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Audio Dramas

Mia Insomnia
Was ist das Hörspiel "Insomnia"? Und warum ist Podcasterin Mia die einzige Person auf der Welt, die sich an diese Hörspiel-Kassette aus ihrer Kindheit erinnert? Die Suche nach Antworten führt sie zu einer unheimlichen Erkenntnis: Entweder ihre Erinnerungen sind nicht echt - oder die Welt um sie herum. Mit ihrem Aufnahmegerät nimmt uns Mia auf ihre Suche mit. Was als scheinbar harmlose Reise beginnt, entwickelt sich zu einer großen Verschwörung. "Mia Insomnia" ist die Mystery-Hörspiel-Serie für Podcast-Fans und alle, die mit Detektivhörspielen aufgewachsen sind und eine Portion Horror nicht missen wollen.

My Weird Ass Neighbor
This Podcast Is about the mystery of My Weird Ass Neighbor. I plan to keep each episode about 5 mins long with weekly updates. If there's any questions or any information that I've left out, please go to the My Weird Ass Neighbor sub Reddit. So I can answer any and all questions.

Mokksh In the serene valley of Dalhousie, Inspector Hardy pursues a relentless psycho killer who preys on children. Haunted by his past and the mysterious disappearance of his wife, Neha, Hardy is driven to protect the valley's young souls, despite facing personal tragedies. Each arrest leads to a dead end, tarnishing Hardy's reputation and resulting in his suspension. CID officer Jagriti takes over but also finds no answers. Hardy's redemption journey begins when he saves Jagriti from organ traffickers, earning back his position. Together, they uncover the chilling truth: Jasmine, the valley's music teacher, aided by witch Pushpa, is sacrificing children to summon her dead son, Manav. Ghattu, Pushpa's eighth son, becomes their key witness. A shocking revelation emerges: Neha was a terrorist, and Hardy's son witnessed a crime that led to his suicide. Ghattu kills Jasmine, revealing the evidence to close the case, and ending the cycle of violence. "Echoes of Remorse" is a haunting tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Wrought of Amber
In 2009 Emily Carmichael, star of the children's show Virtue Vista Valley, was kidnapped and murdered. Now, in 2023 her sister Alex is challenging the official narrative of her sister's tragic loss. Set in the world of Weeping Cedars, Wrought of Amber explores a mystery more horrific than Alex could ever imagine.

Candy Claus, Private Eye
Santa's bastard daughter solves hardboiled Christmas crimes on the North Pole.

Dupont Investigations
An original full-cast audio drama by Nocturne Hall. WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF CRIME. 1936.Torsten Somersby is a private investigator with a deep knowledge of the occult and a dubious reputation because of the strange cases his expertise attracts. When a handsome tobacco heir dies mysteriously, Torsten agrees to assist Nigel Clemmons, an out-of-town insurance investigator, in uncovering the truth behind the young man’s fate. Torsten and Nigel discover the heir’s troubled past and obsession with an ancient occult conspiracy. They must navigate a dangerous landscape to thwart the plans of those responsible.

Nur eine Ohrfeige - Hörspiel-Serie nach Christos Tsiolkas
Eine Grillparty läuft aus dem Ruder: Der vierjährige, antiautoritär erzogene Hugo bedroht mit einem Cricketschläger andere Kinder. Ein Erwachsener geht dazwischen und verpasst Hugo eine Ohrfeige. Die Angelegenheit eskaliert zu einem großformatigen Drama samt Polizei und Gerichtsverfahren – und verändert das Leben eines ganzen Freundeskreises. Die Hörspiel-Serie nach einem Roman von Christos Tsiolkas blickt hinter die Fassade von Mittelschichtsfamilien und hinterfragt Wert- und Moralvorstellungen.

When multiple residents of an Australian country town report seeing a strange object in the night sky, skeptical local cop Kyle Grinham takes upon himself to investigate. But as he does, Kyle stirs up all kinds of secrets in this sleepy coastal village - some of which are his own.

The Girl Across the Lake
The Girl Across the Lake is an audio drama about a girl embarking on an internal journey in search of the reasons for having the same haunting dream every night over the course of three months.

Goodbye Girl
Radio drama serials written, performed, recorded, mixed and edited by students on the Making Radio Drama module in the Drama Department at Royal Holloway University of London.

Blackstone is a murder mystery podcast about a girl named Emma Thompson, who is murdered at her own party. Main protagonist, Tara and her group of friends are prime suspects in the case. Secrets begin to unravel in the quiet small town of Blackstone, Ohio.

The Crime at Camp Ashwood
Desperate to finally solve the decades-old cold case of her best friend’s murder, Margot Ingell returns to the scene of the crime. Will the discovery of a long-lost diary reveal the killer, or will the secret forever remain at the bottom of Camp Ashwood’s lake?

The Love Talker
​Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets.

Rewound - The Icinim Saga
SuperLaserMax proudly presents our inaugural production - Rewound Season 1. Part of a planned 3 season arc in ’The Icinim Saga’. Season 1 focuses on Harris McKenzie, another anonymous Andy, wandering around Chicago in 1987. A dead end job and a love of movies sums up his entire existence; until he meets the counter girl at Erol’s, April. She gives him hope. Then a mysterious Hooded Man leaves a box of unmarked videotapes... and what Harris sees on the screen will alter his life and those around him forever.

UnTrue: An (un)true crime podcast for kids
UnTrue: The Underdogs is a hilarious new (un)true crime fiction podcast series that’s both a fun mystery for kids AND a ‘true crime’ comedy for grown-ups! Over 8 weekly episodes, kids and parents alike will be drawn into the gripping and hilarious mystery of ‘The Cat Burglar’ as investigated by true crime dogcaster Trudie Poodle and the second-best detective agency in Dogtown – The Underdogs! Each week Trudie and The Underdogs will sniff out clues - and chase their own tails – as they come closer and closer to unmasking the felonious feline behind Dogtown’s most paaw-zzling unsolved ‘Cat Burglar’ crimes.

The Grave Veil
Welcome to Grave Veil, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary cease to exist. Hosted by seasoned investigator Ciaire Nezonce and nocturnal chaperone Polly Andirum, this is the podcast where true crime meets the unexplained and supernatural. From cold cases to cursed objects, and everything in-between, we dig deep into the mysteries that baffle experts and amateurs alike. If you're intrigued by the unexplored corridors of human understanding and want a front-row seat to history's darkest, most perplexing tales, you've come to the right place.

Tales From the Janitor
Tales from the Janitor - An urban legend series where the listener is taken through ghost stories, science fiction adventures and creepy unexplained events in history. A series of short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama and comedy. A series about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, rituals, and other events caused by the unknown and where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily situations.

Das Hörspiel zu Babylon Berlin
Ab dem 13. Oktober: Die ganze Serie am Stück. "Der nasse Fisch", "Der stumme Tod" und "Goldstein". Die Goldenen20er Jahre finden ein abruptes Ende, das Klima in der Weimarer Republik wird immer rauer. Gereon Rath ist von Köln nach Berlin zwangsversetzt worden. Die Hauptstadt-Polizei ermöglicht ihm einen Neuanfang - bei der "Sitte". Und trotzdem gibt's bald Tote. Rath gerät immer tiefer in einen Dschungel aus Betrug, Gier, Korruption, Drogen und Gewalt.

Aquel verano de 1973
Durante el verano de 1973 los amigos de Rebeca la convencen de ir al campamento "Elrodi" sin saber lo que le esperaría ahí. El campamento fue fundado en 1943 por Olivia Bercoff, pero ese mismo año desapareció su hijo Elton. Rebeca, Javier y Amanda se enfrascarán en la búsqueda de qué fue lo que le sucedió.

Carcosa Radio
A audio series focused of the mysterious happenings and horrors of Etapas, Join along as you hear from a enigmatic radio host sharing the stories of this city, dragging you further and further into Understanding and Fright.

Sherlock & Co.
My name is Dr. John Watson, once of the British Army Northumberland Fusilier Regiment, now a true crime podcaster based in central London. I don't have much experience in criminology so this is mostly a record of how I met possibly the most brilliant and bizarre person I have ever, and will ever know. Join me, as I document the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

O Mistério da Fazenda Vita
Uma simples inspeção de rotina em uma fazenda ou um mistério que guarda terríveis segredos? Aperte o PLAY e prepare-se para descobrir!

The Lion's Den
Based on actual events. A drug smuggler finds God, and turns against the cartel, working as an undercover operative to take them down from the inside. Based on Dr. Hal Bradley's book, "A Fox In The Lion's Den" - you can find all of Dr. Hal Bradley's books at

The Burger Files
The world is full of bad burgers, from soggy lettuce to raw patties... and rock-hard buns. It’s terrifying, and it’s a crime. Yet, we've been both willing and unwitting victims of these Burger Crimes for too long. No more. It's time we fully open the Burger Files and embark on a relentless pursuit of truth, conducting a full-scale investigation into this gastronomic horror. 'The Burger Files by Wendy's UK' is more than a podcast; it's a revelation. Unearthing chilling, real-life bad burger stories from real people, it unveils the grim reality of burger horrors, akin to the darkest true crime tales. Make no mistake, burger crimes are genuine offenses... and we need some answers, justice must be served.

Twilight Meridian
In 1937, a titan of industry disappeared. To find him his grieving wife, a mysterious detective, and a cop with something to prove must confront dark secrets, and terrifying cosmic forces. Twilight Meridian is a fully scripted gothic/noir audio drama set in the 1930's fictional city of Jericho, Connecticut that explores themes of grief, loss, duality, and the ability of love to transcend death.

Graveyard Grim Radio
Graveyard Grim Radio is an anthology of short horror stories, brought to life in sound. Narration, ambiance, sound effects, and music all come together to tell stories of eeriness, uncanniness, love, nostalgia, terror, and more.

The Case Within
When a new lead prompts a fresh look at a cold case, Special Agent Nicole Baumer is tasked with finding out what really happened to sixteen year old Erin Michaels. But as parallels surface between her past and Erin’s, Nicole must finally confront her own trauma in order to save her.

Everyone and No One: A True Crime Podcast
In the spring of 2022, the 44 Division of the Toronto Police Service discovered the burnt remains of Rachel Amina Darwish, Daniel Brewer, and Mitig Biskane, in southern Ontario, Canada. The only clues offering an explanation for the three deaths were found in an anonymous blog written by an unknown individual. Host, Ian Tuason, reads the lost blog posts from the blog website,, before it was seized by the police.

The Package
Six conversations that an inquisitive courier has with others along the way of delivering: The Package.

2086. Drie studenten trekken op intergalactische Erasmusreis naar zusterplaneet Posha, waar mens en Poshaan al enkele jaren in intergalactische symbiose samenleven. Als eerste aardse jongeren beleven Ziggie, Lennox en Leyla er het avontuur van hun leven, tot twee van hen op mysterieuze wijze verdwijnen… Naast een wervelend ruimteavontuur is POSHA een verhaal over de zoektochten in het leven, onmogelijke uitdagingen aangaan en bijzondere ontmoetingen op een onwaarschijnlijke plek.

Seventh Street Murders
There’s a murderer on the streets. Not any killer, one who tracks down his victims, punishing them as part of his sick game. With the old police commissioner retired, and his incompetent son in charge of the task force, it’s up to Detectives Lorenna Mimms and Raine Osborne to solve this mystery before it’s too late.

Hellhörig: Deine Nachbarn sind Mörder
Was wissen wir eigentlich über unsere Nachbarn? In der Großstadt lautet die Antwort oft: Gar nichts. Wir kennen vielleicht gerade noch die Namen an den Klingelschildern, aber wir wissen nicht, wer diese Menschen sind, wie sie hierher gekommen sind – oder was sie hinter verschlossenen Türen tun. Wir hören bestenfalls Wort- und Geräuschfetzen, wenn die lieben Nachbarn es wieder mal all zu bunt treiben. Der Thriller-Hörspiel-Podcast ,,Hellhörig“ erzählt von den Geschichten einer Berliner Hausgemeinschaft, die an einem einzigen Abend auf fatale Weise kollidieren. Sieben Menschen. Ein Mehrfamilienhaus. Eine Horrornacht. Folge für Folge lernen wir eine andere Figur kennen und verstehen so Stück für Stück, was im Haus vor sich geht und wer wofür verantwortlich ist. Jede neue Folge ist ein neues Puzzle-Teil, bis schließlich das gesamte Bild erkennbar wird.

Mancop & Seal
Do you remember when cops used to be cops? with a gun in their holster and a twinkle in there eye that said "We're here to protect and serve …you a good time daddio!" Meet Mancop, he's half man half cop and Seal, his right hand man with one mean left hook! Together they bring their old school policing methods to the streets and teach the criminal underworld that no one is above the law! Join them each week on their adventures as they take case after hilarious case that will leave you asking "Is justice just the beginning?"

El legado de Odette
¿Qué pasaría si una persona recibe de forma inesperada una herencia de 150.000€ de una desconocida? Precisamente es lo que les ocurre a los protagonistas de este viaje entre dos épocas: el París de los años 60, destino de miles de españoles emigrantes, y la España de hoy.  El legado de Odette es una emocionante microficción sonora producida por Podium Podcast para el Banco Sabadell que invita a reflexionar sobre la curiosa relación que tenemos con el dinero, cómo influye en el día a día y de qué forma condiciona nuestra proyección de futuro.

Nova Cosa Nostra Don Giovanni
Giovanni Baggio é um capo da família vitorio,com a morte do Don ele começa uma saga para se manter como novo chefe da família.

Shadow of the Badge
"Shadows of the Badge" is a gripping 10-episode fiction series that delves into the moral gray areas of law enforcement. The story follows Detective Daniel Morgan, a respected and decorated officer with the city's police force. To the public, he is a hero, but behind the scenes, he leads a double life as a crooked cop involved in shady dealings. Each episode unravels a layer of deceit, as Detective Morgan's actions become increasingly complex and morally ambiguous.

Good Morning Murderer
This is a fiction podcast where you will hear all about the murders and odd classes that take place at Wilkerson High as you listen to their morning announcements.

The Low Budget Ghost Squad
Ghosts?  No problem.  Murder mysteries?  Love them.  Cheap?  Of course.  Enter - The Low Budget Ghost Squad.  A mom and her two kids solve mysteries at haunted hotels.  A great podcast for parents and older kids/teens. In Season One – We find out what happened to Delilah Carrington who fell to her death in 1934 at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Her ghost has been seen for decades.  Was it murder?  Maybe more than one?  And there are more spirits to meet as well.  Did we mention that the Crescent is nicknamed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel?”

Murder Manor
When ten people are invited to spend the weekend in a mansion on a remote island, they each start dropping like flies. Can they solve the mystery of who's behind it all or will they die trying? The series is heavily inspired the critically acclaimed novel "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.

In this fiction comedy-mystery, a young 1920s radio ventriloquist finds herself hosting a radio variety hour and cohosting a podcast in 2023. While attempting to figure out a way back home, she receives a tempting offer from a reality TV producer.

WitherBurn After School News
An anonymous teenage girl starts a gossip radio show to report on the events of her small southern town. In her quest to uncover the latest scoop, she becomes entangled in the midst of a mystery.

MINDRAKER: Background Anger
MINDRAKER: BACKGROUND ANGER is an eight-episode sci-fi mystery podcast – a surreal tale of love and betrayal, wrapped in an existential meditation on man’s relationship with the forces at war within himself. Mankind is under attack. Alien beings have invaded the collective unconscious, influencing unsuspecting victims to act on their darkest instincts. Maru, a seemingly average man, is burdened by his clandestine duty as a psychic soldier in the fight against the ruthless invaders. But his dual existence has recently become further complicated by a Box of unimaginable power given to him by God.

Untrue Crime
Love true crime but don't love the "true" bit? Maybe it's that you are unsettled by it being fact. Maybe you don't like the dramatization of traumas real people suffered. Untrue Crime is a perfect fit for you! We tell fictional stories in a variety of settings and times of murder, mystery, and intrigue. Whether you are looking for magical misdemeanors, sci-fi white collar crime, or something more realistic, we have stories to tell you.

Murder in HR
It’s Jemma’s (Kate Mara) first day as Employee Experience Manager at Peace of Ship, an AI-powered tech startup. When her colleague Larry is electrocuted during the company All-Hands, she uncovers a terrible secret. It was murder! Now, she and her Chief People Officer, Nicholas (Brett Gelman), are tasked with finding the killer. She must use her HR skills to investigate her toxic colleagues – without becoming the next victim.

Fitas Perdidas - Hotel Martinesso 1996
Ouça as as gravações de mini fitas K7 perdidas de 1996 que revelam mistérios no Hotel Martinesso. Crimes, desaparecimentos, mortes, conspirações, intrigas e perigo espreitam a jornalista Rita em busca da verdade nesse mistério investigativo.

The Distant Silence Radio Hour
A Lovecraftian anthology audio drama in the style of 1920's radio. Released annually, listen to an hour of three horror stories told to you by the eldritch narrator, The Host. Follow tales of madness, escape, and dread for an evening of spooky thrills and chilling twists.

Raater Shihoron
Welcome to our channel....This is an audio story channel by a group of engineers : Souvik Roy,Sagarneil Ghosh, Shoptorshi Mondal and Saikat Biswas.... Our stories are basically mystery or romantic thrillers with killer twists.

Finding Naborhi
One missing child. Two siblings. Three days. You're following John Adams - a devoted single father from a small town. No one has answers for John when Naborhi disappears, so it's up to him (and his sister Jess) to find out what happened to his daughter before it's too late. Finding Naborhi is an intimate, but surprisingly hilarious journey that’s full of heart; it’s a ride you don't want to miss.

Portland Paranormal
Welcome to the Portland Paranormal. Mark and Patterson try to find their friend, Sasha, who went missing in Forest Park. As they investigate, they come closer to the inevitable conclusion: BIGFOOT

Do You Copy?
When Red Tail National park shuts down due to a possible ecological disaster, three campers continued their trips, and two park rangers stayed to keep an eye on the radios. Recordings from these individuals were recovered and due to a mistake that cost a lot more than expected, [REDACTED] must sort through the recordings and try to make sense of what happened.

Museum of the Missing
On the 29th of February 1988, a global catastrophe led to 3.5 million people disappearing in an instant. Only problem is, no one remembers anything about it. Until now.

Solve For X
Solve for X is a mystery horror narrative podcast following subject X, a human trapped inside a scientific testing facility. Memories of who they were before have been completely wiped, replaced with a new set of memories each week to fit the profession and test they have been assigned. They, alongside the other test subjects, must fight to survive against the creatures lurking in the dark while they try to uncover who they really are and what on earth they’re testing here.

Where Are the Chickadee Brothers?
From Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids comes Where Are the Chickadee Brothers?: A for kids-by-kids four-part fictional audio adventure. When Chet and Cap Chickadee go missing after a trip to Brazil to study Amazonian wildlife for the podcast Devon is left worried. Then he gets a text from an email number with a recording of the first part of Chet and Cap’s (mis)adventures. What happened to them? Who is the mysterious texter? Where are the Chickadee brothers? Listen and maybe you’ll find out. This podcast is in stereo, so best listened through headphones!

Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin! A True Crime Podcast.
Some of you may know Alix Summers from her previous podcast series, All Woman, some of you may not. This podcast is incredibly different. In 2019 Alix Summers spent time interviewing a woman called Josie Fair for what she thought was going to be a light-hearted podcast on the theme of being birthday twins. As you will all know by now, that project was shelved abruptly as real life collided with the podcast and things turned very, very dark. It’s taken months for Alix to feel ready to revisit the podcast and its aftermath, but she’s ready now.

Finding Pattersby
Finding Pattersby is a weirdo-mystery about an ex-ghostwriter who uses his investigation of a legendary, missing thriller author to work through some stuff. Also the ghostwriter is a liar. Follow host Ryan Cervantes in this 10-part comic thriller set in the world of high stakes thriller publishing, as he enters a land of cultish fandoms and cut-throat literati; of secret societies with ancient coffee beans and occult writing exercises that pierce the veil and top the charts of novels sold in supermarkets and airport bookstores…OR DO THEY? That’s what host Cervantes aims to find out in this pot-boiler for the ears. But if he hopes to escape the same fate as his missing boss in this IRL thriller, he’ll have to draw on everything he knows about how to survive a very deadly bestseller.

Art History student Clara Torres disappears while working on her thesis about Ursula Blum, a avant-garde painter from the 20th century. Five years later, journalist Emma Clark decides to travel to Switzerland to continue Clara's investigation and narrate in a podcast what she discovers about the mystery surrounding both women.

Uncovering Dunridge
Follow independent investigator Elliot Campbell as he studies strange disappearances in his hometown of Dunridge, New Hampshire and explores the town’s dark secrets.

After a commercial jetliner disappears off the east coast of the United States, a young man’s arrest leads a private investigator down a strange, unsettling path of eerie broadcasts, time loss, and distortions of reality, all mysteriously connected to the discovery of a sinister, otherworldly orb.

Brand Meester
Het resultaat van het onderzoek van Erika Verbeek naar de oorzaken en gevolgen van de brand in Hotel de Pomp in Gennep in 1988. Fictieve podcast die aansluit op de Revue "Brand Meester", opgevoerd op 9, 10 en 11 juni 2023.

La Tierra Mala
Otra masacre de inocentes en otro pueblo recóndito de México. La periodista Amelia Buenrostro está lista para ir a un pueblo de Zacatecas a cubrir las historias de las víctimas, como tantas veces lo ha hecho. Cree conocer los peligros que le esperan y que pueden poner su vida en peligro, hasta que se encuentra con un mal desconocido: la tierra guarda en sus entrañas el dolor de sus habitantes, los que fueron y los que son. Una maldición que engulle a quien la pisa. Es la tierra mala.

Barcelona no perdona
El Guiu i la Mariona són dos agents dels Mossos d'Esquadra que patrullen Barcelona de nit. El seu objectiu és combatre el narcotràfic que aflora a la ciutat.

Homicide at Heavensgate
When a mysterious guest is found dead during the grand opening of a new lunar resort, two detectives are sent to investigate. What they find is a rich assortment of potential suspects, and the emergence of a mystery that goes deeper than they imagined.

The Passenger
The Passenger is a fiction podcast about a young woman's investigation into her missing father, and the discovery of a mysterious machine he built. Follow Yara, Rick, and Elle as they uncover family secrets which lead them into a dangerous showdown with an entity known as "The Passenger".

A Quaint English Murder
A retired detective breaks his village's community when he is encouraged onto the case of a respected member's murder.

Alicia no está satisfecha con su vida. Tiene un trabajo cómodo, una buena relación de pareja y un sobrino al que le encanta cuidar, pero a pesar de todo, siente que algo no encaja. Una llamada de teléfono lo cambia todo, convirtiendo a Alicia en el blanco perfecto de un ciberdelito. A partir de ahí, su vida dará un giro y no volverá a ser la misma: engaños, manipulaciones, robo de datos, suplantación de identidades… Alicia se adentra en una trepidante trama con elementos conspiratorios e inteligencia artificial de fondo, que la llevarán a comprender qué clase de persona es y la realidad sobre el mundo feliz en el que creía vivir. Titania es un thriller sonoro ambientado en un mundo donde las tecnologías han cambiado las reglas del juego. Prepárate para descubrir que todo lo que hacemos queda registrado, se convierte en datos, en información útil para los hackers, y averigua cómo puedes proteger tu identidad digital en un mundo cada vez más hiperconectado.

Absolutely Not True Crime
A true crime podcast focused on entertaining fictional stories.

Viaje a Viña
Un encargo incierto. Un destino urgente. Emisor Studios presenta su nueva audificción, escrita y dirigida por Álvaro Rudolphy, protagonizada por Diego Muñoz y Daniel Alcaíno.

A private investigator and his mysterious assistant fend off bombs, a homicidal ex, the FBI, and an alligator while trying to manage their sexual attraction and ever-growing resentment.

Dan Rex, a lower middleclass blue-collar worker, and a ragtag group of neighbors and friends, begin to uncover there’s more going on in their Columbus, Ohio west-side neighborhood than what’s been perceived on the surface. Strange weather, forgotten histories, hidden catacombs and tunnels, supernatural forces, understandings of other and self - discovered and questioned in the midst of a community comprised of everyday people trying to figure out how to live week to week, month to month, year to year. As the old is being torn down and the new rising up, each moment leads to a deeper and deeper shared sense of one thing: nobody knows what’s going on. Lore, history, community, and remembering - Longhouse: Franklinton.

全十話にわたる、衝撃のクライムモキュメンタリー・オーディオドラマがSPINEARに登場。2008年よりメキシコに在住し、ラテンアメリカの移民や社会問題を追い続けてきた作家・映像監督、嘉山正太が脚本を執筆。ドキュメンタリーとフィクションの「国境」を超えた、刺激的オーディオドラマをお聴き逃しなく。▼あらすじ▼移民問題の取材のためメキシコのベラクルスを訪れた、ネットメディア『ライトハウスポスト』記者・蛇ノ目悟。移民支援施設で知り合った元ギャングの男・カルロスの壮絶な過去を知った蛇ノ目は、謎に包まれたメキシコの真実を報道すべく、移民たちと共に「野獣列車」に乗り込む。 アメリカを目指す危険な旅路の果てに、彼らを待ち受けている運命とは……

The Walker Mysteries
Meet DCI Charlotte Walker - the Yorkshire Tea-drinking, Tizer-loving, Love Hearts-eating detective. She's confident and creative; fearless and feisty... she's the detective you want on your case. But outside of her job, she's quirky, talks ten to the dozen, easily goes off on tangents and can be a bit flirty at times... This isn't a typical police procedural, it's a trip into the chaotic and witty crime-solving world of Charlotte Walker.

Love, Murder, Florida
Jane Lynch stars in this crime and dark comedy podcast, reminiscent of Better Call Saul or How Stella Got Her Groove Back... with murder. Two rival bus service operators have a business feud that turns personal, and then turns deadly, after one of them takes a trip to Florida, and engages in a passionate affair with a mysterious stranger. Fargo-esque in its twists and turns of ordinary people getting mixed up in serious crime, this audio drama takes you for a walk on the wild side of Florida strange.

The Trip: A Six Part Audio Drama Adventure
In an attempt to rekindle their marriage, Jack and Amanda take a camping trip in the mountains with their son Lucas. Strange noises in the woods and a mysterious bag found at the bottom of the lake begin them on a dangerous adventure, one that they may not come back from.

Where is Rebekah?
This is a fictional comedy“true crime” podcast. In March 2002 a 17 year old girl named Rebekah Knowlsmith goes missing from the hallways of Derlin County High School. Now, 21 years later her former classmate returns home to try and figure out exactly what happened.

Cash Cakes and Crime [Working Title]
Join Addy and Rick as they delve into ancient mysteries (loosely defined) to try and find The Truth (even more loosely defined). A Fictional True Crime Podcast, starring Evan Gwen Davies as the enthusiastic crime podcaster Addy; and Hal Faux as Rick, her long suffering friend who simply doesn't want to be here.

Mind Palace Audios
We make audio dramas.

Muerte Súbita
Intriga, corrupción y un amor imposible. Muerte Súbita es una serie de ficción inspirada en un rumor que ha persistido en la política mexicana, y que pone en evidencia que el dinero y el poder no cambia quienes somos, sólo lo revela. A sus 27 años, Michelle es una periodista española cuya carrera va en ascenso y a la que la vida le dará la oportunidad de cumplir sus sueños más ambiciosos. Al conocer a Emilio Villarreal, un poderoso gobernador mexicano y próximo candidato presidencial, no puede evitar ser seducida por sus desmedidas atenciones y la opulencia del mundo político. Sin embargo, todo cambiará con la llegada de un carismático entrenador de ping-pong.

Point Pleasant
Things are boring in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Boring, dull... and dangerous. A recent trend in missing persons cases has amped up the fear and interest in this small city. The citizens feel trapped, law enforcement has all but given up and hope is dwindling. In Point Pleasant, we follow the story of four friends trying to make sense of the chaos that has enveloped the rational world. And the line that separates reality from fiction is on it's last thread.

Meet Nolan Blackwell, Teen Sleuth - Girl Detective, and her dog Casper. Nolan has a love of all things Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Casper has a penchant for mischief. But not all mysteries are hardbound and soon Nolan Blackwell will have to uncover clues and stare down dangers that threaten to reveal more about her past than she may be ready to confront. Fans of Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo will delight in this hilarious, opioid-fueled dive into the world of latch-key children and the haunted, dangerous places that meddling leads.

While traveling through Europe on their honeymoon, newly-wed influencer couple, Karlie (Jessica Plummer) and Tre (Ben Hardy), notice an almost identical couple is following them and posting the same content - imitating their photos; same poses, filters, and tags. Their inquiry snowballs into them being interrogated for a double homicide and discovering an influencer-targeted cult.

Mørket bag mørket
En historie fra Valhel, leveret af Levende Eventyr & Fantasi, med Line Thorup som Liv Jahnsen og Rasmus Malling som Jaan Van DeWitt. To betjente udstationeres i landsbyen bokkeltys og må overtage de sager, de forrige landbetjente ikke fik afsluttet... før de forsvandt. En dunkel historie om det der gemmer sig bag mørket. Vi ses til foråret, men hold øje med kanalen. Mere information på

You Don't Know Me_LiSTNR
In 2014, 17-year-old Lizzie Burdett left her boyfriend’s house and never made it home. Her boyfriend, Tom Caruso was the last person to see her alive but he fled town soon after her disappearance. No charges were laid, the case went cold, and eight years later - her family want answers. Someone knows something... You Don't Know Me - a six-part crime-thriller audio drama set in Sydney’s Northern beaches where the unsolved case of a missing teen exposes the secrets of those in the community around her. Adapted from a novel by award-winning Australian crime writer Sara Foster, this crime-mystery is full of unseen twists as each episode focuses on a different potential suspect.

You Don't Know Me
In 2014, 17-year-old Lizzie Burdett left her boyfriend’s house and never made it home. Her boyfriend, Tom Caruso was the last person to see her alive but he fled town soon after her disappearance. No charges were laid, the case went cold, and eight years later - her family want answers. Someone knows something... You Don't Know Me - a six-part crime-thriller audio drama set in Sydney’s Northern beaches where the unsolved case of a missing teen exposes the secrets of those in the community around her. Adapted from a novel by award-winning Australian crime writer Sara Foster, this crime-mystery is full of unseen twists as each episode focuses on a different potential suspect.

Unholy Toledo
Lou House and Tuffy LeMarr are a couple of runaway farm boys who ride the rails into Prohibition Era Toledo, Ohio, where they discover a world of gambling and bootlegging, ultimately going up against the infamous mobster, Yonnie Licavoli.

The Road of Shadows
It's 1984, and Daniel Knox is on the run. He's spent his entire life evading mysterious creatures that are disguised as everyday people - the ones he calls 'Shadows'. Preying on humans in secret, the Shadows are an enigma even to Daniel. But he knows one thing for sure - the Shadows' true nature can't be seen by anyone but him. As he seeks refuge in a remote mountain community, Daniel crosses paths with a traveller who is investigating the disappearance of her sister in the same town. Gradually, the secrets begin to unravel - and for Daniel - life will never be the same again. 'The Road of Shadows' is a Beyond the Dark production. Created by Mark R. Healy.

Nine months ago, the digital activist known as NO/ONE doxxed four people of means and ushered in a murderous "accountability movement" in Pittsburgh. Now, more bodies are turning up—and with them, plenty more questions. Join Pittsburgh Ledger crime reporter Julia Paige and esteemed Metro editor Teddy Barstow as they grapple with this current epidemic of accountability and try to answer one of the biggest questions at the center of it all. Who is NO/ONE?

DERAILED: a fictional mystery podcast
Just when you think you’ve figured the story out, DERAILED: a fictional murder mystery podcast throws you off track and draws you in even deeper into its twisty turny world.

Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene
When Myra Abernathy's estranged father dies in a grisly "accident," she comes home to take up his secret obsession: the hunt for her baby sister's cold-case killer. "Two Dead Girls In Jubeliene" is a fiction podcast coming March 14th. Subscribe today. IG: @2deadgirlspod

おばあちゃんの旅 by AudioMovie®
「進化系ラジオドラマ」AudioMovie®シリーズ。新潮社との共同企画で、作家の松尾由美が書下ろした小説「おばあちゃんの旅」が原作。Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcastなどポッドキャストサービスで無料配信。【2023年3月14日(火)配信開始/毎週火曜日更新予定(全3話)】 亡くなった祖母の遺品整理で見つかった8年前の新聞記事。点と線をつなげるために孫娘がたどる記憶の旅。1千万円の現金。おばあちゃんは特殊詐欺の加害者なのか、被害者なのか8年前にかかって来た電話から物語は動き出す。 主人公のおばあちゃんを演じるのはTBSラジオ『赤江珠緒 たまむすび』の「えなばあちゃん」としておなじみ、俳優の「下川江那」

Celebrity Whodunnit
Imagine Clue but with your favorite/least favorite celebrities. Every week, fake Private Investigators, Payton and Ry, take on a new fake mystery involving Hollywood's elite. This radio play styled podcast features entirely fictional whodunnit style stories with the most random groups of celebrities at the most random locations you could imagine.

Koffer 23
De Nationale Postcode Loterij heeft een feest georganiseerd ter ere van een nieuw seizoen Miljoenenjacht. Het decor: een afgelegen, oud kasteel. De gasten zijn medewerkers, relaties en bevriende BN'ers. Linda de Mol houdt een gezellig praatje en speelt ter vermaak één rondje Miljoenenjacht met André van Duin. Maar wat blijkt: koffer 23 is verdwenen, met daarin 10.000 euro. De deuren gaan direct op slot. Niemand mag weg voordat deze zaak is opgelost. Tygo Gernandt wordt als detective aangewezen en heeft vijf verdachten op het oog: Nasrdin Dchar, Tina de Bruin, André van Duin, Edson da Graça en Nicolette van Dam. Detective Gernandt heeft zo zijn eigen manier van verhoren, die jammer genoeg niet leidt tot het vinden van de dader. Hij draagt daarom gefrustreerd en moegestreden het dossier over aan jou, de luisteraar. In dit dossier zitten de verhoren met de vijf verdachten, een reconstructie van de avond en andere zinnige of zinloze observaties. Jij kan op basis hiervan de zaak misschien wél oplossen. Help Tygo, vul jouw antwoorden in op en maak kans op 10.000 euro.

Pælen i Kødet
Den store danske filosof og teolog Søren Kierkegaard har efterladt en tekst, gemt i et gammelt chatol. Indholdet af denne tekst kunne være skæbnesvanger for forståelsen af Søren Kierkegaards værker og derfor har en gruppe mennesker dannet en hemmelig loge, med det formål at holde teksten hemmelig. Men en dag bliver teksterne fundet og en række mord begynder at plage Kierkegaards venner. Nikolai Meier - Morten Andersen Thunbo Charlotte Kold - Stine Ruge Tone Carlheim - Christina Selden Niels Cappelørn - Michael Lindvad Peter Tudvad - Thomas Kirk Pia Søltoft - Anne Agerbech Joakim Garff - Poul Peter Nicolai Jarlskov Steffen Jensen - Kim Øverup Komponist - August Sebastian Bager Teknik - Tem Stiggaard Almgren-Hansen Instruktion og Produktion - Brødrene Jarlskov For flere radiodramaer og lydfortællinger af højeste kvalitet, gå til

Stevens & Smith
Stevens and Smith is an audio drama that follows detective Scott Stevens & Grace Smith as they work together, alongside Scotland Yard to uncover the truth about cases around London.

Dawn Falls
Join Private Investigator Audrey Barton on her hunt for answers in this supernatural murder mystery. Set in a remote Australian mountain town, with dark shadows lurking in it's past.

Código U99
Cuando las posibilidades parecen ser pocas… Las unidades policiacas y de investigación están listas para resolver problemas y hacer justicia. Protagonizado por Matilde Castañeda, Alejandra Corman y Juan Pedro Román.

Motive Unknown
A Cyberpunk murder mystery following Detective Derek Reyne as he tracks down a mysterious killer operating outside of the cities rules. Working with contacts old and new, Reyne works to try and understand and stop the murderer, while coming to grips with his own growing nihilism.

Audio of the Arcane presents Breanna's Haven
"If you wish to know where you came from, arrive at Breanna’s Haven before August One."Tamsin receives a mysterious postcard in the mail. Having no idea as to who her parents are or what her parents are, she decides to take a risk and travel to Breanna's Haven, a Midwestern town with a "supposed" history involving magic, Monsters, and all things supernatural. With best friend Lena tagging along (who also has questions of her own) and a handy dandy tape recorder to keep a record of what may or may not happen to them on their journey, the two of them take a road trip and eventually arrive at Breanna's Haven. However, getting those answers will not be as easy as they might think, and the two of them end up becoming a part of something bigger than either of them could have imagined.

Trailer Talk
Comedic mystery about two friends starting a podcast, but before they can record the first episode one of them vanishes. Will you help Tony find Raj?

De Rampnacht
In deze spannende jeugdpodcast ontdekt de 12-jarige Janna (Lieve van Leeuwen) dat haar opa Pieter (Aus Greidanus sr.) nog steeds worstelt met een fatale beslissing in de nacht van de Watersnoodramp. Als een detective gaat ze op zoek. Zal Janna zijn geheim ontdekken?

Lucidus Somnia
Government experiments on unassuming persons have fanned the flames of conspiracy theories since the 19th century, but two teenagers have a first-hand account of an incident that forever changed their lives. Set in 1991, Lucidus Somnia tells the tale of Kendra and Michael, who escaped the clutches of a government research program designed to study children who possess a rare phenomenon called ”the three Ts” - telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation. This is a story about their mission to right the injustices of the world. Lucidus Somnia is a serial science-fiction podcast that blends the coming-of-age elements of ”Beverly Hills, 90210” and the mystery of the ”X-Files.”

Yo Soy Belinda: The Belinda The Housekeeper Story
A fictional true crime series written, produced and voiced by Lisa Timmons in the voice of Gwyneth Palcho, a completely fictional character, who in no way resembles a certain Hollywood actress with a similar sounding name, who may or may not have had something to do with the disappearance and possible murder of her housekeeper, Belinda.

The Holland Case
In the town of Whitmen Falls, resident Clara Holland is found dead in the woods. Desperate to help her best friend through the loss of her mom, sixteen-year-old Charlotte Miller calls the sheriff's daughter to look into the case, but the more they look into it, the deeper the case gets.

Morland P.I.
From the team behind Murray Mysteries, Morland PI is a queer love story full of mystery, adapted from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. Kit Morland, true crime podcaster and wannabe heroine, is dying for some excitement. When her neighbours offer to take her on a trip to Bath, site of the famous Chawton Murders, she knows this is her chance to investigate the unsolved mystery. But from boisterous siblings to intriguing women with an eye for fabrics, Kit's new environment is full of distractions.

Paul Temple und der Fall Valentine – Hörspiel-Serie von Francis Durbridge
London, 1946: Seit einigen Wochen wird das Westend von einer geheimnisvollen Selbstmordserie junger Frauen erschüttert. Scotland Yard ist ratlos. und kann nur herausfinden, dass es wohl um Drogen und einen geheimnisvollen Hintermann namens Valentine geht. Es gibt zahllose Verdächtige und undurchsichtige Gestalten und der gefährliche Unbekannte schlägt immer wieder zu… Für Sir Graham Forbes ist eines klar: Das ist ein Fall für Paul Temple! Der bekannte Detektiv und Schriftsteller ist zunächst jedoch gar nicht daran interessiert. Erst als eine junge Frau spurlos aus seinem Wagen verschwindet, lässt er sich doch überreden. Eine spannende Kriminal-Hörspiel-Serie in 8 Teilen von Bremen Zwei.

DreamLab - ein NDR Fiction-Podcast
Bei einem tragischen Zwischenfall in einem Schlaflabor kommen die leitende Wissenschaftlerin und Proband:innen ums Leben. Die Überlebenden sind schwer traumatisiert und verlieren den Verstand. Psychologin Lina versucht, Licht in die Vorfälle zu bringen. Doch mächtige Gegenspieler wollen verhindern, dass die Wahrheit aufgedeckt wird. "DreamLab" ist ein NDR Fiction-Podcast von Rhea Schmid und Thomas Kornmaier. Mit Matthias Matschke, Annette Frier und Luise Helm, der deutschen Stimme von Scarlett Johansson.

Un hombre ha aparecido descuartizado, cocinado y dispuesto en la mesa como en una cena de navidad. La Inspectora Vila hará todo lo posible para resolver este caso. Ninguna pista aparente, muchos secretos salen a la luz, rencillas del pasado florecen de nuevo y una víctima con muchos frentes abiertos en LA CENA.

Fake True Crime
The truth has a ring to it. In this bone chilling podcast, serial podcasters Jonathan Stohler and Preston Gregory LePage the first will travel across the country to solve the most horrifying, terrible, dangerous fake true crimes and will not stop until the victims families are rewarded(in spirit.) There are no limits to what these two men won't do to catch the killer and entertain you at the same time in a short format podcast. Beware, excitement and life changing advice awaits!

Detective Bryan
I Miniature - et kaotisk sted, fyldt med tosser og godtfolk - hvor græsset ikke er grønnere, og fuglene sjældent synger om sommeren - forsøger helte-detektiven Bryan, at opklare sager, som politiet skal bruge hjælp til. Men kan Bryan holde snor i det hele, og sikre Miniatures velbefindende - når korruption, bedrageri, og grådighed er konstitutionelle borgerrettigheder..? Lyt med og få svar.

Audio Fiction Drama – A Quirky Female-Led Comedy/Crime Series. Premise: Four New York City women have a group mid-life crisis when a bagman friend involves them in a jewelry smuggling sting.

Dandy Chase & The Abominable Case
In this surreal tale, disoriented detective Dandy Chase attempts to remember where he was last night as the ensuing events continue to become more and more muddled.

Et si d’ailleurs j’étais d’ici
Sébastien Chaumont est un retraité français ; Mahdi Farah, un migrant somalien. A priori, rien ne les prédispose à se rencontrer et encore moins à devenir amis. Ils vivent pourtant dans la même ville, à la Roche-sur-Yon. Mahdi participe depuis quelques mois à des ateliers de soutien pour réfugiés et puis … un jour … il disparaît sans laisser de traces. Il paraît que cela arrive parfois. Mais ce qui arrive moins souvent, c’est que le retraité français parte à la recherche du jeune somalien. « Et si d’ailleurs j’étais d’ici » est l’histoire de cette quête.

Hanna ist 27, erfolgreich, einsam und überfordert. Und sie hütet ein Geheimnis: Hanna ist nie allein. Seit Jahren wird sie begleitet von “Sam” - einem Wesen in ihrem Kopf, das niemand außer ihr hören kann. Egal ob Hanna als Psychologin Verbrecher befragt oder versucht, private Kontakte zu knüpfen - immer ist Sam in ihrem Kopf. Als Hanna plötzlich eine unheimliche Nachricht erreicht, entscheidet sie sich endlich, nach der Wahrheit zu suchen. Wer ist Sam wirklich? Was hat er vor? Und wohin führt die Spur der Flüsterwelt? Flüsterwelt erzählt die spannende Mystery-Crime-Geschichte rund um Hanna und die Stimme in ihrem Kopf, mit einer neuen Folge jeden Sonntag. Und mit “jeden Sonntag” meinen wir JEDEN Sonntag. Flüsterwelt ist das erste Fiction Format, das always on ist. Das Ende steht nicht fest. Flüsterwelt ist eine Produktion von Podstars by OMR. In den Hauptrollen: Isabella Wolf, Cristina do Rego, Andreas Thiele und Benedict Sieverding.

Un joven que huye de su pasado es testigo involuntario de crímenes que una hermandad secreta lleva siglos cometiendo; atrapado en un torbellino de muerte en las oscuras calles del bajo mundo de Madrid, pronto descubrirá que el origen de su misterioso pasado se relaciona con una conspiración que la Iglesia ha ocultado desde sus inicios. Inferno es la puerta al mundo de la literatura fantástica latinoamericana; es una mezcla adictiva de horror gótico, traiciones, personajes oscuros y giros inesperados que atrapa al lector en un thriller en el que nadie está a salvo.

Timothy Truckle ermittelt | SciFi-Krimi-Serie mit Matthias Matschke
Chicago Mitte des 21. Jahrhunderts. Timothy "Tiny" Truckle gilt als bester und eigenwilligster Privatdetektiv der USA. In einer Welt á la 1984 ermittelt er für die oberen Zehntausend. Wenn es geboten scheint, die Polizei aus dem Spiel zu lassen, wendet man sich vertrauensvoll an ihn. Zusammen mit seinem altehrwürdigen Computer "Napoleon" löst er kuriose Kriminalfälle. Ausgedacht hat sich die zu Grunde liegenden Kurzgeschichten der Schriftsteller Gert Prokop bereits in den 1970er- und 80er-Jahren. Sie waren Publikumserfolge in der DDR. Vieles von dem, was sich damals als spekulative Dystopie las, scheint heute bedrohlich nah.

The Jackson Nash Mysteries
Join us for "The Jackson Nash Mysteries" by Beth Milligan as we follow Jackson starting with his first day on the job as a letter carrier. That's the day he meets Liz. The day he finds a body in the dropbox. Trouble keeps following him on his route, as Jackson seems to spend more time solving mysteries than he does delivering the mail. Set in the early 1990’s and inspired by CBC radio mysteries from that decade, each episode will have the listening audience clamoring for more.

Bisikan Kerajaan Langit
Sara, seorang wartawan bermula menyiasat suatu insiden yang pelik apabila influencer, Ryan Durden menyiarkan pencerobohan haramnya di perkarangan Kerajaan Langit yang sudah lama ditinggalkan. Ryan menemui pita kaset dengan rakaman luar biasa di dalam tiga rumah anak patung kayu. Siapa yang merakam kaset itu dan apa matlamatnya? Dalam penyiasatannya, Sara disertai oleh pelbagai pihak termasuk Salmah seorang penghuni perkampungan Kerajaan Langit dan Inspektor Yusuf, seorang pegawai polis dengan cita-cita yang besar. Semakin mendalam Sara menyiasat kes ini, semakin dia meletakkan dirinya dalam bahaya dari sasaran yang dia tidak dapat bayangkan. Bisikan Kerajaan Langit adalah hasil fiksyen yang sedikit sebanyak diolah daripada peristiwa bersejarah.

Forever Club - Mystery-Hörspiel-Podcast
Eine Mystery-Serie, wie es sie im Hörspiel noch nicht gab. Mica ist 17 und wird aufs Internat nach Bayern geschickt, um endlich mit dem Leben klar zu kommen. Doch erst durch vier neue Freunde mit Hang zu 90s Music und durch seltsame Ereignisse lernt sie wirklich, mit ihren Problemen umzugehen. In 20 Folgen erzählt der Hörspiel-Podcast die Geschichte des "Forever Club".

An audio drama following Murphy, Jack, and Elliot as they travel across the UK and Europe in search of creatures from folktales. Soon they realize something dark is at work, and must find the source before it's too late.

Audio Serie EL ESPEJO.
Una historia original escrita por los creadores del podcast "Historias camaleónicas". Karen llega a una empresa a un nuevo trabajo, pero es testigo de un crimen que observa a través de un espejo.

Saratoga Lights
Saratoga Lights is a noir-western tale of crime and vengeance in rural Texas, told episodically. Created by Randall LaRue and Matthew David Rudd.

The Starport Inn
Federal Agent Weaver is sent to investigate strange disappearances in a quiet coastal town in North Carolina.

The Brotherhood
A man gets his peaceful life ripped apart when his wife is kidnapped for unknown reasons. The Brotherhood is a crime thriller audio drama in three episodes, geared towards anyone who loves a good story. Sit back and listen - for not everything is as it seems.

Better Men Elsewhere
Better Men Elsewhere is a gothic American thriller with elements of magical realism. Follow Jason Miranda, a prisoner sentenced to the mysterious mountain town of Coventry for 10 years for his crimes. Coventry is not your usual town and it is not your usual prison. While the townsfolk must cope with a convicted criminal in their midst as part of this unconventional arrangement, Jason must also have his wits about him as he traverses this even stranger, upside down and mysterious corner of the world.

"Dingus" is a six-part radio drama produced by CBS and recorded at the height of the 1943 flu pandemic that swept through Hollywood. Denied of a marquee cast and blighted by a curious obsession with the object that drives its narrative, this innovative and formally-reflexive oddity disappeared almost completely without trace. In 2010 artist Mike Cooter set out to find and rehabilitate this elusive artefact, initiating a 12-year journey that now culminates in the re-emergence of "Dingus," his first major work for radio. Ostensibly a detective drama, taking its name from an American colloquialism for an object without name or of indistinct identity (from the German ‘ding’ / ‘thing’), "Dingus" emerges across six episodes and a supplementary documentary as a rumination on objecthood itself: how we claim to understand some-thing, and the effects that it might have. At once both utilising and unpicking the narrative conceit of the MacGuffin, "Dingus" can be heard to reverse the logic of an object that serves to drive a narrative, functioning instead as an armature for the mysterious artefact at its heart: the MacGuffin as sculpture. "Dingus" was commissioned by Resonance FM.

Red Meat Village
Destiny is missing. In the most dangerous neighborhood in New York City. The only men who can find her are private investigator Tony and the pro boxer who moonlights as his partner, Reggie. Destiny's sister, Lisa, asks Tony to find her, but clearly knows more about the situation than she lets on. Tony might not be the most impartial, because he's in love with Lisa, a married woman. And it all seems to be somehow connected to an underworld drug heist of cocaine worth millions.

The Nightstar Specters
In October of 1929, a witless vampire and a pompous detective set out to prove their intelligence by solving a bloodsucking murder in the hamlet of Nightstar, NY. It's a mysterious mystery that's not really about the mystery.

The Dick Cycle
A murder mystery comedy where detectives keep getting knocked off one after another, after another...until the sidekick is left to solve the puzzle in this absurd fiction podcast.

País do Futuro 2024
Brasil. 2024. O recluso e instável detetive de dados S1lv4 começa a investigar a conduta anormal de uma influenciadora, mas se deparada com um caso bizarro e cheio de reviravoltas, envolvendo grupos anticristãos e o submundo da deep web. Com a ajuda da determinada jornalista Mônica Persegona, ele precisará enfrentar fantasmas do passado e solucionar o mistério para salvar a garota.

Atwood Manor
Tera and Adam just wanted their families to get along for one weekend, so they could finally have their wedding. But when death becomes an uninvited guest, and a storm traps the feuding families in their island mansion together, will they survive? What secrets will be told? What lies revealed? How many people will die before this weekend ends? In this 1950s murder mystery, no one is safe.

Hit Replay
Haiden Buxley is (not) dealing well with the sudden disappearance of their roommate and best friend, Riley Jenkins. Told through a series of voicemail calls and audio recordings, Haiden starts to realise that there’s more to Riley’s vanishing act than meets the eye. On Riley’s end, she's writing letters she will never send to Haiden, trying to explain why she disappeared and the danger the two friends are in...

Records from the Reaver
In a world where magic has always existed and the government listens to your every word, the crew of the Reaver can’t escape their own teenage nonsense. But when a rebel stowaway is found aboard the Reaver, and interpersonal drama gives way to intergalactic schemes, what will the crew do? And how will this exposure to the dystopian reality they live in change who they are?

Sorry Charlie Miller
Help! Charlie Miller, a D-list reality TV star with a rabid fan base, has just gone missing off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. On the case are Mark Green, a deskbound police department employee with an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity gossip, and Tiana Jones (Michelle Buteau), his no-nonsense colleague. After Mark and Tiana pose as detectives to find Charlie, the case gains national media attention, and the two quickly find themselves in a firestorm of basic bitches, gun-toting bookies, and cutthroat momagers.Sorry Charlie Miller is a Tik Tok era mystery with twists, turns, and a whole lot of questionable fashion choices. It takes place in Florida, hello.

ICE-CREAM is a psychological thriller that follows 14 year old, Elgin Foster, who spends the summer of 1988 with his younger brother, Dustin at his newly divorced father's house in Arizona. Not long after arriving, he begins to witness children being abducted by the local ice-cream truck man. Nobody believes Elgin, not even the local police, which leads him to question if what he saw was real. The listener will follow along as Elgin and neighbor Olivia, do their own investigation to try and uncover who the ice-cream truck man really is and what he is doing to these missing children...

Doorway To Nightmare
Explore the terrifying world of your own imagination with our full cast audio productions of mystery, horror, and suspense. An homage to golden age of radio terror where monsters lurk, hiding in the dark, and invading your dreams. Come with us through the Doorway To Nightmare and find out where your mind will take you.

Fawx & Stallion
London, 1889. When the residents of 221B Baker Street leave town for the weekend to solve one of their most famous cases, no one is left to clear a poor housekeeper’s name of a crime she didn’t commit. Well, no one except for their neighbors at 224B…

Mansfield Mysteries
Martinis, Motives, and Murder. Mansfield Mysteries is a satirical, cozy murder whodunit, featuring the inquisitive, martini-loving socialite Dorinda Mansfield. Set in quiet, affluent Berkshire Bay, and told over nine hilarious episodes, each three-chapter story finds Dorinda wrapped up in a new murder. With the help of her devoted daughter, Stacey—as well as the occasional frenemy—Dorinda digs for clues, navigates Berkshire Bay’s elite social circles, and sifts through years’ worth of grudges and motives. In this company town, no one can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. Whether at the Labor Day Extravaganza, the Halloween Tennis Club Open, or secret karaoke night, Dorinda sets out to find the real killer before they get away with murder… Just as soon as she orders her martini!

The Mystery Lane
We bring you fictional stories filled with thrills and mysteries. We like to write our own stories inspired from day to day events. If you love suspense thrillers you have found the right place.

Strange Trails
Finn Mitchell and his best friend Omari Mason travel to a rural town in West Virginia to investigate folklore about a serial killer there known as the Shadow Man. Early on, they meet a local girl, Ava Cook, who has personal experience with the Shadow Man which reels them in to stay and find out more. They work together with her, and as they dig deeper they find more about the town than they’d anticipated. Welcome to Strange Trails, a fictional investigation based on the format and style of 'Serial'.

"Whodunnit?" is a podcast full of mystery, excitement, and murder. Put your detective skills to the test as you listen along and unmask the true killer. You think you're up for the challenge? You'll never guess "Whodunnit?"

Come one, come all to St. Valens - Crime capital and home to some of the world's sleaziest crooks, most deadly assassins' and strangest yet most competitive crime syndicates you'll ever see. Aphrodisiac cartels fight a vigilante crusade against foes of mythical and legendary proportion, in this little town for the odd, the unloved, and the toughened. An 18+ indie radio show about gun-smoke, cherubs, hedonism and violence.

My Fathers Ashes
Ellen O’Keefe is a an artist born and raised in the Midwest. When her wife gifts her a DNA test for Christmas, she learns far more than she anticipated about her father. Including the details of when her father attempted to murder his wife. This seems to be the least of the secrets her father was hiding. Before she knows it, Ellen is face to face with her fathers dark past, grappling with the consequences of the grisly discoveries she makes.

Rich: The Podcast
In 2005, Margaret Anjou made that fatal phone call, bringing the police a tale of corporate downfall, satanic murder, and two young children bundled away in the night never to be seen again. Nothing was ever done about it. So we're going to.

A small town journalist covers an unprecedented murder and must decide where her own story will take her.

The Chase
A fan-made project by a solo producer, sound engineer, and composer, ThaTricksta. Dive in and join Officer TRK in ThaTricksta’s all-new fictional audio series, The Chase, where he and his team tackle various crimes within the city of Los Santos and the state of San Andreas (from Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto V).

End of the Cornfield
End of the Cornfield is a 9-episode murder mystery series centering around six former high school classmates who reunite for a hometown softball alumni tournament. When the six head to the cornfield on Miller Road — their favorite high school spot for a night of drinking and catching up — it doesn’t take long before someone winds up…dead. With no clear motive and no one stepping forward, the five remaining classmates are thrown into a clusterfuck investigation among themselves.

Road X
Road X is a supernatural murder mystery audio drama podcast about a trio of friends who embark on a cross-country adventure to find a missing girl... and what they find lurking in the shadows.

High Scale Audio Theatre
Stories about fat people and their admirers.

Psychotic Gentleman
I’m Will Killue, the host of “Psychotic Gentleman.” I spill about unfortunate demises and my three-ring family circus. So, if vigilante justice with a side of snark and humor are your cup of tea, jump on board this crazy train for a wild ride.

Ciudad Mágica
Detrás de toda cara bonita se esconde un mar de intenciones. Tras enterarse de la desaparición de una joven cantante conocida como Vicky A, Carolina Echegui, una famosa presentadora de noticias, decide probarse como periodista y llegar hasta las últimas consecuencias para descubrir la verdad detrás de la repentina y misteriosa ausencia de Vicky. Conforme va desentramándose el caso, se revelarán oscuros secretos que mostrarán el lado sombrío de la industria musical. Protagonizada por Stephanie Cayo y Tessa Ía, Ciudad Mágica es una serie en podcast de música, crimen y traición, que te llevará a conocer los límites de la ambición y el resentimiento.

Calling From Elm Lake
An ongoing narrative fiction, blending elements of horror, mystery, and the unknown into an overarching story.

Death In Podville
The Fenland Film Initiative is a hub for making audio dramas and podcasts. Our first audio drama from the "Death in Podville" series is out now. – Series 1 – The Body in the Woods (2022) #TheBodyintheWoods Please subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest episodes. For more details on the shows visit our website:

When the first murderer in Silitra’s fifteen-year history is sentenced to hang, Alicia August, the town’s only journalist uncovers incongruencies in the case. In her search for answers, Alicia falls under the ire of authorities and must find the truth before they silence her for good. Everyone knows Ianderu killed Mate -- including Alicia -- so why is everyone lying? Tune in to Alicia August’s Pitchfork Broadcast as she tries to uncover what happened to the old world and uncover the truth about what’s left. See more at

The Dreamwalker’s Diary
Join teenage dreamwalker Seura Williams as she navigates her power and logs her dream travels in an audio journal, all while searching for someone important to her and being chased by a mysterious entity. For more information, visit

Audio Mystery Theatre
1950’s London. Felix Stone is an openly gay P.I. He is approached by a mysterious woman who pays him to shadow her husband. What at first seems to be a run of the mill adultery case, soon turns out to be much more serious. When the people involved in the case suddenly start dying around him, Felix finds himself embroiled in the world of cold war espionage and his own life is put in danger.

Where the Leaves Fall Purple
”What does where the leaves fall purple mean?” Ben Miller has a problem. He’s in his final year of university with nothing to show for it. His true crime podcast only has a handful of listeners and he’s starting to lose hope. His only true supporter is his best friend (and not-so secret crush) Janie, a drama student with aspirations of becoming an actress. When Ben’s gets it into his head that he needs an exclusive story to boost listenership, Ben asks Janie if she will become a “missing person” so he can document finding her on the podcast. Little does Ben know, his one act of deception will set off a dangerous chain reaction and spin a story that Ben isn’t sure he’s ready to tell.

We re-create lost episodes of the 1940s radio show, "HOT COPY" -- all adapted from the original scripts!

Hothouse Bruiser
After the outbreak of a virus that causes instant death, all of downtown Los Angeles is sealed in by an impenetrable wall, quarantining thousands of people inside "The Hothouse." Jason "Bruiser" Brusman is part detective, part Secret Service, part leg-breaker inside the powerful corporation that runs the Hothouse. With his family outside the walls, Bruiser's humanity hangs by a thread as he unravels the mysteries of this strange and violent city within a city.

7 Suspects
Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? And who murdered Aiden Croft? A new audio drama podcast from the creator of The Oasis Transmissions.

Badlands Cola | A Strange Audio Drama
Badlands Cola is a cinematic mystery/horror audio drama. In a desert town full of strange fossils and even stranger people, a hard-hearted PI and a broken-down radio DJ attempt to dig up the skeletal past of a cult before it can reform.

Burgess Springs
Welcome to Burgess Springs: a serialized podcast set in the foothills of rural Massachusetts. When a late-night radio host and an aspiring journalist set out to uncover the truth behind a mysterious voicemail, their journey unearths more than they imagined. Not all is as it seems in Burgess Springs. Find us on our website ( or on Twitter (@BurgessSprings).

A Date with Death
Helen Meeker has less than thirty days to stop the execution of an innocent pastor who has unbelievably confessed to being a Nazi spy. While on a case that has dynamic implications to uncovering an espionage ring operating on American and British soil, Helen defuses a hostage crisis in a bank robbery gone wrong, unearths an explosive coffin, and is introduced to a dead English hero who seems very much alive. The fate of an innocent girl and the world’s two most dynamic leaders depend upon Helen’s connecting cases before Wilbur Shellmeyer faces a firing squad, and Churchill and Roosevelt meet for a secret conference in upstate New York. Will Helen save the leader of the free world...or an innocent man scheduled to die to protect someone he loves?

The Aberrant Report
The Aberrant Report is an urban paranormal mystery (fiction) in the style of a radio drama. Junie Bahisa, a journalism student at Abbottsville University, starts investigating the death of Officer Craig Petra after an interview with his partner. But it's not just the case that's strange. Everyone she talks to to dig up more information leads her to believe that something is wrong with the town itself, and it might be supernatural. As she starts investigating paranormal events in the town, she begins to discover the secrets that lie in her college town and beyond.

Crooked River
CROOKED RIVER is a fictional podcast narrative that spans the five-year period between September 1934 and August 1939 in post-Prohibition Cleveland, Ohio at the height of the Great Depression. During this politically turbulent time, an elusive killer decapitated and dismembered thirteen victims—seven men and six women—all under the watch of newly appointed Public Safety Director Eliot Ness, the famed G-man from Al Capone’s Chicago glory days. The disturbing crimes, the setting, and the peripheral characters, suspects and cops are real—the two lead characters (the local cop and the Federal Agent) are fictional.

Title Work In Progress
Found footage where only audio could be recovered. In a small town a kid just went missing. The police have shoved it under a rug and Calum finds that to be very suspicious. He sneaks out of his house to investigate what might have happened. There is a reason you don't go alone into the woods. There is a reason why you ignore the talking in your walls. It's because you value safety. Calum doesn't.

Lost Lake
Can nobody hear me? Hello? My name is Ben. I’ve been trying to broadcast all over the internet. I’m not receiving feedback from the outside world. I also keep getting bizarre audio clips coming from inside Lost Lake. Really strange things keep happening to me. Please someone help.

In a near dystopian future four teenage friends (Manuel, Joana, Leticia and Alejandro) grow weary of the technocracy that controls their every movement. To escape the monotony, the four of them escape to the desert to bond with each other, and the universe under the influence of psychedelic drugs. In the desert, the drugs open new doors of perception for the teens, but when the drugs wear off they discover they have been abandoned, and that their group is incomplete. Manuel has gone missing. Twenty years later, nearing the anniversary of that fateful night, Joana awakens to nightmares of Manuel, and soon begins seeing him throughout town. But Manuel hasn’t aged. He’s the same 15 year old boy he was that night in the desert. Even if it risks everything she has spent so long regaining, Joana must know what happened to Manuel. Joining with her fellow survivors from that night, the trio take us on a thrill ride through a dystopian future where the only safe harbor is on our minds.

The Low Light Narrated Drama Podcast
Meet the neighbours of Lower Leigh - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious. There is everything and nothing humdrum about these folk, puttering about their little lives or making trouble as they will. And of course, there are those among them who gaze out into the low light and begin to imagine a different world...sometimes with interesting consequences. Recommended to listen in episode order. An ongoing narrated audio-drama with a touch of the dark, set in a northern town. Written, narrated and produced by Melanie Crawley for Crawley Voice Studio.

The House of Consternation
Journalist Eric Baker has been missing since 2018. Recently there has been tapes of recordings of Eric Baker, and his discovery of a house that questions his reality whether or not it's alive.

Sam, a journalist and a radio personality works for the same government that killed his friend while investigating a trafficking case years ago before launching this show. Sam Talks is a show that presents to you discussions on different mysterious murders occuring in the fictional city of ÓÒSA. The murder cases brought on the show are disturbing cases with mysterious killers and brutal murder of the victims of each case. Welcome to Sam Talks, ”hopefully don’t die mysteriously.”

Late-Night Cabal
Those who listened to pirate radio frequencies in the 1980s may have heard rumours of a man known only as "The Host", who for a brief time broadcast his mysterious show Late-Night Cabal, to listeners across the USA. The show claimed to be a definitive documentary work chronicling the history of the infamous cult, The Children of the Empty Throne. Many thought the show lost to history, until two years ago, when a collection of recorded episodes were discovered in a Chicago attic. They are now listenable for the first time in almost 40 years. See the cast at

The Watch
An audio drama original series podcast that follows members of the Milwaukee Police Department as they deal with life on and off the job.

His House | An Audio Drama
A Cthulhu-based murder mystery about a recently widowed homicide detective, Ethan Eckhard, who is placed on a case that mimics the brutal unsolved murder of his wife.  Eckhard must bend police protocol to find answers before the murderer takes yet another innocent victim.

The notorious serial arsonist, Blake Kennedy, is about to go on trial for his crimes. Jordan Everett, a former firefighter turned journalist, is tasked with reporting on the case. She tries to be unbiased while uncovering Kennedy’s motive, but she’s convinced there’s something more. The lighter Kennedy carried sparks a new investigation into more than just one serial arsonist, and Jordan has to choose between a safe life with her wife, and her old oath to protect her community.

Tequila AF
Five friends... One night out... And a decision that will haunt them forever. How much can friendship actually survive?

The Disappearance of Olivia Perry
The host of a True Crime Podcast is kidnapped and continues to do her podcast through the bizarre and scary world in her journey.

Don't Mind
From the creators of The White Vault and Dark Dice comes a new tale of mystery. After his brother, Colin, goes missing on a UK road trip, American Neal leaves his comfort zone in search of Colin at is last known location; Cruxmont, UK. There, Neal meets Dr. Kingston, a neurologist with her own goal in mind; finding the source of an unrecognizable miracle.

Sherlock Holmes
Adaptations and original stories featuring the adventures of that most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

The Forgotten Room
A modern old-time style mystery/suspense/sci-fi/horror radio play program. Produced in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Suspense, Dimension X, The Sealed Book, Exploring Tomorrow, CBS Theater, The Hermit's Cave, The Creaking Door, Lights Out, The Zero Hour etc.

Bond Beyond Death
Ex-detectives Frank and Lilah must team up to investigate an unusual case in this mystery thriller audio drama podcast. Violence and Language present, intended for teen-mature audiences.

Liminal Criminals: A Fake Crime Podcast
Liminal Criminals is a fictionalized true-crime podcast detailing the bizarre, egregious, and completely fake exploits of the world's most notorious, and most nonexistent, people. It updates monthly. Find us on Twitter at:

The O Line Mysteries
The 46 episode reboot of Billibatt Productions 2008 podcast serial. “Plopped down in the middle of the San Francisco Bay sits Ohlone Island, with its quiet streets, Victorian homes, and well behaved Palm Trees – a positively idyllic setting teeming with mystery.” Lorna Tollison, a recent addition to the island from the East Coast, is a writer for the internet with A LOT of time on her hands. Her unruly curiosity about Ohlone Island’s insular society and its locals pulls her into the absurd and seedy underbelly of this quaint island city. Each week finds Lorna and her friends deep into a mystery that boils up into a smoldering confrontation pie with the local inhabitants.

When Gerald Hayes witnesses his teenage son Niles’s brutal beating by police officers, a split-second decision leads him to being barricaded in friend Jayce’s nearby restaurant with one of the officers, Sergeant Place. As the situation deteriorates and the press paints Niles as the offender, Gerald fights for justice for his son using the one tool at his disposal in that moment – social media. Told through the lens of an investigative journalist, Kate Bell takes us back to that fateful afternoon and its aftermath a year later through interviews, found surveillance footage and more.

Subsister: A Real Podcast
What is the secret behind Subsister? Where did the podcasts come from? What is real? This is Subsister: A Real Podcast

Bone Marry Bury
2021 was the worst year of Allie’s life: she was fired from her stupid waitressing job, dumped by a guy she was pity-f*cking, and evicted from her apartment. This is NOT how she thought life would look at 26. On New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and leave this mess of a year behind. 2022 is going to be her year, she can just feel it! Spoiler: it’s definitely not going to be her year. But this party is still important: Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party. Starring Sarah Hyland and Harvey Guillén, "Bone Marry Bury" is the raunchy reverse whodunnit you didn't know you needed. Ready to play?

Ultime Dernière Vengeance de la Mort VII
Dans le petit village de Baltringnac, le samedi 13 Juillet 2013, 2 inspecteurs sont appelés pour un décès suspect.

Maxine Miles
A young adult whodunit with a choose-your-own-adventure twist from audio drama creator Lauren Shippen. It’s the fall of 1997 in Hastings, New Hampshire and autumn is the time of year this small town shines. Apple cider, pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets...its idyllic New England. Picturesque, plaid-filled, and, for fifteen-year-old, Maxine Miles, plodding. Suddenly, Max’s school year starts to look a bit more interesting when a fellow student vanishes. With the help of her misanthropic classmate, Ross, Max starts to look into the disappearance. Her investigation draws her deep into the dark woods around Hastings and even deeper into the secrets and lies that course through the veins of this sleepy town. This new YA mystery from creator of The Bright Sessions and writer of Bridgewater, Lauren Shippen, is an audio drama with heart and wit that involves the audience in a way no fiction podcast ever has. Produced by Atypical Artists and iHeartRadio. Follow @atypicalartists on Twitter and Instagram and visit for more information.

The Soft-Boiled Detective
In 2420, HBD, a soft-hearted detective, teams up with Tiffany, a sardonic crematory operator who is targeted by the Triad, to take on an organized crime dynasty to solve the murder of his childhood friend.

Search - created and written by Chris Patrick. "Where did they go?" When journalist Matt McNair receives footage of a mysterious figure appearing throughout Scotland, he travels the country to investigate the mystery, and discovers Scotland's untold secrets, including the truth of his fathers disappearance many years before. What Matt uncovers is only the beginning, and there's no going back. The search begins - subscribe, follow and get ready for a new mystery. For more info, go to:

A new quick-witted mystery from the makers of Blackout and The Left Right Game, Classified follows Ivan Harris, a slightly paranoid smooth talker who finds himself trapped in the mysterious Ravenholm Institute. Ivan claims to be sane, but his cries are ignored by the imposing Doctor Bell, who insists that Ivan be treated until he’s free of his delusions. While enduring painful procedures and under the heavy watch of the attendants, Ivan formulates a plan of escape with the other patients. Ivan yearns to get back to his partner, Odessa, but does she even exist? Is Ivan really a trained killer? He is planning his escape with the help of his imaginary friend Lark, so what is actually going on? And What does Ravenholm have to do with it all? Tune in to find out what happens to Ivan and his fellow band of misfits.

Dreadwood Press Radio
At Dreadwood Press Radio our nightly hosts take the most cut-throat journalism job out there. Each night a new host takes over the show for their final confession only to be killed at the end by their successor. It's more glamorous than prison, folks! (And cheaper too).

Burning Bayou
Burning Bayou is a narrative crime mystery series about the epic hunt for the killer of two teen boys in a fishing community ripped apart by a race war between newly-arrived Vietnamese refugees and local fishing laborers. Set outside New Orleans in the '80s, the podcast follows Cheryl Carter, a rookie FBI agent and Vietnamese adoptee to a white American family, and her partner Mac Watson, a Black special agent and a Vietnam War veteran, as they investigate this volatile case that changes the lives of everyone in the Gulf town... including their own.

Val Toby
Val Toby : A Goldie Malone Mystery. Audio Drama from SizzCast

Diabolical Tales Radio Hour
Exciting stories of dangerous intrigue, fantastic adventure and sinister circumstance!

Mask My Soul
After a near fatal attack, Veronica Kilter is taken under the wing of an underground cyber criminal who is known as The Master. He trains her to carry out his elaborate heists, which leaves Veronica living a dangerous double life as an artist by day but a highly trained criminal by night. She accepts the life she leads until she falls in love with a man who makes her question it all.

Annie Warbucks and Agatha Hannigan, two names forever connected by events that made one of them the richest girl in the world…and sent the other to prison. Tomorrow is an original, scripted series set in a post-pandemic New York City, five years after “little orphan” Annie was adopted by billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Lance Reddick, The Wire, Fringe). Now 15, Annie (Abbie Grace Levi), a singer-songwriter/influencer extraordinaire, is about to face the biggest test of her signature positivity when a mystery rocks the Warbucks empire. Annie must rely on her pals from the orphanage, Molly, Tessie and Pepper, and her artificial intelligence “butler” Drake (Alan Ruck, Succession) to save her family. Agatha Hannigan (Tony Award winner Laura Benanti) has spent five years in prison, revisiting her bad choices and stewing about the billionaire and his adopted daughter who put her behind bars. Finally released back into society, Hannigan will have to decide: Does she want to turn her life around, or does she want revenge? From Gen-Z Media, creators of the Peabody Award-winning The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel and the hit family podcast, Six Minutes, Tomorrow combines the heart, humor and hope of the original stage play with elements of serialized mystery and high stakes adventure. Featuring fresh takes on beloved songs and a star-studded cast, it’s a modern story for all the many generations who grew up on “Annie.” Created and produced by David Kreizman, Ben Strouse and Chris Tarry at Gen-Z Media. Story by David Kreizman and Ben Strouse. Written by David Kreizman, Ben Strouse, Donna Swajeski and Marla Kanelos. Producer: Claire McClanahan. Original music and arrangements by Chris Tarry, Jennifer Rowekamp, and David Molloy. Sound design, mixing, and editing by Chris Tarry with voice editing and additional sound design by Darian Newsome. Annie vocals by Haley Klinkhammer. Directed by David Kreizman and Claire McClanahan. Additional voice direction by Michelle Tattenbaum. Based on story and characters from the musical “Annie” by Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin and Thomas Meehan.

Shamus: A Hardboiled Detective Podcast
Haunted by the ghosts of his recent past, PI Hunter James leaves Pensacola, Florida, in the hopes of finding the means to start a new life in South America. The problem is there are ghosts on whatever path he takes.

The Hacker Chronicles
Meet Alice -- a burnt-out barista who turns to the Dark Web to pay off her student debt. When she attempts her first-ever cyber crime, everything goes according to plan -- until she is pulled in deeper than she could have ever imagined. Can Alice get out before it’s too late?

Argon | A Tech Noir Thriller
Detective Patrick Dale and Police Chief Olivia Shepherd investigate the strange and unusual in the dangerous future metropolis of New Toska. Surrounded by an unrelenting ice storm that pummels the globe, the inhabitants of New Toska depend on an amazing scientific advancement to keep them safe. But while Dale and Shepherd confront bizarre new adversaries, hidden forces are working to undermine them and the safety of the city. Argon is a serialized science fiction tech noir thriller from Jeannie Floyd and Ambermane Media.

Tomorrow's a New Day
Tomorrow's a New Day revolves around the lives of the fictional residents of Old Cove. Follow the Abernathy family as they experience love, triumphs and tragedies.

Finding Penny
The year is 1990. Willowdale, a small town in Texas, is faced with its biggest mystery of all time. The disappearance of one of their Highschool seniors Penny. Can her girlfriend Maribelle save her before it’s too late?

On the night of his execution, one of the most notorious serial killers in United States history is presented with the opportunity to give one final interview on live television. How did a gentle Arizona boy come to be a broken man on Death Row?

Death Tracks
A series of murder mysteries set in the late 1940s. Let Death Tracks whisk you across the United Kingdom, through the Continent and beyond. Led by our intrepid sleuths Ginger and Vita, the couples hilarious antics include solving the murder of a country vicar on a train to the West Country, A chamber maid in the Austrian Alps and a Games Mistress in the Highlands of Scotland.

Mahalo With A Bullet
In 2018, the FBI ran a sprawling surveillance operation into suspected contract killer Richard "Rico" Sanders and his employer Frank Litvak's extensive criminal operation. When Rico was dispatched to Hawaii to kill a fence who had stolen an invaluable piece of jewelry from Litvak, everything that could go wrong, did. These are the FBI surveillance tapes. Starring Breaking Bad's Dean Norris.

Meia-Noite - Um Podcast Musical
Meia-Noite: o último bar que restou na cidade de Vento Negro. Ponto de encontro dos notívagos, lar dos bêbados e refúgio dos amantes. Na sua última noite de funcionamento, um assassinato acontece. E mais outro. E mais outro. Três corpos sobre a mesa e nenhum delinquente a vista. Quem matou? E porque? Apurem os ouvidos, levantem os copos - e os corpos - e fiquem atentos. Saúde!

Whispers in the Cries
After the mysterious death of his grandfather, hotshot journalist Randy Conroy's life unravels in a web of mystery and horror when he learns that his hero--a WWII vet who has seen, first hand, the horrors of life and man--was confined to an asylum in the last weeks of his life; where he spoke of demonic entities, faceless spirits, and images depicting a black shadowed poltergeist in a top hat and grin. A grand man confined to an asylum where he carved and drew strange markings upon the floor, the ceiling, the walls; stories and tales told all leading to a ghost ship that has drank the most ancient of blood. Tasted the most ancient of flesh. A vessel that has now…awoken. Hunted by the shadowed entity of his grandfather’s past and its dark brethren of phantom wraiths, macabre menace, and demonic beasts, Randy Conroy must survive the nightmare his grandfather could not. All while asking YOU, my poor unfortunate listener, "Just how deep you're willing to go to unlock the mystery?

The Grimoire by Forteller
The Grimoire is a collection of Original feature-length, full-cast Audio Dramas, produced by Forteller. Each season brings an entirely new story, world, characters and genres to life for an incredible immersive story experience. Season 1 begins in the small town of Aurora Grove. Follow Magdalena and Scott as they traverse the nearby mountains in search of answers to why so many people are going missing in their quaint town. While investigating the range they discover something that the mining companies thought they had buried long ago...

The Weird
Out-of-work punk rock reporter Rebecca Lash pursues the truth behind a series of police shootouts revolving around a missing cult leader and the Homeland Security Agent who vanished while pursuing him.

I Still Think About You
Adam McClure, successful New York actor, revisits a haunting incident from his past. When coincidence brings an old friend back into his life, Adam fears for his new relationship, his sanity, and his life. Unsettling and mysterious, I Still Think About You is part mystery memoir, part psychological thriller, with twists and turns until the very end.

In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township, Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley. They remain missing to this day. Recently, their recordings appeared online. In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the recovered sound files. ”Tell me a story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley” is a serialized, found-footage, biweekly podcast. /// The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the podcasters and participants, and do not represent the official policy or position of the Iphigenia County Police Department of Porter Township, Pennsylvania or its associates.

Mortuus Est: Legacy
Breaking free, falling in love, and secrets and lies. Mortuus Est: Legacy is a new audio drama podcast that follows the aftermath of the death of Rafael Guerrero. His fiancée, Elaina, is left behind to pick up the pieces as her future becomes intertwined with his shadowed past.

What Happened in Skinner
In the fall of 2021, an obscure YouTube channel streamed what became the most talked-about mystery on the Internet. But what really happened that night? And how much deeper does the story go? Join Marlowe Verne, as she ventures out to the remote island of Skinner, Oregon in search of answers. Is “the Livestream” just another frightening video? Or is it the gateway to something much, much bigger?

Margate Murder Mystery
Tabitha and Tilly are Shoreditch ex-pats who have moved to Margate to set up a boutique AirB&B. This sort of thing doesn't actually exist but they won't let that stand in their way. Unfortunately they have the odd teething problem; the drains, finding their feet in a new town, accidentally murdering their first guest...

Be On The Lookout
An investigation into a podcast hosted by two alleged serial killers who explore stories of unsolved murders, missing persons, and unexplained happenings from around the country.

Simply to Die For
When a tree falls over the drive at the Annual Day Gala, friends, enemies, and lovers are all locked in a house together. Unfortunately, things take a turn when people start showing up dead. Guests, staff, and entertainment stumble through the night, attempting to avoid accusation and being the next one dead. But will they survive the night?

Canary P.I.
Canary P.I. is an anthology audio drama in a off kilter noir setting. With a horror twist, it likens back to The Twilight Zone, Tales of the Unexpected, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, One Step Beyond, etc in audio form!

St. Mary's School (for children with the stigmata)
Follow Florence, a now-adult alumna of St. Mary's School, who is still living with the literal and figurative scars from her time there. When a group of other students who have similarly scary experiences with the school appears online, Florence decides to dive deeper. What she finds is worse than she could have ever imagined.

Jackie the Ripper
The infamous Whitechapel murders, retold. A five-part comedy-drama.

To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger. Follow Eileen Castillo (Stephanie Beatriz), a rising star within the Texas Rangers, as she tries to solve the grisliest crimes in Austin. When a copycat killer emerges, ghosts from Eileen's past threaten to derail her career. But is it really just a copycat or did an innocent man get convicted decades earlier? Tejana is an original series from Sonoro and Telemundo.

L'ispettore Branchi
coloRadio si tinge di Giallo... l'ispettore Branchi sarà il protagonista di questa rubrica, si troverà ad affrontare sparizioni, misteri, complotti e tanto altro... ogni mese un nuovo episodio dove si alterneranno vari personaggi interpretati dai nostri ragazzi e tanti ospiti d'eccezione!!!

What would you do if your girlfriend was a werewolf? Kenni Monroe is forced to reconcile this question when her roommate goes missing and she's dragged down a lesbian werewolf rabbit hole of myth, legend, and prophecy.

VERDICT centers on a federal investigator Abigail Kaplan, who must unravel the mystery behind the murder of a star high school athlete in small town Texas. When the victim’s best friend confesses to the brutal crime that could land him on death row, Abigail must navigate small-town politics, the local police and the awesome power of the local Mega Church in order to uncover the shocking truth.

Believe Me Now
a fictional podcast about a fictional family divided by fictional satanism

The Death of Dr. Davidson
A 12 part audio drama Whodunnit starring a full cast of suspects! This homage to Agatha Christie and the greats of Golden Age detective fiction features 12 voice actors, sound effects and music to immerse you in the world of the 1930's. Fun fact - the cast did not know who did it until the very end.

What Happened to Henry?
Chip Checkers, an investigative reporter from Brooklyn, returns to his hometown of Doburn, Massachusetts to find out how his childhood friend ended up dead in a lake with severe head wounds. Follow Chip as his he attempts to uncover the truth, which puts him at the center of the investigation.

The Unnatural: An Audio Drama Podcast
When desecrated corpses begin appearing in a small town in New Mexico, a seasoned state police detective, his eager new partner, and a begrudging spiritual healer reopen a hate crime investigation to fight the unnatural presence hellbent on vengeance. The Unnatural puts a contemporary twist on the classic “creepy small town” trope by putting you in the shoes of two very different detectives as they investigate twisted and demonic murders that threaten the towns safety. They enlist the help of a curandera, or spiritual healer, to understand and ultimately fight the unnatural presence. Along the way they will uncover truths about the town and its people that have been buried for decades. Set in the real town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, this is a terrifying story about truth, love, and the choices we make everyday.

The Luchador: 1,000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte
The mighty Lucha Libre champion of Mexico City does battle in and out of the ring with deadly vampires, dangerous mobsters, and the ethical complications of maintaining a rigid moral philosophy. A biweekly fiction adventure series created by Daniel Valero Fletcher, starring a Latinx lead cast and special guest stars from the real world of professional wrestling.

90 Degrees South
Audio drama based at the South Pole’s Amundsen-Scott Station. When a murder takes place during the 7-months of isolation & winter darkness, a US Marshal is sent the following season to investigate. What he finds is more than a murder, and too impossible to believe.

Dirty Datuk
At first glance, Datuk H, the CEO of a public listed company seemed to be loved by all. But one day, he is discovered dead in the basement of his own mansion, his body surrounded by occult symbols. Inspector Murugan and PI Hisham Sabtu take us on an 8 episode roller coaster ride interviewing the suspects; Laila (Datuk's sister), Dr Nicholas (a colleague), Azman (the PA), Melody (the sugarbaby) and Devan (the activist). All of these suspects were the last people the Datuk saw on the day he died. So who killed him? Listen, share and subscribe and stay tuned to this riveting series!

Throughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world. In this noir-tinged hardboiled-crime anthology series, an assortment of people living on the fringes of respectable society, in locations across the world, find themselves caught up in nefarious plots far beyond their experience, caught in the nexus of history-making events. From a professional poker player trying to make up for past choices, to a bicycle messenger hoping to finish one last job, to a seasoned navigator piloting a ship through treacherous waters, and more, each must grapple with rapidly escalating peril, little realizing they are mere pawns in the grand schemes of an ominous council manipulating events behind the scenes: the omnipresent Quorum.

If I Go Missing the Witches Did It
Starring Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe: when a Black writer goes missing, a white podcast host with a savior complex takes up the cause of finding her—and collides with a coven of influencers she suspects are responsible. After a summer in Westchester soaking up how the other half lives, Jenna Clayton has vanished without a trace. The only clue: a set of voice memos detailing an investigation into a group of influencers she suspected were using magic to achieve their means. Elise Edgerton is outraged that no one has found Jenna yet, and decides to take up the cause. But despite believing she is using her platform for good, Elise’s mission threatens to turn her into an even worse villain than a witch: a white savior.

Sherry Zhang committed suicide in 1989. When she died, she left behind a baby daughter, a mysterious goodbye letter, and unbeknownst to her family, dozens of cassette tapes recording her innermost thoughts. Years later, Luisa, the child Sherry left behind, learns about these tapes and decides to finally get to know the mother she lost through her own words. But the more she listens, the more questions she has.

Fortællinger fra Stenbroen
Den bramfri og kaotiske rendestensridder, Babe, bliver hevet ind af Islænderkartellet for at opklare mordet på luderen Star Fox. Kartelkongen Hr. Jógvan er i knibe, da hans søn er sigtet for mordet og ønsker at præge politiets efterforskning via Babe, der allerede skylder kartellet penge. Babe får af vide, at hvis han ikke formår at opklare mordet, bliver han selv slået ihjel. Som assistent bliver han tildelt islænderen Arvídson, der samtidig skal sørge for, at han ikke stikker af. Men Babe er ikke en helt almindelig detektiv, og det finder islænderkartellet hurtigt ud af. For flere radiodramaer og lydfortællinger af højeste kvalitet, gå til

Beneath the Headlines
In this parody true crime podcast, uncover the truth behind the biggest stories you've never heard before. Featuring an ensemble cast, Beneath the Headlines guarantees the very best in fictional investigative reporting.

Project Foxtrot
After missing for five years, all is not what it seems when 13-year-old Blake Johnson reappears.

Who Killed Alaska?
A private detective and an eccentric stoner compete to solve a mysterious death. Join Boo & Denver for this charming adventure, full of friendship, threats, threats of friendship, and just a touch of witchcraft.

Who is Cam Candor?
The most prolific fiction podcaster of all time disappeared without a trace in December, 2020. Investigative journalist B.K. Will looks into the mystery of Cam Candor in a gripping documentary.

When one student is accused of being behind a major theft, it's up to intrepid reporter Aubrey Fisher and guy-who-does-sound-good Steve Jackson to find the truth, at all costs.

The Midnight Snack and Other Mysteries
The Midnight Snack is a true-crime comedy podcast that will take you on a journey of mystery and laughter. Let’s set the scene - The Midnight Snack is your classic food truck set up. Red Neon, Tin Walls with a lightbox for today’s specials. It’s parked on an empty parking lot on the outskirts of town. A town that never got a name. A town with secrets and shadows and this Food Truck that illuminates the unraveling minds of its citizens.

Jack Billings Presents: Haunted Apartment Complex
Abigail Reynolds and Michael Colby have a paranormal investigative podcast, because they live in an apartment building that is DEFINITELY haunted, but the owner of the building, Jack Billings has weaseled his way on to the podcast as well. See where this adventure takes our 3 heroes!

Halfmoon Chronicles
In November 1999, four friends set out to the small town of Halfmoon, Massachusetts, to investigate the mysterious disappearances and deaths that happen there.

The Conundrum of Cora Bay
The small Northern California town of Cora Bay: An ancient secret, a hidden legacy, and a terrifying future. Professor Bryan Keaton only wanted a tank of gas and a spare tire so he could get back on the road to his cushy new job in Portland. But this intriguing hamlet on the misty rock-strewn shores of the Pacific continues to draw him in...

Embergreen Bay
Adams wakes up on the beach of a mysterious island with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

Solitudinous Soliloquies
A man finds himself on an island he has no memory of going to. Luckily, he has exactly what he needs to survive.

the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder
Three friends - Alex, Charlotte, and Conner - start a podcast to cover their favorite stories involving true crime, survivorship, and heroism. The dive into these all-too-relevant cases brings to light their past trauma and the injustices they have faced and they discover first-hand what it means to be a hero. For the past year, over 20+ artists have been hard at work creating a musical audio drama entitled the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder. As a writing team, a group of artists collectively brought their favorite true crime cases to the table. With a lead writer for each episode, the team wrote a 6-episode series surrounding a group of friends and their quest to start their own podcast to tell these stories intentionally.

Pampas Plays
Pampas Plays are a collection of comedies and dramas produced for your enjoyment. We like to mix things up, so look out for something different every week

Higher Thoughts
Elevate your mind with divine meditations that will help you reflect on God’s word and help you ponder the questions that will only be answered on the other side of eternity.

Mysteries of Dr. John Thorndyke
Thorndyke is the original fictional forensic detective from the early 1900s. Using science to aid the art of detection; to bring criminals to justice.

Murder At Action Lanes
A high noire/low camp murder mystery radio show from Sundown Collaborative Theatre. This original tale is set in 1954, during the peak of the American obsession with ten-pin bowling before its rapid decline. When a gruesome murder occurs during a big tournament at Action Lanes, Detective Raymond Barros locks in the 14 people present at the dive to try and find the killer before his Sergeant comes to collect him in mere hours.

Who Killed Donald T. Johnson?
Scriptwriters and Actors from a dozen capital cities around the world claim to have killed this flamboyant, controversial end evil billionaire. So who is right?

Split Valley
A cryptic postcard lures two investigative podcast journalists to the second-smallest town in New York State. Listen to how the story unfolds in eight audio episodes.

Jack and Lou: A Gangster Love Story
Jack and Lou: A Gangster Love Story is a six-episode audio drama podcast starring Lisa Kudrow. The story is about love in Al Capone’s Chicago. It is inspired by the true story of Louise Rolfe, aka The Blonde Alibi, (Lisa Kudrow) and Jack McGurn, aka Machine Gun Jack McGurn, (Leigh Joel Scott). The two were involved in the famous trial after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.

The Designated Mourner
As Jack's country descends into violence and authoritarianism, Jack himself plunges into his own parallel decline, a chilling abdication of everything he once valued. Gideon Media brings a modern stage classic from Wallace Shawn to the world of podcasts.

In the year 2011, three robots get into more adventures than they bargained for. Some content may be inappropriate to young listeners.

1940, Los Angeles. Openly gay private eye Dash Malone, combats a society that rejects him, a lover who isn’t honest with him, and a rash of brutal murders that are somehow connected with his new prospective client, the mysterious Zita Makara. As the bodies stack up, Dash discovers the seemingly unrelated parts of his life are really pieces of a larger puzzle. Can he conquer the monsters of the past to stop a terrifying future from occurring? Ripped from the pages of the hit indie comic book, this weekly podcast is a reimagined queer take on a classic genre that’s a blend of noir, horror, and mystery.

County Morgue Puppet Theatre
It's the County Morgue Puppet Theatre! With ever-popular host Dickie Fiorintino and the County Morgue Community Players. True vintage crime is brought to life, with music, sound effects and dramatic pauses, several times a year.

Fey Hollow: The Fairy Tale Murders
Welcome to Fey Hollow: The Fairy Tale Murders — AXN Asia’s first-ever crime thriller podcast. Featuring a lineup of international talents across 8 exciting episodes, step into a world of mystery and suspense and choose the ending of your choice.

Somebody Knows
Murder, homecoming queen. This thriller inspired by a true story captivates you from start to finish. Follow Sarah and her "Knowers" as they work to uncover this mystery of what happened. And remember, somebody knows...

Grimloch - A Radio Play Series
Grimloch. Set in a small town, where no one is as they seem...

The Bright Lights of Denver
The Bright Lights of Denver is a podcast hosted by writer and journalist Ryan Streeter. The story follows Ryan as he starts working on a podcast about the rapid growth of Denver while trying to help solve a missing person’s case.

Blinding Innocents
The Innocents is the condominium complex where drama, horror, mystery, and humor turn into a ridiculous story line. Listen to this serial podcast about the fictional long-running soap opera "Blinding Innocents." Each episode explores the history of the longest-running soap opera, factoids about the cast and characters, as well as actual scenes from the current season. Sit back and enjoy the nonsense of the Emmy-award-winning TV show that you have never heard of!

Crime Scene Arcanum
A procedural crime audio drama with action, mystery, and magic. Follow the investigators as they work to solve the city of Aldren’s most spellbinding crimes.

GiggleMurder Mysteries
In this Agatha Christie-inspired comedy podcast, all the characters are brought to life by one man (Lewis Doherty), and cracking the case won’t be easy, because in a GiggleMurder Mystery everyone is a suspect...

Black Alley
Are you listening closely? A new anthology fiction podcast, starring some of the biggest names in Irish film and television. Each episode is a standalone story, which takes place in an interconnected universe of crime, eccentricity, and truly awful people. Be careful when stepping down the Black Alley...

Ghost Town Killer
How do you catch a murderer who has already been killed? Paranormal Investigator Lilith Black searches for answers surrounding her sister`s death.

The Bystanders
One rainy night, Bunny Bell Pasht is stabbed to death in the courtyard of her apartment while her neighbors watch… and do nothing. Or did they?

Sword & Sound
An audio drama podcast, whisking your ears off to faraway lands filled with magic and mystery!

Let Me Tell You About My Murder
Based on a true story: when her daughter dies of a drug overdose, a mother suspects there is more to the story and launches her own investigation. Taking great risks and diving into the underworld, the mother confronts the criminals who led her daughter down a tragic path and discovers a powerful truth. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY MURDER is a scripted audio drama with an original score and immersive soundscapes, uniquely narrated from beyond the grave.

Tales of the Queen City
A Noir Detective Suspense Thriller set in the city of Seattle, Washington in the 1930's. Poet Wilson is a down on his luck World War I disabled veteran. The Great Depression has hit the city hard, and Poet is living in Seattle's Hooverville, a shanty town for homeless people affected by the depression. At the shows start, Poet's old army buddy Prince Cranston shows up with a rare job opportunity to find a missing rich girl. Wendy Radcliffe has been missing for over a week, and her father Charles fear that Wendy's addiction to heroin has made her vulnerable to the criminals of the Seattle Underground, an abandoned section of the city that sits under the new downtown core. Poet reluctantly takes the case and soon finds himself embroiled in a world of speakeasies, organized crime, and kidnapping. Will Poet find redemption for his past crimes? Will Wendy survive the ordeal? Find out in the ongoing story of Tales of the Queen City!

Hell, California: An Anthology Crime Show
Hell, California is a hardboiled crime fiction podcast anthology series. It takes place in a mysterious, mythical California border town called Hell. Each episode is an original standalone noir story, often about greed, lust and murder.

Seven of Hearts
A coffee shop. A group of friends. A town where people keep dying under mysterious circumstances. Seven people with secrets to hide.

The Parting of the Shoe
When Greeneville basketball prodigy, Bryan Bae, goes down from a freak shoe accident during a high school playoff game, it is up to wannabe PI Maxine Phillips to solve the mystery. From high-strung suburban moms to disgruntled band teachers, Max must sift through an idiosyncratic and problematic group of suspects to uncover the truth behind Bryan's injury and the town of Greeneville. The Parting of the Shoe is a nine chapter whodunnit mystery created by Two Steps to the Left Productions.

Into The Ring
Newcomer to the town of Breag, Laurie and town troublemaker Henry discover a tape recorder and decide to set off on a journey to create an expose on this weird country town. Soon unexplainable events start to happen and Laurie and Henry realize they are the only ones who can save their town.

The Curse of Zambezi
This podcast is dedicated to the Central Middle School 2021 spring play. The podcast will cover production updates and a full 5 episode, old-time radio type broadcast, in the style of a 1940-50's detective whodunit cliffhanger!

Blood, Sweat and Fears
Welcome to Blood, Sweat and Fears. Hosts Billy and Emmet dive deep to bring your favorite movie villains and killers into the real world, covering each as if they were real crime story. Each episode they pull from various sources as well as their own imaginations to bring you “true” crime stories starring your favorite movie villains. Join them as they build a world around these crimes that will feel so real that you’ll forget these stories were fictional in the first place.

Deep Shadows
Joelle Franklin, a senior social worker in Chicago, is fearless, intelligent and totally committed to her job but a mess when it comes to romance. She gets drawn into the investigation surrounding the death in suspicious circumstances of a former client, running headlong into systemic racism, classism and corruption in Cook County. At the same time she’s trying to balance life with Irish émigré girlfriend Siobhan and conflict with both her superiors and her younger brother Michael, a Cook County Sheriff.

Memo to Sophie
Reporter Martin Holloway has been missing for three years following his disappearance in the Huron National Forest. The only chance of finding any possible clues are hidden within his voice memos to his transcriptionist, Sophie Cooper.

Gather The Suspects
A cosy murder mystery set in Wales during a very boring apocalypse. Life in Prosperity heights during the apocalypse is boring. That is until the day-to-day tedium is shattered by murder! Serial slacker Jack Davies and his housemate's, Kara and Gethin, set out to solve the crime. Will Jack be able to concentrate long enough to find the murderer? Will Kara kill Jack before they even find the killer? Will Geraint's English neighbours ever learn to pronounce his name correctly?

Confabulations of Toulouse Lechat
These are tales remembered through the memory of a much loved cat. Toulouse had a long and adventurous life, including a brief stint as a movie actor.

Just to Be Nominated: An Award Season Murder Mystery
Kingdom of Pavement presents our newest scripted podcast, JUST TO BE NOMINATED. Riley Audrey won the Academy Award for Best Actress after a long and arduous campaign. Later that night, she was found dead in a hotel room. Someone was not happy with her win. Leo Gold and Terri McPherson are the hosts of the popular award prediction podcast "Just to Be Nominated." And they believe they hold the key to solve Riley's death. Week by week, they'll go back to listen to interviews they did with the major players and contenders of a controversial award season, and try to put the pieces together of who killed Riley Audrey.

Cold Case Crime Cuts
Cold Case Crime Cuts delves into some of the coldest, truest crimes ever committed, using a brand new, unique investigative technique known as a ‘podcast’. From 'who shot who?' at the Copacabana to ‘was the Deputy, in fact, asking for it?’ in ‘I Shot The Sheriff', American journalist (and also podcaster) Mason Lane unravels the mysteries both behind and inside the enigmas.

Chosen Protectorate Agency
How would you react if you found out that your two best friends have a parallel life? This happens to Alessandra, who discovers that her two best friends are members of a particular agency with people with more developed skills than average. But this agency is shrouded in layers and layers of secrets, and all of them include her. You can discover them following the sudden disappearance of the city's entire population. Will you accompany her to uncover the mystery?

Crap Noir
We are CRAP NOIR – a podcast team dedicated to bringing you some subpar jokes along with a moderately funny twist on the classic noir genre and detective radio shows of years past. Beth is a downtrodden twenty-something – completely SHOCKED that no one wants to hire her with her oddly specific and definitely legitimate Master’s degree in Detective Literature. She spends her time searching Craiglist for jobs that require her highly-sought-after expertise, thanks to the free WiFi at local New Jersey coffee shop, The Big Steam. She bugs her favorite mediocre barista, Jim Jam, for hours on end so her mother believes she isn’t an unemployable failure. Luckily for Beth, her first case finally emerges when friendly farm chicken, Esmeralda, disappears. Time to see if Beth’s degree holds up in the real-world!

Bisou à demain
Numéro masqué.

Somethings Not Right
A fictional murder mystery podcast of a disturbing series of murders. Who, or what really committed the crime?

Everyone's Gone To Rapture
Everyone's Gone To Rapture is an exploration of what happens when a small town preacher believes that he has been called to do a lot more than to just share God's word. It's his misguided belief that it is his duty to cleanse his followers and send them on to heaven. The story follows Jason Mcdonald, a young detective who has been contacted by his brother to help locate the brother's fiancée who has just up and vanished. Armed with only his brain, Jason finds himself in the the small town of Rapture, where the only stand out thing about it is the church in the center of town that seemingly everyone in the town attends. Will he be able to find his soon to be sister-in law?

Admit It
The greatest true crime journalists had to start somewhere... At the entirely unremarkable Oakbridge High School, a spunky reporter named Olive Martel is assigned to interview a Harvard-bound student who no one seems to know, only to uncover a grander mystery that turns her life upside down. Listen closely, there’s a lot to cover.

In Transit
Aboard the spaceship Eurus, things are optimal. Oxygen supplies are at 80%, crops are thriving, and the twelve-year journey through the Messier 42 nebula is going smoothly. Everything is set for a successful pilgrimage to continue the survival of the human race. Only, when a series of murders occur onboard - mirroring distressing radio signals from Eurus’ sister ship, Notus, Officer Alecto McAlpine finds herself lost in the middle of a conspiracy. With the begrudging help of low-level communications coordinator Cairo, they begin to find that the ship’s journey is the least of their concerns.

The Last Stand Down
This Fiction Audio Drama Production is based in London and follows Arthur Bayley, an insurance claim executive, who is bored with life, love and work. He dreams of a more exciting life but this soon becomes reality as he falls deep into the conspiracy world surrounding a case involving his boss, and corruption at the highest levels of politics, banking and police. The case involves many from several countries and even has a connection to stolen artefacts. Arthur is tested and rises to the challenges set to find a new life.

Creep follows Miami and Denver as they investigate a possible heist of a famous painting. Sasha, the one who alerted them of it, makes sure that she's not forgotten in the process. Will they be able to stop the heist in time?

Darkened Hallways
Darkened Hallways is an audio drama mystery with elements of horror. Strange occurrences in the Sycamore Crossing apartment complex bring four queer young adults together to solve the mystery.

The Salmonville Letter Writer
The Salmonville Letter Writer is a deep dive into a fake crime. Salmonville, part idealistic-part disgusting, is an American town in a northern, rural corner of Rhode Island. It was overrun by scandal in the late 1970s when a string of letters from an unidentified writer were sent to residents around town, threatening to reveal the dirty secrets lurking in the seedy underbelly of Salmonville. The town police, mainly Investigator Randy Peterson, have kept the investigation open, never securing a conviction despite arresting three separate suspects. Esme Bright, Ron Dinkinson and Geoff Lamond were all at one point facing trial for the crimes of the Salmonville Letter Writer. The scandal died off in the 80s, but has recently seen a resurgence, bringing freelance journalist and podcaster, Rutherford Winchester, to town to get to the bottom of the mystery. This podcast is much better than Serial.

Woman With A Shovel
Public Defender Sheila Jefferson tries to follow the rules but she's not always successful.

JumpPoint is a limited scripted series following the decaying marriage of Emily and Hudson Hayes at the hands of a mysterious enigma.

Fiction Crime Time
You've heard of true crime podcasts. It's like that but about without the true part. Join Adam Farmer as he travels to storybook lands to investigate cases which are too cold, cases which are too hot, and cases which are just right. His first case brings him to the land of Oz as he tries to find out all he can about the serial killer who has made her mark on the land, then vanished into thin air.

In Strange Woods
After a tragedy in the Whitetail National Forest, 18-year-old Peregrine Wells seeks out survivalist skills from an enigmatic old recluse. In this fictional documentary musical with an original folk-pop score, listeners will follow producer Brett Ryback as he explores themes of grief, adolescence, and our precarious relationship to the wilderness - all set against a sleepy northern Minnesota town reeling from a loss of innocence it will never get back.

Katie Thompson's Forensic Fairytale Project
The classic story of Hansel and Gretel...with a twist.

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show
Something is seriously amiss in Fairy-Tale City. Insurance Fraud? Bag-men? A familiar character riding a Harley? Who could be behind all of this? G&S brings The Fairy-Tale Mysteries series and our resourceful heroine Betsy Hardup to life. Does she have the stuff to get to the bottom of it all and set everything right again? Then again, what is the real identity of our quick-witted gumshoe? Set in the early 1950’s the Fairy-Tale Mysteries is an 8 episode original Radio Play for all ages.

Putting the Pieces Together
In order to get over an ex-boyfriend, Jules subscribes to a murder mystery box.

Dead of the Night
Devon Riesling vanished from a remote mountain road during a snowstorm in 2019, never to be seen again. Kenneth Bailey investigates her disappearance with a deep dive into the case by interviewing witnesses, uncovering new leads, and breaking the case wide open.

Join two weary homicide detectives as they uncover the disturbing truth about a seemingly simple, open-and-shut murder case. In times of extreme stress and scrutiny, will they make the right choice?

A Purdy Good Story with Corbin Eaton
A Purdy Good Story tells the tale of a young filmmaker's experience with the small Missouri town of Purdy and the antique mall that lives there. Using recordings from his time there, Corbin Eaton takes his audience on a journey of glass eyes, moondew, and murder.

A man with no name investigates the supernatural.

T Bone Stone The Discount Detective
In a fictional city in a fictional state a timeless, tongue-in-cheek, wisecracking detective solves cases with the help of his loyal secretary and a helpful teen with an uncanny ability to get the word on the street. T Bone Stone gives you more value for your covert detection dollar. ’ He charges twenty-five dollars a day plus expenses. And he always provides receipts for his expenses. This is our homage to old time radio broadcasts. Certified gluten-free.

Eden 2
You’ve got a one-way ticket to Eden 2 — the main headquarters of an up-and-coming natural health company. Pick your poison and follow one of three interactive story paths as you unravel its mysteries.

つけびの村 by AudioMovie®
“主観の意識体験ドラマ”AudioMovie® 第三弾シリーズ。連続放火殺人事件を追った話題のノンフィクション「つけびの村」完全書き下ろしによる高音質オーディオドラマ。【2020年10月20日(火)配信開始/毎週火曜日更新予定(全6話)】 20xx年12月。西日本にある寒村で、凄惨にして猟奇的な事件が起きた。10世帯、16人しか住んでいない限界集落で、一夜にして4軒の家が全焼。その焼け跡から8人の遺体が見つかったのだ。被害者は皆、鋭い刃物で刺殺されおり、遺体はなぜか、唇や舌が激しく傷つけられていた。※この物語はフィクションです。

Ella Oleander Mysteries
Join Ella Oleander as she solves murders in this brand new fictional murder mystery podcast.

Astoria Bout Melville
Historical Fiction set in Astoria, Oregon starting in 1937. Exploring time and space in the Wildest Town in the West, where places are not where they appear to be and people are not always the same person you think they are. Follow our scientists, TA DeWalt & Anderson Gustafson, as they wrestle with reality and truth in this rugged American outpost. “Sometimes Dreams Walk Amongst Us”

The TARN Conspiracy
When a teen boy goes missing from the remote logging town of Archangel, Brandon Jones can’t help but see the similarities to his own sister’s unsolved disappearance from twenty years earlier. He decides to publish an investigative podcast drawing attention to the case before it goes as cold as his sister’s, but in the process uncovers a conspiracy that will shake Archangel to its core. Told as a series of investigative episodes, The TARN Conspiracy is perfect for fans of Twin Peaks, and The X-Files.

Dirt - An Audio Drama
A man in his late 30s receives a strange letter in the mail that sends him on a journey to find things that were long ago buried. As he discovers them, he has to decide what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

The Portal
Lose yourself in a story of obsession, 40 years of night life and 4,000 years of human connection. In The Portal by Martin Green, Wils Wilson, and David Greig have woven together a tale of love, music, drugs and deceit. Two obsessive recordists, and lovers torn apart by circumstance; Etteridge and Angela left us the most incredible collection of 20th century documentation ever made. From 1947 to 1988 they never met. They recorded any and every aspect of London nightlife, from war-time dance-halls to the legendary M25 raves. But these recordings never saw the light of day until they were discovered in 2016. Why did they keep these tapes secret? Because for 40 years these parted lovers had been leaving messages for each other in these recordings. What remains is a dark, dark story left for us to piece together.

The Crooked Gavel
Alice Cinnamon quickly discovers that no lawyer will help her find justice after the influential Judge John Cayenne sexually assaults her during a time when it was barely illegal to do so. Along the way, she meets Margaret Cumin, the peppy and knowledgeable wife of a lawyer. Though not technically a lawyer herself, Margaret is the only one with both the ability and the will to help Alice in her legal battle. Together, they fight to set a precedent of jail time for violent crimes against women, and find something unexpected along the way.

Where the Tracks End
From Darker Truths in Strange Fiction Studios comes a tale of 5 people whose lives become intertwined: two boys, two police officers, and a murderer/stalker. The audio drama will follow the lives of each of these characters separately throughout the course of 9 months.

In Astra: A Sci-Fi Mystery
What is happening at Delphic Peak Preparatory School? Joaquin Moreno doesn't want to be here. But as a bizarre and disquieting mystery unfolds, he may be forced to stay and reckon with it—especially since he's the only one who's noticed. Now Joaquin must fight battles both outward and inward. Because truth carries burden. No one can go back in the dark once they find the light... And there's something watching us from the stars. In Astra is a story about mystery, trust, mental health, and identity. And also space and some gay stuff. New episodes every Saturday! Written, Directed, and Produced by Bee Dellepiane.

La Cabina Audio Drama
Audio Drama de ciencia ficción y misterio, ambientado en Santiago de Chile, 2030.

Los Osículos - Audio policial
La periodista Cecilia Massat reconstruye el caso que llevó al desvanecimiento del detective José María Cardone. La singular muerte de un cirujano cautiva al detective y lo obliga a sumergirse en una atrapante búsqueda. Un arma asesina que no deja rastro y un motivo que supera la realidad serán los enigmas que Cardone tendrá que resolver. ¿Aquello que no podemos nombrar, está por fuera de nuestro saber? ¿Existe? Las grabaciones y registros del caso llevarán a Massat a adentrarse en el universo psíquico y fantasmal del detective.

Private Detective Randy Randy
Private Detective Randy Randy is a scripted comedy podcast that follows the unabashadly self-assured titular character, Randy Randy, beginning on the night he meets Miss Legs, a widow just released from prison for killing her husband 15 years ago. The only problem is, she didn't do it. Or so she says.

Meet radio's hottest new detective - Jack Cassidy, PI! She may be a dame, but she's as tough and hard-bitten as the best in the biz. In thrilling weekly instalments, you can follow Jack's adventures as she matches wits with gangsters and grifters, bootleggers and bolsheviks, fascists and femme fatales. Welcome to the mean streets of Edmonton, 1936. The prairies will never be quite the same...

Donald August Versus the Land of Flowers
Donald August Versus the Land of Flowers is a 5-episode fiction comedy podcast. A boy and his summer nanny set out to play detective in South Florida and instead stumble into a supernatural – and sinister – palm plant. The show follows Donnie, a 12-year-old obsessed with playing private investigator, and his reluctant, teenage summer nanny Lex. You'll also hear from Donnie's retired uncle, the future third female president of the United States of America, and a librarian who didn't ask for any of this.

Neon Shadows: A Noir Tale
Neon Shadows is a noir crime thriller centered around private investigator Frank Dixon solving the dark secrets of a city in turmoil.

The Patron Saint of Suicides
Haven Otomo spends her spare time saving people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. She also owns a private suicide hotline. Possessed with unnatural powers of persuasion, she’s always been good at talking people in and out of things. When a rash of suicides hits the city, a detective reaches out for her help on the investigation, and her insight into why people kill themselves. When the crime becomes more complicated, she must question the people she trusts most, and whether they are involved.

Brood Of Vipers
A play for radio by Malcolm Cowen. A story of murder set in a world where one in 10,000 have survived a global pandemic. It is twelve years later and there is trouble brewing...

Closer to Hell
Rick McNamara's attempt to install an in-ground pool plunges him deep into a world of secrets, conspiracies, and deceptions. As he seeks out help in his quest for pool ownership, Rick quickly realizes that the townspeople of Caldwell County are not all what they seem to be. From diving board salespeople to federal agents to cult leaders to mafiosos, Rick deals with the best and worst his town has to offer as he pushes forward with his mission.

The Bus
Buckle up. Seriously, buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Join 5 college students as they embark on a seemingly normal bus trip. Add in a plethora of strange incidents, rocky relationships, no cell service and we're in for a strange ride. But nothing is quite as strange as the disappearance of that bus five days after it departs. With no leads and an investigation that seems to be running dry, one student will do whatever it takes to find out where the bus is and what happened to the people on it. Welcome to The Bus.

Wire Canaries
Wire Canaries are live, it's 11am on the 8th September 2070... A monthly amateur podcast in which two underground radio presenters, one frantic researcher, and one ex-cop struggle to uncover what's been hidden behind the dead-end investigations of eight missing people in the isolated city of Malingate.

Pirate radio for a coastal town that is bathed in mystery. Shh, don't talk to the town council.

Murder In Your Ear - The Murder Mystery Podcast
Original murder mysteries told in a radio play style.

When a celebrated historian dies before finishing his last book, his granddaughter, Mara, picks up where he left off. But the more Mara investigates the strange and dark history surrounding the founders of a small Virginia town, the more she wonders if this particular story should have been left untold. Story and Editing by Maisha Razzaque. Media content by Lara Honeck.

Mystery Jones! The Radio Files
A scripted comedy podcast about drugs, murder, and other elementary school crimes.

Cape Lock
KINH's investigative reporter Christina Glass looks into a town that only exists in peoples minds.

The Mistress Files
There's no such thing as true evil in this world. Evil is only defined by which side of the line one stands. Follow the tales of The Mistress, one of the most feared criminal masterminds the world has ever known, and ask yourself: Which side are you on?

Rockfish Gap
In the midst of a global pandemic, four students disappear in Shenandoah National Park in search of the mysterious White House of the Woods. Investigative journalist Jessica Matthews, and her reluctant partner and conspiracy theorist, Bill Haddock, revisit the cold case to uncover the truth.

Screenplay Resurrection
Thrillers and crime movies you never heard of because they haven’t been made— yet. Each season we present a full-tilt, radio-style podcast of a feature length screenplay with a final commentary episode from the people involved in the films non-making. We’ll listen to their stories—both bleak and hopeful—about the project that will hopefully get made once it’s been heard on our podcast.

Mackaroy Uncovered
In the quiet Australian country town of Mackaroy, something really strange is happening. The School's principal has disappeared, the whole town's internet keeps crashing every night, and people are being watched. Someone, or something, is keeping tabs on everyone who lives there, and best friends Tang and Mitch are on the case. The 14-year-olds have an online show investigating conspiracies, but what they don't realise is that someone really doesn't want them to find out the truth. This will be their toughest investigation yet, and they'll soon learn that what's at stake is much more than uploading their next show. Join them over eight episodes as they try to uncover the secret of what's really going on in Mackaroy.

Night at Bea's
A Presentation Academy Senior Independent Project Production: This recording is a radio drama version of the original script, adapted to this format for accessibility during COVID-19. Synopsis: A teenager is stuck in a diner with an unlovable teacher and some odd diner patrons during a storm. While waiting for phone service, this unlikely group must learn to cope with the mystery that brought them to Bea's Diner.

Flies in the Jar
Two friends embark on a journey to take back what was stolen. They'll have to face the past in order to understand the present.

Clockwork Bird
Piece together the mystery of the disappearance of Robin Jaeger, a man with four metal limbs, in this sci-fi horror audio drama. Shelly Croft organises recordings taken from the computer of Dr Sophie Bennett, one of the lead scientists on the synthetic limbs project, and uncovers more than just scientific breakthroughs.

Darian Blue
Private Investigator Darian Blue is THE one to call when you need answers. Is it a man's world? Not when Darian Blue is on the job.

Mr. E's Mystery Team
Mr. E's Mystery Team is an audio based show created by interactive theatre company 1UPSTARTS. Aimed at children between 6-8, the show helps to keep their minds engaged and creativity flowing whilst schools are closed and lock down is in place. You can interact with the show via our social media channels.

AAU Murders
Virginia Collins's perfect life is disrupted when she falls for a handsome coach who promises to take her son's basketball skills to the next level. But as Virginia falls deeper in love, her family disapproves and they get entangled in a complex web of love, denial, abduction and ultimately death.

The Rest is Electric
In the year 2109 humans and robots work alongside each other as coworkers. Jordan Mede, a human employee of Somnotech, is transferred to the entirely robot run manufacturing department. While initially the transfer seems to be the result of a clerical error, Jordan soon begins to suspect that there's something more sinister going on...

The Mystery of Easter Island
My name is Katherine Routledge. In 1914, I sailed from England to Easter Island, in the distant South Pacific, famous for its huge, stone statues. This is the story of a journey, and it is the story of a place. One that feels as near to me now as ever, even though I could hardly be farther away. This is The Mystery of Easter Island.

Who Killed Mr Russi?
A murder mystery following Inspector Munch's investigation into who killed Mr. Russi, in the sleepy town of Southend-on-Sea.

Detective Q.
It had been too long since Q had had a real case. Suddenly a kid shows up on her scooter, outlines a Hollywood plot involving a producer, a missing tape, and a lost woman named Amerika. It was LA, 2020. Weed and apathy were running at an all time high. But balderdash if Q wasn't the last detective left in the crooked little town who still gave a damn.

On Top of Hooper's Hill
An audio drama with music. Follow police sergeant Mary-Anne O'Connell and elusive troubadour/archivist Stormchaser as they get to the bottom of strange mysteries in the isolated valley town of Loup Loup.

Southbound: A Simon Fogg Mystery
Down on his luck and stuck in a rut, ex-London copper Simon Fogg has hit rock bottom. When he's offered a case that will take him from The Big Smoke to The Deep South, he leaps at the chance. But the more he discovers, the more he's going to wish he'd stayed at home.

The Con
An original crime drama created by Zac Stuart-Pontier and On Air Fest starring Edgar Oliver. It premiered as an interactive experience through Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn as part of On Air Fest 2020. True to its original form, The Con is presented here as a serialized podcast in four acts.

Golden Ash
A detective suspects that an accidental death and a missing person's case are somehow linked. Through a series of interviews and character studies, two mysteries unfold and the secrets of the Hazel Street are revealed.

Murder, She Didn't Write
Murder, She Didn't Write: The Improvised Murder Mystery

Scoop McDoolie
When his mother dies, a wiry young man must go on a quest to find her killer, the same one his father never could, and bring him to justice...once and for all.

Things (Un)Said
When Paige Gilbert's mother goes missing, she turns to her mom's old diaries for answers. But the stories about nearby facilities and the creatures they hold may only lead to more questions.

Indagini radiofoniche ambientate nel mondo di Gioca Mistero!

Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty Zahra has at last fulfilled a lifelong ambition to join the force. After making a gruesome discovery, she finds herself at the centre of a tangled web of local corruption.

Somebody Killed Mom
Eve's been struggling since her retirement. Cancelling appointments, forgetting simple things... sleeping an awful lot. Her three kids are worried. When the oldest decides to check in on Eve before heading off to an important work dinner, the simple visit turns into something much bigger, and darker, than anyone could have predicted. Through found audio - phone calls, Facetime, Skype, live social media posts and recordings caught by unwitting bystanders - listen in as Abi, Kay and Joey work with, and sometimes against, each other as they try to piece together what happened... and who's to blame.

SWR3-Krimi: Tod am Kanzleramt (Director’s Cut)
Eine Leiche in der Berliner Spree, direkt unterhalb des Bundeskanzleramtes. Wer ist die Person? Wie ist sie gestorben? Und wie kam die Leiche in die Spree? Hört jetzt alle Folgen des SWR3-Krimis Tod am Kanzleramt.

This Thing of Darkness Season 2
A gripping drama exploring the psychological impact of murder on a victim's family and on the killer.

Discovery Park
Waking up with no memory was just the beginning of her journey... "Discovery Park", a new mystery audio drama from Throw'm in the Puget Productions. From the people who brought you the audio drama "Passage."

Vice and Villainy
Welcome to Vice and Villainy, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed true crime podcast where co-hosts Symas and Mierda Wopool explore the crimes most adventurers overlook. Every other week, we alternate telling and discussing the stories we hear from our contacts and gossip circles from around Faerun and beyond. Some are unexplained and some have closure, but all of them affect the world in some way.

What is on the Tape?
I'm Shane, and I have a lot of cassette tapes, but they aren't labeled very well, or at all. So I'm going to listen to them with you, and see what is on the tape.

Manic Mysteries
Manic Mysteries is a dramatic detective series set in Freedom City, an urban metropolis blending film noir, steampunk, and a touch of fantasy. It follows the case files of the Dick and Jane Detective Agency with the gruff and no-nonsense Robert Stone and his eccentric partner Styx. Together these two detectives-for-hire, unravel unusual mysteries of murder, magic, and mayhem.

Blood Ties
Our family members are not always who we think. When Eleonore and Michael Richland lose their parents unexpectedly in a small plane crash, they must choose between two very different paths: honor their father’s legacy as a world-renowned cardiologist -- or risk everything for the truth.

One crime, four suspects, 20 million fans, can you SOLVE the case?

Christmas Buffet Roulette
The Owen family changes forever as they all gather for Lord Owen’s final Christmas, but will his imminent death change the family dynamic forever?

Genius' is a 21st-century gothic romance / black comedy / thriller in 13 episodes. London, 2005: Sabine Moriarty, a brilliant but reclusive mathematician, gets a call from her estranged brother Jim- also a genius, but of manipulation and blackmail rather than maths. Sabine agrees to meet him, hoping that he's turned over a new leaf. He hasn't. He has a new plan, and he wants Sabine's help: to be the undoing of the only one who might be smarter than the Moriartys- Sherlock Holmes.

Good Bones
Join me, Tim Adkins, as I investigate my brother's mysterious death in a town where secrets die with the dead, and "dead" is a misnomer. Ten episodes. One terrifying story. This is season one of the new horror fiction anthology series "Good Bones"

Everyone thought Danny had gone missing. Towards the end of senior year she vanished, leaving everyone confused and devastated including her closest friend in the world, Becca. GASLIGHT picks up years later when Becca and her new husband receive a visitor during breakfast.

Bridget’s life is a series of dropped calls. With a gift for gab, an ex-husband in rehab, and down to her last dollar, Bridget’s life takes a desperate turn when she starts vishing over the phone for a shady identity theft ring in order to support her family.

Mountain Mysteries
Mountain Mysteries is a fictional audio drama that follows an amazing cast of characters as they solve the the mysteries of city in the mountains!

Solve This Murder
Play along with Bill as he collects clues and interviews suspects to solve original whodunit murder mysteries.

Jane the Ripper
Jane The Ripper is a 10-episode audio drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat and take you on a roller coaster of suspense as you discover a true heart of darkness.

The Fina Mendoza Mysteries
It's "The West Wing" meets "Nancy Drew" - a podcast for little girls and political junkies. Legend says whoever sees the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill is cursed. Fina Mendoza, the 10-year old daughter of a congressman, just saw it. Can she save her family from “cat”astrophe? These are the Fina Mendoza Mysteries.

The Heads of Sierra Blanca
In 2007, a serial killer inspired by Rube Goldberg murdered Lorena Salas, Carlos Aniceto, and Ana Nuñez in Sierra Blanca, Texas then vanished never to be heard of again. Authorities believe that these murders were the collateral damage of a cartel turf war that spilled into Mexico. Though, Lorena's niece, Magdalena Salas, does not believe that story. The Heads of Sierra Blanca is an 8 episode podcast hosted by Magdalena and private investigator, Monica Rodriguez, following their investigative research concerning what really happened and who is responsible.

The Sigmund Freud Files
Vienna, 1920: Professor Sigmund Freud is known for his interest in the human psyche, but Psychoanalysis is still an emerging field with its share of critics. When Constable Karl Gruber seeks out Sigmund Freud’s help in dealing with a gruesome murder case, the professor sees a new opportunity to explore the many facets of human behavior and thinking. Together with his stubborn daughter Anna, Sigmund Freud sets out to help Constable Gruber and solve the unusual and mysterious cases of Vienna.

Knight Falls, CA
On April 10th, 2009, 16 year old Charley Cooper disappeared without a trace. 10 years later, freelance journalist Scott Sinclair journeys to the town of Knight Falls, CA to uncover the truth.

Terror On The Air
An original anthology series inspired by the old time murder mystery radio shows of the past. Featuring music, sound effects, and the best actors we could dig up. Created by Travis Roig - Keep your volume turned up... for terror.

Whatever Lurks Around The Corner (A Sanders Sides Fancast)
Between classes, Roman and his friends run a small-time podcast about cryptids, but when strange murders begin to terrorize their sleepy little town Roman decided to take matters into his own hands and investigate. The deeper they dig the more they realize that their town isn’t as sleepy as it seems. Will Roman and friends be able to find whatever lurks around the corner?

Electic Full Contact Theatre's Throwing Shade
Chicago, 1934 In a city rife with crime and corruption, a hero emerges. The Shade, who rushes in where fools fear to tread...with predictable results. Luckily for Chicago, there’s the Vamp, female crimefighter replete with all the skill and talent the Shade lacks. Can the Shade save Chicago from crime? Can the Vamp save The Shade from himself? Eclectic Full Contact Theatre presents Throwing Shade, the 1930’s radio satire you’ve been dying for.

Bad Things That Happened
Follow a crazy cast of characters through a crazy set of circumstances in this Murder...Maybe Mystery!

The body of a man is found in the woods of Stacyville, ME. His only identifying factor a knit hat that says “CHRIS.” Jessica, a PI, comes to Maine to find this John Doe’s family.

The Zetas Podcast
An unnamed Narrator explores the hidden secrets of an American sorority. However, the discovery of a dead body on the house's property prompts him to change his angle and find out who committed the crime.

2 Night Stay
Stories from The Gilman: A murder mystery, a ghost story, and found footage, via podcast.

Railcar Studios Presents
Everyone at the Red House is out playing golf when a distant relative from Australia arrives. As the housekeeper goes to fetch the master of the house, a shot is heard inside and the house is thrown into disarray.

The Deca Tapes
Recordings have been sent to us of ten people that are locked into the same space together.

An Adventure Through Time
Our podcast features some of the greatest minds on Earth while fascinating listeners with a thrilling mystery through time.

Locker 13
A mysterious abandoned storage unit. Audio files from a never-aired reality TV show. An unforgettable cast of characters. Presenting Season 1 of LOCKER 13, a brand-new narrative mystery/comedy podcast!

Hunting a Killer
Special Agent Jess and Detective Allen investigate a mysterious cold case.

Inspector Virlo Morton Lee
A Congresswoman’s meeting of eccentric VIPs at her secluded estate is interrupted by a deadly shooting. The unpredictable detective, Inspector Virlo Morton Lee, is coaxed out of a self-imposed early retirement in a desperate ploy to save the day. They survived the murder, but will they survive him?

The Midnight Case Files
The Midnight Case Files is an original weekly audio drama podcast produced by Sarain Diamond. The show is a supernatural procedural mystery show following the likes of CSI and Law & Order.

How It Ends
Micah Jones has suffered from night terrors and a particularly unnerving recurring dream for as long as she can remember. With the help of her friends, Devon Williams and Elia Cabral, Micah starts a podcast to explore her dreams and life, with the hope of setting her troubled mind at ease. Everything begins well enough until information surrounding her father’s death and a harrowing experience she had as a teenager seem to connect, causing Micah to think that some of her dreams are not dreams at all, but memories.

Monsoon Jackson
A futuristic world where humans have conquered space but not been all that impressed. An adventure that takes a dedicated Detective on a journey to hunt down a Crime Lord, no matter the sacrifice.

The Angel of Vine
A present day journalist uncovers the audio tapes of a 1950s private eye who cracked the greatest unsolved murder mystery Hollywood has ever known... and didn’t tell a soul.

Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery
The Lit Killer is back! Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio present "Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery" - a new six-part scripted podcast series. Join teen detective Tig Torres as she investigates the twisted mystery of the infamous Lit Killer murders. But as she gets closer to the truth, the killings, each based on murder scenes from classic literature, begin all over again...with her as the final target.

When twins go missing in a tiny American town called Stonefall, the residents claim to have seen lights in the sky, just before the disappearance. A member of Project Blue Book - a division of the US Air Force created to investigate unidentified flying objects - is sent to investigate...

Olive Hill
In 2001 two girls, on opposite sides of town, in the dead of night, stopped what they were doing and walked into the Daniel Boone National Forest. Now, a journalist who grew up with the girls is coming home to find out what happened that night in Olive Hill.

On December 25th, 2007, movie star and heiress Julie Capsom crashed her car into a tree in Northern California, walked into a nearby clearing, and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. 10 years later, reporter Bea Casely and private detective Brenda Bentley are going to reopen the case. Each has a personal tie to the story. Each thinks they know what happened. And each knows the other is going to screw this whole thing up. Join Bea, Brenda, and the rest of the Good People at Wheyface Radio as they attempt to answer once and for all: what happened to Julie Capsom?

Mystery on the Air
Classic stories of mystery and suspense from some of the greatest authors of all time, adapted here for the Theatre of Imagination.

Central City On Demand
Season One: Join Buddy and RJ as they serve out their probation and meet their eccentric friends in the fictional town of Central City. Laughing this hard might be illegal. Buddy and RJ promote the unusual attractions of Central City: Jobs, trends, nightlife, sex, retirement, quirks, events, and crimes while sharing anecdotes from their own multi-faceted lives. All under the supervision of Judge Roberts. Season Two: "Unsolved”: To score points while on probation, Buddy and RJ become private investigators for Central City and take on their first murder case. Who murdered cognitive therapist, Dr. Shore? Their investigation leads them toward a shattering finale and the fight of their lives!

The Girls: Find Sadie
If she dies, she takes the truth with her... Based on Sadie, the buzzed about YA thriller novel by Courtney Summers, comes a new podcast investigating a girl's disappearance. Listen, subscribe, and help reporter West McCray #FindSadie.

The Shadow: Black Rock
A fanmade dramatic audio reproduction of an episode of the original Shadow radio show.

FULLY PRODUCED AUDIO DRAMAS WITH SOUND EFFECTS, VOICE ACTING AND MUSIC. Told through cassete tapes, the Stranger (Pete Lutz) brings you a different tale 0f horror and crime every episode.

Congeria is a genre-bending audio drama that tells a new, original story every season. In season one we join private detective Jenny Walker as she searches for a missing girl named Claire. Her search puts her in the crosshairs of a mysterious scientist, a ruthless hitman, and a charismatic cult leader. With an ensemble cast and original score, Congeria will pull you into a world of the weird and unnerving. Congeria was created by Henry Galley and Atticus Jackson.

A Very Fatal Murder
A Very Fatal Murder sends Onion Public Radio (OPR) correspondent David Pascall from New York City to the sleepy town of Bluff Springs, Nebraska to investigate the mysterious death of a 17-year-old girl, Hayley Price. Hayley was a popular, smart animal lover, with a bright future ahead of her. Everyone in town knew her name, and now everyone in town is a suspect. Join David as he works to understand why the initial investigation of Hayley’s death failed, and how a very inquisitive and Pulitzer-hungry podcast host might shed new light on the case.

Amber Alert
The fictitious story of the abduction of 5 year-old Charles Howe, the impact it had on his family and a father's hunt for his missing child.

The Death of Dr. John Parker
On July 3, 2015, psychiatrist and local celebrity Dr. John Parker was found dead in his Mashpee, MA office. His death was ruled an apparent suicide, but his son-in-law, Dan Zappulla, doesn't buy it. Dan thinks he was murdered, and he's out to prove it. Join us on this journey through Cape Cod as we search for the ultimate truth behind The Death of Dr. John Parker.

Deadly Manners
Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or at least how to stay alive -- lest they be next. Deadly Manners was created by Ali Garfinkel and Alex Aldea. Deadly Manners stars Kristen Bell, Denis O'Hare, Alisha Boe, RuPaul, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, Michelle Visage, Alona Tal, David Cummings and is narrated by LeVar Burton. Artwork by Kina Lee.

1917 - Et radiodrama i 15 dele
En kuffert med et usædvanligt indhold gemmer på en endnu mere usædvanlig historie. Året er 1917 og intet er som det plejer. En mand ved navn Wagner kommer til Aarhus. På jagt efter en manglende side i en bog og på flugt fra...ja, hvem er han egentlig på flugt fra?

Larkspur Underground
In late January of 2014, the Colorado Sheriff’s Department investigated a murder scene at a remote ranch with almost a dozen dead bodies. To their shock, they discovered one woman was still alive. Host Tara Bay investigates the mystery of the woman known as Jane Doe - who she was, how she survived, and how justice is not yet served.

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Larenz Tate and Tika Sumpter, and written by Academy Award(r) and BAFTA nominee Josh Olson ("A History of Violence"), BRONZEVILLE will chronicle the lives of players in the lottery games while illuminating the self-sustainability of the community's African American residents.

Ostium Podcast
Ostium is a fictional podcast about a man who discovers a secret town with many doors that lead him to strange and interesting places.

La Vélation
1993. Que relient des disparitions inquiétantes dans le 15ème, le dernier assistant d’Einstein et une organisation secrète agissant pour le gouvernement ? A priori rien. Mais Christina, qui a perdu sa sœur dans ces disparitions sous couvert d’alerte à la bombe, n’est pas du genre à rester là sans rien faire, quelqu’en soit le danger. | Une saga mp3 originale d'enquête policière réalisée par Claxus de la Team Javras

The Scoop Sisters Mysteries
Founded in 2004, the Icebox Radio Theater in International Falls, Minnesota creates the best in full cast, audio entertainment. And the Scoop Sisters is one of its most popular series. A woman returns to her small, remote Minnesota home town to regroup after losing her job and ends up joining forces with her ex-hippie mother to solve mysteries! Plus, other great mystery stories from the IBRT!

Bellingham Terror
Tales of Suspense and Mystery

Edict Zero - FIS
Edict Zero - FIS is a science fiction audio drama series produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment. It is a cross of futuristic sci-fi, law enforcement procedural, crime, suspense/mystery, and dark fantasy.

The Kingery sci-fi crime audio drama
Pendant Productions

Decoder Ring Theatre
Decoder Ring Theatre presents new stories and characters inspired by the classic broadcasts of the Golden Age of Radio. The crimebusting exploits of The Red Panda - Canada's Greatest Superhero! The mystery of that hardest-boiled of detectives, Black Jack Justice... all this and more in full-length, full-cast recordings.