world of Gaiyel lies a continent named Bardane, it is here where heroes must be born again. This is Our Quest! Hello avid adventurers, I am Jake your Dungeon Master, welcome to the beautiful world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). For those of you new to D&D, it is a story driven fantasy game where a Dungeon Master, or “DM”, will narrate a fictional world and players will role play characters within the world. Players must overcome a variety of challenges, set by the DM, such as puzzles; traps and fights, in order to progress further in the story. They do this by rolling a multitude of dice and using their wit and improvisation skills to stay alive.

Eternal Champions
Eternal Champions is an actual-play tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) podcast that utilizes a multitude of TTRPG rule systems to tell stories set in an original science fantasy world filled with interesting characters and environments.

Bugbear High
A D&D actual play podcast where we join 4 kids from our world on a student exchange program to a new world of magic, adventure, and puberty.

Star Wars RPG Rebel Cadets
This group of Star Wars Fans is together for their second season of play with the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG in "The Jewel of Yavin". We will see if our group of rebels can plan well, accomplish their objectives, and successfully pull of this heist.

Beyond the Crumbling Veil
Beyond the Crumbling Veil: Shattered Mirror is an actual play Call of Cthulhu 7e podcast that starts at the beginning of World War II, but follows a darker road; a road of mystery and horror. Join us as a group of investigators go beyond the veil of the mundane and uncover the secrets long forgotten by recorded history.

Critically Stupid
Welcome to Critically Stupid, a dungeons and dragons real-play podcast created for idiots, by idiots. Join us every Friday for some laughs, some storytelling and some of the most groan-worthy puns you've ever heard in your life. Now creating and solving murders at roughly a one-to-one ratio.

Mass Effect: Blue Shift
Mass Effect: Blue Shift is a tabletop RPG show starring community members as four fresh recruits of Citadel Security, or C-SEC. Join us every month for stories centered on their trials, tribulations, and (mis)adventures, as they work their first assignments in the most prestigious police force in the galaxy. Set shortly after the events of Mass Effect in the year 2184, the Citadel has seen a sharp uptick in crime and violence, and C-SEC needs all the help it can get.

Adventure and Aberrations
Welcome to Adventures and Aberrations, a D&D live play podcast featuring four strangers coming together on an epic adventure in a world created in the whacky mind of yours truly. So please kick back, relax, and enjoy this story unfold right before your eyes.

Moonlight Vigil
A group of chaotic adventurers who wreak havoc when 'trying to make the world a better place.'

A podcast of one-shots and short campaigns using the d12GO ttrpg system by Brad Zimmerman. From talking mice, to killer robots, to nuclear mutants, this podcast is the perfect showcase for what d12GO can do!

Adventures in Oerth
Welcome to our tabletop campaign! We are just a bunch of friends getting together playing D&D or Pathfinder in our custom world setting. Some of us are veterans from 2nd edition, some of us newcomers to the game. We all enjoy playing and having fun. Pull up a chair and enjoy as we share our misadventures.

The Heroes Tried Their Best
The Heroes Tried Their Best is a comic fantasy actual play podcast following a secret society of monster slayers as they investigate a series of mysterious pattern of kidnappings in Lamplight City. Experience thrilling battles inside meandering trains, hijacked zeppelins, occult rituals and meet a wacky cast of characters. The RPG game system we use as of right now is dungeons and dragons fifth edition and its sourcebooks, as well as D&D Beyond. Meet the Players: The Game Master: DanThe Halfling Wildmagic Sorcerer: J.R played by MegThe Human Paladin-Rogue: Waylon played by AlexThe Half-Elf Artificer: Roran played by Taylor. There will be brushes with the Feywild, Eladrin, Vampires, and Werewolves among other creatures from the depths of horror mythology. There are homebrew elements as well! Like cold iron weaponry, cane swords, firearms, and hidden stakes.

Facets of Fate
Actual play, tabletop roleplaying games sent directly into your earholes.

Dark Nexus
Four strangers. Drawn together. Robbed of their memories. Trapped in a waking nightmare. Their lives have ended, but their story is just beginning. Dark Nexus is a Pathfinder actual play podcast and an immersive audio experience. A party of long-time friends will attempt to survive the unspeakable horrors of Paizo's Strange Aeons adventure path. Join us each week for a new chapter in an epic Weird Horror mystery.

Big Campaign Stories: Bold Requisitions
A repo group in a corporate fantasy setting using pathfinder rules with some homebrew modifications. Think snow crash but with magic involved. We will be doing a bunch of small stories in the setting with different players.

Live to Die
An actual-play podcast exploring the world of tabletop role-playing games, Live to Die brings the experience of rolling dice at game nights with your friends to podcast lovers everywhere. Each season a loveable cast of amateur and seasoned nerds alike explore different role-playing game systems and stories. In their first season, the L2D crew plays Pathfinder Second Edition’s “Night of the Gray Death” adventure.

Table Top Rats Play Games
Welcome... to this mystical and unknown world full of stories about paragon hero's and heartbreaking tragedies. These idiots, however, are not that. Listen along as plot gets ignored, the group bumbles around like fools, they never acknowledge the danger they are in, they for some reason won't stop saying rats, and somehow a story gets made out of all of this. No matter what, they seem to always come out on top. Oh boy, here we go.

Dieing Five
Tired of Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons? Well we are too! Dive into Pathfinder Second Edition with GM Jack and the boys for a weekly, actual play podcast as we run through a completely homebrew adventure path & setting. If you've got a hankering for good times and bad jokes, get your fix every Wednesday with the Dieing Five podcast.

Will of the Dice- Sins of Blood Campaign
Will of the Dice is an unofficial Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast. The campaign takes place in the created realm of Rune Ath Kesha. Will of the dice is a diverse collective of passionate storytellers come together to share our love of the tale. We come from all walks of life and embrace our diversity in our unity for this game we play and these stories we share. We believe that love and inclusion are the torches that will light the way to a better tomorrow.

Sorry, Honey, I Have to Take This
A Delta Green actual play podcast featuring a bunch of chuckleheads laughing nervously in the face of uncaring cosmic horror.

Dungeons & Dragons & Dummies
A casual dungeons and dragons podcast with 4 lifelong friends and brothers. A few of us are brand new players! Follow along as we have a good time, and learn as we go! Expect lots of silliness, imbibing, and cursing.

Campaign Chaos
Welcome to Campaign Chaos! An actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where our Game Master Leigh writes the story and their players just turn any form of a plan into chaos. Listen and laugh along with us while we explore the world of the Scarsbron Isles, and the wonders of ocean travel!

Daknkitab: One Thousand and One Coriolis Nights
A long, long time from now humans have traveled the stars, visited many horizons before isolating themselves. In fear they banded together and worshipped Icons to save themselves from the Dark Between the Stars. They made peace, they made war, they made stories. Come and listen to one of them in Daknkitab: One Thousand and One Coriolis Nights, an #ActualPlay RPG Podcast run by Adam Dork and his friends.

Dice Actors
Wir sind eine Gruppe aus Synchronsprechern, die ihre Dungeons and Dragons Spielrunde als YouTube-Show sowie als Podcast zum Miterleben mit der Welt teilen!

Cree & D
Cree & D is a narrative podcast that uses the format of Dungeons and Dragons gameplay but reimagined as a Cree-based and focused campaign written by siblings Jessica and Ben Johns. This campaign follows the story of three cuzzins, Auntie Vera, Auntie Darlene and Auntie Mac as they search for Kokum Cardinal’s stolen staff and work to preserve the peace in the realm of Ministik. Cree & D is produced by These Ones (formerly known as Together Apart) and supported by grunt gallery on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. We record on Treaty 6 at FAVA studios. Art by Abbey Riddle. Music by Matthew Cardinal. Voices by Ben and Jessica with Emily Riddle and Matt Ward.

Tabletops and Travelers
Explicit Content. Join us on our quest to survive as we try to defeat dragons, delve into dungeons, and dodge death in this actual play DnD podcast, where it's 70% comedy, 30% seriousness, and 100% fun for everyone.

Space Poddity: A D&D Spelljammer Actual Play Podcast
Space Poddity! It's an actual play D&D podcast in the fantasy outer space Spelljammer setting. In Space Poddity, four adventurers visit the worlds of other actual play shows, under the possibly-horrified supervision of the show's GM. The tone is light, the characters are compelling, and on a cold, clear night you can hear the parody and the meditation on what it means to control the gates to the stars in a dangerous and teeming creative multiverse.

Rolling 4 20s
Adventuring through the Khattygat, Tommund and Anchorage have to face vampires, trolls, and fiends in this epic 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. They meet many new friends along the way, but realize that things might be more ominous than they initially appear...

Welcome to Derailed! A D&D Fifth Edition actual play podcast with three people who try their best to keep themselves on track. Our campaign revolves around a book that the DM, Berly Soto, is writing. Hopefully you have as much fun listening as we do playing!

The Pathfinder Kings
We are an actual play Pathfinder 2e podcast adventuring through Outlaws of Alkenstar!

Initiative Syndicate
Dungeon & Dragons Show based off Magic the Gathering: Ravnica. This campaign is 100% homebrew with close ties to lore and canon to the realm.

Dream of the Blue Veil
A Dungeons & Dragons podcast featuring a cast of 20-somethings who are all serial tabletop enthusiasts.

D&D is for Nerds: The Further Adventures of the Greyhill Free Company
Some may call you rat catchers, others mercenaries, but we prefer the term Adventures. At the Greyhill Free Company we believe in one thing above all: Adventurers together strong. Many adventures have gone on to do some great things under our name, not all of them good, but great things nevertheless. Hopefully you’ll soon join their ranks. So gather round and let us regale you with one of the many stories of the Greyhill Free Company

Of Dice and Friends
Welcome to the strange world of Kythar, traveler. If you're looking for magic, mayhem, and misadventure, you've come to the right place! Here, you're more than an idle listener. More than a lost adventurer. More than an indifferent god. You're a friend. So take a seat, grab a drink, and come roll with us in an actual-play 5e D&D podcast where you can effect everything from the story to the dice. The whims of fate are yours to influence, so what are you waiting for? Claim your place among the pantheon and let's play some Dungeons and Dragons!

Leaders N Legacies
Leaders N Legacies is a 5th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons, actual play podcast, featuring players who are not only fans of D&D but who are also leaders with the Boy Scouts of America. We believe that service to others, our community (local/national community, Scouting, D&D and the world at large) are important to who we are. If we can play together we make a difference together in the larger world.

Starlight: Origns
Audio which is not for the faint of heart, but these early episodes chronicle the beginnings of Starlight in its most authentic form.

Bad Assets
Bad Assets is a Bunkers & Badasses Actual Play where a group of new vault hunters leads their Assault on Dragon Keep.

Campaña en español de Dungeons and Dragons 5th edición en el setting de EBERRON. Con Cabra Voladora, EricLostie, Menipipol y Pablares.

A Pint Of Cthulhu
Come join our players around the bar on what will hopfully be a sanity depriving adventure throught the realms of HP Lovecraft using Chaosium inc's Call of cthulhu game

Quest of the Stone & Stars
An Epic Tale of Heroism, told in both Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder. This Podcast stars Michael Lawson as the GM, James Smith as Haven, Danielle McPherson as Amarille, Dustin Stephenson as Professor Finswick, and introducing Cece Schutzman as Tuli.

Hostile Worlds
Hostile worlds podcast. Starring Raydon as Jax the Barbarian, Hunter as Krueger the drunken master, Brazos as Alden the artificer student, Dakota as the young sorcerer, Tyler as the gloom stalker ranger, and Justin as the Dungeon Master. I would like some feedback on our work so far, email me at

Goodnight, I Love You Guys
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast featuring five sweet, sweet boys.

Single Session Stories
Single Session Stories is a real play tabletop role playing game podcast where we play a different system each episode.

The Epikast
The Epikast is a collection of stories set in the mythical world of Kiinos. Inspired by classical mythologies of all kinds, the Epikast aspires to tell tales of epic proportion using the 5th Edition Mythic rules of the World's Most Common RPG in this actual play podcast.

Beholding Out For a Hero
Hello everyone! Welcome to Beholding Out for a Hero, where the side track is the main track! We're an actual play D&D podcast, and our first campaign is set in the wonderful world of Eberron. We can't wait for you guys to listen to it! Stick around to learn more about the cast, their characters, and their crazy hijinks!

Dude Where’s My Drift
A group of 6 nerds hanging out and playing the Starfinder RPG from Paizo and having a good ol’ time. We’re starting off with the new Drift Crashers Adventure Path, getting stuck in and then investigating the Drift Crisis event.

100 Club
In the year 3073, the Sol System is a very different place, but a lot of things remain the same. We are vastly out of our depth, people will do whatever they can for a credit, and we are still trying to stay alive. With gangsters, corrupt cops and politicians; the authorities can barely contain criminals throughout the system. They seek out those morally gray individuals who are looking to earn some credits and bring them in. There are a select few amongst these bounty hunters that achieve the prestige to bring in the really big bounties…

A D&D podcast. Homebrew world, classic BBEG, decade old friendships. Come explore the world of Sonin with us, a merry band of do-gooders with a penchant for lewd jokes and goofiness. From the Southern Elf forest to the Defiant city of Galance to the terrifying Cities of the Dragon Ixenral... There are people to meet, politics to navigate, and of course, TPKs to avoid and use our LETTERED EXPERIENCE on!

The Waking of Angmar
An Actual Play podcast using The One Ring 2e tabletop roleplaying game and exploring the realms of Middle-Earth. Spanning the time between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, a small company of heroes discover the ancient kingdom of Angmar is waking once more. The company studies ancient ruins, fights bands of orcs and evil men, and tries to stir the powers of Eriador to action. The Waking of Angmar is a production of Adventures in Lollygagging.

Kindagood RPG Podcast
An actual play podcast using the D&D 5th edition rules. Come on an adventure with us across the world of Tailte Tar with Plank the druid, Farfar the Barbarian, Alton the fighter, and Veil the warlock!Hijinks galore!

Stool Pigeons
Do you like heists? Do you like a dark fantasy set in a corrupted steampunk universe? How about improvisers constantly panicking about what to do next? If you answered yes, to any of these, then Stool Pigeons is for you! Check out this tabletop RPG livestream podcast set in the world of Blades in the Dark. Listen as members of Stir-Friday Night (Chicago’s oldest all-Asian comedy troupe) play a crew of thieves constantly putting out fires as they try to complete elaborate heists, all in order to gain recognition, power, and, of course, coin. Will they succeed? Will their enemies crush them? Will they piss off their DM? Obviously yes to the last one, but for the others, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Dungeons And Dapper
Dungeons And Dapper is a podcast consisting of 5 friends that really enjoy the funny storytelling aspects of DND! We are currently writing and producing our first campaign Supercluster!

Hat Films D&D: Booty
High Seas, Low expectations! Join your favourite Hat Films people Smith, Ross, Trott and Craig as they adventure through a hilarious dungeons and dragons role play set in our very own magical pirate world.

Lonesome Crowded Quest
Lonesome Crowded Quest is the story of an incorrigible entourage of outlaws trying to stay a step ahead of the law and their own pasts as they navigate a changing world. LCQ is a fantasy-Western real-play podcast that uses the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset to facilitate collaborative, improvisatory storytelling. Immersive sound design and original music bring to life the fantastical frontier.

Welcome to RollDiceRepeat, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Join us as we embark on a tale of three unlikely companions. A common miner transformed into a living crystal. An entitled Half-Elf cast from his riches. And a Dragonborn burdened with powerful knowledge. Listen along as we explore a fantastical homebrew setting where the gods are dead and the age of mortals has long passed. Each episode is filled with imaginative storytelling, improvised roleplaying and a good dose of combat, using the D&D 5e game system—with a few homebrew rules.

Sheets and Geeks
Grab your rings of Feather Fall, Because we are on the air! A Tabletop RPG Podcast It's just how we play!

Tragic Parties
Tragic Patires is a gripping actual-play set in a world abandoned by its creator. From runaway trains the size of Manhattan to Evil Kingdom Amusement Parks born from chaos, the worlds of Earth and Karth are always in need of heroes.From the mind of Samuel Tucker Young comes another story set in the Univeil. Enjoy the homebrewed chaos that is Tragic Parties, now in podcast form!

Portal Quandary
Portal Quandary is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast about four creatures from the fantastical land of Phoenaxis who find themselves stuck in the even more fantastical land of Melbourne, Australia. Join the party as they try to stay out of the spotlight and find their way back home.

Rootless: Might, Right... and Arson
What would it look like if a deer used explosives? How about if a cat wore armor and carried a mechanical sword that was a sentient mantis? All good questions that you can find the answers to in our new podcast: Rootless! To break it down to the essentials: Anthropomorphized furry woodland critters like cats, foxes, deer, and more; all set in a medieval fantasy world!

Journey To The Dragon's Keep
An actual play podcast of everyone's favorite TTRPG, Dungeons and Dragons. Listen to The Children of Azathoth (us), a group of ameture DnD newbies try out our very first homebrew campaign written by our DM, Nick who will take the players on a magical adventure.

DnD After Dark
What do three semi-professional actors have in common BESIDES weighing the responsibilities of parenthood and dreaded reality? Why, the desire to roll some dice and tell amazing stories! DnD After Dark invites listeners to explore narrative driven games of Dungeons and Dragons with Soren, Emily and Roosevelt for tears, fears and abundant laughs.

Shattered Dice And Broken Pens
We are a group of nerds and geeks who all share a passion for roleplaying games. Join us in our adventures of action, drama, violence and love. You shan’t be disappointed!

Tales of Mystara - A Solo D&D Campaign
Tales of Mystara is a mixture between a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign, a dark fantasy novel and a narrated audio dramatization. The rules of the table top and the roll of the dice dictate where the story goes as well as whether a character lives or dies. Nothing is precious and no one is safe from the roll of the dice...

Team-Up Moves
Hosts Fiona -- a forever GM -- and Stephanie -- a professor and comics critic -- explore the multiverse of superhero TTRPGs with a variety of expert guests from the world of roleplaying games and comic books. In each 2-4 episode run of the show we do an actual play of a different superhero RPG to demonstrate how the game works at the table. Each run ends with a detailed discussion of the system, where we talk about what kinds of superhero stories each game helps tell, how effective they are at doing so, and even give you some comic book recommendations that match the game. You could say it's like the Danger Room, but for RPGs. Each AP takes place in our shared city of New Arcadia, but you can listen to the runs in any order. Pick a game that sounds interesting and check us out!

Free Action: Cry
Free Action: Cry is a comedy/horror Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition actual play. That being said, we hope to achieve the perfect blend between that which enthralls, and that which horrifies.

Die Trying: The Hissing Mists: An Actual Play Podcast
Over a millennium ago, the land of Nordancrest was taken by darkness. Creatures made from the essence of nightmares began to flood the country, terrorizing the populace. The standing military was wiped out and the city was abandoned to horrendous monsters. The only occupied towns now exist on the furthest edges of the once-peaceful realm. A single event draws a collection of tragic individuals together to struggle against the dying of the light. The sun disappeared over a thousand years ago and in its place a dark star appeared encapsulated within a corona of purple light. A mysterious ruler wearing a dark crown took over the capital city whose name was lost to time. Shortly thereafter, floating black orbs began to appear in towns and flowing mists began to enshroud the forests, mountains, and waters of the world. Within this fog, nightmarish creatures would set upon those unfortunate enough to be caught unguarded. As well, the newly materialized ebon orbs would lash out at those that would defy the edicts of the new ruler. Over the next few centuries, life within the kingdom reached a semblance of homeostasis, as its denizens began to adapt to the established order of the world. The Hissing Mists, named because of the snake-like whispers that emanate from its proximity, are avoided or only ventured into with the accompaniment of armed escorts. This tale begins in the port town of Purduit, a charming village with a population numbering no more than a few hundred. Two separate bands of adventures have arrived under entirely different circumstances. The first, beast tamers (and friend) of the widely acclaimed carnival Morpheus the Magus and his Marvelous Miscellanea, have been within the walls of Purduit for no more than a night's rest. Their primary task to prepare their charges for the upcoming performances scheduled to begin within three days time . The second, the crew of the Wavedancer, arriving and looking for the fortune teller operating out of the aforementioned circus, Mara Brightburn and hopefully....whatever exciting jobs might come their way.

Table top RPG Pod cast playing our games and bringing them to you live

Marvel's The New Vanguard
Marvel's The New Vanguard: Piercing Chaos is a TTRPG Actual Play using the rules from the Marvel Multiverse Role Playing Game Playtest. Featuring an incredible story with a diverse cast and great special guests, you're going to love this universe-spanning adventurer. If you want to watch the show, check us out Wednesdays 5:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM EST on

Flip Side
A Tabletop Role Playing podcast about a mysterious, out-of-this-world diner and the extraordinary stories that await to be told.

Modus Critica
An audio immersive 5th Edition actual play D&D Podcast where 5 morally ambiguous strangers traverse the treacherous realm of the Shadowfey in order to regain balance in the multiverse... or destroy it. We're here to Role Play, Roll Dice, and Roll Heads!

Dungeons In Discord
Whoosh, crackle, splash, thunk! What was that? Could be anything in the land of Deprem. All the stories of the elements living in harmony couldn't possibly be true, could it? Or maybe it is, and something's afoot... Follow Jicard, Roskus, Merryweather, and Joanna as they try to uncover the mystery of The Horde.

Beyond The Furthest Stars!
A Sci-Fi Actual Play TTRPG podcast featuring a cast of characters trying to survive in an unforgiving universe! Journey with us as we blast off Beyond the Furthest Stars! A 1up Podcast Network Production.

To Be or RPG
To Be or RPG is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons web series played by a wily troupe of actors affiliated with the national award-winning Classical Theatre Company. Come join us as our band of heroes adventures across the world of Magadrinn - a land of knights and wizards, but with a classical twist! Whose path will our merry band cross? Prince Hamlet? Lady Macbeth? Titania, the Fairy Queen? Listen and find out!

Ones Upon A Die
Join our cast of players and DM as they run a gauntlet of critical fails in a twisted tale. Have some fun and roll some ones!

ZeroDead Podcast
A TTRPG Podcast. We play Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green. This podcast is for mature audiences.

Valley of the Sunset
A Vampire the Masquerade - 5th Edition actual play podcast set in the outskirts of Phoenix, AZ. Every Tuesday night our cast of undead misfits navigates the treacherous politics of the local Camarilla, while trying to stay one step ahead of Final Death. Join the embrace!

Dumb and Determined
Join us on an epic adventure through a galaxy which seems somewhat familiar but all too different.

Prisoners of Garzara
5 Prisoners enter a portal into the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Will they figure out the mysterious of this realm or be swallowed by chaos?

Games Masters-the roll of the dice
a roleplaying game podcast

Class Feature
A comedic ttrpg actual play podcast featuring each Dungeons and Dragons 5e classes with adventures inspired by Slavic Folklore.

Miskatonic Playhouse
Actual plays of #CallofCthulhu scenarios from the #MiskatonicRepository community content programme and interviews with key creators and community members, hosted by TA Newman (@TANewman_says).

Hero Point Podcast
What happens when 3 friends get tired of playing 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons together? They switch to a better game of course! Welcome to the Hero Point Podcast! This is a homebrewed campaign played in the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Game system. Not familiar with the rules? No worries! We're all still fairly new to the system and we will absolutely be making mistakes along the way so feel free to listen in as we stumble our way through this grand adventure!

Academy H
Welcome, traveler, to our world of heroes, magic, and lessons learned. Academy H is filmed in front of a live studio audience (kind of) over at every other Sunday at 6 PM EST! Feel free to join us as we pretend to be teen superheroes while raising money for our current charity beneficiary, or for one of our many other ongoing streamed campaigns that happen throughout the week!

Tales of Terramir
Welcome to Tales of Terramir, an original live-play roleplaying game! Enter a world of fantasy, imagination, and collaborative storytelling with a group of friends from different areas of the United States, as they play a unique character to explore the world of Terramir, uncovering tales both around and within themselves.

The Mark of Red Moon
TMORM is a streamed D&D campaign series that follows the story of four adventurers who've been marked for death on a grand quest to save the world. Featuring an all queer cast of wonderful artists and creators. We improvise nearly everything, and even while telling a tragic story, silliness and hilarity ensue!

D&D, but...
Welcome to this new show where we play D&D, but… there’s a twist. In this series of short stories, the game of Dungeons & Dragons is turned on its head. Some episodes flip the game around and play as iconic monsters like Dragons or Vampires. Other episodes will test the stories told with a party full of only Rogues or Bards. Most of all, join us have fun keeping each other on our toes. This is D&D, but…

Ale! And Well Met!
The Twenty-Sided Tavern is a live, interactive ttrpg where the audience controls the action, from the Characters' names, to where they go, what they do, and how much success they find. This podcast is...well, that but less live. Join hilarious heroes and control their destinies in this one-of-a-kind actual play adventure.

Hosted by Sam Sudama, Outerstate is a D&D podcast where four unlucky strangers find themselves transported into a brand new and completely different world. Here, they are forced to save their friends and families amidst the underlying mysteries found within their new environment.

Tales of Morterra
An actual play podcast in the flat and fantastical world of Morterra. From one half of Probably Bad RPG Ideas.

Heroes Of Providence Eternal
Explore the vibrant new world of adventure with the Heroes of Providence eternal! Meet a community of storytellers, adventurers, and heroes dedicated to bringing you uplifting, engaging, character-driven tabletop roll-playing entertainment in the exciting fantasy world of Terrath! In today's world, we all need H.O.P.E, join us!

25 North Podcast
A Pathfinder 2e actual play podcast playing Roll for Combat's Jewel of the Indigo Isles adventure path.

Red Desert Role-Play
An actual-play podcast where friends from across Wyoming roll their dice through an epic, collaborative tale. Our story takes place where sorcery and steampunk collide: the world of Verrilan, created by author (and our GM), Aaron Volner. Once, the world of Verrilan was lush, with beautiful seas and vast continents peopled with colorful civilizations…And then, came the Fog. No one knew what it was. No one knew where it came from. But in less than a decade it covered the land, killing most it encountered and driving the rest to bloodthirsty madness. Civilization was forced to flee to the Floating Islands, situated high above, and pray to their gods that it would be enough to deliver them. 10,000 years have passed. The Fog still roils below, ever present as it blots out the land and the seas, its threat never truly forgotten. Yet civilization carries on in the Floating Islands with the help of the Sky Ships, steam powered marvels that much resemble the great seafaring vessels of old.

Her Dark Ministrations
Her Dark Ministrations is an original campaign set in the city of Spire. Join four Ministers of Our Hidden Mistress as they fight for the future of their city...and for a future of their own.

The Ravenfolly Institute
The Ravenfolly Institute is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e anthology series mixing fantasy and horror elements in an improvised story set in a homebrew world, DMed by author Matthew Phillion. Our first arc, the Sanguine Moors of Bathomir, is a gothic horror story that follows a group of unlikely companions, each pursuing a secret of their own, as they encounter a pastoral nightmare. You can learn more about the Ravenfolly Institute at

Monsters & Madness
Welcome everyone! To Monsters and Madness! A dungeons & dragons podcast featuring members and friends of the Hawk & Cleaver Community. During the dark days of the lockdown, a pleasant chap/dungeon master called Lewis Hay had an idea. An idea so crazy, so breathtakingly wonderful, so ludicrously outrageous, he wasn’t sure if it would even be possible. Eventually, he decided that yes, he could drink his coffee with oat milk! And then, fired up with caffeine and milk replacements he had a second idea... to write and design a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and to play said campaign with the magic of webcams and microphones, and record said campaign for the entire Hawk & Cleaver podcast community. But the idea didn’t stop there. To bring his idea to life, Lewis needed four of the best players possible, four of the most talented role players this side of the Misty Mountains.Unfortunately, they were busy, so instead, he found four guys from The Other Stories team. Four chaps who had nary rolled a single dice between them. Four people who might actually be made of cake. Neither dungeon master nor dungeon player knew what they were about to embark upon. So listen in as this party of newbs pester Lewis with ridiculous questions, side-questions, and the occasional dicey manoeuvre. Whether you’re a DnD master or a DnD newbie yourself, listen in to episode 1 from the 14th of June! We do hope you'll join us on our first adventure!

Power Word Fail
Power Word Fail is a fantasy actual play D&D 5e podcast powered by lush character dynamics, arcane mystery, and the hilarity of the players’ table. Take arms and take heed: all actions have consequences in the world of Power Word Fail. Our first campaign, Chosen of the Crystal Crown, is helmed by DM Carlos Torres, with cast members Tyrell Nye, Austin Brady, Nathan Heard, Andi Casuras, Katie Franks, and Ian Davis. This is a Homebrew Podcast. Learn more at You can support the show at Join the discord @ If you are enjoying the show, please leave us a review, make sure you're following or subscribed, and share with your friends!

Numenera Stars in the Stone
Stars in the Stone is a live streamed actual play and podcast from Sara, aka TheHypeGoblin. This 15 session mini campaign takes 4 players through a homebrew Numenera TTRPG setting using the Cypher System. The game airs Saturdays at 5:30pm eastern standard time on Twitch and YouTube. Learn more about the cast and where else to find them on the internet at

Storm-Wracked Library
An actual-play audio journal.

Within the Woods (Monster of the Week Actual Play Podcast)
An actual play Monster of the Week Podcast. Follow the Adventures of Dali (The Spooky), Myles (The Searcher), Richard Tracy (The Professional), and Micheal (The Mundane) as they combat the supernatural forced that threaten the small Colorado county of Black Lake. This story contains elements of horror, violence, depictions and references to suicide. This story draws inspiration from the stories of popular creepypastas such as Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, and the Rake.

The Grouch Couch Cast
Join the Grouch Couch crew as they traverse the world of D&D podcast style. Led by DmTurk, the GC crew will explore our homebrew world of Intoxica in a campaign of high adventure in a fully edited podcast!

The audio version of Diceborn, an actual-play of the Mistborn Adventure Game by 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson Fansite.

ShipWreck is an actual play podcast where DM Turk takes his 3 players, Nate Brewer, OdyMel and Abstracto through a Comedy Pirate Adventure.

Catacomb Party
A show about dungeons and/or dragons. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Call of Calamity
We delve into the mysteries of the Cthulhu mythos with an eclectic cast of player characters and a mad cultist Keeper. Will they keep their wits about them when faced with the horrors from beyond the stars and classic monsters of yore?

Two gnomes, a tief-elf, and a talking dog walk into a bakery. This is their story. Chromythica is a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign about belonging, community, and the process of making meaning out of complex situations. Come for friends having boisterous fun, stay for the journey we go on together!

Demon: Love and Hellfire
A Demon: The Fall (sort of) Forged in the Dark Actual Play podcast. A Clever Corvids Production. Three reawakened demons try to navigate human life and fight off despair and deific oppression in the heat of Miami.

Tales From The Tavern Basement
Haleron - a star plucked from the very firmament has laid waste to the old empire and in its wreckage a deep corruption has beset the continent of Qouir. Follow the tale of our intrepid heroes as the journey across its lands delve deep into the underworld in an epic adventure fraught with danger, magic, and intrigue. Get ready, roll initiative, and join us in the sagas of our Dungeons & Dragons live play.

TimeToRole is a High Fantasy, Role Play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Podcast that takes place in the wonderous and wild world of Ammriel. It is narrated by Zach Browning, the Dungeon Master along with the cast of the Twitch and YouTube channel "TimeToRole". Come along and join us in an adventure flying through the flowing, mana filled skies of a world ravaged by the Fracture. The land effected by the cataclysmic event that is the Fracture has caused landscapes to change and weather to become erratic. Watch as our group of misfits learn the secrets of the world as well as the secrets of themselves.

The Tales Of Podcast
The Tales Of Podcast is a system-agnostic tabletop RPG actual play series. Join us as we roll-play through long, short and mini adventures of various settings and genres, from horror to cyber punk to space western - and more!

The Witcher: Chaos on the Pontar
Welcome to The Witcher: Chaos On The Pontar, an original podcast by Elsewhere & Beyond, run using The Witcher TRPG by R. Talsorian Games. Join us each week as we explore and experience a vivid new story set along the River Pontar during the chaotic and deadly Witch Hunts plaguing the Northern Realms. If you enjoy our show then feel free to visit our website at:, follow us on Twitter @elsewherebeyond or consider supporting us on at:

Natural 11 Productions
A live play podcast where a group of friends play games, laugh and yell and might even have a good time doing it! Subscribe to stay up to date and be able to follow along all the adventures that happen and find us onInstagram: Nat11ProFacebook: Natural 11 Productions

The Eternal Cycle: Psykos and Killers
Explicit Warning: The Following Contains disturbing descriptions of Violent FICTIONAL crimes. Listener discretion is Advised. Any and all relations to real life crimes or past crimes is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction and should be taken as entertainment, nothing more or less. With that Aside and said.. Welcome to Cycle 872 (Psykos and Killers).

Stride & Strike
A Pathfinder 2E Podcast set in Lost Omens Golarion.

The Great Collapse (D&D)
This is a fun / funny D&D campaign with 2 players that are new to D&D and 2 players that are pretty good at it. We have Falben the Half-Elf Warlock, Oli the Half-Orc Fighter, Kenichi the Demihuman Rogue, and, finally me, as Grumomash the Goliath Fighter / Barbarian. (AKA: Dave). There may also be another later on (Sethos the Mummy Cleric).

Roleplay Radio
Roleplay Radio is an improvised narrative-based DnD podcast. Campaign One is set in Strixhaven, a magical university full of mystery, intrigue, and academic mishaps. It is based on the 5e module ‘Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos’, under the Fan Content Policy.

Modern D Podcast
Real Play D&D set in the modern age, aspects of Humor, satire and horror

A DND Channel
A DND campaign where a young fairy ranger named Poppy, must save her village from a dark secret that's killing off all the men in her village.

WasabiBurger’s Actual Plays
Right now, the main feature is A Dungeon Crawl Classics Actual Play, where Alex shamelessly runs his friends through several of the scenarios that have started to pile up as time has gone on.

Da Gerb Skwerd
This actual play Dungeons & Dragons game started as a one-shot in support of a kickstarter . . . what it grew into . . . is an adventure worthy of so much more. Join the intrepid group of goblins as they adventure through the world taking on tasks far bigger than they are.

Eberhart PDnD: a D&D 5e Buddy Cop Adventure
The classic buddy cop comedy meets the world of Dungeons & Dragons in this brand new series from Mercenaries of Mischief. Join Paladin Officer T'vastir Kullbrann and his new partner, Cleric Sheriff Dancleus Bloodtooth, as they navigate modern bureaucracy, small town life, and good old fashioned D&D shenanigans. It's an odd couple, fish out of water, modern fantasy, genre-mashing comedy drama with something for everyone! Go ahead and start listening at episode 1 of any season. Even if you know nothing about the previous story arcs, you'll have no problem getting into the story.

Slay the Stars
A cosmic fantasy, Dungeon and Dragons 5e actual play: In a world where magic is rare and those with talent are in high demand, there are doors to a place where the supernatural is common and nightmares are reality. Two friends will travel in their own world and the next to uncover the truth of their pasts and to set the cosmos on a path where there may be no coming back.

Rolling So Low
My name is Jason and this is a personal archive of my Solo RPG journeys. This is a casual actual play/discussion podcast with (as of now) minimal editing and barebones content.

LynxDyD Runaterra
Marcos DMs Rouz, Ginyin, Víctor, and Álex.

Fire, Ice, and Rolling Dice
Fire Ice & Rolling Dice Podcast is a real-play Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast.

Stories from Chaos Edge
An actual-play podcast of a variety of tabletop roleplaying games, solo or group, exploring characters and their stories

Forge Rats - An Ironsworn: Starforged Podcast
New podcast Forge Rats is an Ironsworn: Starforged solo tabletop roleplaying game actual play podcast following the adventures of a lone protagonist on a journey across a retro sci-fi galaxy. Set in the Forge, the game’s inbuilt setting, and kicking off with a world building and character creation “session zero”, the story unfolds through a set of randomly generated prompts supplied by the core rulebook. Heavily focused on narrative, podcast host, narrator and sole player Anderson puts the fiction first as he explores a perilous future.

Roll of the Dice
A bite-sized TTRPG podcast. Instead of listening to a long-run campaign, join a colorful cast of characters and hosts as they run players through a variety of systems. Come along for the ride as we break well-crafted systems and turn everything around us as queer as it can be.

Odyssey: a Babylon 5 RPG
Set in the Babylon 5 Universe, the Luxury liner Celestia is taking new colonists and dilettantes to the newest ISA world. Things are going fine, until a shuttle shifts out of reality for a split second and a blue brain is found in the aisle. Things get stranger from there. Join Du'li, an undercover Narn trying to find the source of the drug, Amber, and get her good name back; Ty, a Brikiri space trucker just looking for the next big score until things go horribly wrong for her and her son; and mr'gr'rat, a pak'ma'ra scientist, telepath, and explorer of all things culture, as they try to solve mysteries, deal with ancient aliens, drug dealers, body thieves, possessing entities and may be even the awakening of long dead races. COME! Join your host Lord Padini Foglio on a story of adventure, horror, and things that couldn't stay buried on... ODYSSEY: A BABYLON 5 Story! Welcome Aboard! This is an RPG Actual Play of the Babylon 5 Second Ed RPG from Mongoose publishing.

Not Another Nat One!
Come join us as our heroes explore The Land of Many Names in search of the secrets the mist that cover the lands hide!

Intrepid Assholes
We play D&D and hopefully you enjoy our journey.

Behold the Roll
Hello fellow lovers of Dungeons - and or - Dragons! Are you in search of a new podcast? I know, they’re really few and far between these days......... but good news! We just so happen to have one, and you’ve stumbled upon it! So WELCOME to Behold the Roll, we couldn’t be more honored that you’ve decided to hop in and give us a listen, and we genuinely hope you enjoy your stay! Behold the Roll is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast that follows the story of three adventures from the world of Omersia who have, spoiler alert, already died! Join Lorcan Brightstrike, Wulf Dawnfire & Silas Leodor as they go on a fantastical quest to find their lost bodies, solve their own death, and remove the curse that binds them to a dark and mysterious afterlife... and maybe get into a little magical-mischief along the way.

Hi, I'm Michael. Dungeonmancy is a podcast where me and my nerdy friends get together and play Dungeons and Dragons, an amazing tabletop roleplaying game where the dungeonmaster controls the world and the story, players control their characters, and dice control the fate of us all! We're playing in a world of my creation, called Daeryn. It's got lots of fun lore to dive into, unique cultures of people, and a mysterious region of the planet that is shrouded in frozen darkness. We'll be playing Daeryn: The Golden Age, set a few years after the Dark Days… like, literal darkness… the sun went out, it was a whole thing… lots of war too, but lots of coming together to face adversity. Now the sun's back. People are picking up their lives. I'm sure it will be smooth sailing from here on out...

DnD4D Podcast
Wir spielen diverse Pen and Paper Systeme auf Twitch und ballern dann die Audios hier hoch! Enjoy! Checkt das hier:

Phantom Nirvana
Short-form Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Shorter episodes, more action! Our cast is Reagan as Axel Johnson, Michael as Joshua Ames, Ben as Sam Campbell, Kevin as Marcus Burkhead, Phil as the Dungeon master, and Courtney as Malory Reed. Be advised, this story contains dark themes that may not be suitable for some audiences.

Door to the North
We are a table-top role-playing group recording our actual-play podcast running Paizo’s Pathfinder 1st edition “Carrion Crown” Adventure Path. We are not affiliated with anyone.

Mimics & Mathrocks
DnD 5th edition podcast

Unbalanced Encounters: Rally
On the edge of a primordial forest sits a remote logging village. Burdened by the weight of this hostile terrain, a demanding empire, and a string of bad luck, Rally teeters on the brink of collapse. And these four idiots probably won’t be able to save it.

Feats & Fates: A D&D Podcast
Fate must have brought you to our doorstep, traveler. What a wonderful door to have come across as well! Come in, pull up a chair and sit, enjoy a listen to our outlandish tales of mystery, suspense, and mayhem. We are a group of D&D players that decided our antics needed to be shared for all to enjoy. Here, you will find the tales of realms untold as we charm, deceive, buy and battle our way through each exciting real play episode! So please join us as we begin our streaming journey and what mayhem may be ... no... WILL be caused by our irrationally poor decision making and dashing antics!

Quest Laid Plans
What happens when you already saved the world at 18? Ten years later, an old party learns new tricks || A NEW D&D PODCAST  

Mythic Podyssey
5 lads share their love of Dungeons and Dragons! Join them as they odyssey through a realm of Gods, monsters and all things in between! Join this live play 5th edition campaign.

Roll Trauma
Roll Trauma is a D&D podcast where the players and DM alike throw each other into traumatic scenarios.

With Sword and Spell
An actual play 5th edition D&D podcast. This epic campaign is set in an original, yet nameless, world whose boundaries between the Mortal realm and the Feywild are thin allowing realities to blur and intermix, sometimes to dangerous effect. The Feywild is a place of terrible wonders and awesome creatures, in every sense of the word. Usually the lands of the Fey and the land of the Mortals are separate and contained. But every once in a while, the Feywild bleeds over into our mortal realm and Fae denizens, both benevolent and malevolent, emerge to inter

Dice Quests and Chaos
3 Adventurers take on a desolate world in this Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Arizetti Adventures
An actual play D&D podcast set in Arizet, a world that players believe to be a powerful virtual reality game. Follow a party of adventurers from two worlds as they find themselves entrenched in a conflict between deities.

The Rolling 20's- D&D Live Play
Join us as we explore the realm of Exandria during the early years of the Age of Arcanum! Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign with light editing. The improvised nature of this show may yield subject matter that is sensitive. If you find any scenes or topics bothering you, please feel free to skip them and pick up at a place that is more comfortable for you. We do not wish for our story to cause stress or pain for anyone.

The Misfits Adventure Guide
We are four performers turned friends, turned dungeon party! The Misfits Adventure Guide is a wild and fun DND 5e real-play podcast that follows three friends from Kansas as they navigate the discovery of a magical world!

Enter The Fray
A solo Ironsworn: Starforged actual play podcast. Episodes drop every Monday.

Beddlym's Social Hour: A D&D Podcast
Beddlym's social hour is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons campaign. A handful of adventurers struggle to find their way and discover what secrets the city of Aconitum Falls holds.

Legend of the Bones
Hybrid Solo Old School D&D actual play and dark fantasy audio drama.

Re:Alignment is a Pathfinder 2E actual play series. Join three unlikely heroes as they enter the ranks of the Forgelight Academy, a prestigious school for adventurers.

Curse of Strahdanya - A Legends of Avantris Podcast
An epic playthrough of the beloved Dungeons & Dragons module, Curse of Strahd, with heavy homebrewing and a unique twist: Countess Strahdanya von Zarovich played by Dungeon Mistress Nikkie. Join her, as well as Kelsey, Richie, Andy, Maja, and Mikey as they travel through the mist as the doomed Azran Expedition. These five lost souls must discover the bloody secrets of Barovia and face the wrath of the dread domain’s Dark Lady in a D&D tale of horror, heartbreak, and heroism.

FateBreakers is a bi-weekly Actual Play of Exalted, the classic high-powered fantasy RPG, using the Essence ruleset. Join Atom (Chills), Lythander (Corrack), Gavel (Alatos), and more as they fight everything the Dreaming Sea has to throw at them, and strive to save Creation from the greatest threats the world has ever known!

Tall Grass Encounters Podcast
Tall Grass Encounters Podcast (TGE) is an actual play Pokémon tabletop role playing game, With a crew of 5 players and a PokeMaster (PM) join us as we explore the world of Pokémon in the Hakkeno region!

BROOKS LIVE - Pen&Paper ActualPlay
Brooks Live ist ein regelmäßiges Rollenspiel Livestream-Format, in dem unsere Spieler*innen in unterschiedliche Rollen und Szenarien schlüpfen um Abenteuer aller Art zu bestehen! Nebenbei streamen wir von Zeit zu Zeit weiteren Content wie Let's Plays.

Caverns & Krakens
An almost family-friendly Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in a post-apocalyptic world where most land has been flooded over.

Session Zero Heroes - A TTRPG Actual Play Podcast
At Session Zero Heroes we believe in the power of storytelling through tabletop roleplaying games and use a wide variety of systems to create these stories which we share through the podcast medium. From hilarious to emotional our stories and themes come in all shapes and sizes and help us to create amazing series and one-shots for your listening pleasure! Our primary anchor shows include Benders & Brews: An Avatar Legends Actual Play which is the show that started it all! In this series we jump into the world of Avatar the Last Airbender as a group of teens fight back rival tea shops and the occasional run-in with pirates and the Fire Nation in order to save their own tea shop: The Blissful Brew. We also host a Dungeons & Dragons series called Criminals of Isla Numus where a handful of characters are thrown into a deities pocket dimension with the goal of making 1,000,000 gold in the space of roughly a year’s time. Will they be able to overcome a variety of obstacles and struggles and accomplish their task? Or will they fail and be trapped in this pocket world forever? In addition to these anchor shows we create a variety of one-shots within different systems to share shorter tales of adventure and excitement.

Chapter and Multiverse
Chapter and Multiverse is a brand-new actual play podcast, using multiple game systems of different genres to explore the city of Chapter. Every new campaign is set in the same city, but in a different alternate universe. One season, Chapter may be a medieval fantasy town complete with monarchs, magic and monsters, but another season, it may be a gritty futuristic metropolis where corporations control everyone’s daily lives. Along the way the Eternal Tavern Keeper guides the listeners, and the characters, in their journeys through Chapter and beyond. Same city. Different universes. Infinite stories.

The Hebridian Tales
Welcome to Hebridia!! This continent is rife with conflict - as the mounting war surges throughout the land, whispers tout it with the volatile title of the Great Hebridian War. It has encompassed all of Hebridia except for the Nagani Trade Empire. Their refusal to join adds to the disharmony in the region. Will they continue to refuse or will they consent? Which side do they choose? Does this conflict end? All of this and more awaits in the land of Hebridia.

Heckna! A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
Welcome to the carnival, where we are always smiling… The sounds of revelry drift through the dark, cold forest, drawing wayward travelers to a place where the senses are delightfully and bewilderingly overwhelmed. Peering out from the top of the conifers is the blood-red spire of The Revelia, where wonder and fun awaits! But underneath the sparkling lights and gleaming façade is a sinister underbelly of chaos and terror. The magical Revelia is the work of Heckna, a creative mastermind masquerading as a jovial ringleader. Some, however, are aware of Heckna’s ruse, including a hunter who will stop at nothing to dispatch Heckna — and destroy The Revelia — once and for all. Travelers may believe that they find The Revelia by chance, but in fact, Heckna goes to great lengths to lure only the best and brightest to his carnival in his search for greater, more spectacular challenges. Many have tried — and failed — to escape from this carnival, but with the right brains, brawn, and alliances, even Heckna can be outmaneuvered. Will you see through the glitzy and glamorous charade, or fall prey to Heckna’s relentless torment and become a permanent member of The Revelia?

Must Be Dice
Must be Dice is a story driven table top role playing show featuring a seasonal cast of characters. Each week our group of adventurers face off against the mysteries, puzzles, and traps set for them by the Game Master, cracking jokes the entire time.

Battles & Brews
A D&D podcast of friends trying to cure the weekly work life with adventure, brews, and laughs.

Table It! A Micro RPG Podcast
A Micro RPG is a tabletop role-playing game with rules no longer than a few pages. In Table It!, listen to find out if this crew of theatre nerds and role-playing vets will table it or shelve it. Playing new games monthly; posting biweekly on Thursdays.

DieCastDestiny DnD
Podcast by DieCastDestiny

No-Fame: A TTRPG and D&D Podcast
No-Fame is a group of not-famous friends producing sound-designed, tightly-edited D&D and TTRPG content. Check out our latest series Tall Tall Tower–a mid-level High Fantasy Tower Crawl. Coming soon is our Monster of the Week actual play 'Shuttercreek'. Be sure to take a look for our Cyberpunk Red mini-series 'End City', or our Modern D&D 5e spooky adventure 'Stories From The Shore'.

The Academy: A Dungeons &; Dragons x D20 Modern Actual Play Podcast
In the year 3005 AD, an event called “The Great Awakening” occurred with the awakening of the great dragons, returning magic (and the beings that come with it) back to modern day Earth. It was an apocalyptic-ish event, causing the people of earth to need to rebuild their lives, culture, and technology. The year is now 499 GW, and progress has returned to like 2022 AD (but with magic, and no COVID), and preparations for the 500th anniversary of the Great Awakening are underway with celebrations, festivals, and an Olympics-style sporting event using all the new-found skills of this world. However, with this joy also comes evil, corruption, madness of power, and more as movements, both secretive and not, wish to use these powers for their own gain, or eradicate it completely. Yet the people of this world still live in relative peace, so there must be something protecting them…

Fledglings | A TTRPG Playthrough Podcast
Welcome to FledglingsRPG, a new TTRPG play through podcast! This is the first campaign of 4 adults who are new to the TTRPG world, but excited to get started! We’re called Fledglings because we are brand new to this world and just getting started in it! We will get things wrong, and we’re ok with that. We’re here to have fun and hope you will join us and learn along with us. In this 1st Season we will be running the D&D 5e campaign The Lost Mines of Phandelver. We do strive to keep the language clean so this can be a podcast that can be enjoyed with the entire family. It is still a fantasy based role playing game, so some themes may be inappropriate for younger audiences. If you like the podcast and want to learn D&D along with us, do us a favor and give us a follow and 5 star review on here, and follow us across social media to stay up to date with the episodes @FledglingsRPG

Dungeon Rogues
Welcome to Brightshore! Brightshore is a Fantasy Noir 5e mystery campaign.

That’s Dicey Podcast
Twice a month, we get together and play tabletop role-playing games. In addition, we will have reviews and discussion style episodes covering a broad variety of topics. Support us on Patreon at

World of Verum
In the land of Conflux, five souls inhabit vessels, bodies that are abandoned shells and awaken within a strange place, with an uncertain destiny.

Tales from the Deadlands
The year is 1879, but the history is not our own. Everything changed on July 3rd, 1863, during the Battle of Gettysburg. The dead rose up, the shadows darkened, and a Reckoning had begun. Humanity’s worst nightmares now walked the waking world. Everything seemed to be heading to Hell in a Handbasket. Humanity, however, was more resilient than the Terrors expected. A secret war began between those who would stand against the Darkness. A few sturdy folks from all walks of life; from schoolmarms to nuns, from Snake-oil Salesmen to sturdy soldiers, children to old coots have risen up to stand between their fellow humans and creatures born in the very pits of Hell. Some were fated to fall, but others stood firm. For the next hour or so, sit back and listen to the stories of horror and heroism; recountings of the sacrifices these unsung heroes have made. Enjoy these “Tales from the Deadlands.” Be warned, however, these Tales are not for the faint of heart…

To DnD Or Not To DnD
An Indianapolis based Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.

Creme Demented Actual Plays
Enter strange and exciting worlds as Game Master Kaleb Wade and his friends play various RPGs! Each season brings new settings and new adventures, while bringing some fun vibes from the Creme Demented Podcast. There will be thrills. There will be chills. There will be caffeine! Probably! Welcome to Creme Demented Actual Plays!

Dragonlance: Echoes of Krynn
Dragons of the Hidden Flood. The drums of war have stilled, and the rivers of blood have slowed to a trickle. Takhisis, the evil Queen of Dragons, has been thwarted and her armies scattered to the far corners of Krynn. But there are many paths towards power – many currents that can be followed, especially for the patient. In Northern Ergoth, six adventurers discover just how deeply the will of evil can flow as they explore the Imperial City of Gywnned and the lands beyond.

The Storytellers Tavern
Welcome to The Storyteller’s Tavern where stories are served like ale, and a seat is open for you at every table! The Storyteller’s Tavern is a tabletop roleplaying online publisher and podcast, which seeks to use collaborative storytelling to educate and encourage inclusivity and community. We're currently featuring one-shots from the beloved TTRPGs Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons, and Fantasy Flight's Star Wars.

Hope Falls
Welcome to Middle Earth. Hope Falls follows a Company of adventurers as they try to keep hope alive in the area around Mirkwood between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. This is an actual play podcast where we are playing live, first broadcast on Twitch, Adventures in Middle Earth. There are six players with a mix of experience.

Project Icosa
An Actual-Play D&D Podcast. Cast includes Chloe Price, Michael Savoia, Nick Mustakangus, Dan Robertson and Alex Steele as Dungeon Master.

Dungeon Train
WELCOME to the Dungeon Train! This narrative play podcast stars Blake Thompson, Nathan Collum, Alex White, Mason Brummer, Dylan Loos, and your show producer Max Brummer. Chaos, laughs, and a dash of mystery await you in the Dungeon Train where we will be following multiple stories throughout the show. *DISCLAIMER* We switch off campaigns every two episodes, and each campaign is DM'd by our cast, this is our way of giving the audience a series of anthology stories that may or may not combine into one at some point... Join us on these crazy stories through the interworking of this mechanical beast, will our cast find out the mystery of the train or die trying. I don't even know and I'm just the writer!

Don't Tell Me The Odds
Don’t tell me the odds is a dnd actual play podcast set in an original world. One overarching campaign with an original setting, broken up by the occasional one shot or recorded shenanigan released biweekly.

Furusato: A Legend of the Five Rings Actual Play Podcast
It is an era of sudden change and upheaval in Rokugan... Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans shall be put to the test. Who among the clans will prove strong enough to guide Rokugan in these tumultuous times? Will your name be lifted up beside those of the honored ancestors, or will you fall among the ranks of the empire’s most infamous villains?

Swords & Unicorns
Quest along with the Jacobs family, as each episode Summer (little sister), Autumn (big sister), and Midnight Moon (mom) adventure through the world of Alathon, a fantastical world filled with wondrous creatures and exciting dangers, all led by the dad and game guide. Let’s quest!

One Guy One Roll
Solo roleplaying podcast where I am both the player and GM using a variety of different RPG systems.

The Adventures of Cinnamon & Oatmeal
Welcome to The Adventures of Cinnamon & Oatmeal! A whimsical saga of two teddy bear bros who find themselves mysteriously transported to a magical world filled with whimsical creatures, dangerous miscreants and mayhemic mysteries!!! The Adventures of Cinnamon & Oatmeal is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast. New episodes premiere on the first Tuesday of every month.

Gilesrien’s Greatest
Adventure, Mystery, Magic, and Epic Fantasy. Welcome to Gilesrien’s Greatest, a Pathfinder Second Edition actual-play podcast trailing the adventures of the greatest heroes known to the lost world of Gilesrien, a homebrew iteration of Pathfinder’s Age of Lost Omens Golarion.

Nights of Payne Town: A City of Mist Actual Play Podcast
It is a time of turmoil in the City. The police are helpless against a new wave of crime, powered by forces they neither see nor understand. Ancient legends that were scheming in the shadows for decades are now finally enacting their insidious plans, raining chaos and suffering on the streets. The only ones who can stop this mayhem are nameless individuals, anti-heroes like your crew, caught in this mess unwillingly or all too willingly… Can your crew solve these cases, face these evils, and save the City?

Fear In Living Color
An All-QTPOC Horror Anthology TTRPG Podcast. Volume One - The Hunters focuses on a monster-hunting team reeling from their previous mission as they enter a new one. Follow and find out what horrors lie within Barrow University.

Welcome to Reddington
Once Upon a Monster of the Week is half actual play podcast half improv audio drama! Join our cast as they live in the weird small town of Reddington, NH, where the Town Council has decided it was time...for community service.

Rolling For What Now?
We are a D&D 5e mature comedy podcast revolving around 4 adventurers in the land of Eldenhelm. Each with their own goals in mind but brought together for one goal, your entertainment.

Stories and Sorceries
Join “The Fated Four” in their journey through the Homebrew country of Trives and the more dangerous and magical surrounding areas! Or, once a month, you can jump in on a oneshot where we test just how crazy DnD can get!

Roll for Distraction: A Very Easily Derailed D&D Podcast
A TTRPG actual play podcast where six friends just try to focus as best they can to get stuff done, defeat monsters, tell dumb jokes, and occasionally break into song. Come for the adventure, stay for the jokes. Time to join the adventure and get a little distracted along the way. The current season is a game of Cyberpunk RED.

Theatre of the Mind Flayer
A 5E DnD podcast cast set in the homebrewed world of Jacale. Listen as a group of improv actors navigate a campaign of utter shenanigans thrown at them by their dual-Dungeon Masters!

The Unpredicted Party
The Middle Earth TTRPG that will finally answer the age old question: Why didn’t they just take the eagles to Mordor?

Ethereal's Rest
A group of nerds enjoying a role playing game that has disguised itself as a podcast.

EN Live Actual Play
TTRPG actual play. 8-week campaigns featuring Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. One Shots of Awfully Cheerful Engine!

Lonely TTRPG
Lonely TTRPG is a show where I play and review solo TTRPGs.

Red Harvest: A Deadlands Noir Actual Play Podcast
New Orleans, 1935. Whoever called this “the Big Easy” sure got that one wrong. Things are tough all over. Honest work is hard to find, and even dishonest jobs are getting scarce. The one thing that’s not in short supply is trouble. From shady thugs to crooked cops to Mafia soldiers, there’s plenty of characters out there looking to give an honest Joe a hard time. And that’s not the worst of it. There are stories going round about things that go bump in the night. Things you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley on a darker night. And those stories aren’t just coming from rummies or saps who read that Epitaph rag. Still, there are a few heroes left in the concrete jungle. Steely-eyed private dicks, fast-talking grifters, wild-eyed inventors, and shadowy houngans still struggle against the encroaching darkness. With enough moxie—and more than a little luck—they might just be enough to turn the tide.

Welcome to ZappsQuest A Solo RPG Actual Play Podcast. My name is Zapp and I'm your host, GM and Player, join me as we explore the wonderful world of solo roleplaying.

Friday Night Fights: A World Wide Wrestling Actual Play Podcast
The thunder of the pyro... the roar of the crowd... the ring of the bell... it's time for World Wide Wrestling! World Wide Wrestling: Second Edition has the same mission statement as ever: to enable you to create your own professional wrestling promotion through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines. It’s about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous victory. It’s about the clash of good and evil on the grandest stage. It’s about whether you’ve got what it takes. And, in the end, it’s about what the audience thinks of your efforts. In World Wide Wrestling, you play wrestlers competing in the ring for both the adulation of the crowd and to improve your standing in the promotion. This game is about wrestling as a performance with pre-determined endings, telling stories of larger-than-life primordial conflict to the viewing audience. Your character is a professional who has a wrestling personae they play up for the crowd; in the ring, you have partners and rivals among the other wrestlers, but when the cameras are off, you may have very different conflicts and relationships with your coworkers.

3d6 Down The Line
3d6 DTL is a tabletop roleplaying game actual play series, with a focus on the Old School Revival (OSR) of classic Dungeons & Dragons and its simulacra. We have none of the ego-facing, performative aspects, but all of the easy rapport displayed naturally by a group of old friends. Listen to how D&D is actually played!

Call of the Deep: A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
The Sword Coast is where the continent of Faerûn meets the Sea of Swords in the west. This coastline is populated by a wealth of different folk from the Savage Frontier in the north down to the nation of Amn in the south. The settlements on the coast and the Island Kingdoms of the Sea of Swords and Trackless Sea are the primary settings of this campaign, but other inland locations may feature more prominently during your playthrough. For additional information on these locations, consult the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. The coastline itself is perilous and changeable. In the north is the Sea of Moving Ice, filled with great bergs that shatter the hulls of unwary ships. Further south lies calmer waters and friendly ports and cities, such as Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and Baldur’s Gate. Despite the existence of these havens, Red Rocks isn’t the only thing that will sink your vessel. Pirates from Luskan and The Northlander Isles roam the coast, targeting merchant galleys and bullying fishing boats. The seas too are cruel, harbouring hideous monsters, tempestuous squalls and unseen horrors in their depths. Many strange forces have threatened the Sword Coast in recent years, from marauding giants to a death curse, the Cult of Elemental Evil and Tiamat herself. Brave heroes have managed to restore peace to the region each time, but this new threat may be the breaking point. Something distinctly alien has crash-landed in Faerûn. Something which the Material Plane is not equipped to deal with.

The Cloisters
The Cloisters is a show that gives DnD 5e a sci-fi twist. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic North America where ten independent enclaves governed by central AI minds entered into an intentional 100 year isolation. However, when they emerge from isolation to reconvene only six of the ten respond. Watch as a group of unlikely allies attempt to figure out what happened to the silent Cloisters and protect the fate of humanity.

In the Land of Cheese and Sauce: A Taco Bell Let's Play
In The Land Of Cheese And Sauce is a let’s play podcast using Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Dungeon Mastered by Jacob Cordas, this epic and tasty adventure follows five heroes Nick Ortiz, TW Worn, Christine Conger, Jess Green and K80 Stanberry, as they try to unravel the mysteries of this home brewed world, The Land of Yumm. Sauces will be spilled, fries will be dipped and bells will be wrung.

Rolling Madness
4 Freunde die gemeinsam Dungeons & Dragons spielen und es wird crazy

The Grand Line: a One Piece Podcast Tabletop Role Playing Game
Poverty. Obscurity. Weakness. These are the three things that drive desperate people to the sea. Behind the waves of mystery rests an undiscovered treasure. Legend tells of the Sea Devil, a spirit so evil and vile that the seas spit him out and cursed him to dry land. As a gift to those who would defy the oceans, the Sea Devil planted a tree that bore strange and mysterious fruit. "Trust in me and you'll know power beyond your wildest dreams! Find me, and you'll never know pain or sorrow again." With those words passed down through stories and legends, sailors clinging to their last shred of hope set forth upon the treacherous stretch of sea known as the Grand Line.

The Encounter Table
A D&D real play podcast about four unfortunate individuals, taken from our world by an evil game shop owning wizard and thrown into his own sick and twisted game of Dungeons & Dragons. They will use their newfound power to achieve their only goal, and that is to get back home.

DreadTek Inc.: DnD Cyberpunk Horror
A Fantasy Cyberpunk D&D Spin-off series from Microphones & Monsters. Follow the story of Knits with his drone buddy Blip, the notorious activist Sylvia Rivera, and a rather unusually large sized Zoog named Z.OUS! in this action packed dystopian horror. Yogsonik is watching...

Plus 3 To Friendship: A D&D Podcast
Wanna listen to a group of friends roll dice and crack jokes during a game of make-believe? Of course you do! CLICK NOW! +3 to Friendship is a Dungeons & Dragons (and maybe other TTRPGs) real play podcast. For immature adult audiences.

Roleplay After Dark
Four friends from highschool come together to game after the kids go to bed. A roleplaying podcast that is currently playing fifth edition dungeons and dragons. Come for jokes, farts, adventures and snacks.

Mage Monomyth
A one on one, heart to heart D&D podcast between two friends following the story of Nymera Z’lxtrin through friends, family, and magic. Featuring Christopher “Cas” Campbell, Madie Lion, and Lilah the cat.

Darkened States
An Actual Play podcast using the Kids on Bikes system. On January 1st, at 1 a.m. an event occurs that leaves all electronic devices to stop working. How will this affect the citizens of the small town of Little Slice o’ Heaven (Lish), Nevada? Find out by clicking the Play button!

The Dungeon Boiz
The Dungeon Boiz is an exciting, creative, and fun(ny) podcast that uses the framework of the classic tabletop role-playing game ’Dungeons and Dragons’ (5th edition) to tell stories of adventurers setting out to save their towns, cities, worlds, and galaxies. Join us on these journeys as we explore new adventures, encounter dangerous new worlds, and hopefully make new friends along the way. The Dungeon Boiz now presents Stardust Echos. Stardust Echos is a science fiction, high fantasy Dungeon and Dragons home brew campaign. Like most D&D campaigns, this will be a game based on choices, imagination, and most of all, fate. What will the dice Gods have in store for us as we traverse the Adial System and explore the unknown? Due to the improv nature of The Dungeon Boiz and other RPG content on our channels, some themes and situations that occur in-game may be difficult for some to handle (may contain mature language and content). Content warnings can always be found in the episode description below. This podcast is 100% intended for mature audiences only.

Quest Fest
Quest Fest is a podcast where a group of creative and theatrical friends play Dungeons and Dragons. Join Players Teri Sturdyvin, Cameron Sheets, Justin Klett, and Ryan Fleming as they play in the immaculately immersive world created by Dungeon Master, Bryan Goode. Action, drama, comedy, and chaos ensue as the three collaborate to create a narrative campaign that entertains on so many levels... Also there is like cool combat and magic and stuff.

TNT Nerds
Welcome to The Shackles, where 5 friends separated across Time and Space (aka European timezones) gather every Thursday evening to escape real life and enter a world of magic, mystery and adventure. This is our Thursday Night Therapy session. Join DM Sean and the TNT players as they weave a tale of treachery and daring on the high seas in this Pathfinder / D&D 5th edition crossover!

Cursed Rollers
Welcome to Cursed Rollers, where the only thing more cursed than our dice is the campaign we’re playing.

Tales of Adventure
Tales of Adventure is a D&D Podcast Group! Through the wonders of Dungeon and Dragons we set off and launched Agents of B.O.O, The Lunch Break, & Monstrous Misadventures. Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of the unknown leaving only our stories... our Tales of Adventure!

Tales of Adventure: Agents of B.O.O
Agents of B.O.O. is a Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons actual play Podcast. Set in the Magitech World of Omiriah, the players work for the Bureau of Occultic Observations, a department of super powered secret agents that Hunt Monsters, Kill Wizards, and Get Loot.

Attack 10: An RPG Thief Adventure
Previous City is a town covered in foam. No one gets hurt in previous city. On the outskirts of the city in barren desert a strange box named Attack 10 has appeared. 3 mindless drones with no memories have been brought the Previous City by the Smokelord Realgar Red with one mission: Steal everything Attack 10 demands of them. In this live play, tabletop, RPG podcast, players do a series of heists that they stake out and plan using their ever upgrading thief abilities.

Chronicles of the Stormborne company
A group of unlikely strangers from reddit /lfg become instant superfriends and play various tabletop RPGs! Their current campaign is 5e D&D, called Defenders of the Storm, a fantasy adventure set in the original world of Oros.

SidecarStories is all about telling stories, and SIDECANNONS!!! is a chance for us to tell stories together! Grand arcs in the Realms of Racedis or one-shots with friends are all home here.

Stations & Starships
Just a crew of misfits getting by in the wild galaxy of Stellacor. Enjoy fun stories and learn new game mechanics as we explore Dungeons & Dragons in space!

One Die at a Time
IRL couple Sam and Jon make use of the 1-on-1 "duet" style of gaming to deliver a character driven story run using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e ruleset. Season One: Follow as Theo takes on a smuggling job to transport a special package across the homebrew fantasy world of Filgaia.

Dice and Decepticons: A TTRPG Actual Play Podcast
Dice and Decepticons is an actual play TTRPG podcast set in the Transformers universe, and uses the Mecha Hack.

Knights of the Played Table Podcast
We are a Starfinder RPG actual-play podcast, currently running through Paizo‘s Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path!

Campaigns & Concoctions
A bunch of foolish friends decided to jump on the bandwagon of actual play TTRPG podcasting. Join us as we explore mystery, mayhem, airships, and flying whales, all while imbibing delicious cocktails and snacks. We are Campaigns & Concoctions, roll for inebriation!

HearthFire Tales: Actual Play D&D from Ireland
Live Play Dungeons and Dragons from Ireland! Join us on Tour in Lethuan, a land of Might, Magic, and Metal. Our latest campaign is the Division Bell, a campaign inspired by music from the real world, where adventurers are treated (and act) like rockstars! If you like your D&D to have unique worlds, rich characters, and compelling stories, and jokes to make your sides hurt, then look no further! Also check out our other limited mini series where we rotate the DM seat and each take turns in running games! These are a nice way to get into the podcast and get to know us without having to commit to a full campaign!

Everrealm Adventures
An all POC actual play ttrpg D&D podcast, set on a isolated, fabled (and entirely homebrew) continent called the Everrealm. Join Farlies (a half-drow half something?) rogue/warlock played by Mark J.) , Mythcyra (a tiefling monk played by Jinx), Tera (an earth genasi ranger played by Rosie), Nimbus (a kalashtar artificer/druid played by Mark H.), and Chenora (a fighter/warlock played by Chevon) and the DM, Elias, on our journeys in the Everrealm.

Chaos Wombats
Play sessions of Genesys RPG in the Wheel of Time setting, along with other systems and sessions to follow, occasional episode reviews/discussion of the Amazon Prime streaming series, and any other random gaming endeavors we attempt to record.

Dicey Rabble
The Dicey Rabble is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast which follows the story of a group of adventures in the world of Eres, a world plunged into chaos by ongoing war. The story takes place in the Elysium Empire. The army calls for adventurers to investigate reports of creatures roaming the wilds and magical happenings as the army fends off invaders to the north. A group of adventures have answered the call. Disclaimer: we're all still fairly new to D&D but love it so much. We get things wrong but we're here to have fun.

DnD Explored
An exploration of the creation and playing of roleplaying adventures with friends.

Cape Chronicles
Cape Chronicles is a Masks: A New Generation ActualPlay Podcast, set 15 years after the events of Fables Around The Table: Super. Cape Chronicles follows the adventures of Falcon Girl, Royale, R3mixXx, and Quasiraptor, as they face threats old and new threatening Halcyon City.

Hollow Tales
As the deep winter falls over the north of Aria, a hidden foe begins to rear its ugly maw. 3 heroes find themselves drawn together as they travel through a dying world in this Dark Fantasy audio-drama RPG blend. Tales from a hollow world is powered by the Savage Worlds Role Playing Game system set in an original fantasy world created by Hollow Tale.

Dungeon Family D&D
A Real-Play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Podcast.

Fabled Dice
Fabled Dice is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual-Play Podcast. Four misfit adventures investigating a Haunted House get transported to a strange, and evil land. With no way home. Based on Curse of Strahd.

Spells and Whistles
Spells and Whistles is a thrilling Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast in a homebrew world filled with shenanigans and all of the spells and whistles! In this campaign, the Inked Expanse marries high fantasy and steampunk with action and hilarity. Follow our group of adventurers as they uncover secrets about this world and each other.

Probability of Demise
Four storytellers gather around the table and send three adventurers on a mission. Join the awkward beginnings and, hopefully, interesting tales of Trixie, Asher, and Tanzanite.

Three Nerds Walk Into a Tavern
Welcome to our new DnD podcast. Just a party of three, but we might make new friends as we go! We play together every Sunday and plan to post episodes weekly, so follow for more great content.

Roll More
Welcome to Roll More, a D&D Actual Play Podcast set in space. Four acquaintances will travel across worlds to find themselves and uncover threats none of them could have imagined. Loosely inspired by the Spelljammer D&D setting, this podcast is edited and produced by Cody Wilson.

Venture into Vimuros
Ampersandbox is a collaborative effort to bring you in on the chaos that is our tabletop RPG sessions. From wizards with a penchant for wild, unpredictable magic to Crag-worshiping guh'nomes — our group has seen a lot of weird outcomes from tossing the dice. Now we’re bringing that chaos and hilarity right to your home. But Ampersandbox is meant to be more than just a group of lovable idiots tossing dice. It’s meant to be a community, a shared space shaped by those who inhabit it. Let's create an environment where all feel welcomed.

Derps and Dragons
Welcome to Derps and Dragons, an actual play D&D podcast! Dungeon Master JD Davenport guides the derps, Meagan Armstrong, Cory Colvin, Cameron McGuire, and Jackson Solbeck, through a hectic world recovering from a series of devastating global wars. They must forge their own path to glory all while dealing with their personal turmoil, a mysterious and cunning evil force, constant shenanigans, and of course crazy dice rolls! New Episodes released every other Tuesday.

Friend & Foe Adventure Co: A Borderlands Bunkers & Badasses Podcast
Join us in Elaspas for mayhem, adventure, comedy, and more mayhem. Vault Hunters do odd jobs in search of glory, gold, and gore. Meet our 4 Vault Hunters; a Mechromancer that has lost it all, a Siren and her little bird, a Gunner trying to make enough to keep his mech running, and a Psycho looking for magic. A Borderlands Bunkers and Badasses RPG (From Nerdvana Games & Leder Games) actual play podcast.

ReRole Gaming
A DnD Actual Play Podcast that strives to bring the sensation of playing the game with a group of good friends to your home.

Sometimes You Crit - A TTRPG Actual Play Podcast
In our 5E DnD actual play podcast, a group of very, very old adventurers set off in the homebrew world of Kerne.

Laugh When It Sinks In
Laugh When It Sinks In is a DnD 5e homebrew actual-play adventure in the world of Viogia. Where, among the common and rich folk of the lands, lurks the dastardly people of shadow. Follow along with the Family's Bouquet as they complete tasks for the various crime families and try to keep things at least somewhat civil. Join Marion as DM and Daffodil, Lilith as co-DM and Mums, Mikko as Fresia, Nikola as Coriander, Jo as Hyacinth, and CC as Dahlia.

Five longtime friends and Chicago improvisers combine the best parts of two disparate worlds: sitcoms and Dungeons & Dragons. Follow a halfling bard, a half-orc warrior, a druid bar owner, and an elven princess as they struggle to keep the lights on at their tavern and inn, Bottom’s Up. Unlike most D&D podcasts, each episode is self-contained, so drop in wherever just like your favorite sitcoms!

Tales of Bone and Ice
Tales of Bone and Ice is a Horror Comedy Actual Play DnD 5e podcast with players from LGBTQIA2S+ and neurodivergent backgrounds, as well as Canadian Aboriginal. Set in a world of our collaborative creation, our story takes place atop an ocean that has frozen over long before we rolled our first skill check, as the gods abandoned the world for reasons yet unknown. Enhancing our story is entirely original music composed specifically for this adventure to create a more immersive listening experience for the audience. Come along and enjoy our Tales of Bone and Ice.

High or Lows Podcast
Welcome to High or Lows, an Aussie made actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Enter the fragmented world of Toraz with our Dungeon Master Philip Martin as his players delve into a mysterious subterranean land full of peril & wonder and attempt to discover the secrets of this place’s history and try to restore balance to the land

Three of Hearts
Three of Hearts is a Space Kings Actual Play Podcast made by queer people FOR queer people (and other people, too)! Follow the lives of special agents Vellum and Felspar as they solve an increasingly complicated mystery in the reclusive town of Clovenheart. Along the way there are laughs, adventures, old flames, new flames and more playing card puns than strictly necessary!

Crits & Knits - A D&D Podcast
Our story follows a group of retired adventures having to pick back up their weapons and go forth on one final adventure to save their retirement community of Pennycross. We are a D&D 5e Twitch stream and podcast and also a group of knitters that feature a specific designer each season. We're a proud member of the Majestic Goose Network.

Fire From The North
Asgard has fallen!!! It’s greatest champions slaughtered!!! The fire demon known as Surtur has won. 100 years later Odin has used what little remains of his power to resurrect his chosen warriors. They will have to fight against overwhelming odds to restore Oder and peace to the realms. Beware though each warrior hides a deadly secret. A secret that threatens their very existence!!! Join us on this adventure of gods and monsters to see who will prevail!!!

Wayward Arcadium
College is a magical time, also dangerous. Join us every week as this group of gays try to make their way through magical college.

D&DCaffeinated (formerly The Home Brew) is a Grim-Dark/Comedy campaign set in an entirely homebrew world. With an entirely LGBTQIA+ cast our mismatched hero's adventure along the continent of Tria, a now beautiful landscape with a variety of different regions each housing their own unique attributes. The campaign takes place a few hundred years after a global war in which warriors of different gods fought to the death. Now roughly 100 years ago something referred to as "The Magic Boom" occurred, granting folk of all ages and races unique magics, from being able to create water to consuming your prey and temporarily transforming parts of your body into that creature you will never know what to expect. But sinister deeds are at work in the underbelly, old gods trying to reclaim their thrones, dead gods being reborn and men, as ever, hungering for power.

Get Rich Or Dice Trying
A group of D&D players who wanted to share our little corner with the world! Streams live on Twitch every Wednesday at 8pm CST

Roll Plus Heart
An actual play podcast with a focus on queer storytelling. Join Becs, Helen, Jen and Sara for a series of short table-top role-playing games using a variety of game systems, including Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Kids on Bikes, Stone the Crows and Mundane Magic. Featuring fresh new characters for each game, some true chaos role-playing, jokes to make your mum blush, and beautiful LGBTQ+ love. If you like comedy-focused D&D actual play podcasts but you want it more femme, more gay and more silly, you'll love Roll Plus Heart.As our focus is on short-form games, you can start listening at any point. Some of our games are mini-series, which are best listened to in order, but the rest are mostly one-shots, which are entirely standalone. No need to catch up - just jump on in!

Charisma Checked
An actual-play D&D podcast about the trials of fantasy corporate life. Will our 4 adventurers break it big and climb the corporate ladder? Or will bloated bureaucracy, interplanar plots, and outright incompetence shake them off? Find out on Charisma Checked!

RPG Stress Test
RPG Stress Test is an actual play podcast where members of the DSM crew get together and ruin various RPG systems by running one-shot campaigns with idiotic settings and even dumber characters. New episodes release every two weeks!

Sanity Damage - D&D Actual Play
The Kaleidosphere podcast is a series of D&D campaigns set in a multiverse cooked up by Nathan Heard and his peers. The Kaleidosphere's first campaign, To Whom the Sea Belongs, follows the story of an unlikely team of motley scalawags and genteel nobles as they stumble into a mind-bending conspiracy that reaches far beyond their mortal world. In this campaign, the party wrestles with the moderate good and considerable evil that arises from colonialism, and they experience the vast and diverse oceanic cultures of the homebrew world of Nera’ohan. Join the party as their sanity slips away in the face of Lovecraftian horrors, and laugh along at all their piratey misadventures!

Mighty Morphin Teenagers
MMT is an actual play podcast, based on the 90's book series, Animorphs. This game was created by Danielle Lincoln, and you can find others she's created at

Table Top 20
Your average crew of miscreants from Perth, Australia playing D&D. Come have a listen!

Next in the Order
The latest in a long line of actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcasts, hosted by a cast of entirely queer people. We tell stories of equality, love, found family, and you know, dragon slaying or whatever. Join us on a journey through Citarya, a world fractured, as we make magic, mischief, and maybe a little bit of mayhem.

Welcome to Maledictum, a D&D5e actual play podcast with heavy emphasis on RP. Set in a homebrew domain of dread, the players are four individuals known as the Chosen that have lived their whole lives in peace and are about to get a dose of reality. Get ready for some medieval fantasy horror that wont hold back.

Infinity City
Infinity City is a Masks: A New Generation actual play podcast that cuts the table talk to bring two hours of story to you in easy to digest episodes featuring characters that often get overlooked in mainstream comic book media.

Kings of Dirt
Cross a desert wasteland with DAT's Kings of Dirt!

The World of Vala: Ties that Bind | A Tabletop Roleplaying Podcast
Welcome to a new saga within The World of Vala. A new magical adventure awaits as we follow a group of students at the Arcanum, The College of Druids. Watch as these students try to find themselves within a changed World of Vala as they try to balance school life, relationships, and of course adventure.

Rotgrind - Narrative Declaration
Five adventurers try to survive in this comedy filled TTRPG campaign within the grim dark world of Tyne.

Basement Party
BDtheDM and some of his closest friends gather in "the basement" and immerse themselves in the table-top role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Trisha's Hideous Queers
Join this company of queers as they venture beyond the bounds of Corestellation Red and into the Tundro, a wasteland peppered with unpredictable and enigmatic outcasts. They’ll come face-to-face with the biggest dangers of our time in a brand new fusion of a treacherous world, unique heritages, and Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition mechanics. Our ‘heroes’ explore what it means to be a part of disparate gambling cultures, ancient warrior ancestries, and subterranean insectoid communities. Most importantly, they will ask the question: Who is Trisha and where is she? Why is she never at the recordings? It doesn’t matter, we’re still her hideous queers. Join GM Robbie Taylor Hunt, performers Rosanna Suppa and Posey Mehta, and our special guest Drakoniques for this very funny, very queer D&D actual-play podcast.

An actual-play D&D podcast. Long ago, the Ascendant visited our world and unlocked a hidden power. For many long years the Chthonic Subcommittee greedily hoarded that power away while the people learned magic in secret and at risk of death. Then came the rising of the bards, stirring the people into revolution. The Subcommittee was overthrown and an age of free magic began. It is in this happy time that our heroes meet and discover that all is not well. Will they rise to defend their world against a growing threat? Or will they mostly focus on root vegetables and magic cows?

Welcome to CritHappens, a show where a bunch of 20-somethings pretend that we have adequately fulfilled our responsibilities to play D&D! We are still really new to recording, so bare with our growing pains! We are super excited to share our game, dice, lore, and insight with you all so that you can join in on all of the fun, chaos, and emotion that is this group of geeks.

An Actual Play podcast featuring cinematic roleplaying stories of daring heroics and low intrigue. Featuring the adventures of the Gadget Extraction Team, a 1930's pulp adventure set in the world of Trinity Continuum Adventure! (with an exclamation point).

The Tale Untold - A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast
The Tale Untold is an actual play podcast documenting the ridiculous and thrilling adventures of a group of friends, as they roll dice and role play to discover what happens next.

Vanguard of the Veil
A Monster of the Week Actual Play Podcast.

The DungeonRoos presents
Follow Darren (Rhylan). Durad (Sam), Ginko (Tom), Eltharion (Luke), Grexis Stargazer (George), and Teckto (Brodie), as they enter the gates of the Witchlight Carnival, and the adventure unfolds before them. See how these amazing individuals traverse the whims of the often unpredictable realm of the Feywild. This is a weekly podcast of our six(ish) Aussie hero's stumbling through the new D&D Campaign of the Wild beyond the Witchlight.

The Reckoning.
Welcome to this podcast series. We are going to venture into the world and release the unknown into the world with our 4 players. As they travel they will learn and discover what secrets are out there.

Tabletop Obscura Presents: Agents of Edgewatch
Tabletop Obscura presents the Agents of Edgewatch adventure path for Pathfinder 2e. Bringing our own personal flair and style to the adventure path, listen as we hunt down the mysterious Twilight Four and uncover their plans for the city of Absalom. Produced in Australia and recorded live on Twitch

Tidal Waves Game Podcast
RPG Actual Plays and interviews with people from the RPG scene.

Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus
Love DND? Then listen to The Natural Ones play Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus. Join the party as they remove the deadly threats from the cut-throat city of Baldur's Gate and delve deep into hell to save holy Elturel from certain destruction!

The Lone Adventurer
A solo actual play RPG podcast; I’ll be your narrator, your Game Master and guide

Rise of the Atlanteans
Based on the legendary and mystical lost continent, this homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign focuses on the real mythologies of the world we live in, creating a dynamic and historical connection between the fantasy realm-scape of the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game and our reality. Here, you will find the Greek Elf Sorcerers standing beside the Nordic Dwarf Paladins. Hindu Goblins Rogues count coins with Chinese Scaleborn Monks while the ever elusive Buddhist Human Mystics preach to their Abrahamic Halfling Clerics. All races from D&D are represented here and impacted by our world's changing times.

The House Of Troubles
Initiative Comics: A Series of RPG games set in an original comic book style world made by four friends who want to share what they make at the table with the world. the occasional Oneshot and goofy podcast episode.

The Eight Dice - A D&D Podcast
Welcome to Abelon - the most Australian fantasy continent in history. The Eight Dice is a podcast starring a group of old friends playing Dungeons and Dragons together. What has become the show started life as a one-shot between friends. Then it became a campaign. After 16 sessions, the group decided to start recording their adventurers together in the homebrew world of Abelon - and The Eight Dice was born. We are in the midst of our first recorded campaign right now on YT, Twitch and podcast apps, so join the (often-dysfunctional) adventure!

Through Hollow Flames Podcast
A DND 5e Actual play Podcast! Travel through the world of Menas with @ChaoticDarby @Hoosha_Kid @Nng98 @MallardMan_ @Harpersonagames GM'd by @Itsdariddler

Misty Mountain Legends
So you see a dog with a knife...roll initiative! We're Luke & Anna Kimbro, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts and content creators. Most importantly, we are parents to the famous Lady Pinto Bean, a dagger wielding Australian shepherd. Follow along as we play one shots (or two, three, four shots depending on the chaos) together with our fierce doggo companion!

Quest Fantastic
An actual play podcast in the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Ten years after a band of adventurers became heroes, the Justyce Loving Friends are living lives of contentment in the market town of Lower Coastberg. When a new threat arises that cannot be ignored, our heroes must dust off their helms, sharpen their battleaxes and squeeze into their armour for one last quest.

Ope! Legends of Raspia
Follow the tale of Feaubear Dongodiere as he explores the fantastical desert oasis of Caltaria.

A Dicey Experience
Welcome to A Dicey Experience, a 5e DnD podcast lead by Dungeon Master JacenSketch. Follow along as he leads his party of three friends, Stolensole, Meerkat, and LazyMan, through epic worlds, battles, and even a little mischief. New episodes are dropped bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

Forgotten Paths
A D&D live-play podcast, featuring three content creators (and their lawyer) diving into a world of TTRPG mystery and fantasy. Forgotten Paths is an "amnesia" campaign using the D&D 5E system - join our players as they learn about their characters and the world they have found themselves in!

The Atomless
Join Ayg the Ysoki Technomancer, Azhaam the Ifrit Envoy, Theriac the Raxilite Biohacker and Skye the Human Mechanic as they chart their way across the Atomless Sea aboard the Patchwork in this exciting new Starfinder campaign. What strange encounters await this daring band of space-faring adventurers?

QuestCast is a fantastic audio adventure. Every episode takes listeners into a dungeon, a dangerous battle, or a magical encounter. Every decision made by the cast (J.D., Mark, Russell, Jeremy, and Jeremiah) is determined by the roll of the dice. Their successes and failures (and sometimes quagmires) are described by the Game Master, Joseph McCullough. Listen to our homebrew sessions and share with us how you D&D. We play on a virtual platform and record remotely.

Explorers of Elsewhere
Join the adventures of Warhounds Ltd. on their journeys across the Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms! Cormyr: Echoes of War, a weekly D&D 5th edition campaign, is the first public campaign from Explorers of Elsewhere.

Rolling Deep | Game Night Filmed
Your direct link to a group of friends who love hanging out and rolling dice. We make mistakes, question each others motives, and have to deal with cat-based technical difficulties, and wouldn't have it any other way! Join Jean Hemmingwaist, Getsomani Tealeaf, Bruenor the Dwarf, and Ludicious Fingertot on a sandbox adventure filmed (nearly) every Sunday.

Fang Gang Podcast
A Vampire the Masquerade actual play podcast. Started as an excuse to play Vampire the Masquerade and formed into a podcast on a lark, this gameplay still has the dark tones of The World of Darkness with the light hearted moments of a group of friends playing a game.

A Troupe of Players
An Actual Play RPG podcast! Our first campaign, A Ballad of Truth, takes place in the steampunk setting of Sarenel and is in the style of JRPGs like Final Fantasy! We hope you enjoy the show! Cover art by Coleman Connell.

Rolling with Difficulty
Throughout the Planescape there are countless wars between good and evil, lawful and chaotic. Forces of great power shift the very nature of reality. These are not their stories... Join the crew of the Per Aspera as they make a living in the expanse of the scape. No job is too odd, no region too remote for this motley crew of adventurers. From the fiery City of Brass to the winding woods of the Feywild, they'll go wherever the day takes them aboard their trusty Spelljammer. Every episode of this D&D 5e actual play podcast follows a different entry in the adventures of the Per Aspera, and are intended to be watched in any order your heart desires. Follow the tale from the beginning, or jump in along the way, however you listen it's sure to be a wild ride!

Out of Depth Plays
Join Jae, Gail and their friends as they play a variety of role playing game systems, in an attempt to improvise entertaining stories. Could be a total disaster but we'll have fun either way.

It is a dnd podcast with a bunch of disappointments trying to figure out dnd but also how to create a story with it. You will get to learn about Melloncollie, a mysterious town full of creatures who dwell there. In the community lives Leon, Dale, Rudy, and Vinny. Listen as the disappointments try to conquer it all!

Roll Play Game
An actual-play tabletop RPG podcast that's held together with fantasy duct tape, cybernetic servos and the suspension of disbelief. We tell stories, we roll dice, we laugh a lot.

Bold Crew RPG
International actual play podcast with a focus on NWOD and other horror TTRPGs

Wanderful: A Somewhat DnD Podcast
Four friends tell jokes and sometimes play Dungeons and Dragons and its very different than those other people who play DnD while telling jokes and being recorded. Just trust me, it is. You‘d have to listen to prove me wrong.

All Flex No Dex
AFND is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, set on the continent of Epea! Where our intrepid band of adventurers traverse the Valley of the Sunrise in search of the shards of Tiamat! We have our editor Kiowa Walworth as Damon Reaves, Hanna as Zenazary, Nicole as Dinsbeet, Brandon Abreu as Bolmung, Zak Spengler as Dandelion, and Tony Spengler as our wonderful Game Master.

Adventures in Andregor
Follow the adventures of a group of adventurers through the world of Andregor!!

Lawful Evil
An actual-play DND podcast flipping the traditional roles of heroes and villains.

Chronicles of Chreathe
A new world takes shape, its gods struggle to compromise on their desires, and chaos reigns. As fate would have it, a group of unlikely heroes may be just what they need to settle the score once and for all. A D&D 5E actual play podcast.

Miami Dice Podcast
A Pathfinder 2e Actual Play podcast where 5 twenty-somethings struggle to make it through life, a rapidly collapsing capitalist society, and the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path.

QuestBoard Adventures
Come explore the fantastical world of Itsa Si as our players dive deep into the lore and adventures. In this real play D&D podcast, join the crew as they explores the custom world created by our DM.

Dice Club
Welcome to Dice Club! Join Tin, Elix, Birdie, Gabbs, Rain and Eggy in a dungeons and dragons 5th edition adventure full of gags, goofs, and glowing haunches!

Critical FAIL
Critical Fail is a D&D podcast set in a long-ago world, where monsters still existed and there was no legal drinking age. Played by three nerdy friends and their crazy DM in a game room sitting over a garage, this podcast is roleplaying, cool monsters, creative tavern names, and nonsense all packed into one-hour episodes. So what are you waiting for? Adventure Awaits!

The Cromwell Chronicles
Enter The Cromwell Chronicles: a world of rain, pine trees, and magic. It is a story where a rejection from your crush is just as important as a power-hungry demon. This is a show born from a love of the Pacific Northwest and melodramatic teen dramas, and the desire to tell the stories that don’t often get told in popular media. Through the messy metaphor of monsterhood, our young adults explore themes of identity and community. Maybe along the way, we'll find the magic within ourselves.

No Quest for the Wicked
Are you ready to rock? More importantly, are you ready to roll?! Welcome to No Quest for the Wicked, a story driven actual play podcast! Currently in our first campaign using Paizo’s sci-fi space opera system, Starfinder, in a homebrew setting.

Dungeon Mystery Theater
Let the Dungeons and the Dragons begin. It’s D&D Fighting with the legends of yore.

My First Dungeon
My First Dungeon is the tabletop roleplaying podcast where we help Game Masters learn new games and make each one better than the last.

Charisma Saving Show
Come aboard our ship as we set sail to explore the world of Ohmvelia in this Dungeon & Dragons actual-play, seafaring campaign. What tales await our chaotic party?

Shadows of Prophecy
Welcome to Shadows of Prophecy, a D&D real-play podcast where we will find out what it takes to become a hero, face our darkest fears, and pull ourselves out of a pit of despair. In a grand epic, our heroes stand at the epicenter of catastrophe on a divine scale. Caught in the webs of lies and deceit, they must uncover the history of a cataclysm long forgotten, yet still woven into the fabric of their world. They race against insidious whispers in the ears of the devout to put a stop to a supreme evil. So, join us as we traverse through adventures of loss and tragedy, grapple with adversity, and question our own reality in Shadows of Prophecy. For accessible audio, search 'Shadows of Prophecy (No Music/SFX)'.

The Disadventures Crew
Join us as we have a fun time playing through many D&D adventures with our DM Corey.

Casting Fate
A group of people seeking the fun of roleplaying within a new world. Many beginners but all passionate and dedicated people. Join us in the land of Kunivar!

Deprey Media
Here to bring fun content. Whether you get it or not it's okay. Just here to have fun! (Solo actual play.)

Forged Among Stars: An Actual Play RPG Podcast
A solo play-through of Ironsworn: Starforged, science fiction tabletop RPG. Follow the adventures of Hawking Duval, a diplomat turned tomb raider, as he seeks to write his destiny among the stars.

Dice Comics
Dice Comics is a superhero actual play podcast featuring Magpie Games' Masks: A New Generation. Set in Patch City, created when the supervillain Brainiac was thwarted from archiving the universe, a group of teens and young adults investigate a mysterious threat to their home. But how are you supposed to save the city when you're not sure where you fit into it? Join Kathy, Morgan, Brandon, Matt, Broden and Indi as they stumble around their fanmade DC Universe, inspired by comics and adaptations reknowned and obscure, and their own experiences facing the transition from teen to young adult.

The Dragon‘s Vale Podcast
Join our adventuring party in a Dungeons and Dragons story, as they journey through the world of Cailum!

Droughtland is an actual-play podcast set in a barren land roamed by zeppelins and railroads, and populated by raiders, dinosaurs, and voodoo.

Budgens and Dragons
An unfair, actual play podcast with a very simple premise - buy a scratch card for Mother! The catch is, everything can - and WILL - kill you.

The Familiars
In the darkest days of 2020, two friends were visited by an idea: get a bunch of unemployed actors together and play DnD. And so The Familiars were born. The Familiars is for DnD pros and newbs alike.

Lads on Tour
A D&D podcast about a stag do at the end of the world.

Burnt Cook Book Party
A real play show featuring an original campaign, based on Pathfinder, where four heroes of varying skills, attractiveness, and stupidity, race against time to prevent a war.

Nature of My Game
Nature of My Game is a story-focused actual play podcast of investigation, strangeness, and fear.

The Chaos Casters
Welcome to The Chaos Casters, the podcast where five friends gather together to tell stories, using tabletop roleplaying games as our medium! Follow hosts Torin (GM), Aubee, Aphid, Cas, and Zack as they weave a chaotic tapestry the likes of which you've never seen! We've got laughing, crying, screaming, and apparently a lot of salmon. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to incite chaos!!!

The Prophecy Tango
The Prophecy Tango is a DnD 5e actual play podcast set in Eberron, featuring high-level play, swashbuckling action, pulp horror, and exotic adventures.

Roll Models D&D
Roll Models is an actual play D&D podcast. We are a group of old friends who come together to play dungeons & dragons, roll dice and make bad choices. Join us in the original world of Descordia & follow our characters adventures each week!

Nights of Darkness
Welcome to Nights of Darkness! Join us in our live play World of Darkness Podcast. So many amazing stories to share.

Chaotic Stupid: A “D&D” Podcast
Come join us as we unravel the mysteries of the Forgotten Realms and try our best to stay out of trouble! (Don't see that happening!)

These Silent Secrets
A Monsterhearts Actual Play Podcast

The City That Never Dies
A Blades in the Dark actual play podcast with a Roaring Twenties-inspired twist. Set in Imperial City, follow the Whisky Jays, a gang of Smugglers trying to get by and pay off their debts amid the glitz, glamour, and corruption of the capital.

Garblag Games - Tales from Ondrum - A Pathfinder 2e Actual play
Drifting through the silvery starlight world of the Ether is the World Mountain. The body of the god Ondrum and the home to all creatures in existence. Join us for the stories of those who call the many layers of Ondrum home. Tales from Ondrum is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Actual Play Podcast from Garblag Games.

Dungeons and Daiquiris
Welcome to Dungeons and Daiquiris, where our group of 21 year olds and older enjoy a new alcoholic beverage while playing D&D! Join us on adventures into the forgotten realms for some exciting (and most likely very tispy) fun!

Double D20s
A new Dungeons and Dragons live-play podcast featuring women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Segunda campaña de LynxDyD con el grupo "The Boys" con FrigoAdri, Quetzal, Potemkill y Sirio Sesenra. Usa quinta edición y el lore que se puede encontrar en Magic The Gathering Theros, Ixalan, Amonkhet y Kaldheim. Se juega cada dos semanas.

Pink Fohawk
An actual play DnD podcast set in the Shadowrun universe, following two rad shadowrunners making names for themselves in the streets of Seattle in the year 2053. Content Warning: Pink Fohawk is a crass, vulgar, violent, and raunchy podcast full of 80s edginess that is meant for immature adult audiences only.

The Madness Table: A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Podcast
A not so well-rounded Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventuring party featuring a wizard, a cleric and a warlock are kidnapped and awaken imprisoned in the Underdark. Yes, this is Out of the Abyss, an adventure module playthrough ran by the sadistic Dungeon Master William Johnston. Reviews for this module, written by Wizards of the Coast, state "experienced DM required" and "survive or die". It also boasts interesting mechanics and optional rule sets not seen in most DnD 5e games such as the Sanity Ability Score. Player characters include the naive and endearing hobgoblin Indigo Honeydew (played by Andrew Walker), the gruff and unyielding human Sephel Hesk (played by Brendan Proal) and the commanding and always rational Lara Wippen (played by Sam Conklin) accompanied by a slew of NPCs all, of course, played by Dungeon Master Will Johnston.

An Absolute Drekstorm - A Shadowrun 5e Actual Play
Welcome Chummers to the Drekstorm. Join us as we tell the tale of a Shadowrun team (Possibly with Tails) full of misfits and freaks who have been further "enhanced" by the lovely scientist over at the Draco Foundation. Follow along as we tell-tale the draconic secrets hidden in the eye of the Drekstorm.

Mixed Bag
Mixed Bag is a D&D 5e Actual Play podcast featuring a talented and diverse cast.

DnDisaster Story
We‘re a real-play D&D 5e homebrew campaign about a group of irreverent idiots exploring what‘s essentially adventure island. They‘ve signed a contract, even if they couldn‘t read it... and what‘s up with these weird coins?

Trauma and Triumphs
Our podcast world is set in the land of Ipseria. Chaos reigns in the lands fueled by war between city states and the fight thats always impending doom from the northern lands of creatures unknown. Our adventure follows Nixie, Tahra and Arsene on their adventures as they try to save their loved ones and their beloved continent from its own destruction.

Roll Plenty
Join us at Roll Plenty, an actual play RPG Podcast, as we journey through perilous adventures, conquer vicious monsters and make tonnes of trouble for ourselves. NOW PLAYING: The Capewick Cassettes. The mysteries of history are deadlier than ever... On the sleepy English seaside of the late 90s, unfamiliar neighbours become an unlikely team. Join the five of us for laughs, thrills and misrepresented British history as we fight to save Capewick.

Saves vs Death: Cyberpunk Red
We are a TTRPG actual play livestream and podcast. Currently, our campaign is using Cyberpunk Red.

Guilded Rose Adventure
Real play DND podcast. Come for the story, stay for the fun

Telluride - An Orbital Blues Podcast
An Actual Play podcast using the Orbital Blues system. Join the crew of the Telluride on their interstellar journey through a capitalist hellscape that spans the galaxy! One part laughs, one part heart, and one part crispy action.

The AL Cleanup Crew — an Adventurers League Podcast
Welcome to The Cleanup Crew: an Adventures League broadcast. We meet every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST. We play using Adventurers League organized play rules otherwise known as AL. There are a lot more details about AL that we could go into but we’d suggest going to the organized play section of the D&D website to learn more.

Outcast & Outclassed
Outcast & Outclassed is a WafflesMapleSyrup production of the Pathfinder 2e Adventure Path, Strength of Thousands. Join us in class for all the academic antics of these amazing players. Don't miss the bell! Education is far from easy at the oldest and most prestigious magic academy in the world! The newest students at the venerable Magaambya school of magic begin their academic careers with tests of skill and ingenuity. Of course, the heroes will also have to balance their rigorous course load with investigations of strange infestations and supernatural intruders lurking in the school’s ancient buildings.

Response Team Omnicron
Response Team Omnicron is the story of the titular crew as they respond to a distress call from the Evergreen colony on the planet Hercynia. When the landing goes awry, the ground team must help solve the problems of the blossoming colony on Landmark Colonial's behalf. But with the history of Hercynia, is everything quite as simple as Landmark is making it out to be? Played in the Lancer TTRPG system using the No Room for a Wallflower campaign module, both by Massif Press.

Part of the Party: A D&D Actual Play Podcast
A D&D actual play podcast! Humor, intrigue, buzzwords, byzantine bureaucracy, missing cats and more! Join our intrepid explorers, a living plant, a shifty noble, an elf who is down for whatever, and a disgruntled pediatrician as they venture into the world of Daeson. Gather round and have fun as a Part of the Party!

Coming Together Naturally
A real play D&D podcast about four adventures who come together for a common cause.

Isekai D&D
Isekai'd into another world. Rustage hosts Tekking101, Daniel Greene, Shwabadi & Briggs on a Dungeons & Dragons adventure role-playing as regular people transported into an unknown fantasy world...

Parliament of Owls
Parliament of Owls is an Actual Play of Paizo's Pathfinder 2nd edition. This unlikely crew of evil-doers has been forced together by fate itself. Find out how this dastardly cast survives an all evil campaign.

Delta Green SCP Files
Welcome to the Delta Green SCP Files live play biweekly podcast. Join us in our live play of Delta Green with an SCP twist. So many amazing stories to share. Come Chat with us and keep up to date on all our content at Twitter: @4_Crit Facebook: Fumbling 4 and the All Mighty Crit.

Roll & Tell
With no game master, two role-players battle random generator suggestions with creativity as their only weapon. What stories will they tell? Only the dice know.

The Knight Light Podcast
This comedy focused actual play podcast stars a diverse group of nerds who tell a story together through shitty improv and the rolling of dice. The Knight Light Podcast delves into the world of Nirvangard where yetis can be 5 star chefs, "Tims" are so much more than just a pair of boots and everyone has the potential to awaken their unique Aspect of the Divine.

The Half-Blood Happy Hour
Join a group of delightful demigods as they embark on quests in a world of myths, magic, and mayhem.

Mamones y Mazmorras
Somos un grupo de frikis que juega a Dungeons & Dragons y lo graba para que puedas acompañarnos en nuestras aventuras. Adéntrate con nosotros en el mundo de Calaria. Un nuevo episodio todos los miércoles a las 21:00.

American Wizard Story
A new Harry Potter podcast, where we reimagine the wizarding world into an American story.

A Work In Progress D&D Podcast
A Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast, where three brothers attempt to tell a fantasy story while learning how to make a podcast.

Adam’s World of Darkness: Beyond the Map
What if we told you everything you know about the world is wrong? What if we told you that all the things you believe to be impossible are in fact very much possible? Reality is not what you think it is. It is so much more complicated, fascinating and, above all, terrifying. Welcome to Adam’s World of Darkness where we go Beyond the Map. Join us in this anthology series of unspeakable horrors set in a world not that different from our own.

Arcs 'n' Attics
Arcs 'n' Attics is a live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring a cast of rotating Dungeon Masters and Players. Each Arc is featuring a different DM and a completely different story and setting, with new characters to boot, but fret not, we will also return to Arcs that are beloved to our listeners and followers.

Dueling Dungeon Masters
The Dueling Dungeon Masters is a Live Play TTRPG Podcast where not one, but two Dungeon Masters will work together, and sometimes AGAINST one another, to take their players on ONE epic journey of twists, turns, chaos, and mayhem!

Tales From Trantor
Come listen to a few Australians play role-playing games in an actual play format. First up is exploring Cyberpunk Red in: Brace the Badlands!

Tempus Multae
Tempus Multae is an experimental show that started off as a collab with Doug from Good.Better.Quest, but quickly developed into its own canon. Strange things happen when man messes with things they do not understand. Mixing ancient mysteries with little-understood science has lead to some very interesting circumstances in the small town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was always an odd place, but there may be more to the mystery than anyone realizes. A lot more. Join an odd group of friends as they face one of the many mysteries this odd little town has to offer.

Tales Of Terra
An actual-play podcast that uses the ttrpg Terra Magia as both system and setting. Playing through pre-built campaigns that you can acquire and play yourself. Our first campaign is Monarchs and Murderers! A murder mystery in the city state of Ascensions Keep.

Roll For A Good Time: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Hello, weary travelers! We are a group of friends playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games! We are primarily playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E but hope to bring many more games to you in the future!

The Monster's Playbook
The Monster's Playbook is a real play Monster of the Week RPG podcast where the real world crashes into the paranormal over and over and over again. And where no monster can hurt you as much you hurt yourself. Set in Minneapolis, MN, our first campaign (The Cover Story) follows the exploits of journalist and ex-cultist Kira Ashwood, supernatural social outcast Mark Clayton, Special Agent Casey Davis, and professional sorceress Theo Nessos.

Monsters in the Mist
In the stormy city of Halifax, something evil is lurking... Watch out! It's Monsters in the Mist! Join Erik, Jonah, Sophie, and Taylor in this one part spooky, one million parts goofy Actual Play Podcast, using the tabletop RPG "Monster of the Week"!

Avatar Legends: Journey of The Elements
Welcome to the Avatar TTRPG Liveplay: Journey of the Elements! Join us in our live play of the amazing record breaking TTRPG by Magpie Games. So many amazing stories to share.

Goblins & Goblets
Just a group of people who thought we were funny and figured the interwebs might agree. This is our real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, loosely based on 5e rules. Currently, we are on a bi-weekly schedule with season 1. Our episodes post every other Monday at 12 pm PST. We have come leaps and bounds since the start of the show, so if you do decide to give us a listen, I promise it gets better the further you get. Content Warning: language NSFW, crude humor, "drug" use. 18+ All music used is original music created by Ryan, our DM except our theme song, which was created by Ben.

Critical Misfits
A group of friends who want to play Dungeons and Dragons for the internet. Out characters are misfits, and let's hope we get some crits in our game!

Strangers Rolling Dice
Strangers Rolling Dice (SRD) is a cooperative story telling podcast based in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, inspired by an adventure called Wreck Ashore. The tale highlights a group comprised of a Dwarf cavalier, Gobling druid, Human rogue, and Tabaxi bard and their journey to investigate a strange happening at the local lighthouse. The ensuing adventure takes them to their limits as they unravel the mystery and learn about the fantastical world of Khasur. Originally published by Wizards of the Coast and written by Robert Wiesse, ”Wreck Ashore” was created DnD 3.5e and adapted for this story, and is just the beginning.

The Nominal Tales
Join in as a group of nerdy friends weave together a saga full of intrigue, laughter, friendship and drama in this full play podcast of a D&D 5e adventure set in the homebrew world of Telosia, a creation of the GM of this group. Our mission here at the Nominal Tales is to join together to tell stories that inspire everyday people to pursue lives of integrated goodness. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy the Tales and that you'll join the Nommer community and connect with us on socials so we can get to know you too! Remember that adventure is calling, we've been hoping you'd listen!

Barely D&D
A ragtag group of D&D newbies fumbling their way through a homebrew world.

Don't Trust The Smiling Dungeon Master! A 5e D&D Podcast.
Don't Trust The Smiling Dungeon Master is a 5e homebrew Podcast. Set in Avalas, a land known for it's lush forests blessed by the Goddess Chauntea, our adventurers: Grak, the Barbarian, Hecate, the Warlock, Miguel, the Paladan, Lilly, the Sorcerer, Vyvyen, the Monk and Grubs, the Cleric. Will face many challenges, battle many evils, and learn many lessons. But the most important lesson of all will be... DON'T TRUST THE SMILING DUNGEON MASTER!

Gestalheim Productions - Stories and Steins
The Gestalheim Productions (formerly Dungeons and Pop) Feed for our campaigns and one-shots that focus on promoting newcomers to the podcasting community and our ongoing initiative to Play with Everyone. Games include a number of other one-shots showcasing indy systems.

Kinetic Rolls
Welcome to Kinetic Rolls S1 Dungeons and droids. A serialized DnD podcast about 4 middle school students who, after getting caught in the midst of a robot invasion get knocked out by a giant red robot and they awake years in the future in this dystopian futuristic scenario. What happened to these fellows? What are the origins of these unusual powers? What kind of shenanigans will these kids get into? find out here in Kinetic Rolls!

Monster Game Night
Monster Game Night: Bluegrass By Night In an alternate world of dark creatures and monsters, a newly formed coterie of Kindred has been recruited to sabotage a sinister cult in a small collegiate town in the bluegrass region. Clear Visions, Gordon, Jason, and Tomaso must try to balance their ravenous hunger, declining humanity, and their excessive need to tell dad jokes at every opportunity to hope for any chance of surviving. Welcome to Bluegrass By Night, a dark comedy actual play podcast. Where the undertones are dark and serious but the cast is not so much. Join our intrepid vampires as they face scruffy werewolves, possessive spirits, and even some rabid fanboys in this alternate modern setting utilizing the Fifth Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade

Recall Knowledge
We are a group of 5E vets crit-fumbling our way through learning Pathfinder and every other RPG we can get our hands on!

Secrets and Consequences
An actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the world of Vexlaria! A group of strangers are sent on a world-saving quest, but they will learn that all secrets have consequences. Join a group of friends fairly new to D&D sit down at a table and just have some fun!

You Just Lost the Game
A group of friends going on different DND adventures...

Fey Earth
Fey Earth is an indie ttrpg set in an alternate 19th century Earth where all the creatures from folklore and fairy tale are real and have always lived alongside humanity. It is a world where magic and industry are merging. The Fey in Fey Earth are faithful depictions based on folklore so while you will see names you are familiar with you may be surprised to discover the true might and power of these beings.

Reckless Attack
Do you love Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs? Then come join us at our table! Reckless Attack is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Real Play podcast, hosted by a group of cheery, diverse, regular folks in Chicago who love their game and want to share it with you.

Dice and Pizza
Dice & Pizza is an actual play show that follows three ragtag strangers on a journey to stop an ancient dragon god from destroying their homes. Follow Zaba, Driftwood, and Ernie as they explore ancient cities, help lost spirits, and try not to get eaten by kaiju.

Winged Badger Tavern
Wondrous Podcast (requires attunement by a listener). To attune this +2 podcast of listening, you must first be interested in the tabletop rpg Dungeons & Dragons. After one episode, the listener may experience laughter and enjoyment at a high enough level to move their disposition one step towards the positive (for example, an indifferent listener may find their attitude has changed to friendly). After the second episode, the listener will experience a permanent +1 to their intelligence score for all skill checks pertaining to the game Dungeons & Dragons, caused by the discussion of how the game is played, different variant rules and homebrew options, and ways to become a better player or game master.

The Mage's Tales
Group of dorky, nerdy friends sit and spin a tale for everyone's enjoyment.

Roll Plus Pod
This actual play Pathfinder 1st Edition podcast follows a group of four players and their humble GM as they explore the country of Ustalav and the strange occurances of the Carrion Crown adventure path. Join Amaranth, Avina, Emlyn and Lunamote as they dive deep into the dark history of this gothic country and unearth more than they bargained for.

A live play Monster of the Week Podcast

The Rapid Riders D&D Podcast
The Rapid Riders is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that follows 6 adventurers as they start a punk-rock rebellion in the oppressive Colovian Empire. Join Bree, Ben, Sarah, Phill, Doran and Niry as they Fumble their way through DM Sam's story, trying not to get themselves killed while also playing some epic music!

Shadow Plays
This is the actual play podcast stream for GMsShadow of Shadow of the GM fame. These actual plays are mostly GURPS and GURPS related games, though it is possible that other may creep in at some point. The main focus of this podcast will be the Nordlond Saga! a Dungeon Fantasy RPG (powered by GURPS) game set in the Nordlond world developed by Gaming Ballistic.

Savage Tales of Eberron Podcast
Eberron Campaign Setting actual play podcast using the Savage Worlds rules system from Pinnacle Entertainment. Just us on our adventures throughout Khorvaire and beyond. You can find us on Twitter at @SavageEberron and read our blog at

Treasures Untold
A 5e Actual Play podcast featuring settings, themes, and characters from literature.

Wicked Empire
Using the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition game system, Dungeon Master Jared Logan crafts a stunning original adventure where no one meets in a tavern and everyone has a license to kill. Set on a remote tropical island full of exploding buildings, shattering glass, and gravity defying martial arts, Wicked Empire is a summer blockbuster of a D and D 5E campaign that makes a Michael Bay film look like a church service.

The Tales of Worlds End
Roam the skies of Airth with Dm Logan, players Tyler(HTX 36613), David(Grayl Stormroot), Nick(Rakos Blackhand), and Seth(Barin Van Ravin) as they work to stop an Evil king from unleashing the ultimate Darkness! Updates every Wednesday!

Tales Yet Told
Tales Yet Told is an actual play podcast, dedicated to telling weird and fun stories full of imagination, thoughtful characterization, and inclusivity.

RPGs Like To Party
Friends coming together to play TTRPGs via Discord and Roll20. Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds and more.

The Apocalypse Players
An actual play RPG podcast. Dice-driven cosmic horrors supplied by Dominic Allen, Joseph Chance, Danann McAleer and Dan Wheeler

Dropped Dice - A DnD Podcast
Welcome to Dropped Dice and please do enjoy the ensuing chaos that we call friendship. Join us in our totally not harmless escapades through the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, and more, in our Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaigns!

Roll 4 Rainbow
A D&D podcast made by and for LGBTQ+ people who love adventure and can't do basic math! Episodes released every other week. Find us on twitter @Roll4Rainbow and use #roll4rainbow to tweet at us!

Baldur's Gate Disfuncional
w/ @Chiouyuni @Kidcoltraine @ChusoMMontero @GGinyin

Respect the Die
Respect the Die is an actual play narrative podcast with a revolving door of DM‘s all from the the same family! Welcome to a world of mysterious forces, dastardly villains, and heroic moments. Join the cast of Respect the Die for short season runs of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Death Saves With Advantage
A group of friends having fun and creating an educational D&D actual play podcast for listeners of all experience levels!

Party Business Podcast: A One Ring RPG Actual Play
Join a Lord of the Rings podcast adventure with the geekiest fellowship of all time. The Party Business Podcast crew plays through The One Ring RPG and flexes how terrible they are at rolling dice in Middle Earth.

The Dungeon Lads
A Dungeon Dragons podcast with a group of friends who love to play dnd.

Spellcast Adventures
Spellcast Adventures. A Dungeons and Dragons Show. A Dungeon Master with 20+ years experience, 5 Dungeon Masters turned into players and 1 new player trying to learn from them all in a completely Homebrew Campaign!

Poorly Drawn Maps
A Dungeon World Actual Play Podcast

Veturium: Awakening
A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual play podcast set in the homebrew world of Veturium.

Critically Chaotic
Six adventurers get pulled together into an adventure with mystery and intrigue in this Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

The Flying Bison Podcast
The first campaign-style Avatar Legends Actual Play podcast. Jump back into the Avatarverse and explore every corner of the Four Nations!

D&D Podcast involving 3 first time adventurers and 1 patient DM.

A Hero Walks into a Bar
A Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast set in a homebrew world! Dungeon Master Dale Madison leads his party through a world of his own make, focusing on the heroic acts of the adventurers.

Crit Eating Grin
5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

A 5E Dungeons and Dragons Podcast / Webshow. Featuring the talents of Guy Samuels, David Cox, Rose Redon, Cheryl Burniston, and Sasha Burgoyne. Created and DM'd by Matt Bateman

Roll To Meddle: A Brindlewood Bay Actual Play Podcast
Roll To Meddle is an actual play podcast. Based on the Powered By The Apocalypse inspired tabletop roleplaying game Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova, Roll To Meddle is a full murder mystery campaign. Influenced by Murder, She Wrote, the works of Agatha Christie, the H.P. Lovecraft mythos, with a dash of adventure of the week TV shows, our retiree characters solve mysteries while slowly piecing out the larger, dark conspiracy below the surface. Set on the fictional island of Brindlewood Bay within the very real Thousand Island Park, our stories are set within this archipelago in the St. Lawrence River between New York state and the Provence of Ontario.

D&Me Adventures
One man playing Dungeons & Dragons by himself. Let's join his party.

In Absentia
Welcome to the world of In Absentia, a Real Play 5e podcast from Ubergeek Media! Join our cast as they dive deep into the mysteries and lore of Thurst. Let the GM, Steve take you on a while ride adventure with Stori, the raven-folk rogue; Quill, the feline-folk Lizard-Wizard; and Zigrit, a dragonborn of Ancient pedigree as they search, stumble, and fight to save Thurst... and discover themselves.

Mindflayed Mondays
A podcast of Actual play TTRPG games. Follow our first show as we follow The Heroes of Voxis!

Knights Of The Bantam
Do you love Dungeons & Dragons but can’t find enough body horror and existential dread? Drop into the moon-mad world of Nacht, where DungeonMaker Zach guides a rotating cast of heroes through a world of his own creation. Will our heroes stay sane? Only the moon (and the dice) know for sure! A D&D 5E actual play podcast. Knights of the Bantam is the first major podcast project from the Mothdaddy co-op, a socialist collective of artists, players, creators and dreamers.

RPG: Realms of Peril & Glory
Welcome to RPG! Journey through hilarious galaxies, adventure-filled worlds and mysterious continents in this incredible actual play podcast! Experience thrilling tales weaved at the table using systems from D&D 5e, Nibiru, and 13th Age to You Awaken in a Strange Place, Agon, and more!

Girls Who Don't DnD Podcast
‘Girls who don‘t D&D‘ is monthly* real play D&D adventure from three girls who have never played before and one guy who doesn‘t know what he‘s doing. Our heroes awake without a memory and it‘s all down hill from there. If you‘ve ever wanted to get started in D&D but didn‘t know how to do it - these are exactly the right people to join. *It‘s more of a target than a guarantee.

Edge of the World
The first series in the world of Bailehart is the story of four individuals making their way through the Great White Emptiness of the north. Drang of the Short Days, a fae of the proud, stern, and warlike Winter Court, is called back to her homeland to greet the Winter Emperor. Maisel Fiske, a human, an heiress, a nuisance, is fleeing north after a betrayal. Noir Steele, wrapped in a hulking suit of armor, an enforcer for the feared and respected Rust Ring Syndicate, is tasked with retrieving a betrayer of the syndicate. And Osseus, a mysterious figure cloaked head-to-toe, a boxer of some renown - he too is under the thumb of the Rust Ring, and finds himself further north than he's ever been. Our story begins not in a region fraught with fears of war, not in a castle menaced by a dragon, not in a town overrun by goblins, but here in the frozen north. It begins at the Edge of the World.

Riverside City Podcast - a D&D 5e Podcast
Riverside City Podcast is an actual play D&D 5e podcast set in the world of the Riverside City Chronicles, a modern day setting with Superheroes called Capes and Supervillains called Cowls.

The True RPG Podcast
The True RPG Podcast is a highly improvised TTRPG audio/actual play podcast with short anthology adventures set in original worlds. Each adventure will be a new setting with a different TTRPG system than the last.

INITATIVE est une émission / podcast de JDR. Notre objectif est de proposer un contenu audio qualitatif, mais également de sortir des clichés du jeu de rôle. Horreur, tension, parfois un peu d'humour. Voici ce que nous tentons de vous proposer sur cette chaine qui nous l'espérons, va vous plaire.

nerds.wav D&D Podcast
Meet the nerds - Matt, Danny & Oliver as they lead you through a homebrew D&D 5E actual-play set in the world of Magnia. Season 1: Manaheim Noir, a fledgling interrogator turned detective far from his home tries to solve this ever-deepening case with the help of some unlikely counterparts. New episode every Monday! @nerdsdotwav - Twitter, Insta, etc

Weebs and Wyverns
Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like Mystery? Do you like Cunning Skeletons, goliaths who are much smarter than they appear, Angry foxboys or bipedal cats? Then Weebs and Wyverns is for you! Weebs and Wyverns is an Actual Play Podcast centered around four main characters. A goliath monk named Andre, a Nekomata named Neko, a Human Skeleton named Sidney, and a Fox demihuman named Kuro. Together they're trying to earn money and information for various reasons, but they're to busy fighting each other to realize when something dangerous is afoot, and it might just bite them in the ass...

Roll For Romance
Five friends horny for d20 and looking for love in all the roll-places. A real play podcast where romance meets Dungeons & Dragons.

Join us each week as we enter a world of fantastical idiocy, attempt to play some DnD, and, above all else, share some laughs and have some fun. We are currently working our way through a new campaign of Curse of Strahd. Enjoy!

Combat Optional
Welcome one and all to Combat Optional! We are a group of friends who really love roleplaying and playing tabletop roleplaying games! Join us as we tell a story in some very fantastical homebrew lands! Combat Optional is an Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast! Our first season, Futile Depths, is a story about a villainous group of five powerful individuals who embark on a quest to release The Great Leviathan, Uk'otoa.

DnD Valiant Odyssey - A D&D Podcast
Embark on a brand new adventure! With the members of The Valiant Odyssey Adventurers Guild. Seek fortune, fame, perils and profit in the world of Kalimvoor with a rotating roster of lovable heroes in our podcast created by friends around the D&D table. We are waiting for YOU to join The Odyssey TODAY!

Echsen und Keller - Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast
Willkommen bei Echsen und Keller, unserem Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast. Folge unseren mutigen Abenteurern auf ihren Reisen entlang der Schwertküste und nach Chult, wo - nicht nur - verschlagene Goblins, brutale Bugbears und frustrierende Banshees lauern. Hier wird DnD 5e in anfängerfreundlicher Atmosphäre gespielt, mit viel Humor und wachsender Kompetenz. In Staffel 1 lernen wir mithilfe des Startersets und der 'Lost Mine of Phandelver' die 5. Edition kennen. In Staffel 2 verschlägt es uns in 'Tomb of Annihilation' in zombieverseuchte Dschungel. Stürz dich mit uns ins Abenteuer!

Bring Your Own Mech
At the outer edges of space, where Union is but a whisper, humanity scrapes together a living amongst the stars. This is the story of four Lancers, talented pilots of mechanized chassis from all corners of the known universe, thrown together by circumstance and destiny...and credits. Follow Matcha, Moxie, Roadkill, and Silver led by Reed, your game master, through the Lancer system, a mud n’ laser style anime mecha RPG. I hope they brought some printers with them, because this is Bring Your Own Mech: a biweekly actual play Lancer podcast, and batteries are not included!

Dorks Down The Hall
A bunch of dorks trying out various tabletop roleplaying games.

Death2Divinity is a D&D 5E campaign with nothing but fat babes being hot, queer, and messy — all while fighting god. We go live on Twitch every Friday 8:30PM EST, but give a crispy edited version here in this podcast feed. Remember- If you subscribe, we'll tell you who has a crush on you.

Dire Wild
Dire Wild is a western horror Dungeons and Dragons podcast centered around a group of Wild West adventurers thrown into the heart of darkness.

Tacos and Dice
Tacos and Dice is an trpg Actual Play podcast. Our first season utilizes the diesel punk, roleplaying game Gilded Age. Join us for adventure, heroics, and poorly made decisions. We will be releasing new episodes on a biweekly schedule.

Dunsparce & Drampa
Four unlikely heroes take an adventure in the world of Pokémon, making powerful allies, uncovering ancient mysteries, and thwarting a conspicuous terrorist organization.

Mythic Thunderlute: A D&D Podcast Musical
Professional actors and musicians- Jake, Lillian, Michael, Steve, and Leigha- play a tightly-edited Dungeons and Dragons campaign. After they record, they add sound effects, underscoring, and full-fledged musical numbers!

Twenty Sided Podcast
A real-play D&D podcast with a rotating cast of players. Hosted by Brian Flaherty.

Swords And Sages Candlekeep Mysteries
Swords and Sages, the latest actual play dungeons and dragons podcast from Quests and Chaos. Join a VERY strange group as they explore the Mysteries of Candlekeep with the Module Candlekeep Mysteries. Swords and Sages is part of the Quests and Chaos Podcast Network.

Welcome to D&Disaster! a live play Impov Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Follow adventures on Kanasper, an LGBT friendly, diverse fantasy world created and lead by Dungeon Master Ben. Join him and his players as they fumble their way through a chaotic and enjoyable, yet deep and intense journey. Expect action, intensity but most of all disaster!

The World Of Otaria (D&D RPG)
Welcome to the Home-brewed world of Otaria! Here we’ve created our own little twist on the classic world of Dungeons and Dragons and have brought you something new to the table! Please enjoy our story and our characters as well all explore this new world!

The Deimos Paradox
What is a god, but the dreams of the human consciousness brought to life? The Deimos Paradox is a Lancer RPG actual play podcast featuring a rotating cast of players, and, most importantly, lots of mechs!

5 Torches Deep Actual Play
5 Torches Deep Actual Play podcast. My Friday game group play 5 Torches Deep a game that is known as an Old School Renaissance (OSR) style game which means that it plays towards the old style of Dungeons and Dragons and focus mainly on actual dungeon delving. It is a smaller less complicated ruleset that is tremendous fun with a basing in the rules from Dungeons and Dragons 5e The system is one where the party are more adventurers than heroes, they are very vulnerable and can die very easy. In the early days of the campaign we lost so many adventurers we created a In Memoriam page to honour the Glorious Dead.

Dragon of Icespire Peak: The Argent Sword
Quests And Chaos Presents an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Streamed live on twitch, this campaign features a heavily modified version of Dragon of Icespire Peak, the module from the Essentials Kit. Featuring DM, James Aaron Oh, and players Matthew Bridges, Laura Domingo, Julie Hall, Tiana Hanson, and Nick Watros.

Blittle League Blaseball
Blittle League is a Monster of the Week comedic live play inspired by the online horror game Blaseball. We follow a daring group of 10 year-olds who, as players on the Somerville Sunflowers youth blaseball team, keep their town safe from demons, monsters, hyper-capitalism, and other existential threats… and play blaseball, of course! A fallen angel, an electric witch, a lab-made psychic, and whatever Zlobs is, continuously risk their lives, feel Big Feelings, and face the horrors of growing up.

We are a mixed gender group of friends who meet weekly with a passion for fantasy adventuring through the medium of Dungeons and Dragons. Some of us are relatively new to table top role play and some are more seasoned, returning to the scene after a break away. Our podcasts are produced from live organic play with no prior scripting or previous run throughs. They are edited solely by ourselves without any external help or sponsorship. It is also important to convey that the DM's dice rolls are always entirely open and visible to all.

Tipples N Taverns
Tipples N Taverns is a fantasy role-playing game similar to Dungeons & Dragons, with simplified rules for the intoxicated. Our cast plays a team of adventurers who have returned from an epic and lucrative quest and are getting shit-faced at the local tavern. As they finish the final round they can afford, they’ll go on literally any quest to keep the party rolling. Quests are created from a verb and noun combination drawn at random by a Game Master, whose role rotates each quest. The quests are unknown the players. Join us for another night of drinking and dragons on Tipples N Taverns.

Chaotic Normal
An actual play, 5th Edition DnD podcast that takes place in a remote set of islands known as the "Shattered Isles". Come along for a sea-faring adventure with a rag-tag crew of wannabe pirates as they bumble their way from coast to coast.

The Third Gallon Podcast
The Third Gallon is an actual play podcast, where we play different tabletop roleplaying games in a seasonal form. Kind of like a sampler, since everything goes with mayo. Currently we are playing through the Forbidden Lands roleplaying game published by Free League.

Adventurers Anonymous
Six dangerously codependent dipshits drink cocktails and seek a glorious death in an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Along the way they’ll discover the true importance of unconditional friendship, companionship and personal hygiene. Each and every one of them will have to dig deep to find the self belief required to stay sober. Follow our brave companions each week as they battle against danger, destiny and diarrhoea. So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy!

We're four nerdy queer people making an actual play podcast using the "Masks" ruleset. Join us on a wild ride through the superhero city of Waypoint, where everything might be possible, but not all is how it seems.

The Night Shift - A D&D Podcast
The Night Shift is a real play D&D Podcast featuring the best cast and the worst characters. An acclaimed young adult author, a radio DJ, a food network star, and an LSU football player get together to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Life's a Battle
A Fantasy Adventure Podcast. Join the Battle family and their friends as they embark on misadventures and make each other laugh! Always remember: Life's a Battle, but you're not in this alone.

Misfits and Misadventures with Blank
A Dungeons and Dragons campaign led by Kay and Blank as Dungeon Masters about Bisexual Pirates.

Ethereal Embrace
In the year 247 in the Age of Judges, Vartan was summoned home by a letter stating that his father has died under mysterious circumstances. Upon returning home, Vartan opened his mind to the possibility that his father’s death and his home town of Eterno was not everything that it appeared to be. Ethereal Embrace is a fantasy mystery adventure, collaboratively told using the Dungeons and Dragons 5e game set.

Stars Are Right
Bringing Call of Cthulhu stories to life. An actual-play of the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG, 7th edition.

Legend of the Ramblehouse Saints: A Giantslayer AP in Pathfinder for Savage Worlds!
A new group of Heroes begin their legend in the frontier town of Trunau. This is the Giantslayer Adventure Path as you have never seen it! Played using the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds rules recently released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the Heroes will have to find a way to save the lands of Avistan from the depredations of the Giants and their allies!

Fate's Rest
We weave a story through the gameplay of DnD to have fun and entertain while we are at it! Campaign 1: Magic and Fate. The fate of the world lays in the balance as three unlikely heros appear to stop the approaching calamity. Join these friends as they adventure through the world of Terra.

Heads Must Roll
Heads Must Roll is an actual play D&D Comedy show set in a homebrew world of oppression, corruption, revenge and vigilante justice. Immerse yourself in a complete D&D nerd experience full of danger, intrigue and dad puns for days. Follow along as our ragtag group of heroes navigate their new roles as agents in an underground secret society bent on exposing and disrupting tyranny in their native land of Havathax. Grab yourself a tankard of mead, sit back and enjoy this completely original Dungeons & Dragons series chock full of quirky characters played by a group of immature grown-up geeks.

Pods of the Multiverse
Join four friends as they explore the multiverse through various Dungeons & Dragons (5e) settings. Each season will take place in a different setting, with a different DM, and a distinctly different flavor.

Primary Attribute
Primary Attribute is a Castles & Crusades actual play podcast where our cast unravels the mysteries of Arx Moltimus, a mountain fortress that contains the last surviving city, as it flies through the sky above a world consumed by a supernatural corruption and attempts to hold out for just a little longer. Battles are fought, romances blossom, secrets are uncovered, and city infrastructure is maintained against all odds.

Tabletop Gold
Five friends come together to play the greatest RPGs ever created -- delivering deep characters, nail-biting combats, and uproarious table talk. Our current campaign is The Roots of Ruin, a production of the Pathfinder 2e Adventure Path Abomination Vaults by Paizo Inc. Come for the game play, stay for the personal nuggets of gold that every episode delivers!

Crit 20 Podcast
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast made for Laughs and Adventures. 5 friends embark on a quest of epic proportions.

Quantum Dungeon
Welcome to Quantum Dungeon! Where the rolls are real, but the science is made up. Quantum Dungeon is a homebrew actual play podcast set within DnD 5E rule set that takes inspiration from various genres and quantum multiverse elements seen within pop culture.

House Rolls
A DnD actual play with your family!

Under the Library
Under the Library is a weekly recorded RPG/TTRPG game utilizing the Call of Cthulhu rule set. It is set on a fictitious earth (at least until the aliens arrive) where cosmic horror is steeped in mystery and slathered with self-deprecating humor. Our current campaign is Blood on the Rocks, an original weird west sandbox created by our Keeper and mispronouncer Michael Frank. Each week, Michael leads his friends (a motley crew of opera singers, DMs, puppet makers and serial killers) as they brave the mysteries and try not to die. The investigators of Bloodstone are Florence Potter, bookstore owner (Emily Mills-Woodruff), Beau Clermont, traveler and hunter (Chris Hogan), Quentin Berry, veteran and medic (Wayne Holt), Jaker VonHusher, coffin maker (Scott Stamper), Harold Rumsford, tinkerer/inventor (Arthur Rothfuss III), and Philip Awn Donner, mountainman (Rick Duthersford). The members of Under The Library believe heartily in the narrative, improv and character building of roleplaying. Sometimes we stick our heads in front of trains because thats what our character would do, and when we look under the bed even the Keeper may not be sure what we’ll find. We believe we’re crafting a story, which creates flawed characters, suspenseful events, and fulfilling revelations.

Ducky's and Dargons: The Vardorian Conflict
Welcome, to the first Dungeons and Dragons campaign conducted by the cast of Duckys and Dargons. Our D&D campaigns take place in both homebrew and established worlds offering an opportunity to experience the chaotic euphoria of adventuring no matter where you are.

Legends of Aethoria
Aethoria. A large bounteous land; full of magic and mayhem. Political intrigue and downfalls. Heroes and heroines save the day, and monsters and beasts plunge it back to peril. Hundreds of years of history are lovingly preserved by The Historian. Join us as we relive history and discover perils, pitfalls, and some practical jokes that made Aethoria the legend it is today...Get Your Merch! -

Real Play Games Podcast
An actual-play role-playing game podcast where G.M. John runs his friends through a bunch of tabletop role-playing games, some pretty popular, and some of them obscure! We release episodes every other week (for now)!

Proficiency + 6
An all-queer DnD 5th Edition Actual Play podcast! Join our party as they explore the original world of Alloria!

Arbitrary 20
We're a group of friends who play and produce content about tabletop RPGs. We're currently playing D&D 5e. Make sure to follow if you enjoy!

Transplanar RPG
Transplanar RPG is an all-transgender, people of color-led D&D stream set in an original noncolonial, antiorientalist world where the gods have vanished, the stars are gone, and vicious monsters stalk the night. The fate of Andake depends on Øka Hyye, an aasimar bloodhunter played by Sea Thomas (they/them, @PiSharpArt); Dewey Quurk, an aarakocra artificer played by Max Guo (they/them, @starchmonger); Manaia Wairua, a half-orc fighter played by Devon Olson (they/them); and Vee Nauchtscherzo, an elf sorcerer played by Erica Fladeland (@EricaNewGirl). This campaign is GMed by Connie Chang (they/he/she, @ByConnieChang).

We are a group of friends dedicated to producing quality actual play RPG action. From dungeons and dragons 5th edition to Starfinder and so much more! We will be rotating what system we use after brief campaigns so tune in wherever you find podcasts and join the Jester's Court!

Cyberpunk: Tales from the Oasis
We are a real-play cyberpunk podcast, set in a brand-new futuristic setting: The Oasis. Come join our four edgerunners on their adventures from Night City to this mysterious desert jewel - and discover the secrets of The Oasis. New episodes every week!

The Chronicles of Stiripos
The Chronicles of Stiripos is a DnD actual play Podcast which features Dungeon Master, Hannah, desperately trying to herd players Simon, Serena and Alex through a series of short stories all set at different times and different locations on the continent of Stiripos while an epic tale plays out in the background, linking the stories together. The first adventure features Omatyne, Arnulf and Kayleth as they desperately try to rescue Kayleth's true love in "The Ballad of Bavrim and Kayleth".

Rolling With Rainbows
An actual play TTRPG podcast released in limited miniseries in which Sophie (@theymersophie) and Jess (@thatJessVideos) are joined by various guests to try out different tabletop systems old, new, classic, indie and more. In Season 1: Sophie runs a campaign of Call of Cthulhu played by Jess, Natalie (@snorenat) and Jo (@winterymute) set in a fictionalised version of Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Second Shot City
A looming mystical threat envelopes the fictional city of Boston, Massachusetts as a mysterious organization asks people with a second shot at life to fix the problems that are starting to crack open the city. Playing a rules-light version of City of Mist, join Adam Yee, the Master of Ceremonies with a variety of interesting guests and their characters as they solve mythical mysteries, get into hilarious situations, and navigate the complexities of life in this decently funny podcast.

The Die As Cast
Welcome to a brand new Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play Podcast. Join Diego Stredel, Madeline Hunter Smith and Griffin Cork as they are led through the post-apocalyptic Wasted West, found in Midgard from Kobold Press. Missing parents, kissing wizards, and hissing vampires - our cast of characters dive into DM Kevin Cork's twisted mind as he tries to pretend like one of the player characters isn't his son.

Gays of the Round Podcast
An Actual Play podcast where queer performers showcase stories in settings and games by queer designers.

7th Star to the Right
A sci-fi actual play podcast using the Stars Without Numbers system. After a cataclysmic event known as "The Scream", the human empire crumbled. It is only now, 600 years later, that the skies are full of starships again with interplanetary communications and trade. Join our adventurers as they try to survive in the Imeall Mor sector making ends meat in an indifferent universe. Space bears, crystal goblins, psychic humans, and forgotten ancient treasures are just a few things they might find in "7th Star to the Right"!

Black Armada Tales
An indie TTRPG actual play podcast. We are friends and designers playing the latest indie hotness and our own games.

An immersive actual play tabletop role-playing game about a team of scientists who descend to Deepwater Plymouth, a science lab at the bottom of the ocean. An easily bingeable blend of comedy and horror.

Crit'n It
Welcome to Crit'n It! We are a DnD 5e podcast with a homebrew twist. Join us 5 dorks in the steampunk world of Edranis, adventuring as No One's Heroes in the fractures of reality. Grab your dice and prepare to roll like Crit!

(DSA) Die Splitterdämmerung - Träume von Tod
Die Splitterdämmerung: Träume von Tod Wir schreiben das Jahr 1037 BF: Seit dem Fall Borbarads ist die Rabenmark in Ost und West geteilt durch den Todeswall, der einst das Reich gegen Angreifer aus dem Osten schützte. Während im Westen das Mittelreich mit dem Wiederaufbau nach dem langen und kräftezehrenden Krieg gegen den Dämonenmeister beschäftigt ist herrschen im Osten die Jünger*innen der Erzdämonin Thargunitoth. Viele Male haben Heere unter der Führung des Orden des Heiligen Golgari versucht den durch Borbarad dämonisch pervertierten Todeswall zu durchbrechen und die Ost-Rabenmark zu befreien. Doch bisher waren alle Versuche erfolglos. Mit der Unterstützung namenhafter adliger Verbündeten startet der Orden nun einen letzten gewaltigen Versuch, die ihm anvertraute Rabenmark endlich aus den Klauen Thargunitoths zu befreien und eine uralte Prophezeiung zu erfüllen. Das dies ein Suizidkommando sein kann ist allen Beteiligten nur zu gut bewusst und doch sind die Zwölfe mit ihnen, denn im Osten des Walls machen sich fünf Held*innen auf, der Schlacht vielleicht die entscheidende Wendung zu verleihen. Doch auch ein alter Feind des Golgariordens ist östlich des Walls nicht untätig. Den Verräter Lucardus von Kémet treiben schon lange ganz andere Pläne als nur die Vernichtung der Golgariten an und schon bald muss sich das Heer der Befreier nicht nur mit dem Todeswall, untoten Streitern, wilden Dämonen und Dienern der Erzdämonin auseinandersetzen sondern auch mit dem Land selbst.

Dial M for Magic
Welcome to Dial M for Magic, a darkly comedic noir-inspired Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in a world where magic is outlawed and swanky magical speakeasies abound. We meet our characters: a troubled poet, a budding journalist, a hyper hick, and a giant handyman, as they all go about their lives in the city of New Bastilon. Danger lies around every corner, but just maybe, so does the truth.

2ManyDice Presents: Astronautica
An actual play podcast with homebrew worlds and untold shenanigans. Current Campaign: Astronautica! What do you get when a runaway corporate heiress, a failed child star, and a street criminal all get a spaceship? An actual-play podcast (running a modified version of the Coriolis ttrpg) set in an original sci-fi world!

Starforged: Tabula Rasa
With no memory of his past, he up wakes in a med pod. There's some alien creature in his neck, tentacles in his brain. Oh, and there's a glowcat... Who's now captain? Story and performance by Redstone Archender, but using the tools of a solo game of Starforged by Shawn Tomkin.

Keeping Inn Character
A dnd podcast out of Border Keep Games in Port Huron, MI. New episodes out every Monday!

Keep Your Dice About You
Join a colorful cast of small, high-school best friends as they recruit their internet buddies for high adventure! Join the cast as they find fortune, test their morals, trust their friends, and protect their families while they slay the big bad in a chaotic, jack-of-all-trades games that will test their ability to keep their wits (and their dice!) about them in...The KYDAY Show!

Do Dragons Dream Of Scorched Sheep? - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
A bi-weekly D&;D podcast brought to you by @ModernEscapism. Listen to the triumphant adventures of Stigveld, T'Reble O'Clef, Calbo Greymerkin & Caprimitty as they explore the world of Erethria in search of fame, fortune and a nice tankard of ale.

The Bestow Curse Podcast: A Pathfinder 2E Actual Play
Join Hideous Laughter Productions for our newest adventure. A tale of intrigue and excitement, wherein every action has a consequence and every moment may hold the key to the fate of Korvosa and its inhabitants. Victory stands on the edge of a knife in this 2e-converted run of Paizo’s legendary adventure Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Party of 2 RPG Podcast
Hi! Party of 2 RPG is an actual play podcast for Pathfinder 2e, homebrew campaign. As writers, both Hayley and Weston's main goal is to write incredible storylines, with epic battles and intimate moments, while at the same time having a ton of fun! If you're into actual play, have an interest in tabletop gaming or love a well written story with fun role play, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Dice Carnival
Welcome to Dice Carnival, where we have fun telling stories and rolling dice. Be sure to check out our main campaign: Electrival, set in the electric world of intrigue and adventure.

Welcome To CyberPunk'D, A live-play podcast were we explore Cyber Punk Red TTRPG. Join us as we explore the dystopian future in all its corpo glory . So many amazing stories to share.

No Proficiencies
A D&D podcast that will try its best to upload weekly.

The Split Party Podcast
Welcome to the continent of Etharis, a dark fantasy setting detailed in Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide, by Ghostfire Gaming. A party of very different and special individuals who've had the weight of the world thrust onto their shoulders has split into two separate parties after coming to grips with their new role in the world. Between monsters, undead, and the legendary creature known as "The Beast", will they be able to accomplish their mission and save Etharis? DM Prowler is joined by the party of Jimmy, Strider, Waffle, Cuda, Undead, Covert, and Neszy for this unique D&D podcast. Join the Split Party today in our ever growing community! And remember... Never split the party!

Comic Book Youtubers create their own colorful supervillain personas and take part in a hilarious roleplaying game (DnD 5E) that can be best described as Suicide Squad meets The Venture Bros.

Horizon's Point: (Allegedly) a D&D Podcast
CITIZENS! Welcome to Horizon's Point, a biweekly actual play D&D podcast... allegedly... set in a steampunk world where magic is regulated, the rules only apply when it's funny, and semi-feral raccoons wield blunted butter knives with abandon.

Dungeons & Derek
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition actual play podcast in which four friends perform acts of goofness and gallantry in the original campaign setting of Axys.

We're just a group broadcasting our Pathfinder 2.0 sessions (if you don't know its a lot like Dungeons and Dragons). We have fun, laugh, and make great stories that we hope to share with you!

Rogue Runners
Actual play audio drama podcast that adapts your favorite stories to TTRPGs. Vol. 1: In the Blood parodies HADES and plays it as a 5e D&D game.

Planet Arcana
A tightly edited, tarot-flavored, retrofuturistic D&D podcast. Homebrewed cup of 5e, served by 2 DMs. Dungeon Masters J and B are accompanied by good friends Skye, Peter, and Shaun as they work their way through a seedy world of Androids and Humans.

Everything's A Mimic!
An actual play TTRPG podcast that explores popular adventures and modules within the confines of our homebrew world of Aurora!

S!de Quest: Original Tabletop Adventures
Tabletop RPG variety show featuring all original campaigns across multiple systems and genres.

Day Dreamers
Join a less than professional story as 6 friends play Dungeons and Dragons together!

I Cast Fireball
A D&D 5e actual-play of the campaign Tyranny of Dragons.

The Crit Cast Podcast
This is an ACTUAL PLAY PODCAST. We are a small D&D group who play online using ROLL20, DISCORD, SYRINSCAPE to tell amazing adventures together. We upload every Wednesday.

Tales from the Stinky Dragon
A D&D podcast from Rooster Teeth! Our brave adventurers have answered the be interns for the super hero group, the Infinights! Little do they know that the Infinights are in danger and our hapless interns may be their only hope for salvation. Can the interns save the Infinights AND master a triple shot vanilla almond latte with extra foam?

The Deco Dice Podcast
A British DnD actual play podcast in a Dieselpunk setting. Come join the adventure as a Triton Girl exploring the world, a Drow Hotelier and Chef, a Leonin Night Club Bouncer and a Fire Genasi looking for a friend start a path towards their destinies. Expect Monsters, Mysteries & Machine Guns.

The Weird
Join Agents Bishop and Delaney of the Department of The Weird as they take on ill-tempered terrors, discover startling secrets, sing some Dolly Parton, and try not to get murdered by demons in this horror/comedy actual-play/audio fiction hybrid. (They will probably get murdered by demons).

Tangent Tabletop
Originally meant to be a Tangent Avenue Patreon exclusive, Tangent Tabletop is an actual play D&D podcast where we’re telling a story that puts our characters in a constant moral dilemma where they have to ask themselves the question: am I doing what’s right? The world of Iglos is very divided, with many sides to a seemingly impending war where the fate of the world is at risk. We tell this story through role play, music, and sound effects that will drag you into the world and make you ask yourselves the same question every step of the way.

Nastygram: An RPG Podcast
Nastygram is an actual play RPG podcast that is all about the game! We might take our RPG nerdage seriously but not ourselves. Our goal is for you to feel like you are at the table with us as we build stories collaboratively across a variety of game worlds and systems while keeping the authentic feel of tabletop roleplaying amongst friends.

Pokémon: Dungeons and Dragon-Types
Set 11 years after the events of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, "Adventures in Kanto" follows Flip Blaze, a contest coordinator from Hoenn, and Sicely, a trainer from Lavender Town. A chance encounter in Cerulean City joins them together in an adventure that's sure to go down in history! Join them as they travel the Kanto region, prove their worth as Pokémon trainers and contest experts, make new friends, and uncover a villainous plot that spans the Kanto region and beyond! What adventures await our intrepid heroes on their journey? Find out right now! What are you waiting for?

Break Battle & Roll
Welcome to Break, Battle, and Roll - a comedy D&D podcast following the story of three unlikely heroes in the land of Archipeldia. Dungeon Master, Aaron Rollins, lays the groundwork for players Chad Stafford, Janelle Wilke, and Dustin Blechschmidt as they break character, battle foes, and roll for initiative. Join us as we embark on epic adventures turned silly escapades.

Awfully Queer Heroes
We're a group of Queer creatives who love playing TTRPG. This is where we share everything we play from oneshots to a long campaign.

Let's Break History
Let's Break History is an actual play podcast where the cast members take on the roles of real historical figures and do their best to change the course of history. Game Master Peter Quinn-Jacobs corrals a creative cast into an improvisational story based on important, but often poorly understood, periods of history.

Field Trips
Friends for much longer than any of them care to admit, your three hosts bring extensive RPG experience from even before they met. For almost 100 years combined, they have played in and ran tabletop and live action games of every stripe. Since then, they have discussed, argued, kibitzed, broken down, built up, rearranged, and dissected every imaginable topic, frequently in living rooms in front of horrified onlookers who couldn't get a word in edgewise. The Tabletop Journeys project started as friends wanting to get together over Zoom to talk about the games they were running, they stuff that they had bought, and things that they thought were cool. And now, we hope that you do too!

Call of Cthulhu: Mythos Mysteries
Welcome To Call of Cthulhu: Mythos Mysteries, Join us as we delve into the mystery and madness of the Call Of Cthulhu! So many amazing stories to share.

An actual play podcast exploring fantastic worlds, hard choices, and the everyday people who make them.

The Quest Coast
Experiments in fantasy role playing with Brian Fukushima.

Magic: The Dungeoning
We are a captivating RPG D&D story within the MTG Universe, plus a unhinged Story set the Devil May Cry Universe.

Improv Tabletop—Fate Accelerated, Avatar Legends, Blades in the Dark
The Fate RPG actual-play where we make up everything on the spot. Also the Avatar Legends/Blades in the Dark actual-play where we make up almost everything on the spot.

Adequately Advanced Magic
Adequately Advanced Magic is a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) actual play podcast featuring collaborative storytelling and an investigation into the relationships between technology, heroes, and power. Set in the city of Falcon's Reach, three unlikely strangers — Jack, Hyrkir, and Niklaus — explore an industrialized world in which magic is mass produced and sold for profit.

New & Different Worlds - A TTRPG Experience
Welcome to a game twenty years in the making; this is a wholly unique experience, with five settings to choose from: Vanadia - A Steampunk / High Fantasy settings where the world and player choices grow as the game advances. New Millennium - A Superhero / Supervillain drama set in the modern world. Terran Interrupted - A Galactic Odyssey where humanity struggles to survive in the vastness of space. A Dark Place - Horror and madness twist your sanity as nightmares become reality. Test Kitchen - Join us for test runs on prototype settings & one-off sessions.

Dice Fiends Classic
Hello, and welcome to the Dice Fiends! We are a podcast celebrating the wonderful world of TTRPGS with a whole host of cool people. Dice Fiends Classic contains our first season of DnD adventures.

Forgotten Tales: Rime of the Frostmaiden - A D&D Podcast
The Forgotten Tales crew play through Dungeons and Dragons module “Rime of the Frostmaiden” by Wizards of the Coast.

The Owl Preservation Society
A podcast of some drunken adults playing Dungeons and Dragons 85% correctly.

Three Dummies And A Dungeon Master
A D&D 5e actual play podcast where we are the big idiots on this podcast.

Quantum Kickflip
A Slugblaster actual play podcast, hosted by The Debutantes.

Outlaws & Old Ones
Welcome to Auroraboro—a small town bursting with potential! Are you a gregarious ghoulie getting into government? A naughty necromancer in need of some nasty nightlife? A wayward werewolf wandering the west? Whatever you are, whoever you're looking for, you'll find it down the rural roads of Auroraboro. Outlaws and Old Ones is an entirely-improvised, Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game in the style of the radio dramas of yesteryear.

The Rollers Guild DnD
We are the Rollers Guild, a new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition actual play show! Our first campaign, the Gilded City, dives into the city of Waterdeep in a reimagined version of the Sword Coast that is deep into its industrial revolution. Join us as our heroes come together and figure out what being a hero even means in this new age.

Nobody Wake The Bugbear
Australia’s Number #1 Podcast that features a Bugbear! Come with us on a journey through our Epic Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign, Ghost’s of Gauntlgrym, listen in on our many Oneshots! and join us as we explore new and exciting game systems. A NO - FUDGE podcast where the stakes are real and the dice are KING!

The Natural 1s
You're listening to The Natural 1s, a group of friends across the world from all different walks of life, gathering in fellowship to play Dungeons & Dragons. Sit back, relax, partake in your favorite ale, and enjoy the show!

Star Wars: Showdown On Iceball Station
An original Star Wars RPG adventure set during the Legends/EU timeline. In the midst of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Galaxy, the Jedi Praxeum has sent two Knights to a remote, frozen world where they must work with the local detective to unlock an ancient secret...

Rolls Of Fate
A TTRPG Podcast created and played by 6 friends. Full of fun, friendship and much more.

Um podcast com contos de terror, rpg e algumas histórias loucas

Animam Agere
A group of teenagers find themselves drawn into strange happenings around a small college in the Pacific Northwest. We are a City of Mist actual play podcast that uploads every other Friday!

Second Star Productions
Five unlikely heroes from this world and beyond, are drawn to the mystical island of Neverland in a race against time to recover a fallen star. Join us for this brand new D&D 5E actual-play set in the fantastic world of Peter Pan's Neverland!

JK, We're Rolling!
It's time to enter a world of fantasy, wonder, and mystery as three students attend the most prestigious wizarding school in all of Germany! Three German improv actors will attempt to survive the gauntlet created by one American game master. While the cast explores the obstacles and rewards of being multicultural, their characters will have to explore obstacles and find rewards of their own. Listen as they have to delve deep into the world at Neudrachenberg Castle to uncover secrets, defeat every variety of magical threat, and manage a passing grade. This original world takes place in an all-new game system specifically designed to mirror magical societies from other popular media.

Devils, Elves and Dice
This is an actual play podcast of Paizo Publishing’s tabletop RPG, Pathfinder 2nd Edition - we’re playing through their recently released adventure path, The Abomination Vaults. Another take on the classic RPG dungeon crawl. We’re starting with their first book of 3. I expect a lot of hallways, corridors, and doors… With this style of adventure it can be hard to get any kind of RP out of it, just due to its nature. Jump into the dungeon, jump out, sell stuff, rest, jump back in, but I’m hoping we can squeeze as much roleplaying juice out of it as we can.

Fantasy Adventure Machine
Welcome to the F.A.M. an actual play podcast using the Fate system performed by a literal family of nerds, in our attempt at telling the story of a crew of time-traveling superheroes, locked in a quest to save the fate of humanity from corruption and greed. Join us as we make it up as we go!

2's Company
An actual play tabletop RPG podcast with Jonah and Patrick. This is our excuse to build immersive worlds and create compelling stories together in the Pokemon Universe!

The AARPG Podcast
The Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast is a bunch of nerds who've been gaming together for over 30 years hoping to capture the fun and comradery of the weekly game we started when the pandemic hit.

Far Beyond the Stars: A Starfinder Podcast - Official Partner of Paizo
Live life the Edge Corp way: punch the clock, keep your head down, collect your pay. This is the day-to-day reality of working stiffs in a rough galaxy. But when the crew of the cargo freighter Calamity fails to catch break after break, their lives are turned upside down. Bad cargo, spiraling debt, and a woman’s life on the line: all with the Golden League crime syndicate breathing down their necks: it’s no surprise that these blue-collar folks get desperate enough to take ANY job. Can’t let danger, or moral compromises, get in the way of their bonus checks. So goes life - FAR BEYOND THE STARS.

The boys doin a homebrew

Owl Creek Ridge
A Kids on Bikes Adventure in Owl Creek Ridge

Dolphins & Garages
A tabletop RPG podcast made by leftist nerds who were tired of talking about politics for an afternoon.

Partida de rol jugaba con @GeraruTaru y @EledeLara, usando quinta edición y el compendio de aventuras Candlekeep.

Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: Fumbling 4 and the All Mighty Crit
Welcome To Dungeons and Dragons, Fumbling 4 & The All Mighty Crit style! Join us in our live play D&D 5E exploration of the Homebrew world of Altaris. So many amazing stories to share.

Woke Mental Wellness
Woke Mental Wellness is a podcast devoted to Black Queer mental wellness and the issues which impact our community. Currently we play tabletop role playing games and talk about gaming and how it relates and impacts Black Queer mental wellness. Woke Mental Wellness aims to increase knowledge and awareness about Black Queer mental wellness and intersectionality to help both people in the Black Queer communities as well as providers and allies. Cassie, is the founder and GM of Woke Mental Wellness and a Black Queer person with a mental illness as well as a mental health professional.

Sanguine Mysteries
You are a resident of the town of Beaugrand, located in Sussex, Ontario. It's a strange town, and whether you were born and raised there or have more recently moved there, you are more than familiar with its many local inexplicabilities and the conspiracy theories they generate. From the rusty red waters of Lake Sanguine to the common and unexplained disappearances, Beaugrand is full of peculiarities. But between the watchful corporate eye of Elcon and the governance of the town mayor, the famed racehorse Gravedigger, what do you really have to worry about?

Band of Adventurers: Rime of the Frostmaiden
The Icewind Dale is trapped in an endless winter and only through the power of teamwork, friendship, and a little bit of nonsense can the curse over it be lifted. Join Serana (they/them) and their players Aleksandra (ze/hir), Eric (he/they), David (he/him), Kona (she/her), Justin (he/him), and Cole (he/him) on a fun and emotional character-driven game of D&D. New episodes publishing every Friday.

City in Snow - A D&D Podcast
Welcome to City in Snow, a homebrew 5e Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast. Led by their fearless DM, Lizy, four players work together to build a story as their characters explore the city of Elthana's Stand. Will they solve a mystery? Will they meet new friends?? Will they fall in love???

An Anthology of Adepts: Earthdawn Actual Play Adventures
A series of shortform Actual Play games using the Earthdawn RPG Sytem.

Heroes of the Planes
The heroes have returned! Join Adam Bradford, Hope Lavelle, B. Dave Walters, Meagan Kenreck, Lauren Urban, and Jennifer Kretchmer as they are led on a multi-plane adventure springing from the mind of Dungeon Master Todd Kenreck.

Dice and Dungeons
A Dungeons & Dragons live play show, set in the unique world of Astraenor. Join our party each week as they set out on new adventures!

RolePlaying Grenade
A group of friends play Nights Black Agents, a vampire spy thriller roleplaying game.

Emergency Power Podcast
A mostly wholesome, always exciting actual-play podcast set in the Starfinder universe. Featuring an original adventure written by GM Adam Damas.

Live, Laugh, Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft meets 'insert funny show here' in this D&D actual play (cookery) podcast. Enter into a world of fantasy-fueled cosmic horror, improv comedy and goblin cookery with Sam McKay, Steve Cross, Lucy Eckersley, Kate Hunter and Zoë McGee.

Cyberpunk: Independence
Cyberpunk: Independence is an actual play Cyberpunk Red stream and podcast. It combines a complex narrative and accessible mechanics explanations, designed to appeal to both those very familiar and completely unfamiliar with the Cyberpunk universe. Featuring an incredibly creative cast and team, Cyberpunk: Independence is fun from start to finish.

Role Reroll
Welcome to Role Reroll, an actual play podcast where we get together to roll dice and do funny voices - and critically fail. Join us as we explore a multiverse of RPG systems in short stories we’re calling Revolvers: a little longer than one-shots but a lot shorter than full campaigns. Join the party with five friends (Andy, David, Rahul, Saul, & Wail) as we role, roll, reroll our roles, rerole our rolls, re re re roll...wait....

Moms on a Mission
Welcome to Moms on a Mission aka MOM! Set in the homebrew world of Edris, this is an actual play D&D podcast about a group of six mothers that became an adventuring party after their children were kidnapped at a PTA meeting by unknown forces. Furious and distraught about their missing kids they are racing against time to rescue their kids before the oncoming summer solstice. Dungeon Mother Madison is joined by Ani, Ezra, Luciana, Maddie, Sol, and Will.

Unprepared Casters
Just what the world needed: a DnD podcast born from TikTok! Follow hosts Haley (@whipjack) and Gus (@gusthebard) as they pass the DM seat back and forth and spin off each other's adventures! Friends of the hosts and fellow DnD content creators feature as guests as we build out a world together and explore the many different ways DnD can be enjoyed.

Venture Forth: A D&D Podcast
Venture Forth is an RPG based narrative podcast developed by a group of actors, entertainers, and friends. Through the use of detailed storytelling, committed role-playing, and a completely original swath of tone-setting music, our goal is to create an immersive and theatrical narrative experience without sacrificing the warmth and comfort of playing with your buddies. Thanks for checking us out, and may your adventures be epic!

Wayfaring Strangers
Welcome to Wayfaring Strangers, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual-play podcast hosted by members of prog-rock outfit, Winter Wayfarer! Join Collin Hop, Marty Balmer, Jake Garrett, Eldon Soriano (Warner), and Ryan Vande Vegte as they weave tales of heroism, heartbreak, and personal growth. With an original soundtrack composed by members of the band, and a pinch of classic Winter Wayfarer comedy, this is an audio experience worth listening to! Tune in every Monday night for a new episode!

InterDimensional Library
TTRPG Actual Play Podcast Show

Alta Fabulae
An Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast. Host Corey leads his friends in this Dungeons & Dragons show. Player's Chris, Ash, Greg, Jay, and Kay do their best to navigate their characters through the plot, staying one step ahead of the bad guys, and derailing the story whenever they can.

Meta-Magic News Network
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast based on the modern day, using real world events to build a story. Magic has returned to Earth, and we've learned that the world created by Dungeons and Dragons isn't fantasy, it's history. Can our three heroes, along with some friends, figure out why magic has returned? And can they stop it from getting out of control?

Crit Nasty
Welcome to Crit Nasty, where we play D&D any way we want it to be! Join the Johnson siblings - Leea, Carley, Maggie, and Levi - as they go on weekly adventures across fantastical lands. You better believe it’s gonna get a little Crit Nasty!

Grimm Madness Podcast
Follow our group as we explore a new world in Dungeons and dragons 5e. Played in the setting of some of your favourite retro games and pop culture scenarios.

The Lawful and Awful: Descent into Avernus
DnD campaign, Descent to Avernus

Critical Successors
We are an actual play 5e dungeons and dragons podcast, where a father plunges his two kids age 15 and 12 into their first ever game of DND.

Snake Eyes
An RPG actual-play, semi-improvised detective noir mystery that follows Tabitha "Bitty" Jones, Private Investigator. The wife of a famous film producer steps into Bitty's office suspecting her husband of having an affair. What she uncovers sends her down a twisting rabbit hole of money, broken promises and life-threatening danger.

Dunjawns & Dreygins
Bad things happen in Bramswood. Dunjawns and Dreygins is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy.

No Initiative
Come fight greed, robots, and capitalism in the sky with the Heroes of Starfall Spire in the Soaring City of Valarith! Quest: The Soaring City uses the Quest system, published by the Adventure Guild.

No Latency
A Cyberpunk Red Pen and Paper Roleplay Podcast. 'A radio-play with Dice' Join our adventures as we learn the mysteries of Night City, a bar called No Latency and a mysterious fixer named 'Domino'. How will it end? Only the dice will tell.

Salty Bastards D&D Actual Play
A mismatched group of conscripts find chaos, crime and corruption on the high seas! This 5E Actual Play podcast has plenty of laughs, action and grossness, as five comedy fantasy authors pit their wits against a savage Games Master.

Friends playing Cogent Role-play can these noobs learn the system?... …Update, yes but scheduling and technical difficulties did prove to be too grate a change ?I would recommend Cogent to anyone but mostly I recommend experienced GM’s just because they actually know a bit more about what they are doing but all and all we had a lot of fun though we lost a lot of the recordings so I was unable to keep up the podcast, I learned a lot and do plan to use that knowledge in the future, I hope to see you then.

Worst Movies Ever Played
Worst Movies Ever Played is a new actual play podcast where three comedians improvise hilariously bad VHS movies. The kind you'd find scavenging through the dumpster behind a Blockbuster Video.Hosts Patrick Baker (Regular Show), Brent Butler (Norm Macdonald Live), and Geoffrey Golden (Wet Hot American Summer RPG) produce cheesy movies on the fly using the Straight to VHS roleplaying game. They play every role and narrate the action, while Hollywood sound designer Adam Baker (The Invisible Man) provides the music and SFX. Season one packs in the schlock: a man’s brain being transplanted into Air Force One, a small town cop solving mysteries with a talking owl, teens using satanic magic to make self-driving cars, and a low budget sci-fi flick called Space Squad that’s legally distinct from another unnamed popular space movie franchise. No lights! No cameras! But ten episodes of action! Also plenty of dice-rolling, bizarre characters, and mind-numbing plot twists – all without the rental fees.

Applied Materials
The dealings of a global megacorporation whose intent is inscrutable send tremors through corporate and financial highways, requiring the intervention of the secretive and enigmatic ORPHEUS organisation. Applied Materials is a campaign set in the Orpheus Protocol universe, a modern eldritch horror tabletop role-playing game.

Playing with Madness
A horror comedy actual play podcast using the game Delta Green system and setting. In 1998 in the small mining town of Peskajumba strange events begin to unfold. Enjoy original music, bowling and madness.

Dungeons, Dragons and Date Nights
A live play podcast between husband and wife trying to save the world and date each other at the same time.

TastyDoom Podcast
Ever wonder what a D&D campaign would be like if the characters were overpowered? then this podcast is for you! Come watch our DM kyle struggle to balance broken toons as they battle their way through hoards of monsters and smite all that stand against them. Welcome to TastyDoom!

Dicey Encounters
Welcome to the land of Monsmet, a foreign realm filled with magic in which we find three daring adventurers struggling with a difficult situation. Will war ravage the land? Will our heroes see their families again? Join us on this D&D5e actual play podcast for more dicey encounters!

The Writer's Room; A 7th Sea Podcast
For all your 7th Sea adventures, antics, and escapades! This is a collaborative effort between players and GM's alike, here to bring you play content from various campaigns in the form of dramatic storytelling and discuss the game in segments called Notes with the Narrator. Come in, have a seat and be welcome, friend, to the Writer's Room!

Just a group of friends sitting around playing the TTRPG that they love

Redgate and Wolf
What happens when a sassy thief meets a Scottish werewolf? Supernatural shenanigans ensue in this actual play Monster of the Week podcast. Listen as this shifty duo hunt monsters, roll dice and cause magical mayhem in the fictional American town of Hendrix.

Maker's Misfits
We're a group of POC TTRPG friends, who finally decided to make a podcast. Join us on our adventure as we start Pathfinder 2.0 AP The Extinction Curse.

A Knight of Shreds and Patches
An immersive Genesys Actual Play Podcast following the adventures of the Patina - a motley band of traveling mercenaries.

The Natural Ones
A D&D play podcast about a group of adventurers finding their way through the desert lands of the Sylmar Empire. Join Cory, Audrey, Jon, Lauren, Yogith, and Raunak as they fail through a multitude of adventures!

Single Player: A Solo RPG Podcast
An actual play podcast focused on solo RPG experiences. Each episode, host Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr sits down to play a single-player tabletop roleplaying game and shares tools to keep playing at the table, even when the group is gone.

D3: Dungeons-Dragons-Dudes
Josh, Daniel, Austin, Matthew and Ethan embark on epic adventures in this brand new Dungeons and Dragons Podcast! D3 is for all listeners, even those who have never played Dungeons and Dragons! Enjoy!

The All Night Society
The All Night Society is a Vampire the Masquerade Camarilla chronicle following four neonate Kindred as they navigate the murky waters of Chicago politics. Prince Kevin Jackson has big plans for the Windy City, but Anarch agitators, rogue Lycans, and Sabbat terrorists threaten to undermine him at every step. Can the coterie help the young Prince build an empire to rival those of the Old World? Or will they join his broken regime in the ashes of vampire history?

Skoro Hrdinové - stolní RPG hry na hrdiny
Jsme parta přátel co hraje stolní RPG hry na hrdiny. Klademe důraz na roleplay a improvizaci. Hrajeme živě na Twitchi improvizační show v různých systémech a světech. Od pravěku po daleké sci-fi. Snažíme se bavit lidi a zvedat povědomí o tomto koníčku. To vše streamujeme na našem Twitch kanálu a poté vydáváme záznamy na Youtube a podcastových platformách.

The Final Frontier - A Star Trek RPG Actual Play
Hello! Welcome to the Star Trek RPG Actual Play podcast. We're a bunch of friends who love to play RPG's. We are playing the Star Trek Adventures RPG made by Modiphius!

Chronicles of the Eastern Winds
A D&D Podcast.

Laser Swords & Sorcery
Join a party of misfits as they explore a world of adventure and intrigue built on the bones of ancient technology and magic.

Blank City, Nowhere
"Blank City, Nowhere" is an actual play anthology series about exploring the dark and storied past of an entire city, one RPG at a time. From paranormal high schoolers to pirate sailing the high seas, from haunted hotels to larger-than-life wrestlers, we'll create and explore a city with rich and engrossing history. Every day is a strange new day in Blank City, and who knows what the citizens will discover next!

A Night in the Basement
We are an actual play Call of Cthulhu podcast that exclusively records in basements; possibly your basement.

What We Do in the Basement
What We Do In the Basement is a comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast where improvisers explore fantasy worlds, battle foes & navigate political conflicts with the help of their wits, weapons, & obscure pop culture references.

That's How We Roll
Here it is, the podcast you’ve been waiting for: That's How We Roll. It's an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons show brought to you by three mates who just wanna have fun. One of us plays D&D a lot, one of us has played D&D a little, and the other hasn't ever played. Where will the story lead? who knows. That's just how we roll.

Garblag Games - Masks of Nyarlathotep - Pulp Cthulhu
Welcome to the Garblag Games actual play of Masks of Nyarlathotep THE grand Cthulhu campaign!

Just Roll With It AP
Just Roll With It is an Actual Play podcast where we spotlight and play a new TTRPG every month.

Tomes of the Chaos Bard: A Family Friendly, Fantasy Focused, Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
A family-friendly, fantasy-focused, Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast. In the world of Kel-eth, your Host Chaos Bard, Saulum, and his side kick Quill, the phoenix feather, follow a group of heroes so they can tell their tale!

D&D With Friends
A bunch of nerdy friends playing dnd together in a living room!

The Tabletop Stop
A game of Dungeons and Dragons set in a modern fantasy city where the gods run their own businesses. What could go wrong?

Bard Rock Cafe
Join Armbar, Brock, Epi, and Rook as they search the city of Waterdeep for answers behind the surge of wild magic throughout Faerun in this Real Play Dungeons and Dragons (DND) comedy Podcast.

Pace is an actual play podcast set in a theoretical future Otherverse.

Quest Friends 4ever
An actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast starring four friends of varying experience that promises to deliver comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery, shenanigans, rule bending, and in general, a whole lot of fun.

Campaigns of the Plains - RPG Actual Play Podcast
We're a Midwestern based tabletop roleplaying group that would like to bring our sessions to you! We publish new videos every Friday.

Greasy Panda Gaming
A mechanic and his friends start gaming. For better or worse these are the results. Blue collar meets Nerds! Releasing every other Sunday!

20 Sides & Improvised
Four friends who met doing Improv start a game of Dungeons and Dragons. They've been at it for a while, and now they're finally ready to release their chaos upon the world. Come join Sanguine, Mogwai, and Daisy Duke Realm-Destroyer as they fumble, fib, and F-up their way through a story told by the Flying Gorilla God.

Evermorrow: DnD Actual Play
We are a group of friends who likes to emphasis the roleplaying aspect of DnD 5e! These are our actual play sessions. We are currently running through two official DnD 5e adventures: two weeks with Descent into Avernus and two weeks Rime of the Frostmaiden. As this is our first adventure into podcasting and audio editing please be patient as we learn!

Sins of Salvation: the Post-Post Apocalypse Podcast
A game using the Savage Worlds rule book, where a group of friends play in the author's home-made setting. Sins of Salvation is a surreal post-post-apocalypse set in the distant future after an alien invasion, where a fractured humanity has entered a dark-ages and strives to survive in a tremendously changed world.

Missing Annie Lee
A Fear Itself Actual Play Podcast. Produced by Salty Sweet Games & Off the Table.

Eclipse: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Eclipse is 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons sci-fi fantasy thriller. Join the crew of the Eclipse as they struggle to keep the galaxy safe in this biweekly actual-play podcast.

Channel Stupidity
Four stupid adventurers and their dumb dumb DM explore a world of fantasy humanoids, spider queens, ice, hot chip, and try not to completely fuck up along the way.

Will Save The Podcast
Welcome to Will Save, a weekly science fiction actual play podcast set in the universe of Starfinder! Through storytelling, some dice rolls, the rules of Starfinder, and just a dash of luck, four strangers begin a journey that could unravel the silent threats veiled in the galaxy's darkest corners. How far will they go for the truth? Find out as we play Paizo's "The Threefold Conspiracy" Starfinder Adventure Path!

The Family Dragon Slayer
The Family Dragon Slayer is an actual play Roleplaying podcast where the main crew are all family living under one household. We use our "family day" together to roleplay and have fun, and upload it all for your enjoyment.

The Meatgrinder: An Actual Play Limited Series
Five days ago the town of Halcyon went dark. A small town in Williams, in the Western United States of Aremesia, the radiating magic levels are off the chart. With the only roads into this isolated mountain town closed, accessible only by small helicopters, an elite government team of operatives has been dispatched to control and contain the situation. And then, after those guys all got killed, they sent in these people. Welcome to The Meatgrinder. The Meatgrinder is a nine episode Actual Play limited series set in the same world as Stormwood & Associates — one that’s largely like our own, except humans are joined by elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, and halflings — and magic is very real.

Puns & Potions
What do you call a mixture of nerds, dice and bad jokes? Puns & Potions! An actual-play D&D podcast of streamers gone rogue, prepared to bring you lovable characters, meaningful narrative, and more laughs than you signed up for.

Dungeons Beyond Dice
Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition actual play podcast currently running Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Crit Out Of Luck: The Last Song of Arcadia
On the anniversary of their biggest heroic success, Seren and Surrie return to the place where they defeated the vampire tyrant, Strahd von Zarovich: Barovia, now returned to its rightful place within the Material Plane. There, Seren and Surrie team up with another strange pair, Alcyone and Q’shek. At the behest of Chancellor Angiers, the four travel to the capital city of Arcadia, a land that values heroes and adventurers above all else. The people of Arcadia seek our heroes' help as they face a crisis of succession and looming threat of invasion from the land of Eurovia beyond the valley...

Dice With Death - A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Dice with Death is a performative actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where anyone could die, with a roll of the dice. Join IGN's Amy Mallett,'s Adam Wilbourn, and Jamie Powis as they explore the contemporary high-fantasy world of Paalette, with Direct Messenger Oli Bateman.

The Eldritch Hour
An rpg actual play podcast focusing on Call of Cthulhu and other horror games.

Welcome to Modular! The podcast where we play the many modules available to us in the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons!

Memester of the Week
Welcome to Memester Of The Week, an actual play podcast. A reluctant cult member, his stoner roommate, a skeptic youtuber and her fae camera-person walk into a diner. They then walk out of the diner and drive off to hunt the things that go bump in the night. Inspired by works like Supernatural, The Adventure Zone, and The Critshow, join four friends as they travel across the country solving supernatural problems, and often causing more problems than they solve.

Adventures from the imagination of drunk intellects. Follows the real story as two sets of gods are born. A group of old and new friends, on a raw unedited actual play D&D homebrew fantasy story in two campaigns Allelopollus & Mannipollus, on the world of Tareth. (Drunken & Dungeoneer-ing).

מביכים ודרקונים
מביכים ודרקונים הוא פודקאסט משחקי-תפקידים קומי בסגנון פנטזיה. סיפורים מממלכת פירסלנד, בהשתתפות הקומיקאים ינאי בן נח, ענת אורן, לאה לב, אדיר פטל ודניאל גורי דה לימא, ובהנחיית אסיא גרינברג..

Next On The Initiative
Next On The Initiative is a D&D Real Play Podcast, Back in the summer of 2020, Hosts Jakes Hernandez and Elijah Jackson started playing the D&D 5e module Out Of The Abyss with their D&D Group members Arun Bharadwaj, David George, Maia Ross, and Jack Phillips. After the first game session Jakes mentioned his interest in starting a podcast based on their weekly D&D sessions. After a few months it all came together and now follow the adventure this group of D&D Players take as they roleplay though the Underdark.

Dungeons & Dive Bars
This podcast is an actual play DND campaign, it's basically collaborative improvised storytelling with dice rolling and randomised elements. Our three Heroes for this campaign are, Rango played by Rory Walker, Lilith played by Hollie Joyce and Almere Played by Michael Hood, they're going to be exploring the morally grey region of Kierra. If you're new to DND or always found it intimidating don't worry too much as one of our players is also new to the game and we'd like to make it as accessible as possible for you. Enjoy!

The Lettuce Inn
Welcome to the Lettuce Inn, where tabletop role-playing game happy hour starts now! Using an ever expanding menu of role-play systems, inn workers Erika, Jayson, Lindsey, Blake, and Mika will lead you (and themselves) through a new TTRPG gameplay course each season with harrowing storylines and a look at how each unique game system works.

Nat Wonderful
8 Best friends go on grand adventures through the wonderful worlds of Table Top Role Playing games! Join us as we make this Naturally Wonderful.

Hammer of the Gods
Actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast set in an alternate Greek history where Alexander the Great made allies with Atlantis to expand his empire beyond Earth. Follow the Hammpod crew as we explore this world and stay for the shenanigans and b.s. that ensue!

A comedy-horror TTRPG podcast about a group of gay AF ghost hunters in Ohio. 18+. Working in the GUMSHOE Trail of Cthulhu system.

COVEN: An Actual-Play Podcast
COVEN is a horror actual-play podcast set primarily in 1980s Texas. We play multiple roleplaying game systems to tell an ongoing story in a world of magic and demons. In the town of The Livery you’ll find jazz, crocodiles, and the occasional hurricane.

Wreckage: an RPG Podcast
A podcast where a group of friends enter the original world of 'Uri' to explore its secrets, fight through deadly encounters but most importantly have some fun. Uses the Fantasy Age Ruleset by Green Ronin. Come listen to the show!

Will of the Dice - A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Will of the Dice is an unofficial Dungeons and Dragons 5e actual play podcast. The campaign takes place in the created realm of Rune Ath Kesha. Will of the dice is a diverse collective of passionate storytellers come together to share our love of the tale. We come from all walks of life and embrace our diversity in our unity for this game we play and these stories we share. We believe that love and inclusion are the torches that will light the way to a better tomorrow.

Epic Blunders RPGcast
An actual play tabletop RPG podcast currently running DnD in the Critical Role world of Wildemount. Listen in when you can or join us weekly on Saturdays live! Making the best of a digital, separated world by joining together to stay connected, (mostly) sane, and enjoying what we love. You can be a part of that too. Enjoy exciting combat, grand storytelling, clever pranks, and more!

The Notoriously Poor Roller's Podcast
A bunch of mutually unlucky friends attempt to poorly roll their way through Dungeons and Dragons. Currently, we are running our ongoing campaign, "The Atchew Anthology." We also have a 5-episode one-off called The Port Fidcasts Adventure.

Malt and Magic Podcast
Join our Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns as three adventures travel through a Fantasy world called Nialin.

Habit of Force
Habit of Force is an actual play podcast about mecha mercenaries!

Roll Together
Dungeons & Dragons. Narrative & Nerdery. High Adventure & Hijinks. We are Roll Together. Join us for exciting adventures with wonderful players taking you off to the worlds of D&D! With multiple storylines and adventure arcs, as well as a huge, diverse cast of players from around the world, listen to our adventures here.

Could've Been Heroes
Could’ve Been Heroes is an actual play podcast where six old friends adventure as six total strangers who, after missing their shots at destiny, now get a second chance to make a mess of everything. Set in a unique and developing rpg that filters fantasy, horror, pop culture and other wonderful nonsense through the brains of six or more weirdos making their dream game.

Daemonologie: The Devil's Parlour Game
Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, the neither and the marvellously evasive. Here is the smoky parlour, there is the hookah pipe, and this is the cause of all our scandals: Daemonologie. The most delightful, devilish parlour game from Pall Mall to Lambeth, whispered in tearooms and caused blushes at Kew. Here shall be two podcasts: an Actual Play of Daemonologie, where we join a host of inquisitors discovering why a burning Scotsman leapt from Bristol's Cathedral, only to vanish, and Unmasked, where the authors will peek behind the curtain, uncovering the lore, mechanics, and team of Daemonologie.

Dungeon & Babbins: Adventurer's League
A series of "Dungeons and Dragons" campaigns run for various charity efforts.

A tabletop RPG storytelling podcast.

The Junket Podcast
An actual play and really gay D&D show following the interstellar antics of the Space Squad as they try to solve basic puzzles, navigate pirate-infested jump lanes and maybe save the universe or something along the way.

Pod Against the Machine: A Pathfinder Actual Play
Welcome to Pod Against the Machine, the only Actual Play podcast that specifically mentions its opposition to the machine in the title. We’re a ragtag group of five creating an epic story while playing through the Iron Gods Pathfinder First Edition adventure path from Paizo publishing. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons, complete with wizards, monsters, and skeletons…but with an added bonus of evil robots and horrifying aliens, all tied together with our (hopefully) funny banter, interesting characters, and edge-of-your-seat action.

Action Economy
A tabletop RPG podcast. We play what we want.

DHall & Dragons
Four high school students are sucked into a world of fantasy and magic and have to set out on a quest to find their way home... but not before they find themselves along the way.

A Critically Accursed Podcast
Welcome to A Critically Accursed Actual Play Podcast, where the plot's made-up and the rolls don't matter.

Chosen Ones
Chosen Ones' is a DnD 5e Podcast that is a collaboration between several artists and storytellers originally hosted on YouTube. And now we're on podcasting platforms as well! (LGBTQ+ Friendly) Our story takes place in the first few hundred years of the planet Absolem on a continent known as Varune. To combat the hardships of Absolem, people with extraordinary powers began to develop, known as Sparks. And from these Sparks, a Chosen One could form. Our story follows four of these Sparks as they work to discover who the next Chosen One might be.

Meddling with Monsters
An actual play podcast using the Monster of the Week system. Join our four heroes as they the travel across the country, encountering terrifying monsters, strange characters, and poorly named pastries. An exciting mix of action, drama, and comedy perfect for anyone who loves roleplaying games or audio dramas!

Crit! Like a Girl
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast, featuring an entirely female cast (Including our lovely DM)! Join us and see how we Crit! Like a girl.

of Black Glass
The Watch is a low-fantasy, PbtA game about women and nonbinary people who are fighting to retake their homeland from the Shadow, a darkly sorcerous threat that has the power to possess men and use them for it’s own violent ends. The stories we will tell are structured around the military campaign against the Shadow’s forces. We will tell stories of war, love, and sacrifice. We will play to find out what happens. And we will, in the end, defeat the Shadow.

Sewers & Shuriken's
Sewers & Shuriken's is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying podcast. Our heroes are a band of mutated turtles that quickly have to learn to survive in the grimy streets of a magically altered New York.

As the Dice Roll
As the Dice Roll is a collection of Actual Play campaigns from the Geek to Geek Media Network. "Cautious Optimism" is a GURPS campaign in a Sci-Fi setting while "The Horsefeather Saga" is a crazy romp through DND 5e!

Crow Inquisitors
An actual play RPG podcast using The Burning Wheel rules about exonerated criminals doing the dirty work of a corrupt church.

Disciples of the Eight
Darkness. War. Chains leading to a castle in the sky. Falling. A group of heroes awaken in an alleyway with no memory of who the others are or how they got there. They only have a deep sense of trust and the word of a stranger that they were on a mission to kill the king. They got very close but ultimately failed. Now, thanks to the actions of their strange new friend, they have another chance. The king does not know that they still live, much less that they now know where his power comes from. Now they have to come up with a new plan and remove as much of the king’s power as possible before he realizes they are still alive. Along the way they will meet new, interesting friends and discover just how far the king has gone to preserve his own life. If they fail this time, there will be no coming back.

NCRP Productions
A Tabletop RPG actual play podcast coming to you from Behind the Redwood Curtain. We intend to offer a variety of tabletop role playing games (ttrpg) with various systems.

Stabby Time Adventure Buddies
Four buddies get together and offer up the exact same thing as other role-playing podcasts. Shenanigans and entertainment! Listen along as we stumble our way through encounters, make terrible jokes, and try not to kill each other.

The Xanathar
Xanathar has released his "Guide to Everything" to overwhelming success and retired. The city of Waterdeep has had 100 years of peace and very little crime. But things are starting to stir in the city and our heroes must find out what is causing the disturbances before it is too late. Is it the return of the infamous Xanathar? Tune in to find out!

What the Dice!?
These friends get together to play tabletop, Dan the GM, Nytlin, Ethan, and Keith. Come together to play and share the story of their characters in weird, wacky, and sometimes dangerous campaigns. We welcome you to join us.

3P - Partners in Pen & Paper
Hier unterhalten wir euch mit Actual Plays zu unseren Runden und einzelnen Spielvorstellungen. Unsere Schwerpunkte liegen auf Erzähl- und Indierollenspielen, mit Abstechern zu OSR. Auf unserem Discord-Server planen wir unsere Runden öffentlich, suchen nach Mitspielenden und tauschen uns gerne mit euch aus.

Calamity Janes D&D Actual Play
Tasked with hunting down a group of infamous Jerks, the all-female all-star adventurers get waylaid on a psychedelic adventure through time, space and badger farts.

Trials of the Apocalypse
Join us as we play through the whole Powered by the Apocalypse RPG catalog or die trying! Behind the screen, David Easley leads a rotating cast of players through one-shot games in each PBtA system, from character creation and world building to epic finale in every setting and apocalypse imaginable. Havoc and hijinks abound in this actual-play podcast!

Errant Adventures
Join writer and game master Steve Morrison as he embarks on a solo roleplaying game adventure. He may be alone with his thoughts, but the dice are sure to keep things interesting.

The REDACTED Reports
You have discovered The Redacted Reports: an actual-play podcast of the Delta Green roleplaying game.

Negative Modifier
Negative Modifier is the best real play podcast you're not listening to yet. We play a variety of games, often leaning more towards the slightly more adult end of the spectrum.

Curse, Code & Crown
Curse, Code, and Crown is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast styled after adventures like The Princess Bride and The Three Musketeers. It has three central characters, all of whom are played by voice-over artists and improvisers: Laura Elizabeth (@elhamstring) is a sheltered princess whose soul is trapped in a suit of armour, Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante) is a disillusioned royal guard determined to rebuild his fallen order, and Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt) is a fungus-worshipping healer whose spores are gradually dying out. Together, they face an original world, built by Dungeon Master Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), that has suffered under centuries of mistreatment by its rulers: enough darkness, it's time to bring the dawn.

Strangest Strangers
D&D 5e actual play, The 'Red Masque' Campaign & Uncanny Adventures. Comedy, Horror, Adventure & Friends!

Knocked Prone - Dungeons And Dragons Podcast
Knocked Prone is a clean, chaotic, and deep podcast for Dungeons & Dragons nerds! Follow along with Dungeon Master Kade Backus for this family friendly actual play podcast featuring a crew of talented story-telling voice actors as they explore the fantastical realm of the Badlands, filled with pop culture references, lovable NPCs, and legendary tales. Listen to Campaign 1, where four teenagers unravel a dark mystery involving their city of Great Grumbopolis, or Campaign 2, where four new recruits of Ascended Corp. fight against the gods and giant corporations competing for worshippers. Listen to Campaign 2 as a stand-alone story, a great starting point for the series, or as a sequel to Campaign 1 content!

Island Demeter
Island Demeter is an Actual Play podcast where a rotating cast of players explore systems to engage in critical play and queer bonhomie.

The Bangarang Gang
A Starfinder Actual-Play podcast of ”Fly Free or Die” by The Basically Good Podcast! New episodes every second Monday of the month!

Why is Everyone Making a DnD Podcast?
Welcome to WIEMADP! This is a podcast in which we explore the question "Why is everyone making a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast?" We never answer this, but we do play DND. We hope you enjoy the ride as our band of heroes travels around the Epic World of Eberron. We release episodes on a semi-regular basis, but were getting more consistent (we hope). We hope you enjoy!

Fate and Fauxtune
Welcome to our playthrough of Wyrd Games' story-driven Role-Playing Game: Through the Breach. Set in the early 1900s, 3 fugitives plan to escape the iron grasp of the Guild - leaving the comforts of Earth in favour of another world. Join us for comfort, discomfort, and everything in between as we walk the lines of comedy and dark drama.

The Last Dicebenders
An Avatar the Last Airbender themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in an era long before Aang and Korra. A world of fledgling confederacies, divided tribes, and sovereign nations that live amidst a tenuous peace thanks to the last Avatar, Hilong. For eight years he has been missing and spirits have made their way to the human world in increasing numbers.Yin Ki, Kyung, Quan, and Mia, find their destinies intertwined amidst a world uncertain of its future.

Id, Ego and Dice
Hey there and welcome to Id, Ego, and Dice. A weekly live play podcast where I get together with friends and loved ones to play tabletop roleplaying games. We play everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Mork Borg to King Arthur Pendragon. Why the name Id, Ego, and Dice? Well besides it being lazily evocative, and the only name suggested that wasn’t already taken, our game and stories always tend to focus on the player characters themselves. Personal conflicts. Their relationships with other players, the relationships with non player characters, or their relationship with the world itself.

Low Armor Cast
The Low Armor Cast (thelowac) is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons campaign cast from Dying of Exposure. In their adventures in The Fold, this diminutive group of protagonists must fill the role of their champion in armor battles for sport, fame, and fiscal freedom. But all is not simple in the fantasy world of organized sport, especially when your liege champion is gone. Will they claim victory in the arena? Will they put up with adventurers mucking up the mix? Can they keep this a secret while they figure out what happened to their gladiator? Come and fine out!

The Inn at the Edge of Greenwood
In the north of the kingdom of Alçon there is an inn that sits at the edge of the elven forest of Greenwood. Many mysterious travels come through this inn, and share their stories with the innkeeper. These are their tales. The Inn at the Edge of Greenwood is an actual play podcast with a focus on intimate character interactions and role play over dice or mechanics.

With Their Forces Combined
A D&D Play Podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously. Follow along with the wacky adventures of 3 elephant people as they explore the world of TsiTsiPhas. With an inspirational talking door at their side and a cult to expunge, the brand new city of Agapi is more than these three elephant boys have ever seen. Throw in a dash of foolishness and some philosophical conundrums, and these guys have their work cut out for them...

Mystery County Monster Hunters Club
It's 2005 in Mystery County, Superior, and life in the 51st state has gotten weirder than normal. It'll take a group of under-experienced teenage monster hunters and their well-meaning mentor to set things right in this Monster of the Week/Masks/Monsterhearts mash-up actual play podcast.

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden DND
Quests and Chaos ventures into Icewind Dale with a group of players and adventurers sure to make you question many choices in your life. This actual play podcast comes from our twitch live streams, featuring James Aaron Oh as DM, Thomas Koch, Matthew Bridges, Alandra Hileman, JP, and Tasi Alabastro

The Alien RPG actual play from Millie the GM
Here you'll find all the audio from any Alien RPG session ran by Millie the GM. Alien the Roleplaying Game is from Free League.

A Game Called Quest
A Game Called Quest is an actual play/audio drama podcast of the tabletop RPG Quest. In our story, four unsuspecting nerds wind up magically sucked into their fantasy game and body swapped with their characters. This podcast features LGBTQ+ and POC cast of players and characters, has a female game master, and features a game (Quest) that is specifically designed to be inclusive.

$2 Creature Feature
$2 Creature Feature is an actual-play Monster of the Week podcast with Queue Times, bringing you the eerie adventures of the performers and employees of Severus Svarti’s Traveling Fun Fair. Together this found family tackles threats both supernatural and mundane as they find their place in the world and fight the monsters.

Final Piece
Join gamemaster Yale and detective Alyssa in a fresh take on murder mysteries. Each episode presents the details on a new crime scene, which they investigate, find clues, and deduce the murderer from three suspects. Tune in to play along, and see if you can find the FINAL PIECE.

Roll Seekers
Welcome to Roll Seekers, where a group of normal gamers, just like you, play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for your enjoyment. Change your Roll. Change your fate.

The Zero Plane
This is an actual play and original story podcast of the wonderful Role Playing Game of Starfinder from Paizo. Join four friends living vicariously through fictional characters living in the most absurd world an early thirties nerd brain can imagine inspired by Terry Pratchett, Star Trek, and Warhammer: 40k.

Dungeons and Improv
Formed from improv team The Last Minute Replacements, Dungeons and Improv is the bastard COVID lovechild of improv and D&D. Using improv principles, they force DM Brian and Universe Aaron to tolerate shenanigans as they swing wildly from chaotic good to chaotic evil. Part improv comedy show, part D&D session, and part drunken escapade. Every Wednesday, they release an episode as part of the crew's adventures. Featuring Myke as Shu, Steph as Gael, Rowdy as Gobborb, Alissa as Bo, Jake as Bravado, Bec as Becraekona, Aaron as The Universe, and Brian as our patient DM.

Witness the Critness
Witness the Critness are a group of gamers, artists, writers, and performing artists who happened to get into D'n'D. Now, they want to share their story with everyone else! Current campaign: The Dark of Exandria. Five adventurers take on a journey through the continent of Wildemount!

The Hired Swords
The Hired Swords is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast with four knuckleheads and a sage DM. Roll with us as we TRY to survive and tell our epic tale of monsters and mystery.

Salvage is an Apocalyptic Dystopian Horror-Comedy Actual-Play Podcast about travelers lost in labyrinthian, ever-shifting, never-ending city. It’s trippy gross transhumanist horror meets bright culture-rich colourful post-post-cyberpunk. It is also primarily about 3 people who fall down a hole and have a very very bad time.

The Non-Canonical Chronicles
Prepare to hear chilling tales, mysterious mysteries and thrilling yet questionable battles between Heroes, Monsters and more in this Improvised Comedy Tabletop Podcast!

Dark Tides
Dark Tides is a twice monthly improvised audio drama series, set in the Hookba Archipelago. The show follows Ernest Marsh, a newly commissioned Park Ranger arriving in the Archipelago. And Allister Stern, a local conspiracy theorist and aspiring cryptozoologist. Together these young investigators unravel a twisted mystery of disappearances and fatal encounters with the uncanny as they search for the truth. Can you trust the voices in your head? Can you survive the troubled waters? Beware the Dark Tides.

Adventuring for Dummies
Welcome to Adventuring for Dummies! The DnD Actual Play Podcast in a world of no adventuring! Will the Dummies find there way through ancient runes and stacks of paperwork!?

Compelled Dual
A single-player, co-DMed, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual-play podcast. Leoril and Phirora Valcyne embark on a journey across the world of Illiri in pursuit of a birthright, a battle, and a secret that will change their lives forever.

The Applied Dungeoneering Podcast
Applied Dungeoneering is a 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons actual play podcast! We are a group of three engineers, two graduate students, and a pharmacist who have been playing D&D together for 6 years. We decided it was time to invite others to join in on our shenanigans. Become a Dungeoneer and explore this fantasy world with us!

Sub-Class Act
A clean 'Actual Play' podcast with a focus on storytelling, sure, but also the lulz.

Show Some Initiative
Welcome to Show Some Initiative, an all-new TTRPG podcast! Follow a team of vampires as they unravel a series of mysteries in the gothic underworld of modern-day Houston. Immerse yourself in the heart, humor, and horror of our debut campaign set in the universe of VtM!

Adventure Check Podcast
Adventure Check is an actual play TTRPG podcast that runs campaigns using Adventures in Middle-Earth and Dungeons and Dragons. With two main campaigns, join this group of friends as they adventure through fantastical worlds.

Taverns, Travel & Tests
Taverns, Travel, & Tests is a meme and Food Network infused Actual Play podcast, taking inspiration from cooking shows, internet culture, and a genuine love of tabletop roleplaying games. If you like memes, Guy Fieri, or memes about Guy Fieri, you'll like this podcast. It's like a rib burn-off in a fantasy world.

Pod of Blunders
Role play gaming podcast generally focusing on Dungeons and Dragons.

An actual-play, TTRPG livestream podcast, full of 5e D&D and Pulp Cthulhu goodness, along with other stuff from time to time. Updates mostly twice a week! Follow everything we do, or take your pick. Spoiler: we‘re going to show up and play whether you listen or not.

Tabletop Tiddies
Tabletop Tiddies is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5e Actual Play podcast that’s run entirely by marginalized genders. Join Dungeon Master Char and players Amanda, Emily, Rachel, and Sara for their weekly adventures, released every Thursday! It’s our mission to provide a safe place at the table for everyone, and we are thrilled to invite you to join our fun, hilarious, queer, and feminist adventure!

Welcome to Astronomica, a Stars Without Number actual play podcast. Join Star Master Stan and regular players Colin, Cullen, Geoff, and Kristen as they crew the definitely-not-piloted-by-a-rogue-AI ship The Admiral Grace. From encounters with magnificent space whales to swashbuckling adventures across the galaxy, there is nothing this crew can't make way more complicated than it needs to be. Tag along every Wednesday and listen in as we learn that the true friends were the ones you decompressed and maybe accidentally spaced along the way.

Mage the Awakening: Wards and Witchcraft
A Mage the Awakening RPG actual play. Join us as we record our weekly game of magic and mystery. These game deals with themes of abuse of power, narrative as control, and chosen family. The players confront the darker natures of humanity as they struggle to discover the secrets of existence and forge their own destinies. We use the Chronicles of Darkness MtAw 2e rule set (more and more accurately as time goes on) and draw inspiration from the 1e source book Boston Unveiled.

Big Trouble, Little Gods: A DND5e Actual-Play Podcast
A light-hearted DND podcast where the players are fallen gods looking to regain their former glory.

Stringer Games
Stringer Games presents Edge of Night, an actual play D&D5e podcast inspired by Curse of Strahd. Join the team as they forge a path through the isolated lands of Barovia and beyond!

Severed Fate: A Dimension Door Podcast
The Dimension Door Podcast is proud to be branching out. Welcome to our second show, Severed Fate! Join Amanda (Marge Gunderson) as she GM's a group of Gestalt Dhamphir Bard Half-Siblings through Paizo's horror adventure path, Carrion Crown. Our players include fan favorite Zac Kreitler (Norm Gunderson/Bolka), as well as podcast newcomers Madison Rogers, and Nick Thunder.

The Stay At Home Order presents: High Fantasy
A slightly stony D&D actual play. In a world torn to pieces by disease and grief, reliable information sources can be hard to find. With a boundless source of data at your fingertips, you could spend hours scouring the internet looking for just the podcast to quench your thirst for knowledge. Or, you could stop searching and get a little high with us...

Mayday Plays
A TTRPG podcast focused on deep character development and dramatic, thrilling storytelling. Join us for our first arc, Mayday Plays: Doomed to Repeat. Based on the Delta Green system, Doomed to Repeat follows a team of six covert agents who uncover the truth behind a century-old government conspiracy.

Dread and Breakfast
Skeletons and spectres and scones--oh my! Welcome to Dread & Breakfast, where we bumble our way through horror RPG’s, creating new stories one failure at a time. And be sure to stay for breakfast. How do you like your eggs in the morning? *WINK*

The Table in the Attic
An RPG liveplay podcast featuring four friends who share a love of monsters, storytelling, and cheesy horror movies.

The Elder Brain Podcast
Welcome to the Podcast of our first stream game episode, the Sea of Souls! Our four adventurers, Donaar, Flick, Taylind, and Torque, set sail aboard the Intrepid Devil on an urgent delivery, their captain, a grizzled dwarf named Connor Boone, taking them directly into the Sea of Souls on a route few ships would dare to take!

Check Please!
Hello there and welcome to our wonderful adventure as we invite you to join along with us in this journey as we discover ourselves and each other through silly role play and bad rolls.

Voidonica: A D&D Podcast
Join Devan every Wednesday as he DMs his own D&D campaign with his friends

Dwarven Moss
DWARVEN MOSS began when gaming expert Tom Hodgins decided to ignite an old passion of his by playing some Dungeons & Dragons, so he recruited his friends, comedian Kris Siddiqi, and musician Jay McCarrol to play their very first official campaign. Jay, having a studio already setup in his dungeon suggested that they record their game as a personal keepsake for the group. As they listened back, they started adding more and more effects to enhance the story and before they knew it, the recording had spiralled out of control and taken on a life of its own - thus, Dwarven Moss was born. Dwarven Moss provides a unique listening experience entirely unlike other actual-play D&D podcasts. The campaign captures the hosts’ enthusiastic, improvised collective storytelling and elevates it with atmospheric effects and cinematic music. The end result is like an old fashioned radio play. It’s a story of two unlikely companions, a dwarf and a half-elf, lost together in Barovia, a mysterious land under the control of Strahd, the Dark Prince.

Cast Party: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
QUIET ON SET! We’re rolling in 3… 2… Welcome to Cast Party: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast! Thrust into the world of D&D, four cast and crew members from a Hollywood film set find themselves with new powers in VERY new places, on an adventure none of them really know how to process. Follow along as our Director, Colin McManus, leads our Cast & Crew consisting of Ryan McManus (Sebastian), Anna Brisbin (Blueberry), Nigel Deakin (Xander), and Vince Perrino (Jett), through this gripping and hilarious story!

Generally Unappealing Regular People Streaming
A GURPS actual play podcast where 4 plucky heroes have found themselves trapped by the mists of the Dread Domain.

Little Apocalypses: A Blades in the Dark Podcast
Little Apocalypses is a real play BITD podcast about everything from clashing life philosophies to discovering the number of animals that can be kept in a landlady's basement before she evicts you. Think of it as a comedy with a side dish of tragedy.

Brakish and Haplo's Fictional Reality
Come join our table top roleplaying games by participating in the creation process. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Vote on Polls, watch live streams and post your creativity until your thumbs swell with pleasure. We take your beautiful mind stuff and insert it into our next encounter, after the session lands here so you can enjoy the outcome from the comfort of wherever you enjoy your ear candy. With rotating players and DMs alike your imagination becomes our Fictional Reality.

Deck of Many Aces
An actual-play DND podcast made by actual asexuals*! Follow our four heroes as they adventure through a fantasy world on the cusp of a technological revolution, augmented by magic. Each character's fate is tied to one of the 22 cards in the “Deck of Many Things”, a DND magical object based on a tarot deck. *Aromantics may also be included.

Tabletop Vagabonds
Four unlikely heroes take it upon themselves to save the world of Aria after their peaceful existence is turned upside down. A D&D real play podcast in the homebrew world of Aria with DM Alex Wright who is joined by Amy Garrod, David Hughes, Craig Millward, and Alex Farr.

Careful Cantrip
A Dungeon and Dragons liveplay series where a group of friends from coast-to-coast do their absolute best to get lost in dungeons and run away from dragons.

Jungles And Dragons: D&D With Monkeys
Listen to the story of four monkeys transported to the Forgotten Realms, as we play Dungeons and Dragons really badly.

M-Cell: Madness and Misinformation
The podcast where nothing is real and sanity means denial. This is a horror fiction/Delta Green actual play podcast. You do not need to know anything about Delta Green in order to enjoy it. Listen to experience the horrors of the unnatural as handler Ray leads Players Kay and Daniel further into the unknown. The horrors encountered are all written by Ray and this podcast does not contain spoilers for any published operations. The creators and distributors of M-cell: Madness and Misinformation are not responsible for any sanity lost by listeners of this podcast.

Triple J Gaming TTRPGS
Welcome to the Triple J Gaming Podcast. We play a variety of Tabletop RPG systems. Our current campaigns include Call of Cthulhu 7e, D&D 3.5, D&D 5e, Mongoose Traveller 2e, and possibly a 3.5 Eberron game in the works. Other systems we are dabbling in are Mutants and Masterminds, Vampire the Masquerade 5e, Ultramodern 5E, and Hopefully another Star Wars campaign.

Fantasy spy thriller in a homebrew D&D setting. Listen to Bryce run his wife Preethi through crazy series of cold-war-esque adventures.

Dice and Suffering - Where I post my Dungeons and Junkiez campaign!

Rôle'n Play
Une petite émission où des copains qui s'avèrent tous être comédiens ont décidé de jouer des campagnes de jeux de rôles.

La Hermandad de la Bestia
Nuestros jugadores son: Barney, Jim, Robert and Iván.

Boneyards & Boojums: An 1879 RPG Actual Play Podcast
Boneyards & Boojums is a casual Actual Play podcast of an 1879 campaign.

One Shots: D&D Character Podcast
A unique experience where my character Odysseus Klaw, a Dragonborn Bard, interacts with Dungeons & Dragons characters created by voice actors and friends via improvisation and imagination. Listen to our adventures now!

Kitchen Table Adventures: A Pathfinder 2e Campaign
A group of friends come together on a weekly basis to play a Pathfinder 2e campaign and other table top RPG's. A casual home game filled with nonsense and bad jokes brought to you straight from the kitchen table. Featuring: Moof the Monster powered DM. Aelinor the Ranger with a domesticated flaming cat. Ashildr the Barbarian with an attention span dedicated to violence. Alendar the Sorcerer with a little bit too much affinity for books.

Knights of Degradation
A Dungeons and Dragons audio adventure! Knights of Degradation takes a table top role playing game and combines it with high quality music, sound effects, and voice overs to create a unique audio drama experience. We also have bi-weekly discussions about various topics, including our own personal experiences with Dungeons and Dragons and how D&D culture has changed over the years.

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!
Rocks fall everyone dies is a new homebrew 5th edition D&D actual play podcast, featuring teachers and students escaping the humdrum of quarantine into a twisted dark fantasy.

Deep Space X: A Star Trek RPG Inspired Podcast
From the Brothers Pimm Society, a new actual-play podcast inspired by the universe of Star Trek. Released every other Saturday, tune in for galactic challenges, alien intrigue, and much more on the station known as Deep Space X.

Ghost Light Dice
Welcome to Ghost Light Dice, where thespians meet TTRPGs! While times may get dark, our light is always on and all are welcome at our table. From 5e to Pathfinder, homebrew to module--there's always something on our virtual stage! So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and let's get rollin'!

Dingles & Dangles: A Dungles & Dongles Podcast
Welcome to Proxima, home to mortal races and battlefield of the gods. Join Mendo, Polly, and Leafgem as they carve out a place for themselves and their friends in a world dominated by nations of great power.

The Lost Mountain And Other Sagas
There's something rotten in the state of Falun, Sweden. Crops are dying, dark creatures attack at night and eery, unsettling whimpers seem to spawn from the town's church. Three friends, all who are blessed with The Sight, an ability to see and sense the Vaesen - mysterious and ancient creatures of the North - decide to investigate the matter, but little do they know that there are far darker secrets waiting to be uncovered.

The Standard Array Oneshots
This is our expression of our love for Dungeons and Dragons. We play 5th edition D&D (to the best of our limited abilities). This collection consists of our Oneshot and Twoshot games where we bring in D&D newbies, GM newbies and any other fun ideas we have outside the main storylines.

Roll for Blank
A weekly, serialized, role-playing podcast featuring an original campaign written and DM'd by Nate Ragolia, and played by Rex Roberts, Greg Corbin, Shannon Paige, Zamantha Joeh, Jason Ling, Eric Palencia, and Cory Palencia.

Good Neighbors
No one remembers the leeches in the coffee. No one sees the writing on the wall. No one knows that every cold spot, every bump in the night was a sign. Strange things happen every day in Louisiana, but they disappear just as quickly as they come. Everyone jokes about the gators in the sewers, but when the monsters come to Constance, you won’t need a professional - just a few Good Neighbors. Join Matt, Sera, Anna, and Soren at the table, and let’s play Monster of the Week!

Roleplaying and Rollplaying
We are Roleplaying and Rollplaying! We are a TTRPG podcast, but we will usually play Dungeons and Dragons. Currently, we are running a campaign called the Ringbearer Chronicles.

Star Wars Legacies
Star Wars Legacies starts in the Clone Wars and is a separate time line where Anakin was never born. We will continue the story and see how the players reshape the timeline.

Avistrum Academy of Sorcery
Avistrum Academy of Sorcery is the premier school of witchcraft and wizardry in North America. On this feed, you'll be able to subscribe for updates to the audio adventures in our series, Tales from Avistrum. We hope you'll join us to experience the magical world!

Hope's Hearth
A gmless actual play podcast where friends explore identity, community, and the ways people find strength and love in dire situations. Friends Izze, Danielle, Lindsey, Amber, and Will, and sometimes guests, play games that require no game master, exploring themselves and the worlds they create. This podcast is 100% on its bullshit all the time.

Don't Forget Your Towel
Don't Forget Your Towel: Adventures Through Worlds is an actual-play podcast that takes you through different worlds, tones and play styles, with different cast members and self-contained adventures. We aim to play every RPG in existence (or die trying), bringing you as much RPG goodness as possible!

Radio D&D
Radio D&D is a podcast for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Our second and currently airing campaign is called "The Lonely Hearts Club," where our players find themselves in a massive city full of crime and espionage.

Legends: A Superhero Story
Legends: A Superhero Story is an actual play podcast, using the new Legends: Superhero Role Playing Game system, written and created by Jack and Chad Matchette. Set in New Olympus, our story takes place in a world of larger than life heroes and truly terrifying villains - grab your cape and leap into the never ending battle of good vs. evil. It’s time to become, Legends!

Gimme Da Loot
Gimme Da Loot is a lighthearted Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play podcast with a diverse cast of characters. After an accident involving lumberjacks and a mysterious artifact mystically binds them together, a group of strangers must search the Land of the Radiant Seas for answers. Arn Ocea is a homebrew setting where the Gods live on a glowing mountain in the center of the ocean and take part in big summer cross-overs, the Mercantile Guild's Winding Way's and SavePoints have facilitated rapid cultural and technological advancement, and Bernadette's Bounty Hunter and Banquet Services is having is best year on record. Expect Overconfident Rogues, Clerics with Impulse Control, Know-It-All Mages, Catty Barbarians, and a Ranger.

D20Coeur & D20Q
Louis-Philippe Ferland et sa troupe d'amis improvisateurs de Montréal s'assoient ensemble pour jouer à des jeux de rôle. La première saison s'apelle D20Coeur et elle est campée dans le monde fantastique de Logrinia. Inventé de toutes pièces pour l'occasion, il sera le théâtre d'intrigues loufoques qui deviendront rapidement continentales. La deuxième saison s'appelle D20Q et elle se déroule dans une dystopie de Montréal dans les années 1980. En plus d'avoir été arrachés à Logrinia, les héros de cette aventure devront faire face à une mystérieuse noirceur qui semble envahir le monde.

Direcast is a weekly actual play RPG podcast where your 6 hosts try out different TTRPGS, ranging from classics like DnD to new and obscure indie games.

We Never Learned the Rules
We Never Learned the Rules is a DnD 5e and Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green actual play podcast. New episodes every week on Friday, switching weekly between our DnD game and our Call of Cthulhu game.

Let's Start Over, Shall We?
"Let’s Start Over, Shall We?" is an actual-play adventure podcast set against the backdrop of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting at the beginning to create an exciting new reality. Using an infamous RPG system FASERIP and a cast of MCU geeks, we have one rule; let the dice fall where they may.

Short Quest Long Rest
Welcome to SQLR, an actual play D&D 5E podcast set in Icewind Dale. Join our intrepid crew, on an adventure through the ups and downs of Rime of the Frostmaiden!

Welcome to Qomrades! We're an actual play podcast made by Queer folk telling stories that matter to us!

Tales from the Tome
Hail and well met, travellers! Gather round for another epic story of adventure, daring, and a little bit of folly, on Tales from the Tome. Tales from the Tome is a one-shot D&D 5e actual play podcast.

Railsend Mysteries
The Ozarks have a mythology of monsters and mysticism all their own. The Monster Investigation Agency (MIA) and a reclusive sect of monster hunters have sent agents to learn about and resolve the "Ozark Matter" in Railsend. Agent John Ericson and his off-the-books partner Avice Osborn hesitantly team up with Initiate Gwyneth Appleton and her sketchy associate Aaron Aaronson in this actual-play podcast of Monster of the Week.

The Dragons Hearth
A brand new DnD podcast. Focusing on dramatic, and emotional story telling. Tune in every Friday when we post episodes of our campaign "The Fight for Gwessar".

Die verbotenen Lande Actual Play by zeitiger
Uneditiertes Audio der Youtube Actual Play Kampagne Die verbotenen Lande von zeitiger.

World of Wyldrvir
Welcome to Wyldrvir! A Podcast set in an all new TTRPG system that is fully free to play at home! Made by a team of young adults come watch this world bloom and the adventures begin!

Goblets and Gays
A Pathfinder 2E Actual play podcast set in a homebrew world. Join our amazing cast on this adventure! Episodes every Wednesday!

Thankless Roll Players
"They know we're not entertaining, right?" Audio misadventures in tabletop role playing.

Dice and Desire
Six friends go adventuring in this actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. Listen to find out how they avoid a TPK this week!

The Paper Dungeon
The Paper Dungeon is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign streamed on Twitch. Our group started in Nebraska, but has spread to include people across the United States, and we hope to include people around the world. D&D has held us together for years. Welcome to the podcast of our adventure, Dungeoneers.

The Order of Podcasters
An actual play tabletop role-playing game using the Esoterrorists rules and featuring podcast hosts as the investigators, including Jennifer Taylor of In Defense of Liberty and Vanished, Rob Kristoffersen of The Coda, Brian Hastie of Double Density and The Coda, and TechnoFunkBoy of Tales from the Rusty Speeder and Dice & Dreary as the game master.

Established Property Playhouse
An actual play anthology series using established properties.

Forgotten Tales of the Forgotten Realms - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Phoenix, AZ | Forgotten Tales of the Forgotten Realms is live-action, episodic, fantasy meets spaghetti-western adventures that take place along the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms. Quirky, epic, tongue-in-cheek, maybe even slightly satirical, and inspired by Faerûn’s vast lore, these adventurers set out on a quest to never be forgotten!

Of Mice and Men and Monsters
A real play podcast where Dungeons and Dragons collides with the classic stories you either love or completely avoided while in school. Join players Aaron, Adam, Kimmie, and Dungeon Master Katelyn, who is also a high school English teacher by day, as D&D elements are dropped into famous pieces of literature.

Season of the Worm
Season of the Worm is an actual play Monster of the Week podcast set in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and it's dark heart Wormwood Falls. Season of the Worm follows 2 groups of monster hunters as they try to solve mysteries and hunt down monsters in and around Wormwood Falls, Arkansas.

Ravis: The Lost World
Welcome to the world of Ravis for our D&D 5e actual play campaign series! Ravis is a world full of monsters and mystery. Follow our adventurers as they uncover the truth behind the Lost World. Using D&D 5e rule set, with a few homebrew / variant rules thrown in! World and story is created and written by our Dungeon Master; Liam Wright. We hope you enjoy!

Mighty Deeds
Mighty Deeds is a podcast of high adventure. If you Like Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or any other brand of Fantasy Adventure Actual Play podcasts, please give Mighty Deeds a try. We're starting off with a Ravenloft / Curse of Strahd funnel, but where things go from there is anyone's guess. Be on the lookout for more Goodman Games adventures in the party's future.

A D&D 5e podcast hosted by a group of friends with a love for storytelling and entertainment. Friends who crit together stick together.

Roll What You Will
Just a Druid, rogue, mystic, ranger, warlock, blood hunter, bard and dm playing through dnd!

Mysteries and Madness
A 2 Player Role Playing Game creating a Supernatural Detective Drama set in the 1940s. GM’d by Dave Coalmine & Played by Todd Sullivan. These are the Case Files of Jack Shepherd.

The Genesys Archives
Welcome to the Genesys Archives! A place where a bunch of nerds, artists, writers, and musicians collaboratively create stories through a tabletop role playing game called Genesys. This podcast will serve as an archive of these stories as we adventure through fan-favorite settings like Star Wars or Azeroth and unearth the unexplored in original settings like our first project: The Unseen World. Enjoy your stay and feel free to peruse our collection at your leisure!

Deck of Many Queers
Welcome to the Table! We're the Deck of Many Queers. Just a group of queerfolk gathered around to play some Dungeons & Dragons!

This is How We Roll
Join our group as we set out on our first Dungeons & Dragons, actual-play, 5E adventure during the Pandemic of 2020. None of us have played before so we get to figure it out as a group. All new to adventuring, come along with us as we stumble, drink, and sometimes victoriously battle as we pursue the quests set before us. Will our players live or die? It's hard to tell.

Roll for Equality
A D&D podcast for female players and allies. Half of it includes an actual play campaign while the other half dives into D&D from a feminist perspective, discussing issues of women of all backgrounds at the game table, and sharing female-centered advice, stories, etc., for players and DMs in an inclusive community.

Eberron Chronicles: Oracle of War
A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition "PodioBook" (podcast/audiobook) playing through a Wizards of the Coasts Adventurers League Campaign. Influence this game and story at:

The Unlucky Ones
A D&D podcast where we aren't entirely sure what we're doing, but we're making it work. A story about the most unlikely of allies, the most improbable of heroes,a story of The Unlucky Ones.

Gods, Dicks & Puns: a Pathfinder Podcast
God, Dicks & Puns is an Actual Play podcast covering the adventure published in Paizo’s Anniversary Edition of the infamous Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. In us, you will find 5 geeks who enjoy devoting a bit too much of their time in a small and uncomplicated game called Pathfinder. That being said, no good Table Top gaming session is good without its fair share of stupid jokes, bad puns and intense moments. God, Dicks & Puns delivers this through the immersive, silly and sometimes gory playstyle of the team. So sit back, enjoy and relax as we take you into this fantasy world.

Grizzly Peaks Radio
An Actual Play Horror RPG podcast covering Call of Cthulhu, Mythos and Lovecraft adjacent stories. Join me Andy Goodman from Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks and our rotating cast of gaming luminaries.

The Dread Dome
The Dread Dome is a Table Top RPG playthrough game using the Dread system. Employing a Jenga tower to build the tension, the game is founded around horror movie principles and tropes. Listen as a gaggle of friends encounter a new terror-filled challenge every other week and work together to evade... The Dread Dome.

Space Battles
Episode VIII — Grasp of the Empire The galaxy is plunged into war. THE TRUE EMPIRE possesses THE MANIFEST, knowledge of the ancient gateways that link worlds. With only incomplete knowledge of this network, THE NEW REPUBLIC has been beaten back, unable to rely on the other powers of the galaxy for help. The past threatens to repeat itself, with tyranny looming on every planet. And JEDI on many worlds have begun to dream of an ancient evil stirring in the shadows…. What comes next? Find out as our players explore the galaxy with the help of the RPGs Edge of the Empire and Force & Destiny.

Radio Free Earthdawn
The Novice tier Earthdawn 4E Actual Play Podcast.

Back to the Story
A roleplay-heavy 5e D&D podcast featuring holy-rolling childhood friends.

Admiralty Blues
Welcome to Admiralty Blues, an actual-play podcast of Beam Saber (by Austin Ramsay) - a Forged in the Dark sci-fi game with mechs! Many battles waged on the planet Sirvon’s supercontinent have been fought with these giant machines, and the ongoing cold war has heated up again as unknown forces have wiped out the Admiralty’s communication network: the belligerent Vanguard pirates and the vengeful once-empire of Lorne have found their time to strike! Tasked with fixing the network is Mercury Squadron, otherwise known as a bunch of oddball reservists living in an ancient blimp. With their wide range of skills and personalities, they just might be up to the task - or they’ll cause more problems than they'll fix!

An actual play podcast for all things tabletop.

Omega Star 7
In a galaxy known as the "Sometime, Somewhere" sits a cluster of wild stars known as Omega Star 7. These are the tales of the crews who dare to call this place home. Sardonic, self aware, and a little bit silly. Omega Star 7 is what you'd have if a famed science fiction satirist set out to write Dune, and ended up with Star Wars. Inspired by Westerns, Pulpy Science Fiction B-Movies, and Space Operas this show has a little for everyone. Whether it's the improvised dialogue, "No-Earth" setting akin to Fantasy, or the Soundtrack filled with Synths and Sludgy Desert Rock. Surely you can find something to love, or hate, about Omega Star 7. Content Contains Language and Scenarios not always appropriate for children. Season Zero : The Ballad of the Wayfarer (8 Part Actual Play) Season 1: The Ballad of the Outlander

Curse of Strahd: Twice Bitten
Six DMs return to the mists to run a completely Rules-As-Written Curse of Strahd campaign. Our core question: what happens when, rather than luring in a party of heroes or adventurers, the mists of Barovia claim a group of cowardly, cynical, selfish, and/or traumatized individuals who fall—not leap—into adventure? Join Jack, Kaiya, Linus, Tsarina, Twi and their DM DragnaCarta (creator of the popular Curse of Strahd: Reloaded guides) to follow the story of a group of ordinary people thrust headfirst into danger.

2000 Tales: Tabletop Horror
2000 Tales is a loosely connected anthology of modern eldritch horror stories using various tabletop role playing systems. Blending humor, drama, and horror in new and unexpected ways. If you’re a fan of early 2000s supernatural dramas such as Buffy, Roswell, Supernatural, and Freakylinks then you’ll find something to enjoy.

Dungeons & Doctorates
A D&D podcast following the adventures of three postgraduates in a fantasy university dealing with supervisors, monsters, and peer-reviewers.

Roomie Roamers
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition actual play podcast. The adventure follows the story of three adventurers making waves in the Cilintir Archipelago, an unexplored group of islands found off the southern waters of the Sword Coast. Allie Deutschmann is the DM for this game. Spencer Rapoza plays Damian, a seafaring tiefling warlock on a path of revenge. Taylor Knode plays Inga, a beautiful tiefling paladin who wants to spread the joy of Sune. Kody knode plays Arius, a high elf seeking knowledge that no one else has.

What Are We Even Doing
The W.A.W.E.D DND Podcast. Homebrewed & recorded straight from the table to your ears.

Practical Heroes
Welcome to Practical Heroes! A group of nerdy voice actors enjoying your favourite tabletop roleplaying games - including 5e Dungeons & Dragons.

Shitty Cowboys
Something strange is happening in the town of Westhallow. Clockwork cowboys enforce a strict dress code of cowboy boots, hats and dusters and require everyone to speak in western lingo. Will our heroes liberate the town or will they enjoy the theme? A western D&D 5e actual play podcast where we play through the Wranglers of Westhallow adventure setting. This is Dungeons & Dragons & Cowboys.

Architects of Entropy
A collaborative world building actual play roleplaying game podcast

A Fistful of Treasure
A failed voice actor, A Dungeon Master with delusions of grandeur, and a professional slacker. Welcome to Endurail! A savage and unforgiving fantasy world. Join Val and Walker on their crusade against the unknown. They'll have to earn every sunrise in this do or die campaign.

Crumpets & Kerosene
Crumpets and Kerosene is a real play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign inspired by our favorite science fiction, video games, tabletop games, pencil, and paper games, books, movies, and our imaginations. Join our gamers as they meet up online to play the year's biggest release only to find out that the game is more real than expected.

The Cast Perilous
An actual play fantasy RPG/storytelling podcast, featuring home-made sound effects and (endearingly?) amateur players. We prefer storytelling over rules-lawyering, so we use a rules light, old school inspired system, Low Fantasy Gaming. Listen as we tell the tale of young villagers, who are drawn into adventure within the Dolmenwood, a weird faerie-tale forest, in turns both dark and whimsical.

Stitch of Fate is a Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG actual play. In this podcast, a coterie of vampires, known as the Drac Pack, navigate the politics of Kindred society and underground crime in modern-day New York City. Their dark pasts shadow the present as they try to solve a murder that happened in their domain.

Crits & Company
Welcome to Crits and Company, where a group of friends come together to weave an enthralling tale in our Real-Play podcast. "Season 2," The First, The Found, The Fallen, starts from the beginning with new characters taking on a threat in a homebrew Starfinder game. Or, if you fancy it, our first foray, Sinister Shenanigans in Space, picks up in the middle of our homebrewed star cluster as our dubious characters adventure in search of revenge, glory, and the answers to countless queries.

Tales from the Rusty Speeder
An interactive Actual Play podcast using Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars: Edge of the Empire rule set.

Warhammer 40,000: The Valentyne Heresy
Warhammer 40,000: The Valentyne Heresy is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice live-play podcast where professional voice actors and improvisers journey into the grim darkness of the 41st millenium - playing the Genesys adaptation of Warhammer 40K's "Dark Heresy" TTRPG! Join Inquisitor Lucius Valentyne, and hive-bred siblings Lyric and Alto, as this unlikely trio try to save the Emperor from a cabal of mysterious enemies! This series features our Game Master Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), and regular players Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante), Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt) and Laura Elizabeth (@elhamstring)!

Dreadful Tales
Let's all admit it... there's just something about the darker side of things. Sometimes we want to feel just a little bit scared.Utilizing systems "Monster of the Week" and "Little Fears" (plus more to be added later), we tell chilling, long form tales which keep you on the edge of your seat until the last music sting rolls.

D&D peeps
3 or 4 guys (depending on the episode) playing D&D 5e and burning the world down in the process. Email us at with fan art, things to stock fantasy Stores with, etc! Who knows? If you do, maybe we will use your name on the podcast as a character! Please mention us to your friends, our insta is dndpeepsofficial please mention us!!!

Shenaniganry in [REDACTED]
A list of tales of heartbreak and sorrow, as well as chaos and unbelievably ridiculous shenanigans. Two heroes(?) will set out to cause some terrible pain to their loving DM. Welcome to Shenaniganry in Aevecia!

The Lost Adventurers
Four guys playing D&D together to tell a cool story.

Does A Twenty Hit?
Another DND Podcast.

Bardic Tales
A live recording of the fun role playing misadventures within the world of the Abandoned Expanse. We keep the laughter hideous, the singing divine, and the dice roles dispelled.

The Streets of Avalon: The Bleak Testament
An actual play podcast following a group of protagonists that they try to survive in The Isles, a poor and neglected neighborhood in the fantasy city of Avalon. Cultists, guilds, criminals, and monsters hide around the corners, but the most dangerous thing lurking in the shadows might just be the secrets. A D&D 5e actual play using The Streets of Avalon campaign setting from Brett Bloczynski and Encoded Designs. Starring Robert Everson, Eric Bonz, John Arcadian, Brandon Barnes, and Eileen Barnes, with Jared Rascher as the game facilitator.

Join us for this live play DnD space opera as three unlikely heroes traverse the many perils of the known galaxy, and etch their names among the stars. We break the bounds of traditional epic fantasy, and reach for the starlit enterprises of the universe beyond.

Open Dice Night
Join in as the Party Folk play their way through each of the D&D editions starting with an AD&D 1E campaign.

No Small Rolls
Join our merry band of actors for a D&D campaign where there are ‘No Small Rolls’, just battles, buddies and beverages! Dungeon Master David Knight ushers his players Ben Galpin, Chris Watts, Darrel Bailey, Grace Kelly Miller and Vicky Gaskin through a home-brewed world full of stories, secrets and silliness. Episodes are all underscored with epic original music by David Knight.

The adventures of a few miscreants in whatever fantastical universe their whims may take them. Action-packed, brimming with comedy and good chemistry, and the host, who's definitely not writing this blurb, is, like, a really good writer, yo. B-Roll is named as a pun for the hosts' last names starting with B, and for the fact that it's an actual play RPG podcast. You know, like rolling dice.

Dungeons and Dummies
We are a Dungeons and Dragons-ish podcast, and here is our base storyline: A bird monk, a buff guy in a cheerleader outfit, and an Australian girl all end up in a world of wonders and weird after they were in pizza parlor battle. They must go on many grand adventures to fulfill their journey and get back home.

4Ever GM
4Ever GM is an actual play podcast of 5 game masters running out favorite TTRPGs for one another! Tune in to hear short, exciting campaigns and discover new games!

Why Can't We Be Wizards
Twenty-two years after the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry Potter's triumphant victory over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, five young friends retrace the steps of thousands of students to discover magic, friendship, and perhaps a bit of mischief at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From sorting in the Great Hall to the awarding of the House Cup, these inquisitive new wizards must discover their own destiny amid the twisting walls and moving staircases of a school where not even Dumbledore claimed to know all its secrets.

Ensorcelled; or a Low-Key, Hate-Free, HP D&D Podcast
Ensorcelled is a D&D-style podcast taking place in a world very similar to one inhabited by a certain Boy Wizard Who Lived and a certain Dark Lord Who Shan't Be Named. Four girls of a similar age meet on a train heading towards a particular school named Hogweed Academy of Spellcraft and Sorcery, where they will be thrown into everything a typical, magical pre-teen would experience- and maybe a few things they normally wouldn't. This story is ultimately about the change children can make, the strength of young women, and the love of sisterhood.

Adventures of the Mightiest Pen
AMP is an actual play ttrpg podcast!

Roll the Damn Dice
Podcast by Roll The Damn Dice.

Trolls of the Two Tonne Bridges
Trolls of the Two Tonne Bridges is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual play podcast. 5 friends rolling dice and maiming accents. Currently playing through the “Tomb of Annihilation” campaign. Expect adventure, laughs and the occasional dinosaur. And zombies. And zombie dinosaurs.

Aboard the Opal Star
Aboard the Opal Star is an Esper Genesis 5e actual play podcast, following the journey of three friends as they learn just how strange the universe really is.

The Homebrew | A DND Play Podcast
The Homebrew is a DND 5e actual play podcast, currently engaged in a Sci-Fi themed campaign. We are veteran Dungeons and Dragons players who love phenomenal stories, endearing characters, and a good adventure.

Shrimp and Crits
In the balmy swamps of the Florida panhandle, monsters and mystery lurk behind every moss-draped tree and stone. Shrimp & Crits is an actual play podcast utilizing the ”Powered by the Apocalypse” gaming system. Our story takes place in the small coastal town of Gullacochica. Here, tourists and locals enjoy clean sprawling beaches, fresh-caught fare, and a wide variety of small family owned businesses. Following the stories of local businessman Raymon “Ray Ray” Lareaux, greenhorn Deputy Sara Payne, and the mysterious Agent Ari Green, Shrimp & Crits will take you deeper and deeper into the twisted southern nightmare that only our Keeper can predict.

Follow us on any of your social media platforms, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts all under the name DiceBendersDnD. This is a homebrewed D&D 5e playcast in the world of Avatar created by Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko published by Nickelodeon.

Christmastide, Ohio
Welcome to Christmastide, Ohio! A new Kids on Bikes actual play podcast featuring Kristin Devine, AJ Ganaros, Samantha Turley, Kate Harlow, and Diana Loraine.

Sword & Quill
Join the Adventures of Havok, Scurglo, Dubrunk, Hinnerk and Bulgur on their epic D&D Adventure! Sword & Quill is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast, taking place in the fiction world Ryva, created by Zein Okko.

Partidas en mi Casa
Partidas de Rol clásico realizadas con los medios actuales y ambientadas en el universo de horror creado por H.P. Lovecraft y otros universos de ficción. ¿Seguirás a nuestros investigadores por casas abandonadas, páramos malditos y planetas olvidados hasta encontrar su destino? No te pierdas estas sesiones de rol del bueno ambientadas para que los oyentes también las disfruten

Dungeons & Drimbus
A gaggle of actors improv their way through hilarious and fantastical worlds in this weekly actual play podcast.

Red Dirt DnD
Red Dirt DnD mashes together fantasy with the Wild West. The actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast takes place in the fictional country of Rutoya as four adventurers map the Ka’alban Frontier for the Dwarven train barons. Elves and Orcs collide with saloons and sheriffs in this show featuring local Oklahoma actors and D&D veterans.

Dungeon Tales
Three intrepid adventurers find themselves on a quest they didn't ask for but they will do what they have to to get their paycheck.

Fast Times at D&D High
Fast Times at D&D High is a new Actual Play podcast set in a magical homebrew world from the mind of Dungeon Master Persephone!

Feyruin The Untold Story Podcast
A real play TTRPG podcast, creating fun and exciting though sometimes catastrophic stories pertaining to the lives of characters played by our amazing Independent Contractors, controlled and governed by the "Voice in the sky" Game Master Zanarith.

Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom
A new ship. A new crew. A new era! Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom is a Star Trek Adventures actual play set in the 25th century, decades after Star Trek: Picard. Join us as we build transwarp conduits into uncharted space.

Dirty Twenty
A Dungeons and Dragons actual playthrough. Join our adventurers as they travel to various worlds through multiple campaigns. DM Tony (Sladexeno) is joined by several players from his Discord in order to play in different campaigns.

Roll for Weird | A Monster of the Week Actual Play
A bi-weekly Monster of the Week podcast that is set in modern day Louisville, Kentucky. We stream monthly on Twitch and then edit the audio into a bi-weekly podcast. Monster of the Week is a Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPG system. Patreon: Discord: Website: Twitter: @goosemajestic

The Four Corners Games Podcast
Our intrepid Game Master Alex does his best to corral five brave (if not strange) adventurers through a game of Pathfinder 1E that is maxed out as much as possible in our actual-play podcast The Final Crusade. This adventure is a culmination of the years of work Paizo has put into the 1E system! Level 1-20 campaign? Got it. Mythic Rules? Hell yeah! Ultimate Campaign Mass Combat? You better believe it. The list goes on... All in the amazing Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path Wrath of the Righteous!!! With the Pathfinder 2E system on the cusp we’re giving Pathfinder 1E one last “hoo-rah!” and taking this sweet system we love out for one last ride!

Ship of Fools
Join 4 friends on a D&D adventure through the magical seas of the Lunluma Ocean, seeking fame, fortune, and French fries. Hijinks? Guaranteed. Good decisions? Not so much.

Dungeon Dive Bar
Join seven friends as they delve deep into the ancient and mysterious Emerald Spire!

The Hobbled Goblin Podcast
An actual play of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, rewritten for Pathfinder 1st Edition and reset in the world of Golarion. We believe that roleplaying should challenge the mind.

Paranoia: Fight Together, or Die a Clone
This podcast will make you happy. You know this is true, because The Computer tells you so. The Computer is your friend. Trust The Computer.

Surely You Quest
Avast and Ahoy! Prepare yourselves for high seas adventures and shenanigans as 3 heroes find out what awaits them in the mysterious oceanic world of the Chroma Archipelago. Jenny (Played by Hayley Rose), Lenny (Played by Mike Patten), and Pidge (Played by Blue Lennox), embark into the world of DM, Ryan Mitchum's, creation. What awaits will be incredible, daring, or at the very least hilarious.

The Eternity Archives
A biweekly actual play TTRPG podcast. Join us as we venture A between realms to protect the fabric of reality by exploring everything the tabletop world has to offer!

Spectre in The Fog
Welcome to Spectre in the Fog, a home brew Call of Cthulhu ttrpg. Set in the gas lit world of Victorian London, can our investigators unravel the mystery and save London from impending doom?!

The Umbral Theater
Join us at the Umbral Theater as we explore various worlds and explore a variety of gaming systems. Whether we're taking down monsters at a surfing competition or battling legions of demons we're bringing you along for adventure!

RuneLore Podcast
Welcome to RuneLore, an actual play podcast of Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path converted to Pathfinder’s 2nd edition. Join five friends as they embark on a terrifying journey into a world of imagination.

Dicey Stories
Stories shaped by dice - a tabletop RPG actual-play podcast with emphasis on storytelling - listen to us play or read the serialized narrative.

The Grand Campaign Podcast
D&D Actual Play Podcast of a bunch of friends just having some fun.

The Last Tapestry
Fate is dead. They're the replacements. The shining city of Astoria Heights is imperiled by a powerful and unknowable force. The city's saviors take the form of an angelic mobster, a fire-dancing mermaid musician, and a bookworm Eladrin who can't control her seasons. How many passes will they have to take in order to save the city? Only time can tell. A 1920s-themed actual play D&D podcast.

Crimson Gold Agonies
A 5th Edition L5R Actual Play Podcast. In this series we follow a group of Emerald Magistrates, recently elevated and assigned to this troublesome jurisdiction. We will accompany them as they make the city their home, pursue nefarious plots and enforce the law of the land and the Will of the Scion of Heaven. As seasons turn, rebuilding will give way to war, harvest and intrigue — offering them fresh opportunities to shape the River of Gold and the Empire.

Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens
Follow the adventures of Kada, Musa, Thavar, Eric and Mortem as they navigate the perils of Athelen. Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens is a tabletop RPG using the Fires of Athelen RPG.

Fudged Roll
Four strangers in a fantasy world awake in a strange cave with no recollection of how they got there. After rushed introductions (and a murder) they visit the nearby village of New Haven seeking answers.

Galaxy's Greatest
If you love sci-fi/fantasy and have enjoyed D&D podcasts in the past, this might be your next favorite show! Galaxy's Greatest is a Starfinder podcast trailing the adventures of a distant galaxy's greatest heroes as they tackle the galaxy's greatest challenges and uncover its deepest secrets.

Not Presently Deceased
A mercenary, bastard child, repair woman, a revenge seeker, a priest, and a fur trader with daddy issues get in a canoe... Sounds like a joke but this is actually the start of friendship and adventure. Watch this medley of adventurers become unlikely heroes of the realm.

Superidols! RPG
SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and a rotating cast of players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical girl anime, showbiz drama, and superhero action!

One Shot Test Kitchen
Join April-Lyn, Mike, and Samara as they try out new and interesting PnP RPG games! In each episode, you can listen to them play and then review how they felt about each game. Two episodes each month!

Find the Path Ventures
The Find the Path crew, a group of long time Pathfinder players, discusses Paizo products, chats about Pathfinder and Starfinder in general, and plays modules and other short adventures.

Wilbranch High
An episodic audio drama taken from the actual sessions of a Monster of the Week campaign.

Fables Around the Table
Fables Around the Table is an actual-play tabletop roleplaying game anthology podcast. Each season, we feature a new RPG system with new characters and players. The first season, Curse, is hosted by chronicler Fiona L.F. Kelly and uses The Curse of the House of Rookwood game system.

Ombligo Del Diablo
Welcome to Ombligo Del Diablo! This is an actual play podcast of a home-brewed Mage: The Ascension.

Magic Dagger
Four lifelong friends role play as assholes in a futuristic society. Out on the lam, these three roam the solar system committing heists and bullying a 10-year-old.

RPG Blender
An actual play rpg podcast, focused on giving lesser played games and settings their roll of the dice.

Fortune and Strife
An L5R Actual Play podcast for the community, from the community. Join us every week as our samurai travel the Empire trying to find their way through mystery, myth, and family. Starring: Jeanne as Doji Gen, Tyler as Akodo Riichi, Tif as Kuni Yui, Paul as Shosuro Bisho, and Robert Fulkerson/Bayushi Shinichi as your story teller.

Dice and a Slice
3 strangers thrust together in uncertain times, sailing the high seas to right the wrongs wrought against them... Dice and a Slice is a nautical themed home-brew, role play heavy and rules flexible with an LGBTQIA+ British cast! Plus, each week we bring a new delicious slice with us to the table. It's D&D and baked goods, what more could you want?

Distant Grey Gaming
Welcome to Distant Grey Gaming, a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to join us in our adventures in many, many worlds! Whilst we started out playing only D&D 5e adventures we soon realised there's a lot of gaming systems out there, and we want to reflect that diversity here as well. Distant Grey Gaming is based in Perth, Western Australia. What we hope is that we inspire people to start playing, or, play more Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and some of the other gaming systems that are out there too. We're not experts, but we love to play games, and we hope that you will

We Suck at D&D
A group of people make goofs while rolling various shapes in a science fiction world. We play Diet D&D5e. All the fun, none of the set backs.

The Emergence Podcast
The city of Feuri has been encased within a magic dome for the last three centuries, but events lead a few brave adventurers to emerge and explore the unknown wastes and wilds outside. Emergence is an actual play podcast in a homebrew setting for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons.

Profanity for Emphasis: A DnD Podcast
Welcome to Rragonia! Two asshats and a falcon are trying to prevent a mysterious faction from overthrowing the gods. The faction hopes to create a new pantheon from amongst its ranks to rule the realm. DM Zach Shubert is joined by Jake Richardson and Iain Wallace in the quest to save Rragonia. It's guaranteed to be an absolute clusterfuck.

Snyder's Return
UK based Tabletop Roleplaying Game Podcast featuring D&D 5e Actual Play (where a misfit band of "Heroes" take on adventures across the D&D Multiverse), Interviews and DM/Player Guides.

Renaissance City
Welcome to Renaissance City, a Prowlers & Paragons UE actual play. Set in an alternate 1920s Detroit, our story follows Saint Shadow, the Scarlet Spartan and the duality of Cotton Dearborn & KING as they battle villains, solve mysteries and shop for hats. Join us bi-weekly for new episodes!

Dungeon Tails
Welcome to Dungeon Tails! A DnD, All furry cast, live played podcast. Set in the world of Elsewhere. Join the gang as they travel through the world on a grand adventure meeting new friends along the way. In the land of Elsewhere nothing is as it seems. What awaits our heroes behind that door? Tune in to find out!

Not A Scratch
Welcome to Not A Scratch, the only podcast that believes Scratch is an overpowered move! This is the result of a first-time DM (and 0-time player) building a PKMN Mystery Dungeon system. Each week, Anirudh, Mansour, and Muhammad tell the story of Ralph (Machop) & Kyle (Treecko) becoming the greatest heroes in the world!

Tales of the Outer Rim
We are a group of table top role-playing gamers who are currently using the Fantasy Flight Games system and to produce an exciting adventure within the Star Wars Universe! We occasionally play side games or side systems, so stay tuned for some hilarious hijinx and high adventure!

Into the Dungeon: Starfinder
Small stories told on a galactic stage! Veteran Dungeon Master, Creed Brandley navigates four life long friends through the perils of space. We utilize improvisation and dice rolls to tell a story, live every week.

Battle Buddies
Battle Buddies is an actual play D&D podcast in an original setting that focuses on collaborative storytelling, exciting adventures and meaningful friendships!

Strangers in the Pines
Strangers in the Pines is an actual play roleplaying podcast using the Monster of the week rules, inspired by things like Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, and Fringe. There is a town called Pineforge nestled in the Blackwood national park in Northeast Oregon, USA. It seems small and quaint at first but if you spend enough time there and keep your eyes open you’ll realize something strange is brewing under the surface and in the pines that’s surround the town. Follow the exploited of 4 unusual high school students as they try to unravel the mysteries of Pineforge.

The Game is Afoot!
They're just your average four high school kids...except they became friends over an unexpected trip to Oz. They thought the one trip was the end of it, but now where are they? A Dungeons and Dragons podcast played by four queer people and zero men.

Severed Studios
Welcome to Severed Studios! Under our podcast umbrella, you can find shows such as: --Severed Sons, our Rime of the Frostmaiden Dungeons and Dragons podcast--Severed Side Quests, DnD one shots with appearances by celebrities and special guests--Friday Nite One Shots, where we all began with hour long episodes and short story arcs--and more content to come!

A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure
A Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure is the Professional Casual Network's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Actual Play Podcast. We'll be playing through The Enemy Within, which is widely considered one of the best campaigns of any RPG. Join Dan the GM as Dani, Tim, Alexander P. Nelson, and JB try to survive the perils of the Old World. We're starting with a soldier, witch, stevedore, and a coachmen, heroes of renown far and wide- ok, they're just people, but they will be thrown into situations that will make heroes out of them, or send them to the Gardens of Morr.

A Masks: a New Generation actual play podcast about super powered teens traveling through the multiverse being heroes, and confronting their own personal traumatic backstories. With bonus intra-team drama!

Vampires and Vitae
Bringing Vampire: The Masquerade to life with an actual play podcast.

Chicks with Dice
Join hosts Emma and Kat as they tell long-form collaborative stories.

The Quiet City
The Quiet City is an urban fantasy Actual Play Genesys RPG podcast set in Toronto. It follows the travels of Mel, a half-demon investigator, Grier, a trucker thrust into a secret underworld, and Lulu, an ancient witch stuck in her 9 year old body after a youth spell goes awry.

Lynx DyD Barovia
LynxDyD Temporada 2 w/ FrigroAdri, Quetzal, Potemkill y SirioSesenra

Flash Fantasy: Rift Walkers
The Rift has opened, linking the Old World and the New. Join the Wardens as they journey through to a strange, new land filled with danger, intrigue, and adventure! Become a Rift Walker

Change the Game
An actual play City of Mist podcast featuring some of Michigan's most existing improvisers.

Dungeons + Drama Nerds
Dungeons + Drama Nerds is a podcast produced by Todd Brian Backus, Percy Hornak, and Nicholas Orvis, three dramaturgs interested in the intersection of theatre and tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGS). Episodes release weekly alternating between Actual Play and Commentary episodes investigating a certain TTRPG system (Dungeons & Dragons, Apocalypse World, and Paranoia will all be featured in the first season).

Cosmopunk: A Starfinder Podcast
Starfinder meets 90s action cartoons as 4 Brits run short, narrative and roleplay focused homebrew campaigns! We take turns running them for each other, for YOU, so brace for impact!

6 10 12: RPG Podcast
Lubisz gry fabularne? Lubisz ciekawe historie? Nie masz czasu zagrać?

Folk N' Fantasy
An actual play podcast where we play 5e Dungeons and Dragons... poorly? Join Pete (DM), Aaron (Twiggly Bushberry), Shelby (Storm on the Horizon), and Chase (Chan K'osa) as we explore the isles of Tuturpaega. (Updates every Wednesday).

Starship Tempest
A Star Trek roleplaying game podcast using the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying system published by Modiphius. Set in the Star Trek universe in the year 2339, 25 years before the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Goblins and Gambles
Yet Another Tabletop RPG Podcast. We’re playing Paizo’s Kingmaker adventure path for Pathfinder First Edition, A homebrew Pathfinder 1e game and Monster of the Week

Danger Dames
An actual play podcast featuring 3 women and that 1 guy they invited to be the Master of Ceremonies. Join us as we explore different gaming systems each season.

Don't Drink and Dungeons & Dragons
Welcome to Don't Drink and Dungeons & Dragons: yet another actual play D&D podcast - with a twist! Join Dungeon Master Jasen Miyamoto and player Hannah Tobias in a solo-campaign-turned-drinking-game, replete with high fantasy, low standards, and the inevitable fall into drunken disarray.

One Shot One Kill
There are dozens of D&D podcasts out there, but none as stupid as this one. Join Dungeon Master Alex as he forces three other nerds through the fictional world of Zenarea.

Other Worlds
A group of friends escape the pressures of real life and disassociate into the world of role playing! Journey across Lavent, a scarred world rebuilding after a cataclysmic event, and experience love, loss, and triumph. Starring Chad as Rhogar, a druidic bear with scales searching for his family, Chandler as Ozsu, a headstrong halfling determined to be a hero, Evan as the anxious mess of a dm please help me. With guest appearances from friends, forming an ever-rotating cast of adventurers! Join us as we chronicle our adventure, and grow together as friends.

Quin's Corner (Story Time)
A podcast where I(Quin) and whoever is my guest use the power of the vocal cords. To tell fantasy stories set in our D&D Campaign (and other stories). So come on and enjoy here on the all new Quin's Corner Extended.

Sagas of the Blank Page
Live play podcasts featuring the Vizor Role Playing System. Join in for the Crenshupiter Network's adventures!

Roll Britannia - A British Dungeons & Dragons 5e Podcast
An actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e comedy podcast from 5 British lads, with little to no experience in dungeons or dragons. Join James, Tom, Chip, Paul, and Alex on their adventure, as they explore the world of Dungeons and Dragons (but badly).

Roll Your Own Adventure
Hello there! Come in, get comfortable, and welcome to Roll Your Own Adventure. It's an improvised storytelling podcast with a heavy dose of audience interaction. Follow five friends as they journey into the mysterious realm of Raylia using nothing but their wits, some dice, a vague and nebulous understanding of D&D... And you! Our listeners!

A Rendezvous With Destiny
Join Flora Watson, Elspeth Lockewood, and Cleo Brewer as they explore a new world of Gods and Monsters. Every myth they've ever heard has turned out to be real, as, it turns out, has every monster. Chosen by their patrons to fight beasts straight out of their nightmares, come adventuring with our heroes as they try to make their way in this strange new world. And just maybe, they'll be able to save it.

Tales of Pi - Actual Play
Tales of Pi est un podcast de fiction vivante et immersive (Actual Play / Jeu de Rôle)

The Hazardous Casuals Podcast
Welcome to the Hazardous Casuals Podcast. We are an actual play TableTop RPG podcast in a homebrew setting called Aleria for Fantasy Flight's GENESYS System. Aleria is a Magical High Fantasy Setting.

System Splicers
System Splicers is a dungeons and dragons actual play podcast. As we play, we try rules and mechanics from other systems and hold a vote to decide if we should keep them.

The Mind and the Martyr
Welcome to The Mind and the Martyr Podcast! A retelling of a live streamed Dungeons and Dragons 5E game set in the home brewed world of Veika!

Namegivers: An Earthdawn Actual Play Podcast
The Namegivers podcast is a casual Actual Play of an Earthdawn campaign. Learn more about Earthdawn at Release schedule will be a bit unpredictable to start. The regular cast includes: Lindstadt, the Windling Nethermancer: Noah - Fe'Ankrah, a Troll Swordmaster of the Spear Dancing School: Kirsten - Navith, a Windling Beastmaster and "Party Planner" (Questor of Floranuus): Pam - Game Master: Rob with occasional guests: - Arathion, Elf Elementalist: Travis - Flora, Human Shaman: Dilia

El Secreto | Campaña de Puerta de Ishtar
El Secreto | Campaña de Puerta de Ishtar exprés 2020

The Harvestmen: A Blades in the Dark Actual Play
The Harvestmen follows a crew of steampunk smugglers on their harrowing journey to the top of the Duskwall criminal food chain. In a haunted city of perpetual night, a lot can go wrong. And usually does.

Dumplings & Dragons
Dumplings & Dragons is a D&D actual play project starring a core cast of all Kiwi-Asian Auckland-based actors.

Silver and Steel
With natural disaster looming and the threat of war imminent, can a strange family of heroes herald a new age of prosperity and peace?

Son of a Bard
An original liveplay 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Four heroes are assembled to pay off the debt of a person they have never met and learn more about themselves and who the mystery person is along the way.

To Have and To Roll
A Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast running the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure as a One-on-one adventure with DaftProdigy and Rane Zero.

Roll Warriors
Four friends explore narrative role-playing adventures through table-top games.

Eidolon Playtest
Eidolon Playtest is two different actual-play RPG campaigns, releasing every Monday on alternating weeks! The goal of this podcast is to playtest EIDOLON: Become Your Best Self, an RPG inspired by Persona and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, created by Luke Varner and Molly Rhinebeck! EIDOLON POP is a story of a group of college students uncovering the secret, surreal past of their professor, while EIDOLON ROCK is a story of a gang of low-level Las Vegas criminals who stumble up on a drug that grants you superpowers.

Dice Drop: Evolution
200 years after the fall of humanity, a new city has emerged in the form of Eden. Due to high levels of radiation, humanity has evolved to mutants. Mutants have been deemed dangerous to the public and are forced to live in hiding for the rest of their lives. But an activist group has risen to oppose the government, threatening to bring Eden to their knees by any means necessary.

RPG Storytime
We take the stories created on the tabletops of role playing games and turn them into narrative stories. Rather than three hour long episodes of game sessions, we condense them down into 20 minute stories much like audio books or radio dramas. Campaigns include Dungeons & Dragons, Outbreak Undead, Star Wars, Gangbusters, Deadlands, and others.

Fire & Dice
A clean, fun, and extremely nerdy Dungeons & Dragons Podcast Show! Join our brave band of misfit adventurers as they take on the world of Yetsira to uncover magical mysteries, vanquish vile villains, and try their best not to kill each other!

Tale of The Manticore, a Dark Fantasy Dungeons & Dragons Audiodrama
Tale of the Manticore is a hybrid between a dark fantasy audio drama and a solo D&D RPG. The dice make all the important decisions and, as a writer, my job is to interpret them and tell their story. Part fiction, part game, it's the story where "Chaos rolls."

The Keys To The Kingdom
An original, Disney inspired, D&D podcast.

Moon Harbor Extended
Moon Harbor Heroes and the Icynewyear Presents Network are proud to present Moon Harbor Extended, a continuation of the Masks: A New Generation Actual Play Moon Harbor Heroes. Moon Harbor Extended tells the stories of characters outside of Faces and Cataclysm Crew and takes us from the center of the earth to the far depths of space. There are two primary lines in this extended universe comic series. The first is a cosmic line focusing on a SABRE-sponsored space-exploration unit as they try to save the world from utter destruction, GMed by Anthony Sheets. The second is an unnamed earthbound team of all queer characters, played by all LGBTQIA+ players, who navigate Moon Harbor's more underground secrets, including the renaissance-themed society of rat people living in the sewers.

Reroll Expectations
Reroll Expectations is an Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons / Tabletop Roleplaying Game Podcast featuring Cayce McWilliams, SynicalBeanical, Anthony Carluccio, Aidan Diamond, and Jeff Nabors as your local benevolent Dungeon Master.

Critical Chaos
This is an RPG live play podcast made by a handful of people who really enjoy trying out different games such as Monster of the Week, DnD 5e, and much more!

Your inoculation against the mundane via Actual Play recordings of Tabletop RPG sessions.

Roads Uncharted
Roads Uncharted is an actual play podcast using the Genesys RPG system, set in a homebrew fantasy world. The story takes place shortly after thousands of children suddenly went missing on the eve of a festival. Join the players and GM Dax as they try to solve this mystery and find their place in a world where gods meddle in the lives of mortals.

Facade - An Occult Horror Actual Play in KULT
We are surrounded by the faceless masses. If we ever stopped to look, we might notice the cracks in our existence. Will you see through the Facade? Join our cast of roleplayers in the setting of KULT: Divinity Lost for an 18+, occult detective tabletop roleplaying game show.

PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS: An Official Playlist of An Official Troika AP Cast
PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS is an official, Melsonian Arts Counsel approved, Troika Actual Play podcast dedicated to showcasing and promoting the 3rd party content that makes this game great! Join the former 90s college students turned fantasy adventurers as they participate in this tongue-and-cheek ploy to showcase and promote as many third-party Troika! creators and their content as possible, to inspire you to check out the game, buy some content, and get rollin' those dice!

Ghosts on a Train
Take a ride on "The Pride of Duskwall", an electric train traveling through ghost infested territory! Our gang of Line Bulls will ensure your safe arrival by (lightning) hook or by crook. A bi-weekly tabletop podcast where four friends play Ghost Lines, an RPG by John Harper.

Path of Night Podcast
Path of Night is an actual play podcast about a group of roleplayers telling engaging shared stories around the gaming table. Campaign One follows a group of vampires in New Haven, CT, in the year 1999 using the Vampire: The Masquerade system by White Wolf Publishing and Paradox Interactive.

The Briarwood Academy
Just outside of the sleepy town of Twin Anchors Connecticut, lies the Briarwood Reformatory Campus. Our heroes, Gunnora, August, Brock, and Elijah, led in storytelling by The Keeper, Alex Patterson, have been brought together by a mysterious power. Together, they have been tasked with stopping the monsters that seem to keep showing up here at the school. Where are they coming from? And why do they seem hell bent on destruction and chaos? Find out in this Monster of the week style Podcast.

Backwater Bastards
Join us as Dungeon Master Dick best friend adventurers explore ancient lands and sci-fi worlds. We are a group of artists and illustrators who mess around in our DM Dick Dynamite's made up fantasy lands and laugh while we do.

Explorers Wanted
We are an award-nominated weekly actual play podcast using the Numenera ( Discovery and Destiny rules. Set one billion years in the future, we journey across the Ninth World. There have been eight worlds before this, where civilizations rose to intergalactic heights only to fall into ashes, leaving a world of strange relics behind them. Join our ragtag crew of messy adventurers as they navigate weird ruins, contend with criminal intrigue, and ignore their own better judgment... Repeatedly.

Table Top Tales | Actual Play Podcasts
The world as we know it ended in the mid 1980s, when billions of people died at once. 5 years later, 4 survivors discover that everything is about to change again. A Genesys RPG Actual Play Podcast.

The StarBirds
A motley crew of space faring misfits sets off on a grand adventure aboard the Titan's Mercy.

DNDMajor is a tabletop roleplaying podcast with radio drama flair featuring original, fully orchestrated music and home-brewed settings.

The Rolls We Made: A 5e Actual Play Podcast
The Rolls We Made is a comedic, actual play podcast featuring the JoeJoeHasFun comedy team. We are playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition in Fantasy High School!

Quarantine Quest
Hi. I'm Cameron Southwell. I am not a real person. This is not a real podcast. Quarantine Quest tells the story of a world on lock-down, where tiny isolated communities have been encapsulated in their own pockets of reality causing them to diverge from what was once recognized as reality, and of the overseers who try in vain to keep this system intact despite its inevitable failure. Quarantine Quest also tells my story, as the author, as I try to put this together and reach out from the isolation of disability and social anxiety to share what I've been working on. Think of this as spoken word concept album trying to both tell a story and make a point. There are two kinds of episodes: A Sides to cover the main body of work and B Sides. A Sides are longer episodes of about an hour, released monthly, in which I tell a story about the world of Quarantine Quest. Usually they will be created using a game or specific writing technique. The episodes will function as individual songs or stories that weave together to create the larger fabric of the plot and themes of the world of Quarantine Quest. They will also often function as actual plays or demonstrations of whatever game or technique I am using. B Sides are shorter episodes, released haphazardly, usually 10-15 minutes long and represent divergence from the narrative. Some will be readings from across the universe, some will be thoughts from my tiny hidey hole, some will be commentary or discussion of the ongoing narrative. If I get questions, these will also be Q&As eventually. They will also probably discuss writing and coping in isolation. I'm Cameron Southwell. I'm not a real person. This is not a real podcast. Thank you for listening.

Heart of Adventure
Come and find your Heart of Adventure in this monthly episodic D&D 5e real-play podcast where 6 friends who are basically family (and some actually are) travel and explore a world unlike one you have ever seen. Come with us as we laugh, cry, and scream at polyhedral pieces of plastic and discover new and exciting twists that our amazing GM throws at us each and every episode.

Reckoning of the Dead Radio
An actual play recording of the Ryan family playing the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

Two-Bit Heroes
A Pathfinder 2e actual-play podcast of magic, misadventure, and mayhem.

Whispers In Your Head
An audio only actual play podcast for Arkham Horror the Card Game.

Agents of DAMNED
A real-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast where 3 adventurers work to prevent calamities and disasters from arising before they can ever become a threat. Join Arlo Agon, Winterra Darknight, and Saith as they try to protect the world from unknown forces, and try to adjust to working for the Department of Adventurers Maintaining Normality and Eradicating Debacles, or as they're better known, DAMNED.

A Short-Play TTRPG Podcast focused on showing you the latest and greatest in the world of table top role playing game systems.

A D&D 5e podcast. The first season takes place in Griffon City, a modern metropolitan area with mystical happenings hidden from the world.

Fistful of Destiny
Five friends join forces to deliver a collaborative storytelling podcast set in the outer rim of a galaxy far, far away. Okay, it's basically Dungeons and Dragons set in the Star Wars universe, but we're not actually sure we're allowed to say that. Firwood Studios presents: Fistful of Destiny!

Shrouds of Yesterday
Come with me, time out of mind, into the Shrouds of Yesterday. A horror-survival game that explores the struggles of mental duress and identity in an unfamiliar world. An Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game where the players don't get to see their own character sheets; waking up with no memory, the audience learns about the world and protagonists at the same horrific pace that the players do. What would you do, with a blank slate and a dark past written in invisible ink?

Dice Crimes
Actual role playing games with actual friends around actual tables. You'll hear dice roll, and people laugh. We want it to sound like you're sitting at the table and playing along with us. Enjoy pen and paper tabletop role playing as it has been enjoyed by friends. We hope you listen and laugh along with us.

Come Out and Play
D&D 5th Edition, played and DMed exclusively by trans and non-binary people. The war is over, the gods are dead and the world is at peace - for now…

Late To The Party
A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Podcast with a modern twist. Join a real estate agent, a football coach, a failed actor and a teenager as they battle to save the world.

Cast of the Dice
An actual play Call of Cthulu podcast, set in 1980. At the intersection of the cold war and the supernatural, a misfit team of investigators from the Office of Naval Intelligence's Records and Reconciliation unit, works to uncover the mysteries behind strange experiences at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba. Their mission takes them to places near and far, common and bizarre, as the national security of the United States, and the fate of the entire world, turn on the actions of a few cast-offs from a small office in Virginia.

Vampire the Masquerade V5: Life as a Vampire
A 1 on 1 Vampire the Masquerade V5 campaign with myself as Storyteller and my wife as the lone player. Features prep discussion and actual play episodes.

Spellbound is fairy tale inspired, actual play D&D podcast, featuring DM Emma Carter and players Kelsea Botwinik-Hruza, Rebecca Munoz, and Lydia Miller. It follows the adventures of Delaelia, the elven ranger, Feliks, the gnome fighter (atop his goat Ramsay), and Princess Theia of Highguard, the Wild Magic sorceress.

One Shots and Short Shots RPG
Quests and Chaos Presents: One Shots and Shorts Shots, our collection of special programing. Short shots such as our multi episode Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign to one shots in various RPG systems.

The Tales of Kirby City
A Real Play (RPG) Role Playing Game podcast powered by FATE. A rotating group of friends play an adventure narrative as original super people, who fight to keep their capes clean as they battle evil in a strange comic book inspired world with fiends, friends, monsters, and mystery! Great for Newbies to RPG games, or anyone who wants more superhero fun in their ears. KA-POW!

Do We Level Up?
A homebrew, Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure. Join our party of adventurers as we explore and uncover the mysteries of the exotic land of Galandria.

Skyjacks: Courier's Call
This all-ages actual play podcast GMed by Drew Mierzejewski. It follows the adventures of 14-year-old June Hymnal (Aly Grauer,) Kiran Rao (Paulomi Pratap,) Cecelia "Cici" Witwick (Aaron Catano-Saez) as they begin their careers as apprentices in the Swiftwell Courier Service. They travel the magical world of Spéir (from the Campaign: Skyjacks podcast) on a skyship and the backs of giant birds to deliver the mail. It's difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it's the adventure they've always dreamed of. Join them as they take flight!

Once More, with Dragons!
Ready your crossbow and lace up your tap shoes: the time has come for "Once More, with Dragons!" It's a musical theatre themed, Dungeons and Dragons real-play adventure featuring a troupe of your favorite musical theatre YouTubers and podcasters. "Once More, with Dragons" is an improvised, fantasy, role-playing story filled with combat, intrigue, mysteries, and musical theatre puns. And don't worry - you don't need to know ANYTHING about Dungeons and Dragons (or musical theatre) to enjoy this story. Our dramatis personae include: Evelyn Forte, the brassy-mouthed, dragonborn sorcerer, is played by Emily Clark. You can find Emily over at Stealing Focus on YouTube. D'syraeah the Magnificent, high elf druid and daughter of theatrical royalty, is played by Christi Esterle. You can find Christi aka "the Diva" at Musical Hell on Youtube. Graygory Highland, the two-timin' dwarfish rouge, is played by Jesse McAnally. You can find Jesse's other podcast Musicals with Cheese in a podcatcher near you. And, finally, Tommy Nolan as your Dungeon Mash-ter (Musical Theatre Mash in all places online.) Whether you're a d20 rolling Gygax fan or a Sondheim-loving acolyte, you'll find something to enjoy in this adventure. Follow our troupe of septuagenarian performers as they brave the perils of the audition room and conquer the dangers of a cold read. Grab a seat on the aisle and enjoy "Once More, with Dragons!"

Planet Dungeon
A group of friends get together and play Dungeon and Dragons....sometimes poorly.

Party Foul
A weekly dungeons and dragons podcast where we take your favorite animated movies and fairy tales and make a parody of these stories in a dnd setting.

Queens of Adventure: Legends
Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in stand alone comedy adventures! Queens of Adventure: Legends is our second podcast. It's the place for live shows, one-shots, and stand alone side stories in a world of Dungeons & Drag Queens.

What the Flumph
Three Friends and the occasional guest embark on a journey for knowledge and adventure in this D&D podcast.

Tales from the Twenty Side
4 actors embark on an actuial play RPG Podcast, using Pathfinder 2nd Edition rules, and having lots of fun on the way!

D&D Minus
The actual play podcast with all the swearing and dick jokes you've been waiting for.

In Strahd We Trust
Fantasy... mystery... indistinct European accents. Something's wrong in the land of Barovia - and it's up to our four plucky adventurers to save the day. Join our table for this weekly D&D 5E podcast based on the Curse of Strahd adventure. Fasten your armour, grab some ale, and roll for initiative!

Who are we but our memories? What if our memories are wrong? GONE is an episodic, surreal thriller tabletop actual play using the new Nibiru system about identity, memory, and what makes us who we are.

Avatar: The Second Age
This podcast is just me and my friends having a good time, goofing off, and doing what we love. What's special here is that we've taken the Genesys toolkit created by Fantasy Flight Games and merged it with the diverse, nostalgic world of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. We're playing a tabletop RPG specifically designed to emulate the world of Avatar and the awesome abilities of benders: people who literally bend the elements to their will. If you're new to the show, please pardon the poor quality of the early episodes - quality get better!

Daft Dice Project
An Actual Play Podcast with a focus on showcasing games that don't get the attention they should!

Effekt AP
Dave and Matthew from Effekt share recordings of their home games. If you seek a polished improvised adventure, with professional actors, music and sound effects, look elsewhere. We seek to share the authentic experience, with rules discussions, asides and digressions just as they happened around the dining table. We also try to play RAW so you can learn with us as we try out new games.

Three Ports in a Storm
Matt (GreenWolf) is joined by fellow Third Law collaborators TyGently, ch00bakka, and tawny for a weekly roleplaying campaign in the weirdest city in the multiverse. Three Portlands is in crisis, and with the municipal government unable or unwilling to act, the task falls upon an unsanctioned paramilitary group funded by rogue Alderman Stephen McClure. Facing off against multinational corporations, organized crime, political cabals, labor cartels, religious cultists, and global conspiracies, this ragtag group of misfits and meddlers must try to save the Weird City, whether it likes it or not.

Suns of the Fathers
Suns of the Fathers is a real-play, Sci-Fi, Horror, Roleplay Podcast. Four survivors work against increasing odds as their sanity ebbs away with each passing moment. Alone, afraid, and hunted by unimaginable horrors - how long can they make it?

The Societies
The Societies is a part role-playing game, part audio drama narrative drawing inspiration from the lore of theme parks created and narrated by Defunctland creator Kevin Perjurer. Follow the adventures of Dr. Chip Whitelsly PHD (Disney Dan), Clara Barnsworth (Alicia Stella), and Herbert Lister (RobPlays) and friends as they navigate a world inspired by character and settings found in Disney, Universal, Cedar Fair, and other theme parks around the world. Part of Kevin Perjurer's Themed Alternative, an experimental themed media production house.

Forgotten Eras
Kingdom Hearts: A Forgotten Era is an actual play podcast, set 80 years before the events of Birth By Sleep. This story will follow a group of heroes as they work to save the worlds from falling to darkness. KH:AFE uses the game Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined.

Neo Punk City
Neo Punk City is an Action Adventure Role Playing Game loosely based on the Cyberpunk 2020 system. Set in an alternate dystopian version of the year 2020, this podcast takes place in Neo-Sacramento in a world where “Regan-nomics” prevailed, the economy collapsed in 1989, and mega corporations run free without restriction. Join our Game Master, Kevin Scott Brown, and our rotating cast of fascinating characters as we traverse through this dystopian futuristic adventure. Welcome to Neo Punk City.

Dice Modifiers
We are a group of friends that love playing RPG games and wanted to record it not only for us to enjoy but you too! We have a D&D campaign and a Traveler (MGT2) campaign going as well as occasional one shot sessions to fill any gaps!

Rated RPG Podcast
The Rated RPG Podcast is a weekly role playing podcast featuring professional comedians and content creators. Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir of Game Society Pimps are joined by professional improviser Brad Knight, stand-up comic/rapper/wordsmith Deon Green, and voice actor Jason Stephens as they play the Dungeons & Dragons adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Days of Dread: An Old Magic Gaming Podcast
The sleepy mountain hamlet of Ravenloft was once known for its friendly faces and hard-working hands. That is, until the undead arrived. And the dire wolves. And the unusual magical weather. Battles raged until the townsfolk were all dead, except for three random residents. They're nothing special. Really, they're kinda idiots... definitely not the best the town had to offer. But now, as the lone survivors begin a quest to save what's left of their town, this under-prepared, under-equipped trio make some exciting new friends and set off the on the adventure they never knew they wanted...

The Neon Streets
In this FATE actual play podcast, a lizard man and a burned out hacker team up to take on the powers that be in the cyberpunk metropolis known as the Big Gulp. If you like CYBORGS and ACTION and SUSPENSE and FROGS and FRIENDSHIP and 7-ELEVEN then this podcast just might be for you! Brought to you by three friends who have played and enjoyed tabletop RPGs (such as DnD and Pathfinder) together for years.

The Faerie Fire Podcast
Faerie Fire is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast with an all female cast!

Down to Roll
Dark forces are conspiring in the shadows. New heroes must rise to meet them. Listen every week as our story unfolds.

Dark Fortunes: D&D Humblewood Actual-Play
Batten down the hatches, and prepare to set sail on a journey of grand adventure in this D&D 5e actual-play podcast set in the world of Humblewood. Join our rag-tag crew of would-be pirates every Monday as they navigate the turbulent water of the Bay of Paluche.

Shadowrun Fatal Error
Listen in as the year is 2077 or something, the runners are well.. running and stumbling as the Game Master Corey guides them through the world using Shadowrun 5e rules with a little bit of house rules added in.

Lawful Great Adventures
An actual play ttrpg podcast about 4 young friends thrust into an adventure bigger than the little farm town they came from. They're a long way from home in a hostile world but at least they have each other.

Podcast of the Five Rings
Podcast of the Five Rings is an actual-play show of four friends playing through the official adventures of the 5th Edition Legend of the Five Rings Role Playing Game released by Fantasy Flight Games. We aim to put out high-quality, entertaining episodes that bring attention to the L5R RPG.

Break the Dice: The Improvised Campaign
Break the Dice: The Improvised Campaign is an improvised fantasy adventure where the fate of our heroes rests on the roll of a 20 sided die. 20 is a spectacular success and a 1 is a critical failure. New episodes posted every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month! Presented by The Bearded Company, an improv company in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Plausible Deniability | Bad Form RPG
This is Plausible Deniability, the second show by Bad Form Podcast. Plausible Deniability Is a Star Wars actual-play podcast in the Fantasy Flight Games RPG system Age of Rebellion. We also use elements of Fantasy Flight’s other Star Wars systems, Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny. Plausible Deniability takes place near the Battle of Endor and revolves around a team of rebel agitators, trying to make the most of the end of the empire.

True Crit
Welcome to the True Crit Podcast! A group of Smelly Fellas is hosted by our Smiling DM in the world of Farus. A wild west setting of 5e DND with guns and lore abound! its going to be a good time. Come join us as we adventure the land called Dearth. New episodes coming every week!

Romancing the Dungeon
Looking for group! Looking for love! A Softcore DnD podcast about finding that special someone in a world full of peril, monsters and heartbreakers!

The Umbra Initiative
Superheroes meet Tabletop gaming! Arcadian Haven; a small town nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire. Tranquility shrouds sinister and malevolent forces. An ex-astronaut running from his turmoil. A dog of war who can't build his own path. An orphan with who can't escape the darkness within. They can't escape the world, nor the horrors waiting for them.

Goblins Gaming
The Goblin Beat creates Actual Play RPG podcast episodes for Dungeons & Dragons (dnd) as well as Delta Green, Savage Worlds, Fate and others.

Dungeons and Dragon Types
Enter the Montium Region, a place mostly cut off from the rest of the Pokémon world by vast mountains and the open sea. Join our team of trainers as they test their strength in the Pokémon league, face the underlying evil hiding in plain sight, and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between humans and Pokémon.

Siren's Call: A Lore of Aetherra Campaign
Welcome to WafflesMapleSyrup's Podcast Network! By popular demand we are bringing to you our current Pathfinder 2e (homebrew) campaign, Time Has Past, in all it's actual-play glory!

Try Not To Die
Chaotic good. Bad at math. Queer as hell! The unlikeliest of heroes sets off on an adventure to save the land of Emaralia... which might prove a tad more dangerous than expected. Dungeon Master Noah Perito and player Lisa Condemi lead this small-party DnD comedy/drama.

Here There Be
Here There Be is an actual-play D&D 5e podcast that follows two spellcasters as they try to survive in a kingdom where magic will get you burnt at the stake.

Isle of Misfit Rolls
Welcome to the Isle of Misfit Rolls! A D&D 5E actual play podcast based in a home-brew world of Virtes, where 5 death row inmates are forced to save the world from being overtaken by Darkness. Whether you're a Gnome Barbarian, or a Goliath Wizard, all are welcome on the Isle of Misfit Rolls!

Bulldogs & Dragons: Milestone Academy
Before the students of the Milestone academy can begin their studies at... Well the actual academy they will first have to survive orientation. How hard could that be?

Halfwits & Failed Crits
An actual play podcast from the creators of Halfwit History! Join them and their other halfwits as we bumble through Dungeons & Dragons, Stars Without Number, and more!

Aerde Tales
Aerde (A-er-de) is a fictional world created by Hunter Looney. The planet of Aerde shares some aspects with our world but there are also many differences. There are many of what we on earth call "mythical creatures" in this world and magic exists as well. Humans also are not the only people that populate this world, there are many different sentient species (ex: Centaurs, Dragons, etc). Aerde Tales will follow the path of the adventurers as they make their way through this world.

Dicey Roles
Two old friends sit down to play a game of D&D for the ages, with music, sound effects, and a lot of laughs.

Truncheons & Dragons
Join Phil and his band of merry co writers as they try and write their own episodic crime novel, despite reading & writing very little; but how hard can it be really!? Each episode will see the pencil changing hands as someone new will take control of the next chapter, giving them alone full control over storylines, cliffhangers and the fates of our characters... honestly whoknows where this whodunnit will go!? Welcome to Truncheons & Dragons, the interactive, role playing, comedy-crime-thriller podcast!

The Redrock Podcast
FROM THE BUSTLING AIRWAYS OF CYDONIA, TO THE RUGGED FRONTIER... The REDROCK Podcast is an actual play podcast in a homebrew setting for Fantasy Flight's GENESYS.

Shattered Sky
Shattered Sky is a long form actual play podcast using Cypher System, set in a home brew fantasy world. Our story takes place roughly a century after a series of apocalyptic events that unleashed monsters, spread a plague and broke the sky. Join players Nathan Kiss, Steph MHC, Markus Maes, Claudia Jacob and GM Lauren Bond as their characters work against the oppressive forces of the corrupt government and try to change the world.

The Rock
A Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast by members of Full Fathom Productions at Emerson College.

Knights of Roleplay
This is an actual play, fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

Ain't Slayed Nobody
We are an actual play Call of Cthulhu RPG podcast set in the Old West. Chaosium's Down Darker Trails is our foundation for scenarios. We blend humor and horror with an emphasis on sound design and role playing.

RPG Radio Show
On this show, a group of actors will shape an epic, fantasy tale. Each chapter--every interaction and every combat is improvised. The success or failure of those interactions and combats are determined by dice and the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Don't worry, you don't need to know any of those rules to enjoy the show. Just know that each character has a specific set of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and in some cases, powers. Their abilities, combined with the dice they roll determines their success or failure in each instance.

Role 2 Forge
Hello there! This is Role2forge, a channel in which we educate and entertain in the Tabletop Role-playing game space. We are a group of friends trying to do something that we simply love to do and taking you along for the journey. We generally focus on individually and small press published systems and settings, and interviewing those who create them, to enhance and better understand our discipline!

Faeforge Academy
The Faeforge Academy is a 5th edition, Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast featuring the Witch+Craft supplement for crafting by Astrolago press.

The Gothic Podcast
Gothic is a humor-and-horror actual play podcast wherein our travelers negotiate a world of Gothic ruins as well as the spookiest places in a Contemporary Now.

Tales from Ka'Tar
Welcome to Tales from Ka'Tar, a homebrew actual play TTRPG, set on the Continent of Div'Ark. After having escaped the Clutches of the Drow and finding their way out of the Underdark, with the help of a Drider, Edit a Gnome Rogue (Matt), Erin Woodsbane an Elven Druid(Sam) and Sinara Steelskull a Minitor Paladin (Kyle) being their first Adventure. Join us as they discover a world full of wacky magic and oddities, with their very own guide Stoute Cap A.K.A the DM (Harnam).

Facing Fate
Welcome to Facing Fate, an anthological audio fiction actual play podcast. What does that mean outside of being amazing alliteration? It means when you subscribe to Facing Fate, you will find 2 - 10 episode seasons every year in the Facing Fate feed. Each season will take you through a different setting, different genre, and different characters going through thrilling, exhilarating and maybe hilarious collaborative stories.

Dungeon Wives
A bi-weekly podcast where two queer womxn in love play a one-on-one game of Dungeons and Dragons. Our story follows a young Tiefling Druid named Alkyone as she journeys into a new world, leaving the comfort of her home behind to follow a destiny greater than herself. Set in the original campaign setting of Sunar'alis designed by Dungeon Master McKenzie.

Omen's Call
Omen's Call is a heavily edited, d&d actual play podcast set in the world of Midgard by Kobold Press. It follows the conflicts and struggles of the "Ill Omens", a band of mercenaries in the frozen Northlands. It focuses on inter-party conflict and a well thought out journey through the myths and legends of the Norns.

Dice on the Table
Dice on the Table is an Actual Play Podcast that uses role playing games as the engine of our story telling. Join Tyler, Melissa, Matt and Noah as we journey on Epic adventures. For our first season we will be using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Favored Terrain
Favored Terrain is an independently produced actual play podcast about seven friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Strahdo Mojado
Strahdo Mojado is a Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition actual play podcast. Count Strahd, dread lord of Barovia, is having guests for dinner. And you are invited. Brought to you by Wet Maynard Productions.

A Fool's Quest: DnD Comedy
What would happen if you put every DND cliche into a bag of holding and then beat it with a humor stick? There’s only one way to find out! A Fool’s Quest is a Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Comedy Podcast, filled with music, sound FX and terrible puns! New episodes every Friday and every episode is under one hour! No marathons!

Shadows of Saint Fleur
Shadows of Saint Fleur is an Urban Shadows actual play podcast. The story takes place in the fictional Great Lakes city of Saint Fleur, which is rife with supernatural activity and all the politics that accompany that. Follow our five characters throughout their misadventures in this climate. Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy roleplaying game where the players are characters struggling to survive in a dark urban environment drowning in supernatural politics. It is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that was written, designed, and developed by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman, and published by Magpie Games.

Green Mountain Mysteries
Burlington Vermont: 3AM, New Year's Morning. A ghostly ship crashes on the shore. When magic and mystery engulf the town, can a rag-tag group of monster hunters work together to ensure that this new year isn't humanity's last? ...Maybe? Listen, they're not exactly experts.

Natural Toonie
An actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in a fictionalized Newfoundland- basically, the most Canadian D&D show you'll ever listen to, probably.

Firebreathing Kittens
Every episode is a complete story with a beginning and end. You can listen in any order. Join us as we solve mysteries, attempt comedic banter, and enjoy friendship. The cast rotates. If you're joining us for the first time, try our more recent adventures.

The Dimension Door Podcast
The Dimension Door Podcast is an actual-play RPG of Paizo's Reign of Winter adventure path. The Game Master (James Schwarz) guides a marvelous group of adventurers as they investigate a mysterious pocket of winter that has cropped up in the nearby forest during the middle of summer. Join the traveling mercenary Valdeen (David Miller), the retired medical profesionals Marge and Norm Gunderson (Zac and Amanda Kreitler), and the village wisewoman Vasilisa Morozova (Elizabeth Wilcox) as they work together using dice and rules to... save the world?!?

Call it a love-letter to a 20th century that never was; an intrepid, impossible future as envisioned by an imaginary past and presented in a style we call "Curated Actual Play". It's a continuous story universe which pays tribute to all of my favourite fiction from the last 200 years, in a genre best described as 'epic, retrofuturistic science fantasy.' Whatever you call it, it's a story like you won't hear anywhere else. RAPSCALLIONS is our flagship series; a crime-caper set in a wicked city as corrupt and byzantine as it is ancient and beautiful. From the putrescence of the Styles to the splendour of the Hightower District, follow this felonious fellowship as they navigate from salons and saloons to parlours of power in the depths of the Dreaming, and back again. Now in our third epic season! TALLWATER TALES follows a plucky bunch of outcast academics as they discover a destiny bigger than they'd ever dreamed possible lurking in the hundred thousand islands of the West Rim Archipelago. It's eldritch action-horror on the edge of the world, swashbuckling excitement and plenty of chills in this don't-miss new series from Runelanders, the World's Greatest Retrofuturistic Fantasy Epic.

CthulhuRoL - Partidas Rol - La llamada de Cthulhu
Partidas de Rol jugadas en el canal de Twitch con el sistema de "La llamada de Cthulhu 7ª Edición".

Warp Lords Podcast
An actual play podcast featuring the innovative Warp Lords table top role playing game. Follow stories from the Fractured World, Shanghai Station, the Nine Realms, and Misin....

When We Last Left Our Heroes
Join 7 friends in their misadventures in this actual play podcast. Follow along from where we last left our heroes…

Unlabelled AP
High school's tough enough without having to grapple with identity issues, a criminal past, or living in a whole new country. Add superpowers to the mix, and things are going to get weird this year at Phoenix Academy. Unlabelled AP is an actual play podcast of Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games focusing on gender identity, friendship, responsibility, and what it means to be a hero.

The Vanguard is a Table Top RPG podcast using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition rule set. The game is a mostly lighthearted story about low tier superheroes joining an organization called the Vanguard in Major City. The game and podcast will follow their careers starting at the very bottom tier of the organization -where they go from there is up to the players.

Carbon 2185 Cyberpunk RPG
Quests and Chaos plays Carbon 2185, a cyberpunk rpg from Dragon Turtle Games, utilizing the 5e ruleset.

Dumb Scum & Villainy: A Star Wars RPG Podcast
Dumb Scum & Villainy is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice live-play podcast where professional voice actors and improvisers explore the underworld of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game. Join our crew of bumbling criminals - the seductive pilot Brash (Ryan LaPlante, @theryanlaplante), the hapless gambler Vic Denbar (Tyler Hewitt, @Tyler_Hewitt), and the amnesiac bounty hunter Wakka Wakka Fonzie (Adam McNamara, @adammcnamara13) - as they try and heist their way out of a debt to a deadly Hutt! Hosted by our incredible Game Master, Tom McGee (@mcgeetd)!

Providence | Campaña | Shadowlands Editorial
Providence | Campaña | Shadowlands Editorial | Partida de Rol

The Billowing Hilltop Podcast
A Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast. Ancient British idiots play the Paizo Age of Worms Adventure Path! Join us at our table for a mix of adventure, laughs and hapless incompetence. But mostly hapless incompetence.

Respect the Crit
An inclusive actual play, table top rpg podcast about exploring new worlds, characters, and game systems through campaign style story telling. Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

Dungeon Dads
An actual-play podcast with real dads and made up dungeons.

One Shots: A Live-Play Mini Series Podcast
One Shots is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice live-play podcast where professional voice actors and improvisers tackle "one shot" adventures set in different RPGs. Join us in Eberron, Avernus, an 80's Buddy Cop Film, Star Trek, the grim future of Warhammer 40K and more! Our intrepid heroes and villains are joined by various DMs, GMs, and more as they explore new worlds and new games! The show is hosted by our Dungeon Master, Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), and our regular players Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante) and Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt)! Follow our heroes, experience new RPGs and enjoy the ongoing insanity!

Attempted Adventure
A podcast where 4 beginners play DnD DM'd by their friend who is....also a beginner. Antics and adventure ensue.

Flurry of Foes | Wild Beyond the Witchlight (and more) | Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play | Lost city of Mezro
Dungeons and Dragons 5e live play. Season three Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Season two is Rime of the Frost Maiden and The Lost City of Mezro. Season one, Descent into Avernus, has concluded. This was a complete adventure including many of the AL one shot adventures, and a few bonus episode forays. Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus complied with the Adventurers League format. We are primarily an Australian-based DnD group playing through DnD published adventures, now with players from across the globe due to the necessities of Covid and the opportunities presented with online play.

Parselings: The Forgotten
Life is simple In the small town of Stonesend, Maine. Here people go about their daily routines with hardly any deviation. But as thick fog settles upon the town, residents have gone missing and those that have vanished are forgotten. These are strange times in Stonesend. Will our protagonists be able to solve the mystery or will they too be forgotten?

Feats & Fantasies: Cataclysm Rising
Double Take's D&D, 5th Edition podcast from Feats & Fantasies brings the tale of Cataclysm Rising. A journey following an unlikely group of heroes across Caledonia finding betrayal, mystery and confusion around every corner... but like, not in a bad way or anything...

The Voyage Forevermore
The Voyage Forevermore is an actual play RPG podcast playing focused on collaborative storytelling, meaningful character development, fun times with fun friends, and the inherently exploratory nature of RPGs. In our current campaign, we're playing Tavern Tales, and following the story of a bugbear big game hunter, a retired admiral/bipedal toad man, and a dashing young dwarf exploring the furthest reaches of the world they know.

Dungeon Damsels
We're a group of friends who did theater together and decided to take a crack at a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. Join Ellendriel, Tarina, Adlanna, Keyanthi and Luna on their adventures across the sea and magical continent of Lyenier. All the ladies have questions of their own: Is this the right path for me? What forces are guiding me and what will become of my family? Despite these churning questions the world continues to spin on. The Sun Elves have set foot on the continent for the first time in a millennia. The Dwarves and Drow are at a tentative armistice and the Arcanic Empire has a new mysterious emperor. The campaign starts out at the open sea. Just where do the damsels go next?

Paradigm Academy
Welcome to Paradigm Academy! Located on it's own private island in the heart of scenic Zenith Bay, Paradigm Academy is the premier school for young heroes looking to learn the ropes. Our staff is comprised of experts in all fields of heroics and our facilities are state of the art. So enroll your young hero today! Paradigm Academy is an actual play podcast that uses the Masks: A New Generation system! Listen to new episodes of our teen heroes' escapades every other Wednesday.

The Dragon Punch Squad Podcast
Actual play podcast of the Pathfinder, Age of Ashes adventure path produced by Paizo. Five nerds who love beer, whiskey, and playing make-believe.

Astaros D&D
Astaros will be a world full of fantasy magic and science from the woods of the Elfs to lands of man expanding basic fantasy settings all the way to industry. But this will not be all that the world of Astaros will offer. the concept of time is the key to this worlds story. Players will be sucked out of there fantasy comfort zone and thrown around Time and Space at the gods leisure. Be safe be smart and tell your story.

Adventure Champs
A ttrpg podcast that’s just trying to do its best to tell a good story.

If Not Us, Then Who?
If Not Us, Then Who is a Power Rangers inspired actual play podcast running Riley Hopkins' new TTRPG of the same name. Each podcast episode is an episode of a fictional sentai show and these four players walk through and describe each story beat of episode using the game's card system.

Abandon Quest
A Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast, set in Waterdeep, the City of Splendor.

Jack, Chuck, and Frankie are just three students who were just assigned their most difficult homework yet: ridding Windy City University of the supernatural evil bubbling up from beneath the surface. UniCURSEity is a weekly podcast of horror, comedy, and the occasional interaction with an enchanted skull.

Long Beach By Night
Long Beach by Night is a actual play live stream of Vampire the Mascaraed V5.

Dice Try
Welcome to Dice Try, an RPG and story-telling podcast. Join our players: Crista Llewelyn, Earl Kim, and Paul Dixon as they travel through unusual stories and worlds with the help of their GM, Daniel Schaub.

Dice Shame
Comedy, action and a whole lot of shaming come together in Dice Shame, an Actual Play Podcast of Storm King's Thunder by Wizards of the Coast! Join our GM Jo; her partner Harlan, his brother Alex & their best friends Justin and Rob as they tackle the daunting world of Faerun in this legendary adventure module! Dice Shame is a podcast that welcomes its audience to the gaming table. Like the games they play at home, they try not to take themselves too seriously. The show aims to be entertaining, inclusive, and irreverent, while still taking the rules (somewhat) seriously.

Platinum Legends
Hey there fellow trainers. We’re a mystery-comedy actual play podcast about a ragtag group of pokemon trainers working together to find out the mysteries surrounding Sinnoh and Cynthia’s disappearance, a year after Team Galactic’s defeat.

Roll for Friendship!
Roll for Friendship is a podcast about friendship and sometimes dragons. Five friends invite you to join them for an actual play RPG podcast where together they hope to weave a story, make you laugh and eventually learn the true meaning of friendship.

Fellowship of the Drinks
A Dungeons & Dragon Play Drama Podcast!

Multiclass Theater
A trip inside the minds of four obsessive role-playing storytellers as they create collaborative, and mostly improvised, fantasy adventures using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition rules. Join Rohtan, Silwe, and Mist as they explore an original world in search of justice, adventure, and oh, yeah, treasure.

Traveler's Tales
Hello, welcome to Traveler's Tales, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Here you'll find mystery, action, adventure, and questionable roleplay as a party of heroes band together to fight evil and do some pretty cool stuff.

Sins of the Father
An actual play DnD podcast that features a coming of age story as four adolescent misfits explore a world shaped by the fathers they hardly knew.

Roll For It - a D&D Podcast
Roll for It is a fast paced, bite-sized Dungeons and Dragons podcast that highlights the best parts of the game in easily digestible 40 minute episodes. Each week we roll a d100 to determine which of the 100 monsters on our list the party will encounter. The random monsters are weaved into a continuous storyline filled with non-stop adventure.

Rolling In The Geek
Greetings weary travelers! Did you come in seek of adventure and intrigue? Are you wanting to add some spice to your ears every now and again? Do you wish to fill that void in your life that can only be filled by a Diesel Mechanic, a Property Inspector, and a Radio DJ?? Oddly specific....but perfect! We've got you covered!!Pull up a chair!....or bed or car.....*ahem* rest comfortable and enjoy listening to amazing stories and a group of friends having a good time adventuring together!Welcome to our table and thanks for joining us through laughs,cries, and a bit of crazy as we adventure across multiple stories and TTRPG rulesets!

Imprinted Echoes
Imprinted Echos (formerly called Palimpsest) is an actual play podcast using the Cypher System set in the world of Numenera (both made by Monte Cook Games). Join Zann, Rin, Brigid and Chase as they dive into the mysterious world of Numenera and uncover the secrets of the city of Legam.

Tales of the Voidfarer
Follow the spacefaring adventures of Rav'nys, Luckbeak, and Marco as they find themselves new recruits of the crew of the Voidfarer, an independent spelljammer ship exploring a new crystal sphere called Kraatspace. Can they uncover the secrets of the lost Kraatorian empire or will they fall victim to the same mysterious calamity that befell the ancient voidfaring civilization thousands of years ago? An original D&D Fifth Edition campaign inspired by the classic AD&D setting, Spelljammer. A Project Derailed podcast!

Gates of Orchid and Iris
This is a story of 2 groups of young warriors solving problems inside Ryoko Owari and the country side around. Love, Danger, and Drama await them. We're a Legend of the Five Rings Actual Play Podcast using the TTRPG system Legend of the Five rings by Fantasy Flight Games!

Rude Tales of Magic
Branson Reese and his jester's retinue, Christopher Hastings, Carly Monardo, Tim Platt, Joe Lepore, and Ali Fisher, buck and bumble through the magical backwater world of Cordelia. One hopes you enjoy both japes AND scrapes, because honestly, it would be impossible to disentangle one from the other, given their profound entwinement in this particular piece of entertainment.

Cape Lorelei
Cape Lorelei is an Urban Shadows actual play podcast produced by Off the Table - creators of Tabled Hearts. Welcome to the city.

Swords and Monsters - A DnD Comedy Fever Dream
A Dungeons & Dragons improvised comedy podcast about an ensemble of aging heroes experiencing a mid-life crisis starring: Dungeon Mistress Knight Sinclair and her hardy band of doomed meat: Wilburger as Moto Moto, Darcy as Gary, and Rory as David.

The Fellowship of the Tabletop
A 5e Real Play D&D Podcast by a group of goofs who get around the table once a week for your listening pleasure.

Table Quests
Table Quests is a table top role playing podcast where a group of friends take you along fantastic journeys and have fun along the way.

Fun City
A Shadowrun RPG realplay podcast with Jenn de la Vega, Nick Guercio, Shannon Odell, and Bijan Stephen. GM'd by Mike Rugnetta with troublemaker Taylor Moore.

Welcome to the Bone Era: A D&D Podcast
A D&D podcast set in the original homebrew land of Vinevra, DMed by Cameron Evesque Davis. Cast: Jason Van Duys, Sarah Howard, Tess Galbiati, Emily Herrington, and Max Jenkins.

An actual play podcast for Trophy, a tabletop roleplaying game of dark fantasy and psychological horror..

The Beer and Pretzel Podcast
One-shot actual play podcast that covers a new ”beer and pretzel” RPG each time. We play it, review it, and interview the game‘s writer in this podcast that introduces new RPGs.

Moon Harbor Heroes
Moon Harbor Heroes is a Masks: A New Generation Actual Play podcast, hosted by Anthony Sheets and T.P. Huth. Moon Harbor Heroes tells the stories of several groups of superpowered teenagers as they balance navigating the tumultuous world of adolescence and saving the world at large. Episodes are published each Monday and Wednesday, with occasional Friday episodes as well.

Are We Dead Yet?
An actual play tabletop RPG podcast focused on Good Games, Good Times, and Funny Moments. From the creators at the 1up Podcast Network.

New Crits on the Block
Grab your snacks and come sit at our table as 6 friends weave a story together and crack jokes at each others expense. Join our players Kristy (Leaf), Ben (Katon), Matt (Aewyn), Joe (Baerdram), and Brian (Borel) as they travel the lands trying to find fame, while ruining all the plot points Dungeon Master Jake tries to present the party. We are New Crits on the Block.

Magic Quest Boys of Dragontown
An actual-play Dungeons and Dragons comedy adventure. Four heroes embark on what will surely be the greatest story ever told.

All My Hexes
All My Hexes is a Monster of the Week actual play podcast that follows four amateur paranormal investigators as they thwart the sinister conspiracies and unearthly horrors of a Texas oil boom town.

Friends & Flayers
Hey Gang! Friends and Flayers is no longer producing new episodes, and it will be a bit until the back catalog was released.

Wizards and Wine
What happens when Geeky Ladies drink a bit, and play Dungeons and Dragons? Find out with Wizards and Wine. *Always Drink Responsibly *Always carry a d20

Murphy's Roll
Storytelling of various D&D campaigns.

There Be Dragons
There Be Dragons is a podcast set in a bespoke world of sword and gunpowder in the age of sail and empire! Join Abella, Charlie, Nezor, Skairn and Rhylind in this serialised actual play podcast as they discover secrets, conspiracies and adventure!

Celestial Expanse
A real play DND podcast set in the homebrew setting of the Celestial Expanse universe and played by a group of crazy players. You will laugh, you will cry and you get to hear the horror of bad dice rolls.

Chrome City Chronicles
This is Chrome City Chronicles, an Indianapolis set and based Shadowrun Actual Play and Audio drama podcast! Our actual play takes place in a futuristic, augment-driven Indianapolis in the year 2077, as our six lead runners attempt to overcome their life-threatening debts while under the watchful eye of an omniscient force known only as Janus. Meanwhile, our audio drama tells the story two years prior with P.I. Keith Kincaid following the trail of a devastating Seattle massacre, only to find himself in the middle of a huge conspiracy.

The Old Ways Podcast
A monthly recorded show in an actual play format where a group of great role-players serve up their character's experiences in new and published scenarios. Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Vampire the Masquerade (V5), and many more! Michael Diamond (@diamond_writing) is the Keeper of Arcane Lore and eagerly prepares each session for your listening enjoyment!

Dungeons of Drakkenheim
DUNGEONS OF DRAKKENHEIM follows the conflict and comedy-filled adventures of a brash prince, a streetwise survivor, and a meddlesome mage as they confront monsters and mystery in the meteor-blasted ruins of a fantasy city.

Dice Populi - A Tabletop Roleplaying Anthology Series
Using Dungeons & Dragons 5E, five rotating dungeon masters tell exciting, varied and fantastical stories. Learn more at!

1PDnD or "Single Player Dungeons and Dragons" is an actual play podcast of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, linking together as many of the Wizards of the Coasts published adventures as possible in one campaign for one player.

Here For The Rolls: A D&D Audio Adventure
Get immersed in both homebrew and pre-published D&D stories as the dice roll, tears fall from both laughing AND crying, and heroes are born. A D&D 5th edition podcast.

Austin By Night
Follow along as Evelyn, Xavier, Asmodeusu, and Star navigate the political world of the Camarilla in this homebrew unofficial Vampire The Masquerade podcast. Set in the capital city of Austin horror and bloodshed isn’t the only thing the group has to worry about.

MNmaxed Podcast
MNmaxed is an actualplay Pathfinder 2e podcast based in Minnesota. Our goal is to provide entertaining adventures, helpful insights, and to be tabletop RPG ambassadors.

Monster Hour
A grim-camp actual play Monster of the Week podcast.

Side Adventures
Side Adventures in a brand new actual play D&D podcast from where a gang of players with varying levels of experience in the hobby make their way through a fantasy world in a fun, funny, and approachable way. Basically every episode is a jumping on point, and you don't need to dedicate months of listening time to follow-along and have fun. It's an improvisational actual play DND podcast for people with commitment issues.

Twilight Imperium: Renegades
An epic journey through the Twilight Imperium Universe. Original story written by Nathaniel Keefer. Produced by Richard Jellison & Nathaniel Keefer. Setting inspired by the Twilight Imperium board game.

Pink Mohawk Edition
We are a Shadowrun Anarchy actual play podcast set in Missoula, Montana, where city meets wilderness. Wild Rill, Sergeant Butch, Deadeye, and Rook are a crew of shadowrunners who are guaranteed to get the job done--and with as much style as possible.

A Call to Ruin
Adventures in Lollygagging is a group of silly folks who create, record, and live-stream content for several tabletop roleplaying games. In our audio-only podcasts and our video content via Twitch and YouTube, we focus on character-driven stories, bad decisions, and an abundance of absurdity. We have featured games like Zweihänder, Mutant Year Zero, Vaesen, Heart, Shinobigami, and Electric Bastionland, with plenty more games on the horizon to play. Our first audio-only show, A CALL TO RUIN, uses the Zweihänder RPG system and follows begrudging medieval adventurers as they navigate the politics, mysteries, and malevolent forces threatening Verdam, a penal colony near the top of the world. Lured by a missing persons job, the adventurers become embroiled in a dangerous uprising, all while unknown whispers and songs beckon inhabitants northward, beyond civilization and towards doom. New episodes release every Monday.

Dose de Polissuco
O RPG do podcast Estação 9¾ e do site Animagos. Boas-vindas à nossa taverna! Puxe um banquinho e tome uma dose, você pode ser o que você quiser.

Intrepid Heroes - A Starfinder Actual Play
An actual play podcast of the Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of Flame from Paizo, book 4 of which is written by one of our players, Ron Lundeen!

RPG for You and Me
A Savage Worlds realplay duet in our custom cyber-fantasy setting. Athena returns to her hometown to root out a conspiracy at the heart of the city.

Simulacrum is a sci-fi fantasy show in which the players try to survive in “the world’s first virtual tabletop rpg” Numenera : The Ninth World. What would you do if you couldn’t leave your favorite game?

The Lost Girls
The Lost Girls is an 80s supernatural horror actual play podcast about vampires and the people they love.

Drek & Dragons: A Shadowrun Story
Follow the adventures of three shadowrunners as they search for life, love, and unexpected ways of slaying entire rooms full of people as their stealth runs fail! Be amazed as limbs fly, psyches get traumatized, and even more people die as their GM gets annoyed with the players! Welcome to Shadowrun: Anarchy!

Dust World RPG Podcast
Dust world RPG Podcast is an actual play Role Playing podcast like the Adventure Zone Podcast or Critical Role. The setting is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western a few hundred years after a great war burned the earth and a virus called white horse dissolved most organic matter to dust creating the wastelands. Season 1: This an EPIC story that follows the exploits of Gage Thane, a dust casting swordsman, Clarence Wells, a weird psychic child run away and Kevin Wolfkin, a fox mutant, sharpshooting Bounty Hunter. Together, these three, along with a slew of interesting allies seek to stop Red Earth a power-mad dictatorship bent on domination of the desolate remains of the world. - Dust World RPG is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons but is a unique d20 system different from the D&D game. Dust World is a D20 Tabletop Role-Playing game created by Paul Parnell. Setting created by Paul Parnell and Michael Yatskar. Season 2: Welcome to Neon City a cyberpunk-inspired city in the sci-fi western future. It follows the crew: Clarence Wells returns as the Psychomancer, and introduces Dr. Andrew Miller a grave doctor, Silent Monday the sword monk as they struggle against the corps, peacekeepers, and their oppressive debt in this megacity. - This season of Dust World RPG Actual Actual play podcast is played using our new Powered By the apocalypse game Dust World RPG PBTA

Fear Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons and Horror
FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Morgan Peter Brown, Laura Dromerick, Megan Duffy, David Ian McKendry, Daniel Montgomery, Allie Goertz, and Jeff Seidman on their weekly horror inspired RPG adventure. Demons, giant spiders, creepy dolls, and pet racoons.

Tales from the Mists
Dungeon Master TK Johnson leads four Ravenloft natives through the Domains of Dread. Mysterious guests, dark secrets, and tragic destinies await our heroes: where will they stand when the fire of revolution burns a path through Ravenloft? Tales from the Mists’ narrative play style, intricately woven stories, and thoughtful reimagining of a classic setting brings you a Dungeons & Dragons experience unlike any other.

Girls Guts Glory: The Broad Cast
The ladies of Girls Guts Glory bring you new characters and a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign in podcast form! Join us for thrilling storytelling by Dungeon Master Kelly D'Angelo, with twists determined by the roll of the dice. Kimberly Daugherty, Erika Fermina, Rachel Seeley, Alice Greczyn, Kelen Coleman and Allie Gonino are back playing new characters with an all new storyline! Don't worry, their livestream will return once they have a studio and we'll find out what happened to Moira. In the meantime, enjoy!

Feddie Scum
Feddie Scum is an actual play RPG podcast set in Gundam's Universal Century. Dallas, Zach, Matt, and Kat are at the whim of the GM, Adam, as he leads them through the One Year War.

Dice Out, Now Game!
Dice Out, Now Game! is a 5e D&D actual play podcast. Join 3 rowdy bois and their stoic orc companion as they try to piece together the events of a wedding they don't quite remember.

Pax Fortuna!
Pax Fortuna! is a comedy-fantasy roleplaying podcast. In the merchant republic of Fortuna, there are no kings and no knights, only the levelling honesty of gold. Our heroes must beat, bluff and blunder to adventure.

The Pod Called Quest
From humble beginnings in a living room to a full-on gaming space, the cast of The Pod Called Quest is here to bring you the best long-form tabletop actual play podcast around.

Role to Cast
An actual-play podcast with trained actors, original music & homebrew campaigns. We'll even throw in some Australian laughs!

Magical Bullshit
We are an Actual Play Pathfinder podcast. Each season runs a new campaign and we are currently in our first season: Sentience.

Bad Heroes
A Pathfinder RPG comedy adventure podcast with a love of storytelling, roleplay, and the more charming forces of hell.

Quest Company Junior
The Quest Company is a group of storytellers playing through our own original adventures on this live-play RPG podcast! Join us as we introduce you to new games and explore worlds full of fun and creativity! Fun at the table, fun for the family. Join The Quest Company today!

Apon Plays!
Real Play podcast with a rotating series of RPG adventures.

The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon
Jeff & Simon is a family-friendly actual play podcast using the Suited RPG system by Escape Box Games. It's a story about a mouse named Jeff and a Pigeon named Simon who go on a gigantic adventure together in a strange new realm. Based on characters created in the Fate of Isen podcast.

Not Safe for Wizards
They're not the heroes you want, they're the heroes you deserve! An actual play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast set in a homebrewed setting.

A crew of outlaws battles against the forces of the Azlanti Star Empire to save a Pact World's Colony and a friend in Know Direction's production of Against the Aeon Throne, a Starfinder Actual Play Podcast.

Third Action vs Rise of the Runelords
We're a Pathfinder Second Edition actual-play podcast currently going through Paizo's classic Rise of the Runelords adventure path. Follow the tale of Asher Ford, Gunn Shough, and Greshy Ironroot as they investigate the truth behind a series of strange occurrences throughout Varisia.

Goonie's World
A wide-ranging actual play tabletop RPG podcast from actual geeks with lots of experience points.

Die by the Sword Podcast
Die by the Sword is a weekly Actual Play podcast using the Pathfinder RPG system. In this adventure, follow our gamemaster and four players as they delve into Paizo’s first horror themed campaign, Carrion Crown. Filled with immersive storytelling, real dice rolls, dramatic twists, and off-the-cuff comedy, this weekly podcast is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Critical Ditto
Each week, Stew, Ali, David and Tom gather around a kitchen table to tell the story of Kenny, Theo and Brandi through the power of improv and dice rolls, on their Pokemon adventure in a completely made up region.

Roll Gay Role Play
A merry group of queers face their fears in a fantasy world where social norms aren't the only thing thrown out the window. Join our cast as they daintily slay the most insidious of creatures their dungeon master Kris puts in their path. Storylines start on the following episodes: Start on Come Out of the Quasit for Windblown (Seasons 1 - 3). Start on Once Upon a Time for Cursed (Season 4)

Flash Fantasy: The Skeleton Crew
Join the Skeleton Crew in a Star Wars tabletop adventure set during the Old Republic! As an actual-play TTRPG podcast, you'll experience all the dice rolls critical hits along with our cast!

The Role Less Taken
An actual play RPG podcast where five friends try out some of the less-rolled RPG systems. This season features Apocalypse World, and begins in a dusty bar following the end of the days, when southern socialite Lemon Dufresne hires three completely sane personalities to help her steal back a family recipe. Meet Bear Samuels, the local gang leader, Ross Roberts, the local cult leader, and Finch, a mysterious orphan of the Maelstrom, and follow the trials and tribulations of the four most upstanding, honest citizens the apocalypse has to offer.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Campaña
Campaña de Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition con invitados especiales Potemkill, FrigoAdri, Quetzal y Sirio Sesenra resubida del canal de YouTube Lynx’s Tales, estrenada en vivo en el Twitch de Lynx Reviewer

Nature Check
Nature Check is a show where scientists play TTRPGs. Through our games, we hope to show you that scientists are real people with bawdy senses of humor and creative solutions to problems. We also hope to use our game worlds to talk about real issues in biology, ecology, environmental science, scientific research, and society.

Mass Effect: Adventum
An RPGcast set in Bioware’s beloved sci-fi universe after the events of ME2, the story is centered around a group of adventurers caught in a galaxy-wide struggle between Reapers, Cerberus and Janus Collective.

Hex Grid Heroes
A Starfinder Homebrew Adventure Podcast. Explore the Pact Worlds and beyond with a ship crew of aliens wielding science, magic, and more than a little bit of chaos.

Rust Belt Gothic
Actual play using a d20 adaptation of the Call of Cthulhu RPG to tell a story set in a reality adjacent to our own about three people drawn together to a mystery that might kill more than just their curiosity.

Sword of Symphonies
An Actual Playtest podcast of the game Heroic Chord, run by the designer and played by her excellent friends

The Crow's Codex
The Crow’s Codex is a series of stories told via Tabletop RPGs played by real people. In each tale the characters and players will be different, and you can expect new systems along the way as well!

In these stories you can expect themes of curses, prophecies, fear, etc. The goal in the telling of these tales is to ask some of the harder questions, like "At what point does someone stop being a person?" and "How much freedom of choice can one have in a world where Prophecy is a real thing?

Saratoga By Night
Fleeing an underground war brewing in New York City, two newly sired kindred (vampires) flee to the horse racing town of Saratoga Springs. Unfortunately, Saratoga is far from the haven they expected. Instead of a peaceful countryside retreat, our coterie finds themselves embroiled in the secret affairs of the city's supernatural underbelly, all while coming to terms with their new un-lives and unravelling the many mysteries of the Saratoga Valley. Saratoga by Night is an actual play podcast of Vampire: The Masquerade v5. We upload on Tuesdays.

Yes And Dragons
Yes And... Dragons! Two worlds collide as established Improv Asylum casts play Dungeons and Dragons! Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh as groups of Boston's best improvisers are lead through magical and hilarious adventures!

The Facades of Gods
A Fate System, Noir AP & AD podcast | In the subterranean city of Elysium, Gods & Monsters aren’t so different from you and I.

Gestalheim Productions - Legacies
Originally the Dungeons and Pop Network feed for the original podcast before we split up feeds. Now the Gestalheim Production feed for legacy games such as We're Not In Kansas Anymore and other older campaigns getting a shot in the heart.

Lakeshore & Limbo
Lakeshore & Limbo is an improvised occult-noir detective series podcast, told using dice.

An actual play story-telling podcast for the whole family brought to you by a father-son duo to bring a little mystery and fun to your days and nights.

Thornvale is a narratively-driven, actual-play RPG podcast following the lives of three monster hunters as they protect a small island town in Florida.

Of Dice and Dens
ODND is an Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons Table Top RPG Podcast. Join us as both newbs and veterans explore a fantasy world together!

The Campaign Trail
The Campaign Trail is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast where the quest is to win a general election! Join our team of fantastical adventurers as they head to marginal constituencies and face puzzles, monsters, intrigue and maybe even a dungeon and a dragon. Exit polls. Sorcery. Economic policy. Ancient curses. It's like no other D&D game you've ever heard.

Rolemaster & Adventures in Middle-Earth - Wolfshield Actual Play
Wolfshield Games, the creators of the RPG Encounter Companion App, bring you actual play roleplaying content. Currently we're covering Adventures in Middle-Earth and Rolemaster.

Halfway to Heroes - A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast
A D&D 5e podcast that follows the story of four recent graduates of Scrimore Academy, a school meant to train the best of the best to serve as strike teams against the Illithids.

We're a real-play RPG Dungeons and Dragons podcast out of the Midwest! Join Amelia, Brennen, Rob, and Hannah as they traverse the land as Kitsa, Dartle, Juliard, and their rookie Dungeon Master.

The Broken Lords Tabletop Podcast
A weekly actual play podcast focusing on weird fiction and even weirder hang ups! Laugh along as we struggle to get through one of our many sessions without losing our minds or sinking to on-sight pettiness. Dark fantasy and even darker humor abounds as we trek through places arcane and worlds eldritch and abominable. Home of the famous line "You Can't Grapple A Ghost!" and the even more infamous Elder Sign Wrestling audio drama.

Apotelesma is an actual play podcast using the ttrpg: Okult. This game has no GM/DM/Keeper, so this game features completely improvised narrative storytelling, using interactions between 4 best friends.

Stormwood & Associates: An Actual Play RPG Podcast
A Roleplaying Game Actual Play Podcast based in a modern fantasy world using the Super Awesome Action Heroes system. Set in the United State of Aremesia, the show follows the titular Stormwood & Associates, a private investigator and licensed magic user agency as they take jobs, fight off surfer ninjas, run from dragons, and maybe (if they’re lucky) save the world. Stormwood & Associates features an all queer cast, and updates weekly.

Legends of Lanimora - A D&D Podcast
Welcome to the Legends of Lanimora podcast! We play a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign created by the Dungeon Master Nathan Gutoski! Join us each week as we take you on an amazing journey through the world of Lanimora. There will be action, adventure, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. Let’s Be Legends!

The Ordinary Epic
A serialized fantasy tabletop audio drama about the real and imagined lives of five friends and the challenges they face together.

The Adventurers' Vault
A Live Play RPG podcast

EveryTenday D&D | DnD (Dungeons & Dragons)
DnD for families and Young Adventurers. A dad plays Dungeons and Dragons ( DnD) 5th Edition with his kids every ten days. Danae is a female aasimar Fighter and Rogue, Elluen is a male human Diviner and Mystic (psionic). You’re joining them as they go from local adventurers to regional heroes. If you’re a younger D&D player, like Critical Role or you’re interested in getting your kids into DnD then you’ll like this. If you’re a DM you may enjoy hearing a 30yr veteran run the game with his kids. For parents this is a great place to start to hear how the game can run with your

STF Network: A Collection of Starfinder Actual Play Content
Your dose of geek culture from the south, as we play through RPG adventures. Currently featuring Paizo's Against the Aeon Throne Adventure Path for the Starfinder RPG....

BZ's Curse of Strahd
Welcome to Bookzombie Presents, an RPG Actual Play podcast!

Adventures in Questing
Welcome to Adventures in Questing, a collaborative, narrative storytelling podcast, told through Dungeons and Dragons! We’re a group of eight IRL best friends and actors who are passionate about playing D&D. Follow our party, Raff’s Reds, through a tale of humor, heroics and heart in a totally original homebrew world.

Top of the Round
An original actual play Dungeons and Dragons adventure set in the dark, mysterious world of Ishnar. What happens when a naive druid, a mysterious drow elf, and an orphaned monk are roped into becoming mailmen for a goddess? Rated Explicit for language, violence, some horror themes, and suggested adult content.

Ballad of the Chickendragon
A D&D podcast by a couple of brothers having fun.

Rise of the Runelords
We are Clinton's Core Classics - an actual play podcast playing Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords.  We can only use content released from Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition and before.  The show updates every Monday morning!

Encounter Party - The Legacy Episodes
Encounter Party! is an audio adventure governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons. Grab a chair a join five players as they traverse a harrowing tale of adventure and mystery.

Tendril: The Banshee Chronicles
Based on a homebrew campaign for Monster of the Week, TENDRIL is a full-scale audio production with original music, lovingly crafted sound design, and professional-quality voice acting.

Dungeons & Dragons - The Celestial War - Audio Dungeon
An incredible interactive tabletop (D&D) story about 6 people in the land of Andaria who are about to set upon the adventure of a lifetime. Join 30,000 weekly viewers in a revolutionary story live and impact what happens next!!

Drunken Arcanoughts
A #dnd #dnd5e Podcast.

KOllOK 1991 - Kids On Bikes TTRPG
An actual play of Kids on Bikes, Kollok 1991 airs live on Monday nights on , the entire production is produced live with audience feedback built into the show.

Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD
The podcast version of Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD Campaign on YouTube!

.ZeroStar is an ActualPlay hosted by Paul Courvoisier and played by Matty McManee as Vinyl Flyaway, Samantha Odber as Nyx Nedra, Thomas Dagroot as Kaze, Jake Dagroot as Cpt, Rust Duckers, playing "Uncharted Worlds".

Little Realms | A DnD Adventure
A dead acolyte. Her puzzle box. A city festering with secrets. And four hero investigators uncovering it all. Little Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventure using DnD 5E.

Starshot Podcast
Starshot is an actual play of the Cortex RPG system. Our story focuses on the lives of several characters and the hardships they face on a world with its own soul.

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone is a 1v1 horror podcast, focusing on telling intense and personal horror stories. Every episode is based around fears the guest wants to explore.

Flashbang and The Surgeon
Welcome to Superquest Saga, the show where the cast and crew of The Dungeoncast sit around the table and play some Dungeons and Dragons! Join the Superquest Heroes as they are ripped away from their medieval fantasy setting and taken on a galactic adventure far in their universe's future! Get ready for spaceships, galactic elven empires, laser guns, meteor cities, and energy swords!

Eventyrtimen er en norsk rollespillpodkast med actual play. Ny episode kommer annen hver lørdag. Spillet er Dungeons and Dragons og spiller nå sin andre fulle kampanje. Lurer du på hvor du skal begynne? Kampanje 2 er et fint sted å starte, historien tar sted i en egenskrevet verden, skapt av spilleder Mikael Barr Kongsteien. Svært ulike karakterer, spilt av Helle Langmoen, Robin Frøyen og Martin Mathiassen Oeding, og en gryende uro i samfunnet de lever i, viser seg å skape flere uventede situasjoner. Historien tar dem gjennom utfordrende kamper og binder livslange bånd mellom karakterene. Serien byr på high fantasy, humor, men også seriøse rollespilløyeblikk som gir hjerteskjærende innsikt i hva som driver karakterene på reisen. Og selvfølgelig dødelig god presisjon i kamper mot utfordrere og banditter. En god blanding som viser hvordan rollespill kan både engasjere, utfordre og underholde på en og samme tid. I Eventyrtimens første kampanje starter historien i Waterdeep, fra DnD verdenen Forgotten Realms. Spilleder Magnus Thune tar spillerne med på egenlagde historier, godt blandet med settinger fra Wizard RPG. På den måten likner kampanjen på en hjemmekampanje, slik man ville spilt den med noe homebrew, og med inspirasjon og kampanjesettinger fra DnD-bøker. Stemningen rundt bordet bygger også veldig under dette, med spillere Robin Frøyen, Martin Mathiassen Oeding og Olav Brevik. Episodene byr på spenning, humor og knallgod karakterutvikling.

Distracted by Side Quests
A group of video gamers throw down their controllers and pick up dice for the first time to play Dungeons & Dragons. What could possibly go wrong? Distracted by Side Quests is an actual play D&D podcast. We've been playing video games for many years and only recently 'discovered' Dungeons and Dragons. Spread across 3 timezones, we're loving the drama, laughs and shocks as we play this fantastic game. Join Phil the Dungeon Master as he guides our intrepid party - Tralen (played by Greg), a snooty Elf Wizard; Kim (played by Kim), a hapless Halfling Rogue; Hector (played by Jason), an overly enthusiastic Barbarian; Jatic (played by Mark) a grumpy Dwarf Fighter (played by Mark); and Paarthurnax (played by Rich), a Dragonborn Paladin whose name nobody can pronounce. Visit us at or follow us on Twitter @distracteddnd

Dice and Dreary
Join us for a frightening experience as we play the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Curse of Strahd. Join Sprocket, Crethan, and the DM Jeff as they journey to Strahd von Zarovich's Domain of Dread.

Dice Fiends
Dice Fiends is an actual play podcast featuring a wonderful cast of chuckle-friends. Our story is similar to many: in an attempt to have fun one late Saturday evening, 6 strangers came together for a one-shot, but had so much fun that we extended that one-shot into a two-shot… and then a three-shot… and then we turned it into a whole campaign! Since then, we've expanded beyond Dungeons and Dragons and to other games systems for one shots such as Hardwired Island or Shadowrun Anarchy and we hope to branch out ever further. But one thing's for sure, whether we're diving into dungeons or trying not to get geeked on the mean streets of Seattle: we're fiends for the sound of rolling dice.

Playing Out of Character
An actual play podcast that is centered on friends make goofs and a narrative together!

Jace Beleren Must Die
"In Ravnica, one man reigns above all others: Jace Beleren, the living Guildpact. His word is law and none can stand against him. A conspiracy dedicated to freedom from the meddling of absent Planeswalkers will do the impossible. They know the truth: Jace Beleren Must Die!" A D&D actual play stream from the official DND Twitch channel, following 4 adventurers attempting the impossible.

Dice Will Roll
Welcome to Dice Will Roll, the gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions, like... Is it cannibalism to eat an awakened polymorphed chicken? Or is it morally okay to kiss a Goblin? What's the worst thing that could happen if we split the party?

The Red Death
The year is 1890. The place, Boston. An evil force, The Red Death, has seeped into our world, corrupting and conquering all those who touch it. Now, four adventurers have banded together. Can they keep The Red Death from holding total dominion over all in this actual play?

Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu
The Great Dane Society is an actual play Call of Cthulhu podcast, featuring an almost all female cast, minus the GM.

We Slay Things
Welcome to We Slay Things, a real-play tabletop role-playing game podcast where we play Dungeons and Dragons, and SLAY THINGS.

Cast of Many Things
Tabletop Gaming Podcast group and more!

Dungeons and Daddies
A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast.

Welcome to the Qmenera Podcas! We are an all queer cast, and I’m the originator and producer, Kelrick. I’m very excited to share with you our inaugural Campaign. We will be playing Numenera, produced by Monte Cook games/@montecookgames. I'm being brave this time Narrating this podcast and creating a homebrew campaign for my initial outing! Join us we figure out how to survive the 9th world!

Brothers Pimm
The Pimms are back with a swashbuckling tale of revenge and dark magic in OTRO MUNDO, a weekly actual-play tabletop RPG podcast. Join them every Wednesday for a brand-new high seas Forged in the Dark adventure!

20 Sided Adventures
The 20 Sided Adventures is a real-play D&D 5e podcast set in a homebrew intergalactic adventure!

The Game of Rassilon
The Game of Rassilon is an actual-play podcast, featuring adventures played in the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game by Cubicle 7. Step on board the TARDIS with the Doctor (Riley Silverman) and her companions Travis (Dan Peck) and Carrie (Kate Lê), with Game Master Ben Paddon and Engineer Michael Nixon.

Brits on Bikes
Join our cast of intrepid sleuths as they navigate their way through the town of Marsh Haven solving crimes and making sure the good win out!

D4 is an actual play live stream D&D game with two DM's based in Atlanta GA.

Hearts Against Balance
Hearts Against Balance is a kingdom hearts RPG actual play using the Interstitial: our hearts intertwined rule set.

Natural 1 DND Dungeons And Dragons
Natural 1 is a custom Dungeons and Dragons Campiagn set in the custom world of Rasmorae. Hosted by Dungeon Master Beau C. Williams, and featuring an amazing cast of players, including Aaron Acosta, Aubri McCoy, James Aaron Oh, and Lauren Flores.

Stellar Arcanum
A Sci-Fi D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast which has taken a group of traditional fantasy D&D characters and thrust them into wild space adventures. We’re taking elements from all of our favorite science fiction shows, movies, video games, and books and weaving them into fantasy staples like magic, elves, demons, etc.

The Brotherverse
Four brothers join forces to embark on an epic fantastical role-playing journey (even though they barely know how to play). Join our heroes (heroes?) Yenry, Ork, and Puff as they stumble through a mess of adventures in the land of Mardinia - aided, abated, berated, and sedated by a gaggle of ragtag friends and foes (mostly foes). Prepare to be transported to a mystical realm of ridiculousness known as The Brotherverse!

Flight Risk
This is Flight Risk: a Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, using the FFG Star Wars ruleset, set during the Old Republic Era.

Boogieman Buddies
An actual-play Podcast that doesn‘t actually play Dungeons and Dragons. I know, crazy, right? Currently Playing - FATE Core, Monster of the Week

A Horror Borealis
It’s 1996: cell phones are a fantasy, JNCO jeans are in style, and there are monsters in the American wilds. In the town of Revenant, Alaska—just north of the Arctic circle and just south of the nation’s most untamed national park—three women from wildly different walks of life must come together in the face of monstrous beasts, unsavory politicians, and their own dangerous secrets in order to unite their community and discover the truth about a magic that just might save them all. Let’s play Monster of the Week!

The d20 Syndicate: A D&D Podcast
Welcome to The d20 Syndicate — A D&D 5E Actual Play Podcast — where we go on adventures so you don’t have to! Want to sit around all day playing D&D with your friends, but they’re too busy with “bills” and “marital troubles” to hang out? Are your insufferable children demanding a better bedtime story, but the weight of the world has sapped all of your imagination away? Are you in need of some of the best fantasy storytelling you’ve heard in your life while you're getting straight yoked in the gym? If you’ve shrugged in agreement to any of these questions, The d20 Syndicate is probably the show for you. Sit back, forget about your worries, and escape from your boring everyday life by hanging out with us as we nerd out for your listening pleasure!

Theatre of the Mind Players
Join Rob Wieland, Jordan Fishburn, Tony Cheek, Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson, Tawnie Thompson, Sarah Babe, Tech-master Brad Davies and Danielle Bryn as we explore new role-playing games and exciting one-shot tabletop RPGs!

Coruscant Nights
An actual-play RPG podcast set in the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars universe.

d4 on the Floor
An RPG podcast of six friends campaigning in an original fantasy world, using D&D 5e rules.

Real Fantasy Encounters
An actual play podcast where escapism means having the same dumb problems as every other day of your life, but now your fate is decided by the roll of dice.

Resting Glitch Face
All-female Shadowrun team running the mean streets of St Louis. In the wake of The Gateway Incident, an astral catastrophe that devastated most of the downtown area, three women are trying to put together the pieces of their shattered lives by turning to the only world that will have them.

Tableverse: a Starfinder actual play podcast. It's "Firefly" meets "Guardians of the Galaxy." Follow the crew of the Terrapin as they traverse the stars in search of adventure and hilarity.

Roleplay Retcon
Why remake a perfectly good movie when there are so many flops begging for a second chance? Roleplay Retcon answers the call by re-imagining famous movie failures using an arsenal of eccentric storytelling tools: Roleplaying games, indie bands, 20/20 hindsight, and dumb jokes.

Quid Pro Roll
Aelita, a dragon priestess, is tasked with fulfilling her own prophecy of bringing the metallic dragons, and through them balance, back to the world of Vyrion. Prophecy has a way of choosing strange champions, but not even she could have been ready for an over-the-hill professional wrestler, a (mostly) rehabilitated criminal, a self-care driven kobold wizard, and a third-wheel paladin of Sune.

We Cantrip
We Cantrip is a Dungeons and Dragons play podcast! Welcome to a world full of mystery, adventure and shenanigans among a hilarious group of adventurers. Join us every week as our "heroes" take on many quests to save (or accidentally destroy) the world!

Missing Roll Player Found an Actual Play Podcast
A series of Pathfinder actual play campaigns set in the homebrewed worlds of Sword Art Online and The Gate Chronicles. Follow the highs and lows of each party being trapped in an unfamiliar world. Sword Art Online: AOD Follow alongside the AOD guild as they fight their way through the various floors of the famous MMORPG that took the world by a storm. Survival is only guaranteed if they can escape the game. While the rules remain the same, the players have more than swords to get by. They also have magic. The Gate Chronicles Receiving $10,000 dollars for a ten night sleep study seems too good to be true. And after waking up in an unfamiliar world, several strangers realize they might not get that money after all. Surviving in this foreign landscape will require their cunning, skills, and a lot of luck. Rated PG-13 for occasional mild language, violence, and dark themes. This is the main feed for MRPF. All shows are curated here. Visit our website:

Highly Suspect: Familiar Suns | Bad Form RPG
This is Highly Suspect: Familiar Suns. This is a sequel to our original show Highly Suspect: Syndicate, which is temporarily on this feed but can be found permanently on that feed. Highly Suspect: Familiar Suns is a Star Wars actual-play podcast in the Fantasy Flight Games RPG system Edge of the Empire. We also use elements of Fantasy Flight’s other Star Wars systems, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. Highly Suspect: Familiar Suns takes place one year after the Battle of Endor and revolves around a crew of smugglers, trying to make a name for themselves.

Ready Set Roll
Austin, Daniel, Dylan and Craig embark on a sci-fi D&D 5E adventure.

The Arkham Files
Laughs, chills, and tentacles abound as this bumbling group of lifelong friends battle their way through the Lovecraftian horrors of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. Professional sound effects, music, and editing add the full audio drama flavor to this actual play experience with the CoC Boys.

Committee Quest: A Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast
This is a D&D actual play podcast incorporating as much retro pop-culture as we can handle. Come with us as we go on a ridiculous and nostalgic quest into our collective imagination.

Critical Bits
Critical Bits is a new comedy RPG actual play podcast featuring Joel Ruiz as the GM and Paul Byron, Shannon Struuci, and Shelby Lee as the players. It has a bi-weekly Tuesday release schedule and uses the Masks system with the Powered by the Apocalypse rules.

Pretending to be People
Pretending to be People is a mystery/horror role-playing podcast. Join Zach, Thomas, Luke, and Joe as they navigate a terrifying campaign filled with twists, turns, and laughs - all decided on a roll of the dice. Can the officers of the Contention Police Department unravel the mysteries suddenly plaguing their sleepy town? Will they die – or worse – in the attempt? This is an actual play utilizing the game systems of Delta Green and Pulp Cthulhu. This is Pretending to be People.

Rememorex: Not A Test
A group of middle school children in suburban Delaware, 1983, face an unknown horror stalking their town. An actual play played around a physical table by six friends based on Rememorex by Sean and Megan Jaffe.

Dark Future Dice | A Cyberpunk 2020 Podcast
Cyberpunk 2020 is a pen and paper/ table top role playing game, set in a dark future, as imagined in the 1980's media (Bladerunner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell). Cyberpunk 2020 is also the inspiration for the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077. Titus referees two pen and paper RPG noobs Pat and Lindsay for their first ever campaign.

Dark Dice
Dark Dice is a horror actual-play D&D podcast that uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion. Six travelers embark on a journey into the ruinous domain of the nameless god. They will never be the same again.

Cthulhu & Friends
Cthulhu & Friends is a real play Pulp Cthulhu TTRPG podcast.

Let's Be Legendary - The Feywild West - A queer actual play podcast
"The Feywild West" is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play game, set in a homebrew Wild West steampunk world. The Feywild West follows two people discovering what it means to be in a relationship, all the while seeking revenge and learning the truth of their pasts. Let's Be Legendary Podcast is a LGBTQ+ podcast, with both main and minor characters, as well as the players falling under the queer blanket. An RP heavy game with a focus on story and characters.

Blood on the Severn
Welcome to the world of Blood on the Thames, an actual-play Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition podcast.

Dungeons & Queers
A intensely queer dungeons and dragons roleplaying podcast. If you like gay stuff and roleplaying (not that kind) you'll love this podcast!

A Woman With Hollow Eyes
Darcy Ross leads James D'Amato, Kat Kuhl, and Alan Linic into the actuality with an actual play of Monte Cook Games' Invisible Sun. In the city of Satyrine, there is cab driven by a woman with hollow eyes. She can take you where you need to go, but she always takes what you can afford to pay.

The Call
In the 1930's The New England Centre for Antiquities sends its teams of investigators to report on strange happenings from around the globe.

RAD Theatre
Radio Adventure Drama Theatre is the collection of our nerdy friends playing tabletop games, going on adventures, and having fun!

Venturing the cosmos is hard work. For Lorell, Klip-Tik, Flinch and Grek, it's also a thanksless job. If the pirates, monsters, supernovas, universe ending paradox's, ancient gods, robots, poisons or homicidal maniacs don't end them, then Grek's flying surely will...

Masks and Mayhem
Masks and Mayhem is a biweekly podcast where four friends tell an epic story with the tabletop superhero game Mutants & Masterminds. In each chapter Game Master R.C. challenges the heroes: Atlanean ambassador Yardak, filmmaker-illusionist Ruby Lawson (aka Vizual Aid), and aging vigilante Brock Bollea (aka Lazerhawk).

These Flimsy Rituals
Narrative-first roleplaying, telling small stories in big worlds. Currently playing Tiding — Challa, Belka, Bris & Venz lead their people through a world of restless gods and shifting landscapes.

Risk Manangement is an actual play, tabletop podcast set in a science fiction universe, complete with killer robots, blood cults and two mostly competent agents just trying to stay alive.

Wild Endeavors
An actual play audio drama | Across several interwoven campaigns and one-shot adventures, Wild Endeavors is telling a collective tale of a fantastical land. Our current endeavor is a campaign focused the adventures of the Wayward Suns. For more than 3,000 years the people of Ayria haven’t been able to cross the Great Sea. In an age of relative peace, a group of adventurers known as the Wayward Suns discover a far more grim force is at work keeping Ayria isolated from the rest of the world. As these heroes are drawn into a millennia-long cold war, they will travel to far off worlds in search of a means to free their people. Our first series, the Shadows Campaign is dark, emotive Dungeon World adventure that gives the classic rescue story an intense twist. All 30 episodes of that story are available now.

Chaos Agents DND
Featuring: DM - Thomas Koch @ThomasAKoch | Remy The Fox - Beau Christian Williams @Beau_C_Williams | Uzo - Warren Reid @urbanmasque | Andraste - Tiana Hanson @vana1895 | Rukus - Aaron Acosta @aaronthatday. Watch live Tuesdays at 7pm pst at Music and sound by Music Licensed through

Legends of Earthdawn
Earthdawn Actual Play podcast

Adventure They Wrote
A live-play Dungeons & Dragons mystery podcast with traditional noir themes.

Cheaper by the Dungeon
Cheaper By The Dungeon is unlike any DnD podcast you've ever heard. This podcast is filled with lots of things: heart, bravery, courage, other inspirational stuff, and most of all some sweet sweet roleplay. Please join Adam, Connor, and Jacob as they find their true selves while they journey through an imaginary world ruled by Seth the God of Games.

Fantastic Worlds Podcast
It has been a century since the immortal witch Baba Yaga last visited the world, and the hour draws nigh for her return. But when she fails to appear in the frozen realm of Irrisen to usher in its newest ruler, pockets of winter begin to grow throughout the Inner Sea. After 1,400 years of perpetual winter, the icy curse of Irrisen is spreading! What links do these strange blizzards and swaths of wintry landscapes have with Irrisen, and is there any truth to the growing rumors that the Witch Queen Elvanna has taken full control of the realm? Can her plans for the Inner Sea be thwarted, or will the Reign of Winter engulf the world? Five friends come together to discover what ushers in this unnatural winter and the forces in-play threatening all of Golarian.

Party Advantage!
Welcome to Party Advantage, a D&D play podcast! Join DM Cassie, as she takes players through the land of Arias, set in the original world of Io. There, players will travel and explore lost treasures and hidden secrets.

Gunpowder, Treason, No Plot | D&D
GTNP is a weekly homebrew actualplay 5th edition D&D podcast written and recorded in the UK. Our campaign focuses on truly macabre tale of terrifying gods, power hungry mortals and depraved cultists, where heroes are few are far between and madness is merely one failed roll away. Drawing on the Cthulhu mythos mixed with a high magic fantasy world on the cusp of technological advancement we hope to create a unique setting with a little something for everyone.

Weal or Woe
Weal or Woe is a weekly podcast brought to you as the world’s first unfiltered, real-play, Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest homebrew campaign podcast played around a real table of friends and lovers. Whew, it took a lot of qualifiers to make that true. Join our favorite game master, Jehovah the Rat, and his crew of misfits played by James, Laura, and Woody for a joint story-telling adventure alternating between shitty dice rolls and shameless gloating. Listen to learn about the new 2E pathfinder playtest. Listen to find out what this whole tabletop roleplaying world is all about. Listen to gather ammo and hurl insults at our social media pages. We’re not picky.

The Fork In Your Path
An Actual Play RPG Podcast. Join our hosts Mike and Tim as they create wild adventures! Join players Jessica, Brock and James as they fight to stay alive in this actual-play role playing podcast!

Changeling the Streaming
Changeling the Streaming Feed

Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader is an actual play podcast with a focus on telling character-driven stories through the use of GMless tabletop games where we can all take the lead. We’re an LGBTQ actual play podcast that uses collaborative storytelling and world-building to create satisfying story arcs with a colorful cast of characters across different settings and genres. With stories ranging from fantasy to science-fiction to horror, there’s something for everyone. Check out our site at for suggestions on where to begin.

Time To Die Podcast Network
Time To Die is a podcast network, creating actual play stories using table top role-playing game systems, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Our stories are immersive, with sound FX and original music.

Flintlocks & Fireballs
Muskets! Spells! Beards! This British 5E D&D podcast has it all! Follow the adventures of four mad voice actors and three would-be privateers across the shores of Calcinea, a Napoleonic world full of dungeons, dragons, flintlocks and fireballs! Every Tuesday at 7pm GMT. Rated 15+.

Modified Roll: A 5e Dungeons and Dragons Adventure
An actual play D&D podcast, listen as a group of friends come together to play D&D over the internet. We focus on collaborative storytelling in homebrew settings! Season 2 is now live, new world, new characters, new story!

The Magic Missile
The Magic Missile podcast is a group of 6 friends playing games and telling stories, often with terrible plans that sometimes actually work!

The 2Perception Crew (Now UGT) - Tabletop Podcast
The (formerly) 2Perception team take on Paizo’s Pathfinder! From pirates on the open seas to nobles rubbing elbows at a ball, follow the team’s adventures across Golarion! 2Perception became Undeniably Good Time, so we uploaded all the old shows here for you!

Myth Takes
A narrative storytelling podcast based around Monster of the Week and a rotating cast of Scavengers Network cast members.

Death Saving Bros - An Actual Play 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Ralvaria is a world of intrigue, schemes, and magical beings. It's no place for the unprepared... Too bad our players didn't get the memo! Join us Tuesdays for a roleplaying podcast focused on creative storytelling and brought to life through irreverent humor. Our game uses the 5e Dungeons & Dragons rule system.

Fate of Isen: A Kiwi D&D Podcast
The Fate of Isen is a fun and loose actual-play podcast recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. Join the quest as incredibly unlikely heroes fumble their way through saving the world of Isen. There are empires, gods, demons, giant kiwi, and so much more!

The Danger Club Podcast
Inspired by D&D, six actors embark on an epic adventure through the world of Pathfinder!

Escape Capade
Host Shannon Lahaie guides two improvisers as they try to find their way out of The Room. Host Shannon Lahaie guides two improvisers as they try to find their way out of The Room.

Tales of Swordfall
Tales of Swordfall is an LGBTQIA+ Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Actual Play Podcast where groups of players get together and love, learn, and play TTRPGs! We offer character driven storytelling in our Dark, Epic, Romantic Dramedy. Come join many diverse adventurers as they traverse the homebrew world of Swordfall, where one decision by one group and impact the quest of another. Fortune, Romance, Fame, Failure, Folly, and Disasters is always a dice roll away.

Welcome to the ExQueeriencePoints Podcast. We are an all queer cast, and I’m the originator and producer, Kelrick. We play the Starfinder ttrpg, produced by Paizo because they have shown serious work in ttrpg inclusion. Our stories are told by queer casts telling stories with queer themes - which doesn't mean we are only for queer folks, just that we don't shy away from being our authentic selves as we play through our campaigns.

Realidades Paralelas do Guaxinim - RPGuaxa
Podcast gravado em forma de RPG; cada episódio, um novo mundo fantástico, uma nova história fechada, com início, meio e fim.

Dice and Dummies
Have you ever wanted to listen to a podcast that's all about fantasy creatures fighting other fantasy creatures with a bunch of people who vaguely have an understanding of what's going on? Or a podcast that has so rhyme or reason to it at all? If so, then the Dice and Dummies podcast about Dungeons & Dragons is for you!

Inspired Incompetence
A Pathfinder live-play podcast featuring the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path.

Dice Tribe - an epic D&D story
A highly produced blend of Dungeons and Dragons, audio drama and improv, following the funny and heartfelt adventures of six friends playing in the Forgotten Realms. Dinosaur-fueled, and family friendly.

A Pathfinder War for the Crown Actual Play Podcast with GM Crystal Frasier

Dances With Dice
This is what happens when a bunch of cosplayers try to play Dungeons and Dragons. Journey with our intrepid heroes as they unravel the mystery of a land whose past was lost...

The Misadventurers | A D&D Folklore Mystery Tour
Join us as we travel through the fantasy world of D&D; fighting creatures from folk tales, forging bonds and making terrible jokes along the way! Our rag tag team consists of Ghâshbúrz, the orc-raised tiefling barbarian who’s ready for anything; Delilah, the high elf warlock ex-royalty embracing her new life of adventuring; Samuel, the human cleric who comes from humble beginnings and Isteth, the wood elf ranger returning back to civilisation with their steady aim.

Ballad of the Seven Dice - A Pathfinder & Call of Cthulhu Podcast
A D&D actual play podcast set in the Forgotten Realms where an unspeakable horror threatens to unravel existence itself. Five otherworldly heroes have been brought together into a war nearing it‘s peak as Elder Beings battle for dominance over what we hold dear.

Android Dreams: A Cyberpunk RPG Podcast
Dave of TGIF Arcade runs a real play session of The Sprawl by Hamish Cameron. Android Dreams features a bunch of fun, creative folks making a ridiculous, Miami Vice-meets-Johnny Mnemonic world of cyborg clones, telepathic cars, and robo-crab monsters, all for your entertainment!

Arms of the Tide
Arms of the Tide is an actual play about fighting for what’s right in an original magitechnological world on the brink of catastrophe, using the Mutants in the Night system. Join Quinn, Jo, Chanel, and Jon and revel in the laughs and gasp at the drama while the only thing standing against the apocalypse are a robot with a fondness for stray cats, a wolf made of living plants with a bad case of depression, and a private eye who’s so done with all of this.

Side Character Quest
Side Character Quest (SCQ) is a improvised fantasy adventure told in an anthology style. In each "quest", the show's host takes a guest player on a journey through a larger shared world. Quests are usually 3-6 episodes long, and listeners can generally start the show at the beginning of any one of them! SCQ is set in a world surrounded by a massive, impenetrable wall. The people here are (in general) peaceful and good, but under the surface lay rumblings of dark magic. Undead hoards, corrupted beasts, mysterious bargainers, and more are waiting in the shadows.

DND4D Cast
On Wednesday nights, we sit down together and play through our campaign, and we thought we'd share our story with you! So come join us, there's plenty of room around the table.

Not Another D&D Podcast
Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast.

Tales From Another Realm
An actual play Podcast were we get together monthly to tell tales and spin stories through the use of role playing games.

Without A Net Podcast
A "Gaming in General" table top actual play podcast. Currently playing Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition.

Dice Friends - LoadingReadyRun
Dice Friends is the home for our tabletop RPG gameplay. From long-form campaigns to one-shots, join us while we roll for initiative.

Tales from the Glass-Guarded World
We're an actual-play D&D podcast, based on a homebrew campaign setting. Join us to follow the adventures of Tara, Finn, Paxton, Aethelflaed, and Aster Fortuna in a strange world sealed inside glass.

Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts
In the DFW, crime is a real tough nut, and the regular police can't crack it. Oh, they've tried, but now their hands are sore from squeezing so hard, and a few real dummies broke some teeth. Honestly, it's just embarrassing, and now it's up to the DFWTF to save everybody's bacon.

D8 Night
D8 Night: an actual play D&D Podcast where our heroes save Volyanaya, one bad decision at a time. Explore a world in turmoil, on the cusp of a new age, and with only our heroes to save it — after completing other important side quests concerning pie espionage, Japanese style game shows, and out of body journeys into one crucial goat's inner space!

4 Friends & Some Dice
Four friends—Erin, Raz, Colin, and Sara—sit down together to play D&D 5e. A pirate, a warrior poet, and a con man will drink, battle, and seduce their way to level 20. Tune in for more fun, shenanigans, and hijinks with 4 Friends & Some Dice.

The Room Where It Happened
An actual play podcast focused on communal world building and having fun. If you are looking for a good jumping on point, episode 47 is the start of our new arc. There's magic, eldritch gods, car chases, noir aesthetic, LGBTQ characters everywhere, lots of sarcasm and inappropriate humor, bird facts, many swears, and also romance.

The Chaotic Goodness Podcast
Friends who enjoy drinking and swearing a lot while playing TTRPGs. We enjoy it so much we decided to record it to share our humor with the world.

Drek Happens - A Shadowrun Podcast
Fun, comical Shadowrun tabletop adventures for mature audiences only.

Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast
RPG roleplaying in the world of Star-Fall. Written and gamemastered by Kevin C Mason. The story is told with the use of short stories, audio dramas, and actual Roleplaying sessions. Starfall is one thousand years in the future where faster than light travel is commonplace, however, freedom is not. Sometimes serious... Many times downright silly. This podcast is everything that you might expect at a game table

Sounds Like Crowes
Sounds Like Crowes is an actual play podcast where a posse of nerds pretend to be cowboys. Above all else, we strive for production values.  We want the sound that hits your ears to be crisp, and interesting. That means starting with good equipment and recording conditions, and editing all the boring bits out of the gameplay. We play out a continuing story in the world and system of Deadlands Reloaded. Our goal is to have character driven drama in a horrifying world, with a few laughs along the way. The cast play a group of brothers. ​It is hosted by Caleb Sundsted.

House of Bob
House of Bob is a pen and paper role playing game podcast featuring a number of different RPG systems and cycling players. We play one-shot adventures, and ongoing campaigns.

Is there a supernatural force at work or are you just happy to see me? Prepare your hearts and minds for Wintercrest, a real play podcast for the indie RPG, Monsterhearts. Join us as Kym, Bijaya, Nika, Josh and Tara play a game about the messy lives of teenage monsters.

The Lucky Die
An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a character driven story, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red clouds boil across the sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that the end was nigh, question is - do you want to face the end alone? I guess we're about to find out.

Mammary Alpha
Join us for our actual play podcast where we explore a familiar space-themed universe we all love! Lady driven.

Crit Happens
Podcast by Intentionally Blank.

Brooks' Vermächtnis - Pen & Paper Hörspiel zum Mitfiebern
Eine spannende, improvisierte Abenteuergeschichte in Hörspiel-Qualität! Kommt an Bord und lüftet das Geheimnis von Kapitän Brooks!

Decivilization: A Post-Apocalyptic RPG Podcast
A post-apocalyptic RPG podcast in a world full of warring city-states, raiders, and strange creatures, all fighting to survive.

Red Moon Roleplaying
We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.

Tales of Nowhere
Join us every other Wednesday as we make our way through multiple Tabletop RPGs to tell the story of four charismatic heroes seeking to repair the multiverse. It's a journey of epic proportions that will keep you laughing as you piece together the mystery of the world, the characters, and most importantly, that extra-dimensional Coffee Shop known as Cafe Nowhere.

Roll Like a Girl
Join us as a group of girls play D&D 5E- some newer to the game than others - as their ragtag party learns the ins and outs of becoming certified 'adventurers' and how to get along with one another in a not so kind world. Stories, giggles and blood spill shared as they set aside their differences to face an unknown common enemy.

Sonic Realms
Sonic Realms honors and enhances the stories that emerge organically from pen and paper role playing games. Sessions are recorded on the spot, then later edited and enhanced with sound effects, a cinematic score, and a full cast. The end result is an adventure unlike any other! The first rpg adventure takes place in the Shadowrun universe. Listen with headphones for maximum immersion!

Beyond The Dice
A Cyberpunk D&D 5e Narrative Podcast with a Synthwave/Outrun Soundtrack. 5 Australian friends hangout and create a futuristic fantasy story with the framework of Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes we run a gameshow or chat about stuff but mainly it is story driven game play.

Misfits & Miscrits
A cruddy Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

The Chimera
An actual play podcast in which old friends get together to tell strange stories. Dice are involved. In season one, The Old Bones, we follow an obsessive technophile and her crew of alien misfits--a bodyguard with a checkered past; a feline warrior and reluctant heretic; a disgraced lawyer bound to a mysterious mech; and a financial instrument with a mind of her own--as they explore the universe in search of purpose and profit, aboard an ancient starship with secrets of its own.

Fear the Boot, Actual Play
sessions by Fear the Boot

Juego de rol ambientado en la España medieval. Jugamos a diferentes aventuras de rol siguiendo las reglas del juego Aquelarre, creado por Ricard Ibañez.

Critical Role
Welcome to Critical Role, home of a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing tabletop roleplaying games! Enter a world of glorious imagination and improvisation with a group of the finest collaborative storytellers around. Here you’ll find our TTRPG and adjacent shows, including Critical Role, Exandria Unlimited, UnDeadwood, Talks Machina, and a growing selection of one-shots.

Critical Role
Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!

Join the Party
Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast, powered by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That means a group of friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that takes us beyond the tabletop to parts unknown. In the first campaign, we explored fantasy adventure, intrigue, magic, and drama. In the newest story, we tackle science, superpowers, a better future, and the responsibility to help others. Every month, we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play D&D and other roleplaying games at home. We also have segments at the beginning of each campaign to teach people how to play the game themselves. It’s a party, and you’re invited! Find out more at

La llamada de Cthulhu
Juego de rol La llamada de Cthulhu. Partidas y aventuras de rol siguiendo las reglas del magnífico juego de rol de los años '80, La llamada de Cthulhu.

Pretending With Dice
An Actual-Play Tabletop RPG Podcast, playing various RPG systems in short story-arcs. An immersive audio experience, complete with originally composed musical soundtracks and sound effects.

​ADVENTURE is a bimonthly actual play podcast hosted and created by Pranks Paul. ADVENTURE brings your favorite stories and characters to life, combining fanfiction and tabletop into a delicious, chaotic sandwich.

Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice podcast where improvisers who’ve never roleplayed before journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The show is hosted by our dungeon master, Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), and our regular players: the sneaky Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt), the brilliant Laura Elizabeth (@elhamstring), and the flatulent Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante). With special guest comedians joining us on our journey, follow our heroes as they begin their adventures! Please become a hero yourself and support Dumb Dumbs & Dice at

Another Path
Chase, Griff, Ryan and Zack sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories. Check us out at, @anotherpathpod on twitter, and the rest of our network of shows at!

The Spellcast D&D
A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play Podcast!

20 Sided Stories
An epic quest to tell the best story possible, in every genre imaginable. 20 Sided Stories is an anthology fiction podcast where hosts Sage, Travis, Jess, Emily, and David bring tabletop role playing games to life. We dive into all your favorite worlds and genres using immersive sound design, original music, and gut-busting laughs to tell comedic, fully-realized stories packed with surprises, mayhem, and heart. But it's all improvised and there's no script; a single dice roll can change everything. Plus, every series is unrelated and told in 20 episodes or less, so you never have much to catch up on. Pick one that speaks to you and press play!

Deniable Assets
An In-Character Shadowrun Podcast

Final Show Films Actual Plays
Here you can listen to the crew of Final Show Films playing various tabletop RPGs, and recording them for your pleasure! Please, enjoy.

Plunders & Blunders
Plunders & Blunders is a live-play RPG where 6 friends sit around a table and tell a story together. Sometimes it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.

New Episodes Mondays

Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice
Dungeons, Dice, & Everything Nice is a Dungeons and Dragons (5e) podcast made by your best friends. We've got Gobliritas, needless sacrifices, and a lot of Butcher Shop workplace dynamics.

Seven grown men and women play a weekly tabletop RPG game from the comfort of their basement. It’s time to grab your drinks and roll some dice, the Adventurific podcast is coming in hot and it’s just what you need. Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle.

Shattered Worlds RPG
Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson. Every week Jeff and his best friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different expressions of humanity, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!

Advantage - A 5e Dungeons & Dragons actual play DnD podcast
Advantage is a homebrew, actual-play, 5th Edtion Dungeons & Dragons audio drama focusing on storytelling and character development, and a member of the Darkmore Podcast Network.

Adventures In Erylia
Adventures in Erylia is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play featuring 5 friends who sit around the table and tell a collaborative story in the fictional setting of Erylia. You can find out more about us at

Douglas and Dragons: An Actual-Play Pathfinder Podcast
A weekly actual-play Pathfinder podcast. Indie comicbook creators from around the US getting together to make jokes and roll virtual dice. Adventures created by John Bunger, set in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This is the new, valid feed for Douglas and Dragons!

8Bit Saga
8bit Saga is a biweekly RPG podcast from the 8bit Geek Network. Listen in as our mighty heroes play D&D, make terrible jokes, and explore the world they're in. First up, Shadow of the Old Republic, a D&D campaign set in the Star Wars Universe.

Crit Squad
It's probably hard to find sympathy in your hearts for a bunch of career criminals. But c'mon, it's not like you wage slaves are gonna change anything about the world either, right? In this stylized, action-packed, actual-play RPG show, five career criminals wake up in prison with bags on their heads and bombs in their brains. Will they follow orders and do as their told (probably not) or will they get those bombs out of their noggins and go on to Run another day? Realistically, that's a big ol' probably not on that last one too—In fact it's unlikely anyone will survive. But we don't know, because we haven't played it yet! Oh, and, uh...maybe don't listen to this one out loud at work. Or around your kids. Or...y'know...the point is there are lots of swears.

Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000
After 20 years, players have convinced a Dungeon Master to start podcasting a mixes the core build of 2nd edition with the class and feat features of 3.5/Pathfinder. This makes for a very interesting Homebrew game.

Pokemon World Tour: United
Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!

Dungeons and Chill
Seridia is a dangerous world. But in dangerous worlds we can rely on heroes to rise up to any new challenge. Follow Dungeons and Chill a 5e realplay podcast and the adventures discovering the hidden perils in Seridia. You'll laugh, you'll love, you'll cry as you follow us on this once in a lifetime adventure.

Adventure a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast hosted by Bobby Shortle, Jacqui Turner, Brian Verderosa, Justin Reilly, and Bob Reyer. Each episode of Adventure is fully produced with soundscapes, music, and SFX from our resident druid Justin Reilly. Go on thrilling and ridiculous adventures with first time D & D players.

A laser-focused, story-rich, improv comedy D&D podcast. Updates every second Monday. Season two marks a brand new campaign!

Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series
Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX.

Are You Wearing A Helmet? - An Actual Play RPG
The gang is off on one heck of a ride, rolling through a world of fantasy, fun, and failures. With dungeons, dragons, bad guys, and these so called Heroes there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this actual play D&D podcast as our adventurers seek out fame, fortune, and a clue.

Improvisational stories, using Actual Play Table Top Roleplay Sessions

A Quest for Magic and Steele - DnD
Join us on our epic DnD.....well, maybe not so epic.....but, pretty cool adventure, as our family takes on the roles of our adventurers.. A Quest for Magic and Steele is our Home grown, Dungeons and Dragons podcast show brought to you by the SteeleEmpire. Amara, Shayna, Elisha, Ilana, Josiah, Brian, Danielle and David play the role playing RPG game of Dungeons and Dragons. We voice act all the characters, making it an enjoyable audio to join in on. Take us to work, gym, bus, train. or anywhere you need something to fill the void. We upload a new show bi-weekly to give you a little joy to start off your week!

Tabletop Escapades
Podcast by Easy Allies

Adventure Incorporated
A D&D Comedy Adventure Podcast

To Morrows End
A Live Play Morrow Project Podcast

NPC Incorporated
A podcast about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, set in an office building. Roll for a coffee break!

Relative Dimension
An RPG actual play Podcast.

Quest Cast Podcast
Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition group. Hand crafted world with soon-to-be legendary characters. Come join us!

Dice Funk - D&D Comedy
An actual-play podcast about goblins, anarchists, lesbians, and lesbian goblin anarchists. It will make you both laugh and cry. Every season is a self-contained story, so start with the latest campaign!

Writing Alchemy
Writing Alchemy is storytelling that centers intersectional characters, including a fairy tale series that combines humor and magic with serious topics, and a tabletop role-playing series about the adventures of disabled and mentally diverse heroes.

Distinguished Adventurers
Every week five friends get together, talk about their drinks, and play Dungeons & Dragons. Join Jack as Travancore the half elf ranger, Jonathan as Jonathan the MagiMuscular the human wizard, John as Quarlton Tanks the half orc barbarian, and Julia as Burnice Q Burns the gnome cleric as they drink their way through adventures lead by Lauren (Oboe) the Dungeon Master!

The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program
What dark deeds unfold on the streets of Arkham? And which unwitting souls will succumb to the maddening call... OF CTHULHU? Cosmic horror and black comedy meld in this award-winning audio drama that explores Lovecraftian lore in queer and uncanny ways. Meet unlikely heroes from all walks of life who'll risk their sanity to keep the world spinning as they face down eldritch nightmares, unholy rituals, kindly creatures, and monstrous humans. Each season is a standalone tale where our cast lives the terror, uncovering the edge-of-your-seat mysteries, in this unholy fusion of live tabletop roleplaying and cinematic audio fiction.

Authors & Dragons
Narcissist monks! Insane Paladins! Positive masculinity barbarians! Authors and Dragons is a weekly actual play podcast where a group of comedic fantasy writers take on a world of might and magic...

Dragon Friends
Meet Philge the Half Orc Barbarian, Freezo the High Elf Warlock, Halfling Rogue Bobby Pancakes and Baston Indrirovich as they quest through the magical world of Faerun and beyond. Dragon Friends is a monthly comedy show and podcast where six Australian comedians muddle their way through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Heads up, it gets weird, quick.

Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast
All the latest episodes of the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast, a weekly ‘actual play’ podcast following a group of comedians as they play original, extended, table-top Role-Playing Games. Expect epic battles, critical misses and the occasional special guest as the party strive for fame and glory whilst cracking wise and trying not to kill one another.

We Hate Bards Podcasts
Intuitive Let's Plays of various systems by a various group of dedicated TTRPG enthusiasts. If you are looking for an a-typical TTRG experience then look no further, we have dozens of systems and a large active community always eager to create more episodes!

JDR Academy
Depuis 2015 la JDR ACADEMY vous propose des podcasts audio et vidéo entièrement dédié aux jeux de rôle ! Nos enregistrements de parties IRL ou en ligne sont montés et diffusés sur la forme d’épisodes comme dans une série TV ! En 2021, c'est la révolution : notre academy de novices fusionne avec le podcast D-Clic JDR ! L’Academy s’agrandie pour plus d’épisodes, plus de jeux, plus de parties et plus de joueurs/joueuses ! Humour, Horreur, Fantasy… Découvrez nos différentes émissions thématiques et spéciales, nos séries et nos One-Shots !

Almost Better Than Dragons
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast by the folks at Join our ragtag group of adventurers for some adventuring and some goofs every two weeks.

Firefly Podcast
Firefly Podcast: Balls and Bayonets Brigade is a realplay podcast in the Firefly 'verse using the Margaret Weis Productions Firefly RPG Cortex Plus system.

All Roads Tavern
Podcast by Erik Beltz

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
They were evil things, whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss.

Adventures From The Shed - A Tabletop RPG Podcast
A group of people recording their RPG play and comments for your listening enjoyment!

Geek the Mage Podcast
A group of new players delve into the world of Shadowrun and the mega city of Neo-Tokyo.

A Beginner's Guide to Interplanetary Destruction
The Harbingers of Calamity reunite to celebrate the life of a friend. Until some. Thing. Happens.

One Shot
One Shot is a podcast about role playing games. Every month, host and Game Master James D'Amato leads a group of players on a self-contained adventure. Every adventure will be wrapped up in 4-5 episodes in time for a new story, in a new system, with new players the following month. One Shot will explore ever RP system possible to give listeners a sampling of the possibilities in the wide wild of role playing.

Drunken Dames and Dragons
No description

The Cult of Tea And Dice Podcasts
The Cult of Tea and Dice for when you just have to drink tea and play RPG's. Wherein a number of British people review and play Roleplaying, video and board games and also drink tea!

Podcast – Hiddengrid: The Sixth World Chronicles
Legends of the Sixth World told through Shadowrun Actual Plays.

The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers
We are a group of tabletop RPG gamers and these are the games we play.

Metagamers Anonymous Actual Play Series
A Presentation of Prismatic Tsunami

Terrible Warriors
Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.

Whartson Hall
RPG actual play, short and long campaigns in the unique Whartson Hall style.