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Audio Dramas

The Midnight Zone
‘The Midnight Zone : A Horror Anthology Audio Drama. A gateway to a collection of bone-chilling horror stories. This anthology series explores the darkest and most mysterious parts of our world, promising a suspenseful journey with every listen. If you're a fan of gripping horror narratives, 'The Midnight Zone' is your destination. Turn off the lights, listen carefully and get ready for a fully immersive audio drama experience.

Baron Sordor's Theatre of the Doomed
Baron Sordor's Theatre of the Doomed takes you back to a golden age when live radio plays ruled the airwaves and Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre convinced an entire nation they were under attack by Martians. Paying homage to 1960’s classics like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, The Theatre of the Doomed features performances from a bevy of incredible Australian actors as well as Jeff Martin from The Tea Party as Baron Sordor himself!

Mia Insomnia
Was ist das Hörspiel "Insomnia"? Und warum ist Podcasterin Mia die einzige Person auf der Welt, die sich an diese Hörspiel-Kassette aus ihrer Kindheit erinnert? Die Suche nach Antworten führt sie zu einer unheimlichen Erkenntnis: Entweder ihre Erinnerungen sind nicht echt - oder die Welt um sie herum. Mit ihrem Aufnahmegerät nimmt uns Mia auf ihre Suche mit. Was als scheinbar harmlose Reise beginnt, entwickelt sich zu einer großen Verschwörung. "Mia Insomnia" ist die Mystery-Hörspiel-Serie für Podcast-Fans und alle, die mit Detektivhörspielen aufgewachsen sind und eine Portion Horror nicht missen wollen.

The Pensive Tower
The Pensive Tower is a weekly high fantasy podcast, following the collected stories of the people who live in the Five Seas Federation and beyond. Join the newly appointed Inscriber, Paxton Ferox, as he works his way through the memories that have been donated to the Tower over the years following the mysterious Dark Age, converting them to the audio format of the newly invented mnimigraph, and supplementing them with any follow up that might have been reported in the intervening years. Some of the memories are of danger, some of romance or life changing encounters or even rediscovering that which was thought forgotten. And together they begin to form an outline of a greater story being told, if only someone can read it.

A Queda de Ingonish
Algo castiga os habitantes de Ingonish... se pecaste, tem cuidado. 1567. Ingonish, Canadá. Inês é uma colona relutante, forçada a abandonar os Açores com Bartolomeu, o seu marido diácono, à procura de uma vida melhor. Mas a primeira colónia falhou e Inês teme o mesmo destino: falta de recursos, frio glacial, fome. Quando uma série de assassinatos ritualísticos começam a ocorrer na colónia, Inês ganha finalmente um propósito: encontrar o monstro e proteger a sua comunidade. Mas o resto dos colonos suspeitam de bruxaria e questionam o facto de Inês não ter filhos assim como a sua ligação com as vítimas. À medida que as mortes se multiplicam e a colónia se aproxima da ruína, Inês terá de fazer tudo para se salvar… ou então, arderá na fogueira.

Wrought of Amber
In 2009 Emily Carmichael, star of the children's show Virtue Vista Valley, was kidnapped and murdered. Now, in 2023 her sister Alex is challenging the official narrative of her sister's tragic loss. Set in the world of Weeping Cedars, Wrought of Amber explores a mystery more horrific than Alex could ever imagine.

Forgive Me Father
Forgive Me Father is a techo-surreal horror that takes place both in the virtual reality world of Bright City as well as the real world.

En expédition vers le pôle Nord, le capitaine Robert Walton et son équipage recueillent à bord de leur navire un homme et son traîneau, à la dérive sur la banquise. Cet homme entreprend alors de raconter son histoire au capitaine : il s’agit de Victor Frankenstein, un savant suisse. Originaire de Genève et adepte de la philosophie naturelle, celui-ci part  étudier à Ingolstadt avec l’objectif de découvrir le moyen de donner la vie. Il se consacre alors corps et âme à son projet et finalement réussit à créer un être vivant assemblé des parties de chairs mortes. Horrifié par l'aspect hideux de l'être auquel il a donné la vie, Victor Frankenstein abandonne sa création. Mais cette dernière le poursuit, et décide finalement de se venger d'avoir été rejeté par son créateur et persécuté par la société. Ce podcast est une adaptation en 5 épisodes du roman "Frankenstein ou le Prométhée moderne" de Mary Shelley, paru en 1818. Adapté par Mehdi Bayad et réalisé par Christophe Loerke.

Trapped alone at her late grandfather’s farm, 17-year old Alex is haunted by ghosts of her past, while being hunted by something much worse.

Out Cold
A spooky anthology series produced by Julie Censullo and Sophie Nikitas. Put on your headphones and turn off your lights. Produced in Minneapolis, MN.

While searching for his missing father, audio engineer Paul Harmon discovers a series of grotesque and unsettling revelations left in an abandoned motel room.  What follows is a terrifying journey into the dark corners of small-town America, urban legend, and ancient occultism.

The Magic Theatre + Campo Santo
The Magic Theatre's Home Resident Company, Campo Santo, in association with Next Chapter Podcasts, presents 'Shelter', a new supernatural horror podcast series created by Bay Area playwright Bennett Fisher (Candlestick) and inspired by the elements of fear and anxiety brought out by the command, “Shelter-In-Place”.

Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals
Famous horror authors, living and dead, tell stories around the campfire. A comedy-horror anthology based on Bitter Karella's Hugo-nominated microfiction.

Audistorium is a multi-genre spanning dark anthology audio drama created by Landon Whisnant. From dread horror to absurdist comedy, Audistorium weaves a web of its own that interconnects the stories you hear more than one might think.

Halcyon: The Book Of Paimon
New York City, 1904. What appears to be a simple carnival and sideshow on the outskirts of Coney Island turns out to be much more than it seems to its latest addition to the carnival's close-knit family. Rooted in historical events, characters, and theology, Halcyon gives a unique perspective to the fantasy and horror genre. Dive deep into the mystical, the terrifying, and the unknown as the mysterious Professor Paimon offers you a contract you can't refuse...

I tell you these stories not with my voice, not with my words. But with my blood. HEMOPHOBIA is an anthology horror podcast, telling a new multi-chapter story in each season. Stories of blood, our blood, and all the pain, truth, and horror that blood embodies. Each season is unrelated to one another, and can be listened to in any order.

Dead Evil Tales
Welcome to Dead Evil Tales Horror Podcast, the unearthly portal to your monthly dose of horror, where the shadows hold secrets and every creak in the floorboards echoes with dread. Our stories delve deep into the macabre, unearthing ghosts, monsters, and the essence of quintessential British horror. These tales are masterfully crafted by talented authors from the UK, bringing you narratives soaked in history, heritage, and blood, all steeped in the dark waters and lonely cemeteries of the British isles. Welcome to Dead Evil Tales. Dare you listen?

Cabin Tales
An Award-Winning Audio Horror Series. Created by Thomas Halle. Produced by THP.

Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral
De los creadores de ‘La Tercera Ley de Newton’, traemos para ti: Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral ¡Tres mujeres embarazadas de gemelos de cinco meses son asesinadas salvajemente! ¡Los fetos ‘no’ son encontrados en las escenas del crimen! Y el asesino serial, profesor de matemáticas, ejecutor de rituales siniestros y sangrientos, aún no puede ser juzgado: necesita una segunda evaluación psiquiátrica debido a su salud mental, pues asevera que una Entidad Demoniaca lo manipuló para matar a las tres mujeres. Bienvenido a Simbiosis en el Bajo Astral… la nueva historia original producida y narrada por Mariano Osorio, que te derretirá la mente. Thriller y Horror Psicológico y Sobrenatural intensos te perseguirán y te sumergirán en la primera experiencia en México grabada para serie podcast en sistema inmersivo Dolby Atmos. Si tienes valor... Ponte tus audífonos y escúchala.

Looking for Sally
A quiet family man is confronted with the departure of his psychotic wife and decides that he must bring her back at all costs. Taking his teenage daughter on a wild road trip, he is soon overtaken by the vengeful spirit of a dead serial killer who infuses him with his homicidal madness.

The Love Talker
​Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets.

No Entres Aquí
Nada es tan aterrador como los sonidos que escuchamos en la oscuridad. Una puerta que se abre en la madrugada cuando estás sola ...un susurro en una habitación... o un grito lejano que viaja con el viento. Tal vez es solo ruido, pero en el momento o lugar equivocado. Acércate a la penumbra y descubre lo que sucede cuando desafías todas las advertencias y cruzas la frontera de la razón. Esta serie de 6 episodios, narrado por Uriel Reyes, te adentrará en una nueva pesadilla inspirada en eventos reales. La pregunta es: ¿Estás listo para enfrentar tus peores miedos? Prepárate para temblar de terror, porque una vez que des un pase dentro del umbral, ya no hay vuelta atrás. No entres aquí... si tienes miedo de lo desconocido.

The Grave Veil
Welcome to Grave Veil, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary cease to exist. Hosted by seasoned investigator Ciaire Nezonce and nocturnal chaperone Polly Andirum, this is the podcast where true crime meets the unexplained and supernatural. From cold cases to cursed objects, and everything in-between, we dig deep into the mysteries that baffle experts and amateurs alike. If you're intrigued by the unexplored corridors of human understanding and want a front-row seat to history's darkest, most perplexing tales, you've come to the right place.

Rocking Chair; or Settlement
Rooted in New England folklore, ROCKING CHAIR is a horror musical podcast that tells the tale of characters lured into a haunted forest over the course of three centuries, the ghosts that haunted them there, and the mysterious rocking chair at the heart of it all.

Hollow Head Pete and the Wicked Wish - Origins
On Halloween, three siblings are lured by a whimsical witch’s tempting choice: a full size candy bar or a wish-granting candle. But first, they must hear the haunting tale of Hollow Head Pete, a story of magic and retribution that comes with a timely caveat to be careful what you wish for… you might get what you deserve! Hollowhead Pete and the Wicked Wish - Origins,  was produced by Atomic Toybox Entertainment and Bix Pix Entertainment. Written by Michael Polis and Shane Portman. Our cast includes Deven Greene, David Harris, Lucas Faina, Anson Cronk, and Brianna Fischer. With a supporting cast of Gabriel Brown, Louie Hammel, Sam Rhodes, Dana Weddle, Simon Hammel, and Elaine Hammel. Music by Ned Douglas.  Edited by Steve Downs, Sound Mixing by Bret Hinton. Art by Ed Eyth. Directed by Shane Portman and Executive Produced by Kelli Bixler and Michael Polis.

Join Dov Kandel, host of the hit late-night talk radio program, KANDEL AGAINST THE DARK, as he interviews author Orson Libretti about his latest book, CONSUMMATION — an apocalyptic tale that seems too terrifying to believe. But here’s the thing: Orson swears it’s all true. And he’s brought the tapes to prove it.

Tales From the Janitor
Tales from the Janitor - An urban legend series where the listener is taken through ghost stories, science fiction adventures and creepy unexplained events in history. A series of short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama and comedy. A series about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, rituals, and other events caused by the unknown and where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily situations.

Skin Crawl
Welcome to Skin Crawl, an anthology of psychedelic nightmares, otherworldly monsters, and tales of the macabre! Based on artist Skinner's comics of the same name, this podcast will have you tingling with terror! We also have some celeb cameos! You never know who will be stopping by the dreadful Skin Crawl podcast!

The Dispossessed
Evil lived at 18 Hope Street. Then the bulldozers came. Where was evil to go? Laney Kasten, 16, along with her younger brother and mother, are forced to move out of their rented house as the neighborhood they once called home is rapidly gentrifying and they are being priced out. Now, until they can find a new safe place to call home, she has to live in their car on Hope Street near the town park where all the unhoused have taken up residence. But Laney is not the only one who has recently been made homeless…. a house on Hope Street which was inhabited by a malevolent entity was torn down to make room for a new mansion. But destroying the house doesn’t destroy the spirit… and it is now taking its wrath out on the unhoused residents of Hope Street. A Haunted House story without the house.

The Eye
A mass migration of Polyphemus Moths is confounding and worrying scientists. Two student reporters follow the migration to its terminus: the unremarkable desert town of Carol, California. This is their final project: an investigation into a phenomenon that is much more complex, far-reaching, and treacherous than they ever could have anticipated.

Diari da un esorcismo si ispira ad autentici diari compilati dal direttore del reparto psichiatrico di un importante ospedale dell’Italia del Nord a metà degli anni Settanta. Quei fogli ripercorrono i misteriosi eventi che si manifestarono nel reparto quando una paziente, refrattaria ad ogni trattamento, manifestò segni evidenti di possessione diabolica, costringendo lo psichiatra a una singolare alleanza con un esorcista. Una vicenda che assunse un aspetto ancora più fosco con l'arrivo in reparto di un'altra giovane donna, completamente immemore, e latrice degli stessi inquietanti sintomi.

The Shadowbrook Files
Three girls at a boarding school try to contact the ghost of their dead best friend. As the seance continues, the remaining three grapple with their unresolved grief and unearth secrets that will forever shatter how they view the world. This show has major dark academia vibes and is perfect for fans of Dorian Gray, Buzzfeed Unsolved/Ghost Files, Dead Poet's Society, The Secret History, Edgar Allan Poe, and a whole array of classic literature.

You’re the Last One
An Immersive Horror Podcast. Tommy Baxter has just moved with his mother back to her strange hometown of Silver Creek. In Silver Creek, there is only one Voice on the radio that plays on every frequency. There is a vague but ubiquitous power company infused with every aspect of day to day life. And there’s a gang of quirky teenagers that befriends Tommy as soon as he arrives - each inspired by another inverted horror archetype. But there is also a monster, and each episode follows a character as they’re hunted down by the shadowy creature, one by one. Filled with cryptic warnings, mislaid traps, underhanded allies, and dripping jaws, “You’re the Last One” is an intimate and queer-centric audio experience that immerses You, the Listener, in everything you love about a creature feature.

We are E.A.T.I, Experimental Alien Technology Institution. We are a collective group posting our most confusing and interesting cases in "audio drama" format as a horror podcast. If you aren't a fan of dimensions, creepy noises, horrific ideas, and the like--than we aren't for you. However if you're into that, we post every Tuesday for the month of October. After we will be posting every other Tuesday.

Eeler's Choice
"No respect for the sea, for the living things in it, for what's owed. They're fishing in the eel breeding grounds now, the fools." Eeler's Choice is a maritime horror fantasy podcast set in Eskmouth, a small coastal town whose economy has lived and died on the hunting of the Great Eels for generations. As demand for product has increased, so have the catches... but even the generosity of the sea has its limits, and all debts must come due.

Observable Radio
Observable Radio is a found footage anthology podcast of retro sci-fi and analog horror from Cameron Suey and Phil van Hest. When he discovers something beneath the static of the worlds’s communication network, an unnamed Observer begins to catalog and record the strange signals that should not exist…

Pale Columbia
Doctor Aloysius Freeman and Professor Allela Freeman present hidden figures in the American story. As the initial sparks of the American Revolution catch flame, Jupiter Nameless is a man between worlds. On the one hand, he has access to all the wealth, wisdom, and privilege of Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson, who is something of a mentor and patron for Jupiter. On the other hand, Jupiter is Jefferson’s slave. When a common errand suddenly goes awry, Jupiter finds himself facing something he’s never seen before: some new sort of blight that turns men rabid. Faced with slave catchers on one side and murderous, blighted hordes on the other, Jupiter and Jefferson must work together to save themselves and whoever hasn’t yet been turned.

Twigs and Hearts
A book that ties many together. Who picks up a copy? What powers do they serve? Between missing people and people missing, who will you trust? Twigs and Hearts. Open at your own risk.

Graveyard Grim Radio
Graveyard Grim Radio is an anthology of short horror stories, brought to life in sound. Narration, ambiance, sound effects, and music all come together to tell stories of eeriness, uncanniness, love, nostalgia, terror, and more.

Haunted Rural: The Barn
In this personal-narrative-style horror podcast, Tamera Black recounts her experiences growing up in an old barn renovated into a house, and the strange experiences her family endured there. Haunted Rural presents: The Barn... a five-part miniseries horror podcast.

Ecos en la Oscuridad
Ecos en la oscuridad, una antología de cuentos de horror dramatizados con el único fin de hacerlos temblar. Terror, suspenso e intriga acompañan a los protagonistas de cada episodio. No intenten huir una vez que empiecen, es inútil, la oscuridad abarca la infinidad y los ecos, tarde o temprano, los atraparan.

Dracula: A Radio Play Mini Series
Everyone's heard of Dracula, but do you know the original tale that started the legend? Experience the Bram Stoker novel, adapted as a 10-episode radio play mini-series! The first 9 episodes are available in a podcast format and the Series finale (Episode 10) will be presented live and in person!

Fiction horror stories in a cinematic soundscape.

Ghost Tour
Set today in the town of Jepson, North Carolina – widely known as one of the most haunted cities in America – Ghost Tour follows an unlikely pair of teenagers as they turn their local ghost tour company upside down by uncovering ghoulish secrets of Jepson's past. 

The Armitage Account
The Armitage Account is a narrative audio drama inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and is set in the fictitious city of Arkham, Massachusetts. Isaac Andrews, plagued with guilt over the events of the last year, begins to search for a connection to his supposed great-grandfather, and the long-deceased head librarian of Miskatonic University, Henry Armitage.

Everything Matters
"It's all real, Everything Matters, and it Never Ends." Everything Matters is a Comedy Horror Podcast published every Tuesday. The show is focused on storytelling and features paranormal, surreal, absurd, and post-apocalyptic elements. This critically-acclaimed 7x Humanbody Award-winning collection of stories and coverage of contemporary issues affecting Tri Town and beyond is one of this planet's most popular programs. Hosted by Michael Taur and Dale Dallas, the show features intimate conversations, refreshing takes on the issues of the day, and real-life survival advice. For Legal Reasons, we're required to inform you that Everything Matters may or may not be considered (but is) entirely or not entirely satirical. Any resemblance to persons living or otherwise is probably something you need to unpack in private because, like most things, it's not actually happening.

The year is 1983. The threat of war simmers between the Soviet Union and the US. The moon watches the Earth like a slowly blinking eye, and within the black depths of the cosmos... something watches the moon. Cosmonaut Ilia Zakharov (award-winner PETER WICKS) sits in a dark room in Moscow; a broken man with the soul of a poet. He controls a lunar rover called FANTOM IX (ALLISON COSSITT), the newest model in a series of machines designed to explore the surface of the moon. Together they uncover secrets that could determine the fate of all life on Earth and form a bond that transcends space and barriers. East and West stand at the brink of nuclear war. And yet, something far, far worse is coming. Something the human race is not ready to greet. Something unknowable. Something malevolent. Make no mistake, this eldritch horror story isn't your usual sci-fi. Be prepared to be led on a journey where the stakes are larger than life itself. You'll never look at the night sky the same again. And whatever you do—don't let IT see you.

Part-Time Thrills
Welcome to Part-Time Thrills! Where tall tales are told in short stories rooted in horror and comedy! Time to clock in for a thrill!

Can't Relax
Over stressed? Overworked? The Peace and Mind app will put an end to that. Forever. On the weekend before their ACTs, Anya and her friends download a new mobile relaxation app to take the edge off, unaware that it secretly plants murderous subliminal messages into the brains of its listeners. When people start dying, Anya must figure out who planted the corrupted malware on their phones and how to stop it before she becomes a killer herself.

Professionally Possessed
A collection of stand-alone fantasy audio stories about Helena, a woman who exorcises people of demons by drawing the demons out of their bodies into hers. She stumbled into this line of work by a botched exorcism she endured as a child which permanently marked her with a tattoo that forces demons to take her instead of other victims. To survive, she learned how to defeat demons in their inner world, their second consciousness, with magic powers that only exist there. However, she is powerless to control her own body in the outer world while possessed. She is often helped by Martzia, a charismatic licensed exorcist who finds clients, handles the money, and comforts victims, and Bridgette, a former soldier and demon slayer, who protects Helana from herself and makes sure she doesn’t hurt anyone else. Occasionally, Simon, a healer mage given his powers by a mysterious god, also helps out.

The Sounds of Nightmares
Noone, a timid young girl, is committed to The Counties Psychiatric Institute due to her ever-worsening nightmare disorder. She is placed under the care of The Counsellor who has dedicated his life to helping kids overcome their ailments, himself a product of childhood trauma. As Noone recounts her nightly torments during their sessions together, it becomes clear that her dreams unfold with a sinister life of their own. When The Counsellor realizes that her nightmares bear uncanny similarities to those of someone he loved dearly in his past, it unlocks a dangerous obsession inside him, and he grows desperate to find out what secrets hide inside Noone’s head.

El Murmullo de las Pesadillas
Nadie, una tímida jovencita, es ingresada en el centro psiquiátrico de Los Condados por los trastornos que le ocasionan unas pesadillas cada vez peores. Le asignan un doctor que ha dedicado toda su vida a ayudar a jóvenes a superar sus problemas y que también sufrió traumas en su infancia. Nadie le relata sus tormentos nocturnos en las sesiones que tienen juntos hasta que queda claro que sus siniestros sueños cobran vida propia. Una vez que el doctor se da cuenta de que las pesadillas son casi iguales a las de alguien a quien quiso mucho, una peligrosa obsesión despierta en su interior y decide descubrir qué secretos se esconden dentro de la mente de Nadie.

Il Suono degli Incubi
Nessi, una ragazzina schiva, è ricoverata nell'Istituto Psichiatrico delle Contee a causa di un disturbo del sonno in continuo peggioramento. Viene affidata alle cure del Dottore, il quale ha dedicato tutta la sua vita ad aiutare i bambini a superare i propri disturbi ed è egli stesso vittima di un trauma infantile. Man mano che Nessi racconta i propri tormenti notturni, risulta evidente quanto i suoi sogni si sviluppino come se avessero vita propria. Quando il Dottore capisce che questi incubi nascondono inquietanti similitudini con quelli di qualcuno che lui amava in passato, una pericolosa ossessione si scatena in lui, mentre cerca disperatamente di scoprire quali segreti si nascondono nella mente di Nessi.

Le Bruit des Cauchemars
Modie, une jeune fille timide, est internée à l’Hôpital Psychiatrique des Districts en raison de l’aggravation de ses troubles du sommeil. Elle est confiée aux soins du Psychiatre, un homme ayant eu une enfance difficile et qui a consacré sa vie à aider les enfants à surmonter leurs traumatismes. Au fur et à mesure de leurs séances, Modie raconte ses terreurs nocturnes. Ses rêves prennent une tournure aussi réelle que sinistre intriguant le Psychiatre qui note des similitudes troublantes avec ceux d'une personne qui lui était chère par le passé. Se déclenche alors en lui une dangereuse est maintenant prêt à tout pour découvrir ce qui se cache dans la tête de Modie.

Der Klang der Albträume
Nima ist ein schüchternes junges Mädchen, das wegen ihrer immer schlimmer werdenden Albtraumstörung in das Psychiatrische Institut "Die Bezirke" eingewiesen wird. Sie wird in die Obhut des Betreuers gegeben, der der Aufgabe sein Leben gewidmet hat, Kindern zu helfen ihre Leiden zu überwinden, da er selbst als Kind ein Trauma erlitt. Während Nima in ihren gemeinsamen Sitzungen von ihren nächtlichen Torturen erzählt, wird klar, dass ihre Träume ein finsteres Eigenleben innehaben. Als Der Betreuer bemerkt, dass ihre Albträume unheimliche Gemeinsamkeiten mit jenen Albträumen eines geliebten Menschen aus seiner Vergangenheit aufweisen, entfesselt das eine gefährliche Obsession in ihm und er wird immer verzweifelter auf der Suche nach den Geheimnissen in Nimas Kopf.

400 Words A Horror
400 Words A Horror is a bi-weekly anthology horror-themed podcast by audio drama enthusiasts who want to get into the audio drama world as creators. We are a group of people who wants to do audio dramas but have no idea how. The showrunner Gem decided to make this podcast to learn the 'how'. Why 400 Words a Horror? The idea came to me while practicing with the Pratchett method called ‘400 words a day.’ My friends and I are here to have fun, spook up a little, experience, experiment, and learn the hardships of audio drama creation. So this space is a learning experience for my friends and I. Any feedback -as long as it is feedback- is more than appreciated. You can leave feedback through our socials. If you want to stay anonymous, our Tumblr ask box awaits you.

Fitas Perdidas - Hotel Martinesso 1996
Ouça as as gravações de mini fitas K7 perdidas de 1996 que revelam mistérios no Hotel Martinesso. Crimes, desaparecimentos, mortes, conspirações, intrigas e perigo espreitam a jornalista Rita em busca da verdade nesse mistério investigativo.

Kontos de Terror
Coletânea de contos de terror arrepiantes, cada uma com um enredo diferente que vai deixar o ouvinte à beira do medo. Prepare-se para mergulhar em mundos macabros que trazem criaturas sobrenaturais ou até os monstros de carne e osso.

The Distant Silence Radio Hour
A Lovecraftian anthology audio drama in the style of 1920's radio. Released annually, listen to an hour of three horror stories told to you by the eldritch narrator, The Host. Follow tales of madness, escape, and dread for an evening of spooky thrills and chilling twists.

I Killed My Boss
Framed for murder, Banner Greene podcasts comedy while on the run from evil.

Your Horror Show
Static rings in your ears and suddenly you've stumbled onto a program that will send chills down your spine. Your Horror Show is a terrifying anthology podcast presented by Mr. Graves. Every two weeks, will have a new self contained tale focusing on different thematic elements of the horror genre. For mature audiences only.

After the Gloaming
In the soft glow of dusk, in the moment before night falls, stories exist. Gothic tales of the macabre, where the supernatural calls home, and the shadows dance. Hold tight and don't let go, for lost you may become, after the gloaming.

God Forsaken Station
Embark on a journey into the enigmatic 'God Forsaken Station' aboard the Vulcan. Strange events, a haunted history, and a chilling premonition test The Crew as they confront the mysteries that lie ahead. Prepare for an immersive sci-fi audio drama that will keep you captivated till the very end.

Treacherous Tales
From creator Stewart St John comes a spine-chilling anthology audio series for mature audiences, featuring distinct characters immersed in supernatural, sci-fi, and horror situations. Inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt and Black Mirror, the stories in Treacherous Tales often culminate in macabre or unexpected endings infused with humor and moral complexity. Featuring a cinematic sound design by Michael Plahuta, the series is executive produced by series writer/creator/director Stewart St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta.

The Antiquarium of Sinister Happenings
Step into a mysterious shop where every relic has a sordid tale to tell. New episodes every Thursday!

Slowly Unspooling
Slowly Unspooling is a upcoming serial fiction podcast that follows Kai and their journey to discover the secrets of some tapes that showed up one day. Tapes with their voice on them. Kai will have to battle with themself and their family to unspool the mystery that has decided to involve them.

Dusty Attic Shorts
Inspired by classic horror anthologies like Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, Dusty Attic combines horror and suspense with gallows humor and a wry new approach to our old fears. Each bite-sized scare sets out to make you chuckle, shiver or glance furtively over your shoulder. Maybe all three.

Solve For X
Solve for X is a mystery horror narrative podcast following subject X, a human trapped inside a scientific testing facility. Memories of who they were before have been completely wiped, replaced with a new set of memories each week to fit the profession and test they have been assigned. They, alongside the other test subjects, must fight to survive against the creatures lurking in the dark while they try to uncover who they really are and what on earth they’re testing here.

Ethics Town
Ethics Town is a cosmic horror podcast about philosophical conundrums in a weird small town! We're not going to answer the big questions for you, but we are going to dance around them in a fun and theatrical manner! Listeners will follow January, a tired and wired Ethics local, and Artemis, a young girl lost in the woods, as they try to unravel what exactly is going on down in the town of Ethics now that the new mayor has taken office. Statistics and probability are exchanged for conspiracy theory logic as the pair try to explain weirder and weirder happenings.

Deadfall, Wisconsin
Welcome to the Deadfall, Wisconsin Podcast. Five of the most experienced and qualified investigative journalists in the world focus their combined expertise into solving one of nature’s greatest mysteries. Legends of fanged deer stretch back hundreds of years, but where did these fanged deer come from? Why has no one ever witnessed a living specimen? Are the causes of these fangs evolutionary…or something more sinister? We’re going to spend the next two years finding out. You’re in Deadfall.

The Wyrd Side
The Wyrd Side is a New Weird / Folk Horror podcast that follows the paranormal investigations of Aiden Summers and Katherine Moore as they uncover the dangerous truth lurking behind the myths and legends of the British Isles.

A bite-sized anthology of horror/Comedy.

Storily Tales
An anthology series focusing on adventure, sci-fi and horror stories.

Welcome to Havensport, a city shrouded in darkness and secrets. A place where secrets fester in the darkness, and the veil between reality and nightmare is thin... Jacob Holloway, an ambitious young journalist is investigating a string of disappearances that have recently haunted Havensport. As he delves deeper into the city's dark past, a pervasive sense of dread consumes him, and he realizes that the secrets he's uncovering could cost him everything. But as Jacob's investigation continues, he begins to realize that the disappearances are just the tip of the iceberg. Something far more insidious is at work in Havensport, and the whispers in the shadows are growing louder...

The Bonneville Game
A horror comedy about three hapless podcasters who play a demon summoning game they found on the Internet.

What if a bunch of social freaks were the only hope for mankind's survival?

Ghost Hampton
Hamptons real estate attorney, Lyle Hall, was sidelined from his successful career after a deadly car accident. During his recovery, he realizes he has gained something - the ability to read people’s thoughts. And not just the living. When a girl’s voice calls to him from inside a condemned  house, Lyle is given hope of regaining his strength ... but it quickly turns to fear. She warns him that his estranged daughter, a rookie detective, will die in four days. Can he save her?

The FangHorn Fables
An audio drama anthology series. What happens in the mysterious FangHorn forest? Join us as each episode takes a journey through a unique encounter in this ghastly woodland.

Surcease is a weekly, queer, horror anthology podcast in which… Ellias Short has been put on the task to digitize current patient files of the inhabitants of Sunshine Valley Mental Institution, and to his dismay, he is forced to work with none other than Kairo Timor, the newcomer who stole his dream job from right under his nose. As the piles of casefiles stack up, and the more mysterious disappearances happen at Sunshine Valley, they start to wonder if everything is as it seems? Or they have just gone mad?

Beneath The Red Umbrella
Beneath The Red Umbrella is an immersive horror story telling experience. Using narration, voice acting, sound effects and full scores, Beneath The Red Umbrella brings audiobooks to life in an all new way. This is not for the faint of heart.

L'Affaire Louis Gaufridy
Un jeune homme se réveille dans une pièce sombre. Il est seul et attaché à une chaise. Une voix maquillée lui pose de nombreuses questions au sujet de l’Affaire Louis Gaufridy. Une célèbre histoire de possession qui s’est terminée par un terrible procès en 1611 à Aix en Provence. Au travers de cet interrogatoire musclé, nous apprendrons tous les tenants et les aboutissants de cette affaire qui a enflammée la Provence dans une hystérie collective. Un sorcier, des démons, une possédée et un exorciste tels furent les protagonistes de cette sombre affaire.

The Guayava Podcast is a captivating tale that weaves together elements of action, science fiction, and horror. It is an homage to the beloved Mexican Luchador films of the 1950's and 60's. Join Guayava, a retired wrestler turned paranormal investigator, on his inaugural quest to capture the mysterious and elusive chupacabra.

La Séptima Puerta
¡Bienvenidos de vuelta al universo aterrador de Séptima Puerta! Ahora, en formato de podcast, podrás adentrarte en las historias de terror que han estremecido a millones de colombianos. Prepárate para sentir la piel de gallina y el temor corriendo por tus venas mientras escuchas las leyendas más aterradoras jamás contadas. Con los audífonos puestos, experimentarás el miedo de forma más intensa y realista. Cruza la Séptima Puerta, descubre sus secretos más oscuros y prepárate para un viaje de terror sin igual. ¿Te atreves a abrir la puerta?

DEVISER is a Sci-Fi Horror Audio Drama, created by Harlan Guthrie. In this series Son wakes up aboard a spaceship bound for earth in an effort to recolonize. What he discovers however will change everything he knows about his world and himself

Liars & Leeches
Grief. Anxiety. Terror. Tonya Wright felt it all after the tragic murders of her sister and brother-in-law in a random act of gun violence. Struggling to travel outside of her home, she now lives constantly on edge about perceived threats that seem to surround her. Retreating to the house her sister and brother-in-law once shared to process her grief, Tonya soon discovers that someone — or something — has followed her there. With the help of her best friend Natalie, and others she meets along the way, can Tonya overcome her fears before they completely consume her?

Creature Feature
A creature of the week series featuring a group of horror enthusiasts “The Ghoul Gang” investigating strange happenings in the town of River’s End. River’s End, once a bustling center of industry, is now a sleepy post-industrial retirement community whose best days seem regulated to the past with multiple boarded storefronts on Main Street and the last manufacturing plant STEELAM (once a cornerstone) set to layoff half its remaining workers. The only substantial employer left is ONECORP a biotech and pharmaceutical giant with links to both the town’s founders: the Langston Family, and the military. OneCorp’s lab, research and manufacturing facility looms on the north side of Lethe River jutting out of Weir Forest, frankensteined onto the site of the old observatory. It is here that the brilliant but haunted Dr. Lee Hux tests a unique antipsychotic "EtherX" using a VR mask called “A REBOURS” (“Against Nature”) on a man known only as The Subject.

Enter The House Between
Reality is not what it used to be. After consensus reality shatters, and humanity evacuates to mysterious sanctuaries known as smart houses, a group of survivors navigate the uncertain future of the Quantum-sphere. John Kenneth Muir, award-winning author of Exploring Space: 1999 and Horror Films of the 1970s, brings to life a unique vision of humanity's future. Enter The House Between, and discover a world in which quantum mechanics, the many-worlds theory, Everett branches, human mutation, dark matter, and artificial intelligence shape and inform the everyday reality of all people, everywhere. Six survivors, cast out from sanctuary, find shelter on a seemingly abandoned farm. There, they explore parallel lives, discover hidden secrets, and witness the birth of a strange and mysterious child; a child who may represent the next stage of human evolution. Meanwhile, a sinister cult leader, known only as Father, launches an apocalyptic campaign designed to bring about a terrible agenda; to impose, by force, a singular vision of reality on an infinitely diverse Quantum-sphere.

Eyes Of The Abyss
Eyes Of The Abyss is a horror-anthology series directed, edited, and written by Keith Manara. It follows humanity over a thousand years in the future as we are confronted with a force of nature beyond our comprehension. Please listen and enjoy!

Hotel en español
No está embrujado, no es el infierno, es ¡El Hotel! Puede parecer de 5 estrellas o a veces, Hotel de mala muerte. La única regla es que nadie puede irse, ni siquiera el personal. ¿Te atreves a entrar?

Stereo Filmes
Se você é um amante de terror e quer sentir o frio na espinha, chegou ao lugar certo. Stereo Filmes é o podcast de AudioDrama de ficção e terror que vai te levar para um mundo de mistério e suspense, onde cada história é como um curta metragem em áudio. Nossos episódios são feitos para serem ouvidos no escuro, com a luz apagada, enquanto nossas interpretações e efeitos sonoros te envolvem em uma atmosfera perturbadora. Se você está pronto para encarar o medo de frente, aperte o play e venha conosco nessa jornada de arrepiar os cabelos."

From “Bloody Mary” to “The Kidney Heist,” The Vocalizers presents an anthology of original horror stories inspired by frightening true events & some of the most terrifying Urban Legends. Welcome to the Shivers Anthology Podcast. “Shivers” is a “mockumentary” fictionalized podcast in which interviews characters whom will recount their own horrifying experiences. Set in present day with “actual play” flashbacks. This podcast features voice actors from over 14 countries. But beware… This is a different kind of podcast.

The Timekeeper: Win Or Die
The Timekeeper is a four-episode horror/thriller audio drama that follows 17-year-old Charlie and his best friends, Gama and Zoe, as they're pulled into a life and death version of a video game called 13 Keys. The Timekeeper is a Heart Starts Pounding production featuring Judah Lewis, Chandler Kinney, and Arjun Athalye.

The Mantawauk Caves
On the night of May 10, 2007, three boys entered a cave in Mantawauk County, Tennessee. Only one made it out alive. The other two were found ten days later. They had been attacked by someone - or something. The investigation that followed revealed town secrets as old as the caves themselves and put a third teenage boy, James Fincher, on death row. This haunting narrative follows Julien Solas, an amateur writer and James' friend who’s been haunted by the events ever since.  Now, with Fincher's execution looming, Julien returns home to reconcile his past and uncover the truth behind the killings.

The Road of Shadows
It's 1984, and Daniel Knox is on the run. He's spent his entire life evading mysterious creatures that are disguised as everyday people - the ones he calls 'Shadows'. Preying on humans in secret, the Shadows are an enigma even to Daniel. But he knows one thing for sure - the Shadows' true nature can't be seen by anyone but him. As he seeks refuge in a remote mountain community, Daniel crosses paths with a traveller who is investigating the disappearance of her sister in the same town. Gradually, the secrets begin to unravel - and for Daniel - life will never be the same again. 'The Road of Shadows' is a Beyond the Dark production. Created by Mark R. Healy.

The Blacklight Protocol
Welcome to The Blacklight Protocol, a product of Red Cane Creations. The protocol is thus: when encountering things strange, things frightening, things unknown, let the blacklight be your tool of discernment. It is not meant to guide you in the night, but rather unveil the things that hide there.

Tales of the Monster Hunters
A horror comedy show that tells the tales of multiple characters.

Cede Malis
Cede Malis is a choose-your-own-adventure surrealist horror podcast in which you have been lured into a house of supernatural horrors by someone who was once your best friend. Now you must make the right choices to survive the eerie night.

Black Box - A Science Fiction Horror Podcast
The Homing Box of the U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation has been launched into uncovering what happened to the ship and her missing crew.

The Voicemail Box Is Full
The Maudlin Anthology Presents: The Voice Mail Box Is Full, a horror podcast told through the voicemails left to Carn Whitlock as she evades The Unknown Caller.

Radio Other
In a new story-rich audio drama blending horror, weird fiction and comedy, comes Radio Other. Vikki Other, longtime podcaster, presents their show from their timeline to yours. On the other side of the timeline, in a place called the Otherworld, conspiracy is reality, and reality is conspiracy. But when cracks between the two timelines begin to show, Vikki finds themselves thrust into a rabbit hole far deeper than they ever could imagine. But even as the mystery grows too close for comfort, Vikki is not ready to give up.

Magenta Presents
Let Madame Magenta be your guide to things unnatural and threats unseen... A horror anthology series from the folks who brought you the hit podcast Mockery Manor, with stories introduced by celebrated psychic, medium and strange seductress Madame Magenta.

The Foundation Dossier
Those who recount history are doomed to repeat it. The Foundation Dossier is a horror fiction anthology podcast that delves into unexplainable and strange goings on within the world, from The Bournemouth Foundation for the Furthering of Paranormal Research. And who knows, maybe things inside the foundation are more complicated than they seem.

Long Night in Egypt
The Violet Hour presents - LONG NIGHT IN EGYPT. During Spring Break, a group of archaeology students travel to Egypt and sneak into the Pyramid of Unas after dark. Little do they know that they are setting themselves up for a ghostly night of terror that will alter their fates forever.

Hanson Oak's - The Recalling
The Recalling is a memoir of sorts, a patchworked autobiography comprised of untrustworthy memories. It is at once the telling of a strange life lived through terrifying and incredible events and an invitation to explore one’s own world with a renewed sense of wonder and horror that these tales might inspire. Each story is a moment in time that might be either frightening, fantastical - or both. The Recalling can be experienced bi-monthly, but in any order you choose. They will be available in either an audio only format to let your mind’s eye paint the picture with my words or with video to bring the story to life as if we are together. Either way you prefer to take this journey with me, I hope it resonated with you, clings to your subconscious, and reemerges when you least expect it.

De Hijger
1995: Frieda heeft straatvrees en durft de deur niet uit. Haar enige lijntje naar de buitenwereld is haar telefoon. Maar wat nu als die telefoon nu ineens wordt bezeten door een hijger? Die misschien wel meer is dan alleen een hijger? Hoe verdedig je jezelf dan?

Manual para ser Juan Helsing
Juan Muñoz es un antropólogo que tiene respuestas a preguntas extrañas: cuál es el término de la carne preferido de un chupacabras, qué pasta de dientes tiene que usar un lobisón, cosas así. Desde todos los rincones de Latinoamérica lo han llamado para calmar a los monstruos, fantasmas y criaturas más inquietantes. Nuestra región es un lugar más seguro gracias a él. Pero Juan ya no es capaz de continuar con su labor. Ahora debe entregarle ese conocimiento a Simona Ojeda, una creadora de contenidos terca y altanera que debe deshacerse de un monstruo que cambió su vida para siempre. Siéntense. Pónganse cómodos. Es momento de empezar la clase.

The Patient Files
The Patient Files is a horror-anthology series. It follows Dr. Charles Talbot as he takes over an out-patient therapy program from an old colleague. Along the way, Dr. Talbot discovers that not all nightmares are the result of mental illness, and he soon finds himself out of his depth. A large part of The Patient Files are “Patient Transcripts” and “Patient Recordings” that detail patient encounters with the supernatural and paranormal. All of this takes place while a mystery unfolds with Dr. Talbot and his personal experiences with the same unknown forces.

12 Ghosts
Eleven travelers find themselves at an inn deep in the forest on Christmas Eve. As they tell their stories to one another, they come to realize that they’ve got something very startling in common… and that the strange innkeeper has a plan for them all.

The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio
A shady governmental group that deals with the supernatural experiences a containment breach at its main office. One new hire and one mid-level employee from the Bureau of Transnatural Resources are stuck on different floors when the lockdown begins. Not all is as it seems in the Department, however…

Lo Sublime Siniestro
Historias cortas de ficción sonora que pueden dar un poquito de miedo. O no. :-) Pero no es terror por terror, ni griterío por griterío. Es un tipo de espanto que te enfrentará a tus miedos y que, quizá, te hará disfrutarlos o desmontarlos. Cuando haya luna llena, comprueba si hay una historia nueva.

Hiker Gothic
A woman hikes the AT in memor of her boyfriend who disappeared on it. Produced by Deep Wood Productions and written by Arthur DeHart.

Farlig Jul: Jul på Supersygehuset
Ved første spadestik til Aalborgs nye supersygehus har entreprenører og politikere tilsyneladende åbnet for en port til noget ukendt i den gamle mose, som supersygehuset skal bygges oven på. Nu skal den nyvalgte regionsformand Mads Dueslag kæmpe mod både mørke kræfter fra dybet, et økonomisk underskud dybere end kridtgraven i Vestbyen og et helt galleri af ubehjælpelige kolleger og karakterer for at få nordjydernes nye sygehus klar. Alt er på spil – når Mads Dueslag det, inden det bliver jul? Kan det i det hele taget blive værre? (Dyb fortællerstemme: Ja)

Circus Folk
A Newfoundland sea captain has made devilish deals. To settle his debts he captured Celtic creatures on his journeys, using them as sideshows under a raggedy big top tent. But, these beasts comes with consequences - bringing moral corruption to a small town, and forcing his last sailor to struggle with faith, lust, and loyalty.

De Brandstapel
LET OP: Voor de ultieme luisterervaring raden we je aan deze podcast te beluisteren met een koptelefoon op! In deze 8D-audioervaring neemt Leila (Nora Akachar) je mee naar haar geboortedorp Laekenberg. Daar is niks meer zoals het was: mislukte oogsten hebben gezorgd voor een uitbarsting van populisme, vrouwenhaat en massahysterie. Tuimel in een wereld waar burgemeester en burgers elkaar letterlijk de tent uitvechten, waar er maar één vonkje nodig is om het hele kruitvat te doen ontploffen. En waar Leila misschien dat ene vonkje kan zijn. De Brandstapel is een psychologische horrorserie van BNNVARA voor NPO Radio 2 en is mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage NPO-fonds. Regie: Hanneke Hendrix. Met o.m. Nora Akachar, Nasrdin Dchar, Nazmiye Oral en Marcel Musters.

Un joven que huye de su pasado es testigo involuntario de crímenes que una hermandad secreta lleva siglos cometiendo; atrapado en un torbellino de muerte en las oscuras calles del bajo mundo de Madrid, pronto descubrirá que el origen de su misterioso pasado se relaciona con una conspiración que la Iglesia ha ocultado desde sus inicios. Inferno es la puerta al mundo de la literatura fantástica latinoamericana; es una mezcla adictiva de horror gótico, traiciones, personajes oscuros y giros inesperados que atrapa al lector en un thriller en el que nadie está a salvo.

Jonathan Harker, jeune notaire, est envoyé en Transylvanie pour rencontrer un client, le Comte Dracula. Malgré la bienveillance de son hôte, le jeune clerc ne peut qu'éprouver une angoisse grandissante. Très vite, il se rend à la terrifiante évidence : il est prisonnier d'un homme qui n'est pas un homme mais un vampire, et qui partira bientôt hanter les nuits de Londres...Ce podcast est une adaptation sonore du roman de Bram Stoker en 5 épisodes.

An audio drama following Murphy, Jack, and Elliot as they travel across the UK and Europe in search of creatures from folktales. Soon they realize something dark is at work, and must find the source before it's too late.

Quiet Part Loud
Disgraced radio host Rick Egan (Tracy Letts) has finally found his chance at reinventing himself: by chronicling the cold-case disappearance of several Muslim teens from Staten Island—a group he himself disparaged—in the wake of 9/11. But Rick soon discovers this is no ordinary hate crime, as his ill-considered investigations bring him face-to-face with an ancient American evil that's ready to offer him a monstrous bargain.

Full Moon Mischief
A collection of thrilling horror dramas from Wolf & Magpie media. 1. Red River Reaper 2. A Coal For Your Soul 3. Shot Through The Hart 4. Eat Your Heart Out 5. On Further Reflection 6. TBA

The Existence of the Quatiblis Project
The EQP is a fictional companion podcast to the Harbinger Tetralogy of horror films created by Mike Gasaway(Writer and Director). This collection follows the found audio of Larry (last name withheld) to prove that demons, or the Quatiblis are real. Larry records his excursions through space and time, avoiding peril at every turn.

The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station
In the year 2320, a skip tracer hunts down a dangerous escaped criminal on a derelict space station. In the process, she must confront murderous alien life forms, as well as unspeakable horrors from her past.

Afflicted: A Horror Thriller Audio Drama
Lovecraft Country meets True Blood in this new series from award-winning producers Tonia Ransom and Jen Zink. In this season, a small East Texas town suffers supernatural disasters caused by a demonic book bound in human flesh...and only hoodoo can save the town from its affliction.

Not Quite Dead
Live. Laugh. Bite. Alfie is not quite dead, and he's going through some... changes. It all started when a patient came into the A&E he works at with a terrible injury to her throat. And then another. And another. Stalked by a strange man who seems to be able to magically bring patients back from the brink of death, Alfie finds himself sinking deeper into a world which has always existed just out of sight. Now, he must make a choice: death or undeath. He's not sure which is worse, but whatever he chooses, there's bound to be blood.

Twisted Curiosities
Welcome to the shop with only haunted items for sale, trinkets from another world. Each item in my shop holds a story, as equally horrifying as the last.

The Hunting Season
With the overpopulation of the Earth, the worlds triumvirate government has been sending out groups of people to colonize other inhabitable worlds. Everything seems to be going well until the wrong planet is occupied.

Cooking (With) The Smiths
A horror fiction podcast about murder and home cooked meals.

The Horror at Martin's Beach
Kingdom of Pavement presents a new scripted podcast, THE HORROR AT MARTIN'S BEACH, adapted from the short story with the same name by H.P. Lovecraft and his wife Sonia H. Greene. As 2022 is the hundred year anniversary since the short story's initial release in 1922, we felt it was only fitting to take the Cthulhu mythos and blend it with horrors of our modern world. THE HORROR AT MARTIN'S BEACH begins when a group of Greek Life students show up fashionably late to a party at the ominous Martin's Beach. When they find that all of the partygoers have disappeared, they find themselves fighting for their lives against the internal and external horrors that could only exist in this place.

A Dark Light Shivers
A deranged cult, worshipping the Dark God Karashan, strive to raise him to bring peace and darkness to the world, while an enigmatic secret agent tries to prevent them along with his allies in the FBI.

The Hidden Heart
ALL IT NEEDS IS YOUR DESPAIR AND YOUR BLOOD. Talia Shaw thought she could stop running when she came to Norfolk, a rural town set against stunning wilderness. She hoped to settle here, pick apart her reasons for fleeing California, and finally get some sleep. Two years later, she’s made little progress. Lucas Gray, a Norfolk native, has been Talia’s partner with the State Police since she arrived. A divorcé who smokes constantly, he has his own baggage and doesn’t pry after others’—unless it’s for his job. An impossible murder deep in the mountains leads them to the home of Shep Mason, an ecologist badly injured in a car accident, and his girlfriend Selkie Carter, who appeared from the mountains one night with no plans to return.

The Poe Anthology
A radio adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's haunting short stories. Created by Inkblot Theater Co. Directed by Jorden Charley-Whatley; adaptation by Elizabeth Robbins; music by Rachael Chau.

Hairy Yarns
Hairy Yarns is a narrative serial horror podcast hosted by actors Tal Anderson and Kayla Cromer, and features original dramatic tales inspired by real-life creepy occurrences, legends, and myths.

Chicken Skin
If you like scary stories, then come listen to the creepiest tales told by our host: Mister Scratch.

Avis aux effrayables. La peur à portée d’oreille avec pour seul vecteur de frisson le son. Incarnez le personnage principal à travers une histoire où la peur est reine et frayez vous un chemin dans ce podcast immersif d’horreur donnant vie à des monstres inhumains et des Hommes monstrueux.Pour vous offrir la meilleure immersion sonore possible, l’équipe de Nuits Noires a enregistré ce podcast en son binaural loin des studios en faisant évoluer les comédiens dans des décors naturels. Du cinéma à entendre qui vous laisse le choix des costumes et des décors ! Vous pourriez, pour vous rassurer, être tenté d’écouter ce podcast en plein jour dans un lieu public bondé… 

Kev-Bob Glasscock
Nestled nicely between the Arkansas River and Ozark Mountains is the town of Hogs Crutch. Settled over 250 years ago by pig farmers, it remains much the same; dark, dank and depressing, eerily untouched. But the quiet has been shattered by Uncle Abner and in a panic the sheriff has played his last card as such........ and now Kev-Bob's home........there's trouble in Hogs Crutch. Kev-Bob Glasscock, a full cast audio drama by Mark Potok

Ceia's Tiny Terrors
A Micro-Series of the Macabre. This is a short form horror fiction series with multi-part episodes all under 10 minutes. Get your weekly micro-dose of horror with Ceia's Tiny Terrors.

The Lost Son
In 1899, a medical doctor summoned to the ancestral home of her old flame uncovers his family’s dark history and the devastating consequences of truths kept secret for generations. The Lost Son is a limited event audio drama series inspired by gothic horror stories and classic monster novels, and stars Bonnie Bogovich, Carter Calahan, Ethan Goff, and Josiah Robinson. The series is written and directed by Cole Burgett.

Smile Grove
Smile Grove is a semi-serialized dramatic horror podcast focused on exploring mental health, and the fears those fighting against it might experience.Nikolai, a weary husk of a once-hopeful person left to corrode in their own mental dissonance, Storm, an uprising troublemaker intent on seizing the attention of those around him, Grey, a precocious teen who struggles to grapple with what he doesn't understand, and Tida, a fearful girl who finds light in dark places yet grapples with her own inner demons, are brought into a mental facility with the hopes of reversing traumas and healing old wounds. Though perpetual meddling from a less than virtuous psychiatrist, Dr. Grover, and even the vile wills of those who observe, the patients soon learn that the opposite is bound to happen.

Gray Matter: An Acid Horror Anthology Podcast
Welcome to Gray Matter Video, the only video rental store where you can find tapes telling true tales of horrific transformation, bodily destruction, and death from all across the dimensional spectrum. With a blend of original stories from author Jonathan Inbody in the proud tradition of Carpenter and Cronenberg, and modern adaptations of classic Weird Fiction tales from authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, this full-cast scifi-horror anthology explores the blurred line between psychology and biology alongside the flawed and fragile depths of human nature when faced with the hideous unknown. At Gray Matter, everything is horribly, brutally possible. Will you let it get under your skin?

Dark and Stormy
Join me, Zoe, as we discover and nourish the elemental power within us all. How can we harness the energy rushing through the environment around us? Be sure to subscribe and follow along for a new episode which will be released every Sunday. If you want to be further involved in my conscious community, follow me on Marco Polo at DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional podcast which is a part of the non-profit theatre production MAELSTROM produced by The Warped Collective.

El Santuario del Miedo
EL SANTUARIO DEL MIEDO, es un lugar para sentir suspenso, terror y escalofríos. El santuario del miedo es un espacio para escuchar los misteriosos relatos de las leyendas y cuentos que han inundado la terrorífica imaginación del mundo entero desde épocas pasadas. En sus capítulos, encontrarás una superproducción que te eriza la piel, estamos seguros de que cuando escuches cada LEYENDA DE GUATEMALA, sentirás lo que buscas. Seguro te contaremos cada leyenda como jamás la habías escuchado. Prepárate, para esta serie adictiva, donde conocerás a: La Tatuana, La Siguanaba, Verónica frente al espejo, la leyenda de la estación de bomberos, El Sombrerón y a La Llorona. Esta primera serie, de 6 capítulos, es una producción de RCN DIGITAL.

Things That Go Bump in the Night is a series of terror tales written by young adult horror short story writer, JC Bratton. These stories are intertwined and are a new take on the urban legends that haunted us when we were children. All the stories are available on Amazon and have peaked at #1 on Kindle Unlimited's Top Young Adult Short Stories. With the help of the talented actors at Floor 5 Theatre Company, the macabre has come to life. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself into the world created by JC Bratton.

Ramon Fear's Terror Tapes
A new and completely original horror-comedy anthology podcast. Inspired by horror across the whole spooky spectrum. With an ounce of Argento, a quart of Carpenter and a heft of Hitchcock, witness tales of everyday terror presented by your nefarious narrator, that horrible host, that evil escort, RAMON FEAR. You'll never be the same again... once you put the Fear in your ear!

Dark Sanctum
Dark Sanctum is a thrilling and spine-tingling limited audio series showcasing things that go bump in the night. Inspired by TV classics like The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt and classic radio fright-fests like Inner Sanctum and Lights Out, this new series blends captivating storytelling with chilling audio and spectacular sound design to transport you through a twisted and memorable audio thrill ride. Mark Ramsey is a producer of the Ambie-nominated cinematic podcast Aftershock featuring Sarah Wayne Callies, David Harbour and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the creator/writer/narrator of acclaimed podcasts like Inside Psycho, Inside The Exorcist, Inside JAWS and more. For Dark Sanctum he collaborates with his Inside partner and sound designer Jeff Schmidt, who is also known for his work on the podcasts-turned-television hits such as Dirty John and Dr. Death. The cast boasts the considerable voice talents of Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill, Dexter), Clive Standen (Vikings, Doctor Who), and Michael O’Neill (Jack Ryan, Dallas Buyers Club).

Uncrypted: Improvised Scary Tales
Inspired by ghost stories, folklore, and urban legends, professional actors re-enact the campfire tales of our youth through improvisation and collaborative story-telling in this bi-weekly podcast premiering in October 2022.Each episode contains two to three scary stories performed in full to immerse the listener briefly in another world where the veil between the living and dead has been lifted, where magic is real, and when things go bump in the night, there is no logical explanation.​Don't be scared. There's no such thing as ghosts... right?

Ghost Wax
Ghost Wax is a horror fiction podcast following the work of the last “reclaimer”, investigating a series of unnatural killings by raising the dead and committing their final statements to wax cylinder.

Dark Pages: From the Old Attic
Dark Pages: From the Old Attic is a horror podcast telling the story of the two characters, Ella and Klara. Join as they make their own horror podcast, reading the dark pages left behind by a dead relative in her old attic. As Klara and Ella read out the stories, they discover similarities, and slowly a hidden world of the paranormal is unveiled, and their perception of Aunt Agnes and her dark pages is changed. Dark Pages: from the Old Attic is a narrative LGBTQ+ friendly podcast with new episodes every other Friday. So jump into Klara and Ella's horror podcast and the mystery left behind by Agnes.

Mayfair Watchers Society
The town of Mayfair is just like any other: tidy lawns and book clubs, bake sales and Sunday school. And just like any other town, Mayfair has a secret - one that everyone knows, but almost no one says: Along the bus routes and down silent wooded roads, behind the mill and at the dark end of parking lots, at the edge of the porch, just beyond the lamp light, things move in the shadows. But, Mayfair is a town like any other: and a secret like this can only stay hidden for so long.

Horror Genre infused with hiphop.

The Nightstar Specters
In October of 1929, a witless vampire and a pompous detective set out to prove their intelligence by solving a bloodsucking murder in the hamlet of Nightstar, NY. It's a mysterious mystery that's not really about the mystery.

The Creepy Quadrant
This fall, let’s get spooky, let’s get weird. Let’s get creepy with… The Creepy Quadrant

Portal Sonoro
Abre la puerta y déjate transportar a otro mundo dimensional de horror, suspenso y fantasía en el que escucharás escalofriantes relatos de espíritus, experimentos científicos y paranormales, terror psicológico y el lado más despreciable de la especie humana. En Portal Sonoro encontrarás series que te sumergirán en un retorcido juego de realidad y ficción. ¡Acompáñanos!

Mythic Hunters
Late night paranormal investigation show, Mythic Hunters, is hosted by a drunk skeptic in the studio, who is unaware his co-host in the field has very real encounters with every monster she investigates.

Day 1 Of The End Of The World
Day 1 of the End of the World is a collection of first-hand accounts and stories of what happened on the first day of the zombie apocalypse. The Day 1 oral history collection showcases the human elements, the chaos, the heroism, and the tragedy, as seen through the eyes of people from around the world.

Rollspelspodden Skräckblandat
I Rollspelspodden Skräckblandat frossar vi i skräckrollspel som Call of Cthulhu, Chock, Skrömt och på sikt förhoppningsvis fler. Varje äventyr inleds med en Session Noll där vi skapar våra karaktärer och pratar om förutsättningarna för det kommande äventyret. Vi kommer också att skjuta in bonusavsnitt med tips och trix om hur vi skapar egna äventyr och hur just vi använder bild, ljud och hjälpmedel för att få fram den bästa stämningen. Måndag = nytt avsnitt! Lars, Emma, Stefan och Mikael. Rollspelspodden Skräckblandat är ett samarbete med NBV.

Smothered ’n Covered in Blood
The anthology of Southern horror served up in the form of a podcast.

Hallway To Nowhere
Hallway To Nowhere is a microfiction horror podcast about isolation, escape, and that which is almost familiar. The story follows Jessica, a young woman trapped in a series of endless hallways. Only Nocturn and Oasis, two cold AIs, are there to keep her company. Jessica is just about to give up, until she comes across a mysterious device. Through this device, Jessica meets Iris, a kind and caring voice that promises to guide her to freedom. As they traverse through increasingly surreal yet familiar levels, Jessica finally feels hope that she’ll be free once more. But Nocturn and Oasis have other ideas in store.

Trash Pawcast
Warrior Cats and Wizards is a story similar to regular Warrior cats, but different in many different ways. Most namely the setting which, instead of the modern-day world, takes place in a fantasy setting, with all that comes with that. Follow the story of our two main characters as they explore this strange world and each other.

The Disposers
The world is full of dangerous things, monsters that go bump in the night, phenomena that cannot be explained by science, things that defy definition. These are anomalies. And the worlds best line of defense against them, are a bunch of garbage people. Follow The Disposers as they face training new recruits, identity crises, horrifying anomalies, and an impending apocalypse. In this Horror-Comedy adventure inspired by the SCP Foundation.

It's All in the Cards Podcast
Welcome to It's All in the Cards Podcast! A biweekly horror fiction podcast where all questions are welcome, but you may not like the answers. Join us as we follow Jade, an Ozark folk witch who runs an occult bookstore and gives tarot readings. In our inaugural season, Jade is dealing with the local coven breathing down her neck as a string of murders occur in her neighborhood.

ICE-CREAM is a psychological thriller that follows 14 year old, Elgin Foster, who spends the summer of 1988 with his younger brother, Dustin at his newly divorced father's house in Arizona. Not long after arriving, he begins to witness children being abducted by the local ice-cream truck man. Nobody believes Elgin, not even the local police, which leads him to question if what he saw was real. The listener will follow along as Elgin and neighbor Olivia, do their own investigation to try and uncover who the ice-cream truck man really is and what he is doing to these missing children...

Doorway To Nightmare
Explore the terrifying world of your own imagination with our full cast audio productions of mystery, horror, and suspense. An homage to golden age of radio terror where monsters lurk, hiding in the dark, and invading your dreams. Come with us through the Doorway To Nightmare and find out where your mind will take you.

Scenic nature parks home to unnatural occurrences. A cozy public library where the doors sometimes vanish. Residents that disappear for a bit and come back…different. In a small, (too) quiet town in upstate New York, a pair of friends juggle dodging horrors beyond imagination while navigating the all too tangible terror of adulthood.

John From Back Home
You haven’t been back home in years, but the old answering machine is filled with messages from a high school friend named John. John From Back Home is about leaving friends behind, keeping secrets hidden, and the dangers of trying to live someone else’s life. For fans of horror, mystery, and weird fiction.

October's Children
October’s Children" is an episodic full-cast paranormal mystery/action horror audio drama set in a small college town in New England. October’s Children focuses on a small, diverse group of 20- and 30-somethings trying to survive the trials and tribulations of ‘everyday’ life in Wolfbrook, New Hampshire. Unbeknownst to them at series start, the group will face increasingly strange and dangerous situations as the boundaries between our world and another fade, and monstrous creatures begin to infiltrate and invade Wolfbrook.

The D.O.U.G. Project
Doug has one job, to Archive. However, with new mandated audio recordings (and budgetary cuts), Doug must enter the field. Armed with an audio recorder and his undying hatred of all things that are paranormal.

Strange Trails
Finn Mitchell and his best friend Omari Mason travel to a rural town in West Virginia to investigate folklore about a serial killer there known as the Shadow Man. Early on, they meet a local girl, Ava Cook, who has personal experience with the Shadow Man which reels them in to stay and find out more. They work together with her, and as they dig deeper they find more about the town than they’d anticipated. Welcome to Strange Trails, a fictional investigation based on the format and style of 'Serial'.

Quoth the Raven Queen
A mysterious voice in the wind, a choice to make, a world to save. Something is stirring in the world, and our heroes might find something a little deadlier than they expected waking up.

CKUT presents a special limited series radioplay event from the creators of Sojourns in Space! In a secluded mansion in North Carolina circa 1873, deception is afoot. A phony academic and her accomplices are playing a con game with an eccentric millionaire, little suspecting they are themselves being played. Very soon they'll find that within these walls lurk untold horrors, all tied to a single indecipherable word. Now only one question remains... what is CROATOAN?

A Horror Story in Four Parts

La Estrella
Axel, un joven periodista de espectáculos, es enviado a escribir sobre la decadencia de la ciudad de La Estrella, la cuna del cine y el entretenimiento de Argentina. En su investigación se encontrará con una isla sobrenatural, una misteriosa mujer en un cuadro, y una conspiración que involucra a todos los habitantes del partido. Escrito por Román Brutti. Protagonizado por Gregorio Barrios. Diseño de sonido por Ignacio Herbojo.

Stay the Night
In this audio drama horror story, Ben and Ava check into a charming bed and breakfast who’s elderly owners have no intention of letting them check out.

Dreadtime Stories
Dreadtime Stories is a horror podcast hosted by Malcolm McDowell, featuring fully-dramatized audio dramas written by top writers, including Max Allan Collins ("Road to Perdition") and featuring celebrity guest stars. Each 45-minute horror story has new characters with recurrent elements of nail-biting suspense, shocking violence, and dark humor.

Nata K. Media
Nata K. creates original fictional stories, mostly in the horror and drama genres, in the form of a film/show script read aloud. Each series is a self-contained story.

ergo antz
A young woman documents strange and disturbing experiences that have begun to plague her. Although she is unaware of their source, there are unknown forces at work that may hold answers, or simply exist to her torment. ​Amidst these subtle preternatural spinnings, a well-meaning boyfriend tries to navigate the influx of psychological and physical changes in his beloved partner.​ And before they knew it, they became immersed in happenings far more mysterious, far more unnatural, and far more sinister than either of them had ever imagined. ​It started with the antz… REAL WEBSITE:

Calling From Elm Lake
An ongoing narrative fiction, blending elements of horror, mystery, and the unknown into an overarching story.

Atomic Tales: Strange Invaders
*Giant insects!* *Mutant monsters!* *Aliens!* *UFOs!* *Is this the beginning of the end?* The Atomic Age has begun! Fortunately, the agents of the US Science Bureau are on the job. Join our intrepid adventurers as they use guts, brains, and 1950s technology to battle the enemies of tomorrow in… *Atomic Tales* ! *Atomic Tales* features classic horror tales in the style of the Atomic Age, written by *Stephen D. Sullivan* and presented in audio format by filmmaker and producer *Christopher R. Mihm*. These stories are guaranteed to transport you back in time to the halcyon days of the 1950s — and maybe even to the far-flung futuristic 60s!

Twilight and Terror
Twilight and Terror is a fictional horror podcast written and produced by Melissa Lancaster, Mandi Elliot, and Eve Hollister. We are currently in production with an expected release of July 2022.

Doctor Who: Redacted
When a terrifying phenomenon starts redacting the Doctor from reality, three queer women become the world’s only hope. #DoctorWhoRedacted

Missing Cats Eyes
Missing Cats Eyes is an anthology mystery thriller podcast that delves into the weird and wonderful creatures and fantastical characters from old, new, futuristic and through to other dimensions. A home production from the minds of sci-fi dreamers, seeking to bring to life worlds both fascinating and macabre. Switch on to the unknown and close your eyes to the universe you know.

Transmissions From the Void
Love horror? "Transmissions From the Void" is a series of full-cast horror audio dramas produced by Brennan Storr of "The Ghost Story Guys Podcast". Each episode adapts a different short story from an author in the horror genre. The series is ongoing, with episodes released on an as-and-when basis

Bloodthirsty Hearts
Friends growing apart happens, but creatures crashing a fantasy convention… not so much. Five high schoolers bonded over the Bloodthirsty Hearts novel series turned slightly-erotic movie franchise as kids, and now it’s what brings them back together for the first-ever fan convention. However, what starts as fun and games quickly turns into a fight-for-your-life event as creatures from the same universe invade. Will the childhood friends be able to work past their differences and survive the night? Perhaps their shared obsession will prove to be useful after all...

Badlands Cola | A Strange Audio Drama
Badlands Cola is a cinematic mystery/horror audio drama. In a desert town full of strange fossils and even stranger people, a hard-hearted PI and a broken-down radio DJ attempt to dig up the skeletal past of a cult before it can reform.

The Violet Hour presents - HOLLOW. A mercenary embarks on a corporate mission to track down a rogue leader and encounters the darkness of space, the darkness of colonization, and ultimately, the darkness within herself. A futuristic retelling of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". Learn more at

The Liminal Lands
A fictional story following the journey of a man who wakes up to find everything changed, his family missing, and himself all alone in a hostile new world. A weekly podcast that follows his journey as he tries to understand what has happened, where his family has gone to, and the trials of surviving in a land where everything seemingly wants to kill him. Can he survive to escape The Liminal Lands?

The Moon Crown
The world is changing, bit by bit. Vampires, gargoyles, and all ilk of beasts are integrated into the civilization of the new country. There are signs of something young, yet somehow ancient, growing on the other side of the river.

Mad Science. Bad Science. Terrifying Monsters! Old-fashioned British fantasy chiller audiodrama

PLANTS!!! Audio Drama
PLANTS!!! is a two part audio drama where listeners are plunged into a hallucinatory world in transition where it isn’t clear who’s calling the shots. Could it really be the plants?! In this foodie horror/comedy, rife with delicious treats for those of the anti-capitalist persuasion, an immersive soundscape and full cast of voice actors breathe life into the gradual unraveling of food journalist, Anthony Oliver, as he transforms from skeptic to evangelist while reporting on an enigmatic culinary novelty: Farmacology. Discover how this simple farm-to-table restaurant near Walla Walla, Washington has unleashed a contagious plant-centered social movement with the potential to change everything! Check out for more info.

The Curse of The Lake House
The Curse of the Lake House is a one-act, anthology-style play by Michael Grover about family, relationships, and a lake house. 8 individual stories, The Curse of The Lake House is a dark comedy that follows two families over 450 years as they try to shake the curse that haunts them. An ElectraCast Best Storyteller Network Podcast.

Devoid of Space
Imagine darkness. A night so vast, so overwhelming no human mind can comprehend it. An alien frontier that calls to us with a voice impossible to ignore. Imagine fear. The kind of terror that can only be born in the total absence of light. That dread that pushes us to fight, to flee. Now join us in imagining the stories that can only exist where darkness & fear collide. A monthly science fiction horror anthology audio drama.

What happens when your neuroses come to life? What shape will they take? Starring Ncuti Gatwa, Morfydd Clark and Alistair Petrie.

Tell No Tales
The assistant to the director of a ghost-hunting agency navigates the ethics of the shady underbelly of the agency they’ve grown to despise. A new queer paranormal fiction podcast with new episodes every Monday

JENNA is an 18-year old in 1995, returning to her coastal hometown after months away grieving the sudden loss of her father. At a beach party with her best friend LIZ, the two cross paths with a mysterious young man named JADE, whose interest in Jenna seems beyond the physical realm. A love story at its heart, LEER marries nostalgic horror and existential romance as Jenna is unwittingly drawn into a plot to reunite two soulmates separated by death.

Monster Radio
Monster Radio is a fictional horror/comedy podcast featuring zany ideas for interviews with monsters from the cast and crew behind Twin Strangers Productions, makers of the Syntax podcast.

Forgotten Creatures
Detective May Adamos has just been transferred to the police precinct in Ojai, Ca to digitalize cases from the long closed down department of investigations. Join her in this weekly horror fiction podcast as she explores each case and realizes that all is not what it seems.

The Ghost Catchers
Majorie wants to leave The House of Nod. Living in a cult is especially annoying in 1940, when the real world is dazzling and daring. Marjorie craves Life. She craves becoming herself. She wants to leave the House of Nod, and one of her first acts of mischief is seeking out a peculiar group called The Ghost Catchers... ... never guessing how deeply she will find herself locked into the world of ghosts.

The Children of Room 56
Spiritsford. The lakes have teeth. The walls have eyes. There's a hotel for ghosts in the woods. Sam Moss and her tight-knit group of friends have been investigating the mysteries of Spiritsford since they were children, and they enjoy it... until one of their own goes missing. Chip Romero has disappeared. And Sam is determined to find him. But the supernatural creatures of the town are getting increasingly malicious, and Sam's chances of actually finding her friend seem near-impossible.

The Author's Anathema
College student Natalie Thurmond just got a narrating gig for a mysterious and reclusive author to record an eerie audiobook. As every chapter is read, however, she realizes with dawning horror that each tale holds an unsettling personal connection. Assisted by her level-headed and studious girlfriend, Eleanor, the two try to solve the mystery of who The Author is, and why Natalie sees herself and those she loves within the pages of The Author's Anathema.

Pinball Productions
Motion podcasts. Features and series to listen to.

A biweekly horror fiction podcast that follows Silas Caldwell, a linguist, who finds himself employed by VINCULA, a biotech company with an unearthly set of artifacts in their possession. Alongside a team of scientists and explorers, Silas plunges into the world beyond the Breach, and is touched by terrors beyond his wildest dreams.

In a secret government facility, Head of Administration Edwin Beamish has been forced by a new policy to convert all the case files in the Department of Anomalous Containment into digital media. Up to and including audio recordings. He is less than thrilled at the extra make-work.

Atlas of Angelon
A sci-fi horror mini-series audio drama which follows two astronauts as they journey outside the solar system--and the publicist who already knows their voyage is doomed. The ship will explode, killing both astronauts. But why it explodes is the trickier part. First episode releases on March 30, 2022, and episodes release on Wednesdays.

The Forgotten Room
A modern old-time style mystery/suspense/sci-fi/horror radio play program. Produced in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Suspense, Dimension X, The Sealed Book, Exploring Tomorrow, CBS Theater, The Hermit's Cave, The Creaking Door, Lights Out, The Zero Hour etc.

HAUNTED: The Audio Drama
Something is coming. It's coming over the airwaves. Nobody knows what The Signal is or where it is coming from, only one thing is clear; once you hear it, it's already too late. Abigail Corbin is a chatterbox podcast host who believes that The Signal might have a supernatural source. To help her investigate, she tracks down renowned paranormal investigator James Hunter, now living as a reclusive alcoholic. The two form an unlikely partnership as they investigate all things unexplained, spooky and potentially life-threatening. Doctor Who meets The X-Files in this serialised audio drama which features memorable characters, plenty of fear, moments of comedy and a interweaving narrative that unfolds over the course of the show.

Impact Winter
“They came after the impact and the firestorms. When the sun went dark. Like they’d been there all along. Just waiting.” From executive producers of The Walking Dead and Travis Beacham, the writer of Pacific Rim, comes a heart-stopping Audible Original featuring a brilliant British cast. It’s the near future and seven years since a comet hit the earth and blotted out the sun. The world is a dark, frozen landscape. And then, beastly creatures emerge and take over. Can they really be vampires? In the British countryside, a band of survivors forms a resistance in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle. Darcy is a battle-tested vampire hunter who is at the front line leading the charge to save humanity. Meanwhile, her younger sister Hope wants life to return normal so she can go above ground and know what it’s like to live again. And she just might be willing to risk it all.

The Cosmic Game
A modern twist on the classic radio drama, The Cosmic Game tells the story of God and the Devil as they try to outwit one another in an effort to gain influence over humankind. Based on the nightlife series created by immersive production company Drunken Devil, this sweeping, supernatural melodrama will take audiences on an adventure through time, as they encounter New Orleans vampires, Ancient Roman tyrants, death cults, and more. Enhance your listening experience, Drunken Devil style! Enjoy cocktail pairings created exclusively for the show, with recipes available at

A family camping trip goes horribly wrong, deep in the woods of central Oregon.

Callum Nightworthy Recording
Follow archival assistant Callum Nightworthy, an archival assistant at The Magnus institute, London as he navigates the dangerous world lurking beneath the surface in this fan-made spin off of the hit podcast by Rusty Quill, The Magnus Archives. Original The Magnus Archives podcast produced by Rusty quill. All stories and ideas with exception of the original concept this show is based upon are that of my own and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of Rusty Quill LTD or their associates and are not affiliated with the production of this podcast. This is a CC-NC-SA work.

The Yellow Wallpaper: A Radioplay in Two Acts
Something stands behind the pattern and the ghastly yellow emptiness of the wallpaper. A prisoner within her own home, Jane is condemned to a bed with the words ”hysteria” left on her lips. Nothing to do, but to watch the yellow paper crinkle and age as time goes by. Doctors (and husbands) orders, after all. The problem is, something is looking back. Based on the Novel by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Written by Xander Chung. Directed by Mylène Choicoine.

Undertow: Blood Forest
When an investigative journalist returns to his hometown of Simpson Falls, Maine, a mysterious conspiracy unearths secrets from his past he can’t escape. Reporter Tony Baxter returns to his childhood home of Simpson Falls with an axe to grind, determined to root out corruption. But his sleuthing of the Malleus Corporation’s investment in the town leads him down a dangerous path, where his own unresolved trauma lies in wait. Joined by friend and fellow lost soul Sonia Proud, Tony must confront the tragedy that shaped him deep in the New England woods— but if they aren’t careful, the malevolent forces in Simpson Falls won’t let them escape.

Night Shift
Sebastian Fen finds himself entangled in a series of unexplainable events in Echor City, from the conspiracies surrounding the biotechnology giant Augur Corp to the secrets of the magical anomalies that transform those who encounter them into the stuff of nightmares... Night Shift is a queer-led, serialized docudrama. Elements of magic, science fiction, mystery, and mild horror throughout.

The Strangemen's No Access Radio
Listen to the weekly Broadcasts from the Strangemen’s No Access Radio presented by Jock Tuckaby, a Comedy Horror Podcast about the Health and Safety Radio program inside the elusive and secretive Strangemen’s Association who manage, contain and conceal most of the paranormal world from the public. But there is something more listening in, something worse screaming out, and something Strange slowly approaching.

The Silver Bloodline
A small village is beset by a supernatural forest that seemingly melts all those that enter. With the help of a lone scientist, a twelve-year-old Raya must face off against unimaginable terror as it becomes clear that the mystery is only just beginning.

The Secret of St Kilda
In this supernatural thriller series, listeners will follow Lockie, a charismatic con man who escapes to St Kilda with the promise that this time he’ll change his ways. Unfortunately the island and it’s unusual inhabitants have other ideas. He seeks redemption and they seek a saviour, but you know what they say - no change without sacrifice.

Paranatural Support Services Team
From the creator of Wrong Bone Facts: In Paranatural Support Services Team, join the Agent as she navigates through the nightmarish hellscape that is technical support for unexplained phenomena. While she tries to unravel the mysteries of her workplace, she must contend with unruly callers, sinister corporate designs, a monstrous manager, invisible coworkers, and her own heart.

Last Known Position
A new mystery thriller from the makers of Blackout and The Left Right Game, Last Known Position follows a group of experts including submersible pilot Mikaela Soto (Gina Rodriguez) as they seek to recover a flight that suddenly vanished over the Pacific Ocean. The super yacht sets off on what looks like an expedition funded by a grieving billionaire, William Cavanaugh (James Purefoy), to recover the flight that his wife and daughter were on. But the crew soon discovers that there's more to the expedition than they were let on when they start to find themselves in increasingly perilous situations that point to a saboteur among the group, and a looming threat in the deep waters.

10 years after a cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami devastates the Pacific Northwest, a new ocean floor reveals itself along the infamous Casacadia Subduction Zone. When philanthropic billionaire, Wesley Badger falls unfit to go on a deep sea expedition to explore the new area, rookie captain, Declan Walters must step up and pilot The Alexandria Submarine through the uncharted Pacific abyss. Fellow crewmembers are reluctant to trust their new captain, especially after a routine dive does not go according to plan... As the crew adventure into unknown waters, discoveries will be made and hearts will be broken in an underwater odyssey that will leave you breathless and blindsided. From beginning to surface.

Lost in Forever
This is about Scp-3008, a personal favorite, heavily inspired by the "Find us alive" and Magnus archives Podcasts.

Stranded 700 light years away from home, the crew of the USS Magmell make an astonishing discovery; they’re not alone. Not only is something sinister is lurking in the deep reaches of space, but they are also remembering things that never happened, things that couldn't have happened. With tensions running high and mistrust running deep, they realize that their only chance of survival is each other...whether they like it or not.

Whispers in the Cries
After the mysterious death of his grandfather, hotshot journalist Randy Conroy's life unravels in a web of mystery and horror when he learns that his hero--a WWII vet who has seen, first hand, the horrors of life and man--was confined to an asylum in the last weeks of his life; where he spoke of demonic entities, faceless spirits, and images depicting a black shadowed poltergeist in a top hat and grin. A grand man confined to an asylum where he carved and drew strange markings upon the floor, the ceiling, the walls; stories and tales told all leading to a ghost ship that has drank the most ancient of blood. Tasted the most ancient of flesh. A vessel that has now…awoken. Hunted by the shadowed entity of his grandfather’s past and its dark brethren of phantom wraiths, macabre menace, and demonic beasts, Randy Conroy must survive the nightmare his grandfather could not. All while asking YOU, my poor unfortunate listener, "Just how deep you're willing to go to unlock the mystery?

Lost and Bound
What do you know about public libraries? Are they simply a place of silence and studies? Or is there something darker hiding in the pages of their books? Follow Karma, a new circulation clerk, as she finds the diary of the librarian before her and discovers the terrors that transpire between the shelves. Listen to the story of The Sanguíneo Public Library, a horror podcast made by librarians and company. Leave the Sanguíneo Public Library more prepared (and scared) than when you arrived.

Black Friday
A new horror-comedy starring Fred Armisen! Living corpses have taken over Mart Club the night before Black Friday, but if Bob forgets to bring home milk, he’ll be dead meat. For Bob, working on Thanksgiving is a necessary evil. After getting laid off from his corporate job, he’s lucky to have an income at all. But that’s just the kind of guy he is: always able to see the bright side, especially if it involves building an eye-catching holiday display. Definitely shift supervisor material. Unfortunately, the dead don’t care if you have a positive outlook. They just want you to be dead, too. When demons from hell and their zombie minions attack the Mart Club, Bob, his manager Tanya, and their coworkers must find a way to defeat them before the holiday crowd descends. Now if only Bob would stop cracking Dad-jokes and risking their lives to complete his grocery shopping list, maybe they’d have a chance at being heroes.

The Call of Cthulhu
We hope you enjoy Mad Artists' Entertainment's audio drama adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu"!

Frank Horror
FRANK HORROR features multi-episode story arcs of horror fiction, as well as talk-format shows centered on horror and the macabre.

Limited Capacity
Limited Capacity is a collection of six short stories about the strange and twisted ways we interact with the internet, and with each other. Punctuated with dark humour and surprising twists, each episode blurs the lines between horror, thriller, mockumentary and satire. The stories take on digital appropriation, toxic positivity, a self-help podcast for people who hate self-help and a talking chicken. Each immersive episode is packed with intimate and jarring stories that are both completely familiar and somehow confoundingly alien. It’s like Black Mirror for your ears.

It Sees You When You're Sleeping!
It Sees You When You're Sleeping is a six-part holiday audio drama, for those who like a little horror in their holidays. It Sees You When You're Sleeping follows a Christmas-loving single dad who gives in to his daughter's request for a certain elf toy - you know the one - and finds himself face to face with an evil he could never have imagined.

In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township, Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley. They remain missing to this day. Recently, their recordings appeared online. In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the recovered sound files. ”Tell me a story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley” is a serialized, found-footage, biweekly podcast. /// The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the podcasters and participants, and do not represent the official policy or position of the Iphigenia County Police Department of Porter Township, Pennsylvania or its associates.

Midnight Musicals
Midnight Musicals is a series of horror and horror-adjacent podcast musicals, often with a Queer bent. Werewolves, serial killers, heterophobic pathogens, gay country-singing ghosts, and a spooky old house on a rather haunted hill. Welcome to the Podcast Musical Underground.

Ghost Hunt Pacific
Juno Desconocida is a collector of the supernatural, but only that which they believe with absolute certainty are fakes. "Haunted" Dolls, Talismans, Paranormal "Evidence", and whatever else supernatural scammers are selling. They have recently started collecting items relating to a local legend turned online myth, the mysterious ghost hunting show simply named "Ghost Hunt Pacific". After some time of collecting, they have started to receive transcripts of the never before seen GHP episodes from an unknown source. They decide to record audio copies for their private collection and begins to uncover the secrets they hold.

The Collector
We at Backstage psychosis would like to present our new podcast series The Collector. An anthological radio drama series that takes the listener on a journey filled with horror, myths and urban legends. So join us into the abyss, but be cautious, as if you stare into the dark too long you will eventually see what isn’t there.

Jack of All Trades
A queer occult horror comedy, JACK OF ALL TRADES follows Jack in her new job as a woefully unqualified repairperson. She soon discovers that her resume embellishments are the least of her worries: the flickering lights and strange sounds in the walls all seem to be caused by hauntings! Luckily she has help from Jose, an experienced technician, whose specialties come with some worrisome side effects. Now she hopes to pick up the skills to survive and stay employed, before her boss (and latest crush) finds out she lied on her resume. Or worse, decides she's crazy.

The Somnilyte Sessions
When a new patient checks-in to a mental health facility called The Somnilyte Institute, she uncovers the dark truth behind their form of dream therapy. With the help of another patient, she fights back against the institute and her greatest fears.

The Midnight Carols
Listen in as four friends share strange tales of terror on Christmas Eve to join the Venerable Order of St Nicholas of Myra. But who are the mysterious Merry Gentlemen? What if their stories were more than made-up tales? The Midnight Carols is a thrilling new dark fantasy Christmas audiodrama with a full cast of talented voice actors coming this Halloween.

Dead Meat Pete
An adventure series following a team of background characters as they leap from one horror movie to the next.

Former detective, and current ghost, Calvin Westover, hires an eager young assistant, Arthur, to help investigate paranormal crimes. Calvin takes Arthur on his first investigation, finding out if the local zoo accidentally put a werewolf in captivity with the wolves.

No Man's Land: A True Crime Horror Podcast
In 2019, documentary filmmaker John Hulme and his digital storytelling club at Highland Park High School began investigating the history of "No Man's Land," a mysterious section of woods in Central New Jersey rumored to be haunted. Each episode focused on one of the most infamous stories in its terrible history of violence - - tales of murder and suicide, dating as far back as the late 1600's, all of which contain eerily similar elements of the supernatural. The hope was to prove once and for all whether or not "No Man's Land" was indeed infested with an evil presence. But somewhere along the way, the crew becomes unable to shake the dread that whatever was responsible for the terrible things that happened might still be out there. Watching, and waiting to do the same to them...

Raccoon Man
When Raccoon Man hunts the hunters, death is the only winner. For Detective Harry Stewart, returning to his home town of Huron City provides opportunity to look into the disappearance some thirty years ago of his sister 'Frankie'. And when the unusual death of a man torn to pieces turns up on his desk, one man links both events, Michael Kauffman, rich kid made even richer and now pillar of Huron City society. Will Harry get to the end of both his pursuits, or will he be clouded by the past and get drawn into shadows in this world and others?

True Darkness
Stories of unfortunate deaths throughout human history told by a mysterious figure.

The BBC and Darkfield present an unnerving trilogy of immersive binaural experiences. Meet yourself in the DEADHOUSE.

A fiction podcast about a man, an unusual house, and the strange story surrounding both. It's an exploration into memory, perception, communication, history, and other unreliable things. What is fiction?

St. Mary's School (for children with the stigmata)
Follow Florence, a now-adult alumna of St. Mary's School, who is still living with the literal and figurative scars from her time there. When a group of other students who have similarly scary experiences with the school appears online, Florence decides to dive deeper. What she finds is worse than she could have ever imagined.

In Treat, we quickly discover that a perfect town comes with a terrifying price. Starring Kiernan Shipka as Allie West, an unpopular teenager who is dealing with issues beyond her years while struggling to fit in with her seemingly perfect small town. But, on one Halloween night, everything changes, and she discovers that her town’s idyllic image comes at a deadly cost. As she learns about the mysterious Piper’s powerful hold on the town, she, along with her younger brother, realize they are the only ones who can save their community before it’s too late. Can Allie West help rescue her family, and their town, and even herself, from its evil past and own demise?

Roanoke Falls: A Horror History
Something is punishing the people of Roanoke with blood...if you have sinned, beware. 1587, North Carolina: Agnes is a reluctant settler in Roanoke, forced to leave England with her preacher husband, Thomas, in search of a better life. But the first colony failed, and Agnes fears this one will suffer the same fate: lack of resources, frigid cold, starvation. So when a series of ritualistic murders occur in the colony, Agnes finally feels connected to a purpose: to find the monster and protect her community. That is, until people suspect that witchcraft is to blame, and question Agnes’ childlessness as well as her connection to the dead. As the killings escalate and the colony teeters on the edge of ruin, Agnes must go to impossible lengths to save herself— or she will burn.

Fear: Horror Stories
Welcome to your deepest FEAR! Since humanity first gathered around a campfire, we’ve been sharing stories to freak each other out and spark the darker side of our imaginations. From the mysterious to the macabre, the supernatural to the supremely bizarre, our FEAR feed features similarly shocking tales, with new episodes dropping weekly, presented by Pun Bandhu. At Realm, the joy of feeling creepy-crawlies tingle up your spine is never out of season, and our always-on chronicles of the ghostly, ghastly, grotesque and everything in between are sure to haunt your every step. So, keep that nightlight on, one eye open, and your head on a swivel because nowhere is safe when you’re immersed in FEAR.

Smile, It'll Be Over Soon
Based on short stories by Steve Atkin, Smile It’ll Be Over Soon brings laughing jack back for an encore performance. Hannah and her mother Jade move into a new home with Jade’s new partner, Johnathan. Unbeknownst to them their new home is the same place where the original story "Laughing Jack" took place ten years prior, and the past horrors are far from gone - only waiting for a new playmate. As Jade struggles to connect with her daughter, Hanna's new home life is plagued by monsters - both imaginary and all too real.

Ritual Six
In a small, isolated community, an alienated young man must fight to end a curse after he finds himself reliving the same twisted day over and over again.

They're Only Stories
Welcome to They’re Only Stories. The podcast that celebrates storytelling and the people behind those stories. In our first season we are celebrating all things horror. Each week we have a new spooky audio drama, followed on by an interview with the writer, so make sure to sit back, relax and just listen...

On Asphalt Bones
The world was fine until the Eye appeared - wasn't it? The Inquisitor wouldn't know; all they seem to do is read. Read, and learn, and try to prevent the world from getting any worse than it has already become. But there looms the ever-present threat of a new God - one with bones of asphalt and leathery flesh - who threatens to plunge the world into new chaos.

Red Riding Hoods
The Violet Hour presents - RED RIDING HOODS. A team of “Final Girls” – sole survivors of horrific mass murders – join forces to hunt malevolent entities while uncovering the apocalyptic conspiracy uniting them.

The Unnatural: An Audio Drama Podcast
When desecrated corpses begin appearing in a small town in New Mexico, a seasoned state police detective, his eager new partner, and a begrudging spiritual healer reopen a hate crime investigation to fight the unnatural presence hellbent on vengeance. The Unnatural puts a contemporary twist on the classic “creepy small town” trope by putting you in the shoes of two very different detectives as they investigate twisted and demonic murders that threaten the towns safety. They enlist the help of a curandera, or spiritual healer, to understand and ultimately fight the unnatural presence. Along the way they will uncover truths about the town and its people that have been buried for decades. Set in the real town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, this is a terrifying story about truth, love, and the choices we make everyday.

Fever Woods
Fever Woods is a horror series in a high-fantasy setting, based on a D&D campaign. Instead of producing an actual-play podcast, the campaign has been reconstructed & written into a horror audio drama, with some elements of anthology & an overarching story. Join the people--elves and humans, hunters and mages--who venture into the forbidden woods, unprepared for the horrors that await them.

Camper's Pike on the Forgotten Road
The Gateway's Haunted Playhouse Presents Campers' Pike on the Forgotten Road, a haunted drive you will never forget.

Storytime with Silas
Welcome to my library. Here you’ll find stories of monsters, both figurative and literal. Stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck and leave you sleeping with the lights on. These stories can be dangerous so I will need to ration them carefully, you will only be finding new stories from my library every Thursday in October each year. Storytime with Silas is an annual horror anthology show that is a part of the Majestic Goose Network. If you enjoy Storytime with Silas or tabletop RPG content head over to our website to check out our other shows.

The Harrowing of Minerva Damson
It is March, 1915 in France, and just behind the front lines a woman is running for her life. She does not run from enemy soldiers or falling mortars; a far more sinister creature stalks her, one created by bloodshed and black magic. This is the newest threat in a war growing uglier by the day, and it won't be the last. Or the worst. But this woman is not a civilian. As a knight of the Order of Joan, she is only one of a legion of women with a long history of monster hunting. So when she runs, she does not do so blindly; it's all part of the larger plan.

Shoe Bones
Bone-chilling Horror on a Shoe-String Budget. A horror-anthology podcast with 6 short stories in its first season. Our narrator, Gideon, puts a modern spin on classic tales of horror--from alien invasions to Frankenstein--deadly doppelgangers to deep, dark unknowns--from haunted houses to monkey's paws. But not all is as it seems. Who exactly is Gideon and why did she decide to tell these tales?

True Urban Legends
True Urban Legends is a collection of totally true made-up stories passed down by generations of made-up people.

The Horror Tree Stories
Tragedy described beautifully — Short horror stories that intrigue the mind and feed the soul.

Fear Frequency
This is Dr. X. H. Balthazar. I’m broadcasting in the hopes of reaching an audience with interest in my field of study. Through my years of research, I’ve scoured the globe in search of the unordinary and uncanny. This work has granted me knowledge of other dimensions that intertwine with ours -- leaving behind anomalies in our world. Some of you may call what I find myths, folklore, or even urban legends, but I can assure you they are nothing of the sort. Not convinced? Well, let’s see what sort of recollections we can scare up together.

Puppeteer's Farm
There is something very wrong with Puppeteer’s Farm. The trees seem to speak. The lake is red as blood. The people who live there have been disappearing. It’s up to amateur detective Holly McArthur to figure out what’s going on.

What happened at the Observatory? Who is Dr. Bruknenko? What is in those core samples? And, most importantly... Where is Jimmy Curtains?

Vampire: The Masquerade Port Saga
Shocked by his sire’s murder, young vampire Titus Reed returns to the city of his embrace only to discover an old friend has confessed to the crime. Unconvinced of her guilt, he reopens the case and vows to hunt down the real killer while confronting his violent past, the Second Inquisition, and the Camarilla politics of Port Saga. In this World of Darkness drama, indie podcast creator Rachel J. Wilkinson brings to (un)life the fictional mid-Atlantic city of Port Saga and the vampires who call it home.

See You In Your Nightmares
Welcome to the Lutwidge Wellness Center—where nightmares come to life. The newest patient, Harper Hart, has been plagued by insomnia ever since the mysterious death of her twin sister, Callie. Turning to Dr. Faith Carter and her team for an experimental sleep treatment, Harper gets hooked up to Blossom, the center’s cutting-edge AI. But things quickly spiral out of control… the treatment has unleashed something evil into Harper’s subconscious, and it’s infecting the dreams of all her fellow patients. Harper will have to overcome her deepest fears if she—or anyone else—wants to make it out alive. Dive into the nightmare in this original scripted horror podcast by the team that brought you Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery and Daughters of DC — Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio.

Silva Lining‘s Care Plan
New podcast drama: Three brains, two bodies, one secret plan: an absurd journey into the invisible world of carers and dementia.

Bigfoot Bros Paranormal Patrol
A fun paranormal comedy about two bumbling brothers who investigate the dark forces of the unknown. This ”audio drama” takes you on patrol with the bros as they battle ghosts, monsters, aliens, and more. It‘s like if Bill & Ted joined the Ghostbusters. Enjoy awesome audio fiction filled with fun, mystery, and mayhem!

After Dark
From Mediacorp and Wattpad Studios, the After Dark Podcast is a brand-new original horror audio drama series that looks to bring local and regional supernatural folklore to life. Taking inspiration from popular entries on Wattpad, the first season unravels over the course of 3 main storylines and 10 episodes, bringing to light what comes out only After Dark.

Strawberry Spring
Based on the short story by Stephen King, Strawberry Spring is a scripted podcast set against the backdrop of the sixties revolution on the campus of New Sharon College. We follow a generation of students who don't trust authority, the futile efforts of the local police, and a young, determined reporter as he chases the bloody trail of Springheel Jack, an unrelenting, modern-day Jack the Ripper. After vanishing and leaving his murders unsolved, Jack is back - along with a new Strawberry Spring, a weather pattern with an unusual fog bank that rolls in every eight years. Using the fog to hide his tracks, he taunts New Sharon with fresh kills, each murder more violent than the last.

The Living Fears
Forrest County Sheriff’s Deputy Maggie Burroughs is having a bad day. First there was the cold, wet winter weather, then a car accident on an icy bridge, and finally a routine stop to investigate a claim of neglected children. At an ages-old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere she finds a little girl and boy, and ends up dealing with far more than she ever expected.

Little Town of Rainbow
During a blistering cold December Nevada Desert night in the year 1882, Henrik is battling starvation and hypothermia when he is found face down in the snow by Ramsey, the Mayor of Rainbow. Henrik awakens to find himself trapped in Rainbow. An alluring town brimming with Occultist, Shaman’s and Soothsayers, all desperately vying to influence and infiltrate the highest positions of power in the budding United States of America. Just as their forefathers had achieved throughout Europe. Escape is futile, especially with ten foot walls and armed guards enclosing the town. Though Henrik doesn’t mind, he waited years for the opportunity to sabotage that society. But Mayor Ramsey is wise to Henrik’s schemes and keeps a keen eye on the peculiar stranger. However the Mayor’s daughter Roselyn, does not agree with her father’s wicked methods and sees in Henrik the chance for ending Rainbow’s tyranny on its subjects. Soon father and daughter square off in a battle not just for control, but freedom.

The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods is a family friendly horror podcast. The story follows four children as they seek out the witch in the woods on a dare. They befriend her and her familiars: a fastidious dog named Barnaby and a snarky cat named Grimalkin. To prove to their friends that they’ve visited the witch, Barnaby and Grimalkin tell them supernatural stories and spine-chilling tales. As Season One unfolds, the children find themselves trapped in a scary story of their own when faced with a supernatural threat. Will they be able to count on the witch to help them? Or does she have dangerous motivations of her own?Aimed at a middle grade/young adult audience and featuring classic tales such as The Hook Hand, The Vanishing Hitchhiker and Bloody Mary, this podcast balances laugh out loud humor with gasp out loud spookiness. It will have you and your children wondering: “Am I brave enough to be listening to this?" And "When does the next episode come out?”

Halfmoon Chronicles
In November 1999, four friends set out to the small town of Halfmoon, Massachusetts, to investigate the mysterious disappearances and deaths that happen there.

An anthology blending Eastern and Western folk horror into unique storytelling experiences. Although the stories in this anthology are varied, the dominant theme of Nyctophobia highlights the East and Southeast Asian superstition surrounding the number 4, the number associated with death.

The Conundrum of Cora Bay
The small Northern California town of Cora Bay: An ancient secret, a hidden legacy, and a terrifying future. Professor Bryan Keaton only wanted a tank of gas and a spare tire so he could get back on the road to his cushy new job in Portland. But this intriguing hamlet on the misty rock-strewn shores of the Pacific continues to draw him in...

The Alnerwick Files
The Alnerwick Files is a bi-weekly horror-mystery podcast following the intrepid employees of the Alnerwick Foundation, an organization dedicated to studying the unusual and the arcane. Join Georgie Keys in prohibition-era Toronto as she searches for a missing professor, and instead uncovers something far more sinister. Meanwhile in 2021, Joannie Cheng is discovering that the past isn't as dead as it seems...

Monsters of Fantasy
A Horror-themed Dungeons & Dragons podcast where every episode will feature a short story centered around a different monster from the Monster Manual. So join Kez'var our loyal Lore Bard as we explore the Monsters of Fantasy!

The Outside Tapes
A narrative horror podcast following the investigations of journalist Alfie Greaves into a series of unusual events.

Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort
Three lost souls receive an unexpected invitation to spend New Yearʼs Eve at Maison Dellamort: a remote South Carolina guest house with a mysterious yet magnetic host.

13 Reflections
You might be willing to kill to save a loved one, but are you willing to die for them? This is the abyss a young mother must cross as she struggles against a Mongolian Shaman’s cursed mirror and the insidious demon inside.

BLOOD RAGE MODE is a supernatural audio drama set in a reimagined Vancouver, following the fun and sometimes freaky adventures of three best friends: AG, the short-tempered but fiercely protective werewolf with a mysterious, lone wolf past (played by CK Kaur); SELENE, the indecisive city witch torn between magical majors (played by Junita Thiessen); and AVELINE, a half-vampire/elf with a peculiar blood disorder, putting her in a deep sleep one hundred years for every ten she is awake (played by Delphine Menu) . Join these young women as they prepare to fight the “Good Boys,” a human supremacist group rising in ranks; make new friends; search for a cure to the incurable; experience budding romance… and unveil the truth. Writer/Actor CK Kaur created this world in parallel with stories of the “supernatural” in fiction, and the real lives of marginalized people. BLOOD RAGE MODE twists stereotypes and defies typical fantasy tropes to create an empowered story for the traditionally voiceless, that better reflects the diverse world we live in.

If She Had Died
A fancast of Welcome To Night Vale that explores an alternate Night Vale where Mayor Dana Cardinal died during the events of the new Old Night Vale Opera House's opening in "70B - Review".

Into The Depths
Agent Manson for the ARK research foundation is cataloguing and archiving journals from destroyed naval operation disposal units that were sent to research strange activity in earths oceans, through the journals he uncovers one of the greatest and most horrifying discoveries about what is in the oceans.

I Love Lucifer The Podcast
I LOVE LUCIFER the Podcast is a new Romantic Comedy Horror audio series starring Adam Levy (The Witcher). Two B movie stars battle movie monsters by day... and real monsters by night. When the cameras stop rolling, the lines of reality are blurred, and the fantasy of their day job turns into a living nightmare.

When an earthquake levels the West Coast of the US and kills the love of CASSIE’S (Sarah Wayne Callies) life, she makes a promise to him to find and protect his daughter, McKAYLA (Tati Gabrielle), who, prior to the quake, ran away in anger, blaming Cassie for breaking up her parents’ marriage. However, the earthquake was so powerful it caused a giant island to rise 26 miles off the coast. Cassie discovers McKayla is on the island and, with the help of seemingly good Samaritan WAYNE SHARP (David Harbour), they navigate through the chaotic aftermath of Los Angeles to the island. Others have also made their way to the island, leaving behind their old lives in hopes of starting something new. As tribalism sets in and boundaries are drawn, the islanders will discover something else has risen with the island, something that threatens them all. Told from the perspective of Cassie and Wayne’s interrogation onboard a Naval cruiser three weeks later by CAPTAIN MARK DOVER (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), we will discover the story of what happened on the island, why Cassie and Wayne are the only survivors, and whatever killed everyone on the island is now starting manifest itself on the ship.

Fetid Souls
Fetid Souls is a comedy horror mini series, starring Dylan Bainter, Melissa Wood and Adam Monroe. Synopsis: A young girl is taken in by a kind matriarch, but gets more than she bargained for.

Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins
October, 1983. There’s a monster lurking in Hawkins, Indiana. Chewing people up, spitting them out, changing them in terrible ways. Yet for some reason, everyone is acting like it's all perfectly normal. Except for Robin Buckley. She alone knows exactly what this monster’s name is: Hawkins High School.

Whisperling is the story of Quinn Bell, a young girl who’s more comfortable speaking to the faeries she sees around her than to other humans. When her friend is accused of arson, and the faerie village outside her window is attacked by a mysterious horror, she struggles to respond. It’s all too much for one kid, and the spirit inhabiting her fox plush, to handle.

The Waystation
The crew of an orbital station discovers a strange celestial object, creating something that threatens to enmesh them all. Armed with the recordings of the events, a federal agent scours the logs and entries of the crew in search of the truth behind the station's mysterious destruction. Your worst enemy is you.

The Hades Project
The Hades Project is a science fiction, horror podcast that follows the crew of the Hades as they journey on an exploration project to the planet of Pluto. Their goal? A reconnaissance mission to see if the planet can be used for jailing convicts. The journey? Well, it's much stranger than they thought it would be.

1940, Los Angeles. Openly gay private eye Dash Malone, combats a society that rejects him, a lover who isn’t honest with him, and a rash of brutal murders that are somehow connected with his new prospective client, the mysterious Zita Makara. As the bodies stack up, Dash discovers the seemingly unrelated parts of his life are really pieces of a larger puzzle. Can he conquer the monsters of the past to stop a terrifying future from occurring? Ripped from the pages of the hit indie comic book, this weekly podcast is a reimagined queer take on a classic genre that’s a blend of noir, horror, and mystery.

The Sweg and Yeet podcast
Greetings, one and all to the Illogical, preposterous, pointless absurd and pressing misadventures of Detective Sweg and Doctor Yeetly! Set in another world much like our own in a time period some might call "Victorian", A Cthulu worshipping detective and his trusty sidekick navigate unemployment, their own depression, and the dynamic of hero/sidekick relations as they unravel a dastardly mystery...

Uncommon Commons
Uncommon Commons is a horror anthology podcast. John and Jane Doe live in an apartment complex in the middle of a completely barren white void. Every other week they recieve a story in the mail from their mysterious benefactors.

Something Strange Is Happening
Something Strange Is Happening is a scripted horror anthology podcast built around one terrifying premise: When immigrants came to America, we brought our languages and cultures, but there’s one thing we miscalculated: we brought our monsters, too. Set in LA’s Historic Filipino Town, Season One features monsters and evil spirits of Filipino folklore, back for vengeance in modern times. Each season travels to a different immigrant town for an American horror story like you’ve never heard.

Camp Here & There
Tune in to the loudspeakers of a small midwestern sleep-away camp plagued by supernatural terrors and natural disasters. Sydney Sargent, resident camp nurse, cheerfully reports on all the dangers just below (and above) our feet.

The Neighbourhood Watch
Welcome to the neighbourhood watch. A horror/fantasy audio drama set deep within England's peak district national Park.

Escaping Denver
Sara and Noah wake up in complete darkness, trapped miles below the Denver International Airport (DIA) with no hope for escape. Join their perilous journey as they struggle for freedom from a mind-bending labyrinth filled with unimaginable horrors. Their only hope could come from the complete stranger they can send voice messages to. Escaping Denver dives straight into the deep end of conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver International Airport. New messages arrive every other Monday.

One month after two brothers disappear in the Monongahela Forest, the lone survivor of the pair emerges starving, disoriented, and traumatized. While attempting to re-establish a normal life, the harrowing events from the woods continue to haunt him–and his darkest secret threatens to turn him into the very monster he believed he had fled.

Adventures abound when two bumbling paranormal investigators search the world for spirits and sponsorships.

The Day Everything Changed
Adapted from the feature film spec script written by Lane Fortenberry, The Day Everything Changed is a fiction podcast about two broken families navigating through a post-apocalyptic world threatened by "sick" and other deadly scavengers in search of sanctuary.

When High School Senior Jane Barnes moves to Newfield, she discovers the quaint New England town's cruel history has a surprising importance to her own life.

The Marksbury Incident
In the aftermath of disaster, Victor Frankenstein, Christine Daae, and Henry Clerval all must cope with their own respective tragedies. Little do they know, their own demons aren’t the only ones they have to face. As mysteries come to light, it's up to them, with the help of Ichabod Crane and other allies, to find the answers and save lives.

The Lydia Landing Lads
Join hosts Hank and Silvio for their live fancast about the hit television show – and Tricenarian Choice Award-nominated dramedy series – The Ladies of Lydia Landing. Episode summaries, clips from the show, expert analysis, and live listener segments, this podcast is the perfect companion for Lydia Landians, greenhorns or veterans. Journey with them as they discover this seemingly innocent, feminine-tinted show has a dark and twisted underbelly.

Short horror radio plays, many of which were designed to be listened to on headsets, blindfolded and guided around by another party as they activate important inflection points. Several were originally staged as immersive productions in NYC. All of them can be enjoyed by just listening to them as well. Several episodes were written specifically for this podcast.

The Gloom
An investigative journalist uncovers clues surrounding a decades-old cold case, where she eventually learns the horrifying truth about a systemic cover-up tied to her own past.

R.L. Stine's Story Club
From the mind of R.L. Stine, the creator of Goosebumps, comes a new series that will give you chills, make you laugh, and entertain like only R.L. Stine can. Join Ivy, the club president, as she takes listeners into the strange, the bizarre, and the frightening world of R.L. Stine.

Small Town Absurd
1984: In Humpfoot, Oklahoma, no secret is kept for long. That’s what happens when you live in a small rural town where the most exciting thing is an infrequent visit from Tommy Sharp’s Model T. But when things start going weird for a group of 30-something losers it’s easy for the yokels to blame it on the Commies or the Gub’mint. But what exactly is going on? And why is the ex-star linebacker’s little sister acting so weird?

Clearfield is an interactive mystery and horror podcast, where the audience decides what clues to follow.

Dark Air with Terry Carnation
Rainn Wilson stars in this fictional darkly comedic podcast that explores the on and off-air life of Terry Carnation – a late-night talk-radio show host who deals with bizarre topics, outrageous callers... and gets caught up in a mystery of his own.

The Easter Hare
A horror drama set in San Francisco. A killer Easter Bunny returns to finish what he started an Easter 30 years ago. A detective is on his bunny tail and a shady Leprechaun may know more than hes letting on.

Occult Cold Case: The Moon Child Murders
In the 1980s a silly comedy was made called Night Beach Nurses. It was a medium budget summer movie project intended for mass release and to hopefully find a cult following because of it’s raucous humor. At the last minute it’s theatre release was cancelled and it was shelved. It’s only mass release was on USA’s UP ALL NIGHT comedy program. A late night b-movie program featuring comedians riffing on bad, low budget comedies. Night Beach Nurses was just another silly comedy that fit this slot. The night it aired a spike in murder cases occurred across the country. Defying explanation and far beyond any statistical anomaly. Damien Fitzmaurice is the detective assigned to one of the murders and is seemingly the first to make a connection between the airing of a movie and a spree of deaths. He gathered that conclusion from repeated similarities from interviews of victims and perpetrators. As the interviews progress the investigation shifts to discovering why a fairly generic teen comedy was seemingly the trigger for violence and other unexplainable events. Viewers of the movies report a wide range of effects. From odd, vivid dreams of another world, to visions of a woman and a man speaking to them but they can’t understand the words. To creatures speaking to them. Doors opening. Closing. A majestic room full of beautiful objects but they can’t describe any details.

Bad Vibes
The ultimate horror anthology for the ears. Coming March 29, 2021. ~~ Hello there, my frightful friend. It’s your old pal Mr. Boogey (Justin McElroy). I’m so glad you stopped by. Every week I will tell you a story in exchange for your fear. For dread and terror is the sweet, sweet, sustenance I crave and I am very hungry. Each weekly tale is more chilling than the next and as always I will be there to lead you in and out of the darkness. So take a break and join me won’t you? I promise you won’t live to regret it :). Tah-tah.~~

Pit of the West
A weird-western horror audio drama following a former bank robber who, after betraying his gang for a handful of gold, makes a deal with a mysterious benefactor to save his own skin. However, this deal leaves him marked with an evil curse, and he must wander the supernatural underbelly of America to rid himself of it, and perhaps, redeem his very soul.

The Pale
Strange things are happening aboard a cruise ship in Antarctica. One reporter interviews passengers to learn the truth about these bizarre phenomena.

Dead North
Horror theater for your ears. Lovingly crafted chills by purveyors of stage horror from the Upper Midwest… and beyond.

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories that will keep you awake at night. Each episode features a new plot with new characters. Do you dare to listen?

The Agency
The Digital Arts and Technology Academy's theatre department brings you this haunting story of, the Agency. Listen as our researcher, played by Abigail West, prepares new recruits for their daily job as an agent for this mysterious research organization.

Scary Stories & Screenplays
There, in the darkness, lies our worse fear. It lurks in the shadows, waiting for you to drop your guard and expose your vulnerable side so it can make you its next victim, ripping you apart in a horrific manner ... Only in the movies, right? Isn't that why we love them? I don't know about you but I love to be scared with that feeling of not knowing what is around the corner, it's exhilarating! So if you're interested in a scary story to tuck you in for the night, get your mind wandering, or listenting to a scary story you've never heard before, then this is for you. I'm Tracie, welcome to my crazy imagination.

Infernum County
Something strange is happening in Infernum County, Alaska. A government agency, headed by Special Agent John Smith, is leading an investigation into supernatural occurrences all over the county. A story of cults, demons, and monsters of Lovecraftian porportions.

Agonal Dreams Podcast
A horror anthology series told through storytelling and sound design. Each season is conceived as a self-contained mini-series, following characters in their own distinct mythological universes.

Ritualistic Podcast
Ritualistic is a biweekly horror and psychological thriller podcast following the recordings of anthropology student Jamie Locke, who is studying human sacrifices while stationed on the dig site of an abandoned church.

The Splintered Chair
Welcome to Splintered Chair industries, an employer like no other.

Tapes From Beyond
Since she was a child Jac has been receiving mysterious and disturbing cassette tapes in the mail from an unknown sender. This podcast listens to and discusses each tape while trying to discover who is sending these tapes and why they are sending them to Jac.

Iris blends cosmic horror and teen drama, telling the bone chilling journey of seventeen-year-old ballerina Isabella, who finds herself in a remote dance academy in the woods, unveiling a dark secret that could change her life forever. Finding her place with an elite group of friends, Isabella agrees to partake in a ritual rumored to bestow upon them a chance at fame and notoriety. When the halfheartedly-believed ritual becomes wholly realized, Isabella must reckon with her ambition and its consequences.

What is IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT? It's the sitcom that changed everything. The sitcom with more conspiracies surrounding it than two presidential assassinations combined. The sitcom that brought a nation together, and then tore it apart again. Join the three of us—Rory, Max, and our guest host Martin—as we explore the surreal and sinister world of IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT. We'll take you through episode by episode, with behind-the-scenes insights, trivia, interviews with cast and crew - and more...

The Creature Report
An improv podcast about spotting new monsters & reporting their mythos to you. Guests, ghouls, & good times hosted by senior anchor Val Petrone.

The Night Post
In Gilt City, conscripted couriers are both respected and shunned. They inhabit the borderlands between a growing industrial society and the untamed, arcane frontier that surrounds it. The Night Post is a weekly supernatural fiction podcast about survival, tradition, and the vast unknown.

The Peculiar: Odd Tales for Odd People
The Peculiar is a series of tales that provide a short, sharp punch to the guts. Whether these stories are dealing with the pure, the nasty, the uncomfortable, the enlightened or the downright abysmal, nothing is ever as it seems. Anything can happen in The Peculiar. Subscribe for your regular dose of the unusual, the uncanny and the unbelievable.

Audio Recordings
I found this Audio Recorder while I was on a walk. I hope someone can make sense of all this.

This full-cast audio drama tells the story of four young men experiencing the paranormal as they enter adulthood. At the turn of the millennium, one unassuming house in a quiet neighborhood sees the Eldritch brothers and their two friends facing their deepest fears. Having just learned that only months remain before the sale of the Eldritch Estate, the four young men plan a series of get-togethers. Nights of videogames and Dungeons & Dragons had become ritual, but after picking up a creepy book and reading its stories together, their sunny days begin to grow darker. Random bumps in the night evolve into a more visceral terror, suggesting something sinister at work... but sometimes the greatest horror lies in the secrets eating away at the bonds of friendship.

Poséidôme - journal audio des fonds-marins
Privé de contact avec la surface, le Docteur Ambrosia guide la faune des profondeurs en dehors des zones mortes depuis la station sous-marine Poséidôme… Une production AudioDramax. 15 épisodes. Durée : 1h12. Diffusion originale 2011 à 2012. Rendez-vous sur pour plonger au coeur d'autres fictions.

(noun) a final goal: finishing point. Recall the harrowing accounts of a team of scientists working at a remote underground research facility in the Scottish archipelagos.

Dark Valley
Dark Valley is a sci-fi and fantasy anthology podcast that aims to transport listeners to a world outside of their own. Join us aboard a Coalition Guard spaceship, inside a Hotel with extraordinary powers, and in a small town where creatures lurk around every corner. Dark Valley probes the human psyche and explores our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the unknowable; in a way that can frighten, soothe, and challenge our perceptions of who we are and what we are capable of.

When Tamsin Wheatley receives a series of mysterious cassette tapes from her late University Professor, she finds herself drawn into a world of ghosts, demons, standing stones, and terrifying black dogs. Join her as she explores Wiltshire’s rich, mysterious, and sometimes even frightening history, where every village, town, dark copse, and country road has a story to tell.

The Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio
A horror-comedy fiction podcast set within one of the three remaining Dead Letter Offices in the country. Join receiving clerk Conway as he archives the strange, spooky, surreal pieces of lost mail that come through the office.

The Devil's Darning Needle
Old-time Americana folk horror. Listener discretion is advised. When Joe Frishey’s backwater hometown is cursed by the Devil he escapes to the city, hoping to forget the horrors he saw as a child. But despite the bright lights and never-sleeping bustle, the darkness from the wheat fields hunts him still. The Devil’s Darning Needle is recorded in 3D sound.

The First Scream
A woman receives a call from a mysterious caller who threatens to expose her dark past unless she ‘plays his game.’

令和版・夜のミステリー by AudioMovie®
TBSラジオで昭和51年(1976年)から放送されていた伝説的なホラー番組『夜のミステリー』が、44年を経た今、復活する。 当時、オリジナルストーリーや短編小説、リスナーから寄せられた恐怖体験などによって構成され、今でも伝説的に語り継がれている同番組。 令和版の本作は、ホラーの匠たちが現代的なアプローチにより製作した音声ドラマである―――。【12/18(金)配信スタート】

Two young teens, Gracie (Kathryn Foxx) and Marky (Chris Pannowitz) try to stop an evil demon, Krampus, (Diabolus Regem) who has been kidnapping all the bad young teens in their town and forcing them to face their own deepest, darkest fears.

Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together
Just because we’re all apart this holiday, that doesn’t mean we can’t get scared together. Welcome to Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together… a spooky yet festive variety show for your ears, featuring drama, prose, verse, and song from some of the finest creators in the Twin Cities horror theater community and beyond.

The Cellar Letters
Hey guys! Lost my job during the pandemic so decided to move cross country. So bored that I figured I'd document the move. Hope it's not too boring.

Calls From A Friend
Calls From A Friend are 5-minutes-or-less short episodes centering around receiving a call from a friend. As the story progresses, the atmosphere gets more chilling and psychological.

The Loft
After a devastating loss in the family, a young girl and her friends fall into a mystery that has been looming in their community for generations. Through the use of a ouija board, a mysterious new stranger helps them contact the spirit world in search of answers that result in dire consequences. Nightmares, spectral encounters, and exorcisms are the result of their exploration into the paranormal world. Will they make it out with their sanity intact?

Rapture 518
Rapture 518 is a horror/psychological thriller Audiodrama produced in Canada. Dr. Sarah Penn is a resident physician, but she has not been at work for a few weeks. Part of this is because of an imperative need to move from her rental house. Part of this is not yet known. And part of this is because of the unpredictable outbreak that’s turned mild mannered pedestrians into flesh-eating sociopaths.

The Beyond Journal
The Beyond Journal is a fictional horror podcast which releases bi-weekly on Sundays. Follow Mylea Smith, a first-year university student, as she records a journal of her mundane difficulties of student life. As time passes, she begins to notice that some events have more to them than meets the eye, and finds herself immersed in a world of cults, secret agencies, and unknowable eldritch forces.

Spirit Box Radio
Spirit Box Radio's new host, the spiritually-challenged Sam Enfield, does his best to guide you through queries about contacting the otherside, advice for the magically inclined, and general guidance for those seeking to participate in the spookier side of life and death.

Script Sirens Presents: Siren Screams
Script Sirens Presents...Siren Screams!! A six-part horror anthology series, performed as audio plays. These hair-raising tales are not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned. Who are the 'Script Sirens'? A powerful collective of female and non-binary scriptwriters situated in the West Midlands. What is 'Siren Screams'? A project supported (and made possible!) by the Arts Council England. Written, produced and released in 'social isolation' during the lockdown in 2020's extended spooky season of Halloween to Friday 13th of November. The series is an experiment in what new artists can create under these unusual conditions.

Secrets of Harridge House
An original radio drama telling a tale of gothic suspense. Strangers Issy, Drew and Cate -- siblings separated as infants -- are summoned to their family home, the mysterious Harridge House, located in the equally mysterious town of Harridge, Nevada. What secrets are the residents of Harridge House hiding... and willing to do anything to protect?

The Darkness Between Us
Dark stories from the Uncanny Collective. A weekly horror podcast.

Margaret's Garden
Everton was the perfect American suburb, cookie-cutter homes full of every modern appliance imaginable, green grass, and shopping malls, but that was 70 years ago. Now the town sits, empty and rotting. Something beneath the suburbs stirs, and threatens to change everything.

Nightmares and Terrors Theater
Original scary, creepy thriller stories acted out in the style of old time radio, with sound effects and original music.

A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast
A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast is a WODC original horror anthology series. Each episode includes multiple creepy tales written by the WODC presented by ghoulish hosts.

The Trinity College Dramatic Society presents a new adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula. Adapted and directed by Claire Ellis, stage managed and tech designed by Amy Witherspoon. Unlike most Dracula adaptations, our radio play stays (almost) entirely true to the novel! It’s partly an homage to old school radio horror, partly to the lovely awkward silences in many film adaptations – and crammed full of Stoker’s own weird and wonderful dialogue.

The Piper
When strange music makes a girl vanish, a detective and her daughter uncover a terrifying force.

A man with no name investigates the supernatural.

Arcadia, CA
Today is Friday. An average Friday just like any other. A normal day, in an uneventful month, in a typical year. A day that one would expect to pass just as normally, and uneventfully, and typically as all the other Fridays before it, especially in a small town in the Pacific Coast Ranges. Except this is a Friday in Arcadia, California. And in this small town nothing is what it seems to be. A bi-weekly California Gothic audiodrama about a teen film maker finding inspiration in an absolutely, completely, and perfectly ordinary town.

Haunted House Flippers
Hilarity and spooky shenanigans occur when Tom and Janet set out to renovate and resell an inherited home that turns out to be intensely haunted.

Phantom Limb
PHANTOM LIMB is a horror and weird fiction anthology featuring original music and sound design--seven diverse, brand-new stories of terror and awe from four Virginia writers.

The Fable-Land
Explore the darkness of the Fable-Land and come face to face with fear itself as we dramatize scary stories, urban myths, and local legends in this anthology podcast.

Hannahpocalypse is a comedy/horror audio drama that follows living dead girl Hannah; a zombie ‘living’ her best life long after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone.

A number of FOWK tales, to take you on an adventurous journey.

Horror On Main
An original horror anthology podcast.

Good Morning from Radio6
Giles Philips works for a local radio station, and he's just about to start his new breakfast show, about ghosts, what could go wrong... "Coming from you live right out of the little Welsh town of Aberystwyth, we are Good Morning from Radio6! Join me your host, Giles Philips, as I tell you the spooky tales from Wales, and does some ghosthunting with the help of you at home!"

While documenting their first major tour across the U.S., the band deals with the excitement and exhaustion of being on the road. Amidst the partying, long drives, and crazy shows, the unsettling feeling that they are not alone begins to creep in.

Horror Lab Aural
A new route to fear, this is a series of specially recorded dramas adapted from stories that have grabbed the imaginations of audiences for years. Launching with the iconic The Masque of the Red Death, adapted from the story by Edgar Allan Poe, each podcast re-imagines the story in dramatic form. Great acting and high production values mean the listener can escape into the dark world of the writer and experience their twisted vision first-hand.

Kisses in the Dark
Against the bright lights of Blackpool, a supernatural killer is at work and a dark and dangerous love affair begins… A sinister, disturbingly romantic seven part podcast drama written by Marty Ross (BBC’s Catch My Breath & Ghost Zone and Audible’s The Darkwater Bride) and starring Con O’Neill (Chernobyl, The Batman) and Rhiannon Clements. A contemporary Gothic horror tale set against a background of life on the narrow edge between Pleasure Beach and wild cold sea, between secret desire and a deadly evil.

Horror Shop Radio
An Audio-Drama Horror Anthology. Tales of Torment that will TERRIFY you...DISTURB you...and UNNERVE you!

If Anyone Should Find This
The world is changing. Will you change with it? “If Anyone Should Find This” is a 9 episode audio drama that follows two security guards as their lives are forever transformed.

The Sink: A Sleep Aid
A new comedy-horror from Natasha Hodgson (Kill The Beast, Beef and Dairy Network, Tom Neenan is Not All Men).We’ll play your dreams back to you, so you can see yourself clearly. Sleep clean.

It Came From the Parking Lot
A special audio fiction event from Baldwin Audio Works, It Came From the Parking Lot! is a four-part Halloween special about a world just to the side of ours where monsters are very real. And, in the case of Dracula, very bored. It's time for his infamous monsters-only Halloween party he throws in a rented venue in the city park every year, but this time things are thrown for a loop as a room full of history's greatest villains face a force of nature none of them are prepared to fight: a bear in the parking lot.

The Shadow Diaries
Welcome to THE SHADOW DIARIES, a thrilling new podcast that uncovers the terrifying reality behind the glitz and glamour of the world’s number one popstar. Kara Hayward (MOONRISE KINGDOM) and Madelaine Petsch (RIVERDALE) star in this brand new genre bending series, which follows wide-eyed journalist Shana Secco (Hayward) as she gets her first assignment, to shadow her childhood musical idol, the elusive pop star Eliza Gold (Petsch). As she sets out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a global pop sensation, Shana soon finds that Eliza Gold’s surprise comeback may actually be the sinister workings of a mysterious group known as “The Divinity.” But while Shana settles into her new life amongst the rich and famous, she is forced to question her own sanity and wellbeing as demonic forces begin to creep into every aspect of her life. Will Shana be able to look past the celeb parties, exclusive clubs and five-star treatment as Eliza Gold’s new best friend, or will they both succumb to the Hellish forces of The Divinity?

The Unmaking of Monsters
The Endless Elsewhere Presents: The Unmaking of Monsters, an audio fiction podcast.

We Don't Belong Here
Three friends find themselves lost in a mysterious forest. The only problem: beyond the trees lies a dark secret. Now they must confront their hidden pasts while battling a terrifying, life-sucking creature. Soon, the trio will learn they don’t really belong here. Or anywhere for that matter. “We Don’t Belong Here” is a genre-bending podcast through horror and South Asian, Filipino, and Muslim Mythologies by Avaaz Media. Do you belong?

Ghost Tape
We follow Tessa Dixon at a remote army base in Texas as she deals with the psychological and physical trauma of basic training. When she finds a tape of her grandfather’s labeled ‘Ghost Tape’ and plays the haunting audio, she unknowingly unleashes a deadly manifestation of her own family’s horrible misdeeds.

Move Away
When our quarantine began....THEIRS came to an end. Move Away, a horror audio drama for the era of COVID-19, is delivering the coronavirus catharsis we all need so, so badly. While the people quarantine inside, forgotten souls lurk in the empty streets of America’s most haunted Rust Belt city: Buffalo, NY. One tortured University at Buffalo student, Adam Combs, sets out to tell the stories of the accursed. By letting these spirits speak, this tale that begins as an exploration of anxiety, quarantine, and horror becomes a fresh take on a forgotten city's haunted history. Stay safe, and stay six feet from your demons...because they won't be keeping their distance from you.

Crónicas Obscuras
Existe una frontera entre la fantasía y la realidad que se desdibuja para alimentar nuestro miedo, donde lo imposible es impredecible y el terror es espejo de tu realidad. Estas son nuestras Crónicas Obscuras, una serie de terror en podcast altamente inmersiva, producida por Sonoro. Este diciembre, Crónicas Obscuras lleva el terror a donde nunca creíste posible... A la Navidad.

untitled [redacted]
A surreal horror podcast.

America After Midnight
Midnight in America is an anthology series of uncompromising audio dramas using horror and the uncanny to explore the darkest corners of the American psyche. No issue plaguing our nation is off-limits: race, homophobia, violence, gun control -- every rock will be turned over, and every nightmare confronted. Please take this as a trigger warning. These stories are full of uncomfortable content and are populated by flawed, desperate, and doomed humans who usually do and say the wrong thing... with tragic consequences.

The Hollow
In the town of Sleepy Hollow, legendary home of the Headless Horseman, Jill,Jack and Adam start their first day at the Sleepy Hollow Middle School. They meet their new teacher, strangely named Ichabod Crane. Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” The Hollow is a modern take on the timeless story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. When three 6th graders at Sleepy Hollow Middle School stumble upon a real-life ghost story, they find themselves on the trail of the Headless Horseman himself. Is he truly a terrifying ghoul, or has he been misunderstood for all these years?

The Lucid Podcast
Experience audio stories of dreamlike terror and suspense. LUCID is a narrative podcast that captures the feeling of being suspended in a dream you know you're in but can't escape from. Fashioned in the style of classic radio dramas, this anthology series explores the primal fears of the sympathetically flawed when faced with night terror-like dread, be it supernatural, psychological, or monstrous.

Spooky FM
A new radio station has mysteriously appeared in Ireland in time for Halloween - Spooky FM! It’s most terrifying show, Scare Me If You Can, is hosted by Uncle Vlad, a vampire from the heart of Transylvania, and Zombetty, surprisingly chipper considering she’s been dead for 100 years. It’s time for the children of Ireland to turn the tables and scare the devilish duo with their own tales of terror! Filled with werewolves, witches, evil fairies and slimy sea monsters, are you brave enough to listen?

Pret 101
Cryptid Revelation: The catastrophic event when all of the creatures of legend came out of hiding. Human Rights Alliance: An organization created to oppose cryptid rights. Preternatural Studies: The only college course currently offered that researches cryptid species. Group Project: The real Horror.

Tales from the Tombstone Tavern
The Tombstone Tavern is the local haunt of horror legends Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wailing Woman, Wolf Man and The Mummy. Under cover of darkness, they get in the drinks and try to give one another chills with their own takes on Lovecraft, B movies, slashers, ghost stories and the occult. But perhaps all is not what it seems… Tales from the Tombstone Tavern celebrates all that we love from the world of horror, whilst also asking how we want to get our frights in 2020.

Nightscape is a serial horror podcast of original and unnerving content.

13 Days of Halloween
Welcome to Hawthorne Manor. As our newest arrival, the caretaker himself (Keegan-Michael Key) will be providing a daily tour and introduction to another guest. Please remember to wear headphones throughout your stay. And make yourself at home. After all, this is it!

Halloween In Hell
A scripted horror musical podcast, just in time for Halloween. Rock legend Tommy Lee stars as The Devil, featuring original music and performances by Machine Gun Kelly, iann dior, Dana Dentata, phem, and 24kGoldn. On Halloween, Satan lures three performers to his sadistic game show in Hell where they must perform or die. The winner returns to Earth. The losers will play out their showbiz careers in fiery hellfire and damnation.

Aurora Everlasting
Aurora Everlasting is a cosmic horror podcast created by Laura Reicher. Follow Anna, Evelyn, Leo and Margo as they try to figure out what's really happening on their space craft before it's too late.

The Graveyard Shift
Inspired by Virginia folklore and urban legends, "The Graveyard Shift" follows two men on contract to build a railroad tunnel who are staying in an old hotel. But as their stay goes on, they realize that things in the hotel are not quite what they seem. As they try to decipher the strangeness around them, they deal with homesickness, unrequited love, and a bellhop who knows much more about the secrets of the hotel than he lets on.

If It Scares You
Beware! A new era of terror begins with If It Scares You; terrifying audio stories for ages 10-14. Each stand-alone episode features a different cast, setting, and supernatural situation.

We Know None
Gwen Thomas' girlfriend, Frankie, disappeared two weeks ago. Following her trail, will Gwen find Frankie, or is she really gone?

Finding Satan
Good Omens meets The Black Tapes in Finding Satan, a Texas Gothic docudrama about a young woman searching for evil; she wants to see it, touch it, prove that it’s real. She wants to find the source of all evil and look Him in the face.

The Sulphuric Secrets
Barely clinging to life, a flayed man lies in a copper basement beneath a cornfield of a forgotten country in the 1850s. Why? From this weird and disturbing mystery begins the story of The Sulphuric Secrets, which spans the globe, and hundreds of years. This fictitious story entwines the unimaginable with historical events, which will delight occult and horror aficionados alike.

The Way We Haunt Now
Eulalie Elizabeth Reed is haunted by lots of things. Paths not taken. Failed relationships. Mistakes. Fears. Hopes. But she’s never been properly haunted before. That’s about to change. | The Way We Haunt Now is a lighthearted horror audio drama about female friendships, found family, and fighting the narratives that try to define us––even in the afterlife. Oh, and ghosts. Did we mention ghosts?

Cow Creek
Elijah finds himself in a small town in Wisconsin following the sudden passing of his parents. Looking forward to a quieter way of life he settles into the house he inherited from his parents just outside of town. A simple quiet life isn’t meant to be as Elijah soon learns that something sinister creeps behind the sleepy facade of Cow Creek. The former investigative reporter decides to document the strangeness he observes in a Podcast after all hope of finding answers are dashed by a town full of avoidant citizens. Some stones are better left unturned but now Elijah can’t turn back.

The Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon
Welcome friend, to a dark tale for a dark time. The story of a young witch, a strange goblin, a demon-hunter with a thirst for vengeance, and the fateful Halloween night when one baby will unite them all. Welcome, to the Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon.

Something is coming. If you want to survive, you must remember this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle. A new four-part audio horror series. Created by Brendon Connelly. Co-written by James Field and James MacDonald. Starring Tal Minear, Beth Eyre, Sarah Pitard, Bryce Cooke and Tom Alexander. Directed and Produced by Jack Bowman. Produced in association with AudioMarvels®.

Children of the Stones
These Stones can change people and they’re calling to you. Are you scared yet? Do you feel the shiver? Smash your speakers. Destroy your headphones. Whatever you do, don’t listen… The world depends on it.

Priced to Sell
Follow our twisted tale as a young couple get more than they bargain for when they purchase a charming fixer-upper on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

Dark Destinations
A radio drama anthology that takes listeners to towns and locales they can scarcely dream.

Monstrous Agonies
From werewolves in the doghouse to new ghouls at work, there's no problem too strange for this weekly advice segment, from the UK's only dedicated radio service for the creature community.

Grimwell County
A western horror serial set deep in the wicked heart of Texas. GRIMWELL COUNTY follows the adventures of Deacon Langley and the gunslinger, Church McMillan, as they encounter the nightmares of the dark Texan frontiers.

Parkdale Haunt
Ever since Judith’s lifelong best friend, Claire Sterback, inherited a house from a biological family she never knew, things have begun to change. Claire has begun to change. It isn’t just that the house is full of cryptic notebooks, ominous scribblings on the wall, and a basement that is colder than it should be. It isn’t just that Claire abruptly up and left her live-in boyfriend and is now being stalked by a psychopathic realtor. Claire is… off. Claire is sleepwalking. Sometimes when Claire begins to speak, it isn’t her voice that comes out at all. Claire begins to obsess over a cult her biological family was a part of, The Family of Fire. As she gets closer to a secret at the heart of the old house in the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale, she is also getting closer to losing herself. And after Claire goes missing, with the help of co-worker-turned-friend-Owen, Judith vies to track her down, even if it means diving into a history that may have been better left untouched. Even if it means dealing with spirits that really do not like her. Parkdale Haunt is about friendship and identity, trauma, cults, demons, and rituals, and, most frighteningly, the Toronto real estate market.

Tower 4
Mike Archer is a newly appointed fire watcher in the Wyoming woods. While he's never done anything like this before, he needed something new after his mom passed. Now he hopes to spend his days in a tower above the trees looking for fires and working on his new book. But things aren't as quiet and peaceful as he hoped. Strange interference blasts over his radio at night and he starts seeing and hearing creepy noises in the woods. But are these odd occurrences actually happening or is he just going stir crazy?

Journey of a Dead Man
Bringing original Audio Drama stories featuring full-cast performances.Our debut series 'Journey of a dead man' is a Sci-Fi Thriller where a deadly virus brought back from Mars has infected the planet, turning people into hellish husks that feed on fear. Featuring a full cast and Narrator.

Between the Devil
Craving adventure, a young girl in 18th century Europe stows away aboard her father’s newly-christened merchant ship. Instead of adventure she finds terror on the high seas, as rampant paranoia grips the crew, and unseen malevolent forces commandeer the vessel for their own purposes.

3 Crones Presents
Frightfully delightful hijinks, tomfoolery, silliness, and shenanigans from the theatrical little goblins at Dark Hills Events. Dark Hills Radio brings you a buffet of innovative, pandemic friendly, and on-demand theatrical creativity and immersive story-telling - from audioplays to dramatic readings to narrative gaming.

The Spooky Sapphic Storyteller
A hybrid personal narrative/audio drama podcast exploring LGBTQ experiences and the paranormal.

The Woes of Whitby
Whitby. The late 19th century. A thriving coastal town in North Yorkshire, England. Full of bustling streets, gothic spires, sweeping ocean views... and evil lurking in the shadows. When the young and outgoing Lucy Westenra suddenly falls mysteriously ill, those around her are thrown into a dangerous conflict in an attempt to protect her. To protect her from what, or whom, they don't even know.

In the post-post-post-apocalyptic future, a young woman is exiled from the small religious enclave of Haven for a crime she did not commit. Lurking in the surreal horror of the wilds are beasts and fiends, but these monsters illuminate her past, her relationships, and the circumstances surrounding her exile. This is her audio diary.

No Sleep Tonight Horror Radio Show
A horror radio show featuring fully dramatized radio plays to scare you silly.

The Heart of Ether
Irene Gray moved to the town of Daughtler, Washington to move on from something that has haunted her for four years. There is more to this town than meets the eye, however. Beneath its surface, something lurks.

Be Spooked
Be Spooked ... by the supernatural, ghosts, monsters, murders, urban legends, dystopian futures, science fiction and creepy stories in bite-sized pods. Drenched with immersive sound design & music. Strong Language and Mature Themes. Listener discretion is advised!

The Dark Pool
Four college students participate in a sound experiment designed to push their minds beyond the limits of human experience. Strange messages, inexplicable noises, and uncanny sensations begin to haunt them as the experiment threatens to take over their lives. Are they the victims of an elaborate prank, being tormented by demons, or navigating their way into a higher realm of consciousness? The truth hides somewhere beneath the surface of the dark pool.

Unknown 9: Out of Sight
Blake Elrich, an urban explorer with a haunted past, travels the country in an old RV with his partner and producer Lazari. At every stop along their journey, they encounter an inexplicable occurrence—something that could not be happening. What’s more, they’re beginning to suspect that someone is leading them to each strange case. Events intensify when an enigmatic figure emerges, terrorizing whole communities. Blake and Lazari must now race to undo the damage that's already been done and prevent a terrifying force from emerging...

Shadows of a Dark Past
When local psychiatrist Mark McCain suspects the arrival of a supernatural presence in fictional town of Claysville MA, the rumbles of a storm approach. The evil that seemed to be slumbering now stirs, and the calm begins to break down as the modern Clayton family is once again eclipsed by dark shadows from centuries gone by. Can the curse be overcome, or will the shadows of their dark past consume the Clayton family once and for all? Immerse yourself in the tale of the ill-fated Clayton family in an original gothic horror drama podcast.

Jar of Rebuke
Every 7th and 21st, join in Dr. Jared Hel's audio journal entries as he works to re-discover his forgotten past and learns about all of the strange supernatural entities and anomalies for an organization called 'The Enclosure' within the small midwestern farm town of Wichton. With episodes based upon REAL legends and lore within the midwestern United States, follow along as Jared tries to figure out the secrets of the town as well as the secrets of his own identity.

From Darker Truths in Strange Fiction comes a twisted tale of a young paranormal investigator, going to find a haunted cabin, only to find something much worse. Will he become one of them, or will he find the will to escape?

Quantum Paradox
Quantum Paradox is a 21st-century audio drama, released as a weekly podcast. Somewhere like here, sometime like now but far below the surface, lie strange and supernatural contradictions. If you think everything looks normal, look closer.

In Another Room
The Violet Hour presents - IN ANOTHER ROOM. Adapted from E3W Production's ground-breaking, LA-based immersive show of the same name, IN ANOTHER ROOM is a collection of interlocking ghost stories, each one taking place in a different room of a notoriously haunted house. These ghost stories span the entire history of the mysterious home—from its troubled construction in the 1870s to today—and recount the tragedies of the various souls that have lived, and died, within.

The Pink Nightmares
Anthology series of audible nightmares. Fictional short stories. Very real scenarios.

The Mysteries Of Silvertown
Join the journey of three teens, uncovering the strange mysteries and disappearances in a small town, Silvertown. But these aren't just any mysteries-these mysteries involving un-humanly creatures, vampires, warlocks, wear wolfs, witches, you name it, all of which exist in Silvertown.

Malevolent follows Arkham Investigator Arthur Lester as he unravels the mysterious circumstances that have befallen him. Malevolent heavily features the horrors of Lovecraft as well as the mechanics of Chaosium’s famous system without the inclusion of rolls. The series, available publicly, is an edited version of the Patreon exclusive show. Each episode is the same as our Patreon show; comprised of 5 of the 10-15 minute narrative-driven episodes that are released weekly save on major difference; in our Patreon show; YOU make the choices.

Shadow of the Night
A thrilling story about a bunch of kids from a boarding school and their paranormal exploits.

Brave New Frontiersman
Join The Frontiersman in his adventure across the American frontier, a place filled with terrifying monsters, strange magic and opportunists.

The Case Files of Donovan Thane
Vampire Detective Donovan Thane takes on any case. Even those of the macabre and other worldly.

"I know that there is something down there beneath the surface of this moon. It’s been there billions of years, entirely alone, waiting, until we arrived - and it knows that we are here." When five astronauts are sent to one of Jupiter's moons to research its sustainability for a potential colony, they discover a mysterious signal coming from below the surface, a signal which raises the suspicion that they may not be as alone as they thought.

Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD’s filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave.

Chit Chat n' Chew
Happy couple Dutch and Vickie think they’re starting a food podcast. Enigmatic producer Chip has other plans. Chit Chat n’ Chew: a miniseries about mukbangs, fake meat, cannibalism, and the eradication of earthly suffering. It’s the psychedelic body-horror musical meta-pod the world’s been hungry for!

And The Darkness Reigns
And The Darkness Reigns' is an anthology horror fiction podcast with rich atmospheric music to enhance the horror-esque vibe. Immerse yourself in the DARK SIDE OF THE WORLD.

WW1 - 1917. When DAVID ALLISTER, a facially disfigured war hero, writes a biting condemnation of the war, he is placed in the care of DR ETHAN DRURY at Craiglockhart mental hospital until he agrees to publish a retraction. While there, he meets ARTHUR BRIDGELAND, a shell-shocked soldier obsessed with returning to battle after having been labeled a coward. David delights in tormenting Arthur until he meets and falls in love with Arthur’s suffragette sister, LUCY. Steam Punk meets James Whale by way of MASTERPIECE THEATRE.

The Scarab Archives
For nearly two decades, the mysterious Lazarus Foundation has collected supposedly paranormal items and stored them safely in a secret location known as the Scarab Archives. Join the Archive’s caretaker, Dr. Delbert East as he attempts to create a digital record of some of the Archive’s most terrifying pieces… and accidentally discovers a looming threat that is beyond all human understanding.

Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
Presented in the style of a church service, this horror-themed immersive podcast shares spiritual insights, comedy and strange church music direct from Creepy Cove, a mysterious, haunted fishing town by the sea...where every horror movie happened for real.

The Stranger
When comedy podcast bro Julian Black discovers his great-grandfather's tapes, he assumes it's an immersive radio drama. That was his first mistake. Posting the tapes online? Well, now he's asking for it. He'll come face-to-face with supernatural creatures as he's plunged into a centuries-old mystery. And at its heart is a mysterious Stranger in a dark suit.

The Fountain Road Files
Introducing The Fountain Road Files, a new horror-fiction podcast from Unexplained creator Richard MacLean Smith. In March 2020, 27-year-old Ben Williams began recording an audio diary of the growing coronavirus pandemic. In May, he was found dead in mysterious circumstances after a series of strange goings-on in his London flat where he was spending lockdown alone, or so he thought...

Clockwork Bird
Piece together the mystery of the disappearance of Robin Jaeger, a man with four metal limbs, in this sci-fi horror audio drama. Shelly Croft organises recordings taken from the computer of Dr Sophie Bennett, one of the lead scientists on the synthetic limbs project, and uncovers more than just scientific breakthroughs.

Sam Walker moves to the town of Drisking, Missouri one summer and quickly befriends two other kids, Kyle and Kimber. When Sam's sister, Whitney, disappears a few months later, he passes five lonely years wondering what happened to her. When more people start disappearing suddenly, the three take it upon themselves to find out what's happening to all the disappearing people and what connection the disappearances hold with the mountain outside of town. Please be advised this show contains adult language, violent acts and triggering situations. Not advised for children under the age of 13.

Not Like Us
LaTesha, Marcus, and Karen are on a road trip from Philadelphia to Ithaca, NY and end up stranded at a roadside bar in podunk Pennsylvania when a snowstorm derails their big weekend party plans. They thought being locked-in with the questionable locals would be their biggest problem. They never expected the horror that was coming just beyond the snow drifts.

The Strange Tales of Virgil Kaylock
A Gothic Adventure. We inhabit a world forever teetering on the lip of destruction and the fall into darkness. The shadow world. The world of Virgil Kaylock!

It Listens from the Radio
When a foul-mouthed alien known as The Radio Entity crash lands on 1950s Earth, the trajectory of human existence will be forever changed by its broadcasts of strange, campy, and creepy horror tales. From bordellos of satanic drag queens, to the castle-bound clutches of a Lovecraftian cult, the Entity leaves a trail of chaos wherever it roams.

On The Threshold
Human understanding of the cosmos is like a tiny, flickering candle. This podcast follows Phil Glazer as he chases down accounts of those who have wandered to the edge of the candlelight, and becomes drawn ever further into the shadows himself.

When reporter Peter Sommers returns to his grandparents' farm in the wake of their death, he uncovers a horrifying mystery that challenges everything he knows about his family, his sanity and reality itself. Barren is created by bestselling author David Vienna and presented by Ridiculous Danger.

Dracula, a Comedy of Terrors
Along the treacherous Borgo Pass In the mountains of Transylvania, a meek English real estate agent is on a harrowing journey to meet a new and mysterious client...who also just happens to be the most terrifying and ferocious monster the world has ever known. COUNT DRACULA!! Christopher Sieber leads an all-star cast, including John Stamos, Annaleigh Ashford, Laura Benanti, Alex Brightman, James Monroe Iglehart, Richard Kind, Rob McClure, Ashley Park, Alan Tudyk, Kathy Fitzgerald, Jeff Kready, and Orville Mendoza this special podcast event, recorded from their homes in isolation, to benefit The Actors Fund and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Bram Stoker's epic horror story hilariously reimagined with a dash of Mel Brooks and a pinch of Monty Python, presented as an old time radio play. This lightning fast, laugh-out-loud comedy by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen is guaranteed to raise your pulse and emit blood curdling screams of laughter! Written by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen, directed by Gordon Greenberg. Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales.

Hidden Oaks
Hidden Oaks is a serial suspense/horror podcast set in late 1990's suburban Minnesota.

The Sheridan Tapes
In 2018, famed horror writer Anna Sheridan disappeared, leaving behind only a box of mysterious cassette tapes. Detective Sam Bailey is tasked with piecing together what happened to Anna Sheridan from the seemingly impossible encounters she recorded, but as the scattered pieces of the puzzle come together, Bailey discovers that the picture is even stranger - and more dangerous - than it seemed.

Wireless Theatre Horror and Thrillers
Audio horror and thriller plays from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company.

Tales From Black Sand Beach
Tales From Black Sand Beach podcast is not for the cowardly, not for the children who scare easily, and not for the people who like string cheese. These are stories of ghosts, nightmares, and discount buffalo wings for the brave and the curious out there. Richard Fairgray, author of the Black Sand Beach graphic novels, expands that universe with local stories about the horrors of a small town. Tape by tape, our intrepid and distracted reporter will bring you the Tales From Black Sand Beach. If you like Lemony Snicket or Twin Peaks, this is the podcast for you.

Pete's Paranormal Universe
Stranded in the distant world of tomorrow, Pete Schwartz struggles on, exploring the convoluted secrets of...PETE'S PARANORMAL UNIVERSE - where the paranormal is normal.

Cubic Guided Meditations
Do you have trouble falling asleep, or getting the recharge you want from your nights? Let this podcast help you get the refreshing sleep you crave, and just maybe collect information on other dreamers you might encounter at night. Cubic Guided Meditations is a twice-monthly fiction podcast about what if sleep meditation, but too much!

Dr Kennedy is a guilt-ridden psychiatrist, who is reviewing old recordings of his former patient Alisha, in the hopes of solving the mystery of Ravenscourt. At the time he easily dismissed Alisha's assertion that Ravenscourt was bound to evil. However, many years later his singular faith in that assertion and even reality itself, is starting to crumble. Because somehow the deserted asylum has now started calling to him in his dreams... "Ravenscourt" is a four-part gothic horror influenced #audiodrama #audiofiction ghost story about a psychiatrist who is haunted by past mistakes, the patient he failed and the place he now believes may have played a role in all of it. The story is inspired by St Anne's Asylum in Cork City. The now derelict building was built in the 1850s and the "corridor asylum" is said to be one of the longest buildings in Europe.

The Loathsome Lambton Worm
Sergeant Neil Howie was looking for a missing girl. He thought he'd found her - but it was they who had found him. Rescued from the brink of fiery death, Sergeant Howie struggles to readjust to everyday life on the mainland. Irrevocably haunted and scarred by his experiences on Summerisle, he nonetheless feels drawn back to the island. But Summerisle has changed since May Day - and so has Howie. Now, the ultimate test of faith awaits him. The Loathsome Lambton Worm is a feature-length, full-cast audio drama sequel to the cult horror classic, The Wicker Man, based on an original treatment by Anthony Shaffer.

Body Horror
What price a new body? Welcome to 2050, where the booming transplant industry can cater for all your wildest desires.

Vampire Needed
Home of the audio dramedy Vampire Needed.

Folxlore tells the stories of queer people living literally and figuratively between two worlds. In one sense, we try to live normal lives while the world tells us we are not normal. In another sense, our normal lives are interrupted by a very not-normal rift opening up between our world and another plane of existence filled with nightmarish horrors. This pilot series deals with themes of first romance, hate crime related trauma, and queer parenthood Folxlore is rooted in everyday Glasgow, where monsters are always on the edge of your periphery. A collaboration between In The Works and Tin Can Audio.

Less Is Morgue
Set in an alternate Tallahassee, FL where monsters, ghouls, and ghosts are the norm, our hosts Riley and Evelyn attempt to record and produce a podcast, often interrupted by everything from Blackbeard's ghost to an irritating tech bro with a God complex.

There's a crack in reality and something's breaking through. Episode 1 of a new 10 part series of mind-altering audio drama, from some of the best new drama podcast writers.

A piano bar entertainer's travelogue on board Wayfarer Cruise Line's second-largest ship, the Paradise. A tale of horror, madness and mystery on the high seas.

Have Monster, Will Travel
There are very few moments in your life where you can do something radical for someone you love. Meet Riley and Render. Roommates. Best friends. There's just one small hitch. Riley is a young career-focused woman with a little bit of burnout and Render... well, he's a monster. When Render admits feelings of sadness over not knowing who he is or where he comes from, Riley makes a bold choice: find his family, whatever the cost. Have Monster, Will Travel: they're just two best friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Utopia Cola Horror Anthology
It is the afternoon of April 18th, 1958. Opening day of the first ever Los Angeles Dodgers game. As a freak springtime storm rolls in, a young mother sits by herself in a beautiful home in Pasadena. Alone. Feeding her child and listening to the game. That's when a mysterious salesman knocks on her door

Finding Atlas [To Have & To Hold]
Henry has been an exorcist for years now. She's always been a natural, exceptionally skilled at what she does. She has a talent, a real knack for it. She could have been something amazing. She really could have. She isn't quite the shining star she used to be. Time and experiences have taken their toll, and every day just seems to get harder to get through. Something has to change. She knows this. Maybe that's why she ignored all the warning signs. Perhaps a dance with the devil is better than being alone. Henry knows she shouldn't trust this woman. But she knows she's going to.

Brimstone Valley Mall
The year is 1999. Lurking somewhere between Hot Topic and the food court, five misfit demons from Hell kill time inciting sin in a suburban shopping mall. When the lead singer of their band goes mysteriously missing, the demons only have two weeks to find him before they play the biggest gig of the millennium - or face the wrath of Satan herself.

The Slanted Hallway
Super scary stories that are certain to scare, but they also may make you think...

Corrupted Files
Corrupted Files is a lighthearted but properly spooky supernatural mystery podcast. Shunned paranormal investigator Annabelle Bright and Special Agent Blair Sharp are on a quest for truth. But something in the woods wants to catch them before they do... and keep them.

The Lovecraft Investigations
An investigation into witchcraft, the occult and secret government operations. From H.P. Lovecraft.

Black Friday
BLACK FRIDAY is a strange phenomenon that turns white people into black people.

The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
The Frightmare Theatre Podcast is a horror radio drama anthology series from ARCANE. Broadcasting from a decrepit radio studio across the astral plane, the Frightmare Theatre team strives to make your nightmares a reality. Each eerie episode brings new terrifying (and at times hilarious) horror radio dramas to life. We invite you to join host, Doctor Necropolis, and the rest of the Frightmare Theatre team as they introduce a variety of suspenseful stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine!

Mockery Manor
British Podcast Awards 2020 'Best Fiction' Nominee. Season One - Summer, 1989. Mockery Manor's new staff have moved into the on-site lake house, ready for the re-opening of Britain's most eccentric theme park. It's a teen dream of a job (as long as you've never seen Friday the 13th), and eighteen year old twins JJ and Bette are determined to leave a difficult year behind them and have a summer straight from the movies... if they don't kill each other first. But something's happening at the park. People keep going missing, and JJ has a horrible feeling the screams she heard in the scare maze were more than just a frightened guest. And why is feline park mascot Mr Crackles stained with blood? Season Two - Three years have passed since the grisly events of Season One, and Mockery Manor’s new assistant manager Parker receives an unexpected phone call from Tokyo. JJ has fallen in with a bad crowd and needs help. What better place for her to lay low than Mockery Manor’s sister park, Dunkelschloss - a magical land of fairy tales in the heart of the Black Forest. But as JJ knows, the past never stays buried, and it’s only a matter of time before she has to face her demons. Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.

Horrified is a quarterly multimedia horror series telling stories around one central theme. The theme of this series: isolation.

Manor House
Manor House is a horror anthology presented in audiobook, audio drama, and Cinematic Audio formats. Won’t you stay the night?

Kept from Sleep
Kept From Sleep is a monthly horror anthology series hosted by Adam Darby. Season One will follow Jayden Church, of Arkhym House, as he deals with the figurative (and literal) demons that plague his small town. It all starts with a cabin.

Good Morning from Hell
Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation and interview Hell’s most infamous residents.

The Creeping Hour
Beware, these scary stories will transform you!The Creeping Hour is a horror anthology series hosted by the Creeps, three friends who listened to so many scary stories that they turned into monsters themselves. Gather your whole family to shiver with fright as you listen to the terrifying tales of The Creeping Hour. Listen if you dare. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Culling
On a remote planet, a team of researchers creates a long-range transmitter. It works, but what else listens to the signal that calls into the darkness of deep space?

Tales From Beyond The Pale
Conceived during a fog-drenched car ride with nothing beyond the windshield but a horizon-less void, filmmakers Larry Fessenden (Depraved, The Last Winter, Habit) and Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead, V/H/S) created the acclaimed TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE audio dramas inspired by the vintage radio shows of yesteryear with a decidedly modern twist. Written and directed by auteurs of today’s horror genre, these lavishly produced half-hour tales range from the gently atmospheric to the genuinely gruesome.

Go on a monster hunt of lunar dimensions in this sci-fi mystery. Cryptids tells the story of a conspiracy radio show host and an avid listener who go in search of an afterlife. Instead they find a truth beyond their wildest nightmares. In this female driven, scripted, sci-fi audio drama, you'll meet monsters, aliens... and the ultimate grim reaper.

Blake Skye: Private Eye
Down on his luck gumshoe Blake Skye only had two options: take the job or die in the gutter. But worse things than death lie waiting in the shadows of the City. What madness and horror await, and can our intrepid investigator survive it? Find out, in this thrilling drama that mixes Raymond Chandler and H. P. Lovecraft in an exciting and modern cocktail of danger, romance, suspense, and cosmic horror from the mind and mouth of S. J. Ryker, with new episodes the last Sunday of every month!

Haunted Hell House of Horror
The Haunted Hell House of Horror is a comedy audio drama about people who work in a haunted house during the Halloween season.

That Creepy Podcast
A podcast exploring the remnants of corrupted reputation, and the darkness of our hometowns.

Fuck Humans
In order to live in harmony, Humans and monsters are forbidden from having relations with one another. Will this peace last?

Weeping Cedars
A Narrative Horror Podcast about the small New York town of Weeping Cedars.

What Happened at Great Times Amusements?
"What Happened at Great Times Amusements?" is a season-long fictional spoken word horror/mystery story with touches of bleak humor sprinkled throughout. It features five experienced voice actors playing different characters. It tells the thrilling story of an eager and ambitious young woman named Christa Hendrickson investigating identity theft. Along the way, she stumbles upon an ancient evil society that is currently operating as a traveling carnival throughout the midwestern United States. With her trusty (or is he?) retired detective sidekick, Kevin Schneider, she tirelessly searches for the truth by producing a podcast she plans to share with the world, possibly putting herself in danger as she gets into the thick of it.

Curdle Holler
Well, you’re dead. But life goes on… in Curdle Holler, a spooky little town of Halloween characters. Join Bonita and Chip, proprietors of a gift boo-tique, as they learn about their new afterlives and meet the town characters in this original comedy audio mini-series. They may be scary, but the citizens are in for a fright when they realize that the town is in jeopardy.

SCP: Find Us Alive
Find Us Alive follows the strange developments at Site-107, a small Foundation research site trapped inside dimensional anomaly SCP-6320, as narrated by the site's radio operator, Dr. Harley.

The Storage Papers
The Storage Papers will explore a large series of documents that I came into possession of when I won a storage auction for the minimum bid (as I was the only person present). Since then, I've had nightmares, paranormal activity going on in my home, and I believe I am being followed. Every two weeks, I'll be sharing the contents of these documents, which include police reports, witness statements, and other forms of records deemed too strange.

A Voice from Darkness
A Voice From Darkness is a horror audio drama in the form of a call-in radio show. Join parapsychologist Dr. Malcolm Ryder as he helps those who witness and suffer the supernatural and the strange.

Whatever Lurks Around The Corner (A Sanders Sides Fancast)
Between classes, Roman and his friends run a small-time podcast about cryptids, but when strange murders begin to terrorize their sleepy little town Roman decided to take matters into his own hands and investigate. The deeper they dig the more they realize that their town isn’t as sleepy as it seems. Will Roman and friends be able to find whatever lurks around the corner?

Poe Theatre on the Air
Part radio drama, part podcast, and all Edgar Allan Poe. A new spine-tingling play for your ears every month, adapted from America’s most famous horror and suspense writer. Gothic frights, by The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre.

Beautifully Dangerous
She ran from them, but now she's decided it's time to end The Servants of Tartarus.

The Blondes
An adaptation of Emily Schultz’s satirical, sci-fi horror novel, The Blondes. Set two years after SHV has infected blonde women with a rabies-like illness, a fictional podcast examines how the "Blond Fury" has changed our culture: from fashionable new fever bracelets, to empowerment pop songs for the infected, to an entirely new understanding of women, gender, and beauty. What begins as the story of Hazel Hayes — the unlikely, eight-months-pregnant hero who reveals government abuses at evaluation centers — turns much thornier when her personal life and role in the outbreak is churned into the mediascape. Angry, funny, and with dark turns into body horror, The Blondes is an unflinching look at what happens when beauty becomes, literally, deadly.

Quiet Island
Follow a group of students as they embark on a research trip to a previously unexplored island.

The Lost Signal
From the depths of your radio static, The Lost Signal Podcast brings you original audioplay productions of the pulp and macabre, brought to life with sound effects and voice-acting.

Blazed All Our Lives
If Armistead Maupin wrote Dynasty and set it in Twin Peaks you'd get BLAZED ALL OUR LIVES. Campy, melodramatic and bitchy, this audio soap opera will leave you gasping for more.

Boston Harbor Horror
Coast Guard Petty Officer Alex Devereaux responded to a medical emergency on a small island in Boston Harbor. What he finds on that island is going take him on a journey into depths he never imagined…

Creepers is a paranormal, horror comedy show. Lots of fun!

Sapphire Springs
Sapphire Springs is a podcast told through a series of entries onto an SOS radio about love, cults, and doing what is right despite the danger. It follows the story of Kestrel Kane, a nineteen-year-old reporter, as she tries to contact the outside world and recounts her experiences over the past year and a half. Runs in the same vein as podcasts like Limetown and The Black Tapes.

Each episode brings a scary new tale, performed by our band of actors at Acast's studio. So sit back, and witness our Miscreation.

Gonsanto Industries: The Insomnia Project
Gonsanto Industries: The Insomnia Project is a horror-comedy audio fiction podcast. It focuses on Gonsanto Industries recruiting test subjects for human trials of several compounds designed to counteract the effects of sleep. Over the course of the experiments, several test subjects begin experiencing unexpected results.

Dead Waves
A psychic, a ghost, and a demon take your calls and listen to your problems. They're going to do their best to help, but they're still working a few things out, alright?

SCP Archives
Secure. Contain. Protect. There are things that go bump in the night. Fantastic things. Horrible things. Redacted things. The SCP Foundation was built to keep humanity safe from a world of beings it doesn’t want to know exists.

Hillbilly Horror House
Come along and join us as Amber finds the house of her dreams and her husband, David, is forced in to the paranormal world.

Late Night Tales
Original short horror story anthology podcast.

A man. A woman. Awake to a world different from the one they remember. Both are separated by different sleep patterns. They desperately search for each other but each time they awaken the world makes even less sense.

Calling Darkness
Six women. One book. And a demon from hell.

The Haunted hour
The Haunted Hour broadcasts from the town of Lantern, North Carolina. Explore abandoned pools, convenience stores that move, and things that go bump in the night in this audio horror comedy from Emerson College.

The story of a blind man trying to escape a cave, and the ancient monster who accompanies him.

The Vessel
A Space Horror series in the vein of Dead Space and Event Horizon, The Vessel features a large cast of characters aboard a massive spacecraft. The ship begins to experience strange attacks shortly after one inhabitant is woken from cryosleep.

Dreaded Dominions
We've all been there: A captive host, forced to comment on horror subjects against your will, and all by the unspeakable evils you call your bosses. You know, a typical day at work. Well for JW169, this was a very bad beginning to a very strange adventure. Dreaded Dominions is a twice-monthly podcast that follows our host (and his P.O.T.A.O) on their trek across the backwoods of the multiverse in attempt to get back to his regularly scheduled commentary on horror.

Witchever Path
A horror anthology podcast where you choose the path we take. Sleep with a clear consequence.

Domain of Terror
New audio theatre from old comic books.

The Narrow Caves
The Narrow Caves is the first Audiostate ever released, a new product combining the grandiosity of Hollywood films with the intimacy of audio to create an "ear-movie" experience. Adapted from a script by award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and director S. Craig Zahler (BONE TOMAHAWK), THE NARROW CAVES features voice acting by Vincent D'Onofrio (FULL METAL JACKET, DAREDEVIL), Will Patton (ARMAGEDDON, FALLING SKIES), Lili Simmons (BANSHEE) and Wyatt Russell (OVERLORD, BLACK MIRROR). Binary Reptile provides an eerie score that contributes to the cinematic feel of this haunting piece, brought to you by the iconic horror entertainment company FANGORIA, who relaunched the magazine in October 2018 as a print-only quarterly collectible.

The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray
On March 20th, 2014, Ella McCray disappeared. There were six witnesses to her disappearance. Six conflicting accounts of what happened to her. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? And what really happened to Ella?

A horror anthology podcast from a darker Ireland. These are the chilling tales of people who heard something. Something they really shouldn't have heard. Listen at your own risk. You could be next.

The Grey Rooms
The Grey Rooms Podcast is an audio horror fiction podcast. An anthology set within a serial audio drama, The Grey Rooms takes submissions from authors in the horror community and turns them into fully produced and immersive audio masterpieces.

How It Ends
Micah Jones has suffered from night terrors and a particularly unnerving recurring dream for as long as she can remember. With the help of her friends, Devon Williams and Elia Cabral, Micah starts a podcast to explore her dreams and life, with the hope of setting her troubled mind at ease. Everything begins well enough until information surrounding her father’s death and a harrowing experience she had as a teenager seem to connect, causing Micah to think that some of her dreams are not dreams at all, but memories.

All In My Head
All In My Head is an audio drama that follows Nova, a young woman suffering from extreme bouts of sleep paralysis and night terrors. As she attempts to get to the bottom of her condition, she finds out there might be more to the monsters in her dreams than she thinks.

American Comedy Horror Story
American Comedy Horror Story is a self-contained audio (comedy) drama. This season, grab some hot cocoa and a creepy doll as we follow mediums, Claire and Olivia, on their journey through "Orphanage." Will they survive? What happens during Sunshine Time? Exactly how many consumption jokes can two people make? All of the questions you're *dying* to ask shall be answered. Warning: There are multiple deaths throughout the season...some may or may not involve children and/or religious figures.

Hitch is a collection of unusual stories. Get on your Hitch app and take a ride with Bryan as he tells you about his scary, bizarre, and mysterious encounters while working at Hitch.

Janus Descending
A limited series, science fiction/horror audio drama podcast, follows the arrival of two xenoarcheologists on a small world orbiting a binary star. But what starts off as an expedition to survey the planet and the remains of a lost alien civilization, turns into a monstrous game of cat and mouse, as the two scientists are left to face the creatures that killed the planet in the first place. Told from two alternating perspectives, Janus Descending is an experience of crossing timelines, as one character describes the nightmare from end to beginning, and the other, from beginning to the end.

Five years ago, Molly Weaver, Bryan Anderson, and Nathan Howell started a podcast focused on the local legend of a monster called The Blackwood Bugman. Quickly, the investigation grew out of their control, as they discovered that, not only are the legends seemingly true, many people in Blackwood have turned up dead or disappeared without a trace. Worse, there may be a reason why no one has ever uncovered the truth before. Someone is watching them, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the secret. Their recordings have finally been released.

The Horror of Dolores Roach
With blood on her hands, the infamous Dolores Roach has fled the recent shocking destruction in Washington Heights and gone into hiding deep under New York City in an abandoned subway tunnel. But she’s not alone underground, and her dark night of the soul is interrupted by an extremist faction of similarly self-exiled tunnel-dwellers whose space she's invaded. Facing re-incarceration back above ground, but pushed to the limits of shame, paranoia, lust, hunger, and depraved entrepreneurialism below it, Dolores is the outcast of the outcasts again - until she takes her survival in the tunnels into her own Magic Hands. Season 2 of The Horror of Dolores Roach is written and directed by Aaron Mark and stars Daphne Rubin-Vega, Donnell Rawlings, and Amy Ryan.

Video Palace
When video collector Mark Cambria watches a mysterious VHS tape, he begins talking in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra set out to investigate the tape's origin and find themselves caught up in a web of conspiracy, occult, and dread surrounding a legendary video store with a sinister purpose beyond imagining.

When a seance goes awry, Rob finds herself stuck with Azrael, a hilarious wise cracking entity from a realm beyond our own. Azrael and Rob, along with Azrael's former partner, Lydia, form an unlikely trio that must work together to correct a terrible imbalance that has been wrought upon our world. Minefire is a full cast, serialized Audio Dramedy brought to you by TeaWig Productions.

The Dracula Files
Living in 2014, Jonathan Harker never imagined the nightmare that would engulf him when he traveled to the backwaters of Romania to complete a real estate deal with the reclusive Count Dracula. Cut off from friends, phone reception, and even basic electricity, Jonathan discovers too late that he’s walked blindly into a deathtrap. Back in San Francisco, the first signs of Dracula’s coming reign of terror begin to appear, but its residents, unaware of everything Jonathan has learned, forge unwittingly ahead towards disaster.

A Scary Home Companion
Drinking whiskey in the kitchen and telling scary stories around the fire. Music and mayhem, fearful fiction and furious fact, tall tales and terrible truths. A Scary Home Companion is a sinister variety show, featuring original stories and original music

Academicasaurus Podcast
The faculty behind the academic journal Academicasaurus really just want to get the next issue out. If only they'd stop getting bizarre submissions shoved under their doors... and who exactly is recording all this, anyway? Academicasaurus is a fictional podcast written and produced by Mary O'Reilly. It stars Maryna Matlock as Ida Winters, Amanda Funk-Hilton as Bee West, and Mary O'Reilly as Anne Dye. New episodes are posted every other week.

The Backwoods Radio Show
An audio-drama set in a happy little town filled with cannibals, mutants, and other horror clichés. If you like eating human flesh or wearing a severed pig's head as a mask, then you will love The Backwoods Radio Show!

Quietly Yours
Quietly Yours is a horror anthology series inspired by classic radio dramas. Tune in each week for a chilling new story!

It all started when Riley was institutionalized after suffering a psychotic episode, after being treated she was moved to Amber Ridge. There she meets Ryan and Eli, also patients at Amber Ridge. Together, the three of them stumble upon the dark secrets of the institution where they reside.

Glasgow Ghost Stories
A bi weekly horror anthology podcast exploring the dark corners of the city of Glasgow.

FULLY PRODUCED AUDIO DRAMAS WITH SOUND EFFECTS, VOICE ACTING AND MUSIC. Told through cassete tapes, the Stranger (Pete Lutz) brings you a different tale 0f horror and crime every episode.

Station Blue
Desperate to find meaning in his life, troubled Matthew Leads takes a job as the caretaker of an Antarctic Research Facility. An atmospheric isolation horror following his struggles with mental illness, a broken heart and the suffocating presence of Station Blue.

Customs Out of The Closet
Noel's new apartment is looking good until she finds a demon in her closet, or rather, she discovers the Underworld Travel Customs Office in her closet. Suddenly, she's roped into working for the demon Bub as a customs officer, helping various denizens pass through her apartment and back into the Underworld.

Aqua Marianas
An audio drama by Sinking Feelings Productions set in a future where mankind has turned to the depths to try and explore and eventually colonize the ocean, Aqua Marianas follows the five-person crew of the deepest outpost ever placed as they try to deal with horrors we never knew about side-by-side with the daily difficulties of living so far beneath the surface.

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville
Something strange is going on in the local mine. Sam and Jamie investigate ... Award-winning sci-fi adventure for 9-12 year-olds.

The Polybius Conspiracy
Originally heard on Radiotopia's Showcase, The Polybius Conspiracy tells the story of a mysterious arcade game from the '80s whose alleged existence in the Pacific Northwest is fueled by a blending of fact and fiction.

The White Vault
Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar production is intended for mature audiences.

Station to Station
Dr. Miranda Quan's lab partner is MIA. But his notes, and a tape player that may contain his final words, have made it onto the research ship headed hundreds of miles into the North Pacific — along with a sinister secret that endangers everyone aboard.

Misadventure by Death
Misadventure by Death is an audio drama brought to you by Crossroad Stations Productions. Armed with nothing but his trusty recorder and a few dozen flashlights, Neil Hastbury-Rue takes up the mantle of groundskeeper at the definitely haunted, recently opened Harrison Shaw Manor Museum in the middle of the Virginian Appalachian mountains. Easy-peasy…right? Perhaps not. As Neil attempts to settle into his new home, he finds himself having to combat with supernatural shenanigans, a few less than savory fellow staff members, and good old Southern charm. What could possibly go wrong?

Attention HellMart Shoppers!
Attention HellMart Shoppers! is a twice monthly horror/comedy audio-drama. Join the staff of HelloMart, a big box super-store built on top of the gates of hell, as they battle the forces of evil in order to bring you the best customer service minimum wage can provide.

A Night of Horror
A Series of Horror Dramas from Scotland

The Switchboard
Global news on supernatural events is broadcast on a pirate radio station operating out of a remote Lighthouse in an unknown location. This news is delivered by an enigmatic figure known only as The Host who appears to be dealing with troubles of his own.

Ostium Podcast
Ostium is a fictional podcast about a man who discovers a secret town with many doors that lead him to strange and interesting places.

Darkest Night
Darkest Night is a binaural audio drama that places you, the listener, at the center of a recovered memory that sounds as though it’s happening around you in real time. Each chapter delves into the last memories of the recently deceased, slowly revealing a horrifying master plan. Who is weaving this master conspiracy, and what is their ultimate goal? Subscribe now to find out, and wear headphones for the best, most terrifying results. Darkest Night is narrated by Lee Pace (The Hobbit Films, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pushing Daisies. Halt & Catch Fire, etc). Darkest Night features acting performances from Denis O'Hare (American Horror Story), Maynard James Keenan, Missi Pyle (The Artist & Dodgeball), RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman.

New Radio Horror

Mabel is a fiction podcast about ghosts, family secrets, strange houses, and missed connections.

Archive 81
Archive 81 is a fiction podcast about horror, cities, and the subconscious. New episodes will be released every other Wednesday. Start from "01 - A Body In A New Place"

The Magnus Archives
“Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back… New episodes every Thursday produced by Rusty Quill, featuring guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more.

Alice Isn't Dead
A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.

The Frozen Frights Podcast
From the coldest spot in the nation comes a collection of chilling tales rendered in beautiful dramatized audio! Frozen Frights: the very best horror and suspense from the Icebox Radio Theater.

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this podcast, American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock asks the question once more, "What happened to the people of Limetown?" Limetown is produced by Two-Up, the producers of 36 Questions, The Wilderness and Shipworm.

The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes is a weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe?

Gloom Lake - Weird Tales of the Frontier
Gloom Lake, Nevada Territory, 1863. Whispers of otherworldly travel, strange creatures, bizarre murders, demonic forces and the restless dead abound. Who will have the courage and grit to face the horrors? Subscribe to find out. A serial Horror/Adventure.

The Podghast Spooktacular!
Welcome... to the PODGHAST SPOOKTACULAR! The scariest podcast ever created, featuring 100% true tales retold by eccentric scientist Dr Heinrich Von Schtupplegap MD.

Dark Princess Theatre
Dark Princess Theatre is a Horror/Comedy show with Southern Gothic flavor. Come visit Hourglass Manor and get acquainted with the those who dwell within.

Welcome to Night Vale
Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true. Turn on your radio and hide. Never listened before? It's an ongoing radio show. Start with the current episode, and you'll catch on in no time. Or, go right to Episode 1 if you wanna binge-listen.

Campfire Radio Theater
A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology... Hear the Fear!

11th Hour Audio Productions
11th Hour is more than just a horror podcast. It is a chance for producers and talent to collaborate, locally or with folks from around the world. The talent ranges from folks who are new to their craft to seasoned veterans. We are a global and diverse community of creators who gather for one month a year to delight your ears with fantastic tales and immersive worlds to celebrate horror, Halloween, and Audio Drama Day.

Among the Dead
Simon Richards is the last living man in a small eastern Kentucky town. Who one day finds an audio recording device, this is his story…

Angel Between the Lines
A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel

In The Gloaming
A spooky anthology series, featuring terrifying tales of now (or then, some of the episodes are from 2009). Winner of the 2010 Parsec Award for Best New Podcast, then missing from the internet for almost a decade, In The Gloaming is back!

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